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[ Door opening ] Mom, are you okay?

[ Knock on door ] Hi, esme.

[ Door closes ] Do you have a few minutes to talk? No. Why not? Elizabeth baldwin told me the truth about your son. You don’t really care about me. None of you can be trusted, and I am done listening to your lies. Spencer. Hey. Trina. Hi. Hi. Liesl? All men are schwein. Go away. Didn’t you hear me? Leave. Oh, I heard you loud and clear. I also happen to know how much you enjoy telling me off. So have at it. Okay. I am taking off the blindfold. Now… you’re alive, too? Well spotted. It’s a miracle. Wha– why didn’t you tell me

he was alive? Because you could have gone straight to victor. You needn’t worry. I know better. If victor found out that there’s a recording of me confessing to setting you up, I’d be seen as a liability — probably killed. Probably? It’s good that you’re clear on that. Well, if — if you’re alive and anna’s alive, does that mean lucy coe’S…? No, no, no, no. You’re here to give us information, not ask us questions. We’ll tell you what you want to know once we decide how useful you can be. Why is it you work for victor? How close are you to him? We need to know everything. Marshall. Tell me the truth. Do you think that there is any hope…

[ Elevator bell dings ] …For me and curtis?

[ Elevator doors close ] I’ll be in dr. Samuels’ office. Yeah, go ahead, pop. Lead the way. No need for you to come while I check in, son. Stay. Talk.

[ Sighs ] Maybe you two have something to say to each other. Not here. Not now. Curtis, please don’t go!

How you doing? Are you okay? Sorry. You go first. No, um, you go first. You really shouldn’t be here. What if you see your mom? I was nervous about possibly running into her, but, um… that doesn’t matter. I wanted to be here for you. Um, I got your little brother a cool baby blanket. Ohh! I hope you don’t mind. No, thank you. Oh, my god. That’s very thoughtful. Thank you. That’s really nice. I don’t really know when I’m gonna give it to him, though. Isn’t he going home today? Is he all right? Yeah. Yeah, baby’s fine. Trina, things have gone from bad to worse. What happened? Esme said that my father kept her prisoner at wyndemere. What? I actually had to jump off a turret to get away. I-I could have been killed. I could have lost my baby. And you didn’t say a word about any of this. I’m sorry. I only recently found out about this. Yes, but why should I believe you? I can’t trust anyone. All of the cassadines are horrible. Nikolas, spencer, uncle victor. They’re all trying to take ace away from me. I am not a cassadine. Yes, but you’re — you’re spencer’s grandmother, so I know you’re on his side. I am also your baby’s grandmother, and I am on his side. We do have things to say. I’ll be in dr. Samuels’ office. Good to see you, portia. What is it we need to discuss? Well, first of all, you haven’t been home since the wedding. Um… where you been staying? I’ve been at the metro court hotel. Come home, curtis. I can stay in the guest room if you prefer.

[ Scoffs ] I don’t prefer any of this. And as for me coming home, I’m sorry, portia, but I’m just not ready. We can’t just keep avoiding each other forever, curtis. And can you answer me one thing?

[ Sighs ] Do you and trina want to have a dna test to see if you’re really father and daughter? Where is felicia scorpio? She couldn’t make it. Why don’t you take a seat? Alright. So… we need to understand your involvement with victor and what it is that you might know. Uh, I don’t know how much I can tell you. Why you? Let’s start with that. Why would he want a mole in the mayor’s office? Well, at first, it was all about laura. He wanted me to keep tabs on her. Why is that, do you suppose? He wanted, I believe, to keep her from focusing on him? He told me to undermine her whenever possible. And was he more interested in certain information? He wanted to know if the pcpd was investigating him, but other than that, he didn’t give me any details. How convenient for you. We’re not partners. Victor made that quite clear. I work for him and I do what he tells me to do. And since he promised to back my political aspirations, I had no idea that he would be killing people that got in his way. You know, that’s not very shrewd of you, failing to vet someone like victor when you’re about to become his flunky? Come on, robert. Eileen was lured in by the promise of more. Weren’t you? More power, more money. It was never about money. Victor said he believed in me. It was only until I started working for him that my eyes were opened. What did you see? Mom, are you okay? You’re not sleepwalking, are you? No! No, I fell asleep. I was waiting up for you, and I just — I fell asleep. I’m sure seeing me sleeping on this couch brings back bad memories for you, but I can assure you, I’m not in that dark place anymore. Okay. I’m glad to hear that. And I’m glad you waited up for me. Yeah, why? What’s up? I’m going to play soccer for stanford.

