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elizabeth: Hello, my friend.  [ Sighs ] I miss you, especially on a day like this. I’m about to start my first shift as head nurse. I’m really excited and nervous and could really use a no-nonsense epiphany pep talk right now.

[ Chuckles ] But knowing you told the board I was the best choice for the job, it’s almost as good. Almost. And when I start to doubt myself, which is more often than I care to admit, I remember that I was taught by the best. So I’ve got this. I won’t let you down. Thank you for seeing us on such short notice, dr. Navarro. We realize that our call was — a little spur of the moment.

[ Laughter ] It’s my pleasure. Since you’re here, molly, how have you been feeling since you started treatment for the endometriosis? Better. Thanks. I hadn’t realized how much pain I’d been in since the medication got rid of most of it. “Most”? But not all? Unfortunately, there still is some. Have you given any more thought to hormone therapy? Actually, that’s why we’re here. If I start hormone therapy, my period will basically stop. So, before that… we want to harvest my eggs. What’s our first step?

[ Drew sighing ] You know what, we don’t have to do this. We don’t have to do this. Carly — carly — call your lawyer, please, and tell him the deal is off. We already settled this. No. If “settled this,” you mean you made up your mind to not listen to reason… what are you talking about? I got the best reason in the whole world. But don’t do that, okay? Don’t pin this on me. Not at all. No. No, I 100% would rather do the time than see you do it. I’ll see you later, okay? Yeah. Okay? Yeah. Hey. Hey. Thanks for meeting me. Yeah, of course. When you said you were gonna come clean to sonny, I thought you’d be in…a lot worse shape than you are. Don’t tell me you came to your senses and realized you’re better off without him anyway. No. Then what? Why do you — you look… you look so good? Well, thank you. It turns out that I didn’t lose sonny after all. Oh, don’t tell me he forgave you for turning carly in to the sec. I didn’t tell him. Oh, nina… I know, I know. I was all ready to tell him. I was. I was this close. But then I-I looked into his eyes and I couldn’T. I couldn’t say the words. Okay. But what about ned? Didn’t he regain consciousness yesterday? Yes.

[ Gasps ] Ned knows what you did, nina. It’s only a matter of time before he tells everybody the truth. What? Well, let’s just say that ned no longer is interested in clearing his name. Is mr. Quartermaine still agitated this morning? Only when we forget to call him eddie maine. I feel so sorry for his family. Amy: Morning, dr. Robinson. Good morning, nurse driscoll. Sorry again for waking you. I thought the on-call room was empty. It’s fine. I-I wasn’t really sleeping. I hope the patient’s okay. What patient? I just figured one of your patients must have taken a turn for the worse. Why else would you be sleeping here at the hospital? Amy, um, can you check on mr. Pascal in 1013 and make sure he ate his breakfast this morning? Yes, nurse baldwin. Thank you. Hi, elizabeth. Hi. I’d better go get started on my — my rounds. Okay. You want to talk about it? Hm? About what? Well, it was curtis’s birthday yesterday, and I know there weren’t any emergencies on the floor last night. So, why did you sleep here instead of at home with your husband? Thanks, frank. Everything okay? You sounded off on the phone. Well, I-I think you should know that things are about to be resolved with the sec. What’d you do? I didn’T. Drew did. Hey. Hey, come on in. Hey. Thanks. Sam: Look who’s here. Alexis: Hey! Alexis! This is a nice surprise. Nice to see you. Nice to see you, too. I was delivering one of danny’s skateboards, and sam said you were stopping by, and I thought I’d stay and say hello. Well, it’s always great to see you. Same. So, now that I’ve said hello — hello — I’m on my way out. Actually, would you stay? Um… this — this actually involves you, in a way. Uh, well… what is it that you wanted to talk to us about?

[ Inhales sharply ] I’ve asked my lawyer to offer a plea deal to the sec. And I have every reason to believe that they’re going to accept it. Uh, what did you offer them? Well, I am gonna have to pay a fine. And I’m also gonna have to go to prison.

