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can I get you anything else, ms. Reeves? Oh, no, thank you, jaime. I’m good. Oh, wait. Whoa, whoa. Um… you’re — you’re in business school, right? Yep, pcu’s graduate program. Oh, great. Um, question — under what circumstances would someone in a leadership position in a company be investigated by the sec? W-what makes you ask that? Ava: Hey, austin, it’s ava. We need to discuss your charming cousin and the not-so-charming stranglehold he has on us. So call me as soon as you can. Thanks. Hey, trina! Hi! What are you doing here? Uh, I just received a notification that the evaschen work just arrived. The shipper still has me listed as a contact. Oh. I-I’m here for the same reason. You know, it’s not your job to track artwork anymore. Yeah, but I just — I wanted to spare you from anything gallery related, especially after everything that happened to you lately. Oh, thanks. You don’t have to take care of me. Well, to be honest, I wanted a reason to return to the gallery. This place is really important to me. It’s like a second home. Now it’s more important than my first. Congratulations on your recent nuptials. Did bradley deliver my gift the night of your rehearsal dinner? Yeah, he did. I was surprised I didn’t hear back from you. Did the gift not meet with your approval?

[ Scoffs ] Where is that invoice for your feed, buddy?

[ Groans ] Well, ma ma q didn’t hire mefor my organizational skills. Sasha: That much is obvious. I’m about ponies, not paperwork. You are good with horses. You are also good with people. Among them, me. Is this dark roast? Not your preference? Well, it tastes burnt, you know? [ Scoffs ] Oh, I miss kelly’s smooth coffee. I miss kelly’S. I miss croissants. Wouldn’t you just kill for a chocolate babka? Why does felicia always bring just yogurt and granola? How was your shower? I didn’t actually get one. Someone decided to take the last of the hot water again. Um, that’s because the water here is so very hard, it’s — it’s difficult to get all the shampoo out of my hair. I rinse it a lot.

[ Carafe rattles ]

[ Clears throat ] Stay away from the window! Oh, my god. How long do we keep hiding here? This is torture.

[ Sighs ] Oh. Good morning. Is it? Well, it’s the best sleep I’ve had in weeks. I feel so rested. That makes one of us. You’re not upset about last night, are you? I’ll thank you to not mention last night again. We all learned to tread very carefully with jessie brewer. She was a wonderful, generous woman, but she had zero tolerance when it came to bringing personal drama to work. So she really kept us on our toes.

[ All chuckle ] How long have you worked at G.H.? 45 years, but the hospital’s turning 60 this year, so I wasn’t here at its inception. 60 years. That’s quite a milestone. Yeah. The hospital has been the center of so many people’s lives in port charles. How are you gonna mark the occasion? Oh, there aren’t any plans that I’m aware of. That’s a missed opportunity. Um, it’s more than that. It’s a travesty. Somebody needs to do something about it.

[ Exhales deeply ] Problem? Deception stock. What, it took a hit? No, just relax. You’re still getting a return on your investments. No, it’s just, it could be a whole heck of a lot better. If you were back there, you mean? Yes, if I was back there. Back at the company? Yes, yes, yes. I’m so sorry. Mnh! I thought that there was another bag, but that was the last of the coffee. Sorry. I miss paris. Oh, me too. For a lot of reasons, but right now, the coffee. Tell me about paris. Stop. This is another thing, see? Marty can’t be here. He’s visiting his mom. So watching you two lovebirds continuously reminds me that I am involuntarily celibate. You know what? When all this is over and we get victor, your life will be waiting for you. Don’t say the “w” word — waiting, waiting, waiting! That’s all I do. I am so sick of waiting. I just want out of here. We w ere both tired last night,and we’d both been drinking. Neither of us were at our best. But now we’re both rejuvenated.

