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Li brings Dr. Rolf to his lab and asks him how long it will take him to get up and running. Dr. Rolf says no time at all if he gets him the supplies he needs. Li assures that he will have top shelf equipment. Dr. Rolf notes that one vital component of his project is missing and that’s the subject that he wants him to work on. Li tells him to be patient as Harris will arrive very soon.

Megan walks through the park and runs in to Harris Michaels. Megan questions if he’s following her. Harris pulls a gun on her and declares that they have unfinished business. Megan asks if he wants her to cry and plead for her life. Megan states that she’s been expecting him as he specializes in gunning down the defenseless, bringing up the people he killed. Megan asks what he’s waiting for.

Theo goes to see Paulina, who asks if he has news. Theo informs her that a call just came in to the police station and Eli took off in a hurry with Rafe. Theo thinks it’s a lead to tie Whitley in to what happened to Abe.

Eli and Rafe inspect the pier. Eli says he doesn’t see anything while Rafe says they have to keep looking because right now, all they have is Jerry’s word.

Whitley tells Abe that she knows his visit with “Theo” was a bit stressful, so she suggests they just sit down and watch Body and Soul. Abe jokes that it’s hard for him to keep up with who is lying to who on the show. Whitley thinks back to her instructions to Jerry. Abe calls out to her and notes that she looks a million miles away.

Eli asks Jerry if he got a good look at the guy before he went in to the water. Jerry says it all happened so fast. Rafe tells him to do his best to describe him. Jerry says he was his height but older. Rafe shows him a photo of Abe and says that is who they are looking for. Jerry claims that it was him.

Harris tells Megan to calm down as nobody is getting shot. Harris points out that he only pulled the trigger on somebody that was unarmed was when Megan was messing with his head. Harris declares that Megan’s days of making people do what she wants are over. Harris says she is going somewhere to discover new levels of misery every single day. Megan asks why Harris is doing this. Harris says it’s to stop the insanity and to stop her from doing whatever she’s planning to Bo, Hope, or Kate. Megan says it’s funny that he should mention Kate and questions what her role is in this little stunt of his.

Kate tells Jada that she won’t pressure her in to sharing about her and Rafe, but she saw her face when she guessed that they were upstairs together. Kate brings up that a few hours earlier, Jada was sharing how she felt about Rafe. Jada mentions the rules in place to stop her from acting on those feelings. Kate says rules are meant to be broken and encourages her to share, joking that she won’t give up. Jada then explains that Rafe came over to give her some good news about her sister which was a huge relief. Jada admits one thing led to another but that’s all she’s going to say. Kate says she’s very happy for both of them and she hopes it works out for them. Kate asks where Jada is now. Jada says he had to go look for Abe and try to figure out what happened to him.

Rafe tells Eli that he’s not sure about Jerry as he seems a little nervous to him. Rafe still wants a dive team and forensics all over this. Eli tells Rafe to do what he needs but declares that he’s going in. Eli removes his shirt as Rafe argues that he can’t go in without scuba gear and proper equipment. Eli declares that if this was Abe, he needs to see for himself and dives in to the water against Rafe’s wishes.

Whitley claims to Abe that she was just thinking about how happy she is that his test results were so good. Whitley then plays the tape of Body and Soul but Abe decides he doesn’t want to watch the show. Abe points out that it’s a beautiful day outside and he wants to go to the park. Whitley argues that it’s hot outside and he just got out of the hospital so he’s nowhere near ready. Abe feels they can sit on a bench in the park, insisting that he’s up to that. Abe brings up how great she said his test results were. Abe asks her to help him get dressed so they can go out and see what he’s been missing.

Paulina asks Theo if maybe someone recognized Abe and that Rafe and Eli are on their way to finding him and bringing him back. Paulina exclaims that it would be great but decides she’s not getting her hopes up again as she can’t handle that. Theo sits her down and says he knows what she means, but hope is all they have, so until someone he trusts tells him that he will never see his dad again, he’s going to believe they will find him. Theo brings up when he got shot and went in a coma and no one knew if he would regain consciousness, but Kate told him that Abe never stopped believing he would come out of it and maybe that’s why he pulled through. Theo says maybe that’s exactly what Abe needs from them now, to never lose hope.

Eli comes out from the water and says he couldn’t see anything. Rafe suggests waiting for the divers. Eli argues that a man like Abe doesn’t just randomly hit his head and disappear. Rafe questions what Abe would be doing down here and how he got away from whoever grabbed him. Eli goes back to Jerry and asks if he’s sure it was Abe. Jerry says he guesses maybe. Eli grabs him and questions what he means. Eli explains that Abe is his wife’s father. Rafe tells Eli to take it easy. Jerry claims he was sure and as soon as he saw Abe’s picture, he knew. Rafe thanks Jerry for the information and says he doesn’t have to stick around but not to leave town because they will want to speak to him again, so Jerry then leaves the pier. Rafe reminds Eli that all they have is Jerry’s word. Eli brings up the blood stain and Abe’s hospital bracelet. Rafe notes that forensics hasn’t tested the blood yet. Eli knows they will follow up the evidence but says they can’t kid themselves as they both know how this ends.

