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have you heard from liesl? No, I haven’t heard anything. It’s driving me crazy, and we’re super busy here. There’s a convention in town. I have a million things to do. Okay, I know you’re anxious waiting to hear from liesl, if she’s done everything she needs to do to be a bone marrow donor for willow.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Sweet girl, you didn’t have to be here for this meeting. Yeah, that’s what I told her. Well, if we’re being honest, you didn’t have to be here either. I see it differently. I owe it to my dear departed britta. I couldn’t save my daughter’s life, but if I can help save yours… I will be forever grateful. Remember what I told you? Like it or not, you’re one of us now. Hey, have a seat, cuz. You know, I’d love to, but I just can’T. I’m meeting someone. Mm. If you’re referring to the lovely ava cassadine — or is it “jerome” again? Well, either way, you better make time for, uh, both your sakes. Those people at the convention, they can amuse themselves all they want. But you know what? Hmm? You need a distraction.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah? And I see someone who needs distracting just as much as I do. Come here. Aw. Hey, ava. You know what they say about drinking alone? Austin: You told me that nikolas was dead. He was! Did you take a pulse? No, I just took my chances. Of course I checked his pulse! Okay, so… one time, in medical school, they told me that a dead body doesn’t just up and walk away. I was in shock. Right? I mean, I’m sure I was in shock. But I can tell you one thing for certain. Nikolas’ heart was not beating. I’m sure of it. Then, ava, where the hell is he? Ava, you’re not waiting for nikolas to show up again, are you? Okay. I just need a couple of signatures. Then you can take the baby home. Okay. Excuse me, but I’m afraid there’s been a change of plans. What do you mean? I’m sorry, spencer, but that baby’s not going anywhere. Excuse me, but do you know who you are speaking with?

[ Scoffs ] My client. Spencer, honey, it will be okay. It’ll give us a chance to reconsider our plan. Grandmother, there is nothing to reconsider. My baby brother belongs with me. Unfortunately, his mother disagrees.

[ Door opens ] Nurse baldwin! I’m so glad to you. Can you — can you bring me my baby? Yes, I-I can. But first, we need to have a talk. Oh, I-I hope you’re gonna walk me through the mommy manual. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have teach me how to be a good parent. Yeah. You may not feel that way after you hear what I have to say. Really? I can’t imagine that. You need to know how you ended up here. Well, thank you for your input and for coming by on such short notice. Any time. Not only do I enjoy the work, but you’re a friend. I can tell that you mean that. I do. Then why are you lying to me? Excuse me? Wha– what did I lie about? You told me that you couldn’t take this job at “the invader” because you were bound to your teaching gig at pcu. Yes, it’s called a conflict of interest. How can you have a conflict of interest if you don’t have a job? How would you know if I meet febreze’s miracle spray. Febreze fabric refresher. I literally use this every day, to make my house smell amazing. After I make the bed, after I catch my dog on the couch. So I can wear my jacket or jeans one more time, before I wash them again. It even makes shoes smell fresh. It doesn’t cover up odors with scent but actually fights them and freshens. Over one thousand uses. Febreze fabric refresher. Once upon a time, before jill said yes. She learned she had ibs-c and could treat it with linzess. That’s why some things helped, but her constipation with belly pain would often return. Maybe there was another way? Or something left to learn? When her doctor connected the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating to ibs-c, it made sense to jill. So did learning that she could treat it with a once-daily pill. And that’s why she said yess to adding linzess. Linzess is not a laxative. It helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. And is proven to help relieve overall abdominal symptoms-belly pain, discomfort and bloating. Do not give linzess to children less than two. It may harm them. Do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. Get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain. Especially with bloody or black stools. The most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. If it’s severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. Other side effects include gas, stomach area pain, and swelling. Could your story also be about ibs-c? Talk to your doctor and say yess to linzess. Le arn how abbvie and ironwood could help you save on linzess. American families of four throw out an average of $400 a year of meat and poultry. Ziploc b ags help protect meatagainst freezer burn. Ziploc. Unloc life. Sc johnson. I’m here for- your annual eye exam. Because I’m having

