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Gwen works in her room at the Salem Inn when Xander shows up at the door. Gwen questions what he wants and if it has to do with work because she’s busy. Xander says it does and guesses her bad mood is because Kyle at work turned in his resignation and now she’s scrambling to clean up the mess she made. Gwen argues that she only suggested he and his team worked harder while Xander argues that he quit because she cussed him out. Gwen complains that he was looking for a reason to quit since she shoved Jack off of his own paper, which she states she did for Xander. Gwen repeats that she’s very busy and tells Xander to get the hell out so she can pull a new sales manager out of a hat. Xander tells her that she doesn’t have to because he already found one in Chloe Lane. Gwen says over her dead body.

Brady shows up to see Chloe at her apartment and says he’s sorry for not calling before showing up. Chloe mentions already having the pleasure of running in to Kristen. Brady asks if she threatened her or anything. Chloe says no and that it was fine. Brady is sure Kristen will leave her alone now that they are no longer together. Chloe remarks that as always, Kristen got what she wanted. Brady says he doesn’t want to talk about Kristen as he has a proposition for Chloe.

Alex is with Stephanie at her home and they have beers. Alex talks about not having to worry about being clear-headed since he’s unemployed and can work remote. Stephanie still thinks he just needs to give Maggie time to cool down and she will realize how much Titan needs him. Alex says he won’t hold his breath because screwing up that deal for Maggie was the last straw. Alex declares that his career at Titan is over.

Justin enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and welcomes Maggie home. Maggie tells him that Victor is resting as he didn’t sleep at all on the plane. Justin is surprised they came home rather than stay in Greece with Bo. Maggie explains that the doctors are moving Bo to a long term care facility since he’s still in a coma, but they aren’t giving up hope. Maggie says there was nothing they could do there and that was hell for Victor, so she convinced him to come home because seeing Bo like that was hard on him. Justin understands that family is everything. Maggie asks what Justin is doing here since Henderson told her that he and Bonnie were going to Chicago to see Mimi and Emily. Justin responds that Bonnie went but when he heard Maggie was coming home, he decided to stay. Maggie says he didn’t have to do that but Justin states that he did because he had to ask her why the hell she fired his son from the family business.

In Chicago, Rex is working out at home until Bonnie shows up at his door and surprises him. Bonnie says that Mimi told her that it was his day with Emily, so she came to see her grandbaby. Rex says he’s sorry but she’s already asleep. Bonnie asks if she can peek in on her still which Rex allows. The doorbell then rings and Sarah arrives, surprising Rex. Sarah says she’s sorry to show up like this but she has news that she had to tell him in person. Rex says he has news as well. Sarah excitedly tells Rex that after he left, one of their clinical patients had a breakthrough and his immune system is responding just like they predicted it would. Sarah excitedly talks about how great this is until Rex stops her to tell her that Bonnie is there. Bonnie then comes back in and greets Sarah.

Xander argues that they are desperate to replace the position but Gwen says they are not so desperate to hire Xander’s girlfriend. Xander tells her that Chloe is not his girlfriend and they are just roommates. Gwen doesn’t believe him. Xander asks why she’s so interested as he thought she was busy shagging Alex all the time. Gwen reveals that’s over now because Alex ended it and said he wanted to be a better person which Xander calls an impossible dream. Gwen argues that they need someone qualified to work, not an unemployed lounge singer. Xander points out that Chloe ran a successful restaurant and had important jobs with both Basic Black and DiMera Enterprises so she’s more than qualified. Gwen says that she can get a job elsewhere then as she declares they are not hiring her and that’s final.

Brady asks Chloe if he can come in to talk about this. Chloe questions if he wants to come in to check things out, insisting that she and Xander are just roommates. Brady clarifies that he doesn’t want to talk about Xander as he has a business proposition for her. Brady informs Chloe that he wants her to come back to Basic Black.

Maggie understands that Justin is upset with her but says he has no right to use that tone with her. Justin asks what tone he should use when she canned his son over the phone. Maggie responds that Alex didn’t follow direct orders and as a result, they lost a multi-million dollar that was already negotiated and all Alex had to do was close it, but instead he scared him off. Justin argues that Alex didn’t scare him off, the deal did because there were problems in that deal from the start. Maggie guesses that’s Alex’s version of what happened as he’s very good at coming up with excuses. Justin mocks Maggie being a corporate mogul for five minutes and asks who she is to say that Alex isn’t qualified. Maggie guesses that Justin doesn’t think she’s qualified, but Victor does and he agrees about Alex.

