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Chad calls Stephanie and asks if she’s still preparing for the zoom meeting. Stephanie confirms that she thinks they are all ready to go and asks if he is on his way. Chad informs her that he’s actually not going to be able to make it. Stephanie asks if everything is okay. Chad tells her that he just has something he needs to take care of and he’s sorry. Stephanie offers to drop by his place after to fill him in. Chad doesn’t know if he’ll be free but says he’ll let her know. Stephanie says she will talk to him later then. Chad says goodbye and hangs up. Chad then goes to visit Abigail’s grave.

Bonnie is at the Kiriakis Mansion while on the phone with Sarah, assuring that she will keep her secret and won’t tell another living soul that she is pregnant with Xander’s baby. Bonnie hangs up and comments on Sarah being so wound up. Justin enters and is excited to see she’s home. Bonnie kisses him and says she missed him. Justin asks her to tell him everything about her trip to Chicago.

Chloe joins Xander at the Spectator office and delivers a major ad buy which impresses Xander, who says he told her she would be great at the job. Xander asks if she’s glad she didn’t quit now. Chloe admits today’s been a really great day and she thinks it’s because Gwen is not around.

Dimitri arrives at Gwen’s room but is shocked when Leo answers the door. Leo tries to pretend not to know him. Dimtiri brings up what happened in Phoenix and says it changed the course of his life. Leo jokes that he remembers him as Agent Kyle Graham and tries to shut the door but Dimitri stops him and says they have unfinished business, so he’s not going anywhere until it’s finally settled. Leo asks if he did something to offend him. Dimitri walks in and asks if stolen jewels ring a bell. Leo claims not really but then acknowledges when he swapped out the priceless emerald for a phony. Leo blows it off as a silly prank while Dimitri argues that it ruined everything for him. Leo apologizes and says he didn’t realize his prank was going to ruin his plans for world domination. Dimitri argues that it wasn’t about world domination but the money as he cost him a fortune. Dimitri grabs Leo and declares that now he’s going to make him pay.

Chloe asks Xander where Gwen is anyway. Xander responds that she apparently has some exclusive interview with Dimitri. Chloe comments on hearing he’s a dirtbag. Xander hopes it will drive their numbers and comments that at least it keeps Gwen out of Chloe’s hair for today. Chloe decides she should get back to work. Xander suggests she take a break so they can spend some time together. Chloe asks if they should keep things professional at the office. Xander agrees but says he can’t stop thinking about last night and specifically their kiss. Chloe admits she can’t either. Maggie then walks in and asks if she’s interrupting. Chloe says not at all as Xander asks what brings her by. Maggie says she’ll get right to the point and mentions having to let Alex go. Maggie then reveals that she would like to offer Alex’s job to Xander.

Alex goes to see Stephanie. She asks what he’s doing there. Alex asks if it’s a bad time or if Chad is there but Stephanie informs him that he’s not. Alex says he just wanted to come by and give her the good news that he’s officially employed again. Stephanie says that’s great, assuming that Maggie took him back. Alex confirms that Maggie did offer to rehire him, but he turned her down.

Chad lays roses at Abigail’s grave and says he can’t believe it’s been a year since they lost her. Chad talks about how it feels like just yesterday they were happy together, raising their kids and talking about having another baby. Chad says he could picture exactly what their lives would be like. Chad comments that sometimes it feels like he never lost her. Chad then hears a noise that startles him and he calls out to Abigail but it was Julie arriving with flowers. Julie says if Chad wants his privacy, she’ll come back later but Chad insists that she stay. Julie places her flowers at Abigail’s grave. They talk about Thomas and Charlotte visiting Jack and Jennifer in Boston. Chad blames himself for the kids acting out lately. Chad feels they know it’s the anniversary of their mother’s passing coming up. Julie encourages that Abigail is watching over him. Chad says he hopes so and wonders what she would think of him and Stephanie.

