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I can appreciate the personalnature of your situation. Yeah. And? Considering the sudden and consistent onset of your symptoms, I’d like to rule out any other potential causes. I’ll go check on your blood work, and I’ll meet you back here in a few minutes. All right. So I guess I’m sticking around, then.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Ah. Well, hello, nurse baldwin. Laura. Kevin. It’s really good to see you here. Hey. Are you here for a late lunch or an early dinner? Oh, we just came in for a bite. This is really the first moment we’ve had to slow down. Oh, busy day? More like onerous. I had to deal with my brother’s remains today. Ahh. Don’t suppose you’re up for another round?

[ Chuckles ] No reason not to. Cody, I think you dropped something. What’s this? Thank you. Thank you, michael. I really do feel like this is for the best.

[ Doorbell rings ] Um, somebody’s at the door. I got to go. But I’ll come down to the gatehouse, okay, and check in later. Okay. Bye. Daddy. Scout! Oh, my goodness. I know I just saw you the other day, but I missed you so much. I think you got heavier somehow. Hey, wiley and olivia are upstairs. And the word is they got a new game for you to play. Is carly upstairs, too? No. No, honey. Why would you ask that? She’s always with you now. So it looks like now you have important information about carly, just like she had important information about you. The question is, what are you gonna do with it? Well, ava, we don’t really know anything. Not for certain. We’re speculating. Come on. There’s no other explanation. Carly and drew committed insider trading. And if anyone powerful found out, carly and drew might end up in prison. Hey, I’m not trying to break your spirit. I know that you’re hopeful that dex is gonna leave sonny’s world. I just — I want you to be realistic. Look, I really do appreciate you being direct with me. But what else is dex supposed to do? I mean, if he wants out of this, he’s got to at least try. And I think that he’s willing to do what it takes. It’s isolated, which is good. Less chance someone notices the shipment whenever it arrives. It’d be a good idea to put cameras up outside, monitor anyone approaching. I got somebody on that. How many points of entry?

[ Rifle cocks ] Sonny, get down! Stay down. That’s a sniper rifle.

[ Gunshot ] Crap!

[ Gunshots ] Boss. What are you doing? If he gets a clear shot, he’ll blow your head off. He can’t shoot if he’s ducking. Dex has a plan for the future that does not include working for sonny. He just — you know, he needs to be strategic about it. Do I even want to know?

[ Door opens ] Bobbie: Hello, hello! Carly: Hey. Hey. What’s going on? I thought you were going to the zoo with grandma. Well, that was the plan. But then donna said her ears hurt. What? I thought we kicked that last week. All right, well, I still have a refill for your drops, so I’ll head over to general hospital, pick up your prescription. I’ll come back, and then you’ll feel better. All right? Yeah. If only I could fix all your problems that easily. Carly is not always around, honey. You know how your mom said that aunt willow wasn’t feeling well? Well, drew and carly have just been helping to take care of her a little bit. Yeah. Yeah, but I’m sorry. She’s not here today. Hey, why don’t you — do you wanna go see the kids? Leo’s up there. Say hi to everyone. I got to go down to the stables and say hi to cody. Say hello to the horses, too. Okay. Especially thor. Okay. Done. Deal.

