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Steve brings Kayla some fruit and yogurt at the Greek hospital but she says she’s not hungry. Steve points out that she barely slept last night. Kayla says she’s just so worried about Bo. Steve encourages that if anybody can get through this it’s Bo Brady. Roman then arrives. Kayla hugs him and says she’s so glad he’s here. Kayla asks if he can believe this. Roman admits he’s still in shock and asks how the hell Bo ended up right back at death’s door.

Shawn walks outside and thinks back to shooting Bo. Ciara arrives and hugs him, saying she came as soon as she heard. Ciara can’t believe it and asks if their dad is really alive. Shawn says no thanks to him.

Harris sits in his room until Andrew shows up at his door. Harris guesses Andrew is here to talk about his uncle Bo. Andrew says he was on the phone half the night with his mother who is a wreck. Harris apologizes. Andrew says what happened to Bo wasn’t his fault but Harris is not so sure about that.

Hope sits at Bo’s side in his hospital room and has a dream about Bo waking up and them reuniting. Hope then snaps out of it and Bo remains unconscious in his hospital bed.

Chad joins Stephanie in their hotel room. Stephanie asks if he spoke to the kids. Chad says he was about to call when he remembered that it’s the middle of the night in Salem. Chad asks what’s on her mind. Stephanie says she’s just thinking about how lucky she is to be here in Chad’s arms, having Kayla back and Steve is safe. Stephanie prays that God has one more miracle left for her uncle Bo.

Roman doesn’t know what to feel since Bo has been gone for so many years but now he’s back alive. Steve talks about walking in to the police station and seeing Bo’s face. Roman asks if Bo will pull out of this. Kayla says they don’t know as the bullet did a lot of damage, but Hope is in with him now. Roman comments on what Hope must be going through. Kayla decides she will go check on her and invites Roman to come but Roman says not yet as he still needs to get his bearings. Steve says he will keep Roman company as Kayla exits. Roman asks Steve how Hope is holding up. Steve says it’s about like he’d expect, but Shawn is the one he’s worried about. Steve wonders how Shawn will ever get over shooting his own father.

Ciara tells Shawn that Steve told her what happened and understands that he thought Bo was going to shoot Hope. Shawn argues that he wasn’t though and Hope had gotten through to him so that he was Dad again. Ciara points out that Shawn didn’t know. Shawn argues that he should have realized that Hope is the one person who could always reach Bo no matter what because that’s how powerful their love is, but instead he went in guns blazing. Ciara argues that he can’t blame himself and that Hope doesn’t and Bo won’t either. Ciara says they just got Bo back and can’t lose him again. Ciara suggests they go see him but Shawn tells her to go ahead. Ciara questions Shawn not seeing Bo. Shawn complains that he can’t face him or Hope after what he did. Ciara tells him to take all the time he needs and assures that nobody blames him as it’s not his fault. Ciara then heads in to the hospital.

Hope encourages Bo to come back to her and says this is their second chance. Kayla joins Hope in the room. Hope hugs her and is thankful she is okay. They tell each other they look beautiful and talk about having Bo back. Kayla checks his file but says it doesn’t say anything they don’t already know. Kayla adds that Bo has a tough fight ahead, but they know what a fighter he is. Hope mentions her dream that he woke up. Kayla says there are so many people praying for Bo to come back to them. Kayla declares that Bo has survived so many things, so they have to have faith that he will survive this too. Ciara arrives and says amen to that as she enters the room and hugs Hope. Ciara looks over and says it’s really him. Ciara sits at Bo’s side and talks to him. Ciara wonders if Bo can hear her. Hope encourages that he knows she’s there. Ciara cries to Bo about how much she’s missed him. Ciara adds that she cannot wait for Bo to meet his grandson. Kayla asks if Ciara saw Shawn on her way in. Ciara confirms that he did and she tried to get him to come with her but he wasn’t ready as he’s blaming himself for what happened. Kayla says she will go talk to him but Shawn then arrives and says she doesn’t have to do that.

