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we need to deal with this right now to mitigate the damage. As soon as possible, call me back.

That sounded bad. What’s going on?

If we don’t do something soon, valentin could destroy elq.

Time is running out. This may be the last chance for nina and willow, and I know you’re capable of rising above. I’ve seen you do it with me, for avery’s sake. Won’t you do it with nina for willow’s?

[Doorbell rings]

What are you doing here? Where’s ava?

She’s not here.

Well, where is she?

She’s out.

When will she be back?

I’m not sure. Hopefully not too long. Is something wrong?

Yeah, my daughter’s dying.

Yeah, we’re all torn up about willow. We’re all trying to support her as best we can.

Of course. I know you all are. I shouldn’t have snapped. It’s just I really needed to talk to ava. What are you doing here?

I was here when ava had to leave, so I told her I’d watch avery.

Ok. Well, I’m here now. I’ll wait for ava. I promise not to leave until ava comes home, so I’ll watch avery. You can go.

Yeah, I don’t think so.

[Knock at door]

Hey, portia, I just heard. Trina is missing?

Trina’s on the “haunted star.”

So then it’s true then. Victor kidnapped her too.

No. No. No. You would think that. But no, she chose to go on that boat. My daughter is in danger, and this is all spencer cassadine’s fault.


Drew. Thank you for coming right away, man.

What’s this about trina? I just heard she’s missing.

Yeah, it was confirmed that she’s on the “haunted star.”

What the hell? Victor took her along with spencer, the baby, obrecht. What’s the purpose of kidnapping all of them?

He didn’t kidnap her. Victor doesn’t even know she’s on board. I’m just not sure how long she can stay hidden from him and his men.

So glad you could join us.

Just get off me! Get off me!



Back off. Back off.

You all right? You all right?

I’m ok. Don’t do anything to make them hurt you.

Oh, how touching. Well, I suggest you take her advice, spencer, and settle down, or I’ll have them take trina away. Well, let me officially welcome you on board. Oh, my, you really are a little slip of a thing, aren’t you? No wonder my men missed you when you slipped on board.

I’m not “a little slip” or a “thing,” mr. Cassadine.

My apologies. A poor choice of words. However, it’s too bad that spencer disobeyed orders and told you where he was going.

Spencer told me nothing. I had a feeling that something was bothering him, and I followed him myself.

Well, how industrious of you. And have you enjoyed the cruise so far?


Mein gott! Where did she come from?

Now, liesl, allow me to introduce la saboteur, the reason for our delay, the stowaway who’s been scurrying around the ship causing all kinds of trouble to our engines.

I wondered why we’d stopped.

Indeed. You see, it was the sabotage, plus the missing walkie-talkie that made me think that perhaps we had an uninvited guest on board. So I had my men call a fake drill. I figured that you, assuming spencer’s cabin was unguarded, would make your way there. And voil, here we are. But you shouldn’t feel too badly about it. It’s a common mistake to equate initial success with ongoing effectiveness. One assumes that once something’s worked once, it’ll go on working indefinitely. See, your advantage was surprise. Once you lost that, well, here we are. But you are clever, I’ll give you that. So perhaps you’ll help me decide what to do with you.

[Tense music]

[Dramatic music]

Leave? Carly, I’m here. I can watch avery.

I promised ava I would stay.

No, that’s not the reason. You don’t trust me alone with her.

Ava asked me to stay. I agreed. I want to be here if avery wakes up. Draw whatever conclusion you want, nina.

You know what? That’s ridiculous. Because avery, she is very comfortable with me. And the past few months, I’ve spent a lot more time with her than you have.

Ok. If you insist on staying, that’s fine. We shouldn’t talk to each other. It’s a really big house. Pick whatever room you want. Just don’t wake up avery, ok?

I am not going to wake up a sleeping child. Wow, you really think the worst of me, don’t you? It was your idea, wasn’t it?


You told michael not to invite me to willow’s wedding.

Is elq in trouble? I know there was a dip in the market recently, but what does that have to do with valentin?

You know about the elq stock drop?

