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Chloe comes home where Xander is waiting with a bottle of champagne to celebrate her first day at her new job. Chloe storms in, grabs the bottle and takes a drink. Xander asks if it didn’t go well. Chloe responds that it’s all because of Gwen.

Gwen is in her room at the Salem Inn, typing up a hiring ad for the Spectator. Leo bursts in and tells Gwen that he needs her help because there’s a psycho on the loose and he has him in his sights.

Dimitri enters the DiMera Mansion, surprising Megan as they hug. Megan declares that Dimitri is now home where he belongs. Kristen remarks that another prodigal son is just what the family needed.

At the hospital, Nicole tells EJ and Eric that this is not some sick competition. Nicole complains that it’s about a child’s life, so she needs them to be kind to each other and to her. Nicole cries that it breaks her heart that something she’s been longing for so long could end painfully, so she needs them to help her through this regardless of the results and who the father is. Nicole asks if they can do that for her. Kayla comes over and announces that she has the results. Nicole asks if they can go somewhere private. Kayla says she would love to but she’s in the middle of an emergency. Eric asks if it has to do with Colin Bedford. Kayla responds that it’s a lot more than that because Abe has disappeared from his recovery room and the police think the two are connected.

Sloan is at her apartment, wondering where Colin is and what he’s up to now. Jada arrives, so Sloan questions what she wants. Jada reveals a search warrant. Sloan asks if she thinks she would be dumb enough to hide Colin in her own apartment. Jada says maybe not, but if she’s helping him then she might can find something. Sloan insists that she’s not, but questions thinking she’d be dumb enough to leave clues laying around if she was. Sloan remarks that the police department might be better off hiring officers that aren’t so easily overpowered by a guy who just fell off a roof. Jada tells Sloan that the mayor is missing and demands that she tell her now if she knows anything, warning that things will not go well for her or brother otherwise.

Gwen asks Leo to be more specific. Leo tells her that it’s Colin Bedford. Gwen thinks that makes no sense and that he’s being paranoid as she asks why Colin is out to get him. Leo explains that he lost his phone, so he flagged down a cop to help but it turned out to be Colin. Gwen questions Colin posing as a cop. Leo adds that now Colin knows that he knows, so he worries about Colin showing up at the door.

Megan asks Dimitri what took him so long to show up. Dimitri responds that the US Government were less than thrilled to grant them immunity so they made sure to make his customs process arduous. Megan is just glad he’s here now, where he belongs. Megan asks Dimitri if he remembers his aunt Kristen. Dimitri asks how he could forget, recalling the last time he saw Kristen in Amsterdam where she pointed a gun at his crotch. Kristen points out that she didn’t know he was her nephew at the time and thought he was just a pesky ISA agent with Billie Reed. Megan suggests letting bygones be bygones, especially if they are going to be married which Kristen and Dimitri both question.

Xander doesn’t get why Chloe would quit her job at the newspaper and asks what Gwen did. Chloe explains that Gwen rolled out the unwelcome mat in so many awful ways that she lost count. Chloe tells Xander that Gwen tried to make her office be a broom closet and then she was texting her every 45 minutes with an unreachable sales goal, setting her up to fail. Chloe knows Xander stuck his neck out for her to get the job but she won’t take that treatment from anyone. Xander apologizes as he had no idea that Gwen would treat her like this. Chloe understands that he tried. Xander responds that the problem is Chloe did not try and asks her not to quit yet. Xander points out that if Chloe quits, Gwen wins.

Gwen tells Leo that no one is coming to murder him. Leo complains that he’s not as optimistic. Gwen argues that Colin is on the run from the police, so Leo is the least of his problems. Leo worries that Colin thinks he might talk to the police and complains that Colin is legit scary. Leo talks about how hot Colin is as well. Gwen encourages that he has nothing to worry about and suggests he focus on something else, like his next column. Leo insists that he’s not writing about Colin since that’s what got him riled up in the first place. Gwen informs Leo that she actually needs him to find some dirt on somebody else.

