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Nicole joins EJ in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. EJ asks her which drink she wants. Nicole says both after the day she had but not yet because their work day isn’t finished yet. Nicole thinks EJ may have a problem. EJ asks what happened. Nicole informs him that she ran in to Johnny in the park and overheard him talking to Wendy. Nicole adds that she doesn’t know how they figured it out but they suspect he is the one drugging Stefan.

At the hospital, Tripp is on the phone with Steve. Tripp says being back at the hospital without Kayla feels wrong and sad, but he wants to do his best to live up to her standard. Tripp says his first day is going okay so far and it’s like he never left. Tripp finishes the call and hangs up as Johnny arrives at the hospital. Johnny tells Tripp that he came to see him.

Alex is at the Titan office, on the phone with Victor. Alex tells Victor about he and Maggie not seeing eye to eye on the future of Bella Magazine, so he was hoping Victor would hear his input before making any major decisions.

Xander returns to the Spectator office and tells Gwen that he wants to talk about them. Gwen is surprised as she thought that would be the last thing he would want to talk about after the way he rushed out. Xander admits that was wrong and cowardly. Gwen understands that she kissed him impulsively and says she just got caught up over the numbers. Xander tells her that she doesn’t have to explain or apologize but he does. Gwen tells him it’s fine but he tells her to let him speak. Xander explains that when he found out his divorce papers were lost, he thought maybe fate was telling him that there was still hope and he knows it’s naïve to hold out hope but that’s what he’s doing which is why he cannot even consider a romantic relationship with Gwen until he knows for sure that his divorce is final. Xander adds that he understands if that’s not okay with her.

Wendy answers the door at her apartment to see her father, Wei Shin. She asks if he came to check up on her. Wei mentions going to the Brady Pub and hearing that Li was living here now. Wendy confirms that Li and Gabi moved in yesterday. Wei questions if Li is still abiding by that ridiculous contract with a woman who doesn’t love him. Wendy suggests taking that up with Li but he’s not home right now. Wei questions someone sleeping on the sofa and if they don’t have enough bedrooms for the three of them. Wendy then reveals that there are four of them because her friend Tripp has moved in.

Johnny comments on hearing Tripp was working at the hospital again which he confirms. Tripp tells Johnny that if this is about Wendy, he has nothing to worry about as there is nothing romantic going on between them and they are just friends. Johnny says he knows because Wendy told him that and he trusts her. Johnny adds that he’s not here about Wendy, but about EJ.

EJ tells Nicole that he could have sworn that Johnny and Wendy believed him when he spoke to them. Nicole says that by the time she got to them, they were questioning Stefan using drugs and wondering if EJ was drugging him. EJ wonders how they figured it out. Nicole doesn’t think they did and that it was just conjecture. EJ asks how she reacted. Nicole says she lied her ass off and even told them that she was there when the investigator told him that Stefan’s fingerprints were on the vial and they seemed to buy it. Nicole hopes they did as they agree that if Johnny knew the truth, he could ruin everything.

Tripp asks Johnny if EJ is alright. Johnny says he’s fine but he did get some tests taken for some DiMera business, so he wondered if he could get a copy of the results. Tripp is afraid he can’t help him as the rules state he would still need written authorization from EJ. Johnny claims that EJ sent him to get the test results for him to save time and questions having to go back to get EJ’s signature. Tripp says he’s sorry but he doesn’t make the rules and he’d prefer not to break any on his first day back.

Wei questions Wendy about living with a guy who is not a boyfriend. Wendy confirms that to be true and reveals that she is seeing Johnny DiMera. Wei questions why he didn’t know that. Wendy says she wasn’t hiding anything but they just started casually dating after being friends for awhile. Wendy knows Johnny isn’t a doctor or a lawyer and he’s not Chinese. Wei says he doesn’t care about that. Wei brings up Li turning his whole world upside down for Gabi while Wendy is cementing their family legacy at the company by being involved with the family heir to DiMera Enterprises. Wei congratulates Wendy and says he’s so proud of her.

