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John answers the door at home to see Roman has returned. John invites him in as Roman talks about being beat and unable to sleep while his flight got in late. Roman worries that it was too late to come over but John assures that it’s fine. Roman talks about being in Ireland to scatter Kate’s ashes and then spending time with Carrie and Austin, then Billie and Chelsea. John asks if he lost track of time because he’s been gone a lot longer than a few days. Roman admits he went off the grid because he needed some time to himself to get it together before he came home without Kate. John says he has a few things to tell him and reveals that he and Steve found Megan Hathaway. Roman asks if they killed her. John says no, but she’s in custody so she’s paying for what she did. Roman feels it’s not enough. John reveals there is something else he needs to know and it’s kind of complicated. Marlena then comes out from the bedroom, shocking Roman.

In Greece, Stephanie has a nightmare about being informed that Steve and Kayla were killed. Stephanie wakes up in a panic while Chad encourages that nobody is dead and they are okay.

Harris lays awake in bed, thinking back to Bo convincing him not to tell Hope that he’s alive and then lying to Hope about not finding anything. Hope then shows up at his door and asks him what’s wrong.

Steve and Kayla wake up in the wine cellar. Steve talks about Bo bringing her lab equipment so she can make that serum that he’s so obsessed with. Kayla says that would be a nightmare. Steve says when she gets that equipment, it will be a gamechanger because there will be chemicals and weapons. Kayla reminds Steve that Bo has a gun. Steve tries to come up with a plan but Kayla refuses to hurt Bo since he is her brother. Steve explains that they won’t hurt him, just disarm him and then get the hell out of here so they can get Bo the help he needs. Bo then enters with a bowl of cold stew. Bo tells Kayla to get up because they are leaving.

A prison guard brings Megan to the visiting room where Andrew Donovan informs her that they need to have a talk.

Roman questions how Marlena is alive. John says he was just about to tell him that when they tracked Megan down, they not only found Marlena but Kayla too. Roman doesn’t understand. John says they were right that Megan was the one who stole the Orchid from Kristen and had Dr. Rolf develop a serum while keeping them in a cryogenic state. Roman hugs Marlena and calls it incredible as he can’t believe she’s alive. Roman then asks what about Kate.

Stephanie tells Chad that her nightmare was so real. Chad relates to having nightmares after losing Abigail so he knows how scared she must be, but he really believes they will find Steve and Kayla alive. Stephanie thanks Chad and says she couldn’t get through this without him. Chad encourages that they are making progress and getting closer. Stephanie questions if they are since now they know it wasn’t Thomas Banks who took Kayla, she feels like they don’t have a clue who are they dealing with or why.

Steve asks Bo where they are going. Bo says not him, just Kayla. Bo reveals he found a Titan research lab that has everything she needs to create the formula for the serum. Steve says she’ll go over his dead body. Bo pulls his gun out and says that can be arranged.

Harris tells Hope that nothing’s wrong but admits he hasn’t slept as he can’t stop worrying about Steve and Kayla. Hope talks about racking her brain last night wondering why Thomas Banks tailed Stephanie and Chad, why he even cares about Kayla, and why Megan lied to them about who really did take her. Hope suggests Megan might be protecting someone but questions who she cares about enough to protect. Harris points out that Megan is also crazy. Hope states that Megan is not stupid and never does anything without a self-serving reason. Hope is frustrated that there’s so many questions but no good answers. Harris stops Hope and says there is something he has to tell her.

Chad tells Stephanie that he thinks it’s good that it wasn’t Thomas Banks who took Kayla since he is extremely dangerous. Stephanie worries that whoever has them may be worse. Chad doesn’t think so since whoever did it impersonated Shane Donovan and walked out with Steve without raising any suspicions. Stephanie calls that terrifying because it means they are really good at being a criminal. Chad is not so sure and says whoever it is let Kayla access a cell phone and hasn’t made any ransom demands. Stephanie wonders what he wants then. Chad says that’s the question since he can’t be taking orders from Megan anymore. Chad adds that there aren’t a lot of people that it could be. Chad mentions his father being a master criminal. Chad thinks the best clue they have is still Kayla saying Victor’s name. Chad believes Kayla will be at one of Victor’s properties and they still have a few to check out. Chad encourages Stephanie to have faith that they will find them today. Stephanie says she’s trying as Chad hugs her.

Megan asks what brings Andrew to Salem. Andrew says she did and informs her that their deal is off. Megan argues that he can’t do that since she told him who took Kayla. Andrew reveals that they know she lied.