Stephanie questions Alex turning Maggie down and asks how he’s employed again then. Alex reveals that he took a job at DiMera which Stephanie questions. Alex explains that his cousin Brady offered him a position at Basic Black, so he took it. Stephanie comments that he’s working for the competition then and questions how Maggie feels about that.

Xander questions Maggie wanting him to work at Titan again. Maggie points out that she’s floated the idea before so it can’t be a surprise. Xander feels that Victor would never approve but Maggie says it’s not up to Victor and the only person that needs to be on board is him, so she asks Xander what he says.

Bonnie shows Justin pictures of her granddaughter Emily. Justin asks about Sarah. Bonnie questions why on earth he would ask her about Sarah. Justin explains that Sarah lives in Chicago and works with Rex, so he figures Rex must have mentioned her. Bonnie admits she saw Sarah, so Justin asks how she is. Bonnie says she’s good, claiming that she’s exactly the same and hasn’t changed a bit. Bonnie gets nervous and gets up to get water. Justin asks what’s going on with her. Bonnie says it’s nothing but Justin notes her being nervous, so he asks if there’s something wrong.

Leo asks Dimitri not to hurt him and offers to help him with whatever he wants. Dimitri responds that he only wants revenge. Leo then screams for Gwen to help him. Gwen comes out from the bathroom and questions what is going on. Leo tells her that Dimitri is trying to kill him. Gwen tells Dimitri to let him go but Dimitri says this is none of her concern. Gwen says it is as she reveals that Leo is her best friend. Dimitri asks if Gwen has any idea what Leo did to him. Gwen says no and she doesn’t care. Gwen threatens to call the police. Dimitri argues that she doesn’t understand. Gwen asks Dimitri if he wants to go back to prison or not.

Stephanie questions Alex not being worried about how Maggie and Victor feel. Alex says hell no after how they treated him. Alex argues that he and Brady would both still be working at Titan if it wasn’t for Victor’s decisions and remarks that if Maggie is such a good CEO, she won’t mind a little healthy competition. Alex says he just wanted to tell her the good news, but he should probably get going before Chad shows up and finds them together and he doesn’t want to piss Chad off. Stephanie responds that she doesn’t think Chad is showing up today as she’s pretty sure he’s with Abigail.

Chad tells Julie that he and Stephanie have been seeing each other for awhile now. Julie says she likes Stephanie, calls her a lovely person and notes that she’s wonderful with his children. Julie adds that Chad always seems happier when they are together. Chad admits that he is, but he still sometimes feels guilty for being with someone other than Abigail. Julie understands that he will always feel Abigail’s presence in his heart, but she thinks Abigail would want him to make room in his heart for someone else because she would want him to be happy. Chad tells Julie that after they found out Clyde killed Abigail, he came to her grave and he saw her and she told him to move on. Julie guesses that must have been comforting. Chad says it may have just been wishful thinking and hearing what he wanted to hear.

Bonnie tells Justin that nothing is wrong with her at all. Justin asks if she’s sure because she seems to be acting strange. Bonnie blames it on jet lag. Justin points out that she drove and they are in the same time zone. Justin can tell something is really upsetting her so he asks her what is going on. Bonnie states that Justin is her husband but also an attorney, so she gives him a dollar to be her attorney and says now they have attorney-client privilege. Justin questions if she did something illegal. Bonnie says of course not but she has a secret and her tongue’s going to explode if she doesn’t tell somebody. Justin asks her what it is. Bonnie then reveals that Sarah is pregnant with Xander’s baby.

Xander asks Maggie if Sarah won’t be upset if she hires him. Maggie says she might be but she knows she’s fond of him. Maggie admits part of her hopes Sarah will forgive Xander and come home someday. Xander doesn’t see that happening and says he’s not sure he’s ready to abandon the newspaper yet. Maggie thought he was already taking a step back because it was so awkward working with Gwen. Xander says it has been awkward as hell, but certain things about the job have improved recently. Maggie tells Xander to take some time to think about it, but notes that she does need to replace Alex soon and she hopes it’s with him. Xander says he’ll get back to her as soon as possible. Maggie hugs Chloe and says it was good to see her, adding that she loved her birthday gift from Chloe’s son Parker. Maggie reminds Xander to think about it as she exits the office. Xander tells Chloe that was unexpected. Chloe says Maggie obviously thinks very highly of him. Xander says he feels the same about her, but he’d be crazy to go back to work at Titan. Chloe asks why he didn’t just say no then. Xander says he didn’t want to be rude but Chloe suggests maybe deep down, he actually wants the job.