EJ questions why Johnny and Wendy have to dig in to every irregularity they come across. Nicole says now that EJ has to figure out a way to assure Johnny that there is no mystery here. Nicole encourages that it’s just because Johnny is worried about him. EJ argues that Johnny is worried about Stefan without knowing what Stefan’s been doing to him. EJ adds that Stefan drugged his water at the office earlier but he was able to switch the bottles. Nicole asks how it affected him. EJ is not sure since he skipped out early again to see Gabi. EJ calls it the second wasted opportunity for Stefan to make a fool of himself at DiMera. Stefan then comes home and says he didn’t miss cocktail hour this time. Stefan then stumbles so EJ and Nicole rush to check on him. Stefan says he just got a little lightheaded. Nicole sits him down and gets him some water. Stefan talks about not knowing why he’s so out of it. EJ blames what Dr. Rolf did to him and it’s side effects or suggests there’s a flu going around. Stefan calls it strange and decides he will go upstairs, splash water on his face, and lay down. EJ tells him to feel better as Stefan then heads upstairs. EJ comments to Nicole that it seems the drug is having it’s effects. Nicole asks how long this is going to go on. EJ says as long as it takes. Nicole argues that if no one at DiMera sees Stefan like this, then it’s all for nothing. EJ responds that Nicole just gave him a brilliant idea.

Alex thanks Victor and says he knew he would see things his way as he hangs up. Maggie comes back and asks if she wasn’t clear that it’s not Alex’s chair anymore. Alex jumps up and apologizes. Maggie mentions that she went downstairs to inform the Bella staff that she is terminating the magazine but they were gone for the day, so she guesses she’ll have to do it tomorrow which Alex says sounds like a plan. Maggie remarks that she’s glad he approves. Maggie hopes that Alex respects her decision. Alex knows he’s the ex-CEO and points out that the only person with authority over her now is Victor. Maggie then gets a call from Victor and asks what she can do for him.

Gwen tells Xander that if he thinks there might be a chance for them, then of course she’s willing to wait. Gwen tells Xander that she loves him and understands if he needs to know that his marriage is over before he can move on. Leo enters and presents Xander with his final divorce decree. Xander questions how he got it so quickly. Leo says he was sweet talking the the guy with the records and he didn’t want to end up in his gossip column, so he expedited the papers. Xander questions him just giviing it to Leo. Leo asks if he’s doubting his charms. Leo then explains that he knew Xander was his boss, so he told him how eager Xander was to move on with his life and now he most certainly can. Xander doesn’t know what to say. Leo suggests thanking him so he does. Leo adds that now that Xander is finally free of Sarah, they can finally celebrate. Leo knows that Sarah rejected Xander and it still hurts, but reminds Xander that Sarah didn’t appreciate that everything he did was so he could support her and she responded by ratting him out to Bonnie and Justin and dumping his ass, while Gwen put her ass on the line for him and sacrificed her relationship with her father to take Xander’s side because that’s how much she cares about him. Gwen tells Leo he doesn’t need to. Leo knows he doesn’t have to sell her to him. Leo tells Xander that no one in his life will ever be as dedicated and loyal as Gwen. Leo adds that if he were Xander, he’d already have a ring on Gwen’s finger.

Maggie thanks Victor for calling and says she really appreciates his insight on this. Maggie hangs up and Alex asks what he wanted. Maggie responds that Victor wanted to talk to her about Bella. Alex asks what he said. Maggie reveals that Victor fully supports her decision to shut down the magazine which catches Alex by surprise. Maggie adds that she was curious how Victor even knew about her decision since she just made it today and Alex was the only one she discussed it with. Alex asks if she thinks he said something to Victor. Maggie then reveals that she knows he did because Victor told her so.

Tripp tells Johnny that if EJ wants his test results, he will have to come get them himself. Tripp adds that he has to go and walks off. Johnny says thanks for nothing and wonders how he’s going to figure out if his dad is lying to him. Johnny then notices that Tripp left his name badge behind, so he grabs it.

Wendy questions Wei approving of something she’s doing. Wendy asks what if she doesn’t care that Johnny is the DiMera heir. Wei says she doesn’t have to care, but he does. Wendy points out that Johnny doesn’t even want to follow in EJ’s footsteps, he wants to make movies. Wei argues that he’s still a DiMera and the heir apparent. Wei says the more time she spends with the DiMeras, the stronger their position will be.

Nicole asks EJ what his brilliant idea is. EJ brings up that Wei Shin is in town for a meeting. Nicole sees where he’s going now. EJ decides he will call Wei. Wei asks what he can do for him. EJ says it’s been a long time since they’ve broke bread, so he invites him over to the DiMera Mansion to dine with his co-CEOs. Wei agrees to be there immediately and they hang up. EJ informs Nicole that Wei is on his way, so now all they have to do is wait for the fireworks.