Dimitri questions Megan already trying to marry him off and to his aunt at that. Kristen questions making this outrageous suggestion without consulting her first. Megan responds that she was confident they would go along with it, noting that they are not related by blood and it’s hardly breaking ground for the DiMeras. Megan brings up Kristen marrying Tony because it was Stefano’s wish and she saw the wisdom in it. Megan toasts to their upcoming marriage.

Sloan asks Jada about conflict of interest, since she has family mixed up in this as well. Jada argues that Talia would have had nothing to do with this if it wasn’t for Colin. Sloan points out that Talia was the one actually committing the crimes that Colin is accused of. Sloan tells Jada to finish up her search and get out already, remarking that she has enough on her mind with her boyfriend’s ex being pregnant which catches Jada’s attention. Sloan asks if Jada didn’t know and then informs her that Nicole is knocked up and the baby might be Eric’s.

Eric asks if Nicole is okay. Nicole worries about Abe. EJ encourages that they will find him and offers to volunteer a security team to help the search. Nicole asks if there are any leads. Kayla says not yet but she needs to get to her office for an update. Kayla says she’s sorry she can’t stay but she’ll be around if she needs her as she hugs Nicole. Nicole thanks Kayla for bringing the test. Kayla then walks away, leaving Nicole in between EJ and Eric with the test results.

Gwen shows Leo a photo of Dimitri, who he recognizes. Gwen explains that Dimitri is not only free, but has deep roots in Salem and reveals that he’s a Dimitri as he’s Megan Hathaway’s son. Gwen adds that Dimitri’s plane has just landed in Salem, so she wants Leo to find out why he’s here and what he wants. Leo responds that it sounds great but she’ll have to get someone else to cover it because he’s already got one psycho after him and doesn’t need another.

Dimitri tells Megan that he understands he and Kristen are not blood related but they are also not a good match and brings up their age difference. Megan thinks they could be highly compatible if they gave it a shot as they are both charming and charismatic. Megan suggests Dimitri proposes for practical reasons. Kristen asks for an explanation. Megan reveals that she recently found out there is a sizable amount of Von Leuschner that Dimitri is in line to collect, but there are strings as it specifies that Dimitri must be married before he’s 40 and he’s now 39. Dimitri questions why he’s never heard of this trust. Megan says she hasn’t either until now because some members of his extended family are hoping he won’t make the deadline, but the money is his if he acts. Dimitri asks how much money they are talking. Megan calls it more than enough to kickstart their plans as she and Kristen want to take over the world and she assumes that Dimitri is in.

Jada questions Sloan about Eric and Nicole, arguing that they aren’t even seeing each other and Nicole is with EJ now. Sloan confirms that but remarks that if Nicole is pregnant with Eric’s baby then Jada can blame her sister for that. Jada questions what Talia has to do with it. Sloan explains that Eric and Nicole had the drugged biscuits and while under the influence, they forgot all about her, EJ, and birth control. Jada calls that unfortunate for everyone involved. Sloan says it must bring up painful memories for Jada too since she and Eric would still be together if she hadn’t gotten that abortion and they could be singing to their baby but instead, Eric might finally get to be a father, just with someone else.

Eric tells Nicole that if she wants to wait on the test results until there’s an update on Abe, he will understand. EJ tells Eric to can the fake sympathy as he wants answers just as bad as he does. EJ feels it’s better to get it over with now and then once they have the answer, Nicole can focus on bringing Abe home. Eric questions if it is all about Abe while EJ asks if Nicole is tired of Eric buzzing around. Nicole stops them and asks them to just let her do this. Nicole then opens the envelope and reads the test results. EJ asks what it says. Nicole announces that Eric is not a match. EJ excitedly declares that he knew the child was his and calls it a miracle as he kisses Nicole. Eric congratulates them. EJ tells Eric that he’s sure it stings a bit but in the long run, it’s best for everyone involved as they don’t have to go through the awkwardness of Eric and Nicole raising a baby while Nicole is with him and Sloan is spared the pain of Eric raising a child with another woman. EJ feels that everyone is a winner today. Eric guesses that’s it and wishes them the best of luck with everything. Nicole thanks Eric as he then walks away. EJ excitedly hugs Nicole and calls this a gift that changes everything. Eric slowly exits through the elevator.

