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Paulina goes over papers in her office and comments on Chanel’s profit margin, talking about how proud she is of Chanel for starting the bakery. Paulina then wonders why the hell the rest of Chanel’s life had to blow up in her face.

Chanel closes the Bakery and takes a seat in the town square as Abe walks by. Abe mentions stopping by the bakery earlier but he couldn’t get in because the line was too long. Chanel talks about how business is booming and today was a record. Abe guesses he’s too late for a bear claw so Chanel surprises him with chocolate chip cookies.

EJ goes to the DiMera Enterprises office and questions what Johnny is doing there and what he and Wendy are up to this time. Johnny claims he just came to ask Wendy to lunch but EJ reveals that he heard them talking about Stefan, drugs, and himself.

In the park, Stefan asks if Gabi is convinced that he loves her now. Gabi says she loves him and missed him so much. Stefan apologizes for how he treated her but Gabi says it wasn’t his fault. Gabi declares that what matters is that they are finally together now. Stefan and Gabi then kiss again until Li walks up and asks what the hell is going on here. Stefan responds that he’s kissing the woman he loves. Li reminds him that Gabi is his wife. Stefan assures Li that Gabi just told him the same thing.

Nicole questions Eric about Sloan being his attorney when he said they broke up and she was furious with him. Nicole asks why Sloan took his case. Eric informs her that they sort of made up. Nicole questions what that means. Sloan then walks up and says it’s exactly what it sounds like. Sloan asks why they would give up the best sex of their lives. Sloan then kisses Eric in front of Nicole. Nicole talks about how Sloan can’t seem to resist kissing Eric in public in front of his ex-wife and asks if she’s marking her territory because of her. Eric reminds Sloan that she has an appointment so Sloan tells Eric to meet at her place tonight and to let himself in because she might already be in bed. Nicole asks if she’s going to read about them in tomorrow’s Spectator since Sloan likes to make their sex life a matter of public record. Nicole asks if Eric feels used or demeaned. Sloan warns her to watch it while Nicole remarks that dignity used to be important to Eric. Nicole asks if Sloan ran it by Eric before going to talk to Eric about the intimate details of their life. Sloan tries to slap Nicole but she blocks it and warns that she invented that move. Sloan mocks Nicole being old. Nicole asks if Eric couldn’t do better than this. Sloan says Eric’s right that she has an appointment. Sloan kisses Eric goodbye and says she will leave Nicole with her memories of her days in the sun. Sloan then walks away. Eric asks if Nicole enjoyed that, but she says she didn’t.

Li argues that it looked like Gabi was kissing Stefan while Stefan claims to him that it was a one sided kiss. Stefan explains that Gabi texted him to meet in the park to talk while he thought they were getting back together, but then she told him about Li’s grand gesture to save their marriage with a six month contract. Stefan says he told Gabi to just run away with him in the name of love but that Gabi was determined to stick to the contract, so he thought his kiss could convince her but that’s when Li showed up. Stefan tells Li that his words did not sway Gabi. Gabi goes along with Stefan’s story. Li questions being expected to believe that she’s turning down the man she loves for him. Gabi claims that a deal is deal so she intends to abide by the contract which is all he can expect for now. Li agrees that it’s up to him to win her back. Stefan jokes that all Li has to do is kidnap and brainwash her, then she’ll forget all the crazy crap he pulled. Li then tells Gabi that he just found something out in the fine print about what Gabi can and cannot do for the six month, like a morals clause.

Johnny tells EJ that after they talked this morning, he did ask Wendy how she thought Stefan was doing and he did came here to take her to lunch but when he got there, Wendy was installing spyware on the computer. Johnny says he started thinking about Stefan, so he told Wendy that EJ was worried about him because of all he’s been through. EJ says he wouldn’t worry about that. Johnny goes back to asking Wendy about lunch but EJ warns them about lying to him.

Chanel tells Abe that the bakery is short-handed since Allie left. Abe tells Chanel that she doesn’t have to stay away because she feels like she has to cover up her feelings to them, when they both know how much Allie hurt her. Chanel says she hurt her too because it all started when she couldn’t really let go of Johnny.