[ Laughs ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Both laugh ]

I don’t know what game you’re playing, but I’m not interested, victor. I’m not playing games, liesl. I’m just offering myself as a target for your anger. You know how better you feel after cussing me out. Find someone else who despises you. I just want to be left alone to try and eat, something nearly impossible to do these days with a lump in my throat. I do so just as a matter of health and to keep up my strength. I truly am sorry about your daughter’s death, liesl, but you must understand how blessed you’ve been. You speak of blessings? You’ve enjoyed the love of your children. Valentin came into my life for a very short while, and — and we hardly had a loving father-son relationship. In fact, we hardly had any relationship at all. Then, before I could repair the damage, he was taken from me. Not the same hell that you’re experiencing, I grant you, but it’s — it’s hell nonetheless. I suppose I can feel sorry for you for that much. Then perhaps we can comfort each other, however slightly. At least let me keep you company until scott gets here. He’s not coming. Oh? No? Where is he? I don’t know and I don’t care. The only person I want to talk to less than you is scott. I got the e-mail this morning. Yeah, they — they gave me the scholarship.

[ Gasps ] They want me to start this spring quarter so I can work out with the team and be ready to play in the fall. No! Oh, my god! Oh, my god!

[ Laughing ] Oh! I can’t believe it! Oh, wow! I am so proud of you. Thank you, mom. But what’s up? You waited up for me. What’s going on? Esme’s remembered? No. Esme claims that elizabeth baldwin confessed to helping my father. Cam’s mom… helped your dad hold esme prisoner? And you think that’s true, don’t you? Yeah, I can see that my dad would do something like that. And I think that my father had enough influence over elizabeth to put her in that position. Though, when my grandmother was out here, she didn’t say anything to that effect. But I don’t know. Maybe my grandmother and uncle victor don’t know about this yet. Can you call her? She’s in there with esme right now. Maybe she’s finding out.

[ Sighs ] Either way, I really hope that my grandmother can get through to esme and to help her see reason. Reason about what? Esme’s lawyer filed a petition. She wants to take the baby back to prison with her. Have I ever given you any reason to believe that I was lying to you? No, you’ve… been really good to me, especially when I was giving birth to ace. I couldn’t have gotten through it without you. I was really glad to be there for you, and I’m happy to be here for you now, and I promise you, I will make sure that you are treated fairly. Why do you care about me? Everyone says that I-I was a horrible person. You’re the mother of my grandchild, and, sweetheart, I think I have a pretty good idea of what you might be feeling right now.

[ Voice breaking ] I was your age when I had my first baby, and I was frightened and trapped and surrounded by enemies. You were? What happened? I ended up being separated from my son for many, many years. Which is exactly what’s going to happen to me. No, honey, you haven’t even stood trial yet. So much can change between now and then. Yeah, but ace should be with me. I mean, I’m his mom. Yeah, I know. Uh, sweetheart, you have to think about what’s best for your son. Ask yourself, is prison really the best spot for a baby? What have you witnessed working with victor? He’s cold. He’s ruthless. I’m sure he’d have no qualms about killing me if he found out I was talking to you. Then you better make sure he doesn’t find out. Do you know who actually shot lucy coe? Holly sutton. How did holly come to work for victor?

[ Scoffs ] I have no idea. I’ve never even seen her with him. I only know how pleased he was when he found out that anna was charged with lucy’s shooting. Pleased? I mean, how did you know? One night, he told me how he loved the idea of using holly against you and anna. So victor confides in you, does he? This relationship is personal as well as professional? Sometimes. How personal?

[ Scoffs ] If your taped confession goes public, you will never see the light of day again. You understand that? When does victor confide in you? When we’re in bed together! Trina’s not ready to take a dna test. Then you’ve spoken to her? Yes. How is she doing? She’s not responding to any of my calls and my texts, which I completely understand, but I’m still worried about her. Trina’s going through a lot nowadays, portia. I know. I just want to see how she’s — you know. What was said between us will remain private. Of course. It’s just a little information would be comforting right now. Trina’s strong. You know that. Thankfully, she has a lot of support from me and taggert and josslyn, my dad — hell, even spencer. That’s good. It’s good that she doesn’t need me. Trina will always need her mom. Thank you for that. I gotta go. I’ll think about coming home.