Steve worries that if he lets Bo take Kayla out of here, he might never see her again. Bo argues that if he separates them, Kayla will have incentive to work faster to get back to Steve. Kayla questions how she knows for sure that Bo will even let her get back to Steve. Bo insists that he’s not here to ruin their lives and if they give him what he needs, then they can have their lives back if Steve doesn’t get in the way. Steve asks what if someone comes looking for them while they’re gone like Chad and Stephanie or Hope and Harris. Bo assures that no one is coming. Kayla asks how he can be so sure. Bo reveals that someone stopped by yesterday and they won’t be coming back.

Hope asks what Harris has to tell her. Harris hesitates and claims that he just wanted to tell her how much he cares about her and that he’s sorry as he feels what she and her family are going through is partly his fault. Hope argues that he’s doing everything he can now to help them. Hope brings up the cop at the police station giving her the most basic description of Steve’s kidnapper, which could be anyone. Hope hopes that the artist is back at the department today since if they can get a decent sketch of the guy, then they will know who they are looking for.

Roman questions Marlena saying that Kate was alive but now she’s dead. Marlena says she’s so sorry as she would’ve helped her but she couldn’t have. Roman questions whose ashes he had in the urn then. Marlena admits they don’t know. Roman asks about Kate’s body. John states that the ISA searched the island but haven’t been able to locate it. Roman doesn’t know why it’s hitting him so hard since he had already accepted the fact that Kate was gone. Marlena understands it’s a lot to process. Roman questions why Megan had to kill Kate. John points out that Megan said she didn’t and someone who worked for her did. Roman asks if that’s who they think has Kayla. John explains that Megan claimed it was Thomas Banks but he’s in custody in Greece and denying everything. John adds that apparently Thomas Banks has an ironclad alibi. Marlena tells Roman that Steve went to look for Kayla and now he’s missing as well. Roman complains that Megan took Kate from him not once but twice and now is the reason that Steve and Kayla are missing too. John informs him that Megan is in Statesville prison which Roman says is good because he doesn’t have far to go to choke the truth out of her.

Megan tells Andrew that she did not lie. Andrew informs her that Greek authorities arrested Thomas Banks and he insists that he did not take Kayla or kill Kate. Megan questions believing him. Andrew reveals that Thomas Banks has an alibi for when Kate was killed and Kayla disappeared as he was at Aristotle’s Retreat, a sex club, so there’s an orgy full of people who can verify. Megan can’t imagine Thomas Banks going out with one person, let alone an orgy full, so she calls that the most ridiculous alibi she can imagine. Andrew confirms that it checks out and reminds Megan that their deal relied on her supplying information that would lead them to Kayla, but she didn’t supply information and instead lied through her teeth which led them off on a wild goose chase instead of finding Kayla. Andrew declares that Megan will be relocated to a black site that will make this look like the Ritz.

Hope tells Harris that she knows the sketch artist is a long shot but they have nothing else. Stephanie and Chad arrive at the door. Hope hugs Stephanie and asks how she’s holding up. Stephanie says she’s doing well with only the occasional meltdown. Chad asks if they should divide up the list like they did before. They mention each having three sites left to check. Hope reminds them to call right away if they find anything, since whoever took Steve is probably just as dangerous as Thomas Banks. Stephanie stops and says she can’t wrap her mind around the fact that the ISA searched the whole island and Megan, Dr. Rolf, and Thomas Banks are all now in jail, then someone took Kayla but there was no one else there.

Kayla questions Bo saying that someone came by. Steve asks if it was Stephanie. Bo tells him it wasn’t. Steve asks who it was. Bo says it doesn’t matter as they checked the place off the list so they won’t be coming back. Bo warns that they won’t be rescued unless they do what he asks. Bo warns Steve that he’s dead if he moves a muscle as he walks Kayla out of the wine cellar. Bo orders Steve to stay and locks him back up as Steve screams in frustration.

Marlena tells Roman that no one will let him see Megan tonight and even if he could, she won’t tell him anything. John adds that it could screw up their chance to find Kayla. Roman feels he has to do something to help find Kayla. Roman declares that he failed Kate, so he can’t fail Kayla too. Marlena disagrees and argues that if anyone failed Kate, it was her since she was there. John decides they are not going to do this. John tells Roman that Chad and Stephanie are in Greece going through Victor’s properties while Hope and Harris are heading up the ISA investigation there. Roman questions Harris being there. John explains that ISA broke through his programming, so he’s on their side now. Roman asks if he’s sure about that.

Hope tells Harris that Stephanie has been through so much. Harris understands she’s scared and says this shouldn’t be happening to her. Hope guesses this is getting to Harris because he’s lost so much of his own life and now he’s putting it on hold to help her find people that he doesn’t even know. Harris responds that he’s no saint. Hope tells him that he’s definitely not boring. Hope says they will go find Steve and Kayla and bring them home because they have plans after all of this is over as she hugs him.

