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Sarah goes to Xander’s room and questions how he could do this. Xander tells her to be more specific but Sarah argues that he knows exactly what he did and she’s not going to let him get away with it this time.

Gwen works on an article on the three funerals for the Spectator. Leo enters their room at the Salem Inn and presents Gwen with the first copy of his gossip column for the Spectator. Gwen tells him that he could’ve just e-mailed it to her but Leo says he wanted to see the look on her face. Gwen then reads Leo’s first tidbit with a look of shock as Leo wrote a rumor that Sonny contracted scabies from a gay orgy that was attended by his own father.

Sonny is at the Brady Pub, on the phone with Will. Sonny asks about Henry on the flight. Chad then arrives so Sonny tells Will that he loves him and he’ll see him tomorrow as he hangs up. Chad hugs Sonny and says he got his text so he asks what’s up. Sonny informs Chad that he has some news as they sit together. Chad hopes it’s good news. Sonny says it definitely is and announces that he and Will are not going to be doing long distance anymore. Chad congratulates him as he knows how hard that’s been for them. Chad then asks if Will is going to be here. Sonny informs Chad that Will is still going to be traveling and he will be too on kind of an extended trip. Chad asks what that means. Sonny then reveals he’s leaving Salem.

Alex sits at the desk at Titan and declares Sonny is no longer the CEO. Alex says he will miss Sonny, but he could get used to this. Stephanie walks in and comments on Alex getting comfortable. Stephanie asks if it’s true that Sonny resigned from Titan. Alex confirms that Sonny is moving to New Zealand with Will, Allie, and Henry. Stephanie guesses things will be different around here. Alex tells Stephanie that for starters, she’s going to be stuck with him. Stephanie says that was fast questioning Alex already being named CEO when Sonny hasn’t even left town yet. Alex says it’s not official yet but he’s the obvious choice since he came back to Salem specifically to help Sonny at Titan. Stephanie asks how. Alex explains that he loves Sonny but he’s not exactly a killer, so he had to give him a little support. Alex adds that when he had to cover for Sonny, he really got to show his Kiriakis drive and business acumen. Stephanie calls it his ego while Alex warns that she’s talking to her new boss. Stephanie reminds him that she is her own boss while Alex reminds her that Titan writes her big checks. Stephanie points out that Victor hasn’t decided who is taking over for Sonny yet, but if Alex is named CEO then he will be signing some of her checks. Alex says it’s her biggest client and her biggest checks. Stephanie doesn’t deny that Titan is great business for SJPR. Alex asks if that will still be the same when Victor announces he’s taking over for Sonny. Stephanie asks what he means. Alex asks if she will be okay working as closely with him as she did with Sonny.

Leo asks Gwen what she thinks. Gwen responds that it just keeps getting worse which excites Leo. Gwen then rips it up and says she can’t print this because it’s not true. Leo is upset and argues that the Spectator needs life, energy, and buzz which he was giving. Gwen worries that they were all libel suits waiting to happen. Leo insists that Sonny won’t sue. Gwen brings up the Kiriakis family having an army of lawyers. Leo doesn’t like Gwen being professional now. Gwen knows Sonny hurt him but he can’t use his column to exact revenge. Leo complains that he worked so hard on it. Gwen applauds his creativity but reminds him that this is a newspaper and they have standards to uphold that were set by her father and her late sister. Gwen is determined to prove that she is every bit as good of an editor as Jack and Abigail were. Leo had no idea she was so serious about maintaining these principles. Gwen says she’s fine with Leo going after everyone he wants, but he has to write the truth, not something made up. Leo questions what to do now then. Gwen instructs him to go find her some dirt that she can actually run, reminding him that she has a deadline so Leo quickly exits the room.

Xander asks if Sarah is going to lecture him about kidnapping Bonnie and Susan or sleeping with Gwen. Sarah says it’s not that. Xander asks why she’s here then since she made it very clear they have nothing to discuss ever again. Sarah says there wasn’t until she heard about his latest stunt. Xander asks what he’s done this time. Sarah declares that he stole the Spectator from Jack and Jennifer and calls him a son of a bitch.