[ Voice breaking ] I will do anything to fix what has happened between us.

Because, if so, I understand. Applying for the scholarship is completely different than actually getting it. No! No. Obviously, I’m going to miss you. We all will. But I am so happy for you to go. You worked so hard for this. You deserve it, and you’re gonna be such an asset to your school. Academically, athletically — okay, okay. So then what’s wrong, mom? Can we talk for a minute? I did something. Something I-I deeply regret and I need to tell you about. Okay. Um… ever since my run-in with esme on the docks, I’ve known where she was, and I kept it a secret. What? Why would you do that? I thought I was doing the right thing, and by the time I realized it was wrong, it felt too late and I couldn’t come forward. Okay, hold up. Hold up. Y-you knew where she was? Where — where was she?

[ Sighs ] Nikolas kept her at wyndemere. She was locked in a room in the north tower. Victor: Well, well. The unlikely lovebirds have fallen out. Oh, come on, do tell. What was the breaking point, hm? The horrible wardrobe choices or his abysmal table manners? Oh, come on, liesl. Throw me a crumb. You and baldwin on the rocks? I’m beginning to feel better already. I’m not surprised. Sadistic narcissists are always amused by other people’s suffering. Well, I won’t put mine on display for your sordid entertainment.

[ Chuckles ] Why are you grinning like an idiot? Ah, there’s the feisty woman I know and admire back again, the liesl who spits fire and never backs down. Oh, come on, you have to admit, that feeling of adrenaline pumping again is a lot better than slipping into the pit of despair, isn’t it? Yes, I suppose so. But you’re familiar with that pit. I’m sorry you lost your son, victor. I’m sorrier that you didn’t get to fulfill that relationship. So am I. Thank you. Was valentin’s body recovered? Yes, it was, but I’m having trouble getting the french police to release it to me. Ach so. Don’t you worry. I won’t rest until I can bring my son home. You’re sleeping with victor? Off and on, for months.

[ Scoffs ] It was casual. Two consenting adults, and all that. But lately, victor’s been…distant. Nothing my father ever does is casual. Everything is strategic. When did things change? After the explosion that destroyed the necklace that victor wanted. Mnh. I’ve never seen him so angry. Did he ever tell you why he wanted that necklace? He said he needed the necklace to find something. Find what? Oh, I don’t know. Yeah, you do. Think. What has he told you, exactly? One thing stands out. He said that the necklace would lead him to…

[ Sighs ] …Somewhere. A-a place he was looking for. I can’t get over esme being held prisoner at wyndemere. That must be why she was in the harbor on new year’s eve. She came all the way from spoon island on her own. Yeah. She’s a survivor, alright. Do you think she always knew that ryan chamberlain and heather webber were her parents? I mean, that’s — that’s a lot to survive right there. Considering that she was only at boarding school in paris because I was there, I think that she knew about ryan for a while. What are you talking about? Ryan told ava right before commissioner scorpio shot him that ryan and esme had been working together. That was the whole reason why she was in france, was to get close to me. Our entire relationship was a setup.

[ Clears throat ] She had instructions from ryan to get close to me and to widen the gap between me and my father and drive us apart. Looking back on it, she manipulated me beautifully from the very beginning. She was reeling me in, while at the same time encouraging me to get revenge on my father, hoping that she would drive ava and my father apart. I am so, so sorry, spencer. That is truly awful. Everything that she has told me from the very beginning has been a lie. I feel you. It’s the worst.

[ Footsteps approach ]

Cameron. I just — I-I don’t get it, alright? The police suspected esme of being the killer, and they were looking for her everywhere, and you just knew where she was? Why didn’t you just call them and have them handle it? I wanted to. I did. But nikolas convinced me that we were protecting the baby as well as everyone else. And for a period of time, there were no more hook attacks, so we thought we were doing the right thing.