Johnny admits to EJ that he told Wendy that EJ suspects Stefan is using drugs and he asked her if she’s noticed anything because he’s worried about Stefan too. Wendy swears that she won’t tell anybody. EJ hopes not for Stefan and the company’s sake. Johnny promises that he can trust Wendy. EJ guesses he will have to. EJ adds that having Wendy in the loop on this might work to his advantage in trying to help Stefan.

Li informs Gabi that the morals clause stipulates that at any time during their six months, Gabi cheats on him, their deal becomes null and void and the shares revert to him. Li adds that lucky for them, Gabi turned down Stefan.

Eric suggests that moving forward, he and Nicole refrain from judging other peoples’ bad decisions. Nicole says when they were together, she spent a lot of time thinking what it would be like if Marlena was her mother. Nicole says it must be Hell dealing with losing her. Eric complains that he’s exhausted after spending the night in jail. Nicole argues that he can’t be with Sloan because she is bad for him. Eric tells her to give his best to EJ. Nicole complains that Sloan is a terrible person and came here purposely to destroy a young woman’s life. Nicole recognizes that EJ’s done that and more but says she’s a bad person so it doesn’t matter if she’s with EJ. Nicole remarks that she doesn’t know who Eric is anymore by being with Sloan and asks if he does. Nicole feels it’s like Eric is lost at sea and Sloan is the anchor.

Belle joins Paulina and tells her that she’s sorry she’s late as it’s been a busy morning. Paulina says she read the papers and assumed she was helping her brothers out. Belle confirms that she got Brady out on bail, but she left Eric there to fend for himself. Paulina can’t blame her considering how Eric defended Sloan. Paulina asks about Sloan’s lawsuit. Belle says she checked in with the lead attorney and he said it’s been pretty quiet. Belle wanted to talk to Paulina about her retainer and reveals the check she gave her bounced. Paulina calls that impossible. Belle says she got an alert on her phone from the bank. Paulina decides she will call the bank and find out what the hell happened. Paulina calls the bank, who informs her that all of her assets were frozen. Paulina is shocked and argues that she doesn’t even know how that is possible. Sloan then arrives and says she knows how. Paulina questions what the hell she’s doing here. Sloan responds that she came to answer all her questions about her assets being frozen. Sloan then presents a court order announcing that Paulina will need the court’s approval for any expenditures. Paulina argues that it’s her money but Sloan says it’s not anymore, reminding her that she planned to take everything from Paulina.

Eric questions Nicole wanting to set up an intervention for him. Nicole says she’s worried about him. Eric asks if that’s just because he’s a good man and Sloan’s a bad woman. Eric questions Nicole passing judgment. Nicole argues that Sloan is the opposite of everything Eric believes in. Eric shouts at Nicole not to tell him what he believes in. Eric says he lived his entire life by some moral code, but Marlena is no longer on this earth because of Orpheus and Kristen, so he doesn’t give a damn about right or wrong anymore. Eric states that Sloan might make bad decisions but the sex is really good and that’s all he cares about right now and he can settle for that. Eric asks if they are clear. Nicole calls him a shallow jerk and remarks that he has the perfect person to show him the ropes. Nicole tells Eric to have fun tonight and she’s sure she’ll read about it tomorrow as she storms off.

Wendy questions EJ thinking it’s an advantage that she’s in the loop. EJ acknowledges that Johnny is right that it’s a good idea to have someone who works with Stefan be aware of what’s going on. Johnny suggests instead of spying on Stefan, it might be a better idea to just talk to him directly and ask him if he’s using. EJ doesn’t want to take that step until they are sure of the facts, explaining that he doesn’t want rumors at work or board members using it against Stefan. EJ suggests keeping it to themselves since they only have Stefan’s best interests at heart.

