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Hey. Hey, finally. Let’s get this party started.

Thank you.

Trina and your aunt are home safe and sound, which means willow has her donor. So what should we drink to first? Hm. You don’t look like you’re in the mood to celebrate anything. What’s wrong?

I have to say, not having to hide our relationship–

makes the whole sec investigation worth it?

I wouldn’t say that.


But it is the one silver lining.

Don’t mind me.


Welcome home.

Thank you. I’m so happy to be here. You have no idea.

Actually seeing you, it’s like confirmation that everyone’s going to be ok; willow, trina, spencer. Thank you so much.

[Tense music]

Nina and I have never had a relationship, not a good one, anyway. Us being estranged doesn’t affect anyone. There’s no collateral damage. But with you and sonny, it affects everyone you love. And I truly believe that keeping our family whole is more important than bringing sonny to justice.

You, and all your lies, your disloyalty, violence, crimes, eventually that will be forgotten, like you never even existed.

I love you. You’re my son. I’m always gonna love you.

Yeah, so you keep saying.

But I’m not gonna forget this. And if you want me to forgive, you’re gonna have to beg.

Your guest is here.

Let him in. Hail the conquering hero.

Hello, sonny. Uh, you can just call. You don’t have to send your staff.

Yeah, I don’t mean to inconvenience you, but there are some matters that we have to discuss and no one’s leaving this room until we do that.

[Dramatic music]

Have you talked to trina? Have you seen her?

No. She’s with her mom and dad. I mean, she texted me that she and spencer are alive and back in port charles. Thank you. I mean, you rescued my best friends.

Are you kidding me? It was a huge team effort. Spencer and trina were pretty heroic themselves.

I am just so grateful that you were able to get dr. Obrecht back in time to save willow. I mean, seriously, you are a hero.

Ok, let’s not get carried away here, people.

Josslyn’s right. Although you didn’t get the hero’s welcome you deserve.

Wait, why? What happened?

Ava, I really appreciate you coming out with me tonight.


Well, maybe you should go see trina. I know how worried you were.

Trina is–she’s safe. She’s with her parents, and we should celebrate. At the very least, we should raise a glass to your aunt liesl. She survived being kidnapped by victor cassadine again and she made it home in time to save willow’s life. I mean, she did, didn’t she?

Yes. My aunt liesl had the procedure to donate her bone marrow and willow is going to get that transplant as soon as she completes her chemotherapy.

Ok, well, that’s wonderful. So why so glum?

This morning, willow– she offered a way for me to make peace.

Another reason to celebrate.

It would be, except I already screwed it up.

[Monitor beeping steadily]

[Knock on door]

[Phone ringing]

[Breathes heavily] Hello, aunt liesl.

I’m sorry I kept you waiting, but I was abducted by a homicidal madman.

Don’t let it happen again.

Don’t worry, it won’T.

I’m just glad you’re all right.

I too am quite pleased by my survival.

[Chuckles] It was a great relief to donate my bone marrow today.

So it’s done?


Are you ok? Did it hurt?

I had the easy part. I was under anesthesia. And aside from some mild soreness, I feel absolutely fine.

I don’t know what to say. Thank you doesn’t even… begin to cover it. I’ll be able to watch my children grow up…

[Sobs] Grow old with michael. I’ll be alive, all thanks to you.

I did what I had to. After all, you’re my family.

[Tender music]

Hey, dex. Look, um, thank you for helping josslyn bring wiley and amelia to see willow at the hospital. It meant a lot to the both of us.

I was happy to help. How is willow doing?

She’s tough. She’s determined to pull through for her family. But true to form, she’s more concerned with others than herself, which is, uh, why I called you here.

I think I know what you’re gonna say. I’ll admit, I thought you’d want to wait until your wife was better to turn sonny in.

[Dramatic music] Is there another problem?

I spoke to anna. She told me how you got trina, spencer, and liesl home.

Well, he was my father. It was kind of on me to stop him.

Whatever the reasons, nina got her aunt back and now willow is gonna get her bone marrow transplant that I hope saves her life.

I’m just glad that liesl made it back in time.

You know what? You stepped up. I’m not gonna forget that.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

Now, can we talk about how your associates nearly got me and my people killed?

Ok, so that there’s no mistake, I would never get in the way of your operation, much less do anything to harm your people.

Let me explain the new developments in the pikeman deal, which you facilitated. It seems like you left out a few important details.

With respect, I told you everything that I know. I’m just a middleman. They’re not gonna give me the specifics.

Ok, well, you went on the run right after this, so let me fill you in.