Steve knows Roman doesn’t want to go in to see Bo because he’s relieved and happy that he’s alive but also devastated by what he likely did to Kate. Steve argues that they know that wasn’t Bo since he was under Megan’s control. Roman says he wants nothing more than for Bo to come out of this for Hope, their kids, and their whole family. Roman questions how he could ever look Bo in the eyes again and know that he took Kate away from him.

Kayla decides she will go update Steve and Roman in the waiting room, noting that they will be so excited to know Ciara is there. Kayla then exits the room. Shawn apologizes to Hope. Hope hugs him and understands he did what he was trained to do. Shawn doesn’t give a damn because he shot his father. Hope understands that Shawn thought she was in danger and Bo would have wanted him to protect her. Shawn reluctantly agrees and says he should be comforting her right now. Hope claims she’s fine but Ciara asks when she last slept or ate. Hope responds that she’s not hungry and is not leaving until Bo wakes up. Ciara points out that they don’t know how long that will be. Shawn adds that she’s not doing anyone any favors by running herself in to the ground. Hope jokes about ending up with such stubborn children. Hope guesses she could use a shower and a change of clothes. Ciara encourages Hope to take a nap and get some sleep. Hope tells them not to leave the room and to call her immediately if anything changes which they agree to do. Hope kisses Bo and says she will be right back. Hope hugs Ciara and reminds them not to leave until she gets back. Hope then exits the room. Shawn sits at Bo’s side and tells him that he loves him and they need him now more than ever as he pleads for Bo to come back to them.

Andrew questions Harris knowing Bo was alive and not saying anything. Harris admits it was not his finest hour. Harris thought Andrew came to arrest him. Andrew reveals he came to thank him for returning Thomas Banks and the missing prisms to the ISA. Harris asks if he’s still grateful after knowing what he did. Andrew admits the lie was pretty egregious but not exactly criminal. Harris is not sure the rest of his family feels that way. Andrew asks if he’s spoken to Hope. Harris says Hope has enough on her plate and he’s probably the last person she wants to talk to. Harris adds that he did get an earful from Andrew’s cousin Stephanie, who is not his biggest fan.

Stephanie complains to Chad that she could strangle Harris since if he came clean about Bo being alive sooner then Shawn would have never shot Bo. Chad points out that they don’t know that. Stephanie questions if he’s defending Harris. Chad acknowledges that it was a dick move, but adds that Harris did help them with Thomas Banks and practically saved his life. Stephanie accepts that Harris is not irredeemable but close. Stephanie doesn’t know what she would’ve done if she lost Chad. Chad says he’s still here. Stephanie acknowledges that Chad risked his life to help her find her parents. Chad jokes that Thomas Banks forgot his father was The Phoenix, so he’s risen from the ashes a few times. Chad and Stephanie then kiss until Stephanie stops and says she feels guilty because her family is at the hospital rallying around her uncle while she’s here in Chad’s arms. Chad reminds her that her parents said they would call if there’s a change. Chad reminds Stephanie that she’s been there for her brothers, her parents, and for him and his kids when he was at his lowest. Chad tells Stephanie that it’s time to let him be there for her. Stephanie says he talked her in to it as they continue kissing onto the bed.

Kayla informs Steve and Roman that she just got a text from Hope that she’s going back to the hotel to freshen up but she knows she won’t be long. Roman asks if anyone is in the room with Bo now. Kayla confirms that Ciara and Shawn are. Kayla then suggests Roman join them. Steve thinks it’s a good idea for Roman to go see his baby brother. Roman agrees and then exits. Kayla knows how hard this is for Roman. Steve says he’s having a hard time with what they think Bo did to Kate. Kayla points out that they have no way of knowing what really happened. Andrew arrives and greets them. Andrew asks how Bo is. Kayla says he’s in the trauma unit and hasn’t regained consciousness. Andrew mentions tracking down the surgeon who operated on Bo and reveals they found something very interesting in Bo’s brain. Kayla points out that wasn’t in his chart while Steve asks what they found. Andrew then shows them a vial with a microchip inside.

