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Xander walks through the town square with a coffee. Leo walks up and acts like it’s for him, so he takes the coffee and drinks it. Xander tells him to just keep it. Leo mentions not getting much sleep last night. Xander asks if he was digging in the trash again for his next column. Leo argues that after the success of his first column, he has people lining up around the block to give him more gossip. Leo says he has more sources than he can count which should make Xander happy. Leo adds that his column will have the Spectator back in the black in no time. Xander questions what did keep Leo up last night if he wasn’t picking up scoops. Xander then remarks that he has no interest in hearing about Leo’s sex life. Leo then informs him that it wasn’t his sex life that robbed him of his rest, it was Gwen’s.

Gwen and Alex lay in bed together after having sex again. Alex tells her that she was incredible. Gwen says he wasn’t so bad himself. Alex asks if she has no more regrets about hooking up with him again. Alex knows Xander isn’t thrilled with them being friends with extremely good benefits. Gwen responds that Xander’s opinion doesn’t matter to her anymore and that’s the last she wants to talk about him. Alex says that’s good with him. Gwen says she’d much rather talk about him as they continue kissing.

At the Titan office, Maggie calls her secretary to send Alex in but she’s informed that Alex is not there. Brady then arrives and brings her flowers to congratulate her on her new job as CEO. Brady states that the family business could not be in better hands. Maggie thanks him. Brady admits he was a bit surprised that Victor passed over Alex for her. Maggie notes that Alex wasn’t happy about it but she thinks he’s coming around. Maggie adds that Alex should be here by now since they have a very important meeting this morning with a content syndicator who is interested in distributing digital articles from Titan publications. Brady jokes that she sounds like she’s been in charge of a major conglomerate for her whole life. Brady says he’s so proud of her. Maggie thanks him and says that means a lot. Brady hopes Victor doesn’t keep her so busy at Titan that she doesn’t have time to be his sponsor at AA meetings. Maggie assures that she would never let anything get in the way of her being there for him. Brady is glad to hear that as he admits the whole situation with Chloe has been tough and he’s been struggling a bit. Maggie says she’s sorry to hear that and asks if he’s been going to meetings. Brady admits he has not but says he will as Maggie hugs him.

Chloe exits her room at the Salem Inn and gets a call from prison which turns out to be from Kristen DiMera.

Chad brings Stephanie breakfast in bed. Chad notes that it’s the first night she slept over so he thought that was worth celebrating. Chad kisses her and says he wanted to thank her for forgiving him for opening his big mouth to Leo.

Leo asks if Xander is curious who Gwen was with last night. Xander claims he couldn’t care less. Leo then says if he doesn’t care then he won’t mind knowing as he exclaims that it was Xander’s smoking hot cousin, Alex.

Alex and Gwen continue kissing in bed until Alex tells her that he has to get to work as there’s a big morning meeting at Titan and Maggie will kick his ass if he shows up late. Alex mentions taking a quick shower, so Gwen suggests they shower together. Alex calls that a damn good plan as they get out of bed.

Chloe asks what Kristen wants. Kristen asks if that’s any way to talk to her future sister in law. Kristen then says she won’t be and that Chloe is nothing to her now that Stefan came to his senses and dumped her pathetic ass. Chloe argues that Stefan didn’t come to his senses, he was deprogrammed. Chloe reminds Kristen of her brainwashing scheme and says she was so desperate to keep her and Brady apart. Chloe declares that she doesn’t have time for this and tells Kristen to go to Hell. Kristen warns Chloe not to hang up as she has something that she needs to hear.

Paulina joins Abe at the Brady Pub. Abe informs her that he already ordered for them but Paulina says she wants pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon because they are celebrating and breakfast is on her. Abe assumes that Belle succeeded in getting her assets unfrozen then. Paulina reveals that Belle got the whole case dismissed and declares that Sloan is out of their lives forever.

Stephanie tells Chad that she knows he was only trying to defend her. Chad says he should’ve let her handle it and not brought up her mom, especially not to Leo. Stephanie understands he was just trying to get Leo to back off. Stephanie apologizes for being so hard on him. Chad says he’s sorry too and jokes that the good thing about their first fight is they got to spend all night making up as they then kiss.

Leo tells Xander about how Gwen sent him an urgent text that she was bringing Alex home so he needed to get out and since Xander banned him from sleeping at the office, he ended up on one of the lounge sofas at the Salem Inn. Xander can’t believe it and angrily complains that he warned Alex to stay away from Gwen but he didn’t listen. Leo comments that he’s not in a position to tell two hot people not to do what hot people do best. Leo reminds Xander that he had his chance with Gwen. Leo says he has to get to work, so he’ll see him at the office and walks off.