Rex enters the Kiriakis Mansion and asks Maggie if Sarah is there. Maggie says she’s afraid not. Rex says he needs to speak to her and it’s kind of important. Maggie calls that a coincidence as she has something important to discuss with him, starting with the fact that he’s sleeping with her daughter.

Sonny informs Chad that he’s moving to New Zealand since Will’s new project is out there and he’s really excited about it, so he wants to be there with him. Chad asks about Arianna. Sonny reveals that she’s coming with them and admits that Gabi wasn’t thrilled but realized that Arianna wanted to go, so they will have visits. Sonny adds that Allie is coming with them since she and Chanel just broke up and has a lot of changes going on. Sonny knows he’s dropping a lot on Chad so he’s really sorry. Chad tells him not to be sorry as he thinks this will be really good for everyone, especially Sonny and Will, so he’s happy for them. Chad asks when he’s leaving. Sonny informs him that he’s going straight to the airport from here. Chad is surprised it’s so soon. Sonny says he would’ve left with everyone else but he had loose ends to tie up at Titan. Chad asks how Victor took the news. Sonny says exactly as he would expect, but he’ll get over it. Sonny adds that Alex has been dying to be CEO of Titan ever since he got to town. Chad guesses that means Stephanie will be reporting directly to Alex.

Stephanie tells Alex that they are both adults so she doesn’t foresee any problems working together, especially since they are no longer romantically involved. Stephanie adds that they both want Titan to thrive which Alex agrees with. Stephanie says as long as they keep that mind and stay focused, respectful, and mindful of each others’ boundaries then they should get along just fine. Alex and Stephanie then shake hands on it.

Rex guesses Sarah told Maggie about what happened between them. Maggie reveals that Henderson actually did since he saw him leaving Sarah’s bedroom the other day. Rex jokes that he should’ve known Henderson would spread the word. Maggie reminds Rex that Sarah is going through a divorce and is very vulnerable. Rex promises that he would never take advantage of that and has no intention of ever hurting Sarah again. Maggie questions what exactly his intentions are then.

Sarah accuses Xander of stealing the newspaper from Jack and Jennifer, complaining that there is no way they would ever do that by choice. Xander remarks that they always planned on giving the paper to one of their kids and Abigail is no longer with them and JJ is not interested, so Gwen’s the obvious choice, pointing out that she is Jack’s daughter as well. Sarah calls Gwen an evil bitch who has only ever brought misery to her and her family. Sarah brings up all the lives that Gwen turned upside down. Xander mocks the idea of all the Hortons being saints until Gwen came around. Sarah tells Xander that she called Jennifer to ask for the real reason why she gave up the paper, but she said she couldn’t get in to it. Sarah asks if this is how Xander’s twisted partnership with Gwen works, where they commit felonies and find new ways to hurt Jack. Xander argues that Jack made a choice but Sarah refuses to believe it, arguing that Gwen has zero journalism experience. Sarah asks how Xander forced Jack and Jennifer to hand over the paper that they put their blood, sweat, and tears in to for years. Xander then admits to her that he blackmailed Jack and Jennifer in to signing over the paper and it’s all Sarah’s fault.

Sonny assures Chad that there’s nothing to worry about as Alex and Stephanie are over. Chad says he knows that so Sonny asks why he looks so disappointed. Chad says he wouldn’t say disappointed so Sonny asks what it is. Chad responds that Stephanie forgave Alex for turning off her phone when Kayla died, so they are on decent terms now. Sonny calls that great that Stephanie was big enough to forgive Alex, but he insists that they are not getting back together and that Chad is the one that Stephanie wants to be with. Sonny questions what Chad is feeling insecure about. Chad states that he just really likes Stephanie and his kids do too. Sonny calls that good to hear. Chad never thought he would feel this way again but Stephanie showed him that it was possible to start over after such a horrifying loss. Chad guesses he’s a little desperate to not lose her. Sonny says that makes sense since Chad went through a terrible and traumatic loss. Chad says on a lighter note, he’s very grateful that Stephanie is in his life. Chad calls himself a lucky man.

