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Gabi goes to the DiMera Enterprises office, looking for Stefan. Gabi finds the office is empty, so she sits at the desk. Stefan then walks in and guesses Gabi misses this. Gabi argues that they should be running the place. Stefan assures that they will be as soon as they give EJ the boot. Stefan points out that EJ is late and suggests Gabi put that in her next report. Stefan adds that Nicole is missing too. Gabi responds that at least she has an excuse and reveals to Stefan that Nicole was in the hospital last night.

Nicole walks past the Brady Pub and calls Kayla, saying she knows they can’t do the DNA test for a few weeks but she wants to make an appointment because she needs to know who the father of her baby is as soon as possible. Eric then comes out from the Pub. Nicole hangs up and greets him, noting that she was just talking to Kayla. Eric says he didn’t hear and asks if she’s okay. Nicole responds that she’s fine but worries about Eric’s stitches. Eric mentions that he and EJ got in to it last night. Nicole says she heard but didn’t realize it was that bad. Eric says he’s more worried about her as he called her and tried to warn her that EJ knew. Nicole blames Sloan and informs Eric that she didn’t get his message until after EJ confronted her. Eric calls it bad timing. Nicole calls it bad judgment on Sloan’s part and questions what the hell she was thinking by telling EJ that they slept together.

Sloan shows up at Colin’s motel room. Colin greets his sister and says he missed her but Sloan argues that if that were true, he would’ve told her that he was in town. Sloan walks in to the room
and reveals that she knows what he’s been doing, so they need to talk.

At the police station, Jada tries calling Talia again since the first call went to voicemail. Rafe reminds Jada that Sloan is their prime suspect. Jada says she still wants to know what Talia can tell her about Colin, even if part of her is afraid to hear it.

Talia and Chanel kiss on the couch as Talia’s phone rings with Jada’s call. Chanel stops and asks if she wants to answer that. Talia says no and turns off the ringer, telling Chanel there will be no more interruptions. They continue kissing until Chanel suggests they go to her bedroom. Talia stops and thinks back to planning this with Colin. Talia then stands up and resumes kissing Chanel until Paulina comes home and walks in on them.

Jada leaves a message for Talia, asking where she is and telling her to call her when she gets this because they need to talk. Jada says she’ll explain later and hangs up. Rafe questions her holding back. Jada explains that she felt ordering her to the station because she’s looking guiltier by the minute didn’t feel like the right approach. Jada hopes there’s an explanation that explains this all away.

Colin asks Sloan what he’s been doing. Sloan brings up a time that Colin got her grounded when they were kids. She tells him to stop playing innocent. Colin tells her to leave now because the less she knows, the better. Sloan responds that it’s too late because she already knows what he’s been doing.

Eric tells Nicole that Sloan admitted that she made a mistake and that she thought EJ already knew since what happened didn’t mean anything. Eric adds that if Nicole had already told EJ, maybe he wouldn’t have made such a big deal about it. Nicole argues that Sloan doesn’t appreciate their complicated history. Eric says that he filled her in some and she assumes that some of their complications are in the past. Eric asks if everything is okay between her and EJ. Nicole assures they are fine. Eric asks about Nicole since she was on the phone with Kayla and seemed startled when he walked out, so he asks if everything is okay.

Gabi writes a report about EJ being tardy to work. Stefan reads it and calls it great. Gabi says she’s got more. EJ then arrives at the office. Stefan comments that EJ is late and it’s becoming a habit. EJ informs them that he was tending to Nicole and she’s fine. Stefan remarks on Nicole’s episode not interfering with her work. Stefan says he was a little concerned that Nicole wouldn’t be fair in her reports to the DiMera Board but he had nothing to worry about because she was a total pro. EJ questions what he’s talking about. Stefan then shows EJ the report that he and Gabi changed to be positive about Stefan. EJ reads it in shock then trashes the paper, arguing that Nicole didn’t write one word of that crap. Gabi and Stefan point out that it has Nicole’s name on it and came from her e-mail to the board. EJ doesn’t know how they did it but says they obviously pulled something while Nicole was in the hospital. EJ then realizes that wasn’t the only report they submitted to the board last night.

Nicole tells Eric that everything is fine. Eric questions her being on the phone with Kayla and looking rattled. Nicole claims that she just jumps to the worst possible scenario, the doctor tells her that she’s fine and she insists on following up. Nicole admits that she had painful cramps last night, so she went to the hospital. Eric informs her that he was also at the hospital last night. Nicole mentions that Kayla said she saw him. Eric recalls running in to EJ on his way out. Nicole points out that he didn’t mention that before. Eric guesses he blocked it out. Eric notes that EJ said they talked about what happened between them and that EJ understands it didn’t mean anything, so he should just let it go. Eric says that’s not a problem for him and that they can get past that. Eric then points out that one thing that is strange is that EJ said he was at the hospital to get his hand checked out, but he was obviously there to see Nicole, so he questions why EJ would lie.