Brady tells Maggie that he just thought that once the situation with Stefan was resolved, he and Chloe would be fine and be together but he feels like they are further apart than they’ve ever been because of his daughter, Rachel. Brady says that Rachel has never had an unkind word to say about anybody until the last couple months and now she despises Chloe. Brady asks how the hell to handle that. Maggie offers to talk to her but Brady doesn’t think it would do any good because Kristen did such a good job of turning Rachel against Chloe, that anytime someone brings up the subject, she shuts down, goes on the attack, or has a tantrum. Maggie wishes she could say she was surprised by Kristen using her own daughter, but they both know Kristen will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Brady states that Kristen’s main goal in life right now is just to keep him and Chloe apart.

Chloe asks Kristen what the hell she needs to hear. Kristen says she’s heard it before and remarks that Stefan dumped her for someone who actually has a personality which means Chloe is on the market again. Kristen warns Chloe to stay the hell away from Brady. Chloe responds that who she decides to date is none of her damn business. Kristen argues that it is when it concerns the welfare of her daughter. Leo comes around the corner at the Inn and stops behind Chloe to listen in. Chloe repeats to Kristen that she would never do anything to hurt Rachel. Kristen remarks that she obviously hasn’t endeared herself to her. Kristen tells Chloe that Rachel can’t stand the sight of her. Chloe blames Kristen for doing everything in her power to turn Rachel against her. Kristen claims she didn’t have to do much because Rachel is an excellent judge of character. Chloe then remarks that Kristen’s sweet Rachel has turned in to a little monster and warns that if they aren’t careful, she will grow up to be just as deranged as her mother. Leo smiles while continuing to listen in behind Chloe.

Abe tells Paulina that it’s good to see her beautiful smile again. Paulina says he can expect that more now that they are rid of Sloan and her awful lies. Paulina then asks where Abe’s smile is. Abe responds that he’s relieved that Sloan’s bogus civil case has been thrown out, but admits he’s concerned about her latest threat against her and Chanel. Paulina argues that Sloan’s not scaring anybody anymore. Paulina says that the biggest mistake they made was giving Sloan a drop of their energy to feed off of. Paulina declares that she knows the perfect way to move on and pulls out her phone. Abe asks who she is calling. Paulina says it’s someone more than capable in letting the entire world know that Paulina Price is back in business and better than ever.

Stephanie guesses her and Chad’s first sleepover at his house is officially over. Chad hopes it’s the first of many. Stephanie says it better be. They kiss until Stephanie gets a call from Paulina. Paulina says she needs Stephanie and Chad to meet her at the Brady Pub. Stephanie says she’ll see her soon and hangs up. Stephanie informs Chad that they have been summoned to the Pub and Paulina sounded very chipper. Chad says he knows not to keep Paulina waiting, so they exit together.

Kristen complains about Chloe calling her daughter a monster and says if anyone is a monster, it’s Chloe. Chloe apologizes and says she didn’t mean it, blaming it on Kristen for pushing her buttons. Kristen argues that Chloe blames everything on her and says Chloe just expressed her hatred for her daughter. Chloe yells at Kristen to never call her again and hangs up. Leo finishes taking notes and walks by. Chloe says she didn’t see him there. Leo says that was obvious or else he doubts she would’ve called Brady’s daughter a little monster. Leo talks about taking notes and says it’s clear that Chloe despises Rachel for wrecking her relationship with Brady. Chloe pleads with Leo not to print what he overheard but Leo says he’ll be seeing her on the gossip page and walks off.

Xander sits in the town square, angrily drinking his coffee as Alex and Gwen come out of the Salem Inn together. Alex tells Gwen that he had a great time last night and this morning as they kiss. Alex suggests they do it again sometime. Xander approaches and comments on their double walk of shame. Alex asks who is ashamed. Xander says he wasn’t talking to him. Gwen asks why she should be ashamed. Xander comments on Gwen inviting Salem’s most notorious man slut in to her bed and remarks that he hopes they used protection because God knows what kind of STDs Alex has. Alex tells Xander that’s enough. Xander asks Alex what his sloppy seconds were like. Alex warns Xander to watch his mouth. Xander asks what he’s going to do if he doesn’t. Gwen tells Alex to just walk away. Xander tells Alex to listen to his playmate before he has to teach him a lesson. Alex shoves Xander, so Xander then punches Alex. Alex responds by tackling Xander.