[ Dramatic music plays ]

Well, how long do you plan on being in prison? Well, they haven’t accepted the, um… the deal yet, but my lawyer proposed six months. Six months? Th-that doesn’t seem like a good deal to me. Does it, mom? I wouldn’t recommend it if I were your lawyer. Yeah, well, my lawyer is not crazy about it either, but I’ve made up my mind here, okay? So, what about, uh, carly? Did diane suggest the same thing for her? No. Right. Right. Of course. Of course she didn’T. This is so… you’re going to prison so carly doesn’t have to. I-I have weighed all of the options. You got to trust me that this is the best possible solution, sam. What does carly have to say about this? I was just hoping that you and I, we could figure out a way to tell scout together. Togeth–

[ Stammers ] W-what would be our approach to that conversation? Because I don’t know how we would explain to our 6-year-old daughter that you are not only leaving her again, but this time, it’s your choice.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. How’s your head?

[ Door closes ] Fine. So, what brings you by? I wanted to apologize for being such an ass yesterday. I don’t need an apology. I’m just glad to see you’ve sobered up. Lesson learned. Mm. Well, since I don’t need an apology and you don’t need an intervention, what else can I help you with? Actually, there — there — there is something. Um… I need a job. So, I was wondering, is there room for another detective at the pcpd? Elizabeth, this is your first day in charge. I know you have to have a million things that you need to do. I have a meeting with monica in an hour. Until then, I am free to listen if you want to talk.

[ Sighs ] I don’t even know what to say. You don’t have to go into detail. But the one thing I already know is that you’re upset, and I want to help. I appreciate you. Eh… good. So, stop me if I’m prying. Pry away. Yeah. Okay. Are things not working out with you and curtis? I thought that they were. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that it was gonna be a long path to reconciliation. Um, but when curtis decided to move back in, I took that as a sign that he was willing to try. From the guest room, maybe, but, hey, still. Yeah, that seems like a-a fair assumption. And we started to actually talk again. And trina came to his birthday party, and it made him really, really happy. Things were still tense, but, you know, they were so much better than they had been. And I could really start to see a future where… where we were a family. But it turns out that curtis had other ideas. So, ned thinks it’s the ’90s?! Back when he was performing as eddie maine? From what I understand, he actually believes that he is eddie maine. He only remembers his stage persona. He doesn’t remember his life as a quartermaine at all. Well, does that mean that he doesn’t remember tracy? ‘Cause I don’t think she would take that well. Well, I-I don’t know about that. All I know, ava, is that he doesn’t remember that I’m the one who called the sec, which means my secret is safe. Okay, well, we’ll get to that. But if — if you didn’t come clean to sonny, why aren’t you wearing your engagement ring? Well, you — you know. You were there, ava. I-I took it off and put it on the mantel when I was going to the hospital to tell sonny the truth. And there I was, ready to come clean, and then — and you looked into his eyes, looked at his dimples, and you chickened out. Yeah. And then I had to come up with this lame excuse of why I didn’t have the ring on. I told him that I lost it down the drain. And then luckily, when we got to the house, I managed to swipe it off the mantel and then put it in the sink.

[ Laughs ] You’re crazy. That is a big diamond. That is a very big, expensive diamond. Well, he called the plumber! Okay. Alright, ava, I panicked. Just hope it didn’t get damaged. It’s a small price to pay, ava. This is such a mess. You’re right about that. Nina, you have to know that this situation is not sustainable. Sooner or later, ned is going to remember his real life. Well, trauma victims often don’t remember the events leading up to their accidents. Ned overheard my conversation with martin, and then he bumped his head, so that knowledge may be gone for good. Oh, you better hope so, ’cause if sonny finds out now, you are gonna be under the gun with no way out.

[ Sighing ] That’s a good deal that drew made. I mean, he’s got to turn over state’s, but it keeps you out of prison. That’s if the feds agree to the terms. It’s not a slam dunk, but drew’s an optimist. Well, if it keeps you out of prison, that means the feds won’t be, uh, pressuring you to flip on me. That’s if he’s really willing to do this, is he? He’s willing. Yes. Oh. Alright. I didn’t even hear about this deal until after drew’s lawyer submitted it to the sec. Mm, it’s an honorable thing to do. Yeah. He didn’t tell me about it. Drew totally cut me out of this decision. There– there’s no other solution. How can you and drew get out of this and — and nobody take the fall? That’s the thing. Th-there’s no other way out. At least none that I can see. And if we take our chances in court, we could both go to prison. For a hell of a lot longer than six months.

