General Hospital Character Description: Nina Reeves

CYNTHIA WATROS (Nina) on GENERAL HOSPITAL – ABC’s “General Hospital” stars Cynthia Watros as Nina Reeves. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Nina Reeves


Nina was born into wealth, but happiness has largely escaped her, thanks to her evil mother, Madeline. She poisoned Nina, putting her into a coma for many years. She also stole Nina’s twins in utero and sold or gave them away. She did all of this to hang on to her fortune. Nina’s only solace growing up was her love for her brother, Nathan, who became a cop. Madeline also killed Nina’s lover, Silas (and the father of her children). Liesl Obrecht was revealed to be Nathan’s real mother. It was a great loss to Nina when Nathan was murdered by his real father, Cesar Faison. All of these losses in Nina’s life have caused her to be very insecure. She tries to be tough on the outside (and can come over as a real bitch), but she’s very frail on the inside. She’s the type of person who creates drama everywhere she goes, intentionally or not.

When Nina came out of her coma, she had a hard time adjusting to life. She pretended to still be in a coma for a long time, so that she could get revenge on Silas for cheating on her. She ended up going into a mental institution later when she found out that her children had died and that Ava was pregnant (Ava had an affair with Silas while Nina was with him years ago). She tried to steal Ava’s baby, but the baby was rescued. Franco had helped her, and he, too, went into the institution. They had a brief romance. She also met and fell in love with Valentin Cassadine. Eventually, he had lied to her too many times for her to forgive him.

Although Nina ran a successful magazine for awhile, her main focus was on having children. She fell for Valentin’s daughter, Charlotte, so it was very painful for her when she and Valentin fell apart.  Later, she found out that Nelle was her daughter, which made her start a long feud with Carly (she blamed Carly for Nelle’s death).  For a time, Nina thought Sasha was her daughter.

In 2020, Sonny fell off a bridge and was thought to be dead, only to be found alive in 2021 in a small town in Pennsylvania called Nixon Falls.  After learning that Nelle was her daughter, Nina sought out Phyllis, the nurse who had taken care of her when she was in the coma. Phyllis just happened to be in Nixon Falls and friends with Sonny. Nina fell in love with Sonny, who had no memory of his previous life as a mobster. She kept the truth from his family, in part because she blamed Carly for Nelle’s death.

Willow adopted Nelle’s baby, Wiley, so Nina tried to be a part of Wiley’s life. Things didn’t go well, and she was barred from seeing her grandson after the truth came out about Sonny.  Later, she found out that Willow is also her daughter, and dying from leukemia.

Strangely enough, Nina and Ava are now friends.

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CYNTHIA WATROS (Nina) with MAURICE BENARD (Sonny) on General Hospital “08/23” “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Nick Argo)

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