Fine. I’m listening.

I was preparing my first shipment and a sniper tried to take me out. Fortunately, he missed.

[Dramatic music] When we were discussing this deal, you said something about there’s gonna be significant risks. Was that code? Did you or did you not know that I could have a target on my back?

I truly am grateful for everything you’re doing and have done. It’s just–

you don’t really know me, certainly not well. And I understand your fear that accepting me into your life also means accepting nina, whom you think you do know well. But I want you to know that I have no agenda. Regardless of how you feel about me, I– I consider you family. I have lost almost all of my relatives. When that happens, we tend to latch on to whatever family we have left. Sometimes we even put too much pressure on those relationships.

If that’s a hint for me to be more receptive to nina–

there’ll be a time and place for you to consider what role, if any, you want nina to have in your life. It doesn’t matter right now. The important thing is that you heal so that someday you may have the opportunity to make that decision and a lifetime of other happier ones.

I can’t make any promises about nina. Right now, I’m just praying I come out the other side of this.

You will.

You sound so certain. Why?

Because I’m aware of the tribulations you’ve endured in your life. Tell me, does it annoy you when people assume you’re fragile? Or do you use it to your advantage and get them to underestimate you?

I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about it that way.

No matter. I see you for the strong woman you are. Even in this weakened state, it’s obvious. You are a survivor. I know… because it’s in your blood.

My daughter asked me for a favor, which she’s never done before. So I think that’s a step forward.

Sounds promising. What’s the favor?

Unfortunately, it’s something I can’t give her.

Well, what is it? What does she want?

She wants me to drop my vendetta against carly.

Oh, that’s all?

[Chuckles] I mean, I fail to see the problem here, nina. I know how much you hate carly, but compared to having a relationship with your daughter– listen to me. Do it. Do this for willow. Lay down your arms.

Ava, it’s too late. I made sure of that when I ratted out drew and carly to the sec.

Yeah, then diane showed up and she kind of shut the whole thing down, at least for now.

I cannot believe they dragged you out of there after you risked your life to rescue victor’s hostages.

Ok, the important thing is, is that we haven’t been charged with anything yet. This is an ongoing investigation.

That’s right, and diane is on her way here now to discuss the case.

Ok, well, if diane’s on it, then I’m not gonna worry too much.

I do need you to know that while the sec is conducting this investigation, our assets and accounts have been frozen.

Ok, well, do you need me to get money out of my trust fund?

No. No, no, I just want you to be aware. I don’t want you worrying about me because diane is working on it and we’re gonna figure it all out. Ok?

Well, how long do they think this is gonna take?

There’s really no way to tell, unfortunately.

[Phone ringing] Oh. These are the lawyers from aurora. I got to take this.

Oh, go. Go, go.

This is drew.

It’s really great to see you two together, out in the open. And I can tell that you’re so happy, despite everything.

Yeah, we are. But speaking of a secret relationship being out in the open, you showing up here with dex, you want to talk about that?


I’ve decided I am not using the pikeman evidence against sonny.

Did you find something else to use against him?

No. I’m not turning him in at all.

Why not?

Because willow helped me realize that by sending sonny to prison, I’ll just be tearing my family apart.

But you said you were willing to accept that.

Yes, for myself, but not for my siblings. Yes, josslyn, she wants to see sonny face justice. But kristina, she’d never forgive me. And my younger siblings, donna and avery that we stuck in the middle, it’s not fair for them to have to choose between kristina and josslyn or me and my father.

You’re the boss. You have the right to change your mind. But I was hired to do a job, a job I have risked my life for a year now getting done. I have been shot, hung from a meat hook, beaten, and threatened with torture. I’ve had to spend every day with the knowledge that if sonny finds out I’m working against him, I’m dead.

Then I came to work for you. I decided it was worth it. I’ve since come to understand sonny better, but that doesn’t change anything for me. My options are limited here.

I know, look, dex, I know I put you in a tough spot and for that I am sorry. But look, for my family’s sake, I can’t turn sonny in.

Great. Really happy for all of you. One question, michael. Where does that leave me? Because the way I see it, I only have two options here. Either I keep working for sonny indefinitely or I put him away.

There is one more option. You disappear.

Look, pikeman has a lot of enemies, the kind of people that are gonna want to keep pikeman’s merchandise out of their own enemy’s hands. Ok? Now, I didn’t know you were going to be targeted. I can’t say I’m entirely surprised.

The pikeman… rep gets cagey every time I try to ask him about any information.

That’s gonna be the case with any pikeman employee. It’s all need to know, sonny.