[ Chuckles ] Have fun. Thanks for bringing her by, man. Appreciate that. Yeah, of course. So much more aware than I give her credit for. Mm. They grow up so fast. Mm-hmm. Tell me about it. I mean, look, danny, rocco, they’re — they’re teenagers, man. It’s crazy. Yeah. They’re good kids. We’re lucky. What about you and sam? You’re not thinking about having another one? Ha! I don’t — no. I think that chapter’s closed. I’m looking forward to the — you know, the next chapter, whatever that is. I hear you, though. I do. The two years that I spent away, I found out the hard way how short life is. I got to — I got to be willing to do whatever I need to to start the next chapter myself. I have to admit, bringing carly down is just so tempting. Carly and I have actually been on better terms lately. I mean, as best we can be, given our history. So… so personally, it wouldn’t please me as much to see her in an orange jumpsuit now as it would have a few years ago. That’s just me. Well, we don’t know if they would definitely go to prison. Maybe they just will pay a fine. Mm… no, I’m pretty sure that people go to prison for insider trading. And carly and drew, they knowingly colluded to raise aurora’s value. Oh, we don’t know. Okay. All right. Okay, fine. Theoretically colluded. But come on. You should admit it. There’s got to be a part of you that’s happy to have carly’s life in your hands again, just like you did when you were in nixon falls. How lucky for me to bump into you, elizabeth. We simply must continue our conversation of the other day. Sorry, victor. I’m on duty. When we previously discussed your involvement with my nephew’s ridiculous plot to keep esme prisoner, I got the distinct impression there was more you weren’t telling me. What I can tell you is, it’s over. I’m sure by now the police have questioned you. You have no more leverage over me. The police? Oh. Oh, you don’t know, do you? You see, I made a deal with the pcpd in exchange for immunity. I told them everything, including your role in the cover-up. Not that you’re asking, but my advice to you — get a good lawyer. I’m so sorry, kevin. I’m sure dealing with ryan’s remains wasn’t easy for you. I really appreciate that, felicia. You know, I don’t think anyone should have to pretend that they’re upset ryan’s gone, least of all you. Well, that’s true, but I can acknowledge that this is hard for you. He was your twin brother. Given the situation, kevin and I have decided that the best thing we could do is let kevin have a private moment to spread his brother’s ashes.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ] A patient. I have to take this. Okay. Excuse me. How’s he really holding up? You know, he brought up his parents’ divorce the other day for the first time in years. You know, he stayed with his father when they split. And ryan went with the mother. The mom who wound up molesting him. Yeah. Kevin says he can remember the day he said goodbye to his brother like — like it was yesterday, when he was young and he seemed so innocent. But the thing is, even though he knows better, I think somehow, somewhere, he still struggles with this notion that he could have done more. And I know he’s upset about lucy. Have you told him that she’s still alive? No. I just feel like I need to protect him right now, you know? I feel like that situation could go south at any moment. But, I mean, obviously, the longer it goes on, the harder that’s gonna be. I feel the same way about mac. He knows there’s more going on with anna, but maybe it’s time to bring our husbands in on what we’ve been up to. Oh, I guess it’s personal. Yeah. It’s nothing. Just forget about it. Well, what… is everything okay with you? Yeah. You know, um… I was just a little short on money this month, so I donated some plasma for extra cash. It’s — you know, it’s just a little embarrassing, that’s all. Cody, there’s nothing embarrassing about having money trouble. Been there, done that myself. Look, if you need a little help getting work, I mean, felicia and I, we don’t have the bar anymore, but I know a lot of people. I can help you find some work. I’m the last person you should be helping.

[ Gunshot ] We got to move. The longer we stay here, the worse our chances. Tony: Boss. Tony. What are we looking at? Single shooter. Sniper rifle. My guys are here. There’s more on the way. You want to live? Put your rifle down and give yourself up.

[ Gunshot ] You’re the last person I should help? What does that mean? You know what? We probably shouldn’t have this second round of beers. I still have work to do. We were just having a nice talk. Why do I get the sense you’re blowing me off? Hey, cody, what’s going on? Oh, hey. Sorry. Dante. I didn’t mean to interrupt. No, dante. No, it’s fine. Mac, hey, sorry. I totally forgot that I had plans with him. No problem. I’m supposed to meet with my wife anyway. Dante. Yeah. See ya, mac. Hey, mac. Uh… about that friend of yours? What about it? I know that things might be awkward and uncomfortable, but you guys should talk it out, you know? ‘Cause if you don’t, it’s just gonna get harder and more difficult to fix. You know, in my experience, if you have a really good friend that’s only done right by you, well, they’re hard to come by in this world. Good to know.

[ Door closes ] What was that all about? I think it’s time we had a check-in with robert and anna. I can’t help this feeling that things are just all about to blow up.

[ Cellphone rings ] I’m gonna take this. Okay. Hello. Drew? Laura. Hey. Sorry to bother you. Is it possible to meet today? I’ve got a proposal I’d like to run by you. Did I lose my wife? Mm, she had to take a call. I hope you don’t mind that I stole your seat. No. I’m glad you did. Listen, I don’t want to make a big deal out of this, but I’ve been trying to reach out to you for the last couple of days, and… you haven’t responded. I should have called you back. Why haven’t you? Honestly? Because I didn’t know what to say. Mac did what he had to do. My brother was a killer. He had to be stopped. My head knows that.