Sloan tells Jada that she told her she wouldn’t find anything. Sloan suggests if Jada wants to grill somebody, she can go see Leo Stark. Jada asks why she would do that. Sloan reveals that Leo said he ran in to Colin earlier today. Jada questions why she didn’t tell her that when she got there. Sloan responds that it’s not her job to help Jada do her job. Jada argues that Sloan withheld vital information in an ongoing case. Sloan tells Jada to go ahead if she wants to arrest her for being an accessory because she would love nothing more than to sue for false arrest. Jada warns that Sloan is not off the hook yet as she then walks out of the apartment.

Xander tells Chloe that he knows Gwen can be difficult at times, but asks her not to close the door on this opportunity. Xander encourages that Gwen is only bullying her because she didn’t get her way. Xander knows Chloe can overcome this. Chloe acknowledges standing up to bullies since high school. Xander says the only way to beat a bully is to prove they won’t break her. Xander tells Chloe that he’ll be there and needs Chloe to fight. Chloe says maybe she doesn’t want to fight and she’s just tired. Xander encourages that it’s only been one day. Chloe feels it will be this way every day and asks why she should subject herself to that. Xander asks her to do it for him. Xander explains that he and Gwen are locked in a battle of wills, so if Chloe leaves, he’ll be on his own against her. Chloe points out that Xander used to love Gwen. Xander says now Gwen lives to antagonize him, so if Chloe leaves, she will use that as proof that he was wrong and it will be one battle after another. Xander jokes that it will also turn him in to a miserable roommate. Chloe then agrees to stay at the job and give it another try. Xander promises that she won’t regret it. Chloe suggests pouring them some of the champagne now. Xander offers to go out instead and get whatever she wants. Chloe says she’d rather stay in, put her feet up, and watch a movie so she asks if they can just order in. Xander says absolutely not since she is sacrificing herself for his sanity, so she deserves better. Xander declares that he will prepare a feast. Xander then pours champagne to toast to Chloe’s ultimate victory and Gwen’s inevitable defeat.

Gwen can’t believe Leo would pass on such a juicy story. Leo reminds her that he’s the one who switched the emerald on the Alamanian Peacock, preventing Dimitri’s plan to take over the world. Gwen thinks their history makes Leo perfect for the job. Leo feels Dimitri probably wants him dead for foiling his plans and repeats that he doesn’t need another psycho wanting his head on the wall. Gwen decides she’ll have to find somebody else then to cover the greatest and largest story of the year. Gwen brings up a Pulitzer prize and possible book deal coming out of it. Gwen says it has all the elements of a breakaway hit and imagines it could be a 7 figure deal. Gwen says she understands his trepidation and doesn’t want him to put himself in any danger. Leo starts to express interest but still says no, asking what good all that money would be if he’s too dead to spend it, so he tells Gwen to find someone else to cover it. Gwen decides if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. Gwen declares that she will write the article and if something comes of it, she won’t share any of it with him. Gwen jokes with Leo to lock the door because he never knows who might be coming. Gwen then exits and Leo rushes to lock the door.

Kristen questions Megan’s plan to finance their mutual ambitions. Megan explains that if they keep it in the family, they can get the money quickly and save time trying to find Dimitri a suitable partner while not having the risk of it turning out to be a gold digger. Megan declares that opportunity is knocking and they must answer.

