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[ Groaning ]

[ Groans ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hi. Hi yourself. Did you get my text? What happened to you last night? Sonny: I’m almost out. Go. I’ll cover you. Boss, tony’s at the door. He and I can keep the shooter pinned down. It’s the best chance you’ve got. You know what you’re doing, right? This is what I was trained for. On three. One, two, three.

[ Gunshots ] Um, sorry I went mia. I was — I was working late. Well, here’s hoping soon you won’t be working at all. For sonny, at least.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Uh, I have to go. Talk later? Sure. Relax. I was just talking to frank. Brought you some bandages and antiseptic. Who were you talking to? Josslyn: Hi. Trina: Hi. -Hey! -Aww. Oh! So do you know what all this is about? I have no idea. I’m just glad you’re with me. Always.

[ Sighs lightly ]

…A while with me hey.

Won’t you… you guys made it.

…Stay a while with me?

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Telephone ringing in distance ] Portia. Elizabeth, hi. Hi. I haven’t seen you since the wedding. Yeah. We have a lot to catch up on. I am so sorry. Oh, then — then you’ve heard. We’re quite the pair, aren’t we?

[ Chuckles ] I’m sure you’ve heard by now that this could be my last day here? Oh, not if I have anything to say about it. What do you think’s keeping him? You know how busy dad is these days. If he’s not teaching, he’s at the invader with alexis. Mm.

[ Breathes sharply ] Sorry to keep you waiting. Oh, something more important going on? You know there’s nothing more important than my sons. Oh. You sure about that? I feel like finn and i come in second lately. Second to what? I think what my brother means to say is, second to whom? I changed my mind. I’m no longer interested in breakfast.

[ Menu thumps shut ] Five minutes ago, you said you were starving. What changed? Are you sure about this?

Yes. With nikolas missing, we cannot abandon his child. Spencer: Couldn’t agree more. Spencer, you can’t be here. I gave esme my word. And I hate to make a liar out of you, grandmother, but I’m not going anywhere. Thank you so much for coming to… what is he doing here?

Like clockwork. Really. Every time I put my faith — whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re talking about gregory? Sure am. Okay, well, what happened? Did he hit on you?

[ Gasps ] He didn’t hit on you. Worse. He lied to me. Chase: What is the deal? There’s obviously something going on between you and alexis. What’d she do? Correct your grammar again? Is that it? You can dish it, but you can’t take it, dad? That woman needs to mind her own business. “That woman”? What happened?

[ Sighs ] Alexis treated me like I was under investigation instead of treating me like a friend. Uh, just one of those annoying spam calls. And you picked up? Yeah, to tell them to stop calling me. Any luck finding out who contracted the hit? It’s a work in progress. I’m sure brick’s all over it. You get any sleep? Yeah, I did. Um, thank you again for getting me patched up and letting me crash here last night. It’s the least I can do. You saved my life. We’re even after you saved mine. Is spencer here? Oh, I figured he was still sleeping. I heard him leave this morning, but I thought he’d be back by now. From where? I have no idea. You told me I could trust you. You can. Yeah, well, not if you bring

[Whispering] Him here. We didn’t bring him.

[ Sighs ] My grandson just came to check on his baby brother and make sure that he was okay, and then he is going to leave. Yes. Isn’t that right, spencer? No. You have to go. No. Can’t you see that she doesn’t want anything to do with you? As if I give… hey! …What esme wants! Shh! My brother does not belong in here, in a prison.

[ Whispering ] And I agree with you, but this is not the way to get it done. I need her to trust me.

You need her to trust me. So, spencer, you must respect her wishes. You don’t want to upset your brother, do you?

[ Chuckles ] This is not over.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry, esme. I’m not. Finally, someone who actually means what they say. Thank you. Oh, my god, it feels like forever since I’ve seen you. It has been a while. How are you doing? I’m okay. You? Life’s been, um, interesting. Well, you’ll have to fill me in. I will. But this is your show. You rang, we came. I wasn’t sure that you guys would. You said it was important. So what’s up? Was spencer with you? Spencer’s coming? He didn’t mention anything. Alright, I think I’m gonnawait till he gets here. I really don’t want to have this conversation more than once. Sounds big. It is.