Li tells Dr. Rolf to expect a delivery soon. Dr. Rolf is impressed with his preparation but points out that he has twice failed to produce Harris Michaels. Dr. Rolf says he would hate to have risked coming back for nothing. Li assures him that it wasn’t for nothing as it’s being handled by Megan DiMera herself. Li then exits the lab.

Harris tells Megan to forget about Kate as he’s doing this alone because he wants to be the one to make sure she gets what she deserves. Megan assures that she feels threatened but she can’t help wondering why he’s doing this now and what nudged him in to. Megan remembers how ruthless Kate has always been, so she guesses that Kate wants her dead but Harris held out for delivering her to her own private Siberia. Harris calls this conversation a waste of time and says her boat is waiting. Megan warns that he should’ve listened to Kate but he’s too much of a boy scout and was only effective when she was giving him his marching orders. Megan adds that Kate isn’t here and it’s just them and his gun. Megan wonders what Harris would do if she were to suddenly turn and run for her life. Megan questions if he really has it in him to shoot her in the back. Megan tries to run but Harris grabs her. Harris says he’s not going to shoot her, but she’s not going anywhere except where he is taking her. Harris asks how she’s going to spend all that time all alone in the middle of nowhere.

Kate asks Jada to take her mind off Abe for awhile by telling her about her and Rafe. Jada says there isn’t much to tell since it just happened but assures there are no regrets and they definitely want to be together, though they have to keep it between them and behind closed doors. Jada thanks Kate for her advice and adds that she’s grateful to Eli too since he apparently had a conversation with Rafe after picking up on the energy between them and gave him similar advice. Jada then gets a text from Rafe and tells Kate that she has to get to the docks. Kate wonders if it’s about Abe. Jada notes that he didn’t give any details. Jada reminds Kate that she can’t tell anyone about her and Rafe. Kate says that her life is not an open book either and assures that she knows how important it is to have someone you can trust, especially with your secrets. Jada then exits the Pub.

Harris tells Megan that it’s time to go. Megan asks if she doesn’t get a teary goodbye with Kate. Harris then gets shot from behind by a dart.

Whitley tells Abe that she knows how impatient he is to get better but he can barely walk. Abe suggests that she can take him in his wheelchair. Whitley reminds him that a man tried to kill him and he’s still out there, so she would feel guilty if she put him in danger. Abe argues that they’d be in a public park in broad daylight. Abe declares that he won’t live in fear or be a prisoner in his own home. Jerry returns, so Whitley asks him to convince Abe that it’s not a good idea to go out yet. Jerry responds that he actually thinks that’s a great idea and says he will help Abe get dressed.

Paulina talks to Theo about how she’s been worrying about herself and her stress when it’s Abe who is suffering the most, being away from his loved ones and likely scared out of his mind. Paulina says she will have to keep herself strong for Abe until he gets home. Theo says they both will. Paulina asks more about the call that Eli and Rafe got.

Jada joins Rafe and Eli at the docks and asks if it’s about Abe. Rafe confirms that the 911 caller said he saw a guy fall in to the water with a blood stain and they found Abe’s hospital ID bracelet. Rafe adds that the witness said that Abe was the guy he saw. Jada hopes there’s still a chance. Rafe doesn’t want to tell Paulina about any of this since it’s all circumstantial evidence and one guy’s statement. Rafe states that if there’s a body in the water, the divers will find it. Eli tells Rafe that he’s going to take the blood sample to be compared against Abe’s DNA at the hospital. Rafe then gets a call from Paulina. Rafe decides he has to let it go to voicemail because he can’t let her know what’s going on yet. Jada encourages that he did the right thing so she does not panic. Jada asks when the call came in and hopes it’s not when they were together. Rafe knows what she’s thinking but says if they came sooner, it wouldn’t have changed anything. Rafe declares that they are here now and they have a job to do, even if they might not like what they find.

Paulina leaves a message for Rafe, saying she’s sorry to bother him again but when Theo told her that he had a lead, she had to call. Paulina asks Rafe to call her back if anything happens even if it doesn’t seem important. Paulina adds that she’s filled with hope that he is on the verge of finding Abe and bringing him home to her where he belongs. Theo tells her that she did great and hugs her.