Stephanie tells Alex that he’s being too hard on himself as he had no idea how the client would behave at the meeting. Stephanie believes Maggie completely overreacted by firing him. Alex thinks Maggie might have a point. Stephanie goes to get Alex another beer as he apologizes for being lousy company. The doorbell then rings, so Alex answers the door as Chad arrives, looking confused to see Alex there. Stephanie greets Chad with a hug and they kiss, noting how they missed each other. Chad says he got in a couple hours ago, tucked in the kids and came straight here. Stephanie asks him to tell her everything because she was worried. Chad first asks about Alex being there.

Chloe questions Brady wanting her to come back to work at Basic Black. Brady explains that Nicole is working with EJ at DiMera, so he’s all alone and he needs her. Chloe is unsure. Brady promises they will keep everything strictly professional. Chloe says that’s easier said than done. Brady gives his word and says it’s not the same without her. Brady talks about how they work well together and he respects her work. Brady pleads with her but Chloe says she can’t. Brady says if it’s because of Kristen, he’ll beef up security but Chloe says it’s not Kristen. Brady questions what the problem is then. Chloe responds that it’s not a problem, but that she was offered a new job and she will be working at the Spectator with Xander.

Xander reminds Gwen that they run the Spectator as a partnership so she doesn’t get to make unilateral staffing decisions. Gwen assumes they both want the most qualified candidate for the job, so they can put a job notice up and together, they can true the most qualified candidate and Chloe is more than welcome to apply. Xander calls Gwen’s jealousy sad. Gwen argues that she’s not jealous, especially not of Chloe.

Sarah greets Bonnie and questions what she’s doing in Chicago. Bonnie explains that she came to see Mimi and Emily. Bonnie then notices that Sarah is pregnant.

Stephanie explains to Chad that she was at the meeting and knows that Alex was doing everything he could to save the deal. Alex doesn’t think Chad cares. Chad understands that getting kicked out of the family business sucks but laughs about getting fired by Maggie. Stephanie says it’s not funny. Chad agrees and says that’s the worst part as it must have been so damn humiliating. Alex decides to let them have some alone time. Alex thanks Stephanie for the beer and says he appreciates it. Alex agrees that Maggie is the nicest person he’s ever known, so he feels horrible about letting her down. Alex then exits. Stephanie asks Chad if he really had to kick Alex while he’s down. Chad assures that he’ll be fine. Chad then apologizes and says he just got back from Greece where Kate was almost killed, Steve got shot, and Bo is still in a coma so he didn’t have the patience for Alex crying in his beer over a job he never should’ve had in the first place. Stephanie responds that Alex was a guest in her home. Chad questions why, asking how she can forgive Alex after what he did to her.

Maggie tells Justin that she’s running a business and letting Alex go was a business decision. Maggie says she gave him a chance but he didn’t deliver, so she doesn’t think it’s fair for Justin to make it a personal family issue. Justin argues that it’s a family business, so it’s all personal. Justin understands he can be protective of Alex because of his childhood and notes his struggles with relationships with women. Justin mentions Alex being in therapy. Maggie says that doesn’t change the fact that she left Alex specific instructions on how to handle this meeting and he went rogue. Justin understands that Alex blew the deal, but what’s killing him is not that he lost the job, but that he let her down. Justin asks if there is some way that Maggie can give Alex one more chance.

Bonnie talks about Maggie not saying anything, so she had no idea that Sarah was expecting. Sarah reveals that Maggie doesn’t know and no one in Salem does. Bonnie questions why not and then guesses that she doesn’t want anyone to know because it’s Xander’s baby.

Gwen argues that Xander just wants to feed his huge ego by thinking she’s jealous Chloe. Gwen complains that Chloe isn’t qualified for the job. Xander points out that when he showed up, she was desperate for anyone to take the job. Xander insists that Chloe is qualified and that she can start right away like they need. Xander reveals that he already offered Chloe the job so it’s hers and declares that’s the end of it as he’s putting his foot down. Gwen tells Xander to go ahead and hire Chloe, but when it turns out to be a disaster, it will come out of Xander’s profits. Xander says he will go tell Chloe the good news and exits, leaving Gwen frustrated.