Ciara comments that Bo looks like he’s sleeping. Shawn asks if Ben and baby Bo came with her. Ciara says that Ben wanted to come but she didn’t want to leave baby Bo with a babysitter because she didn’t know how long she would be here. Ciara asks about Belle and Claire. Shawn says they are good. Shawn notes that Belle is checking in on Victor, Doug, and Julie while Claire offered to fly out but he told her to hold off until they knew more. Ciara mentions talking to Chelsea and she wanted to but reveals Chelsea is pregnant too. Ciara jokes that Bo has so many more grandkids coming. Shawn hopes he will be around to meet them. Ciara encourages that he will be. Ciara talks about how Bo will be the most involved grandparent on the planet for many years.

Hope walks outside and prays for God to not take Bo from her again. Hope then heads in to the hotel where she runs in to Harris. Hope asks if he’s leaving. Harris figured it would be best for everybody. Hope asks where he will go. Harris admits he’s not sure. Hope says she just came back to shower and change. Harris asks how Bo is. Hope responds that he’s in a coma and the doctors don’t know if he will ever wake up. Harris tells her that he’s so sorry. Hope questions why Harris didn’t tell her that Bo was alive the moment he found out. Harris admits it was because he’s selfish and he knew the moment that Hope found out, whatever they had would be over. Harris says that is the reason and he knows it’s no excuse but Bo warned him not to because it would put Hope and her family in danger. Hope argues that Harris of all people knows what it’s like to be under Megan’s control. Harris says that’s why he came clean. Hope argues that she trusted him and he should’ve come clean sooner. Harris wishes that he had. Hope decides she should go. Harris stops her and admits he screwed up. Harris says after all the time, he thought they had something real because he’s never had that and he just didn’t want to let go. Harris adds that he really did care about her. Hope admits that she cared about him too. Harris says he knows that Bo is the love of her life. Hope says goodbye to Harris and walks away.

Chad and Stephanie lay in bed together, wishing they could stay like this forever. Chad knows her family needs her. Stephanie says after the Hell that everyone’s been through lately, she prays for it not to get worse. Chad encourages her to be positive. Chad assures he’s there for her and will always be right by her side as they kiss.

Andrew tells Kayla and Steve that the chip being in Bo’s brain would explain how Megan was able to control him as the ISA has dozens of files on the DiMeras using this kind of technology to manipulate people. Steve informs Andrew that they did it to him and made him think he was Stefano. Kayla adds that Dr. Rolf did it to Hope too. Kayla wonders if there is a way to access the memory on the chip. Steve calls that good thinking so they could find out what Bo was up to while under Megan’s control. Andrew decides there’s only one way to find out and pulls out his laptop.

Ciara wakes up from having fallen asleep in the chair in Bo’s hospital room. Ciara tells Shawn that she’s sorry but she didn’t get any sleep on the plane. Shawn suggests she go join Hope at the hotel but Ciara refuses to leave. Roman then enters and agrees with Shawn, joking that big brothers are always right as he and Ciara hug. Roman turns and looks over Bo. Roman says he’s heard Shawn has been beating himself up. Shawn feels he has good reason but everyone’s been letting him off the hook. Shawn argues that he should’ve waited while Roman points out that if he did, Hope could be in the hospital instead. Roman adds that everyone he knows would have done the same thing. Roman hugs Shawn and assures this is not his fault. Roman calls Shawn a damn good man that he is proud of. Roman declares that Megan Hathaway took one of the best men he ever knew and made him do unspeakable things like pulling a gun on the love of his life, kidnapping his own sister, and taking Kate from him. Roman sits at Bo’s side and tells him that he has to come back to them. Roman says they will figure out the rest as family but he has to come back to them. Hope returns and hugs Roman, calling him a sight for sore eyes. Shawn points out that Hope wasn’t gone very long so he hopes she got some sleep. Hope assures that she’s good and asks for some time alone with Bo. Roman says he has to go check with Steve and Kayla anyway. Ciara decides she will call Ben and invites Shawn to come say hi to his nephew. Hope tells them that she loves them. Shawn tells Bo that he will see him soon as he then exits with Ciara and Roman. Hope tells Bo that it’s just them now together and alone, so they need to talk about Harris.

