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In Annapolis, Maryland, Ben and Ciara are in a hotel watching over their baby Bo. They talk about being back on ground in the US after sailing around the world in their boat and being happy to be home.

Hope tells Harris that she’s sorry but she has to get going. Harris starts to get up but he collapses. Hope rushes to check on him and calls for help.

Dr. Rolf watches over Marlena and Kayla in their lab tubes. Dr. Rolf wonders which of them will be his next guinea pig

Steve exits the Brady Pub and calls John, telling him to meet him at the airfield right now because he just talked to Hope and has a potential location on Megan Hathaway.

Megan enters the lab and questions what Bo is looking at. Bo says it’s notes on him. Megan blows it off as just pages of scientific mumbo jumbo, but Bo calls it thought provoking with observations of his past. Megan argues that his past is long gone, so he needs to focus on their future together. Megan offers to get rid of the file but Bo says now that he finished reading it, he won’t forget about it. Megan asks if he means how she saved his life. Bo says it’s more about who he was, what he wanted, and who his father is. Megan tells him to forget the file. Bo slams it down and asks if that’s an order. Megan calls it just a suggestion, knowing how he feels about orders. Bo mocks the idea of her looking out for him and his best interests. Megan brings up the lengths she’s gone to protect him, so she doesn’t understand how he could be questioning her motives. Bo argues that she ordered him to kill, so he thinks she might have a more sinister agenda. Megan claims that wasn’t an order, but also a suggestion because she didn’t want them to have any distractions. Bo compares it to a permanent Do Not Disturb sign. Megan complains that the file has made Bo very negative. Megan says she just hoped they could talk. Bo says that’s good because there is something he’d like to talk about. Megan asks what it is. Bo responds that he’s leaving.

Ciara tells Ben that she is really happy to be home, though technically they aren’t home yet. Ciara suggests making a pit stop while they are in the US. Ben guesses she wants to back to Salem. Ciara confirms that they can fly out and see Shawn and her grandparents. They joke about Julie’s e-mail, wanting to see her great grandson. Ciara asks what Ben says to bringing baby Bo back home. Ben agrees that it would be great to see everybody again, but points out that it won’t be the same without Marlena being there.

Dr. Rolf jokes about using a nursery rhyme to pick between who he will experiment on between Marlena and Kayla.

John and Steve get on the plane. John asks about Hope getting through to Harris Michaels. Steve explains that it took some help from the ISA, but Harris finally remembered a facility in the Mediterranean where Dr. Rolf and Megan had worked on him and a nautical chart on the wall where he recalled the coordinates. John asks what Steve thinks. Steve says it’s very possible that Megan holed up in this location.

Dr. Rolf wakes Kayla up and says she is coming out from a very strong sedative. Dr. Rolf says that Marlena is still sleeping but they won’t be needing her participation because today is Kayla’s lucky day which she questions. Dr. Rolf tells her about his serum and he can’t prove it’s effectiveness without a human trial. Dr. Rolf explains that Kate was to be the first subject but she destroyed his initial batch, so Megan had no choice but to eliminate her.

Ciara tells Ben that they both know how much Marlena did for them and admits it will be so strange to go back to Salem without her there. Ben brings up Kayla and Kate as well. Ciara says it all seems so unreal. Ben says they were gone for so long that they missed the funerals which is why he’s having a hard time believing that Marlena is really gone, since he never got the chance to say goodbye to her. Ben asks how to thank someone for literally saving your life. Ciara encourages that he always finds the words. Ben doesn’t know if he will find the words when he sees John, Steve, and Roman. Ciara says they will just have to send them their love. Ben mentions having a dream about trying to save Marlena’s life, like she saved his. Ben says he doesn’t remember all the details but that he knew she was going to survive. Ben adds that he hated waking up from that dream. Ben points out that if it wasn’t for Marlena, he wouldn’t have Ciara or their baby Bo. Ciara encourages that Marlena saw the person Ben really is and at least she got to meet Bo and see how happy they are which Ben credits Marlena for. Ciara says she suddenly feels like they are on the boat again. Ben relates to still getting used to being on land. Ciara talks about feeling uneasy so Ben encourages her to eat but Ciara instead runs to the bathroom.

Harris wakes up in a hospital bed with Hope at his side. Hope asks how he’s feeling. Harris responds that he’s not sure and asks what happened. Hope informs him that he collapsed, so she was worried that the treatment caused permanent damage but the doctor assured that it was just a delayed reaction. Hope adds that the doctor wants to keep an eye on him but doesn’t think he has anything to worry about and that he’ll be okay. Harris thanks Hope for staying. Hope admits that he scared her as he looked pale while lying on the floor. Harris says obviously he feels better now. Harris mentions being thirsty so Hope gets him a drink and talks about how the treatment was hard to watch, but he came through with the coordinates so Steve and John are on their way now. Harris tells Hope that she should get going since he knows how important it is for her to find Megan, but Hope says she’s not going anywhere.