[ Sighs ] My heart is grieving. And I can’t explain that. Because I look at the people that my brother terrorized. Many of those people are people I love. I don’t want to mourn him. I need to know exactly what you told the police about me. I told them you weren’t a part of the kidnapping, but once you found out, you had no qualms about covering up your nephew’s tracks. And I can’t imagine you didn’t play a pivotal role in nikolas leaving town. I had absolutely no part in this ill-conceived mess that you and nikolas got yourselves into. Yeah, what’s that saying? “It’s not about the crime. It’s more about the cover-up”? And you were all over that. All I did was tell the truth. Something I know your family is unfamiliar with. So consider this conversation over. Oh, we are finished when I say we’re finished. Hey, back the hell off, cassadine!

Boss, tony’s at the door. He and I can keep the shooter pinned down. It’s the best chance you’ve got. You know what you’re doing, right? This is what I was trained for. On three. One, two, three.

[ Gunshots ]

[ Gunshot ] Well, donna is down for her nap, so now I can get some work done. Work? I thought today was your off day. Oh, well, actually, it is. But maxie asked me to help her plan the nurses’ ball. Really? Wait, that’s awesome. I didn’t know that they were doing it this year. Yeah. Yeah. Except this year, not only is the ball going to help fund research for hiv/aids — it’s also to honor the hospital’s 60th anniversary… oh. …And the G.H. Staff that we lost. Grandma, that’s a beautiful way to keep their memories alive. Yeah, provided I can come up with enough musical acts. So what I’m thinking is, I’m gonna reach out to the G.H. Nurses… mm-hmm. …Like epiphany and felix and amy and deanna. But I’m also gonna ask some non-G.H. Staff, like ned and chase… and cameron. Yeah. Um… grandma, I’m not so sure that cam would be up for performing this year. You know, he’s — he’s been through a lot, and… I haven’t helped. Didn’t anyone ever teach you not to put your hands on a woman? And it’s lovely to see you again, mrs. Corinthos. It’s carly spencer. A name I know you’re familiar with. Mm. Well, I’m just waiting here for my doctor to get back with some test results. Well, then you can wait somewhere else. Until next time. Oh, and, elizabeth, I do hope this situation with esme doesn’t come back to haunt you. Thank you. But I had that under control. No offense, but it didn’t look like it. What’s victor talking about? What situation with esme? Look, roz, it’s, uh… it’s victor cassadine. Listen, I may be in a spot of legal bother. Apparently, elizabeth baldwin made a statement to the pcpd and brought up my name. I need you to find out exactly what she said. Well, it’s all gonna come out soon enough, so I may as well tell you. When esme showed up at wyndemere, she was pregnant with nikolas’ child. Wow. I mean, when you think a man can’t sink any lower… yeah. …He sleeps with his son’s girlfriend. Well, at the time, we all thought she was the hook killer. I mean, everybody did. Even — even the police. Why didn’t you go straight to the police with this? Because nikolas didn’t want his baby being born in prison… and we thought she was dangerous, so he came up with an alternate plan. He kept esme locked up in one of the wyndemere towers, and I provided her with medical care. Oh. I’ve already told cameron everything, but not jake or aiden yet, but because I made a deal with the D.A.’S office, this is all gonna be made public very soon. I don’t know what came over me. And I can only imagine what you must be thinking of me right now. I’m thinking I would have done the same thing. Ava, there is no part of me that’s enjoying being put in this position again. Come on, nina. It’s just the two of us here. Who are you fooling? No, well… don’t get me wrong. You know, I’m really happy that things worked out with sonny. So happy. But my desire to get revenge against carly has cost me so much. I suppose it would serve carly right to serve a little time in prison, given that she kept me from my daughter for the better part of a year. I certainly would think that the universe is finally balancing the scales more fairly. Okay. All right. Now at least you’re being honest. But, hey, hey, no, listen. I want you to promise me that you’re not gonna tell anybody about any of this. What are you doing? Yeah, yeah, no. I promise. I promise. I am sitting this one out. Really. I’m not gonna tell anybody. I’m not gonna call anybody. But…you are. What are you doing? Oh, that’s the number for the sec, and you’re gonna call. Isn’t this what you want? What are you waiting for?

Kevin, I know you aren’t mourning the man who stalked me or terrorized ava. You’re mourning the little boy that you still remember before bad things happened to ryan. Can I tell you a secret? Always. When I heard that ryan was taken to the morgue, I snuck down to see him. After all the pain that he had put me through, I needed to see his dead body for myself. I understand. I told myself that if I could see that he was really gone and he was no longer a threat to me, then maybe I might be able to forgive him.