Bo brings Kayla to the Titan lab and assures it has all the supplies that she said she needed. Bo notes that Dr. Rolf was able to put the serum together in a couple of days so it shouldn’t take her too long. Bo warns Kayla not to do anything stupid because he has Steve. Kayla complains about him coercing her to do something that she doesn’t want by threatening the people she loves. Kayla asks what happens after she makes the serum and if she’s never going to see Bo again. Bo doesn’t see why she would want to since he’s given her plenty of reason to hate him. Kayla talks about when Bo was born and how she loved him ever since. Kayla declares that she wants her brother back. Bo says he will lock her in here and be back tomorrow. Kayla asks him to promise to use the serum for good. Bo responds that he will sell the formula to the highest bidder and everyone will know his name and Kayla’s too if she wants. Kayla says she doesn’t. Bo remarks that the Brady way is humble and quiet while he was never either of those things. Bo then storms out of the lab and locks Kayla inside.

Hope tells Harris that they should head to the police station. Harris stops her and says there’s no reason to go to the police station because there is something he has to tell her. Harris informs Hope that she needs to go to Victor’s childhood home. Hope points out that Harris already searched it and said there was nothing there. Harris admits that he lied.

Kayla looks over the serum and questions what the hell to do.

Chad and Stephanie arrive at the Titan lab. Stephanie comments that it looks deserted. Chad points out there is one more door but it’s locked. Kayla hears the door and believes Bo is coming back. Kayla grabs a weapon and declares no one is going to stop her from getting back to her family. Stephanie begins trying to pick the lock.

Megan pleads with Andrew not to send her away and says she’ll get him the formula so he’ll be rich but he’s not interested. Andrew says he only wants to find his aunt and uncle since now Steve is missing too. Andrew tells Megan that if she wants to keep their deal, she can tell him the truth about who really took Kayla and then when they find her safe, he’ll let Megan stay here in Statesville prison. Andrew warns that if they don’t find Kayla safe, Megan will find out first hand that they can be ruthless when exacting revenge so she better start talking right now. Andrew questions why Megan lied and why she didn’t want them to find Kayla. Megan says that’s not it. Megan thinks back to lying to Steve and Hope about Thomas taking Kayla so that Hope wouldn’t know Bo is alive. Andrew asks Megan if that’s not it, what is? Andrew adds that they are going to find this guy with or without her help. Megan asks how he knows it’s a guy. Andrew explains that he showed up at the police station in Greece, impersonating Shane, which is when he took Steve and the prisms. Andrew adds that they have a general idea of where he is and a general description of what he looks like. Andrew warns that if they find him without her help, she loses her leverage. Andrew asks what it’s going to be, staying in Statesville or the seventh circle of Hell?

Hope questions Harris saying he lied. Harris apologizes. Hope says this isn’t making any sense and questions why he would lie about that when he said he wanted to help. Harris says he does and she’s just going to have to see for herself. Hope doesn’t understand but Harris says she will when she gets there. Harris adds that he would go with her, but it’s something she has to do on her own. Hope questions that being all he’s going to tell her. Harris repeats that he’s sorry. Hope asks what for. Harris kisses her and tells Hope that she will see. Hope then exits. After she leaves, Harris says goodbye to Hope.

Stephanie successfully picks the lock to the lab. She and Chad then enter and find Kayla. Stephanie and Kayla joyfully embrace as Stephanie asks if she’s okay. Kayla responds that she’s fine. Stephanie asks where Steve is.

Steve bangs on the wine cellar door, asking if anyone is out there.

Hope arrives at Victor’s childhood home with her gun raised and asks if anyone is there.

Harris gets a call from Megan in prison and asks what the hell she wants. Megan warns that if he wants any chance with Hope, he will take her now and go far away. Harris responds that it’s too late for both of them.

Roman tells John and Marlena that he knows the ISA deprogrammed Harris and that he played a big part in tracking down Megan, but questions if they are sure he’s not playing both sides. Marlena confirms that Kimberly worked with him and is convinced that he’s no longer under Megan’s influence. Roman questions why he’s looking for Kayla and Steve. John says because Harris knows he has a lot to make up for. Roman suggests he could be trying to impress Hope and remarks that Bo would be turning over in his grave. John brings up knowing what it’s like to be under Megan’s influence, so he thinks Harris deserves a chance. Roman agrees and acknowledges how big a part Harris played in tracking down Megan. Roman declares that he’s either going to Greece or to prison because he’s not going to sit around and do nothing. Andrew shows up at the door and says they are going to want to hear this which Roman questions. Andrew announces that he just came from Statesville as Megan has changed her story now that they got Thomas Banks. John asks how they know she’s telling the truth this time. Andrew reveals that what she said this time is so unbelievable that he’s almost inclined to believe it as Megan said the person who took Kayla was Uncle Bo.

Hope looks around the house, asking if anyone is there. Bo then comes in behind her, leaving Hope in shock.

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