[ Sighs ] Is it something I did? Oh, I have a busy day today. Anything to do with the next phase of your plan? You don’t have to go it alone. I’m with you all the way. Didn’t I prove that to you when I helped take care of anna devane? Victor, let me in. Tell me what you need, what you want. I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. If I knew you were coming, I’d have cleaned the place up. Did you find what you were looking for? Uh… afraid not, but, uh, no worries. I’ll look later. For you… with my thanks. For what? For what you did the day I confronted heather webber at the pcpd. Ava: Trouble at home? You’re the one that just went through hell. How are you? I’m hanging in. And your friend, dr. Gatlin-holt? Oh, well enough to check himself out of the hospital. In fact, your mom treated him right before he left G.H. So, when are she and curtis headed for italy? Um, as far as I know, that trip is canceled. They’re not in a great place right now. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. What happened? I happened. Let’s just say I’ve had a few things on my mind, so sending out thank you cards was not high on my list. It’s not like you to be ungrateful, so I’ll ignore your oversight. Newly-wedded bliss can be all-consuming. Or so I’ve been told. Excuse me. You are bluffing, sucker! Selina: I never bluff. M-ms. Wu. I-I didn’t mean — I-I was pla–

[ Clears throat ] Thank you for meeting me. Why didn’t you meet me at the savoy? I, uh, make bad decisions when I’m at the club. Is that what I think? The deed to my son’s garage. Yeah, I’m just — I’m always pestering jaime with these business questions. You know, he’s in business school, and, yeah, I’m gonna take credit when he passes his course with flying colors. Uh-huh. Have you heard from willow today? No, I haven’T. And I don’t want to risk our somewhat shaky truce by hounding her with questions and calls. So you’re taking it slow. That’s a good thing, right? Yeah, I’m just grateful that I’m in the loop where my daughter’s health is concerned. Boy, I wish I was in the loop where my daughter’s is concerned. Uh, have you heard from — anything from ava telling you that nikolas cassadine is threatening to take avery? I agree. It would be really nice to honor G.H.’S six decades of service to the community, but, you know, the leadership is still navigating britt’s loss, so they are probably just gonna put up a plaque.

[ Scoffs ] We need more than a plaque. Port charles has seen so much loss and turmoil in the recent years. This town needs a celebration. Maxie’s right. And I suppose you have something in mind?

Many somethings, actually.

[ Chuckles ] But there is a clear-cut winner to usher in the festivities. This town needs the biggest and best nurses’ ball that G.H. Has ever seen.

[ Laughs ]

There is no better way to mark G.H.’S 60th anniversary than with the nurses’ ball! Anniversary’s next month. There is no way to get the nurses’ ball ready in time. It’s not an easy enterprise. Bobbie, I’ve done bigger events in less time. I just need a choreographer, a fireworks team, a llama, and a truckload of bubbly. Plus a celebrity guest, teasers for local news, and some corporate sponsors to foot the bill. Easy peasy. We can do it. Yeah! Who’s “we”? Us. You really want to help? Any way I can. Then only come when I call. It wasn’t long ago you imagined you were being haunted.

[ Clears throat ] I was under a lot of pressure. I realize now it was the sleeping pills my doctor prescribed. I see. I, uh, requested a copy of a file on holly sutton, with her accident at the cabin. The original, unredacted file. Go on. It may contain useful information on the necklace. And you’re certain you can get your hands on this file? I have strings I can pull. Then pull them. Now.

[ Door closes ] Checking in, as demanded. Valentin: As far as safe houses go, this is fine. One moment. We are all making sacrifices. So deal with it.

[ Inhales deeply ] And why should I? You know, you and anna, you’re the spies. I’m just a humble entrepreneur, really. I can’t get away right now… why should I be stuck in a safe house? …So your contact will meet you where you are. You cannot go out the door! This is our best chance to bring victor down. This really seems like a you problem. I’m starting to wish I’d taken that attitude when we found you shackled in a paris catacomb. Okay, you know, I’m very grateful. I-I really am. It’s just that I wouldn’t have needed rescuing if anna hadn’t blackmailed me to spy for her in the first place. You know what? That was eileen ashby on the phone, and she says that she will get us everything we need to stop victor, alright? Wow. Well, for your sake and for mine, I sure hope she comes through — and soon!