Ned has a traumatic brain injury. He has lost his entire life as ned quartermaine. If he ever gets his memory back — which I sincerely hope he does — uh-huh. …What are the odds of him remembering this small, little detail about me? Well, if ned gets his memory back, I think it’s pretty likely that he would remember being wrongly accused of turning carly and drew into the sec. And even if he doesn’t, if those two end up going to prison, everybody who believes that he’s innocent is gonna keep looking for the guilty party. So, what am i supposed to do? You’re supposed to do what you said you were gonna do. Come clean to sonny and — and tell him that you — that you made a mistake, that you wish you could take it back, but you can’T. No, I can’T. I can’t do it. I just can’t do it. I can’t tell him the truth. I can’t lose sonny now. And what about willow? If she finds out I’m responsible for putting drew and carly in prison, she’s never gonna speak to me again. No. If the truth comes out, I’m gonna lose the man that I love, I’m gonna lose any kind of relationship I have with willow. I’m just gonna have to keep walking the tightrope that I’ve been walking and hope for the best.

[ Sighs ] Let’s go get a latte, huh? I thought we were going for a run. Well, I only agreed to that because I thought that you would have broken up with sonny and you would need the endorphins. But you clearly don’t need the endorphins, and I definitely need caffeine. You are all set. A technician will come get you shortly to prep you for the ultrasound. Can’t wait. And thanks again.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] Hey, is this okay? Are we moving too fast? Once I’m on hormone therapy, harvesting my eggs won’t be an option, so it makes sense to do it now. And what we do with those eggs… we can decide on that later. I know. I just… I hate that you’re still in pain. It’s better. I mean any pain. If the hormone therapy can actually take that away, then I want you on it as soon as humanly possible. Me too. So, we freeze my eggs and keep all of our options open. I keep reminding myself that my endometriosis might make it harder for us to have a baby. But not impossible. And even though I may not be able to carry the baby myself, we can use my eggs and find a surrogate to carry our child. Tons of people do it. They do. But they’re not us. So, I have to ask — would you be okay with using a surrogate? I’m so sorry, but I really do have to go. I need to go to G.H. And check on ned. Uh, we’ll, uh, keep you posted. Thanks. Take care. I’m waiting. How are we supposed to tell your daughter that you’re choosing to leave her? Sam, I don’t want to leave scout. Then don’t! Fight the charges. It’s not like you or carly made money on the merger, because carly knew about the merger. The merger didn’t even happen. Elq and aurora are still separate companies, and they both lost big. Not to be the cop in the room, but it’s the intent that matters in insider trading. It’s not the outcome. Yeah, I-I don’t care. But you — you still deserve the lesser sentence. Carly’s the one who bought the shares. Because she was trying to help me and she was trying to help michael. Well, that’s still on her! Unless you expect me to believe that you and michael told her to buy the shares to drive up the stock, which not in any universe do I think that’s possible. Uh, you know, I-I think the — the dishes need to get done. I’m gonna go — I’ll go do the dishes, yeah? Sam. Sam, come on. Don’t make this any harder than it already is. Oh, I’m not gonna make it any easier, that’s for damn sure. Look, it kills me to be away from scout at all. But this is the best way out of a bad situation. The best for who? Not for you. Not for our daughter. So, I guess it’s best for carly then, right? Carly’s got primary custody of donna. If carly goes to prison, donna’s whole world gets turned upside down. Scout has you guys. She’s already used to not seeing me every day — used to not seeing you? What are you talking about? You were held captive in a dungeon for half of her life. You can bring her to see me at spring ridge. Oh, really? That makes everything okay? That right? And dante is an amazing father. No, don’t you do that. Dante and scout do have an excellent relationship. But dante is not scout’s father. You are. When we lost you the first time, scout was too young to truly miss you. She didn’t know what she was missing, because she had no memories of you. But now… come on, drew. Now she… she is going to know that you are gone and she is gonna miss you every single day of her life. And I am not gonna watch our daughter go through that kind of pain. You want to work here? Again? I’m a good detective. One of the best. I just thought you preferred working for yourself these days. Picking and choosing your own cases. I-I did. And, you know, it — it was great. But now, all this traveling, it’s just getting old. I-I want to stay in port charles. Mm. So, this is about trina. If I said no, would you believe me? I thought it was the booze talking yesterday. Come on, marcus. Are you really worried curtis will replace you in trina’s life? All these months, all I wanted was for curtis to move back home because I thought that we needed to be together so we could figure out if we could get our marriage to work. But as soon as my feelings get hurt, what do I do? I run away. Why did you run? With curtis in the guest bedroom, you could have avoided him if you wanted to. But that’s just the thing. I didn’t want to avoid curtis. I wanted to hurt him the way that he hurt me!