trouble- reading? Exactly. They sort of make me feel… like I’m the most fabulous thing you’ve ever seen? Exactly. I’ll take ’em. The virus that causes shingles is sleeping… in 99% of people over 50. It’s lying dormant, waiting… and could reactivate. Shingles strikes as a painful, blistering rash that can last for weeks. And it could wake at any time. Think you’re not at risk for shingles? It’s time to wake up. Because shingles could wake up in you. If you’re over 50, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about shingles prevention. Ot? I wanted you to work at “the invader”. You told me that you wanted to work here and that pcu had a conflict of interest, which didn’t make any sense to me. So I called dean jeffries, hoping that I could convince him that you could do both, which is what you said you wanted to do, right? Yes, I said that. So I ask you again. Why did you lie to me? No doubt you’re wondering if my willingness to participate comes with a price tag attached. Well, I mean, since you — you brought it up — uh, michael, let’s just be grateful that liesl is a match. It’s all right. It’s an honest question that deserves an equally honest answer.

[ Footsteps approach ] Oh, hello. Thank you all for waiting. Shall we go to my office and we can discuss next steps? Great. We’re eager to get started. So your aunt liesl is a bone marrow match. That’s incredible. I’m so relieved. I’m thrilled for you and for willow. Yeah, thank you. It’s not a sure thing yet. I-it’s definitely a step in the right direction, though. Yeah. You know, after I lost kiki, I — I swore that I would never lose avery. And, you know, after your loss, I’m — I’m really rooting for you to have a chance to have a relationship with willow. Yeah. I’ll give you a moment. You know, if nikolas were here, esme wouldn’t make such an outrageous claim. No, she wouldn’t, would she? But unfortunately, my son’s not here. Yes, but I am. Esme’s headed back to spring ridge while she awaits trial. And when she is convicted, which she most certainly will be, she’s going to be sent the pentonville. Now, you cannot tell me that the court, even on its cruelest day, thinks that that’s a good environment for a baby. Hello, janet. Everyone, this is janet kershaw from child’s services. Right. I — I think we’ve met before. Mayor collins, good to see you again. Yes, nice to see you, too. And I’m so relieved to know that you’re involved with this case. I’m sure that we can reach some kind of a decision that will be best for this child. That’s not my call. It’s up to the court to decide. Esme prince has filed a motion to maintain custody of her baby once she’s transferred back to spring ridge. Okay, I’m listening. How did I wind up here?

[ Sighs ] You’d been missing for a while, and everyone, including the police, thought you were the hook killer. And one night, I was on the pier waiting to go to wyndemere, and you showed up. So of course, I called 911. But then you went for my phone, and we struggled, and I fell down and hit my head. A-a-are you saying that I-I pushed you down? No, uh, no, I’m saying we struggled over the phone, but when I fell, I went unconscious. And I– it wasn’t until the next time I saw you that I realized you were pregnant. And being a nurse, I felt like it was my obligation to protect the baby. What do you mean, protect my baby? How? Whatever you have to say, mason, just say it fast. It’s impolite to keep a lady waiting. Right. You’re a gentleman. The kind of guy who can’t resist a damsel in distress. Say, if you knew ava was all alone on that island with no one there to help her, you’d make it your business to cross the water and be there to rescue her, am I right? I — I don’t know what you’re talking about. Is that so? Look, if you’re worried about the ex-mrs. Cassadine, I guarantee she’s on her second or third martini by now. Though, I can’t really judge her, not with everything you guys have been through lately. I followed you that night to spoon island, cuz. I saw everything. Nikolas needed someone to care for you until you gave birth. When he came to see me at spring ridge with those papers that would give him sole custody, he never said anything about that — a-about you taking care of me. Why didn’t he tell me that?

[ Sighs ] He was keeping it a secret. And to do that, he kept you under lock and key in a tower in his home. Wait. You’re telling me that I was his — his prisoner? And that you helped him? Yes.

Knowwhat it is you think you saw, but ava hasn’t done anything wrong. And neither have I. Well, you said that with such conviction. And I do mean conviction. But I’m sure if you tell any judge that story, they’ll go easy on you and your lady friend. I-I just don’t have any [Laughing] Idea what you’re talking about. Some stable in wyndemere, huh? Nicer than a lot of the houses in pautuck. And that tack room?