Gwen asks Dimitri to call a truce with Leo or she’s going to call the police. Dimitri then gets a text from Megan, reminding him that marrying Gwen is the key to unlocking his fortune. Dimitri then tells Gwen there is no need to call the police and apologizes to Leo for manhandling him. Leo says he has to get to work and calls Gwen a lifesaver as he exits. Gwen tells Dimitri that she knows Leo is a lot, but he has a good heart and he makes her laugh. Gwen asks if Dimitri is still willing to do the interview. Dimitri says of course. Gwen says she made a lunch reservation at the Bistro but Dimitri asks why not just do it here where it could be a lot more intimate.

Stephanie tells Alex that Chad was being very vague about his plans, but she figured it had to be important if he was blowing off a client meeting and then it hit her that today is the one year anniversary of Abigail’s death, so she’s sure that Chad just needed some time to process that. Alex asks why he wouldn’t just say that. Stephanie guesses it’s just something he has to deal with on his own. Alex is sure it’s still very painful for him. Stephanie asks how it couldn’t be. Alex adds that one thing he noticed is that Chad still wears his wedding ring. Stephanie admits she noticed that too. Stephanie says they haven’t talked about it but she totally understands that it must be hard to let go. Alex is surprised she’s so chill about all of this and living in Abigail’s shadow. Alex then apologizes, saying it came out wrong. Alex remarks that she somehow has to share Chad with Abigail’s memory. Alex calls her a strong person, so he knows she can handle it, and that Chad is really lucky to have her. Alex calls her understanding, caring, and says she doesn’t pressure Chad about anything. Stephanie thanks him and says that was kind and insightful. Alex credits Marlena’s therapy. Alex says he really does hope that Chad is okay.

Julie tells Chad that she knows it seems impossible that he actually saw Abigail, but maybe he did. Julie says they’ll never know, but she knows whether Chad imagined her or not, she knows Abigail would want him to get on with his life. Chad says he knows that sometimes, but other times he has an overwhelming feeling of guilt, like he’s betraying her. Chad says maybe he made up his vision of Abigail to give himself permission to be with Stephanie. Chad notes that it’s only been one year. Julie stops him and tells him that there is no timetable for grief and no right or wrong way to mourn. Julie calls guilt corrosive and says it will steal all of his happiness if he lets it. Julie tells Chad that he deserves to be loved and to have happiness for himself and for his children too, so they can see their father living a full life. Chad agrees. Julie points out that Chad is still wearing his wedding ring and says it’s none of her business but asks if wearing it is holding him back from moving on. Chad admits that maybe it is but he hasn’t been able to bring himself to take it off because he’s afraid that if he does, it will make it final and he’ll really let her go. Julie encourages that Abigail will never be gone as she will always be with him in his heart and no ring will prove that to him. Julie thinks Chad feels guilt because he’s here and Abigail’s not. Julie says life is a gift, so they should treasure every bit of it that they get because it’s brief and limited for all of them. Julie urges Chad to forgive himself for finding love again and wanting to move in to the future. Julie tells Chad to be thankful for all the moments.

Gwen tells Dimitri that she thinks it’s best that they keep things strictly professional. Dimitri claims he wasn’t thinking otherwise, just that restaurants are crowded and noisy, so he thought the interview might be better here so they are not disturbed. Gwen supposes he has a point. Dimitri offers to order room service so he can make up for getting off on the wrong foot with a fresh start. Gwen thanks him for lunch and for the interview. Dimitri states that normally, he detests interviews but for some reason, he’s looking forward to this one as something tells him that they are going to get along. Dimitri then calls to order room service.