The sniper was a ghost. But here’s the thing. He wasn’t a mob hitman. He was a black ops from the espionage world, your world.

I’m not gonna get anyone to pikeman to confirm or deny that. But listen, I have good news.

What’s that?

I spoke to my source at pikeman. They’re very happy with the way the shipment went down. They want to work with you again.

Tell them I’m not interested.

Hey, hi. You’re back.


And in one piece, I might add.

I am unharmed. I should be going.

Oh, wait, wait. Did you hear that I moved heaven and earth to try and find you? And I got chloroformed for my trouble.

Yes, I heard.

Yeah, I’m sorry. I almost got you blown up. But liesl, I had to do something.

On the bright side, your misguided efforts to save me rather effectively blew up victor.

Good riddance to him.

Yes. As I said, I should go.

Wait, wait, hang on a second. You know, listen, liesl, I know that we’ve had a lot of problems before victor grabbed you and we got a lot of stuff to work out. But, you know, I– I think about every morning when I wake up and I think about you before I go to sleep, except the trouble is I don’t sleep anymore. So I was wondering if you feel the same way. I mean, not that you don’t sleep, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. But maybe we might be able to get things back on track? I mean, is there any way that things might work out with us?

Dex was a big help getting the kids here to see willow. And there’s no real reason that we have to hide our relationship anymore now that sonny knows.

But you could’ve told me.

Hello, you two. Am I interrupting a mother-daughter catch-up?


I can come back.

No, no. No, nothing we can’t talk about later.


And we will. Thank you so much for coming here. You know, I didn’t want to stray too far from willow.

Of course, I understand.

Well, I’ll leave you two to it. I know you have a lot to talk about. Diane, now that I know you’re the one helping out, I’m sure it will all be ok.

I appreciate the vote of confidence. Have a great meeting.



Bye. Where’s drew?

Oh, he went to take a call. Thank you so much for getting him released.

Yeah. It was a little too easy. That said–

diane, thank you so much for coming. Sorry to interrupt there. So let’s hear it. What are carly and i looking at?

Well, unfortunately, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

I hate that I turned in carly and drew to the sec. You know, I just–I let my jealousy get the better of me, for carly becoming more like a mother to willow. And now I did something that I can’t take back.

When willow asked you to make peace with carly, did you tell her it was too late?

Not exactly. I lied a little bit and i told her that I wouldn’t get into it with carly anymore.

Technically, that’s not a lie, though, because you tipped off the sec before you promised willow, right?

Well, I don’t think that’s gonna matter to willow. That I took revenge on carly before she asked me not to. That loophole is not gonna work for me here.

Yeah. Knowing carly, she will weasel her way out of it somehow, hopefully after she suffers a little bit. And either way, you’ve bought yourself some time here to find a way out of this.

That doesn’t change what I did to drew. That man, he went to greenland, he faced off victor cassadine to bring aunt liesl back so willow could get a bone marrow transplant. Almost as soon as he brought aunt liesl to gh, he was intercepted by the sec.

Ooh, that is not ideal.

No, I was there. It was horrible.

Yeah, it sounds like it. But you know, there’s nothing you can do. What’s done is done. You can’t change it now.

Maybe so, maybe not.

Nina, what are you thinking?

I need to mitigate the damage here. So the only thing I can do, ava, is tell willow the truth.

I have been working to get carly’s private bank accounts unfrozen.


Unfortunately, the judge has ruled that they will remain frozen for the duration of the investigation.

Ok, well, I’m sure I can arrange a loan from quartermaine assets.

No, no. No, no, I strongly advise against that. Drew, while the sec is investigating whether or not you used your very close relationship with carly to divulge business secrets, how is it gonna look if you loan her money?

Diane’s right. You know, I don’t want you getting in any more trouble.

Well, then what are you gonna for money?

I have some liquid assets to keep me afloat. And besides, diane is gonna get our names cleared. It’s gonna be ok.

Uh… yeah, about that, unfortunately–

no, no, no, you’ve been saying that word a lot today.

I know. I’m sorry. However, I cannot represent both of you.

[Dramatic music]


I have just been through a harrowing experience with victor.

Yeah, I know. That’s why–

please, let–let me finish.

Ok. Anything you want, my schnitzel.

I dreamed of you calling me that. I will confess that in the moments my survival was in question… I did think about you. You have my heart, scott.

Listen, you have mine as well. So with that, we could probably get through anything.

If only it were that simple. But my heart does not belong to you alone. You share that space with my children, who are no longer with me. Nathan and britta.

I know that I hurt you, and I will do everything in my power to make it up to you.