Alex and Stephanie shake hands until Leo walks in. Alex questions how Leo got in. Leo says the door was open. Alex tells him that Sonny isn’t here but Leo says he was looking for Alex. Leo calls Stephanie his girlfriend which she quickly corrects him on, so Leo asks if she holds hands with all her colleagues. Leo tells them that he is Lady Whistleblower, the new gossip columnist of the Spectator. Alex questions what that has to do with him. Leo then asks if it’s true that Alex broke up Salem’s favorite bisexual bakers.

Sarah questions how it’s her fault that Xander blackmailed Jack and Jennifer. Xander responds that he wasn’t going to do it until he ran in to Sarah with Rex and she couldn’t help but rub it in his face that she had sex with him. Sarah says that’s just what Xander did with Gwen. Xander calls that different. Sarah doesn’t care and just wants to know how Xander and Gwen forced Jack and Jennifer to sign over the Spectator. Xander says that’s on a need to know basis so he’s afraid that he can’t tell her. Sarah argues that Jack was Xander’s best friend and Gwen’s father, so she questions how they could do that to him. Sarah adds that it makes her sick. Xander asks if she’s alright as Sarah then runs to the bathroom to throw up.

Rex assures Maggie that what happened between he and Sarah was a one time thing and she made it clear that she’s not wanting a relationship with anybody right now, so they are just friends. Maggie asks if Rex can accept that. Rex says of course he can. Maggie questions why Rex needs to see Sarah so urgently then. Rex informs her that he’s heading back to Chicago. Maggie asks if he came to say goodbye then. Rex then reveals that he wants Sarah to come with him. Maggie questions them not getting back together, but he wants her to move away with him. Rex clarifies that he wants Sarah to work at his hospital as he thinks it would be a great opportunity for her. Maggie calls that very kind of him to extend himself this way. Rex thinks she would be a tremendous asset to their surgical staff and he thinks it would be really good for Sarah, given everything she’s been through. Maggie hates to think of Sarah leaving again, but she’s a grown woman who makes her own decisions, so she just prays that Sarah tunes out the noise and listens to her gut.

Xander asks if Sarah is alright. Sarah comes out of the bathroom and claims she’s fine, blaming it on something she ate. Sarah just wants to know what he’s holding over Jack and Jennifer. Xander doubts they would want him to share that information with her or anyone else. Sarah cannot believe that she actually thought he changed. Sarah calls herself a fool because Xander is the same lowlife thug he’s always been. Sarah declares that she’s so glad that she signed the divorce papers, so she doesn’t have to listen to him rattle off another round of excuses for why he committed another crime against the people she loves. Sarah tells Xander that she’s done for good. Sarah says goodbye to Xander and that she hopes he and Gwen enjoy their stolen paper as she then exits the room.

Chad tells Sonny that he will miss hanging with his best friend. Justin arrives to join them. Sonny mentions that he already ordered him a beer. Justin comments on Sonny always thinking about everybody else except for leaving Salem which he jokes is incredibly selfish. Sonny argues that they can come visit any time. Justin says he and Bonnie definitely will. Sonny says he was just telling Chad how bad he feels about dumping this on everyone out of the blue. Justin says he’s going to miss him but he’s thrilled that he and Will are going to be reunited. Sonny admits it’s been rough being apart. Justin talks about thinking Leo was going to get his fangs in to him again. Sonny assures they don’t have to worry about Leo anymore and toasts to Leo being someone else’s problem now…