[ Whistles ] Downright luxurious. Oh, but I don’t have to tell you that, do I, cuz? Why did you feel that you couldn’t confide in me? Are you under some sort of a gag order? No. Is there litigation involved? Because if there’s litigation involved, I will back off. “Alexis davis backs off” — now, there’s a headline. Gregory. I want you to work here. You wanted to work here. You — that can never happen if there’s mistrust. And just so you know, the dean did not volunteer any additional information, so I don’t know what to think. Were you suspended? Were you fired? Talk to me. Maybe I can help you. Unfortunately, you can’T. No one can. I can’t believe this. I-I-I thought that it was bad enough that I had to serve time in prison. I was actually guilty of a crime. Now you’re telling me that my innocent baby brother could end up there, too? In certain cases and in certain facilities, the state of new york allows for a mother to keep her child with her for the first 18 months while she’s incarcerated. Oh, my god. Uncle victor, this — my little brother is your family, too. He deserves to be at home with us. Ah, spoken like a true cassadine. Look, if it’s a matter of proving that spencer has the ways and means of providing for a child, then you have my personal guarantee. Yes. Well, I’m afraid here your personal guarantee might do more harm than good. Nikolas’ baby is also my family. Now, listen, whether we like it or not, we can’t just take esme out of the equation. She is, after all, the baby’s mother. At the time, i

had every reasonto believe you were a threat, and I-I didn’t know what nikolas was gonna do to you after you had the baby. I only have your word for that.

[ Sighs ] Trust me, I know what it’s like to have gaps in your memory. Gaps? You just told me that I was locked in a tower like some princess in a fairy tale. I mean, wha-what else don’t I know? How — how did I escape? Did I let my hair down and climb out like rapunzel? No, you jumped from a turret into the harbor. I jumped? I could have died. A-and my baby… but by some miracle, you didn’T. And yes, y-you lost your memory, but, esme, you saved your baby. Yeah, no thanks to his father. Or you. Okay, I — I don’t blame you for feeling like this at all. But if you think I owe you an apology, you couldn’t be more wrong. An other martini, please,glass of champagne, and some sparkling water. Of course. Thank you, thank you. Thanks, trish. You know what, ava? I think you have as much to celebrate as nina and willow. Do I? Yeah, and the way I see it, you hit the trifecta. Uh, you helped capture the hook killer, ryan chamberlain is dead, and nikolas cassadine is nowhere to be found on this earth. I mean, I’d say that’s a lot to celebrate. Yes, um, I see your point. And good riddance to ryan chamberlain, for sure. But, nikolas, I — I know how much you loved nikolas. So, uh, who knows what the future is going to hold? Don’t give up hope. He might realize what he’s missing and then come back and try to make things right.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, uh, I doubt that. As a reminder, I am a doctor, too. What kind of hoops must I jump through to make this happen? Well, being identified as a potential match is a crucial first step. But before we go ahead with the transplant, we need to make sure that it’s safe for dr. Obrecht to donate. It’s imperative that we run additional tests and then weigh those results against things — against my age and my medical history, in case something comes up that will disqualify me as a donor. Why on earth would you

To anyone about this? Is it that severe? Alexis, as one friend to another, I’m asking you to let this go, and we’ll forget the whole thing. I’m so sorry. Gregory, I am so sorry. I can’t do that…