Li guesses Stefan is disappointed in how his day is going. Li makes sure Gabi sees the clause in the contract, so she doesn’t slip up and lose her shares and power because Stefan can’t keep his hands off of her. Li warns that even the appearance of infidelity could be disastrous to her. Gabi sarcastically thanks him for looking out for her. Li says he just doesn’t want misunderstandings down the road. Li adds that Gabi already told Stefan to take a hike. Li then walks off with Gabi. Stefan remains feeling dizzy and stumbles.

Sloan tells Paulina that she can’t be hiding her assets or claiming that she can’t pay the means of the 8 figure judgment she’s going to get when the jury rules that Paulina and Chanel are the reason for her mother’s wrongful death. Belle mocks Sloan’s father for being with Chanel. Belle argues that Sloan and the judge are overreaching so she will file a motion to have this undone. Sloan says they are just delaying the inevitable. Sloan warns that when this is done, she will have all of Paulina’s businesses and every last crumb of Chanel’s bakery. Sloan then exits the office.

Abe tells Chanel that in his experience, a marriage doesn’t survive when the man has been possessed by the Devil and it can be hard to find closure. Abe asks if Chanel is thinking of starting over with Johnny now that Allie is out of the picture. Chanel says no because Johnny has moved on with Wendy Shin.

Johnny and Wendy have lunch together in the park. Wendy jokes that they both have families where it’s possible to know when or if someone is telling the truth. Johnny asks if she thinks EJ is lying. Wendy admits she doesn’t know but feels he didn’t confide in them just because he’s worried about his brother. Johnny jokes about the idea of EJ having a hidden agenda. Nicole then walks up and questions what they said about EJ.

Stefan goes to the DiMera Enterprises office. EJ asks about him going to see Gabi and says he’s surprised he’s back so soon, so he asks if there’s trouble in paradise.

Li and Gabi go home. Li notes that Gabi looks angry. Gabi complains about Li laying out the terms of their contract and telling her to stay away from Stefan. Li says he felt she needed to know. Gabi responds that she will not put up with being stalked. Gabi questions how he knew where she was. Li thinks she’s being paranoid. Gabi tells him that they have six months of living together but he doesn’t own her. Gabi warns that a vindictive wife can do a lot of damage to a man’s holdings and career. Gabi tells him to be very careful about how he treats her.

Stefan tells EJ about Li showing up and interrupting he and Gabi. EJ pretends not to be confused and asks who Li is. Stefan reminds him, so EJ claims he’s just overwhelmed by all the numbers. Stefan asks if EJ had any problems on the phone call with the bank. EJ says he had a few problems but he handled it. Stefan says he’s sorry for running out on him and asks to look over the notes. EJ tells Stefan that he thinks he’s figured out that what’s wrong with him is that he’s been pushing himself at the gym and must be dehydrated. Stefan decides he will get them something to drink and they can go over things together, so EJ thanks him.

Abe invites Chanel to join him in going to see Paulina but Chanel says she’s going to stay here and finish her coffee, then she will catch up with them later. Abe says he loves her and hugs her as he then walks away. Chanel then sees a woman frustrated that the Bakery is closed. Chanel gets up and asks if she can help her. The woman asks if she knows the owner of the Bakery. Chanel responds that they are really close..

Nicole guesses Johnny told Wendy about Stefan which he confirms. Nicole reminds him that EJ told him not to. Johnny says it’s okay and that EJ knows all about it. Nicole questions what Johnny thinks EJ is keeping from him. Johnny says he doesn’t know but it feels weird thinking that Stefan is using drugs. Nicole questions what other explanation there is. Johnny suggests that whoever is taking those drugs isn’t doing it voluntarily. Nicole asks what he means. Wendy asks what if one DiMera brother is drugging the other one.

Stefan drugs a bottle of water and then returns to the DiMera Enterprise office to give it to EJ. EJ uses his phone to call the office phone and then asks Stefan to answer it. EJ cancels the call on his phone and when Stefan turns his back to answer the office phone, EJ switches their water bottles. Stefan notes that no one answered so EJ guesses it wasn’t important. EJ suggests they then get to work.