Leo asks Alex again if he broke up Chanel and Allie. Alex responds that he doesn’t know where he gets his information but he’s way off. Leo then asks if Alex is denying sucking lemons with Allie and then stumbling back to her place for a night of raunchy sex. Stephanie gives Alex a shocked look and questions him about Allie. Alex says it’s not how Leo is making it sound. Leo then asks if it’s not true that Chanel came home and found Alex there. Stephanie then questions Alex about Chanel catching him in the act. Alex argues that Chanel came home the next morning. Leo says that sounds like confirmation to him. Alex argues that he didn’t confirm anything but Leo says it’s too late. Leo asks how awkward it was when Chanel caught them or if it wasn’t awkward at all since they had already had a threesome which Stephanie questions. Alex then angrily grabs Leo’s recorder and smashes it. Alex tells Leo that if he wants a comment, he can take his whistle and shove it up his blower lady. Leo complains about what he did to his recorder. Alex warns that he’s lucky he didn’t do it to his face and tells Leo to get the hell out before he actually loses it. Leo tells him to be sure to pick up a copy of tomorrow’s Spectator as he hurries out of the office. Alex turns to Stephanie but she says he doesn’t have to explain his personal life to her as it’s none of her business. Alex insists that Leo made it sound a lot more salacious than it actually was. Stephanie tells him to say no more as he, Allie, and Chanel are all consenting adults so what he does with them has nothing to do with her. Stephanie adds that she has more work to get done as she leaves the office, leaving Alex disappointed.

Xander drinks a bottle of whiskey in his room until Gwen shows up and says she just thought she’d stop by to see if he had any last minute concerns about the paper. Gwen asks if he can believe they are actually putting their first edition of the Spectator out. Gwen excitedly states that they did it and are actually running a newspaper. Gwen notes that Xander doesn’t seem very excited and asks if everything is alright. Xander informs her that Sarah just left so Gwen asks what she had to scold him about this time. Xander says it was about blackmailing the paper from Jack and Jennifer. Gwen questions how she found out. Xander explains that Sarah wouldn’t believe they would just willingly give them the paper, so she asked Jennifer why they really did it but she was smart enough to keep her mouth shut, then Sarah came here to get it out of him. Xander argues that Sarah was relentless, so he just told her that they blackmailed them but he didn’t say with what. Gwen doesn’t think Sarah would be so sanctimonious if she knew that her cousin was the one who mowed her down with her car while she was high on painkillers. Gwen apologizes and says she shouldn’t speak so low of Sarah since it’s obvious by the look on Xander’s face that he’s still in love with her.

Sarah goes to work at the hospital where a nurse asks if she’s okay. Sarah claims she’s fine and thinks she just had food poisoning. The nurse asks if she’s sure that’s all it is.

Justin guesses they’ll have to figure out the time difference with New Zealand so they know when to call. Sonny says he’s already figured out that New Zealand is 17 hours ahead. Alex arrives to join them but when he sees Chad, he remarks that he thought this was family only. Sonny insists that Chad is family so he asks if they can just play nice. Alex reluctantly agrees and sits at the table. Justin asks if he had a tough day but Alex says it’s all good. Alex asks Sonny about New Zealand and calls it a radical move. Sonny tells Alex that he should come visit if he has any time off being CEO of Titan since it’s a stressful job, but he thinks Alex is going to kill it. Sonny tells Alex that he was born to be a CEO. Justin agrees that of all his sons, Alex is the most like Victor. Chad jokes that he wishes while Sonny reminds him to play nice. Justin declares that Victor couldn’t have made a better choice. Alex thanks Justin and then hugs Sonny, saying he’s going to miss him. Alex tells Sonny not to be a stranger and that he loves him. Alex says he’ll see them later. Chad offers a handshake but Alex leaves him hanging and walks away. Stephanie arrives as Alex is leaving the Pub. Chad hugs her and says she made it. Stephanie responds that she wasn’t going to miss saying goodbye to her favorite cousin. Justin says he hates to cut this short but he has to take care of something for a client. Justin hugs Sonny and says he loves him. Sonny invites Justin and Bonnie to come visit around Easter. Justin says they will definitely see him down under as he exits. Stephanie tells Sonny that she finally moved back to Salem and now he’s leaving. Sonny says they need to work on their timing while Stephanie tells him to promise to come back.