[ Sighs ] …Because in friendship, there’s trust. And if I asked you to trust me, to know what’s good for me… is it good for you to keep something that seems to be this critical from somebody that cares about you? I mean, if that’s the case, I’m gonna have to re-evaluate our friendship. And by “re-evaluate,” you really mean end it. I’m so sorry. I-I — I-it’s hard for me to just sit here and do nothing knowing that aunt liesl might be the one to save willow’s life. And I know the last thing I can do is stop you, so… also, michael and willow don’t want to see me by your side. Just go ahead and go. Okay. Thanks. Thank you for understanding. All right. See ya. See ya. Nina, I hate to bother you, but the av is out, and the convention people are complaining. Okay, okay, let’s solve the problem. Okay. Let’s go. It’s obvious how much she enjoys being in the hotel business, huh? You having a good time? Hmm? Being single? Uh… I’ve only been single for like a minute. Why do you ask? Well, when nina said that, you know, you should hold out hope for nikolas to come back, it seemed like you were afraid there was a chance that might happen. Dr. Obrecht, are you on any medications we should be aware of? It’s listed in my chart. I’m taking an anti-coagulant. Well, then we’ll need to consult with your prescribing physician. I will go set things in motion. I’ll give you two some privacy. Ple– uh, please stay. You never answered the question. You mean what’s in it for me? Yeah. When you lose a child… well, in my case, two adult children — nathan and britta — it forever shapes the world’s perspective. My son jonah died of sids, and I still grieve for him every day. I can’t imagine the pain you’ve suffered losing two grown children. That’s why I was so pleased when I heard I had a new family member in you, willow. You were in need of help. And it — it never occurred to me not to volunteer to be a donor so that I could give you the kind of life my own beloved britta can no longer enjoy. Just tell me what you want. What I’ve always wanted. For you to remember your responsibilities. I know exactly where I’ve come from, and I know how far I’ve come. Nothing, nobody will make me go back. Well, I’m not gonna make you, austin. You’re smart. You’ll figure it out on your own. And in the end, you’re gonna do the right thing. You helped nikolas keep me prisoner. And I was so desperate that I jumped off a turret into a harbor. But you don’t think I deserve an apology? I know I went about it all wrong, but I honestly thought I was protecting the people I love, as well as keeping you and the baby safe. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I-I-I thought that you were on my side. But now…

[ Sighs ] …What if the police were to find out what you did? They already know. They know? Then how are you still walking around free? Because I voluntarily came forward and gave a statement. Is that why nikolas disappeared? Because he knew he’d become a wanted man? I assume that’s the reason. Look, all of this is gonna become public knowledge soon enough. I just wanted you to hear it from me. I do owe you that much. Hang on. There’s one more thing I need to know. I’ll answer if I can. Did I want my baby? W-was I trying to get rid of it, and that’s why nikolas locked me away? Now that esme’s serial killer father is dead, her remaining family consists of heather webber, who murdered a very near and dear family friend of mine, as well as attacked my lawyer who’s standing across from me. So do you really think that that’s in the best interest of the child? Spencer, just… rein back the rhetoric a little bit. You’re not winning any points with child’s services. Janet, what happens now? The baby will remain here in the nursery until his mother is transferred to spring ridge. I’ll take your brother back to the nursery now — no, no! I’m not giving him up. Spencer. Spencer, you don’t want to upset the baby, do you? Yeah, for once, I agree with your grandmother, spencer. Listen, don’t worry. This — this isn’t over yet. This all has to be argued in family court in front of a judge, but until that time, it is essential that you comply with all the court orders. Uh — okay, okay. But I would just like to go on record and say that this goes against everything that I want for my baby brother. Okay.