It’s our family business, dad. Yes, I keep up. I know that the stock took a hit when valentin’s death was announced, but then you stepped in as ceo and things stabilized, and that you have been the consistent leader you always were.

Yes, I demonstrated to the shareholders and the market that elq was still strong. And then news came out about valentin’s death being a ploy, and that’s when the stock took yet another hit. It appears that the market doesn’t like the idea of a con man running the company.

But valentin didn’t fakehis own death because of elq. It’s not like he was embezzling money and then took off.

It doesn’t matter. With all the craziness and corruption that goes on on wall street these days, people are skittish. Once shareholders and financial partners lose faith in a company, that company’s days are numbered.

You have raised a very intelligent and courageous young woman. But what was trina thinking sneaking on to that boat like that?

She wasn’T. She wasn’t thinking. She was following. She was following spencer, following spencer into some shady situation, like a moth to a flame. And I’m so utterly terrified right now, I can’t even tell you. And I can’t go home, because curtis isn’t there. It makes it even more lonely. And I can’t work. All I can do is think about all the ways trina could be hurting.

I understand, portia. I do. But we need to keep in mind how smart and capable she is.

But not when it comes to spencer. I mean, she loses all common sense when it comes to him. How many times has he lied to her? When he first met her, he said that his name was victor, probably because he idolizes his great uncle victor.

He may have at the time, but he doesn’t any longer.

So trina managed to get a phone call out?

Amazingly, she called portia on a satellite phone that she found. Portia came out and flagged down jordan, laura, and me to let us listen on speakerphone. Trina even managed to give us the ship’s heading with laura’s help.

Well, that’s great. I mean, the heading narrows things down. But did she say anything about an exact location?

The gps locator was disabled, so we were unable to track the “haunted star” remotely. Trina heard some men coming, so she had to go. I told her to leave the phone there. Now, you know I hated telling her to do that. But, you know, if victor knew that one of his phones was missing, it would alert him that he had a stowaway.

No, that’s a good call.

Well, maybe, but I haven’t had any contact from trina since, and it’s driving me crazy. Laura convinced me not to storm the pcpd, so I’m just staying close here waiting for trina to reach out and manage another call to portia.

Wait, portia’s here?

Yeah. She’s in her office.

And you’re out here?


I’m sorry, man. I’m sorry you guys can’t be going through this together.

You know what? Given the situation, it’s probably best. Anyway, I needed to talk to you. I called you here for a reason.

Ok. Whatever I can do.

I need you to tell me more about your connection to victor cassadine.

Leave trina alone, uncle victor.

You’re hardly in a position to protect her.

That’s not going to stop me from trying.

Dr. Obrecht, a word, now.

[Dramatic music] So you enjoyed your reading?

The properties of the pathogen are fascinating, very complex, and virtually unstoppable.

Are you saying it’s beyond your abilities, that you’re not capable of producing a vaccine?


Nein. I’ve already conceived several protocols that could work.

I knew you would rise to the challenge.

I haven’t agreed to help you.


You sure you’re all right?

Watch yourself.

We’re just talking.

Let them talk. They can’t plan anything with us standing right here.

I’m ok. The guard didn’t try to hurt me. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I fell for the trap. I blew it.

No, it’s ok. You ran circles around these morons for 24 hours, and you stopped the ship. That’s all that matters.

I at least did that.

Trina, it’s ok. You may have saved us. We’re going to get out of this.

[Dramatic music]

And you wonder why I didn’t want to leave avery with you. You’re delusional. If willow and michael didn’t invite you to their wedding, it’s because they don’t want you there, plain and simple.

Just be honest with me. When you found out that michael was going to invite sonny to the wedding, you didn’t encourage willow to shut me out?

Michael invited sonny?

Oh, you didn’t know? You mean-

you mean michael and willow didn’t ask your permission for michael to invite his father to his own wedding? Will wonders never cease?

Ok, I get it. Michael invited sonny but not you. And sonny accepted, even though you were excluded.

I wanted sonny to go to the wedding, because I know how much his relationship with his son means to him.

Maybe more than I thought.

What is-

what is that supposed to mean?