Ying to help gregoryhave something that he wanted. He wanted to work at pcu and have the freedom to serve on the editorial board at the invader. Mm. But the university wouldn’t let him. So he told me. Okay. Then what? Alexis talks a big game about mutual respect and acknowledging boundaries and letting people make their own choices. And you don’t think she does that? I know she doesn’t, because at the end of the day, she decided she knew more about my life than I do. Friends are supposed to be honest with each other, no matter how painful or how embarrassing. Agreed? Yes, agreed. Well, apparently gregory doesn’T. Alexis crossed a line. Is there a point at which you’ll tell us what that line is? Dad, what’s going on? Mom, what did gregory lie about? And why does he look so upset with you? I thought you were trying to help him. I was. I just kind of… s-sort of went over his head. But I-I cannot stress this enough — I did it because, again, I was trying to help him get something that he wanted. And then I found out the truth. You gave such a beautiful toast at the wedding. Mm. I just wish there was a “happily ever after” part. You don’t owe me or anyone else an explanation. What happened between you and curtis is your business. But if and when you’re ready to talk about it, I’m here to listen. You kind of have your own problems going on right now though, too, right? Well, then maybe we can just help each other. I kept a secret. A big secret. Not just from curtis, but from the person that I love most in the world. Trina. And I don’t know if they’re ever going to forgive me.

[ Sniffles ] Did you guys hear about the mercer twins? No. What happened? They were dating the same guy, and he didn’t even know it.

[ Laughs ] What? Shut up. On purpose? Yeah. I guess they fooled him. No, they didn’T. What? What do you mean? Well, grant’s a buddy of mine. He knew. He did?

[ Gasps ] Mm-hmm. A birthmark gave it away. Oh, my god. Oh, that’s juicy. What else happened? Yeah, come on. Don’t hold out on your friends, cam. Well, he — he said that… cam, what are you doing here? Looks like I’m interrupting. So, is that it, joss? You’re with dex now? Is he the reason why we broke up? Trina: Cam? Never mind. Hey. Sorry I’m late. What’d I miss? I know there’s no love lost between you and spencer, and I know he can be difficult, but he’s my nephew, so I expect you two to coexist. Understood. I appreciate it. A-and don’t worry — I won’t overstay my welcome. Okay. What’s with the beefed-up security?

[ Door closes ] Oh, if it isn’t my former bodyguard. Hi, dex. Hi, kristina. Well, dad, how bad is it? -Thank you. -Yeah. First day I, um, woke up in the hospital, it was so confusing. I mean, I didn’t know who I was or where — where I was, let alone who I could trust. That must have been terrifying. Um, I even… doubted you, dr. Collins. Call me kevin, please. And I didn’t know why until I met my father. That’s because you looked at me and you saw ryan. You just didn’t realize it. I learned pretty quickly what kind of people my parents were. I mean, they were obvious in the way they were trying to use me, but… nikolas and spencer — they were, um, much more subtle about it. Esme, you have every right to be angry with my son and even my grandson.

[ Sighs ] But just know this, please — they love this little baby that you’re holding in your arms. Do they, though? Or — or is ace just one more thing for them to control? Oh, I’m not sure that’s a fair assessment. Well, I’m not trying to be fair. I’m trying to be a good mother. Is that what you’re doing? What does that mean? Being a good mother to nikolas and spencer. Is this just another way you’re trying to work me so that you can take ace away from me for them?

G timeto keep a secret.

[ Sighs ] You can go ahead and say it — I kept life-altering information from the two people that I love the most. I absolutely will not say that. I know what it’s like to do the wrong thing for the right reasons — at least, what feels right to you.

[ Sighs ] I just don’t think anything feels right to curtis and trina. Not now. They’re hurting, and you have to accept that. I do, but — and eventually, they’ll see that you’re hurting, too. And once trina’s paternity is answered, you can all begin to heal. Unless they don’t want to know? W– [ Sighs ] Well, nothing will change the fact that trina sees marcus as her father, and she always will. Yeah, yeah, of course not, but… I mean, if curtis and trina turn out to be biologically related, don’t you think she’ll have room in her heart for them both? Well, you just being real optimistic, and I hope so, but…

[ Chuckles ] Optimistic for a woman who’s about to face the review board, you mean? Now, you should know me well enough by now — I don’t listen to rumors. Well, you should, because all of them are true. Okay, wait a minute. I am confused. Join the club. If gregory isn’t teaching at pcu anymore, what’s stopping him from working with you? Exactly what I’d like to know. Did you ask him? Hi. I’m alexis davis, your mother.