Xander admits to Chloe that part of him would just love to go back to Titan as he used to dream about being part of the family business and finally feel like he belonged. Xander adds that it would be so satisfying to go back and rub it in Victor’s face by showing him that he made a mistake by not believing in him. Chloe jokes that she could see why that would be satisfying. Chloe guesses that Xander is taking the job then. Xander responds that he’s actually going to turn it down because as much as he enjoys spending time with Maggie, he enjoys spending time with Chloe much more. Chloe points out that they already live together. Xander feels it would be unfair if he abandoned Chloe at the job and left her with Gwen. Xander guesses he’s staying for her as they kiss.

Justin questions how on earth Sarah could be pregnant with Xander’s baby when she left town months ago. Bonnie explains that she was pregnant before she left but didn’t tell anybody, because she thinks Xander is a dangerous criminal and is trying to protect her unborn child. Justin understands since Xander did hold Bonnie and Susan hostage. Bonnie points out that did lead to Susan’s death. Justin questions why Sarah told her if she didn’t want anyone to know. Bonnie explains that she ran in to her and it’s kind of hard to hide her pregnancy at this stage. Bonnie adds that she tried to convince her that Rex was the father but she didn’t believe it, so Sarah finally confessed but begged her not to tell anyone. Bonnie complains that it was such a huge secret that she had to tell someone. Justin says he understands. Bonnie reminds him that this has to stay between them as no one, not even Maggie, can know that she’s pregnant. Maggie then comes home and asks who is pregnant and why she’s not allowed to know. Bonnie says it’s not just her, but no one can know, because she wants to keep it a secret. Maggie asks who, so Bonnie claims it’s her daughter Mimi that is pregnant and she doesn’t want people knowing until she’s through her first trimester. Maggie agrees not to say a word but calls it wonderful news and says Bonnie must be thrilled. Maggie admits she’s a little jealous, because she would love to be a grandmother again. Maggie then exits the room.

Xander and Chloe kiss in the office until Leo walks in and interrupts them. Leo says he just came for his paycheck. Xander hands it to him. Leo thanks him and asks if Xander is busy or if he has time to talk about his next column. Xander says he’s busy, so Leo will have to wait because someone else needs an answer from him ASAP. Xander then exits. Leo remarks on that being Chloe’s idea of platonic and calls it interesting. Chloe asks him not to say anything to Gwen because she hates her enough as it is. Leo says that Gwen has been over Xander for ages and is having lunch with a hot new hunk as they speak.

Gwen tells Dimitri that most of their readers view him as a James Bond type villain who threatens to obliterate entire cities to get what he wanted. Gwen knows that’s part of his story but she’d like to move beyond that and learn about the real Dimitri Von Leuschner. Dimitri asks what she would like to know. Gwen suggests starting at the beginning and asks what his childhood was like. Dimitri explains that he was an only child, raised mostly by his mother. Dimitri says he loves his mother dearly but she can be quite needy as she went through a lot before he was born. Dimitri says it sometimes felt like he was the adult in the relationship. Gwen says she knows what that’s like and asks about his father. Dimtiri says they didn’t have much of a relationship because he was always off on business and when he was home, he was cold, distant, and not much of a father figure. Dimitri remarks that he may as well have been absent from his life altogether. Gwen says it sounds like an awfully lonely childhood. Dimitri supposes it was but says he grew up with great wealth and is aware of how lucky he was, but looking back, he would’ve traded it all in for a modicum of unconditional love, if that even exists. Gwen thinks it does. Dimitri comments that she’s less of a cynic than he is then. Dimitri says when you’re deprived of love, it starts to eat away at you and to cope with it, he developed sort of a “me against the world” mentality and he’s never been able to shake it. Dimitri supposes that mentality has driven many of his less prudent life choices, like using weapons of mass destruction to bend governments to his will. Dimitri adds that in prison, you spend a lot of time with yourself, alone with just your thoughts and start to wonder how you hit rock bottom. Dimitri states that he realized his need for power and money was all born from the lifelong desire just to be loved. Dimitri tells Gwen to feel free to scoff as he realizes how wildly cliché that sounds if she thinks he sounds like a self-pitying narcissist. Gwen says she doesn’t and that she relates to it.