Wei goes to leave Wendy’s apartment right as Johnny arrives. Wei and Johnny greet each other. Wei notes that Wendy said some very good things about him. Wei says he will give them some privacy as he then exits. Johnny hopes he didn’t chase him off. Wendy assures that he didn’t and asks what’s up. Johnny wondered if she had a minute to take a look at something. Johnny reveals that he got in to the lab and got a copy of the test results EJ ordered on the drug but he has no idea what he’s looking for. Wendy questions how he got this. Johnny says he has his ways. Wendy says she’s an expert in cyber so she will cross search it in the dark web. Wendy gets a hit and says that EJ said it was some kind of recreational street drug but reveals it’s a rare drug that induces euphoria with a lot of nasty side effects. Johnny asks if she’s saying his dad lied to him. Wendy says she’s sorry but she thinks so.

EJ tells Nicole that this is perfect because when Stefan tries to drug him at dinner, he will turn the tables on him and then Stefan will make a fool of himself in front of Wei Shin. Nicole calls Wei the best person to witness his foolishness. EJ adds that Wei is notoriously thin on patience so Stefan could be unemployed by tomorrow. Nicole hopes so but asks if he really wants to do this under Mr. Shin’s nose since there’s more people that could witness him switching the drinks. EJ assures it’s a risk he’s willing to take. EJ adds that if the truth ever does come out, he didn’t drug anyone and it’s all on Stefan so his hands are clean.

Maggie tells Alex that according to Victor, Alex told him that she didn’t have enough experience to make it an informed decision. Maggie questions what he meant by calling to give Victor a heads up that his incompetent wife was making an uninformed decision. Alex says he definitely didn’t say that. Maggie asks if he seriously thought Victor would overrule her, side with him over his own wife, and not tell her that he went behind her back. Alex argues that he just strongly believes in the magazine and it’s nothing personal. Maggie brings up reminding him twice today that the CEO chair no longer belongs to him. Maggie declares that she is his boss and the CEO of this company. Alex says he respects that. Maggie questions if he does because his behavior says otherwise. Maggie adds that if Alex can’t accept the fact that she has the job that he thinks he’s entitled to, then he can resign now.

Leo decides his work is done and leaves Xander and Gwen to be alone. Gwen tells Xander that she’s sorry that Leo put Xander on the spot like that and assures that she didn’t put him up to it but admits he did have a few valid points. Xander agrees that Gwen did put everything on the line for him and sacrificed her own happiness to try and make it work for he and Sarah. Xander says he’s incredibly grateful for that and could never thank her enough but he thought in time, things would become clearer. Xander knows he promised her an answer when his divorce was final, but the truth is he’s still in love with Sarah and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever get over her. Xander adds that Gwen deserves someone who is going to love her with their whole heart. Xander tells Gwen that he’s sorry but he doesn’t think they can be together, at least not right now.

Johnny tells Wendy that it was bad enough thinking EJ or Stefan were using drugs but now thinking EJ is drugging Stefan after everything that Stefan has been through. Johnny wonders what that could do if EJ gets caught. Wendy points out that they still don’t know what’s going on and brings up Nicole saying Stefan’s fingerprints were on the vial. Johnny argues that they don’t know that for sure now since Nicole is sleeping with EJ, so she’d lie for him in a heartbeat. Wendy remembers that EJ called her dad and invited him over for dinner. Wendy wonders if EJ is planning to drug Stefan to get him to make a fool of himself in front of Wei. Johnny believes that’s exactly the plan. Johnny decides that he’s not going to just sit here and do nothing about it. Johnny then calls Stefan and says he hates to tell him this, but he thinks somebody might be drugging him.

Wei Shin arrives at the DiMera Mansion. EJ brings him in to the living room to Nicole. Wei praises Nicole doing an excellent job at Basic Black but mentions hearing that her co-CEO was arrested for kidnapping. Nicole says they are confident the charges will be dropped. EJ adds that they are cooperating with police so they don’t have any scandals on their watch. EJ then confides in Wei that he’s rather worried about Stefan because he’s afraid that what Dr. Rolf did to him may have taken it’s toll on him as he doesn’t seem to be himself. Wei says he hasn’t heard any word about Stefan’s behavior at work, but he’s heard plenty about EJ’s.