[ Laughs ] Okay, nice to meet you. Of course I asked him. And? He said I was interfering and he shut me down. Well, he’s not entirely wrong — you know, about the interfering part. Normally, I would agree, if that were the issue, but I am telling you, there is more going on than what gregory is saying. Nothing’s going on. Dad. No, nothing earth-shattering.

[ Breathes deeply ] I’m — I’m not teaching at pcu this semester, and for some reason, alexis felt that I was obligated to tell her. You’re — uh, you’re taking a sabbatical? No, just — just a break. To write that novel you never had time for?

[ Scoffs ] Wish I was that ambitious. No, no, I’m simply… taking time for me. Uh-huh. Nothing to worry about — dex is off the clock, anyway. So it’s worse than I thought. Nothing I can’t handle, sweetheart. I’ll give you some father-daughter time —

[ Groans, breathes sharply ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Cut yourself shaving? Something like that. You should try and be more careful next time. You didn’t tell me you had a new house guest. I-I know. I know — “ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies.” It’s all good. Have a seat.

[ Groans softly ] So, what brings you by? Guess. You missed me? Well, always. But also… I have a business proposition for you. I don’t blame you for distrusting everyone — myself included. Especially after your parents manipulated you to help them escape.

[ Ace fussing ] I know, sweetie. Come here. Not to mention using you as a wedge between nikolas and ava. It’s actually a healthy sign that your defense mechanisms are intact.

[ Ace fussing ] Does he always talk like that?

[ Laughs ] Uh, once a psychiatrist, always a psychiatrist. Mm. Guilty as charged. But I’m also family — and without the cassadine baggage. You’re my niece, and he’s my grandnephew. I hope someday you can come to count on me as someone that you can trust and not just see your father’s twin. I might not have ace if it wasn’t for you. You know, esme, neither of us wants to take this baby away from you. But I don’t know. It — do you really think that prison is the best place for a baby? So where were you, anyway, spencer? I was at spring ridge, visiting esme, trying to appeal to her good side.

[ Scoffs ] She doesn’t have a good side. Yeah, tell me about it. Is she still determined to keep the baby with her while she’s in spring ridge? Wait — what? Yeah, you heard her. I’m sorry. It’s legal for her to have a baby in prison? Sounds super messed up, right? What does your grandmother say? That we need to play nice and get esme to trust us, and she thinks that once we do, then esme will, uh, come to her senses, and then realize that she needs to offer the baby up because it’s the right thing to do.

[ Scoffs ] As if she knows the meaning of the words. For real. What? Nothing. Just for a second, it felt like the old times. Us against a common enemy. I’m gonna miss that. Why would you have to miss it? I don’t know how to put this delicately, so I’m just gonna come out and say it. I’m leaving port charles.

Uh, this is a little bit harderthan I thought it would be. I don’t understand. I-is your mom moving to another hospital or something? No, no, no. Mom is staying here. This is a good thing. I, um… I got an athletic scholarship to go to stanford. They want me this spring quarter so I can start working out with the team. Oh, my god. Cam, that’s amazing. Stanford has one of the best programs in the country. Thanks. Oh, my god. Stanford university in california? Wow. That’s the one. Huge, huge congrats. Except you do know that their mascot is a tree? You know what? I think I can learn to live with that.

[ Laughter ] No, I call bs. No. Excuse you? Cam loves playing soccer at pcu. Your family’s here. Your friends are here. What’s the real reason you’re leaving? I knew it. You are no better than spencer. You’re just better at hiding your true colors. I’m thinking of the baby now, esme. Yeah, well, a baby should be with its mother. The law agrees with me. And we will respect whatever you decide, truly. I am just asking you to think about it. That’s all — really think about it. “Is this a place where I want to raise my son, in this kind of an environment?” And god forbid, esme, that you should be sent over to pentonville. Pentonville is going to make this place look like a spa in comparison. I guess I hadn’t really thought about that. You could use this time, esme — figure things out, find yourself… come out stronger, self-sufficient, and ready to make a fresh start. And it doesn’t have to be either/or, esme. It doesn’t have to be prison or the cassadines. This baby has another option. What option? Us. Two grandparents who would love to take care of him until you are able to, esme. All you have to do is ask. I know now that helping nikolas was the absolute wrong thing to do. But at the time… I convinced myself that harboring esme was the lesser of evils. The time that really bothers me is in between officer cabrera being murdered and esme’s escape, when I knew she couldn’t be the hook, or at the very least, she couldn’t have killed officer cabrera. I should have come forward then. I should have gone to the police and just told them everything. But I didn’T… because I convinced myself that if I — if I got arrested, my boys would suffer. I convinced myself that trina and curtis were better off not knowing — that after 20 years, that it would cause more of a mess in their life if I finally did tell the truth. I don’t know why we do this to ourselves. This is so crazy. I-I mean, we come up with these justifications. It makes no sense. I know. It really doesn’T.