Sarah tells Bonnie that she is way off base. Bonnie doesn’t think so and brings up how fast Sarah left town, believing she wanted him out of her life and her baby’s life. Bonnie knows Sarah couldn’t trust Xander with a baby and children are everything to Kiriakis men, so Xander would never leave her alone. Rex argues that Sarah doesn’t need this right now. Bonnie relates to how Sarah is feeling because of her ex husband, but says she really believes Xander has changed this time for the better. Bonnie adds that she could forgive Xander for kidnapping her and Susan. Sarah shouts that this has nothing to do with Xander. Bonnie argues that Xander has a right to know, but Rex steps in and declares that he is the father, not Xander. Bonnie notes that Mimi didn’t tell her they are back together. Rex admits they aren’t, so Bonnie takes it that they had a one night stand. Sarah reminds her of Xander hooking up with Gwen right after she told him their marriage was over, so she slept with Rex on the rebound. Sarah says she got pregnant and they didn’t find out until getting to Chicago. Sarah claims they tried dating but it didn’t work out. Bonnie questions keeping it a secret then. Sarah says she didn’t want Maggie to judge her or tell her that she’s making a mistake. Bonnie doesn’t believe them and says she knows they are lying through their teeth.

Stephanie tells Chad that her mom is back, Marlena is back, and Kate is alive and safe, so she asks if Alex is really what they want to talk about. Chad agrees that he doesn’t want to talk about Alex anymore. Stephanie brings up Chad saving Kate and his new relative, Dimitri. Chad jokes that Dimitri is a very fun guy and sociopathic and egomaniacal like his mother. Chad calls them like James Bond villains and says he doesn’t really want to talk about them either. Chad decides he doesn’t really want to talk at all as they begin kissing onto the couch.

Gwen exits the Salem Inn and runs in to Alex in the town square. Alex says he was just on his way to see her. Gwen asks if he’s rethinking the better person rubbish. Alex says no but he heard a rumor that her ad director quit and he’s now looking for a job. Gwen is surprised and says he has a dream job as she questions why he would ever leave Titan. Alex clarifies that he didn’t leave Titan, he got fired. Gwen calls that unfortunate. Alex brings up that he does have experience in marketing. Gwen tells him that she’s sorry but they just hired a new ad director. Gwen calls it a shame because Alex would’ve been quite good at it. Gwen informs Alex that Xander forced her to hire his roommate as it turns out he wants to spend even more time with her. Alex points out that she doesn’t seem too happy about that. Gwen argues that Chloe is unqualified and makes her skin crawl. Alex remarks that it sounds like her night is going about as well as his. Gwen suggests they could help each other get their minds off of their troubles.

Brady asks Chloe about Xander offering her a job, arguing that he and Gwen stole the paper from Jack and Jennifer. Brady asks how Gwen feels about this. Chloe claims that she’s fine with it. Brady questions if Chloe really wants to be living with Xander and working with him. Chloe admits it’s not ideal. Brady calls Xander a sleaze, but says he’s nothing compared to Gwen, warning that she’s pretty rough on women who rub her the wrong way. Chloe questions why he’s doing this and why where she works is his business. Brady calls Xander and Gwen horrible people who know nothing about running a newspaper. Brady warns that it won’t be long before they tank the Spectator, so he doesn’t want to see her get hurt in the fallout. Xander then comes home and tells Brady to tell them how he really feels.

Rex questions Bonnie not believing them. Bonnie says it doesn’t make sense. Bonnie believes Sarah wanted to have Xander’s baby and got pregnant, before she found out that he was kidnapping people. Rex argues that this is none of her damn business. Sarah thanks Rex for trying but admits it’s not going to work. Sarah then informs Bonnie that she is right that the baby is Xander’s.

Brady guesses he better go. Xander feels he was just getting started. Brady wishes Chloe luck with her new job, feeling that she’s going to need it. Xander remarks that it’s always a pleasure as Brady exits. Chloe questions if that was really necessary. Xander asks if he’s supposed to come home to Brady talking crap about him in his own living room and just take it. Chloe responds that the mature thing to do would’ve been to ignore him. Xander admits maturity has never been his strong point. Chloe asks how Gwen took him offering her a job. Xander informs her that she got the job.