Stephanie and Chad join Paulina and Abe at the Brady Pub. Stephanie asks Paulina what was so urgent. Paulina happily announces that Sloan’s lawsuit has been thrown out which means she is now once again in control of all her vast real estate. Stephanie and Chad congratulate her. Paulina says there will be plenty of time to celebrate later and right now, she wants SJP to print out a press release announcing her victory as she wants everyone to know if that if you mess with her, you best be prepared to lose because she is a woman who never backs down from a fight.

Gwen gets in between Alex and Xander, telling them to stop fighting. Gwen reminds Alex that he’s already late for work so they should get going. Xander calls that a great idea, joking that Alex wouldn’t want Maggie to bust out the ruler on him. Gwen holds Alex back and asks him to just go. Alex tells Gwen that he will call her later and kisses her. Alex warns Xander that this isn’t over. Xander says anytime, anywhere as Alex then walks away. Gwen then questions what the hell is wrong with Xander. Xander argues that Alex shoved him first. Gwen asks why he’s doing this since he made it very clear that he didn’t want her, so she questions why he cares if somebody else does. Xander argues that Alex isn’t good enough for her. Gwen asks if Xander thinks of her as sloppy seconds now that Sarah is gone. Xander says that was just talk. Gwen doesn’t want his apologies. Gwen says she took him at his word when he said he didn’t see a future with her and that’s fine, but she’ll be damned if his antics prevent her from moving on with her life. Gwen declares that what she does with Alex is none of Xander’s concern. Gwen tells Xander to leave them the hell alone and storms off.

Brady visits Kristen in prison. Kristen says she was surprised that he wanted to see her. Kristen guesses that Chloe came crying to him about their little tiff. Brady says he knows nothing about that and hasn’t spoken to Chloe. Brady questions why Chloe would come to see her anyway. Kristen says they spoke on the telephone. Brady suggests Kristen leave Chloe the hell alone. Kristen claims she merely called to offer her condolences on the end of Chloe’s relationship with Stefan and then Chloe got testy and called their daughter a monster. Brady stops her and says he doesn’t want to hear it. Kristen mocks how she can’t say one bad word about Chloe. Brady doesn’t know why he tries with her. Brady has a picture that Rachel drew for Kristen in art class. Kristen asks to see it but Brady says he wants something from her first.

Leo goes to his room at the Salem Inn and starts typing on his laptop, commenting that thanks to Chloe not using her inside voice, his second gossip column is going to put the first one to shame. Chloe shows up at his door. Leo jokes about writing his new column. Chloe cries that he can’t print that column since he only heard one side of the conversation that was taken out of context. Leo says he’s sorry but he has a responsibility to his readers. Chloe pleads with him and says she’s desperate. Leo asks how desperate she is.

Stephanie tells Paulina that they are so relieved that she and Chanel can finally put this whole nightmare behind them. Chad assures that SJPR will put tons of positive press behind any of her business ventures. Paulina says she will be counting on that and suggests she and Stephanie sign a new contract for her to handle all of her PR needs. Abe says that will give he and Chad a chance to catch up so Paulina and Stephanie exit together.

Chloe offers to pay Leo off. Leo questions if she’s attempting to bribe him from printing the truth. Chloe tells him to just take the money and do the right thing for once by keeping an innocent child from getting hurt even more. Leo asks if she means the innocent child that she called a monster that’s going to turn out like her deranged mother. Chloe argues that he wasn’t supposed to hear that and calls it a mistake that she deeply regrets. Chloe asks if Leo’s never said anything that he wishes he could take back. Leo calls regrets a waste of time. Chloe asks what will buy his silence if cash won’t work. Leo brings up that he has a big fan of Basic Black’s latest men’s line but Chloe informs him that she no longer works there which Leo says he hadn’t heard. Leo points out that maybe Nicole could hook her up. Chloe agrees to call her. Leo asks for one of everything from the men’s collection and then no one will have to know about her hateful outburst. Chloe screams fine and storms out.

Kristen questions what kind of game Brady is playing. Brady responds that she’s the one who likes games and he’s just trying to stay one step ahead of her. Brady says Kristen can have Rachel’s drawing as soon as she helps convince Rachel to ease up on Chloe. Kristen says no chance and tells him that he can keep the picture. Brady warns that he can withhold much more than just a drawing from her. Kristen asks what that means. Brady says she knows exactly what that means and calls it a symbol of what she could lose. Brady orders Kristen to write a letter to Rachel, saying she’s no longer harboring animosity towards Chloe and that she is fine with he and Chloe being together. Brady warns that if she doesn’t, she’s not going to see Rachel ever again.