because I was afraid. I was afraid that if curtis and I were in the same house, I would say something in anger that I couldn’t take back. And that would push curtis to say something that he couldn’t take back. And then our marriage would really be over. So, despite what you found out about him and how it hurt you… you still want a life with him? Sure. [ Stammers ] I don’t know. I don’t know.

[ Sobs ] I’ve been working so hard to regain curtis’s trust. I wanted to show him that I could make up for all the mistakes that I made. But he kept telling me that it was too soon to talk. And I’m thinking it’s because I hurt him so deeply that he needed time to heal, that I needed time to…atone. Maybe. I don’t know. In my mind, we were both getting stronger and we were gonna come together, we were gonna work on our marriage. Turns out, curtis wasn’t thinking about our marriage.

[ Sniffles ] He wasn’t thinking about me at all. I ca n’t imagine what a blow it must have been, learning trina is not your biological child. But she is still your daughter, no matter what. That’s what everyone keeps saying. Honestly, marcus, you don’t really think trina will cut you out of her life, do you? I want to raise our child with you. However we get there, however that happens, I’m good with it. I was hoping you would say that. But if we choose surrogacy, h-how do we find a surrogate? I mean, it’s a huge responsibility.

[ Exhales forcefully ] What — what qualities are — are essential? Besides general good health. No drinking, nonsmoker. And she has to be a vegetarian. Agreed. Is that it? I don’t know. I mean, h-how picky can we get? C-can we ask her to read to the baby and to play classical music and to refrain from watching any violent movies?

[ Chuckles ] Uh, I’m not sure. Well, fortunately, there are experts who can advise us. Mm. Right. Right. Let’s listen to the experts. You know what? I think this could work. We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. Thanks.

[ Sighing ] I don’T. So, let’s talk about that job. Ah. Well, bottom line, I don’t have room in the budget for another detective. Oh, well, you know, it doesn’t hurt to ask. But… I do have another position opening up. Okay, I’m listening. What job? Mine. You got to know that if — if I could find a better solution, I would take it in a heartbeat. I mean, it — it — it breaks my heart thinking about being away from her. All the things that I’m gonna be missing, that we’re gonna be missing together, the things that we love to do together, the camping and — and the holidays and — and trick-or-treating and thanksgiving and christmas. Come on. I just want you to know how important you are to scout. That you’re not taking this deal because you think that she won’t miss you. Because she will. She will miss you every day. She loves her daddy. I know that. And I love her, too. And please, don’t ever let her doubt that. Carly: I still can’t believe ned turned us in. And speaking of whom, is it true? Ned thinks he’s eddie maine? Yeah, it’s true. Olivia is so upset because he — he says he doesn’t know livvy, doesn’t know anybody. He even told leo that he thinks that’s not his son. Ohh. Poor leo. But you know what? That — that’s ned. Even when he doesn’t know who he is, he’s hurting people. Before all this happened, drew and I were trying to come up with a way to persuade ned to get the sec to drop the charges, but… can you tell me what the plan is? It doesn’t matter. He thinks he’s eddie maine. And it makes me sick to think of drew behind bars again, after everything peter august and victor cassadine did to him.

[ Door opens ]

[ Dramatic music plays ]

Curtis wouldn’t have moved back in if he had truly given up on your marriage. You’re right. See, this is why I-I shouldn’t be talking to curtis yet.

[ Scoffs ] I’m — I’m — I’m just not ready. I-I…

[ Sighs ] I have no clarity. I’m just a ball of hurt and resentment right now.