Sounds like sonny has finally gotten his priorities straight. I mean, I don’t really give a damn what sonny does anymore, but he is michael and donna’s father. And it just makes me glad that sonny is finally choosing to put his family ahead of you.

[Tense music]

Laura and I were talking about esme and how tricky her memory situation is. And then I remembered you telling me that victor cassadine used a tarot card on you to trigger a memory.

Yeah, but it didn’t work. Talk to me, man. Where are you going with this?

Victor was hell-bent on getting you to remember something. I mean, according to you, he went to a lot of trouble.

Yeah, I think it was the main reason he put up with peter august for as long as he did, because peter was promising victor that he would deliver something that I was supposed to remember.

But could it lead to something that tells us where he’s headed? Anything at all?

Look, I get why you’re heading down this road. Trina might be your daughter. But I think you’re grasping at straws.

Hey, I’ll take a straw.

All I know is that victor wanted information about something called operation demeter.

Operation demeter. This means nothing to you?

I mean, I’m reasonably certain that it was a black op that I was involved in when I was a navy seal, but you know that time of my life I’ve got huge gaps. When I first found out that victor really wanted information about this operation demeter, I tried to remember. I tried to do everything. I-

I sat for hours going over my service records, although most of it was redacted. But I was just trying to piece together everything that was listed there, but I just couldn’t remember. I got nothing.

Damn. Ok. Ok. And you were involved in the plot to overthrow victor with valentin and anna, right?

I mean, yeah, just at the very end. But yeah.

Ok. Drew, I need you to tell me everything you know about victor cassadine.

Spencer has caused trina nonstop heartache, but now she’s vulnerable. Did trina tell you what happened after the wedding?

I know that-

that curtis might be her father.

Did she tell you that we’ve been estranged ever since? Same thing with curtis. I messed up. I kept the truth from all of them, because I wanted to give trina the best life I possibly could. At least that’s what I told myself anyway.

Our lies always seem to catch up with us, don’t they? I know all about making mistakes in the name of doing what’s best for your child. Portia, you were just-

you’re just being the best mom that you could be.

Thank you for that, but the damage is already done. Trina thinks that spencer is the only one that she can count on, so she followed him into danger. I just wish that she had never met him. If she survives this, i promise you that I’ll make sure that she never sees him again.

What are we doing out here?

I am growing so tired of your short-sightedness.

There’s nothing to see but darkness.

And even more tired of your game, spencer. I’m giving you one last chance to join me. I’m not just offering you the opportunity of being part of my legacy. I’m giving you a front row seat to be a part of a glorious future of this planet, unburdened by overpopulation. Now, I already have ace to carry on the cassadine name, but I was hoping to have you by my side.

By your side when you reduce the world’s population? Sick.

Hard choices have to be made to rebalance the ratio of people to natural resources on this planet. And without antibiotics and modern medicine, population attrition would have already happened naturally. I’m just trying to right the scale.

I cannot be a part of this, uncle.

Don’t fool yourself, spencer. Oh, there is steel in that spine. You took your father’s son from him and then drove him out, for heaven’s sakes. Well, you certainly possess that clarity of mind and purpose to do whatever is necessary. You are a cassadine.

Spencer is nothing like you. He has a good heart despite what his family wants him to be. He told me about you and helena, and he will never be that person.

Oh, come on, spencer. You’re way too smart to forfeit your legacy for a pretty face.

Trina is so much more than that. She’s the bravest person that I know. She never shies away from the truth, and she knows right from wrong, and thanks to her, I’m starting to figure that out for myself. I don’t share your vision, uncle victor. And I’ll never join you no matter what you do to me.

Oh, spencer, you break my heart. Throw her over the side.


No! No!

I know spencer pretty well, portia. And it’s true that he was once reckless and vindictive, entitled, petty, but now-


don’t tell me he’s a changed man.

Since he met trina, there’s been a shift in him.

Trina shouldn’t have to be spencer cassadine’s conscience.

No argument there. But this change that I’ve seen in spencer since he’s come back to port charles, it can be directly tied to trina.

And any pain trina had can be directly tied back to spencer.

I can’t argue that. If she chooses to be with spencer, I think that we all need to respect that, right? And you and trina may never reconcile if you keep badmouthing him.