[ Voice breaking ] And I’m really ashamed to say that I really couldn’T. Don’t ever feel that you have to forgive him. Don’t ever be ashamed for how you really feel. Exactly. Don’t you think it’s time to take your own advice, doctor? Uh, hi. Hi. Sorry I’m late. The day got away from me. What? What I just said with mac? Yeah. Yeah, that, and we don’t have plans today. It kind of seemed like you were trying to get rid of him, which, why were you trying to get rid of him? It’s not a secret. Look, I found out what happened with him and ryan, so I sent him a couple texts just to make sure he was okay, you know? Oh. And then out of nowhere, he just shows up here at my work, clearly trying to be, like, best buds. And I was like, “listen, man, I got enough friends. Thanks.” Ha ha! You got friends. You got so many friends, you can count them on one hand and still have a finger left over. Oh, yeah? Well, I hope you know what finger I’m saving for you. I do. That’s not very nice. But, listen, you texted him to check in on him, right? And then he took it upon himself just to come over and see you. Like, not your father, but he can still be a friend, right? I mean, I’ve known mac a long time. He’s a stand-up guy, like I told you. Yeah, yeah, I know. Mac’s a stand-up guy. You’ve told me. Everyone’s told me. Maxie’s told me, sam’s told me. Which is exactly why I don’t deserve to have him as a part of my life. Not after what I’ve done to him. Ava, what are you doing? You know, take this back. I’m trying to take the high road here. Hey, sorry to interrupt, ava. Do you have a second? Sure. We were just doing a little catch-up. Okay. I just wanted to touch base now that your aunt liesl is gonna be willow’s bone marrow donor. Yeah, we’re very grateful. She’s doing more tests, actually. It just means so much that she’s stepping up. It’s amazing. She’s always been my rock. You know, it’s been very difficult to find out that willow is my daughter, and then she’s fighting leukemia. I hear you. You don’t have to explain to me. I lost a child to cancer. And although the situations are very different, I wouldn’t wish that battle on my worst enemy. So… thank you. Anyway, uh… could I offer you some hard-won advice? What’s that? While you’re trying to take care of willow from a distance, don’t forget to take care of yourself.

[ Chuckles ] No, there’s no way you can understand why I helped nikolas the way I did. Help nikolas? No. But I can certainly understand your instincts. Elizabeth, you and I, I mean, we’ve had our issues over the years, but I could never fault you for the loyalty you have to your children and your family. Hell, I would move heaven and earth to protect mine. We have that in common. Yeah, we do. I mean, if I were in your position and jason asked me to help him the way nikolas asked you, I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes. Although jason would have never been duped by esme. Much less slept with her. No. And more importantly, he would never have vanished when the heat was on and left me holding the bag. And he would have never done that to you either. I know nikolas is a really good friend of yours, and I’m really sorry that he betrayed you like this. And I’m not gonna turn this into a therapy session, but this is one of the things that just frustrates me about you. Yeah, because we’re so much alike. But you never learned the tough lesson that I learned a long time ago. What was that lesson? Be careful who you give your loyalty to. They may not return it in kind.

[ Grunting ] Son of a bitch.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Gunshots ] How are you? Glad you came back. Cam and I broke up, but I have a feeling you already knew that. Yeah. A grandmother has a way of figuring these things out. But I have noticed that you have been acting a lot lighter lately. So does that mean there’s someone else that’s making you happy?

[ Chuckles ] Um, cam and i have been growing apart for almost a year. Because of the revenge porn? Well, that certainly didn’t help. And, you know, maybe there’s a world where we would have stayed together out of sheer momentum. But a lot happened this year. And we just feel like two different people. We both lost a lot. Hey, honey, the whole town lost a lot this year. And that is why it’s so important that we all come together to celebrate not only the amazing achievement of general hospital being around for 60 years, but also the fact that it’s still thriving. And that’s how we’re gonna honor those that we lost — lucy, valentin, and britt. And uncle luke.

[ Door opens ] Well, that took a little longer than I was expecting. Sorry to keep you waiting, but the results are in. We found something concerning in your blood work. I don’t want to become bitter or hardened by this, and I certainly don’t want nikolas’ actions to change who I am. Well, I understand that. But this experience has definitely changed my perspective. I can almost see in a warped way how my parents thought they were protecting me. I mean, ultimately, my dad’s actions were all about protecting himself from embarrassment. But I can see how they were tempted to go down that path. You would never do that to your kids? No. God, no. No, never. But the anger I had towards my parents — not really there anymore. I can almost hold on to the good memories. I mean, before it all went to hell. Wow. You know what? I was hoping that you would come to that decision at some point. Hello, drew. Hi, laura. Can I sit? Please. Great. So, tell me… what is this mysterious proposal of yours?