Eric goes to Sloan’s apartment and asks if there’s any news on Colin. Sloan says no but he did just miss Jada and her search warrant which was a complete waste of time since she didn’t find anything. Eric asks if she heard about Abe. Sloan confirms she has but says that Colin is desperate though not a monster or stupid enough to put a target on his back like that. Sloan asks how Eric heard about it and if it’s on the news. Eric says no and explains that he was at the hospital when Kayla told him. Sloan asks what he was doing at the hospital. Eric informs her that Nicole got the results back from the DNA test and he’s not there. Eric tells Sloan that she doesn’t have to pretend she’s not happy. Sloan can’t deny that’s what she was hoping to hear, but she knows how much he wanted to be a father and she can see that he’s hurting. Eric decides it’s not the right time and guesses that’s probably for the best.

EJ excitedly tells Nicole that it’s truly happening that they are having a baby together. EJ says he felt all along that it was his baby as they kiss. EJ asks Nicole if they are to share the news or keep it to themselves. Nicole thinks they should wait. EJ asks if she’s worried about her history. Nicole doesn’t want to be negative but also doesn’t want to forget there’s a really good chance that she can’t carry the baby to term. EJ understands that she’s dealt with this disappointment twice before but encourages her not to let the past dictate the future. EJ declares that the first step is getting her the best care possible and there is no time to waste as they walk off together.

Xander cooks egg sandwiches for he and Chloe. Xander encourages her to try it and she admits it’s really good. Xander says it pairs nicely with the champagne. Xander talks about Scottish people inventing things which Chloe jokes with him about. Xander then kisses Chloe.

Megan talks to Dimitri and Kristen about their wedding. Dimitri admits that Megan has thought this all through but says his answer is no. Megan asks Kristen to make the right choice and persuade Dimitri that this is the best choice they have. Kristen says she has to agree with Dimitri as she is preparing for a custody fight and showing up with her nephew on her arm won’t win her brownie points with the judge. Megan calls them pathetic. Dimitri says there are plenty of fish in the sea. Megan feels most of them are not suitable for him to marry. Megan declares that if they are not keeping it in the family, they have to find someone very special for him to marry. Gwen then walks in and says she’s looking for Dimitri.

Leo remains looking at Dimitri’s photo and says maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to get up close and personal with that. Leo wishes Dimitri was homosexual instead of homicidal. There’s then a knock at the door which startles Leo, causing him to worry that it’s the other homicidal maniac but it’s Jada. Leo asks what he can do for her. Jada says she understands that he had a run in with Colin Bedford. Leo confirms that he did and says it was just brief small talk. Leo swears that he doesn’t know anything. Jada thinks he does and demands him tell everything about his encounter from start to finish, unless he’d like to spend the night in a jail cell.

Kayla is on the phone in her office, saying she will put out a statement about Colin’s possible involvement in Abe’s disappearance in about an hour and says to send any press inquiries to the administrator’s office. She hangs up as EJ and Nicole enter. EJ informs Kayla that they are both doing very well after getting the news they were hoping for. Kayla says she’s glad that is the case and asks how she can help. Nicole admits they are concerned about her medical history and if she can carry the baby to term since the scar tissue on her uterus has created issues. Kayla knows she’s had her struggles. EJ wonders if there has been advances in technology or anything that will improve their chances. Kayla says she’s not a fertility doctor but she can give them a referral. EJ says they will remain optimistic. Kayla says she has to go make a statement to the board about the Abe situation but she wants to talk to Nicole and she will get them the number to the specialist. Kayla adds that she is in their corner as she exits. EJ promises Nicole that he will move Heaven and Earth to get them a successful outcome and that she will bring their baby to term. Nicole agrees to pray for that. EJ tells Nicole that he loves her and kisses her.

Sloan tells Eric that she hates seeing him in pain. Eric appreciates her saying that. Eric says he’s happy being here with her and looks forward to their future together. Eric tells Sloan that he loves her. Sloan responds that she loves him as they hug. Sloan then thinks back to the night of the cheek swab, revealing that she told herself she couldn’t risk losing Eric to Nicole if the baby is his, so she used the cheek swab on herself and not Eric which caused the DNA test to not be a match. Sloan then tells Eric that he’s all she ever wanted.

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