[ Sighs ] Until officer cabrera was killed, and then we realized it couldn’t be esme. And why didn’t you call the police then? I really — I really struggled with it, but I was in too deep. I didn’t want to go to jail and leave you guys. And then esme showed up with — with amnesia, and a part of me thought, well, there’s no reason to come forward. That would have been the easy way out. So, yesterday, I went to the police and I told them everything, and they gave me an immunity deal. Do you think you can ever forgive me? Cameron, talk to me. Just tell me what you’re feeling. Let me explain what we found. You were concerned with the genes that can be indicators of schizophrenia. Right. Right. I know that there are — there are 10 genes that the scientists have linked to the disease. It’s also possible to have schizophrenia without those gene mutations present. Doctor, you — you don’t have to beat around the bush with me. I’ve lived most of my life with this diagnosis, so, come on, give it to me straight. How many of the genes do I have? Your test results show that you do not have a single gene mutation that would indicate schizophrenia. We need to know more about this place that victor’s hoping to find. What else can you tell us? Only that victor’s been searching for it for years. And he believes that the necklace is the key to finding it? Yes. But he never said how or why, just that now that the necklace is gone, he’s back to square one. This is good. But it’s not enough. We need more. What else can you tell us? I-I don’t have anything else. Well, maybe you can get victor to give you something else. How about a little bit more pillow talk? Are you suggesting that I sleep with victor to get information? No, we are not suggesting anything. However, your prior relationship with him might get him to open up. How do you propose I do that? Well… I want you to listen to what I tell you very carefully. Guard: Excuse me, mayor collins? Laura: Yes? Ms. Prince, arrangements have been made for your transport to spring ridge this evening. So soon? Yes, ma’am. The orders just came in. What about my baby? The infant is going with you.

[ Exhales deeply ] Trina. Did you come here to — to see me? No. I’m here for spencer. Oh, I — yes, I see. Of course. Um, congratulations on your baby brother. Thanks. Go talk to your grandmother. I’ll be fine. You sure? It looks like she needs to talk to you. There’s a lot of that going around right now. Does that mean that you have something to say to me?

Please. I, um… I talked to dad. My real dad, my, um — my always dad, no matter what. I-I-I know what you mean. And, yes, no matter what, marcus will always be your dad. He’s amazing. I can’t believe he’s not more upset at you not telling us the truth. Mm, well, your father is a good man. I’m just sorry that he had to rise to the occasion in the first place. So am I. I, uh, know that you spoke to — to curtis and, um — and don’t worry, he didn’t share anything. It was all private. I just didn’t want you to think that I was keeping something from you. Again. That’s right. That’s right, again. Your slideshow for the post-impressionists. Tell me, how did it go? Please, I’ve been dying. What cézanne work did you decide to use? Mom… we’re not there yet. I’m sorry. I understand, I just… love hearing about you and your life and everything that’s going on, and I-I guess I’ve been missing it a bit. But I did think I heard a “yet” in there, somewhere? Does that mean

maybe? We’ll see. I’ll take it.

[ Sighs ] Well, I gotta get out of here. Gotta get back to work. But, um, it was really good to see you. Mom? I miss you, too. Doc, I’m just trying to wrap my brain around what you just said. I have no indicators, as in zero? That’s what the test results show. How is that possible? M-my dad’s been taking medication for decades. Are you saying he doesn’t have schizophrenia? I’m not saying that. I’m not a psychiatrist. We’ve spoken about how testing for schizophrenia has come a long way since you were diagnosed, and there is much about genes and gene mutation we still don’t understand. That’s a lot of qualifiers, I know. But looking at those tests, you’re saying the person in those tests, he’s not at risk for schizophrenia? No more than anyone else. Do you think that you were able to get through to esme? Does she understand that the baby is going to be better off with me? I tried, spencer. Oh… but, unfortunately, elizabeth admitted to esme that your father held her captive at wyndemere for months, so now she is wary of all cassadines. Okay. But that is my father, that’s not me. All I want is what is best for my little brother. Okay. I think I managed to convince her that I care about the baby, I want what’s best for the baby, and that she can trust me. Which is why I’m really hoping that we can find an arrangement here where esme is not cut out entirely. Uh, no, that is never going to work, grandmother, because of my father. Esme is never going to believe that there is a situation or [Stammers] A scenario in which the baby is better off with me, so we’re going to have to take this thing to court. Spencer, I was really hoping you wouldn’t say that. Okay, look, I need you to know something. I will never stop looking for an amicable solution. Amicable? Yes, for everyone involved here — you, esme, and even your father, when he comes back. You think that there’s such a thing as an amicable solution when it comes to esme? It is a fight that that woman wants, so it’s a fight that she’s going to get. So I’m going to go to the nursery and I’m going to see if they’ll let me hold my brother one more time before he is stripped from me. Okay, wait. There’s something you should know. Esme and the baby are being taken back to spring ridge tonight. Is that your dinner? I had a late lunch. So are you going to just sit there, staring at me disapprovingly all evening, or are you going to tell me what scott did or didn’t do to get you to finally come to your senses? He lied to me.