Li tells Gabi that he did not follow her nor hire someone to do it. Li adds that he found out Gabi faked the call to Arianna’s school and reveals that he knew she went to the park because he tracked her phone. Li mentions that Wendy said if he would stoop to that, then he needed to let her go. Li declares that he thinks Wendy is right and they should end their marriage right now.

Paulina calls her lead attorney, complaining about not being told that Sloan froze her assets. Paulina tells him that they are all fired and hangs up. Abe joins them in the office as Belle tells Paulina that might have been hasty. Paulina declares that she doesn’t need them because she has Belle. Paulina then instructs Belle to do whatever it takes to stop Sloan in her tracks.

Chanel introduces herself to the woman at the bakery as the bakery’s owner and offers her a cookie. The woman responds that she actually wants a job since they are hiring which Chanel confirms. She informs Chanel that she is a good baker. Chanel offers her a cookie and says she makes the best ones in the US. The woman disagrees and says that she does. She then pulls out her one from her purse and offers one to Chanel.

Nicole questions Johnny thinking that EJ is drugging Stefan and calls that ridiculous. Johnny asks what makes her so sure. Nicole argues that Stefan is EJ’s brother. Johnny points out that Stefan is also EJ’s competition at DiMera and with EJ, business comes before family. Nicole asks what about the report from the investigator. Johnny says he could’ve made it up. Nicole says he couldn’t have because she was there when he got the report that confirmed it and asks how Stefan’s fingerprints could be on the vial if EJ bought the drugs.

Stefan tells EJ that this is good work. EJ says he spent so much time going over the numbers that his vision started to blur. EJ asks if Stefan found out what deal Gabi made with Li.

Li tells Gabi that if they end their marriage, he will take back his DiMera shares but she will be free to be with Stefan. Li says that after seeing Stefan with Gabi today, he now knows that’s what she really wants and he doesn’t want to stand in the way of her happiness. Li declares that he’s giving Gabi the chance to walk away from their marriage and go with Stefan.

Paulina complains that Sloan is trying to clean her out. Belle comments that Sloan will fight dirty to do it. Abe believes that Belle has this. Paulina tells Belle that if it comes down to protecting her money or protecting Chanel, then she can throw her under the bus because Chanel has been through too much, so she will do whatever it takes to protect her no matter how much it costs.

Chanel tastes the cookie and correctly identifies how it was made. The woman is impressed that Chanel knows her cookies. Chanel says she knows a great baker when she meets one, so the girl asks if that means she’s hired but Chanel says she’s afraid not. Chanel explains that she is a great baker, but she’ll need to fill out an application first, leaving her confused.

Eric gets out of the shower at his room as Sloan then shows up at the door and walks in. Eric thought he was supposed to meet at her place but Sloan says she couldn’t wait. Sloan then removes Eric’s towel, kisses him and pushes him onto the bed.

Johnny tells Nicole that she’s right that if Stefan’s prints were on the vial, then the drug must be his, so he guesses he just didn’t want to believe he could be using. Nicole says they all want to help him, so the best thing to do is just trust EJ to do what’s best for him. Nicole then walks away. Wendy comments that Nicole really made a case that this isn’t some big conspiracy so she guesses that settles in. Johnny says that’s unless Nicole is in on it.

Stefan tells EJ that apparently Gabi holds on to Li’s voting block of DiMera shares as long as she stays married to him for six months. EJ notes that a lot could happen in six months. Stefan smiles as he watches EJ take a drink of his water bottle.

Gabi thinks back to Stefan telling her that they could have it all. Li tells Gabi that she can’t have her cake and eat it too, so he asks what it’s going to be. Gabi responds that she made a deal, so she intends to keep it. Gabi then proposes they at least try to be civil and social. Gabi knows it’s too late to do what Li had planned for the day but maybe they could go to the Van Gogh exhibit. Li admits he would like that very much.

Stefan agrees with EJ that a lot could happen in six months. EJ then asks if at the end of those six months, is Stefan planning on aligning with Gabi to oust him as CEO. Stefan responds that he loves Gabi, but family comes first. Stefan declares that he would never betray his own brother. EJ responds that he feels exactly the same way.

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