[ Sighs ] If we don’t get out of here soon, I just may kill lucy coe myself. This will make us square, right? More than amply. Your debt is covered. Remaining funds can be deposited into a business account or used for a stake in the next game. No. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] I-I’m — I’m — I’m done with all that. Deposit will suit me fine. Yeah, I was, uh, worried that you’d think I was butting in where it wasn’t my business. But I-I knew dante would look after you. Dante showed up because you sent him? Yeah. Isn’t that why you’re thanking me? No. I’m thanking you for not giving me up to the desk sergeant when I claimed to be heather’s lawyer. Yum. [ Chuckles ] Biscotti. You enjoyed the biscotti olivia made that night in the solarium. I, um — I did. Thank you. You’re welcome. You’re not mad? I pretended to be someone’s lawyer and asked to see the woman who killed my husband. You probably thought that I was out for revenge, and you were trying to save me from myself. Turns out you don’t need saving. Trina, none of this is your fault. If I hadn’t gone to check on stella the night of my mom’s wedding, none of this would have happened. Most secrets… eventually come to light. Ava? What’s important is how you’re doing.

[ Sighs ] I’m all over the place. I’m angry at my mom. But you miss her. I want to stay close to my dad, but I’m starting to feel, like, distance from him. And I like curtis, but I resent him. That sounds perfectly natural. What can I do? What do you need? A solution. Oh. Oh, sweetheart, I don’t think I can help you with that. Nikolas threatened to take avery? Ava said it was an empty threat, but there’s no empty threat when it comes to my child.

[ Gasps ] Uh, excuse me. I don’t mean to interrupt. How you doing, sonny? Can we talk for a moment? Yeah, of cour– aren’t you supposed to be in tuscany? Yeah, um, I wanted to thank you for comping that honeymoon room for portia and me. Yeah, it was my pleasure. I appreciate the generosity, but I can’t accept. This is… you’re reimbursing me for the room? It was a gift for you and your wife. Well, that’s just it. Portia may not be my wife much longer.

what happened? You know what? I’ll let you guys have a discussion. I’m — I got something I gotta do. Curtis: Why don’t we go have a seat at my table? Mr. Corinthos. Just the man I needed to see. Oh, hey, uh, what can I do for you, ms. Wu? Why was my shipment rerouted from pier 55 yesterday? It was a minor inconvenience. If you’re concerned that I might attempt to join your pikeman deal — okay, listen to me, alright? We had an arrangement. You operate on my docks at my discretion. You understand that? And I want you to keep it that way. Oh, hi, cuz.

[ Chuckles ] Don’t “hi, cuz” me. What were you doing with ms. Wu? I’m always here for you. You know that. But there is no quick fix for this particular situation. And I know you’re probably sick of hearing things like this, but… with maturity comes an understanding that — that nothing is absolute. There are almost always shades of gray. What my mom did was wrong. No amount of age or perspective will make me see that differently. I think your mother was wrong. I agree with you. But if you’re looking for me to validate your righteous indignation, I think you’re gonna be disappointed. Because I know from personal experience, there is no telling what a mother might do when she’s afraid she could lose her child. It wasn’t easy to face the woman who murdered my husband. Every word coming out of her mouth infuriated me. And you didn’t go for her throat. I admire your restraint. It would have felt so satisfying to claw her face off. But I thought of what brando would want. Which is? To get justice for him without compromising my future. Well, yo u definitely seem betterthan the last time I saw you. I don’t know, lighter or something. I won’t say that it’s closure, but a burden has been lifted. How about you? How do you feel? I am, uh, not really liking myself so much lately. I seem to be in the habit of letting down any person who cares about me. All any of us can do is forgive ourselves. If I can’t, what then? Conrinthos coffee, elq, deception, aurora media, and we can get ned to cover the rest.

