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Talia sits in the interrogation room with her arm in a sling. Jada enters and brings her painkillers but Talia says she’s fine as Jada removes her handcuffs. Talia asks how Abe is. Jada responds that he’s still in the hospital and recovering from surgery but it looks like he will be okay. Talia is relieved that Colin won’t be charged with murder now.

Colin wakes up in his hospital bed and thinks his nurse is Paulina.

Paulina sits at Abe’s side in the hospital, complaining about waiting for him to wake up. Paulina urges him to open his eyes, noting the surgery was hours ago. Chanel enters the room. Paulina questions why Abe won’t wake up. Chanel encourages that his body just needs time to recover and he should wake up soon. Paulina calls Colin pure evil. Chanel points out that Talia played a big part in this too. Paulina decides she’s going to find Kayla while Chanel stays with Abe.

Sloan is at her apartment with her cheek swab of Eric when she gets a call from Nicole, who questions why she hasn’t called her. Sloan asks Nicole to meet her at the park in an hour. Nicole says she’ll be there and tells Sloan that she’s really grateful that she got the sample from Eric. Sloan repeats that she has a vested interest and she hopes like hell that Eric’s DNA is not a match for the baby Nicole is carrying.

Anna joins Nicole in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and asks if she was able to get a DNA sample from EJ. Nicole says unfortunately no, explaining that EJ got called away on business before he could take the sleeping pill. Anna asks when she expects him back. Nicole doesn’t know but says it doesn’t matter. Anna questions how she will get a sample now. Nicole reveals that she doesn’t have to because Sloan got one from Eric last night.

Eric brings Sloan a sandwich and coffee. Sloan thanks him and says she’s going to take it to go because she wants to go see Colin at the hospital. Eric asks if she’s going to take a test because of the virus outbreak that she and Nicole were going on about. Sloan claims that she called the hospital and they said they got the virus contained, so she doesn’t have to take a test anymore. Eric guesses the truth is that she never had to take a test.

Colin’s nurse asks if he’s saying all black women look alike. Colin explains that he only saw her from behind and he’s a little on edge. She calls him nasty and rude. She says she has some medicine for him even though he doesn’t deserve it after what he did to Abe. Colin offers to ask for another nurse but she says she is his nurse and will heal his body, but he will have to heal his own soul which will take prayer, humility, and repenting for his sins then maybe the Lord will allow him in to Heaven. The nurse then exits the room as Rafe enters.

Jada questions Talia being worried about Colin at a time like this and asks if she’s forgotten where she is and what she did. Jada tells Talia that the only person she needs to worry about right now is herself. Talia knows it’s bad but argues that it’s her first offense so they can’t go that hard on her. Jada tells her that she’s wrong as she just met with Melinda and she plans to throw the book at her. Jada adds that she can’t be surprised since Melinda was one of her victims and ended up in the hospital thanks to her poisoned biscuits and could’ve died. Jada remarks that would’ve been better for Talia because now she has a very pissed off district attorney gunning for her. Jada questions what the hell Talia was thinking.

Chanel sits at Abe’s side and talks about how he doesn’t deserve to be in this bed and he wouldn’t be if she hadn’t gotten involved with Nathan Bedford all those years ago. Chanel says everyone says he took advantage of her but she can’t help but feel responsible because Abe is now paying the consequences. Chanel cries that she’s so sorry for that. Abe then wakes up which excites Chanel, who says she will text Paulina right now. Abe asks where he is. Chanel informs him that he’s in the hospital after being attacked over the head and had to get brain surgery, but now he’s awake and is going to be okay. Abe then questions who Chanel is.

Rafe introduces himself to Colin and says he just wanted him to know that he will be facing a long list of charges including attempted murder, kidnapping, and false imprisonment. Rafe adds that doctors say he’s well enough to be discharged so he has to take him down to the police station where he’ll be booked, officially charged, and taken to a holding cell. Colin asks what about Talia and remarks that the only one that should be charged with attempted murder is her.

Jada asks Talia to help her understand, going over how she graduated at the top of her class and was on track to start an amazing career but she threw it all away to come to Salem to terrorize two people that she didn’t even know. Talia claims she didn’t terrorize them. Jada goes over how Talia trashed Paulina’s office and ruined Chanel’s business while getting half the town sick. Talia says she gets it and feels bad enough as it is. Jada doesn’t think that she does. Jada repeats that Talia is incredibly lucky that no one suffered permanent damage or worse. Jada asks why Talia wanted to hurt so many people that she didn’t even know, especially Paulina and Chanel. Talia responds that she did it for Colin. Jada says that’s what she doesn’t understand and asks what kind of spell he had her under. Jada questions what would make her do this.