Xander apologizes to Gwen and hopes she understands. Gwen responds that she doesn’t understand. Gwen says when there’s blackmail to be done or a dead body to hide, he has no problem turning to her but she is never the person he would take home to meet his mother as she’s just someone to have a couple laughs with and run schemes with but he’d never actually commit to her. Xander reminds Gwen that he was going to marry her until she drugged Sarah. Gwen shouts that he killed Susan Banks while Xander retorts that she killed Laura Horton which Gwen calls an accident. Gwen argues that the point is that he is no better than her and never will be. Gwen complains that Xander puts Sarah on a pedestal because he thinks she will never measure up to her. Gwen asks if that’s what Xander thinks. Xander admits that maybe it is. Gwen is glad he finally had the guts to admit it.

Stefan asks Johnny who he thinks is drugging him and why. Johnny says he can’t get in to all the details and advises him to just be careful what he eats and drinks, especially tonight. Stefan says he needs more information but Johnny says that’s all he’s got right now. Johnny tells Stefan to take care and hangs up. Johnny then tells Wendy that he hopes he did the right thing. Stefan says EJ’s name and laughs.

Wei tells EJ that it seems that he’s more a danger to the company after that debacle at the press conference and says his portfolio is still recovering. EJ apologizes and says he’s not one to make excuses, but says he had a flu and insists he’s fine now. EJ adds that he’s afraid Stefan may have permanent brain damage as a result of what he’s been through. Wei questions if EJ invited him over so he could see for himself. EJ says he invited him as their guest, but he does think Wei will be concerned about what he witnesses. Stefan then enters the living room, surprised to see Wei. EJ informs him that he invited Wei to dinner. Stefan notes that EJ didn’t mention that before. EJ calls it a spur of the moment decision and asks how Stefan is feeling. Stefan says he’s much better and thanks him. Stefan offers to make Wei a drink and then decides he’ll make a round for all of them. Stefan then drugs a glass.

Maggie complains about in fighting, especially when family members do it to each other which is why the Titan CEO merry go round ends here with her. Maggie asks Alex if he can deal with it. Alex assures that he can and he’s not quitting. Alex is sorry that they got off to a rocky start but says he’s proud of the work he did with Bella and developed personal relationships with employees. Maggie decides if he feels that strongly about it, maybe he should be the one to break the news to them. Alex questions her wanting him to fire the staff. Maggie says in the meantime, she wants him to bring her all the accounts he’s in charge of so she can review them. Maggie warns Alex that if he ever goes behind her back again to Victor, she will fire him and the next time, she won’t be joking.

Gwen states that Xander was brutally honest with her so now she will be brutally honest with him. Gwen admits that maybe she was an idiot to hold out hope for them. Xander disagrees and calls her beautiful, smart, and sensitive but Gwen tells him not to patronize her. Gwen declares that she doesn’t want to be Xander’s friend or business partner. Gwen doesn’t know how to come in to work every day and see his face when she just wants to claw his eyes out right now because whether he meant to or not, he led her on. Xander apologizes for handling things very poorly. Xander wants to fix it because he’s obviously hurt her very badly. Xander declares that this is her dad’s paper, so she should be the one to run it and he knows she’ll do a bang up job without him. Xander says goodbye to Gwen and then exits the office.

Xander goes to the Titan office. Maggie is surprised to see him since their follow up interview is tomorrow. Xander says he just came by to let her know that someone else might handle that interview, since he took her advice to have a candid talk with Gwen about their future. Maggie guesses it didn’t go well. Xander confirms that he doesn’t think it could’ve gone any worse.

Gwen goes to the Bistro and starts drinking. Alex arrives and asks if she had a bad day. Gwen calls it the worst. Alex tells her to join the club as he sits at her table.

Wendy asks Johnny how Stefan took the news. Johnny says he wanted to know more but he couldn’t just out his own father. Wendy wonders if Stefan will think it’s EJ anyway. Johnny notes that it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Johnny guesses he will have to confront EJ because you can’t do something that underhanded and expect to get away with it. Tripp then comes home and asks if Johnny means like what he just did to him.

Stefan brings drinks to Wei, Nicole, and EJ. Nicole points out that he forgot the olives. Stefan goes to check, so EJ switches he and Stefan’s drinks. Stefan sees that they must be out of olives. EJ goes over to check himself, allowing Stefan to then switch he and EJ’s drinks back behind EJ’s back. EJ finds the olives so Stefan comments that he doesn’t know how he missed them. EJ guesses he must still be feeling off but Stefan assures the nap did him just right. Stefan then proposes a toast to the future of DiMera Enterprises and they each take a drink.

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