Chloe exits the Salem Inn and calls Nicole, saying she needs one of everything from the men’s line sent to Leo Stark ASAP and that she’ll explain later. Chloe says she really appreciates this and owes her one. Chloe thanks her and hangs up. Chloe then sees Xander sitting on the bench nearby with ice on his hand and asks what happened to him. Xander tells her about punching Alex because he’s sleeping with his ex. Chloe assumes he means Sarah but then realizes and can’t believe they are fighting over Gwen. Chloe calls Gwen just as slimy as Leo, who she calls sadistic. Xander asks about her being pissed at Leo. Chloe informs him that Leo just blackmailed her. Xander asks what he’s holding over her. Chloe refuses to say or else she’ll have two people blackmailing her. Xander assures he won’t do that and states that while Leo works for him, he’s not his biggest fan. Chloe then informs Xander that Leo overheard her saying something negative about Brady’s daughter and now he’s threatening to put it in his column unless she gives him thousands of dollars worth of Basic Black merchandise.

Alex goes to the Titan office and tells Maggie that he’s sorry he’s late. Maggie questions him being sorry when they are due in the conference room in five minutes. Maggie asks what happened to his face. Alex responds that Xander happened. Maggie starts to ask but then decides she doesn’t want to know. Maggie says she needs to get to the meeting. Alex says he’ll freshen up and be right behind her. Maggie says she can’t have Titan looking like a gang of hooligans and then points out that he has blood on his shirt, so she declares that she’s taking this meeting alone. Maggie warns that when she gets back, they are going to have a serious conversation about his future at this company. Maggie then exits the office. Alex sits at the desk and looks in the mirror as Gwen arrives to check on him. Alex complains that Maggie is already totally fed up with him. Gwen blames herself but Alex says he’s the one that let Xander get under his skin and he started the fight. Gwen points out that Xander targeted him because of her. Gwen suggests maybe they should just call it quits. Alex says no way and that a little bump on the head is not going to scare him off. Alex thinks they should let this ride and see where it takes them. Gwen agrees that it sounds like a plan as they kiss.

Chloe gets a call back from Nicole that all the clothes were just delivered to Leo. Chloe thanks Nicole and says she owes her life to her. Chloe tells her she loves her and hangs up. Chloe declares that she is now off the hook and safe from Leo’s column. Xander says it appears not as he then reveals that Leo just published his new column, showing Chloe that it says that Chloe called Brady’s daughter a deranged monster just like her mother. Chloe can’t believe it and calls Leo a double crossing snake. Chloe says she and Brady finally had a chance for a fresh start. Xander encourages that they still can and suggests telling him it’s just lies. Chloe cries that it’s not and she actually said that. Chloe complains that she let Kristen goad her in to insulting their daughter and now when Brady sees this, she’s going to lose him forever. Chloe breaks down crying so Xander hugs her.

Kristen asks Brady if this is how it’s going to be until Rachel is 18 with a tug of war of threats. Brady argues that she made it this way when he didn’t want it to be. Brady blames Kristen for using their daughter as a weapon against the woman he loves. Kristen accuses Brady of using her love for her daughter against her. Kristen shouts that he’s no better than she is. Brady says maybe not, but he’s the one holding the cards right now. Kristen says fine and that she’ll write Chloe a letter of recommendation to their daughter if that will satisfy him. Brady orders her to make it glowing.

Abe tells Chad that he and Stephanie seem to be getting along pretty well these days. Chad confirms things are good and the kids love her. Chad knows Abe knows how hard it is to move on after losing the love of your life. Abe admits he never thought he’d find love again after losing Lexie, but Paulina makes him very happy. Chad calls that obvious. Abe notes that Stephanie makes Chad feel the same way as they joke about being lucky.

Paulina and Stephanie go to Paulina’s office building. Paulina comments on Stephanie’s satisfying grin all morning and the twinkle in her eye. Paulina guesses it’s because Chad has been lighting up her days and hopefully her nights too. Stephanie says she likes to remain professional but admits that Chad has been lighting up her days and her nights. Stephanie jokes that she knew it and can sense these things. Paulina is so happy for her after the awfulness with Alex. Paulina encourages that Stephanie has a winner now like she has with Abe. Paulina and Stephanie then head inside to Paulina’s office, only to find the office has been trashed.

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