[ Sighs ] I would offer to be a character witness for you… but since I have, um… a little bit of character issues on my own that I’m trying to balance, I don’t know if I would do any good. Well, just knowing I have a friend in this place… always. I have the experience and the expertise. All I need is the seed money to get it off the ground. Your own restaurant. You don’t think I could do it? No, I think you can do it, and I’ll — I’ll back you. But…? I’m just wondering where this is coming from. I thought that you loved being the manager at charlie’S. Well, I do. And you got into that little argument with your mom — remember that? I mean, yeah, she basically implied that I’m not ambitious enough, so obviously, I had to defend myself. Obviously.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. I see molly and tj mapping out their futures and sam and dante doing the same thing. You want more? I mean, isn’t that okay? To want more? So, how are things with you and dante? It seems like you two are in a good place, huh? We are… but not nearly as good as that attempt to deflect.

[ Sighs ] Darn. There is clearly unfinished business between you and gregory. Why not just finish it? Come on, mom. At least meet the guy halfway. So, how’s rock-star life and doctor life? Not nearly as entertaining as avoidance life. Oh, like you should talk.

[ Chuckles ] Fair enough. Look, alexis is over there. You’re over here. Can’t you two just work through what’s going on between you? Listen, I’m sorry. I got to — I got to get back to G.H. Uh, yeah, I have somewhere I need to be, too. Hey. Be an adult, would you? I’ll try. That’s the spirit. I love you, dad. Love you guys. Love you. Bye.

[ Sighs ]

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more. But this is not a competition. You know that. Even if my biological clock is tick-tick-ticking away and my kid sister is beating me to it? You have all the time in the world for that. Can I ask you a question? Shoot. Do you still love working at charlie’s, managing? I love dealing with customers and making them feel welcome… right. Mm-hmm. …And it feels nice to give people what they want, you know? And it gives you the time to volunteer at the youth center — is that still important to you? Very. Okay, well, you’re not gonna have that time if you’re — if you’re launching a new business, because you’re going to be, you know, one-to-one with people — that gives way to spreadsheets and — and paying the bills. I want you to think about every angle. Even when you start a business, it’s — it’s a 24/7 endeavor. I think — I think you can do it. I — let me rephrase that — i know you can do it. But are you going to be as happy as you are now? Probably not. Things are pretty great right now. Yeah? Yeah, I love my life. I guess there’s your answer. Just admit that this is because of esme. What? What does esme have to do with cam transferring to stanford? Everything. Not only did esme worm her way into my life so that she could break up ava and my father, she also had her mind set on breaking up this, our friendship. She hated that I had friends, people who I relied on and trusted. Hey, look, I can’t stand her either, but I’m not sure that esme is to blame for cam leaving. I’m not sure that “blame” is even the right word. Getting into stanford is a huge achievement. Getting an athletic scholarship on top of it? It’s amazing. He’s amazing. Why are you tarnishing this moment by bringing up esme? Because esme set everything in motion, josslyn! She used us, and she lied to us, and now she gets some magic do-over because she’s claiming to have lost her memory. And suddenly it’s poor, pitiful esme, and you know what? I’m so sick of everyone trying to defend her. Because if she gets custody of this kid and she gets to raise him, she’s going to ruin his life the same way that she tried to ruin ours. And it’s enough! It needs to stop!

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] Ace would live with you? That’s right.

[ Breathes sharply ] You know, believe it or not, we’ve done it before.

[ Both chuckle ] As a matter of fact, my, uh, my granddaughter charlotte is living with us right now. Oh, wouldn’t charlotte love having a baby in the house? Oh, that would make her life.