And that might be a moot point. We may never reconcile if she doesn’t make it back.

Dad, no disrespect, but do you think maybe you’re overreacting? I mean, elq has had downturns in the past, and it’s always come out stronger.

I don’t overreact; the market does. And a good investor lives for this. Our stock drops, and shareholders get nervous and start selling. The next thing you know, in come the corporate raiders. The first sign of weakness, and the sharks start circling. I’m going to have to make some tough decisions to streamline, cut costs, but I really don’t want to have to fire thousands of employees to do it.

God, it’s that bad, huh? Well, what can we do?

Well, we have to reassure the market that elq is stable and strong. But valentin has yet to even talk to the press to explain his actions.

Well, that’s because anna nearly died. She’s been in the icu, and valentin hasn’t left her side.

I’m not asking him to hold a press conference, but he could put out a written statement. The longer he stays silent, the worse it looks, and he won’t even return my phone calls.

Dad, it’s not the first thing on his mind right now.

Well, it should be. Anna is being well taken care of at gh. Valentin is our ceo. The health and well-being of this company is his responsibility, and I thought he knew that. The quartermaines have always understood whether it’s grandfather or me or michael. We understand that to keep elq strong and stable, you need committed leadership. And I am starting to regret siding with valentin when michael and drew wanted to oust him.

I have never asked sonny to choose between me and his family. I never have, and I never will. I want him to go to that wedding, even if it’s without me.

It’s very noble. I’m sure sonny appreciates the sacrifice.

It’s not just that I’m missing my daughter’s wedding. But I’m missing what could be her last days, the daughter that I have never been able to really know, and that is your fault.

You’ve known willow for years. She’s known you. You were unfair to her when she was charlotte’s teacher. You attacked michael and willow in open court, and that just goes on and on and on. It’s any wonder willow doesn’t like you.

That was before we knew we were mother and daughter.

God, exactly. It was just fine for you to be a bitch to willow when she wasn’t a relative. And the only thing that’s different now is that you know she’s your daughter, and suddenly willow is wonderful. Willow has been wonderful all along, but you couldn’t see it. You still don’t see it. Willow is a person with wants and needs and her level of comfort. But you don’t get it. You don’t care. The only thing you care about is that she’s yours, your possession, your daughter. No wonder willow doesn’t want to be with you or around you. Instead of you facing that fact, you want to blame it all on me.

I made mistakes. I own my part. But it’s your fault that I don’t have a chance to earn willow’s forgiveness, because we’re running out of time. My daughter’s dying. And it is your fault, carly.

Ever since victor’s been back to port charles, he’s been focused on locating a code that’s etched into one of the diamonds in the ice princess necklace.

So all the killings-

luke spencer, the deputy mayor-

anna, valentin, lucy going missing, that was all over a necklace?

And anna and valentin learned that the code’s actually a set of coordinates indicating a bunker that victor’s brother, mikkos, hid something in that victor wants.

So now victor has the necklace?

Yeah, he acquired it the night of the nurses’ ball.

The same night he left on the “haunted star.”

Yeah, so presumably, he has the location of mikkos’ bunker, and that is where he’s headed.

And victor thought you knew the location of the bunker?


Then you need to remember-

drew, somehow, whatever it takes, man-

you have to remember trina’s life depends on it.



Halt. You have something to say?

Yes. Yes. I will agree to go along with whatever you want, whatever you say, as long as she’s not hurt.

So you’ll stop resisting?

Yes, as long as trina is safe, please. Please. I’ll go along with whatever you demand. I’ll-

I’ll be by your side. That’s what you want, that’s your plan, right, to shape the world?

Release her.

It’s ok. It’s all right. We’re going to be ok. People are coming.

Now, see, that’s where you’re wrong. No one can save you.

I just said I’d do whatever you want.

You really think I’m stupid enough to believe anything you say? I was looking for a partner, someone to share my vision. Instead, I got an ungrateful, duplicitous whelp ready to stab me in the back at a moment’s notice. Fine. You and trina can both drown.


Don’t tell me you’re thinking of asking michael and drew to help you oust valentine, because the last time you did that, you double-crossed them, and your relationship has not been the same since.