Julie tells Chad that she should get going, but she hopes he takes her advice to heart. Chad says he will and he appreciates everything she said. Chad calls her so wise and caring, noting that she really helped him. Julie says anytime he wants to talk, she’s always around. Julie tells Chad that she loves him. Chad says he loves her too as Julie then walks away. Chad sits down at Abigail’s grave and removes his wedding ring. Chad says he wants Abigail to know that when he saw her that day, he meant what he said, that he will love her forever as he then puts the ring in his pocket.

Chad goes to see Stephanie, who says she didn’t think she’d be seeing him today. Chad says he just wanted to come apologize for missing the meeting today. Stephanie says it’s okay. Chad says the truth is he went to go see Abigail. Stephanie says that’s what she thought. Chad apologizes for not telling her. Stephanie says he doesn’t owe her an apology. Chad kisses her and asks how the meeting was. Stephanie says it really good and they just finished right before he got there. Stephanie adds that the client wants to see the numbers he crunched. Chad says he has them and pulls them out of his bag. Stephanie notices Chad is no longer wearing his wedding ring. Stephanie then tells Chad that they will get to work as they sit together.

Gwen asks Dimitri if he’s still looking for that perfect love. Dimitri supposes that he is. Gwen asks if there’s anyone special that he fancies. Dimitri says sadly, no. Gwen asks if there ever has been. Dimitri admits there was someone that he thought was perfect for him, but he kept getting hurt until he finally had to walk away. Dimitri thinks Gwen might know what that feels like. Dimitri admits that last night, he overheard her speaking to Kristen and that she said she wanted to put someone named Xander behind her so she could start over with someone new. Dimitri apologizes for eavesdropping but says he’s secretly glad that he did because it made him realize they have a connection of sorts. Gwen tells him that it’s true that since hearing his story, she thinks it’s quite uncanny how much they have in common.

Chloe questions Leo about Gwen being on a date when she thought she was interviewing Dimitri. Leo confirms that she is, but one thing could lead to another. Chloe hopes he’s right because if Gwen is happy and moves on then she’s less of a problem for her and Xander. Leo says even if Gwen is out of the picture, what about Sarah Horton. Chloe asks what about her since she and Xander were over long ago and she doesn’t even live here anymore. Leo points out that even still, her spectre still loomed large over Gwen’s relationship with Xander. Leo remarks that Gwen always played second fiddle to Xander’s beloved Sarah and asks who’s to say that won’t happen to Chloe too. Chloe calls that ridiculous and assures that Sarah and Xander are done for good. Leo says if she says so and then exits.

Bonnie asks Justin if he thinks Maggie bought her story. Justin says they can hope so and jokes that she might need to let Mimi know that she needs to get pregnant right away. Bonnie says it’s all she could think of and that it’s all Justin’s fault anyway which he questions. Bonnie remarks that she was a much better liar before she met him and now she’s out of practice. Justin takes that as a compliment. Bonnie calls it a blessing and a curse because now she feels guilty about lying when she never used to. Bonnie brings up Maggie saying she can’t wait to be a grandmother again. Justin says that Sarah will eventually have to tell Maggie and she can’t keep the secret forever. Bonnie thinks Sarah just needs time to figure it out. Justin says she better do that soon because he’s not sure how much longer Bonnie can last with the secret. Bonnie insists that Justin is the only one she’s going to tell. Justin kisses her and says he has a client to meet as he then exits. Bonnie tells herself that she can keep Sarah’s pregnancy a secret easily but she’ll just have to stay away from Xander. Xander then enters the room.

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