Harris goes to leave the hotel when Chad and Stephanie catch him at the door. Chad questions him leaving. Stephanie mentions that they are on their way to the hospital to see Bo. Harris mentions running in to Hope earlier and that she filled him in. Harris repeats that he’s sorry for not coming clean about Bo sooner. Harris tells Stephanie that he’s happy her parents are safe. Stephanie admits she’s not sure she will ever be able to forgive him for not telling them about Bo sooner, but acknowledges that he did save them from Thomas Banks. Chad says they owe him for that as he would’ve been dead for sure if Harris hadn’t shown up. Harris says he was happy to help and wishes them luck. Harris adds that he hopes Bo wakes up from the coma because he has a lot of people that love him and a lot to live for. Harris then exits the hotel.

Andrew shows Kayla and Steve how his laptop can decode the microchip. Steve hopes it will tell them what was going on in Bo’s head while under Megan’s control. Andrew says it’s possible but it’s also possible that Dr. Rolf engineered the chip to fry his laptop. Roman arrives and asks when Andrew got there. Andrew informs him that he just landed in Greece today. Roman asks what they are looking at. Kayla informs him that the surgeon found a microchip in Bo’s brain. Roman asks if that’s a good thing. Steve hopes it will give them some insight in to Bo’s psyche while Megan was pulling his strings. Roman points out that they could find out what Kate’s last moments were like. Kayla asks if he’s sure he wants those answers. Roman assures that he can handle it. Andrew says he could stop the scan since Megan’s already in prison but it’s up to Roman. Roman orders him to keep going because he needs to know what Bo did to Kate and what happened to her body, feeling he owes that to Kate and her family.

Ciara sits outside finishing a facetime call with Ben and baby Bo. Shawn joins her as Ciara talks about missing them so much. Shawn asks how Ben is doing. Ciara admits Ben is having a really hard time wrapping his head around the fact that Bo is still alive. Ciara recalls giving birth to Bo and having her dad’s spirit come down to Earth to visit her. Ciara adds that Ben saw it too which is how she knows she wasn’t imagining it but she doesn’t how that’s possible if Bo wasn’t really dead. Shawn says it sounds like Bo found a way to her when she needed him the most. Ciara says he always did. Shawn hopes there’s still some of that magic left for Bo to come back to them.

Hope sits at Bo’s side, talking about how Harris said that Bo told him not to tell her that he was alive but she knows that was Megan’s brainwashing talking because she has no doubt that the real Bo wants to be with her as much as she wants to be with him. Hope urges Bo to open his eyes so she can tell him how much she missed and loves him. Angela the nurse appears again and says she had a feeling that they needed a visit from her. Hope worries about Bo not waking up. Angela encourages that Hope and Bo have been through Hell and back to be together, so she can’t give up on him.

Chad and Stephanie find Ciara outside. Stephanie hugs Ciara and says she’s all grown up. Ciara talks about being a mother now. Ciara hugs Chad and says it’s nice to see him. Chad asks about Bo. Ciara says nothing has changed really but Hope is with him now. Stephanie asks if Shawn is there too. Ciara says that Shawn went to go call Claire with an update but notes that Steve, Kayla, and Roman are all up in the waiting room and they will be really happy to see her. Stephanie thanks Ciara and encourages her not to lose faith because if anyone deserves a miracle from above, it’s Bo.

Hope assures Angela that she would never give up but that it’s so hard to see Bo in this condition. Angela says anyone can see how much Bo means to Hope. Hope calls Bo her whole heart and her hero since she was 18. Angela encourages Hope to hold out for her hero and keep fighting for her man. Angela assures Hope that God will hear her and then she disappears. Hope kisses Bo and lays by his side, declaring she will hold out for her hero for as long as it takes. Hope cries that she loves and misses him.

Steve asks Andrew about the chip scanning and it then completes. Roman asks what they have. Andrew finds a video file. Steve questions the chip recording video. Andrew guesses it somehow downloaded Bo’s activity through his field of vision. Roman asks to search for a specific time and date to find Kate for him. Andrew does so and hits play. They watch the video of Bo holding his gun on Kate. The video then reveals that Bo shot straight up above in to the air and did not shoot Kate. Bo then told Kate to go before he changed his mind and Kate ran off. Kayla exclaims that Bo did not shoot Kate. Roman declares that this could mean that Kate is alive but wonders where the hell she is.

Kate is somewhere on a boat, cutting up fish.

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