[ Sighs ] Hold on there, hot foot. We haven’t even pitched this to the board. Well, when they learn that I’ve lined up donors and I’m offering my services, free of charge, how could they object? Maxie, even someone as efficient as you needs a reliable and a willing committee. Not a problem. I can already think of half a dozen go-getters. Not to mention, I already have a co-chair. Your mother didn’t agree to that. Who said I’m talking about my mom? Hey.

[ Laughing ] Hi! Oh, it’s so nice to see you. Not just ’cause you brought coffee, though. Oh, thank you.

[ Both laugh ] We heard what happened with ryan chamberlain. Are you all right? Yeah. Yeah, I’m — I’m — I’m getting there. I mean, the whole thing was quite a traumatic experience, but I think it’s worth it, because, uh… ryan is now gone.

[ Whispers ] Amen. Yeah. Yeah. So, how’s everything here? Well, it’d be nice to believe we’re making progress, uh, thanks to your plan. I had my reservations, but anna said you were the most convincing corpse she’d ever seen. Mm! Well, I have to admit, I did enjoy seeing the look on eileen’s face when she realized she’d been had. I doubt she likes being played. Let’s just hope she hasn’t gone rogue. Well… if eileen ashby wants to take us down, she’s going down first. I have a feeling that she’s too self-serving for that.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Hello, eileen.

You were expecting someone else. I thought maybe felicia scorpio. But I should have known it would be you. Oh? Why is that? Anna devane is clearly enjoying my fall from grace. What better way to stick it to me than to send you? I volunteered. Huh. That’s not surprising. You were the one who first told me anna was dead. And you sent me to the morgue.

[ Whispers ] You set me up. And you have been playing me since lucy coe was shot. Oh-oh, my dear. We were on to you long before that. We were biding our time until you could prove to be useful to us. Could you please, please, please — I’m begging you, don’t go, don’t go. Could you just stay and be like a little buffer between us, please? I-I’m sure there’s not friction here. I mean, we’re all on the same side. Right! Right. It’s just, we’re going a little stir crazy. You know that saying about two’s company, but — three’s a necessary evil to survive.

[ Sighs ] Lucy, I’m gonna come back, I promise. And I’ll bring you an update on what maxie’s planning for this year’s nurses’ ball. Ch– ch–ch– oh, my god. The nurses’ ball. Did they — they — they set a date? When is it? It’s in a few weeks.

[ Gasps ] A few weeks?! Mm-hmm. No! No, no, no, no, no. There can be no nurses’ ball without me. You make the most sense as a co-chair, bobbie. You love the hospital. You know its history. You’ve played an important role in the health and happiness of so many who have walked through the doors — least of whom is me. Maxie, I don’t know.

[ Chuckles ] You have to do this, bobbie. Nobody else can fill lucy’s shoes. I need you. Okay, you have till the end of breakfast to decide. Now, musical acts. These months without brando, I have had a lot of time to think. It’s usually at night when it’s quiet. And one of the things that I couldn’t let go of was how brando spent so much time taking care of me before he died. We lost a lot of valuable time together while I was spiraling. Well, I — you went through a lot. You know, it’s not your fault you were a hot mess express.

[ Laughs ] Don’t be shy. Tell me what you really think. Oh, I-I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I-I suffer from a disease. It’s — it’s foot-in-the-mouth disease.

[ Both laugh ] Well, don’t apologize. I told you before, I appreciate that you don’t feel the need to treat me with kid gloves. Still, I could stand to learn some more grace. You could stand to extend that grace to yourself. Once I managed to do that, my regrets stopped keeping me up at night. Sounds easier said than done. Nothing worth doing is ever easy.