Anna questions Nicole about Sloan getting a DNA sample from Eric. Nicole explains that Sloan found out that she was pregnant by accident, but she agreed to help her get the sample for her paternity test and got a swab from Eric last night. Anna asks if she doesn’t need a swab from EJ as well. Nicole says that’s only if it was a legal case and hopefully it will never go there. Nicole adds that Kayla said she only needed one swab, so if the DNA from Eric doesn’t match then the baby must be EJ’s. Nicole says she has to go meet Sloan at the park to get the swab. Anna stops her and reminds her that she didn’t answer when she asked if she wanted the baby to be Eric’s. Anna now asks what it means for her and EJ if she finds out the baby is Eric’s. Nicole says she’s been so stressed out about who the baby belongs to that she hasn’t even thought about that. Anna assumes that EJ will be fairly upset. Nicole says that’s especially because EJ just told her that he loves her, right after he proposed.

Sloan questions what Eric is talking about and why she wouldn’t have to take a test. Eric reveals that he talked to Marlena about trying to visit Abe and he asked about the virus outbreak but she had no idea what he was talking about. Sloan tries to suggest maybe she just wasn’t aware. Eric tells her to stop because he knows she’s lying. Eric argues that she and Nicole didn’t have to take some test for a non existant virus and he questions what the test was for. Eric says she is clearly keeping something from him and he wants to know what she and Nicole are up to. Eric demands that Sloan tell him right now. Sloan gives in and admits they are keeping something from him. Sloan then reveals to Eric that Nicole is pregnant. Eric is shocked and asks when she was going to tell him. Sloan responds that Nicole begged her not to. Eric questions why and if the baby is his. Sloan admits that Nicole is not sure and doesn’t know if it was with EJ or the night she and Eric got high on the biscuits. Eric realizes that explains the swab but he still doesn’t understand how Sloan got involved in this. Sloan explains that she found out because Nicole dropped her pre-natal vitamins in front of her and then she happened to run in to her again after Kayla gave her the paternity test and she didn’t know how to get the DNA samples from Eric or EJ without them knowing, so she told her that she could get one from Eric which she did.

Anna excitedly asks Nicole about EJ proposing and why she didn’t tell her. Nicole reveals that she turned him down because she didn’t feel like it was a sincere proposal. Nicole says that EJ started caving to peer pressure after they found out Stefan proposed to Gabi which caused EJ to worry that Stefan had the advantage and more people in the ranks, so EJ thought proposing to her would mean another DiMera on his side which is at least how she saw it. Anna doesn’t imagine EJ reacted well to that. Nicole responds that it’s actually when EJ told her that he loved her. Anna asks how Nicole reacted to that and if she loves EJ.

Talia tells Jada that she told her that Colin convinced her of how awful Paulina and Chanel were. Jada questions her being justified because Colin decided they needed to be punished. Talia argues that she didn’t say yes right away and she was against it at first, but then she saw how much it meant to him and he said if she truly loved him, that she would do whatever he wanted. Talia cries that she was afraid of losing Colin as she was in love with him and when you’re in love, you do things to make that person happy. Jada argues that you don’t do illegal, criminal, and cruel things. Jada says that Talia is smarter and a better person than that. Talia says apparently not. Talia swears she tried to talk to Colin out of it, but every time that she tried to convince him that Paulina and Chanel are good, decent people, he would just get mad so she would drop it. Jada asks what she means by he would get mad. Talia admits that Colin has a temper and would accuse her of not caring enough or being a coward. Jada asks if Colin ever got violent and hurt her. Jada demands that Talia answer her.

Colin tells Rafe that Talia is the double crossing bitch that pushed him off the roof. Rafe questions that being how he describes his girlfriend. Rafe informs Colin that Talia has also been arrested for her part in his crimes. Colin argues that Talia is the one who trashed Paulina’s office and poisoned the biscuits. Rafe says he understands that Colin put her up to all of it. Colin swears that he never put a gun to Talia’s head and she’s a grown woman so he couldn’t force her to do a damn thing that she didn’t want to do. Rafe guesses they can discuss that with their lawyers, but right now, he has a date with a jail cell. Rafe says he will go check on his transfer and exits the room.

Chanel tells Abe who she is and reminds him of Paulina by showing him a picture of their wedding. Abe says he’s sorry but he doesn’t remember her, claiming he has never seen that woman before in his life. Chanel questions Abe not recognizing her or Paulina. Chanel decides that she will go get the doctors to tell them that he’s awake. Abe questions her leaving him alone. Chanel assures that she will be right back as she exits.

Talia tells Jada that Colin never hit her and that he only has a temper because his parents died in the most awful way possible and he never recovered from that, so he gets upset when things don’t go his way. Talia adds that when Colin did get upset at her, he was sorry almost immediately and would go out of his way to make it up to her and show how much he loved her. Jada yells at her to snap out of it. Talia asks Jada not to be mad at her too. Jada says she’s not, but is mad at the situation and that she was oblivious to any of this going on. Jada feels heartbroken for not knowing that Talia has been in an abusive relationship. Talia repeats that Colin never hit her once. Jada says they both know that there are other kinds of abuse.