[ Both chuckle ] And ours, too. But only until you have your life settled. If I could trust ace with anyone, it would be you. But it’s just too complicated. What is? I look at you, kevin, and I see my father. I look at you and I see nikolas and spencer, and it’s just — it’s really overwhelming, and, frankly, it just feels wrong. So I have to trust my instincts, which means that my son is staying with me. So you’re headed to charlie’s? Yeah. Well, someone has to hang the “open” sign on the door. I thought it’s been open for hours. Oh, yeah, but when kurt’s the first one in, he always forgets, so… proud of you, kristina. I know you are. Do you? Do you really know that? I think sometimes I just need a reminder. You know you can — you can like yourself, right? God knows I do. I love you, dad. I love you, too. Mm. Thanks for the pep talk. Anytime. Everything good with kristina? Yeah. Um… man, I love that kid. I can tell. She’s the — you know, out of all my kids, she’s the one that’s — that’s like me, and we get each other. Makes for a very lucky daughter. Nah. I’m the lucky one.

How the birds come to nest where’s trina? Hey. Um. She told me to tell you she had to head out. Something came up. Is that something named spencer? That would be my guess.

[ Breathes sharply ] But she promises to, you know, say bye to you before you head out of town. She better. Those aren’t going to be easy, are they? The goodbyes?

What you crave, it is kind… no. Some will be harder than others.

Unafraid, unabridged I should head out. Joss?

Now I’m by your side

to contend with the fantasy of us I’m gonna miss you.

What gets lost… I’m gonna miss you, too.

…In real time it was nice to see you with finn and chase. And you with sam. Yeah. Time with our kids is precious time. Yeah. I just…told mine I wasn’t coming back to pcu. I’m really glad to hear that — that’s all I said. Oh. And that’s where it ends… unless you were telling your daughter something else. I didn’t tell her anything. I just told her. I-I just — I’M…concerned about you. Don’t be. I’m fine. Okay. I’m — I’m — I’m just fine. Okay, okay. I just — I care about you, and I don’t want our friendship to end over this, right? Do you?

[ Sighs ] No. Good.

[ Clears throat ] So what do we do about it? I suppose this — this conversation is a start. Whoa — oh!

Look, I know that we’re done as a couple.

Now I’m by your side to contend… but as you said, that w-we’ve been friends all our lives. At the time, I didn’t think that we could still be friends, but…

in real time wait. You —

[ Scoffs ] You’ve changed your mind?

In real time yeah.

[ Breathes deeply ]

In real time wow. That is such good news. Now, as your friend… I need you to listen to me.

In real time sure. What? Stay away from dex heller.

[ Door opens ] Seems like you’ve made up your mind. Then I think we should be going. Yeah. I, um… I appreciate you making the trip. I would do anything for my family. I can see that. I think it’s time we go back to our room now. Okay, sweetie.

[ Whispering ] He fell asleep. I don’t want to wake him up. Yeah, I’m gonna go put him down. Okay.

[ Crying ] So what are you thinking?

[ Breathes deeply ] Honestly? No matter what anybody says, that girl loves that baby. Yes.

[ Breathes deeply ] Let’s go home. Gregory: No, don’T. Don’T. No, I got it. I got it. I got it.

[ Sighs ] It’s alright. It’s okay. Are you alright?

[ Stammering ] I just — I lost — lost my footing. I-I-it’s — it’s no — it’s no big deal. Have you been drinking?

[ Sighs ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Telephone ringing in distance ]

[ Door closes ] Good luck. Thank you. Big day? Yeah. How you feeling? Nervous, but resolute. Hoping the review board will see past my mistakes. For what it’s worth, I’m here for you — as a friend, whatever you need. It’s worth a lot. I can’t — I can’t talk about dex with you. Joss, can’t you just do this one thing? Please. This isn’t about throwing shade. You have to believe that I only have your happiness in mind. I didn’t tell anyone about you and dex at your dorm, did I? No, and I’m so grateful. I didn’t do it for him. I did it for you. I appreciate that. And, joss, I need you to hear me out. You’re sneaking around with this guy — that isn’t you. You’re the most straightforward person I know. And you shouldn’t have to change that about yourself for dex. I’m not changing myself. You hate sonny in that life. Dex is a part of that. I mean, he has a gun, right? What am I saying? Of course he has a gun.

[ Breathes deeply ] He’s going to get hurt. It’s inevitable. That feels nice. Just try to rest, okay? You’re going to wind up living a life that you hate. Joss, you have to know that I’m right. Are you done? Not even close. Aren’t you supposed to be outside with the other bodyguards? Keep people from coming in? How are you going to protect my uncle sonny from in here? I’m off duty. Yeah? Then what are you doing here? Sonny: ‘Cause I invited him. Dex is going to be staying with us for a while. Okay, where’s that binky, huh, ace? Looking for this?

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