[ Horse sighs ] Well, comet agrees. You’re outnumbered. I don’t know what to say to my mom or curtis or even my dad. Should I take the dna test? That depends. Do you want to know who your biological father is? I’m not sure. Well, then, maybe the better question is, would knowing change anything for you? I won’t let it. Marcus taggert is my father. He raised me. He loves me. And that will never change. Okay. Well, if that’s the case, then some would say there’s no reason to find out. I’m from a different school of thought. At the end of the day, I like looking in the mirror and knowing exactly who I am, exactly where I came from. It might not change my decisions or behavior, but at least there are no lingering, existential questions. So you’re saying I should take the test? I’m saying why not find out for sure? I am so sorry. I don’t know what to say. I don’t either. How can I help? You could take my check. Well, we both know I’m not gonna do that. Besides, you’re not really telling me that your marriage is over, curtis, are you?

[ Breathes deeply ] Portia lied to me, nina. When we met again after all those years apart, she made a point of telling me that trina couldn’t possibly be my daughter. Well, I’m not defending portia — I’m not — but also, to be honest, I can’t condemn her either. She didn’t admit the truth that trina could, in fact, be my daughter until her secret came out and she had no choice. Yeah. Yeah, because she was afraid to lose you. And I can certainly understand that, because I withheld information for the exact same reason. Gladys, what business could you possibly be doing with ms. Wu? I was just following your advice. Which is? You discouraged me from selling the garage to a low bidder. You’ll be happy to know I rejected that offer and sold it to someone who values its worth. Selina wu is the proud new owner of brando’s garage. Whatever mr. Cassadine is having, put on my tab. That’s very kind of you, selina, but quite unnecessary. I insist. You look like you need a pick-me-up. What do you know about it? She found it.

Hi, sweet pea. You’re so sweet, aren’t you? You are so good with him. Did you grow up around horses or…? Lately, I’m more familiar with the horsepower of ’70s muscle cars. No, but you’re not afraid. The last woman that I had here, she’d rather be caught dead than… I love riding. It’s just been a while. You should ride here on the estate. What do you charge? No, honestly, you’d be doing me a favor. I mean, it’s exercise for the horses, and, plus, mama q will stop worrying about if I have friends or not. Does that sound fair to you, comet? What’d he say? That you do have friends. So, you have a report for me. What did you find out?

[ Sighs ] Victor and I shared a room last night. We used to — anna told me. The less I hear about that, the better. Well, you don’t have to. I had hoped that re-igniting our physical relationship would loosen victor’s lips, but it didn’t work. Why not? Victor hasn’t been himself. He had an off night in the bedroom. Disregard my intrusion, mr. Cassadine. Enjoy your coffee in good health. Perhaps it will restore your customary courtliness, hmm? Not telling sonny’s family that he was alive in nixon falls is a mistake that I’m still living down. Okay, but at the time, I thought I was justified. Are you saying portia did, too? Well, I’m guessing, yes. But that being said, curtis, you know that I am always on your team, right? Especially around this issue. I know how painful it is being denied your own children. Well, finding out trina might be my daughter is nothing compared to what carly did to you with willow. Well…

[ Sighs ]

[ Stammers ] I’m just trying to focus on rebuilding my relationship with willow, but… I am so angry. Yeah. So am I. And you have every right to be, but I want you to remember this — the circumstances are not the same. Portia, she’s your wife and she’s trina’s mother. Have you… have you spoken to trina? Yeah. Yeah, I went and saw her. Nina… the whole time I was talking to her, I just kept looking in those big, beautiful brown eyes and wondering if she has my mother’s eyes. I gotta know. Yeah, you gotta have the answers, right? But does trina want to know? She’s considering it. Well, take it from me — do not push. I am learning to live with what I’m given. Whether it be a dna test or a relationship… curtis, let trina decide. I wish it didn’t matter either way. It doesn’t have to. You and I, we share no dna. Nature didn’t forge the connection that we have. We did that. And it’s one of the most meaningful bonds I have. Now, I don’t know if that’s an argument for or against getting a test. Only you know. But whatever you decide, trina, I will be right beside you. I’ll be holding your hand. Oh.