of nikolas returning to port charles? My guess is that you still have a thing for him. Even though your marriage ended badly, that if he came back, you — you would be tempted to get back together with him. Uh, am I — am I — am I close? Mnh-mnh. No. I learned my lesson. It was hard to learn, but I learned it. Never again. Well, I’m happy for you, but I still, you know, it’s like, why wouldn’t he contact you? Especially after everything that’s happened with ryan chamberlain? Well… my relationship with nikolas was always very tempestuous. And our marriage didn’t stand a chance after ryan decided to use esme to destroy it. Is that what he told you? Mm. Told me. [ Laughs ] He bragged about it right up until I shot him. And thankfully, mac ended his life altogether. I still think it’s strange that you haven’t heard from nikolas. Say what you want about the guy, ’cause I don’t like him. But between the — the birth of his new kid and finding out that ryan chamberlain ended his marriage, you would think that he — he would come back running to you. You’d think. But he hasn’T. So I’m gonna ask you. What’s stopping him? Liesl, I’m, uh — I’m incredibly grateful for your kindness. It just feels like there’s another reason why you’re doing this. Is michael right? Your fiancé is correct, and I appreciate him being so direct. I will return it in kind. It’s no secret how the two of you feel about nina. But my niece was devastated when it turned out she wasn’t a match to be your donor. And so, willow, I appeal to you as a mother. I know you’re not ready to think of nina as your mom right now, and maybe you never will be. All I’m asking for is for you to imagine a time when nina is not your enemy. If you can open your heart to that possibility, that will be all the thanks I need. Okay. Well, this was fun. You’ve had your fun, mason, but I’m out of here. Oh, go on, have a chit-chat with your partner-in-crime, ava. You know, I searched her online. She’s been around the block. She knows, uh, when it’s time to fight and when it’s time to, shall we say, negotiate. All right. Av department has it up and running, so there shouldn’t be any more problems. Oh, thanks, nina, I’ll let the organizers know. There you go. And if there’s anything else, you give me a call. I’ll be at gh. Of course. I got it. Thanks. Hey, austin. Hey. How are you? Uh, ava — she’s right over there if you’re looking for her. I — I was. You know what? I have to say, you two have almost been inseparable these days. And it — it makes me wonder, what brought you two together? Janet, if you don’t mind the company, I’d like to go with you to fill out the necessary paperwork. Of course. Spencer, we will do everything in our power to make sure that your little brother gets the best possible care. Victor: I’m gonna do everything I can within the law and even outside of it, if necessary, to secure you custody of our newest cassadine. Don’t worry. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, too. My little brother shouldn’t be in a hospital nursery. And he certainly shouldn’t be shipped off to prison before he’s even a month old. But like uncle peter said, this isn’t over. I can’t tell you what was in your heart, esme. There was a time when I thought you were incapable of loving anyone but yourself. If what you’ve told me really is true and I did jump off of that high tower at wyndemere, I can only imagine that I was pretty desperate, and I certainly couldn’t have been thinking about the baby by doing something so dangerous. We may never know. But when you surfaced, you seemed to have left the old esme behind you. In a way, you’ve been given a blank slate, a fresh start. It’s up to you what you do with it. I could not have said that better myself.

What do you want?To keep playing me so you can take my baby away from me? You have a lot on your plate now that you’re returning to spring ridge. Yeah, well, the difference is, now I know what you didn’t tell me. What is she talking about? I’m gonna let the two of you work this out, but I hope you both can put aside your own needs for the sake of that baby.

[ Door opens, closes ] I do not know what elizabeth told you, but I think that you would be making a huge mistake if you try to take the baby to prison with you. You need to correct your word choice. It’s not the baby. It’s my baby — mine, not yours, and definitely not your father’s, now that I know that he locked me up as his prisoner and threw away the key. I’m sorry. You’re right. This is your business. Gregory, don’t you think that it would feel better if you could talk to someone that cares about you? I mean, that’s what friends are for. I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but I’m asking you to respect my privacy. All right, well, if you can’t talk to me, I really hope there’s someone that you can talk to. If you’re thinking of telling chase or finn about this… they don’t know? Nobody knows. And it’s going to stay that way. Nothing like a nea r-deathexperience at the hands of two psychopaths to jumpstart a friendship, right? Why? Should I — should I worry? Do you not — do you not approve? No, on the contrary. I — I think it’s — I think it’s great. She’s been very lonely since her marriage with nikolas blew up. And I will always be there for her. And she could use a — another good, trusted friend. Well, I thank you so much for the vote of confidence. I’ll do the best I can. Okay. I got to get to gh, but, um, a word to the wise — ava, she acts like she’s really tough, right, but she’s vulnerable inside. Good to know. I’ve have reached a place of relative peace. Or, I don’t know, maybe it’s more accurate to say that I’m “comfortably numb”. I am [Sighs] Incredibly grateful to you for volunteering. And if it turns out that you can be the donor, I will be forever in your debt. But it’s impossible for me to put aside everything nina has done to me and — and michael and wiley, for that matter. I know how much you love nina, a-and I would never tell you not to. Just as I can’t expect you to love her, I understand that. But if you do get a second chance at life, ask yourself this. Do you want to spend it denying someone who’s been waiting her whole life to love you? I don’t think nina loves me personally, I think that she loves the idea of having a daughter. I-in fact, before she found out that she was my mother, she couldn’t stand me. And so the sudden about-face just feels like it’s a lot more about nina than it is about me.