Alex tells Gwen that he doesn’t know. Gwen says she forgot he turned a new leaf, so no more random shags. Gwen asks how that’s working out for him and if he’s becoming the new and improved Alex Kiriakis. Alex says it’s going well and that Marlena is helping him out a lot. Gwen says she’s glad. Alex thanks her and says now all he needs is someone to help him get his career back on track. Gwen wishes him luck and says she’ll see him around. Gwen walks away and then Brady approaches, asking about him needing his career back on track. Brady informs Alex that if he needs a job, he may have something for him because Nicole left and he’s swamped at Basic Black. Alex questions Brady wanting him to come work for him. Brady asks why not. Brady brings up it was Alex’s idea to put and Eric and Nicole on the cover of their magazine and that flew off the shelves, so he has a knack for marketing. Alex isn’t sure if Victor and Maggie would agree. Brady responds that Victor has dangled the CEO at Titan position over all of them for 30 years and the best thing he ever did was get off that treadmill. Brady suggests Alex claim his independence and come work for him.

Maggie tells Justin that she’s given Alex so many chances. Justin insists that this time will be different because he will personally be watching him like a hawk. Justin says that Alex really needs this. Maggie complains that the Kiriakis men don’t give up until they get what they want. Justin says it’s in their DNA and asks if Maggie will think about it. Maggie gives in and agrees to let Alex start tomorrow. Justin thanks her. Maggie swears it is Alex’s last chance. Justin assures that she won’t regret this as he hugs her. Maggie hopes not for all of their sakes.

Chad and Stephanie kiss on the couch until Stephanie gets up to get them beers. Stephanie asks him to tell her about Dimitri. Chad responds that he definitely has DiMera blood in him as he managed to work deals for he and Megan. Stephanie asks about Megan being his half-sister. Chad jokes that apparently his father never wore protection. Stephanie points out that Dimitri is still on the ISA radar, so it’s only a matter of time before he commits another crime and ends up back in there. Chad informs her that it won’t be out there because he’s coming here, adding that he wanted to fly back on the same plane and thinks they are going to be best friends. Stephanie questions what there is in Salem that he could want. Chad says he said family but he didn’t take him at his word. Chad doesn’t think Dimitri is coming to be apart of the family, but to destroy it.

Alex comes home to the Kiriakis Mansion and questions what’s going on as he thought Justin was heading to Chicago. Justin informs Alex that they have some good news as he and Maggie just had a long conversation. Justin announces that Maggie has agreed to give Alex his job back. Alex is shocked. Justin questions Alex not thanking Maggie. Alex says it’s been a weird night and it took him by surprise. Justin explains that he just spent an hour trying to convince Maggie. Alex then informs Maggie of how happy it makes him that she thinks she can trust him again, but he’s not going to be able to take back the job because he has another job since Brady wants him to work for him at Basic Black.

Gwen walks through the town square and runs in to Brady, who asks if she has a minute. Gwen says no after the way he talked to her the last time. Brady mocks her being fragile and then apologizes and says he needs to talk to her about a mutual problem they have that only she can solve. Gwen tells him to go on. Brady brings up Xander offering Chloe a job at the Spectator and he guesses that Gwen thinks it’s a terrible idea like he does which she confirms. Brady guesses he can count on her to stop it from happening but Gwen says she’s sorry as that ship has sailed as she gave Xander permission to hire Chloe. Brady questions why she did that. Gwen says you have to pick and choose your battles. Gwen states that it turns out their exes are going to be spending even more time with each other. Gwen then heads back in to the Salem Inn.

Chloe asks Xander if Gwen is really okay with her coming to work at the Spectator. Xander says that she wasn’t exactly thrilled about it but she gave the green light and will come around when she sees how amazing she is at the job. Xander remarks that the only alternative is Chloe going back to work with Brady and they can’t have that. Xander shakes Chloe’s hand and welcomes her aboard.

Rex questions what Sarah is doing. Sarah tells him that Bonnie is onto them so there is no sense in keeping up the lie. Sarah admits that Bonnie is right that she wanted a baby with Xander, but that was before she found out what he did to Bonnie and Susan and that he was mixed up with Gwen again. Sarah doesn’t want to be married to a man like that and doesn’t want him around an innocent child. Bonnie tries to argue that he’s changed but Sarah states that this isn’t Bonnie’s news to tell, so she has to promise her that no one in Salem can find out that Xander is the father of her baby.

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