Jerry sends Abe to pick out a shirt and then returns to Whitley, who questions what he’s doing when she told him to back her up. Whitley reminds him that she hired him to make people think Abe is dead. Jerry says he did everything like she said and it’s going exactly like she wants it to so far, as the cops think Abe fell of the pier and drowned and they are using the evidence that he planted to prove it. Whitley asks what he means by “so far”. Jerry explains that when he left, they were calling in divers, crime scene investigators, and pouring everything they had in to it. Jerry adds that when he signed up for this, he thought it was an acting job to help a sick man but it somehow morphed in to a weird nightmare where he faked the mayor’s death and now he’s the one on the line with the cops. Jerry thinks that calls for a big raise. Whitley argues that she already paid him everything she’s got. Jerry warns that she better come up with something because if he doesn’t get the money that he wants, he’s going straight to the police station and blowing up her world.

Megan remarks that Harris should have shuffled her off when he had the chance. Harris responds that this changes nothing as he staggers from the dart. Megan asks if he’s wondering how this happened. Megan then reveals the tracking device that Harris put on her car and says he thought that he had her when the truth is, she had him the whole time. Harris says she’s not going to get away with it. Harris tries to aim his gun at her but he collapses to the ground. Li then arrives. Megan complains that Li didn’t put enough in, because he nearly killed her.

Kate remains in the Pub, complaining that she should’ve had an update from Harris by now. Kate wonders what’s taking so long and texts Harris that she’s waiting to hear some good news.

Megan questions what took Li so long as Harris was about to take her away. Li explains that he had to get Dr. Rolf settled in and answer his questions because he doesn’t have a lot of confidence in their ability to get Harris to him. They hear Harris’ phone go off, so Li retrieves his phone from his pocket. Li sees that his phone is locked. Li holds his eyes open to unlock the phone with face recognition. Megan instructs Li to then disable that feature because next time they want to use his phone, Harris won’t be available. Li sees that the text was from Kate, asking for an update. Megan knew she was in on it. Megan says to forget about Kate for now because they have to get Harris out of here.

Whitley questions Jerry being a blackmailer now. Whitley then brings up Jerry’s grandmother and how she was able to get the medicine she couldn’t afford thanks to her. Jerry says he’s sorry but he’s afraid that the cops are going to try to pin this on him. Whitley warns that it will also be the FBI and he’s right that he’s the one that broke all the laws. Jerry argues that he did what she told him to do. Whitley asks who is going to believe him against her, but warns that the police have enough on him to send him away for a really long time.

Theo tells Paulina that Rafe is busy as she wonders if she should try again. Paulina agrees there is no point and that Rafe will call when he knows something. Paulina is glad Theo is there. Theo says it was driving him insane being half a world away as they need to be going through this together. Paulina states that he reminds her of Abe.

Rafe and Jada return to the police station. Rafe notes that he still hasn’t heard from Eli but then he gets a call from him. Eli is at the hospital and confirms that they still had Abe’s blood sample and it matched the blood found on the docks. Eli says that everything Jerry said was right and that Abe is gone. Rafe says he can’t believe this. Eli says he needs to go tell Lani in person because reporters will be there and it will be on the news, so he needs to tell her so that she doesn’t find out like that. Rafe understands and tells Eli to take off as he will handle it. Eli asks about Paulina and Theo because somebody has to tell them. Rafe states that he will tell them and tells Eli to take care as he hangs up. Rafe holds back tears as Jada hugs him.

Whitley brings Abe out in his wheelchair and says it’s time for their adventure but Jerry decides he’s changing his mind and realized that Whitley was right and he shouldn’t have agreed to take Abe out when there’s so many reasons for him to stay here. Abe complains about it not mattering that he really wants to go out. Whitley claims that she tried to get behind the idea but his son knows best.

Paulina decides she can’t take it anymore and she’s going to the police station to make somebody talk to her. Theo thought she was going to wait on Rafe’s call. Paulina argues that she can’t just sit and wait as she needs to hear something. Paulina opens the door to leave right as Rafe and Jada arrive. Paulina says she was just coming to see them and asks if Rafe got her message and if they found Abe. Jada asks if they can come in. Paulina says no and tries to shut the door. Paulina starts to panic as Rafe and Jada enter the apartment. Rafe tells Paulina that he’s so sorry as they didn’t find Abe but they found some remnants and a witness. Paulina breaks down crying.

Li returns to the park with Harris’ phone and gets a text from Kate, asking if she should be worried. Li texts back that the mission is accomplished. Kate remarks that she should’ve known she could count on Harris.

Harris wakes up strapped to a bed in Dr. Rolf’s lab with Megan watching over him. Harris struggles with the straps and questions what she’s trying to do. Megan responds that it’s the same thing he was going to do to her. Megan comments that she expected him to be down for a few more hours but he’s a strong one. Megan doubts that he’s strong enough to resist what Dr. Rolf has in store for him. Megan warns Harris that in a few short moments, he will be back under control. Harris shouts that he should’ve seen this coming. Harris warns that it won’t work this time. Megan tells Dr. Rolf that Harris doesn’t have any faith in his treatments. Megan tells Harris not to worry as she has enough faith for both of them.

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