Paulina apologizes for walking in as she thought Chanel was alone. Chanel says it’s okay and encourages her not to panic. Talia says she doesn’t want her to get the wrong idea but Paulina says it’s okay as Chanel told her they were dating. Paulina adds that nobody wants a third wheel so she’ll go back out but Talia stops her and says she will go. Chanel tells her that she doesn’t have to. Paulina doesn’t want Talia to go on her account. Talia says she has to get to her missed call and tells Chanel that she will see her later. Talia then exits. Paulina feels terrible and wishes she knew that Chanel had company. Paulina admits she didn’t realize that things were moving so fast between them. Chanel says they were just hanging out and it sort of happened. Paulina decides maybe it’s a good thing that she interrupted. Chanel questions what that means.

Rafe tells Jada that he can talk to Talia and give her a break but Jada says it has to be her since she knows Talia better than anyone. Rafe wonders if less closeness in this case could be a good thing. Jada questions if he’s saying she can’t be objective. Jada insists that she will know if something is off like when Talia said she came straight home after Chanel’s and forgot about her walk around the lake before the town got drugged. Rafe asks Jada for more about her trip to the motel. Jada says he should’ve seen this Colin Firth. Jada comments that Colin was evasive and wouldn’t even admit to knowing Talia despite two witnesses swearing that they saw Talia leaving his room. Rafe reminds her that Talia still has no motive. Jada can’t figure out how Colin fits in if she did. Jada decides that if Colin won’t tell her what she needs to know, she will figure it out herself which Rafe questions. Jada argues that Colin can play dumb and stonewall her but he can’t stop her from investigating. Jada declares that she will find out everything there is to know about Colin, starting with what kind of car he drives, then she will run his license plates to see if he’s in the system. Jada decides she’s going back to the motel to see who else has been stopping by to see him.

Sloan questions how she could not have seen this sooner. Colin argues that Sloan put in enough time and effort in to trying to make Chanel pay for what she did to their parents, so now it’s his turn. Sloan argues that it’s not a game. Colin says that Sloan tried using the legal system to get justice but it didn’t work, so this requires someone that is willing to go to more extreme measures and that is him. Sloan asks if he’s considered how what he’s doing affects her since she’s being blamed for all of this. Colin apologizes for it being inconvenient. Sloan complains that her life is a living hell with the district attorney and police commissioner have been out to get her. Colin assures that they won’t have evidence against her. Sloan brings up how far Paulina will go to protect her daughter, so she will pay somebody to come up with something to railroad her with. Colin argues that she’ll find a way to prevent that. Colin insists that she will thank him when this is done. Sloan complains that the most powerful people in town are out to destroy her and the other half hate her guts. Sloan worries that she could lose her license, her practice, and her freedom so she doubts she will be thanking him. Colin asks if she has any other suggestions because he doesn’t see any other way and he is not walking away. Colin declares that he’s not letting those little bitches get away with murder. Sloan questions if he hasn’t done enough damage by getting Chanel’s bakery shut down, thus killing her dream. Colin calls that just the beginning.

Chanel questions why Paulina interrupting her and Talia would be a good thing as she thought Paulina liked Talia. Paulina says she does very much. Chanel asks if Paulina thinks she’s rushing in to things but she says it’s not that. Chanel adds that she doesn’t have a policy against co-workers hooking up which Paulina says she knows. Chanel says she’s lost. Paulina tells her to forget what she said but Chanel says she can’t. Paulina says she’s just so worried about the Sloan situation that she’s not thinking straight. Chanel asks if something happened. Paulina reveals that she got another threatening text message while at the police station and she pushed Rafe again to arrest Sloan, but he kept going on about how he had to consider all suspects. Chanel asks what this has to do with her being glad that she interrupted. Chanel then asks if she’s saying the police suspect Talia.

Jada tells Rafe that she is heading to the motel now and she’s not coming back without something solid. Talia then arrives at the station. Jada asks what she’s doing here. Talia points out that Jada called, so she decided that instead of playing phone tag, she would come see what she wanted this time. Jada then tells Talia that she wants to know who Colin is and what the hell she’s doing with him.

EJ questions Stefan and Gabi submitting those bogus reports to the board, arguing that there was nothing honest about it. EJ complains that Gabi’s scathing report about him was all lies and Nicole’s report about Stefan was obviously doctored by them. EJ worries about them sending that to Wei Shin. EJ then gets a phone call so Stefan asks if he’s going to answer that.