[ Cellphone chiming ] Oof. And so it begins. Are those all from the same person? I wish. Ugh. That’s what comes with being in charge.

[ Chuckles ] Go, go. Be head nurse. Just remember that — I asked for this. …You asked for it. Right.

[ Both chuckle ] Can we pick this up later? Maybe over lunch? Thank you, but… I think you helped me realize who I really need to be talking to. T.J.? You’re working? I thought you and molly had, uh, an appointment with dr. Navarro this morning. Oh, the meeting’s done. Um… I’m not officially working, but since I’m here… couldn’t help yourself, huh? No. [ Chuckles ] Did I miss molly? Molly’s having an ultrasound to do an antral follicle count. What’s that? It’s a way to determine how many eggs she has left, which will in turn tell us how many eggs we can hope for if we harvest them. That’s good, right? Yeah. Yeah. Uh, it gives us, you know… options, just in case. I know that this is not how you and molly imagined having a baby. It sure isn’T. And the funny thing is, ever since we were teenagers, we’ve been told, “don’t have sex — you could get pregnant!” Did you hear that from anyone else besides me, or was I the lone voice in the wilderness? I mean, it feels like everybody, but… but mine was the loudest. It happens often. Go on. We were so careful. And now that we actually want a baby, it’s — it’s not this instantaneous thing that we’ve been warned about all these years. And if that’s not confusing enough, it’s no longer private — something just between molly and me. It’s doctors and testing and labs. I know you didn’t plan it this way, and I know it’s not ideal. But if you and molly can just try to keep focused on the prize, which will be a baby coming to you one way or the other. I’m the new acting deputy mayor. Wow. I mean, th-that’s amazing. Congratulations. Thank you. And since I can’t do both jobs, I need to find my replacement. Whoa. Whoa. So, you’d be, like, my boss? Uh, yes. Just like I would have been if you had taken the detective job. Now, I can’t just offer you the position, but I can run it up the flagpole and see if it flies. Do you really think I could be police commissioner? If I didn’t know you’d be good at the job, I wouldn’t have mentioned it. So… what do you think? Carly: I was just leaving. Ava. Carly. Good run? Uh, we decided to walk to perks instead. Mm. Uh, so, how are things with — with carly? Is there anything new from the sec? Hate to disappoint you, ava, but the, uh, insider trading charges are not gonna be a problem, at least for carly. Oh. W-why is that? There’s a deal in the works. Carly and, um, drew are just gonna have to pay a fine, so she doesn’t have to spend any time behind bars. Well, carly didn’t agree to give you up to save herself, did she? No, nothing like that. Drew agreed to spend some time at spring ridge, and so she doesn’T… carly doesn’t have to go to prison. She didn’t even remember me when I… when I first got back. She was… she was so shy around me. We’ve come so far. I know. I know, and now she can’t wait to be around you. Especially when you pick her up for sleepovers.

[ Both chuckle lightly ] She’s still gonna have the sleepovers at the quartermaines’. And I’m sure she’s still gonna probably try and help leo teach annabelle the second how to play the keyboard and all of that. But… who’s gonna be there to teach her how to play her brother’s harmonica? Or go to her swim meets? Can you really stand to be away from our daughter for six months? No, I can’T. But I’m gonna have to.

[ Knock on door ] Ah, I got it. Oh, carly. Hey. Hi. Come on in. I thought you might have a few things you’d want to say to me. Drew’s going to prison. I’m not happy about that. Neither am I. But it is his decision. So I respect that. For the record, I did try to talk him out of it. Well, I appreciate that. So, have you figured out how we are supposed to tell our daughter? Well, the deal hasn’t officially been accepted yet. So… you think we should wait. I think it’s better not to say anything until we have an exact date that I’m gonna be heading to spring ridge. Um, yeah, scout doesn’t need to know any maybes. I think this is gonna be hard enough. Which is another reason why I wanted to talk, so that you, dante, and I, we could — we could figure it out, we could figure out how to tell scout. Um, me? You want — you want me to be there for that? Yeah, absolutely. Well…okay. That means a lot. Thanks. Well, you mean a lot to scout, and… I really — I really am so grateful that she’s gonna have both of you in her life while I’m gone.