Megan questions Bo saying he’s leaving. Bo complains that he has been in this hellhole for months, so he’s getting out. Megan reminds Bo that he’s been here for years and that’s why he’s still alive. Megan asks if that’s not good enough for him. Bo calls this a cell and says he needs to get back out there because he’s not going to find what he’s looking for while stuck in here. Megan argues that she’s given him everything he could possibly want. Bo responds that he doesn’t know what he wants, but he has a lot of questions about who he is, so he has to go find himself. Megan mocks the cliche of one findng themselves. Bo insists that he has to go some place where he can think, breathe, and see the sky to figure things out for himself. Megan says she can answer anything he wants to know but Bo says he has to get these answers himself, so he’s leaving. Megan responds that she’s afraid that she can’t let him do that.

Ciara comes out of the bathroom and tells Ben that she’s okay now but asks him not to mention food again. Ben can’t believe that she’s gotten sea sick after they got back to land. Ciara says she’s not sea sick, so Ben asks what it is then. Ben suggests postponing their trip to Salem and get her to a doctor. Ciara then reveals that she realized she was late about a week ago. Ciara announces that she thinks she might be pregnant.

Jason asks if Hope doesn’t want to find Megan. Hope asks what if Harris collapses again. Harris points out that she said the doctor said he would be fine. Hope argues that what he did took a tremendous toll and even the doctor wanted to stop, but he insisted they keep going. Harris tells her not to make him out to be a hero and says he only did it so Megan doesn’t get away with it. Harris argues that Megan used him to hurt people, so he wants to bring her down as much as Hope does. Hope says she definitely wants to bring her down, but she didn’t nearly get herself killed in the process. Harris states that if it helps him get his life back, it was worth it and this is the first time in a long time that he feels like it might actually happen. Hope asks if he’s thought about what he might want to do with that life. Harris admits he doesn’t know and says the navy was his life but doesn’t think the feeling would be mutual after he was compromised. Hope suggests an arrangement could be made. Harris says he knows she’s tight with the ISA director but doesn’t think even she could pull those strings. Hope says she wouldn’t mind trying. Harris says he appreciates that but he knows he would like to spend more time with her.

Steve shows John the chart that Harris remembers seeing in the room. Steve bets somewhere on the map is the lab’s location. Steve points out a chain of 30 islands on the map which John says they have to narrow down. John suggests cross referencing the islands with DiMera properties. Steve finds that it doesn’t look like Stefano bought any properties. John says he figured it wouldn’t be that simple and says it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Steve points out that they can eliminate some of the islands as impossible to get to. Steve says the lab has to be in a fairly large facility which most of the islands couldn’t support. Steve declares there’s only one that has any infrastructure of that size. Steve points out that would be a military base.

Kayla questions Dr. Rolf saying that Megan eliminated Kate. Dr. Rolf tells her that Kate is dead so it’s not a good idea to resist anything. Dr. Rolf says he improved his serum, so Kayla will soon ask for another dose because it will give her a refresher. Kayla questions what it will refresh. Dr. Rolf says his serum is a fountain of youth that will make her young again. Kayla says she doesn’t want that. Dr. Rolf argues that most people would spend a fortune to go back in time. Kayla questions what he’s planning to do. Dr. Rolf repeats that he will make her young again. Kayla asks what if the serum doesn’t work. Dr. Rolf is afraid it won’t be pretty but he has confidence that won’t be the case. Dr. Rolf talks about testing it on a lab rat but says Megan will only be satisfied when he proves to her that a human subject can survive the injection. Dr. Rolf says he could make a fortune on this serum. Kayla questions Megan wanting to recapture her youth. Dr. Rolf explains that it’s in the hopes of capturing a lost love.

Bo tells Megan that he’s done following her orders, so he’s leaving now. Megan clarifies that she just meant he can’t leave now because Dr. Rolf is finishing a new batch of his serum. Megan tells Bo that this serum will give them back all of those years that were stolen from them where they were apart. Megan asks if Bo wants a chance to live the life they would’ve lived if her mother hadn’t interfered and kept them apart. Bo refuses to go back to that and declares he has to look forward to his future. Megan argues that his future is here with her but Bo says she’s not going to decide that for him. Megan calls him an ingrate. Bo tells her that he really appreciates everything she’s done for him but he cannot give what she’s asking of him. Megan says she understands. Megan asks Bo to just stay tonight so they can have one last dinner, say a proper goodbye, and then he can leave in the morning. Bo says no and that it’s best for both of them if he leaves now. Megan responds that she does have one last order for him then. Megan grabs her syringe and tells Bo to be a man about it.