It wasn’t a double-cross. It was a tactical adjustment. And I did what was best for elq.

You did what was best for you.

All right, ok, I did think that my position at elq would be stronger if valentin remained a ceo. But let’s be clear. At the time, elq was thriving under valentin’s leadership. There was no reason to vote him out.

But now circumstances have changed.

Yes, because he is all wrapped up in his family’s business while elq suffers. Look, I understand what valentin is going through right now on a personal level, but it won’t change my business decision. Valentin needs to go.

I didn’t give willow leukemia. And I didn’t kidnap liesl to delay the bone marrow transplant.

Of course not. But if you told the truth about the dna test, willow would have gotten that bone marrow transplant months ago, and she’d already be cancer-free.

We didn’t know about willow’s diagnosis months ago, nina.

Don’t you understand, carly? If willow knew that I was her mother, whether she accepted me or not, when the whole possibility of a bone marrow transplant came up, she would have come to me immediately, instead of waiting months and months through that farce that drew put everyone through looking for her birth parents. I was here all along.

I told you. The second I found out that willow had leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant, I told you you weren’t a match.

I wasn’t a match, but liesl, liesl is a match, and she would have gotten tested immediately. And this whole nightmare would have been done and over with.

I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize I had any more tears to cry.

Oh, please don’t be sorry. I get it, portia. I’m a mom, too.

I hope it’s not too late for me and trina.

It’s not. You know how I know that? She called you. When trina was in danger and scared she called her mom.

And she told me that she loved me, too.

[Laughs] I wasn’t sure that I would ever hear those words again from her, but now I wonder if that was the last time.

Those will be the first words she says to you when she sees you again. Believe it.


You know, I-

I should get home to avery.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

If you hear anything-


of course. Yes. I’ll keep you updated.

And, portia, when trina comes home, you two will have all the time you need to work things out. You will. Everything is going to work out.

You want to kill me? Is that what you did to my father? Or is he waiting for ace wherever we’re going?

I really don’t know where nikolas ran off to, and I really don’t care. You are as much of a disappointment to me, spencer. At least I still have ace that I can raise any way I want without outside influence.

Oh, no, my baby brother. He needs me. He needs me.

Goodbye, spencer. Victor! Victor! Victor, stop at once. This is-

this is nonsense.

Oh, you want to join them?

No. I want to use them.

[Dramatic music]

You want the cold, hard truth, nina? I kept the dna test results a secret for willow’s sake, because she told me she didn’t want to find her birth mother and fear she’d turn out to be someone like you. You disrespected willow at every turn. You accused her of having an affair. You bothered her over and over again when you knew she was having a difficult pregnancy. I knew it would devastate willow to find out that a woman she hated turned out to be her mother. So don’t look at me as the cause of your non-relationship with your daughter. Take a look in the mirror. The blame lies solely on you.

And I should have the rest of my daughter’s life to be able to make it up to her, but I don’t because willow’s life is measured in days, and that’s you, carly. You stole that time from us. You did that.

[Tense music]


If I knew anything that could lead us to victor, I would tell you in a heartbeat. I just-

I can’t remember, man. I-

I can’T.

I get it. I’m sorry, buddy, for pushing you for information you don’t have.

Trina managed to get her hands on a satellite phone once. Maybe she can do it again.

Yeah, maybe. You know, even before I realized that trina might be my daughter, I just loved her to pieces. She’s so fun and so bright, and she definitely keeps me on my toes. And she’s principled, and I like that, just an amazing young woman. So imagine her keeping it together under those circumstances so focused and so brave. Drew, you know she had to be terrified.

You know what you sound like, don’t you? You sound like a proud father. And trina sounds just like you, unable to sit back without doing anything.

Excuse me. Portia, did trina call again?

No. I didn’t even realize that you were-

you were still here.

I couldn’t leave, not while trina is out there somewhere in danger.


Why would you toss spencer and trina overboard when they could still be of use? I need subjects to test any vaccine I develop.

So you’re saying you’re on board, you’ll join my cause?

I think your cause is madness, but I can see that you’re committed to it, and I don’t want to die. Call it self-preservation.