Sadly, you cannot. I was a captive on the haunted star, the very vessel where my britta breathed her last breath. When the airstrike destroyed it, I thought, it’s gone, the place where my britta had the best night of her life and I my worst. I didn’t know what to think, how to feel. But then I heard that you were instrumental, however inadvertently, in its destruction. And it felt like… a gift.

A gift? Well, maybe I did do something right.

You’ve done many things right. But as much as I love you, scott, it’s just hard for me to even look at you right now. All I can see is elizabeth and how you sided with her. And while I understand you see her as a daughter, I must side with a memory of mine. That is our truth,

meine liebe, and unfortunately, it does not set us free.

Look, dex, I’ll give you all the money you need to start somewhere new, okay? Somewhere sonny can’t touch you. It’s the least that I owe you.

That isn’t what I agreed to. The deal was I would get evidence for you to put sonny away forever and then I would get out of his business.

You did everything that I asked you to do. You gained sonny’s trust, you braved the brutality of his world. And I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done. And I realize, me changing the terms like this, it comes at a great risk to you.

But you’re not gonna change your mind, are you?

No. No, I’m not.

Then I am screwed.

Dex, dex, you knew that this job could go wrong a million different ways. You signed up for that, too.

No, I signed on for a job with exactly two possible outcomes; either sonny goes to prison or he catches on to me and I end up dead. And since option one is off the table now, the only one left is me not breathing.

Listen, there’s a way for you to escape with your life. If you let me help you get away, sonny, I’ll protect you from him.

If I disappear, I have to give up my life. And I’ve gotten very attached to– to this city.

You’ve grown attached to the city or attached to josslyn?

Josslyn. I’m so happy to see you.

I’m surprised you’re even awake. How are you feeling?

Well, if I’m being completely honest, this chemo is taking a lot out of me.

I bet.

But it’ll all be worth it, provided liesl’s donation takes.

It will. Is there anything that I can do for you? Anything at all?

Yes. Tell me what’s going on. What’s happening in the outside world?

Oh, right, um…

this doesn’t have to be anything major. Just tell me something small and personal. Like, how are you studying for your finals? Are you a flashcards or an outline student?

[Chuckles] Ok. You have lowered the bar. We can do better than that. Um… I’m sort of seeing someone.

Right. Well, michael and carly sort of hinted that you were, but they didn’t give me any details. I was very annoyed that they respected your privacy like that. So tell me, is he anyone that I know?

The cargo was a lot riskier than we discussed.

What was the cargo?

Oh, just one of the most powerful plastic explosives in the world. Did you know that?

I knew that they dealt explosives. I didn’t expect them to ask you to traffic it, not on your first job with them, anyway.

I’m not in the market of arming terrorists.

No, you’re not arming terrorists. Their main client is the us military. They make limited, covert exports to small countries who need to defend themselves against larger, better equipped hostile forces.

Meaning that there are other countries who have vested interest in making sure that pikeman doesn’t move their merchandise.

Yeah, that’s right.


And that would go to extremes to eliminate anyone facilitating the movement of said merchandise.

There is no way I’m gonna sit back and be pikeman’s collateral damage.

So you want me to tell them no deal?


Nina, I love you, but that is a terrible idea.

It’s the only thing that I can think of. I mean, this whole thing is horrible. They froze drew and carly’s assets.


Is that funny? It’s not funny. It’s not–

I mean, it’s not funny when it comes to drew. But carly, considering she lost her shirt in the very deal she’s being investigated for, she’s lucky she has any assets left to freeze. It’s funny, and it’s delicious.

You know willow’s not gonna see it that way. They are in a lot of trouble. They’re gonna face serious prison time. And if there’s any way of salvaging this, building any kind of relationship with my daughter, I’m just gonna have to come clean. I’m gonna have to apologize to willow for all the pain that I put her and her family through.

Nina, let me remind you something. None of the current or former members of the corinthos family are forgiving people. That includes willow. If you come clean, she will be furious with you.

Yeah, but what if she finds out from someone else later?

Then she’ll be furious later. If you admit what you did, carly will be out for your blood, not to mention michael and drew and the whole quartermaine clan. And of course, there’s sonny.

What about sonny?

Carly is the mother of his children. Do you really think he’s gonna be fine with you turning her over to the feds?

No, but he loves me.

Yes, he does right now. But if he finds out that you threw carly to the wolves, I promise you, that will change.

I know, I know there’s gonna be consequences. Shouldn’t I face them?

When you dropped the dime on carly and drew, were you lying?