Rafe informs the cop at the hospital that the discharge papers are complete and Colin is ready to be taken to jail. Paulina comes over and says she’s glad Rafe is there. Rafe asks what’s up and if Abe is okay. Paulina says that’s the problem because Abe hasn’t woken up from his surgery and she can’t find Kayla. Rafe is sure Kayla is with a patient and that someone can help find her. Paulina admits that she’s almost too scared to ask about Abe’s condition as she worries. Rafe encourages her to breathe as he hugs her which Paulina admits does help. Rafe assures that he loves Abe and hates that this has happened to him, but the best way they can help him is by helping themselves. Rafe reminds Paulina to take care of herself. Rafe knows the best way he can help Abe is by finding the bastard that did this to him and making him pay. Rafe tells Paulina to find someone to tell her where Kayla is while he goes to do his job. Rafe reminds Paulina that it helps Abe to take care of herself as he walks away.

The nurse from Colin’s room enters Abe’s room and he also imagines that she is Paulina, saying that he knows she is his wife.

Eric questions Sloan taking a swab of his DNA without him knowing. Sloan admits she did it while he was asleep and now she’s supposed to go deliver it to Nicole. Eric stops her and tells her that she has a brother to go see, while he can take this from here.

Anna asks Nicole if she loves EJ or if she’s just being too nosy as usual. Nicole knows she’s only asking because she’s concerned for them, but says it’s complicated as she and EJ haven’t been back together that long. Nicole assures that she does care for him and they have a long history. Nicole states that she did love EJ enough to marry him not long ago. Nicole says she’s just confused and really needs to know who the baby’s father is, because if it is EJ then Eric is no longer in the picture. Anna then asks if it’s Eric that she loves. Anna says she’s not trying to put her on the spot and that she’s on her side, no matter what. Nicole asks Anna to stop asking her questions and giving her advice because she can’t deal with it right now. Nicole says she needs to get going. Anna hugs her and encourages her to be strong because no matter what happens, she’s going to take care of things because she has to for the baby. Anna then exits the room as Nicole holds back tears.

Sloan gives Eric the swab and asks what he’s going to do with it. Eric repeats that he will handle it as Sloan has enough to worry about with her brother. Sloan decides she will get to the hospital then. Sloan adds that if Nicole’s child does turn out to be Eric’s, she really hopes it doesn’t change anything between them. Sloan then exits her apartment.

Jada tells Talia that she knows very well that emotional abuse is a real thing and it sounds to her like that’s how Colin was abusing her. Talia questions what that is based on. Jada argues that Colin had her committing crimes for him and he had a temper. Talia argues that she knows Colin has done some terrible things but they weren’t for no reason since he had a hard life. Jada believes they’ve had a conversation like this before and that people with hard lives don’t resort to trying to murder people. Jada encourages that it made people stronger because they had to fight. Jada questions Talia giving Colin a pass just because he had a hard life and asks if everything he does is justified. Jada adds that Colin could have killed Abe, Paulina, Chanel, and her. Talia cries that she knows that and that’s why she pushed him off the roof. Talia says she was trying to save Jada, Chanel, and Paulina. Talia knows she’s made a lot of excuses for Colin before but when she saw him point the gun at Chanel, she knew she had to do something and couldn’t just let him shoot her or hurt her.

Chanel finds Paulina at the hospital and informs her that Abe woke up. Paulina is excited and wants to go see him but Chanel reveals that Abe didn’t recognize her. Paulina is sure that Abe is just confused and suggests they go see him together. Chanel adds that she showed Abe her picture and he said he’s never seen her before in his life. Paulina is sure it’s just the drugs talking and asks Chanel to take her to Abe now, so they walk off together.

The nurse questions Abe asking if she is his wife. Abe apologizes and gets upset as he says he can’t seem to remember anything, except Chanel being in there and showing him a picture of their wedding but he didn’t mention her being a nurse. The nurse questions Abe not remember anything at all which he confirms. Abe brings up Chanel saying that he was attacked. The nurse confirms that he was attacked by a horrible, despicable man and she doesn’t see how anyone could hurt a man as sweet, kind, and gentle as Abe. She adds that the worst part is that he’s still in danger because that horrible man is in the hospital right now as they speak, so Abe is not safe.

Rafe returns to Colin’s hospital room but is shocked by what he finds.

Jada tells Talia to forget about Colin for now as they need to get her arraigned. Jada informs Talia that she hired Belle as her lawyer which surprises Talia. Jada asks if she thought she would abandon her when she is her sister and she loves her. Talia cries that she loves her too and she’s so sorry about everything.

Rafe finds his cop in Colin’s room, now cuffed to the bed with his clothes swapped and questions what the hell happened. He informs Rafe that he went to unlock Colin, but he got the better of him. Rafe can’t believe that Colin got away.

Colin sneaks through the hospital, now in a cop uniform. Sloan arrives so Colin hides around the corner as she walks by. Colin then escapes through the elevator.

Chanel brings Paulina to Abe’s room and tells her not to worry as she’s sure when Abe sees her, it will all come back. They then discover that Abe is gone so Paulina questions where the hell her husband is.

The nurse wheels Abe through the hospital and tells him not to worry because he’s safe with her now as they wait on the elevator.

Nicole prepares to leave the DiMera Mansion and declares that it’s time to find out who her baby’s father is. Nicole opens the door right as Eric arrives.

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