John and Steve talk about a military base being on the island and how Harris is ex-navy so he could’ve been stationed there, but the place is abandoned now. Steve finds out that it was active in the 50s as a research facility. John decides that he will talk to the pilot about landing on that island. John adds that if Megan is there, they will need the element of surprise because they don’t know what the hell they are walking in to.

Kayla questions Dr. Rolf saying that Megan is hoping to recapture a lost love. He says she is determined. Kayla argues that the only love of her life that she knows about is Bo and he’s dead. Kayla then stops and asks if Bo is alive and if he is the one who was in the chamber. Dr. Rolf questions why she would think that. Kayla asks who else Megan would want to revive if it’s not Stefano and it would have to be someone she would move heaven and earth to bring back. Dr. Rolf remarks that she has a wild imagination.

Bo questions Megan about what is in her syringe. Megan calls it an insurance policy because she cannot let him walk out the door. Bo says he’s not going to let her inject him with the fountain of youth serum. Megan clarifies that’s not what this is because Dr. Rolf still needs to test that. Megan says this is just a sedative. Bo says it’s not going to happen and tells her not to do this. Megan questions why Bo is doing this. Megan argues that it will just give Bo a slight attitude adjustment and when Dr. Rolf is done, they will be on the same page and Bo will have realized what they had and could still have. Bo responds that he doesn’t want any part of it. Megan insists that he will want her as much as she wants him, when Dr. Rolf is finished.

Harris tells Hope that they wasted so much of the year they were together by acting like a couple but just playing a big game. Harris says now that they have been given another chance, he wants to get to know the real her and for her to get to know the real him. Harris says that’s what he wants, but he totally understands if she doesn’t feel the same way because he knows he put her through Hell and terrorized her family, so she probably wants nothing to do with him.

Ciara takes a pregnancy test and they talk about how quickly Ben went to get the test. Ciara asks if Ben is nervous because he thinks this is a good thing or a bad thing, since they didn’t really plan this and Bo isn’t even a year old, so they will be on a ship with a toddler. Ben responds that it’s not a good thing, it’s a great thing. Ben points out that they don’t even know yet if she’s pregnant. Ciara then checks the pregnancy test and reveals that she is pregnant as they excitedly hug. Ben can’t believe they are having another baby. Ciara asks if he’s actually happy about this. Ben assures that he is and they have talked about having another baby. Ciara points out that it’s so soon. Ciara calls Ben a great dad and says it will be so nice for Bo to have a sibling. Ciara realizes she has to call Shawn to tell him they are coming to Salem. Ben asks about Hope. Ciara says that’s a good idea, so she’ll see if she can come down from Montreal. Ciara calls Shawn and informs them that they are back in the states at a hotel in Maryland and they might stop by Salem if he’s not busy. Ciara says she misses him and will call Hope to see if she can fly down too. Ciara is then surprised when Shawn tells her where Hope is.

Hope reminds Harris of telling him yesterday that some of their moments were real and admits that she did feel something for him. Harris wasn’t sure she meant that as he thought she would say anything to convince him to be deprogrammed. They joke about Romeo and Juliet not having these type of conversations and not being secret agents. Hope understands that Harris thought she was working an angle but confirms she’s not right now, as this is just them for real.

John and Steve arrive on the island with their guns raised. John says the base has to be around here somewhere. Steve points out a building and they move ahead.

Kayla tells Dr. Rolf that it’s not possible since Bo died in Hope’s arms. Dr. Rolf points out that Kayla died in Steve’s arms and Marlena died in John’s. Kayla asks if he’s telling her the truth that Bo is alive. Dr. Rolf says he’s not telling her anything and plans to inject her with the serum but she grabs his arm to stop him.

Megan tries to inject Bo but he grabs her and says he doesn’t want to hurt her. Megan questions why he’s doing this and if he doesn’t want them to be together. Megan brings up curing his brain tumor and bringing him back to life, complaining that this is how he repays her. Bo argues that they were over years ago and were never meant to be together. Megan asks if he’s going to go be with Hope and declares that she’s not going to let that happen. Megan and Bo struggle over the syringe until she accidentally injects herself and passes out in Bo’s arms.

Kayla fights Dr. Rolf over the syringe and suggests he test the serum on himself. Dr. Rolf questions how she is doing this when she shouldn’t have the strength from the sedative. Kayla remarks that he should’ve given her a bigger dose. Kayla fights him off and escapes the lab while Dr. Rolf chases after her.

John and Steve enter the base with their guns. John suggests they split up to cover more ground.

Harris asks if Hope really means that which she confirms. Hope says she needs to trust him and they have to take it one step at a time slowly. Harris says he’s good with that and they end up kissing until Ciara suddenly bursts in and questions what the hell is going on here.

John bursts in to one of the labs and discovers the tube where Marlena is being held which shocks him.

Bo packs his bag and thanks Megan for the memories but says he’s going in to his future on his own. Bo then opens the door to leave but runs in to Kayla, who is stunned to see him.

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