Amy: Ms. Davis. Amy. Are you here to see mr. Maine? We’re trying to get used to calling him that instead of his real name, at least until he remembers who he is. But isn’t it crazy that he thinks he’s this singer from back in the day? Nurse driscoll. Uh, nurse baldwin. I didn’t see you behind me. Well, I just got here. But you must have — have patients to check on.

[ Chuckles ] Right. In fact, mr. Pascal is gonna page me any moment now. So, I’ll try and head him off at the pass. That’S… words fail me. Well, I think that’s great news. Really. I mean, especially for little donna. Yeah, I’m just relieved that my daughter doesn’t have to go through the pain of not having a mother, even if it is temporary. But I do have some good news. Guess what the plumber found in the pipeline.

[ Chuckles lightly ] I hate that drew up and decided to do this without consulting anyone, but… mm. At the same time, I’m — I’m glad that we have some time to figure out how we’re gonna break it to scout. Yeah, I think you just have to tell her that it’s temporary, right? That her dad is — he is coming back. Yeah. You know, maybe we can, like, make her A…chest. What do you mean, like a — like a treasure chest? Mm-hmm. Exactly. Yeah? And, like, put in… her report cards and her artwork and… disciplinary actions? Ah! Sorry, I was thinking of myself.

[ Laughs ] Carry on. Like, I don’t know, all the — all the little things that she does and makes. This way, when — when drew gets out, they can go through it together. Yeah, I think that’s a great idea. That way he won’t miss anything. No… he’s gonna miss a lot. Well, sam took that better than expected. I’m so happy that you two are friends. You’re gonna have such a-a good, solid support system while I’m away. You’re going to prison. That means you’re gonna be a prisoner again. Hey, spring ridge is not exactly an underground cell in crete. I’m gonna be fine. I know you’re gonna be fine. I’m not. How am I supposed to be okay without you?

I ran into your mom. Oh. What’d you guys talk about? I told her what we’ve been considering. I hope that’s okay. Of course it is. I’ll call her later. But for now, why don’t we go somewhere and get coffee and enjoy my very rare day off? I mean, we’ve already seen your ob-gyn. How are we ever going to top that?

[ Scoffs ] You really know how to party. Dr. Navarro: You’re still here. Yes. We were just about to head out. Unless you need to speak with us. Actually, I was just about to call you. Your test results are in. Well, I will, uh, leave you two to it. You call me later. I will. Frank, can I talk to you for a second? Frank: What’s up, boss? Oh, you know what? You two chat. I’ll walk ava out. Ah!

[ Chuckles ] Can you believe it? Carly gets off scot-free again! Well, I’m appalled, but not entirely surprised. Carly is the one who bought the damn stock. She’s the one that acted on the information that she wasn’t supposed to have. Carly should go to prison. Not drew. It’s not fair. Well, but th-there is a bright side to this that you’re not seeing. Carly getting off is really… the best thing that could happen for you. How is carly staying out of prison and staying in port charles good for me? Because if she went to prison and sonny found out that it was because of you, a broken engagement would be the least of your worries. And if he finds out now, there’s a chance that he — he might forgive you. Maybe. It’s small comfort. Look, it’s six months, and it’s not gonna be fun. But we’re gonna get through this. I know. I know you’re right. Mm. You know what else I am? What? Not gone yet.

[ Both laugh ] And I promise that we’re gonna — we’re gonna make the most of our time together, okay? Now, that sounds like a challenge. What if it is? Challenge accepted. Mm. Alrighty. Back where it belongs. I am so relieved. I didn’t feel right not having it on. Never take it off again. I will never take it off. Amy! Do you think we should talk about patient confidentiality? No. [ Chuckles ] And I’m sorry. It’s just ms. Davis and mr. Quartermaine are practically family. It’s all in lucy coe’s book.

[ Chuckles ] I know, but “practically” family… isn’t actually family.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Exhales sharply ] It won’t happen again. Okay. Thank you. Oh, have you seen dr. Robinson? Her office is locked. I think she left.

[ Dramatic music p lays ]

[ Knock on door ] Come in.

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