No, you weren’T. Exactly. They committed an actual crime. All you did was report it. If they didn’t want to go to prison for insider trading, then maybe they shouldn’t have done it. Nina, all you will get for your honesty are lifelong and very powerful enemies. You will lose willow forever. You will lose sonny forever. Do you really want to throw away everything that makes you happy?

Just tell me this. Are you happy?

Yeah, I am.


[Tender music] Thank you for sharing at least that much with me.

I’ll share everything with you eventually, ok? I promise.

I’ll hold you to that. And thank you so much for being here. It means the world.

Well, it’s not just me. It’s michael and my mom and drew. We’re all here and we’re gonna be here for you every step of the way, ok? All of us.

The love and support from the whole family has kept me going through all of this, the way everyone’s coming together.

We love you.

I love all of you, too. And… as nervous as I am about the transplant, I’m also feeling hopeful for all of our futures again. Bye.


I feel the same way.

I want you to deliver a message for me. I might be open to another deal, one that would facilitate another shipment, the way it was before, not under these circumstances. Pikeman needs to get their affairs in order, figure out who came after me. Then… we can move forward, but not until then.

I will convey that message, and I’ll get back to you.

You bring up some good points.

Mm-hmm. That you obviously hadn’t considered.

So where do I go now? I mean, do I just go forward with this huge secret hanging over me and everyone I love?


What if I get caught?

How? Is anyone besides me aware that you knew carly and drew were romantically involved at the time of the merger?

Well, martin grey.

Attorney-client privilege. He can’t say anything.

He’s the one who informed the sec about the insider trading and he assured me that there’s no way to trace that tip back to me.

Well, great. I’m not gonna say anything. So good news, nina. You’ve already gotten away with it. You’re the last person anybody would suspect.

Why would you say that? My animosity towards carly isn’t a secret.

No one’s animosity towards carly is a secret. Aurora’s assets were frozen, too, right? And aurora owns crimson, so why would you undermine your own business?

Oh. That’s true.

Nina, you’ve gotten away with murder. Don’t tell anybody where to find the body.

Drew, I was only too happy to step in and get you released. But moving forward, it would not be in your best interest to have the same representation as carly.

I don’t understand. Won’t it help if we have the same strategy?

No, because the sec is gonna pit the two of you against each other. If this goes to trial, you will be separate defendants, so you should have separate attorneys fighting your respective charges.

Well, then you should represent carly.

No. You are the ceo of aurora. You engineered the merger. You should have the better representation.

The qs have a shark tank full of lawyers that I can use. I mean, you should have somebody that knows you implicitly, somebody that’s represented you and your family for years.

But– diane, what do you think?

I think he’s a very smart man that makes a very compelling argument.

Ok, that’s what we’ll do.

Good. I’m glad that’s settled. Carly, I will be in touch. In the meantime, the two of you look great together.

[Dramatic music]


Now what?


Is that scott?

Oh, he’s got that lost puppy dog look.

He’s ok. Hey, scott.


Are you all right?

What’s up?

Oh, hiya, girls.

Oh, what happened? Are you ok?

Well, I tried to mend some fences with liesl, but, uh, we’re finished.

No, she’s just been through a lot.

No, I know. I thought she might, you know, come to my waiting arms, but no such luck.

Just give her some time.

Yeah, yeah, the woman obviously loves you.

What do you mean, obviously?

Well, if she didn’t, she wouldn’t be so mad at you. What did she say exactly?

Well, she said that our truth does not set us free, which translates to me that even if you love somebody, if you mess with their family, there is no coming back.

Ok. So how do you think the sec is gonna pit us against each other?

Look, if they want to play dirty, let them. We can handle whatever they throw at us.

That’s right.

The way I see it, we can take on the world as long as we’re together.

[Dramatic music]


All right, girls, I’m not good company. I’m gonna go have some martinis.


So what are we doing here? Are we celebrating? Or are you planning to ruin your relationship with willow?

All right, you’re right. You’re right. I can’t tell willow that I turned in carly and drew to the sec.

Exactly. Trust me. Nothing good will come of clearing your conscience.

At least not this time.

Almost never. Ok, to– to seeing reason. Everything is going your way. Liesl is gonna save willow’s life. Carly and drew will– they’ll face the consequences of their actions. Best thing for you to do is keep your mouth shut and your eyes forward.

And hope for the best.


Hi. Why did you need to see me? Hey, what’s going on?

I have to say goodbye.

[Knock on door]

Come in.

You have another visitor.

I’m not expecting anyone.

You’ll want to see this one.

Send him in.

[Dramatic music]

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