[ Laughs ] Yeah. I’ll keep it simple. In the wake of valentin’s death, charlotte has been left with a large portion of elq voting stock. Now, obviously, charlotte is not of voting age, so this will fall on your shoulders, at least for a few years. I still haven’t heard a proposal. Right. So ned and i have agreed on a plan to buy back charlotte’s stock at a very good price… provided you’re on board. Okay. I’m not gonna tattle on carly to the sec. I didn’t think you would. Especially not after that conversation. I know. Did you see that? It’s just, you know, my issues are with carly, not with drew. I mean, he’s a stand-up guy, right? And if I say anything, he’s gonna go to prison, too. And no matter what I feel or think about carly, the truth is, she has been the main source of support for michael and willow during this really, really difficult time. And there’s nothing worth taking that away from willow. I think you two should spend some time alone. Have a seat. I’ve been avoiding you the last few days. I think we’ve both been doing our share of avoiding. That’s not really like us, is it? No. I’ve taken a life in the line of duty before. But to see your face now, to see your grief… there has to be a part of you that blames me for killing ryan. I don’T. I’ve been avoiding you and felicia because… I see the relief on your faces. I feel it, too. Relief that you’re safe. That the burden of my brother has finally been lifted from my life. But I still feel guilty. Do you think we’ve been avoiding each other to ignore all the voices in our head?

[ Chuckles ] Well, if I were diagnosing, yeah, I’d say this is a classic case of avoidance. Be that as it may… …ryan was my brother in birth. But my brother in life… …the one I could count on… my best friend… …that’s you. You don’t deserve mac? I got a feeling that this has nothing to do with one of your past cons or something like that. If you don’t tell me something, I can’t help. Can you keep a secret? You know I can. To the grave. Well, how bad is this one?

Aww. Looks like everything worked out okay. Yeah, I’d say so.

[ Chuckles ] I’d say in the 30 years of being friends, this is the most we’ve ever talked about our feelings. Good thing for you I’m in-network for the pcpd’s health plan.

[ Laughs ] Well, I can’t take all the credit. I mean, cody was the one who suggested that we talk it out. More evidence we got him all wrong when he first came to port charles.

[ Breathes deeply ] The grave, right? So mac really is your father? It’s been almost a year since uncle luke passed. You don’t talk about him much. Yeah, well, you know, part of me just… can’t accept it. I just keep thinking luke’s gonna show up at my house one day, and he’s gonna say, “hey, barbara jean, have I got one hell of a story to tell you.”

[ Chuckles ] But I also know that if… if luke were still around, he would have reached out by now. I know there’s no way he would ever let me or tracy or his kids grieve this long. I know you miss him. Do you feel unsettled? Your uncle luke was larger than life. And there is no way I will ever believe that he died in some random accident. Someone out there is to blame. Well, now you’ve got my attention. What exactly is wrong with my blood work? What I found was out of my purview. Which is why I’m bringing dr. Finn on board for a consult. What does that mean? The lab results show a pathogen inside your bloodstream. Well, you’ve given me an awful lot to think about. So what do you say? Will you sell me valentin’s shares of elq? I’m sorry, drew. I’m afraid I can’t do that. What can I say? I’m impressed. This — this feels like growth for you, huh? Yeah, well, maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know. Selfishly, I don’t want to do anything to hurt willow, yes, because of her health issues, but also because I’m hoping down the line maybe we can have a real mother-daughter relationship. Mm. Yeah, I totally get that. But, still, it must be nice to know you have this bombshell in your back pocket. Just in case. Where did you get this? Do you remember when I came by your hoe right after you got back from monterey? You were in a really bad place, and you were determined to burn every picture of your parents. And…I don’t know. I just thought one day you would really regret that decision. That is such a violation. I can’t believe you did that. Thank you. I know I’ve said this to you before. But if you ever find yourself in this spot again and you need to talk to someone to work through a really tough decision, can you call me? I know we don’t like each other all the time, but we respect each other enough to get the job done. Is he dead? Just incapacitated. How’s your arm? It’s a crease. Nothing serious. Think he works for pikeman? I don’t think they’d want to risk jeopardizing the deal. You know? Too much at stake. But I’ll tell you what. I’m gonna find out who this guy is working for.

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