Sarah tells the nurse that whatever it is will pass in a minute. The nurse is unsure since there’s a ton of bugs going around. Sarah insists that as a doctor, she knows the difference and this is nothing. The nurse suggests letting the lab run a few tests to be safe. Sarah agrees that it can’t hurt.

Gwen asks Xander if he’s still in love with Sarah. Xander calls it complicated. Gwen calls it confusing since the other night when they were together, he seemed to indicate that he’d prefer to be with someone like her and actually said that they belonged together, but then the next morning he woke up after dreaming of Sarah, so she realized that while his marriage may be over, he might not be over her. Xander says he told her that he doesn’t know if or when he ever will be over Sarah. Gwen says they were going to talk, have breakfast, and figure this out but then they bumped in to Sarah in the town square and never had that conversation. Gwen guesses that she’s just unclear on where they stand. Xander says he meant everything he said and he does care for her and he’s grateful for all that she sacrificed for him, but he is still coming to terms with the very recent end of his marriage, so he doesn’t have any answers for her right now. Gwen claims that she completely understands. Xander adds that maybe once the divorce is finalized, he can start thinking about what the future holds. Gwen says that makes sense and she understands, so she suggests keeping things between them strictly professional until then, since they are running a newspaper together. Xander agrees that sounds like a plan. Gwen says she has a million things to do before putting the Spectator out. Gwen asks if Xander has any last minute thoughts or concerns about the layout or headlines. Xander says not that he can think of and she can let him know if something comes up, otherwise he will see her tomorrow. Gwen then exits the room while holding back tears.

Stephanie tells Sonny that she owes him a huge thank you for taking a chance on SJPR and giving her a huge opportunity at Titan. Sonny feels he owes Paulina for bringing her to town. Stephanie says that when he comes back to town, she’ll be saving him a seat at the bar. Chad reminds Sonny that he has a plane to catch and can’t miss his flight. Sonny jokes that Will would kill all of them. Sonny hugs Stephanie and tells them to take care of each other. Chad says they will. Sonny hugs Chad and says he loves them. Stephanie says they love him too. Sonny says he’ll see them around as he then exits the Pub. Stephanie comments that Sonny is so great. Chad calls him the best as he hugs her. Stephanie says it sucks that Sonny is leaving. Chad calls it a big change for her at Titan since she’s going to have a new boss.

Alex goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Maggie that he got her text and asks if everything is okay. Maggie says everything is fine and that she asked him over to discuss Titan business. Alex asks where Victor is as he assumes this is about who is taking over Titan. Maggie confirms that it is but Victor is out of town so he asked her to handle it. Alex assumes she means handling letting him know that Victor chose him to take over. Maggie then reveals that Victor didn’t choose Alex and announces that Victor is giving the job to a different Kiriakis…

Justin goes to Xander’s room. Xander calls this a nice surprise for his favorite cousin to pop in for a visit. Justin informs him that this isn’t a social visit.

Gwen goes home to her room at the Salem Inn, where Leo says it’s perfect timing as he just finished rewriting his column. Gwen asks if his sources are solid. Leo says he got it straight from his mouth and comments that Alex will be the gift that keeps on giving for him. Leo thought she would be overjoyed. Gwen says she is really impressed but she and Xander just had a chat about where they stand romantically and he doesn’t want to think about the future until his divorce is finalized. Leo encourages that should be soon but Gwen says not soon enough.

Justin informs Xander that he’s here on behalf of his client. Xander asks if he came to formally deliver the decree that ends their marriage. Justin reveals that he can’t because there’s a problem with the divorce…

Rex finds Sarah in a waiting room at the hospital and says there is something important that he needs to talk to her about. Sarah says she does too so Rex tells her to go first. Sarah then announces that she is pregnant!

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