Nicole tells Eric that EJ was just protecting her privacy. Nicole then admits that EJ didn’t want him to know that she was at the hospital as he’s not at the top of EJ’s list when it comes to confiding. Eric says he gets it but he was just concerned. Eric knows what Nicole told him, but he also knows her and can see the look in her eyes. Eric reminds Nicole that she can talk to him about anything and trust him. Nicole says she knows that and she appreciates it. Nicole adds that it’s not that she doesn’t want to tell him, but it’s hard. Eric knows it’s hard to keep a secret but encourages her to open up a little bit and talk to him. Eric suggests maybe it will make it easier. Nicole asks him to promise which he does. Eric repeats that she can talk to him about anything. Nicole then tells Eric that the cramps are not just cramps. Eric asks what they are. Nicole claims that Kayla thinks that she’s in the early stages of menopause. Eric says the way she was talking made it sound more serious. Nicole says it’s not serious and it’s normal. Eric asks about the tests she wanted. Nicole says it’s for clarity as she doesn’t want to assume what’s going on with her body and she wants to know for sure.

EJ answers his call from Wei Shin and says he was just informed that he received the reports but there’s a lot more going on. EJ asks him to ignore everything he read about Stefan because the report was tampered with. EJ adds that his evaluation was pure fiction as they both know how Gabi is deeply biased. EJ argues that he’s not an HR disaster waiting to happen or temperamental. EJ adds that the quotes are totally made up. EJ questions Wei saying he wants him to take anger management classes. EJ screams that he’ll show him anger management and throws his phone across the room. EJ calls Stefan a bastard. Stefan and Gabi comment on use of offensive language being included in the report.

Paulina tells Chanel that Rafe didn’t want her to know and that they just suspected Talia for a moment and that was it. Chanel doesn’t understand since the police questioned them twice. Paulina says there was a slight discrepancy in Talia’s story but she cleared it all up. Chanel asks what discrepancy she’s talking about. Paulina thinks it started with where she went after they had dinner and something about her keys but nothing of consequence. Paulina adds that Talia had no motive to want to hurt them. Chanel questions the police considering Talia a suspect when Sloan is obviously behind all of this. Chanel calls it ridiculous. Paulina agrees but guesses Rafe just wanted to be thorough. Chanel argues that he should ask her then because she spends more time with Talia than anyone and thinks she would know if Talia was out to get them…

Sloan questions Colin saying getting Chanel’s bakery shut down was just the beginning. Sloan warns him about drugging the biscuits being a felony that people go to prison for. Colin argues that no one got hurt and that it all looked pretty fun to him. Sloan tells him to ask Melinda and Rafe, who ended up in the hospital. Colin laughs about reading about that in Leo’s gossip column. Colin remarks that Jada is pretty hot, so maybe Rafe thought it was all worth it. Sloan questions this all being a big joke to him. Sloan argues that people are getting hurt, including her. Colin insists there’s no way people can pin this on her. Sloan says that’s not what she meant. Sloan can’t believe she’s saying this but for the first time in this town, she might finally have something good going. Sloan says she wasn’t looking for it, but she’s found it and doesn’t want to lose it. Colin asks if she’s talking about a guy. Sloan confirms that she likes him and he’s important to her. Colin promises that whatever he does going forward won’t affect Eric. Sloan remarks that it’s too late for that as Eric had a drugged biscuit and ended up hooking up with his ex which she had the pleasure of walking in on. Sloan knows Colin thinks he’s honoring their parents’ memory but all he’s doing is ruining her life. Sloan declares that it stops here and it’s over.

Jada asks Talia about Colin. Talia says she doesn’t understand. Jada says she doesn’t either but Chloe and Xander both said they saw her leaving his motel room, so she went there to talk to him. Jada says she asked Colin some questions but he refused to answer. Jada asks if Talia will answer or do the same. Jada then asks if it was Talia that they saw leaving Colin’s motel room. Talia admits that it was and turns away. Talia admits that she lied to Jada. Talia says the night that everybody got high on the biscuits, she didn’t have a headache or take a walk around the lake. Talia admits that she went to the motel to see Colin. Jada stops Talia and says she has to read her rights. Talia asks her to let her explain because she has to say this now so Jada tells her to go ahead. Talia then reveals that Colin is her ex-boyfriend from New York. Talia claims on the night that she had dinner with Chanel and her family, Colin texted her out of the blue and said he was in town and wanted to see her. Talia says they were broken up and completely done, but she went to the motel and slept with him. Rafe questions why Talia didn’t just say that in the first place. Talia says it’s because she shouldn’t be seeing Colin at all as he’s no good for her and she doesn’t like who she is when she’s around him. Talia adds that she got weak after hearing his voice on the phone and everything she knew went away. Jada talks about knowing she had a boyfriend in New York, but she didn’t know he made her feel like this. Jada questions why Talia never said anything. Talia cries that it’s humiliating and she doesn’t know why she lied. Talia claims that she had told Colin that she never wanted to see him again and that they were done. Jada tries to tell her it’s okay. Talia asks if she’s said enough to finally convince her that she’s not a terrorist and she’s just a pathetic loser who slept with her ex-boyfriend. Talia asks if she wants more details or if she believes her now so this can all stop. Jada says she believes her but Talia says she has to go and storms out of the station.