Time’s up. I said you had until the end of breakfast, so what’s it gonna be? Alright.

[ Laughs ] I will co-chair the nurses’ ball planning committee. Bobbie, you are the best. You will not be sorry. I promise you, the nurses’ ball is gonna be the best way to celebrate the 60th anniversary festivities of the hospital. I’m gonna text my mom. Oh, lucy and I may not have always seen eye to eye, but…

[ Breathes deeply ] I intend to do her proud. Yeah. Lucy worked really hard every year to make sure the nurses’ ball was a huge success. Yes. And lucy always made it seem like it was the biggest undertaking in modern times. But I intend to do just as well without breaking half the sweat or losing my clothes.

[ Both laughs ] Oh, well, it’s largely because of you that maxie thinks the show should go on. She wants to honor what she thinks is your legacy as the heart and soul of the nurses’ ball. Okay, that’s sweet.

[ Stammers ] Really. I think that — that’s lovely. I’m very grateful. It’s just that it’s — it’s really no small feat organizing an entire nurses’ ball. And in just a — a few weeks? I-I don’t see how ma– maxie can’t do it. I don’t think she’s capable to do it. Don’t worry about it, lucy. She has plenty of people to help her. The text I just received — bobbie’s gonna co-chair. Bobbie spencer?! Sounds like it’s all in hand. Stay safe. Oh, my goodness. Did you hear that? Did — did you actually hear that? Bobbie spencer? No! No, no, no, no, no. Bobbie spencer is not gonna take what is mine… again. Whatever trina decides, no matter the results, you’re still gonna be part of her life, right, because of your relationship with her mother. I’m just not sure where portia and I stand. So if trina is not your daughter, both portia and trina will be out of your life? I don’t know what I’d do without you. Trina, I love you. And I’ll always be here for you. But, you know, you only have that one mother. Maybe. But unlike my mother, you’ve never been dishonest with me. When it comes to ava jerome, what I see is what I get. Thanks for the biscotti. Probably not as good as mama q’S. Well, if they are, I won’t tell her. Don’t worry. I think I’ll take you up on your offer. I would love to get back into riding. Excellent. I just wish that I could give you something more in return. Like free color matching at deception or tune-ups at the garage? Well, I’ve already found my perfect foundation shade, so thanks. And I don’t have a car, which works out since you no longer have a garage. What do you mean? I still have brando’s garage. Technically, the garage belongs to my daughter-in-law, but — but we’re in the process of selling it, so I’ll just cut out the middleman and sign it over to you. I mean, sonny says it’s worth a pretty penny. Um, I’m — I’m sorry. I-I must have heard wrong. Heard wrong from who? Sounds like you selling brando’s garage to ms. Wu is a savvy business deal. I’m good with it as long as sasha is. Glad you’re on board, sonny. See you around. Gladys. Is sasha good or not? Ahh! Now, that’s a cup of joe. I know living with lucy is a temporary inconvenience. Insanity? But it’s all going to work out in the end. Because if we can prove that victor killed luke and framed me for “killing” lucy — provided eileen does everything we ask her to do. I apologize, selina. I — I haven’t been feeling myself lately. Oh? That’s a terrible shame. Is this a new issue for victor? Until now, he’s actually been rather… robust. But we haven’t been together in months. And maybe last night explains why. Alright. So, clearly, you aren’t going to be able to get information from him by seducing him, so we have to come up with another way to engage his interest. Ms. Sutton. It’s selina wu. You’ll be interested to know that something has greatly disconcerted our mutual acquaintance, victor cassadine. Perhaps that something has to do with the substance that you paid me to slip him? Eileen: Despite victor’s frustration and embarrassment earlier, his interest was piqued when I mentioned the possibility of getting him the unredacted report of holly sutton’s accident and the necklace that she stole. Then I think we may just have to give victor exactly what he wants.

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