[ Sighs ] That, um — that could describe me… and the way I raised britta. Her childhood was about me, my desperate need to impress her father, my desire to mold her into the daughter that I desired. It was not until those last few years of britta’s life that I realized how wrong I’d been. I apologized to my daughter, and she mercifully forgave me. In those last years

[Chuckles] Britta and I became not only mother and daughter, but… friends. I can only wish the same for you and nina — despite nina’s shortcomings. The next round of tests is all set. Dr. Obrecht, if you want to come with me? I promise to update both of you as soon as I can. Willow: Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] Okay. Let’s go home. I know that I have said it before that I’m — that I’m through with nikolas, but I truly mean it this time. Honestly, I hope that I’ve seen the last of him. Like I said, I don’t like nikolas, but it’s amazing that you have come to the same conclusion. But it seemed to me that you were more afraid of nikolas returning than you were of staring down ryan chamberlain. Did nikolas threaten you? You can tell me. Ava? He didn’t threaten me. He threatened avery. I — I only said that ‘cau

closer than ever to chase and finn. I am. But my boys have enough going on in their lives without worrying about me. That’s what families do.

[ Sighs ] That’s what friends do. I mean, if — if chase and finn — alexis. If you’re the friend you say you are, you’ll do as I ask. Gregory. I am your friend. I am very sorry for whatever is going on with you. And I’m sorry that I upset you. But I’m not sorry for being concerned.

[ Sighs ] Where’d everyone go? To their separate corners for now.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah. Well , I did some checking, and there is nothing to prevent esme prince from taking the baby to spring ridge for the short term. Oh, my god. [ Sighs ] You know, I understand her desire to keep her baby close to her. It’s just that, you know, given her history, this is very complicated. What are spencer’s chances of being able to gain custody of his little brother? I’ve spoken to spencer about this. You know, michael corinthos was able to get custody of his little sister, avery. And michael and spencer are very similar in terms of resources, so there is precedent. However, that said, it would be so much better if spencer could get esme to cooperate. Is that what elizabeth told you? That you were my father’s prisoner? As if you didn’t know. I swear, this was all new information to me. Though, it would explain why you went missing for so long. I am curious, though, even if it is true. How would elizabeth know? Never mind how she knows. You’ll find out soon enough. And so will the judge. And there will be no way that they’ll take my baby away from me. Oh. But if you truly care about your son the way that I think that you do, you don’t want him to be raised in a prison. You want him to be with a family who loves him very dearly. My son’s name is ace, and I don’t need lessons in love from you. Look, I mean, you talk a good game just like nikolas did, but you are no better than your father. It is because I love my son that I won’t let you anywhere near him.

[ Elevator dings ]

[ Indistinct chatter ] Oh, you can run, but you can’t hide. I don’t have time for this. I have to go home to my boys. I do admire your maternal instinct. Is that what prompted you to throw in with my nephew to help him keep esme prisoner, hmm? Oh, I have plenty of evidence proving that you helped nikolas keep esme captive. And I will send that to the authorities unless you tell me where I might find him. What makes you think I know? Hm. If that’s the way you want to play it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. No, victor, I’m warning you. And in very short time, your so-called evidence will be worthless. And you’ll have no power over me. But best of luck in finding nikolas. What do you mean he’s threatening our daughter? I — I just mean he — he — he threatened to take avery away from me, which is ridiculous, right? He has zero standing in court. It’s an empty threat meant to wound me. And it did, but don’t give it a second thought. Really. Nikolas is gone. He’s left port charles. He’s probably left the country. Ava. It’s one thing to threaten me or you, but if he threatens our daughter in any way, I will find him. I don’t care where he’s hiding. Sonny, just — would you please just go? If he’s got anything over you, I can help.

[ Sighs ] Hey. You okay? Just thinking about what aunt liesl said. If I’m lucky enough to get a second chance at life, I need to start thinking about how I want to spend it… and if nina has any part in it.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

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