[ Chuckles ] That surprises you? Scott chose someone else over me. He put someone else’s needs above mine and my britta’S. Well, not only is that foolish, it’s unforgivable.

[ Sighs ] So, it seems that you and i are both destined to a solitary evening. Unless, of course, we keep each other company. That will never happen. Scott’s misstep can’t compare to everything you’ve done to me. If you think I’ve forgotten, then you’re a fool. I assure you, I am not. You will never touch me again, victor. I’d rather be alone. The decisions we make now will affect this baby for the rest of his childhood. If we alienate esme now, we set in motion a cycle of hearings in family court. There’s nothing more we can do right now. Hi. Hi, baby. No one expects a new mother to have all the answers, but ask for help if you need it. Thank you for being so kind to me. I understand I was horrible to your daughter. You’re obviously a very kind person. I bet you’re a great mother. I hope I can be that for my child, too. I’m just doing my job, esme. Let me check on your release papers. Hi, ace. I missed you. You remember me? I’m your mom, yeah? And you’re my ace. We’ve been through a lot together and we’re kind of a mess, but we’ve got each other, and nothing is gonna change that. I promise to protect you with my life.

I don’t know what to think, mom. It’s a lot to process. I mean, I-I get that you think that esme is dangerous and shouldn’t roam the streets. I wouldn’t want her to be, either. But the way you guys went about the whole thing, it’s just — it’s a lot, and I can’t believe I had no idea that you were dealing with all this. You couldn’t have known. I worked very hard to keep it from you. And I am so, so sorry for letting you down like this, especially on a day when you should be celebrating this major milestone in your life. You can feel however you want about this. If you have questions, will you just come to me, and I will answer them honestly? I’ll let you know. I just — I need to think about this, alone in my room. Mom? I love you, okay? And I — I am proud of you.

[ Exhales deeply ] It must have taken a lot of guts to admit that to the police. You’re a good person. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have a son like you, but I’m really glad I did. Thank you for still believing in me. Victor said that luke was making his life difficult. Yeah. And then he killed luke for the ice princess, without knowing that luke had already started to cut the diamond up and sell off key pieces. And then when victor examined it, it didn’t have the coded messages that he was looking for. Which led him to the necklace made from diamonds cut from the ice princess. And thanks to robert, we have the diamond and the codes. Which are obviously some kind of coordinates to this place that he desperately wants to find. We’re gonna figure it out. Together. Sorry we quarreled. Want to make up? I’ll be damned.

[ Chuckles ] Maybe — maybe portia was right. Right about what? She’s been suggesting I might not have schizophrenia.

[ Sighs ] Could I have been misdiagnosed all those years ago? And if so, why? Everything okay? You guys look upset. Esme’s going back to spring ridge tonight. She’s taking my brother with her. Already? Ace is coming with me. For now. Will the baby be warm enough? It’s cold outside. He’s just going down to the transport van in the parking garage. Let me see that. He’ll be fine. Maybe you should, um, take this with you. No, thanks. You know, uh, it might be good to have an extra one around. You never know.

[ Ace crying ] Thank you. Hey, it’s okay. Laura, um, you can visit us at spring ridge, if you’d like. I would like that. I’ll see both soon. Say “bye.” Say “bye.”

[ Ace fussing ]

[ Chuckles ] It’s okay. It’s okay. I’m so sorry, spencer. Maybe she’ll come and — she’ll let you visit her, too. No. My baby brother is not going to be in there for long, and I’m going to make sure I’m going to do everything in my power to keep that kid away from that lunatic.

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