Oh, come on, are you sure that’s all there is?

I certainly have no personal feelings for you if that’s what you’re implying. However, the science has merit. As a researcher, I’m intrigued by the challenge of creating a vaccine to combat such a-

such a complex pathogen. It would be a singular achievement.

There’s nothing out there like this.

If your experiment succeeds-


it will.

Or fails, it’s of no consequence to me. I am living a half-life since my britta’s death. But this challenge has awakened me. It’s-

it’s the first time I’ve felt alive again. It might even keep me going.

Trina, I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.

What are you talking about? I followed you.

No, if I had just left you alone, you’d still be safe in port charles.

Worried sick about you.

Yeah, but I know that you’d be ok.

And I would wonder where you were. At least this way we’re together.

I got to figure something out. I have to find a way to save you and my brother. I don’t know I’m going to do.

Hopefully someone will come and save us. We just need a little time.

Yeah. And maybe dr. Obrecht will give us just that. I just wish that I knew what she was thinking.

I don’t know, but I hate the idea of being a test subject.

Yeah, so do I, but if she can convince my uncle that she needs us alive, then maybe it can buy us some more time to figure out a solution before she turns us into human guinea pigs.

[Dramatic music]

You know michael and drew are going to think something’s up the moment you try to reconcile with them.

Look, with all that’s gone on with willow, I’ve already made overtures to michael, and he knows it’s from my heart. And as far as drew and I, well, I see a path. I see a path there. He’s a reasonable guy. This is worth pursuing.


What’s this? I thought you’d be thrilled at the possibility of some quartermaine family unity for a change.

I am. It’s just-


just what?

Blindsiding valentin and ousting him while his life is an upheaval and his guard is down-


it’s business, brook lynn. He’s a businessman.

He’s also a cassadine. Valentin is not someone you want as your enemy.

I wish that I could help. The only thing that I know about operation demeter is the name.

Maybe we can pressure the navy to unseal those records. What about robert’s connection with the wsb?

No. The navy won’t answer to the wsb. They won’t even acknowledge the op existed.

I can’t believe in this whole wide world there isn’t someone that can tell us what operation demeter was.

Wait a minute. Maybe there is.

Thank you for staying and keeping an eye on avery.

Oh. Any word on trina?

No. No. Unfortunately, it’s still a waiting game.

All right. Well, avery’s fine. She never woke up.

Good. Carly, is-

is everything ok?

Nina was here.

Oh. Oh. How did that go?

How did it go? Let me say this, if you ever feel compelled to give me advice, don’t, ok?


You want the cold,

hard truth? I kept the dna test results a secret for willow’s sake, because she told me she didn’t want to find her birth mother and fear she’d turn out to be someone like you. You disrespected willow at every turn. You accused her of having an affair. You bothered her over and over again when you knew she was having a difficult pregnancy. I knew it would devastate willow to find out that a woman she hated turned out to be her mother. So don’t look at me as the cause of your non-relationship with your daughter. Take a look in the mirror.

The blame lies solely on you.

Sanctimonious bitch. Nothing is ever your fault, is it, carly?

Carly invested in aurora when the plan was to merge that company with elq. But if carly bought aurora’s stock, knowing there was a merger on the horizon, isn’t that insider trading? And she and drew could both be open to prosecution if anybody finds out.

Well, it might be time for carly to face some consequences of her own.

[Engine turning over]

Copy that. Ambrose reports the engine should be repaired within the hour.

Oh, that’s good news. It seems you didn’t cost us too much time.

What are you going to do with us?

You don’t get to ask questions. Watkins, you and maksim take them and lock them up.

You’re not going to kill us?

Well, as dr. Obrecht said, you’re still useful to me. When that’s little longer so, I’ll dispose of you.

A wise choice, but, victor, I need healthy subjects while I work on the vaccine. You must feed and water them like any lab rat so that my results aren’t compromised.

We’re going to be all right. We’re going to make it out of this.

Well, I don’t see how that’s possible. The voyage is almost over. Despite the delay, we should arrive at mikkos’ bunker by morning, and then liesl could get to work.

[Tense music]

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