Sloan tells Colin that nobody understands what he’s feeling more than she does as she felt the sorrow, grief, and rage every day since their mom died. Sloan adds that she spent hours obsessing over how to make Chanel and Paulina pay and suffer like they did, but by some miracle, she wants something more than revenge. Sloan declares that she found something beautiful that she wants to protect and Colin is making that very hard. Colin says the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. Sloan understands he needs it as she’s been there but it’s a lonely place. Sloan didn’t realize how lonely it was until she found somebody who showed her that there was more to live for. Sloan says she wants that for Colin too as she hugs him. Sloan declares that moving on does not mean they forget their parents as they never will. Sloan encourages Colin to want more for himself too. Sloan warns that if the police come looking for her again, she’s going to tell them it’s him. Sloan kisses Colin on the cheek and then exits his room.

EJ calls Wei Shin back and gets upset when he’s told that Wei is unavailable. EJ says to let him know that he called and hangs up. Stefan declares their work here is done while Gabi suggests they go out to lunch to celebrate, so they exit together.

Eric asks Nicole if everything EJ said at the hospital is true, that everything is cool and there are no more lingering issues between them. Nicole says she hopes not. Nicole then gets a call from EJ. Eric tells Nicole that it was good to see her and he hopes everything goes well with her tests. Eric then heads back in to the Pub as Nicole answers the phone. EJ asks her to come to the office right away as they have a bit of a situation. Nicole says sure. EJ asks if everything is alright. Nicole says it’s fine and she’ll be there soon, then hangs up.

Paulina shows Chanel the latest threatening text message she got. Chanel says that’s awful and they need to do something. Paulina assures that she’s trying and had Rafe bring Sloan to the station for questioning but she denied everything. Chanel argues that she’s lying. Paulina says the problem is that they can’t prove it. Chanel asks what they can do. Paulina responds that they can’t let Sloan even get a hint that the police suspected Talia or else she’ll find a way to incriminate her. Chanel still can’t believe that Rafe thought Talia was behind all of this and that Jada suspected her own sister. Paulina tells Chanel not to worry because their eyes are on the prize. Paulina then asks Chanel about her and Talia as she assumed they were having a nice time before she barged in. Chanel explains that she assumed their date was the end of their romantic road since things got awkward towards the end, so she assumed Talia wasn’t in to her and then she showed up with flowers. Chanel says they talked and it turned out that Talia doesn’t have much experience with anyone which Paulina calls hard to believe. Chanel says there was one guy in New York that she fell pretty hard for but they broke up and she got emotional talking about it. Paulina is glad that they are getting closer. Chanel says that Talia has such a big heart, so the idea that she could hurt anyone means the cops have to be barking up the wrong tree…

Jada tells Rafe that Talia was in so much pain over Colin while she was just piling on with questions. Rafe understands that she didn’t know who Colin was, but he suspects that Talia has now put Jada’s doubts to rest and that she no longer sees her as a suspect. Jada hopes that Talia meant it about being done with her ex, because everything about that guy screamed bad news.

Colin is packing his bag as Talia comes in to his room. Colin informs her that he has some news but then asks if she’s alright as she looks like she’s been through the ringer. Talia says she just came from seeing her sister again, but she has everything under control. Colin thought she was with Chanel. Talia confirms that she was but they got interrupted by Paulina coming home. Talia tells Colin not to be upset, but things are heating up between her and Chanel, and Chanel is really in to her now. Talia then notices that Colin was packing his bag and questions what’s going on. Colin claims he was just organizing because his clothes were everywhere and the room is small. Talia asks about Colin saying he had news. Colin decides it doesn’t matter and that it’s so great about her and Chanel. Colin tells her how happy she’s made him as he hugs her.

Sloan joins Eric at the Pub. Eric asks what happened at the police station. Sloan explains that someone was again sending Paulina a threatening text and they wanted to blame it on her. Eric says it sounds like whoever is doing this is running out of ideas, which hopefully means it will be over soon. Eric hugs her as Sloan says she hopes so.

Nicole joins EJ at the office and confirms the report sent was not what she wrote about Stefan. EJ assumes that Gabi got in to her laptop while she was in the hospital. Nicole recalls logging in right before that happened and calls her a snake. EJ says they have a true disaster on their hands. Nicole argues that they won’t get away with it because she will rewrite the report to send to the board and then she will prove her computer was hacked. EJ says he doesn’t know. Nicole argues that they have to be exposed and there is no other choice. EJ worries as they will have two reports from her on their desk, one true and one a lie. EJ wonders how the board will determine which one is real.

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