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Sarah comes home to find a box of cupcakes from the Bakery. Xander comes in with flowers and presents her with a card, asking “Won’t you play with me?”

Steve and Kayla sit together at the Brady Pub. Kayla talks about work being nonstop, so she’s glad she was able to get away. Steve says he’ll take any time he can get with her. Steve is sorry the staff shortages have been wearing her down. Kayla says she can handle it, but she’ll be happy when new doctors show up. Kayla asks if he’s talked to Tripp. Steve confirms he has and that he and Wendy are doing great. Kayla asks how Steve is doing. Steve responds that he’s happy that Tripp is happy but he still misses him a lot though. Kayla asks how things are going with Steve and John. Steve says they are fine. Kayla wants more but Steve says that’s all he’s got right now. Kayla asks how things are going with Konstantin. Steve responds that he still doesn’t trust him and never will. Kayla admits that he hasn’t given him a reason to and she can’t believe that Maggie is going to marry Konstantin. Steve assures that she doesn’t have to worry about Maggie. Kayla notes that he sounds sure of himself and asks what’s going on. Jada then arrives, so Steve invites her to join them.

John goes home and asks Marlena what’s going on as she sounded worried on the phone. Marlena reveals that she got an update from Brady and it looks like Maggie is redistributing Victor’s wealth to make sure that all the relatives get their inheritance. John says he’s sure Konstantin is losing his mind and asks what Marlena’s concerns are. Marlena says they all know Konstantin is a very dangerous man, so she’s afraid that Maggie has put herself in a rather dangerous place.

Alex and Theresa walk through the town square. Alex talks about seeing a lot of beautiful things. Theresa says she likes sparkly as they get close until Konstantin approaches with Maggie and suggests an engagement ring for the happy couple which Maggie questions. Konstantin asks why not, insisting that they make a fantastic couple. Konstantin jokes that they could even make it a double wedding. Maggie says she’s sure they have their own plans and apologizes to Theresa and Alex for Konstantin getting carried away. Maggie then questions Alex not being at the office for a meeting. Alex says his calendar is none of her business but his VP has it covered because he knows had to delegate. Maggie feels there’s still a need to be present. Alex responds that Titan is a well-oiled machine thanks in large part to him. Maggie suggests one of them should get to work and guesses that’s going to be her. Maggie tells Konstantin that she will text him on her way home and walks off.

Marlena tells John that nobody wants to upset Konstantin, but she’s afraid that Maggie moving Victor’s money around could be kicking the hornet’s nest. John agrees that she’s rattling his cage a little bit, but the Kiriakis estate is massive with millions left over even after Maggie’s generous gifting. John thinks that will make Konstantin behave himself for awhile. Marlena hopes that he’s right. John says just to cover their bases, they should make sure Maggie doesn’t have anything else to tell them.

Steve asks Jada to catch them up for a couple minutes as she joins their table. Kayla bets it’s nice to live in an actual house. Jada calls it definitely an improvement from the small room overlooking a parking lot. Jada adds that Rafe is a great guy and she actually looks forward to coming home. Kayla mentions Stephanie telling them that Everett signed the divorce papers. Jada confirms that and she’s pretty sure Stephanie had something to do with making that happen. Jada says she’s grateful because it’s like a dark cloud has been lifted. Jada knows Stephanie is working on her relationship with Everett and trying to make it work, so she hopes he doesn’t break her heart like he did to her.

Sarah tells Xander that she has a couple games they could play in the bedroom. Xander says soon, when the timing is right as he points out that Victoria is about to wake up. Sarah says she’ll go get the afternoon bottle but Xander says not yet as they have games to play. Sarah asks what games. Xander tells her Hearts and reveals a deck of cards. Sarah isn’t sure she remembers the rules. Xander encourages that it will all come back to her. Sarah picks up the Queen of Hearts. Xander says she is his queen and she has captured his heart. Sarah asks what’s going on. Xander tells her that she’s on a scavenger hunt and he will have so much fun watching her figure it out. Xander encourages that she’s doing great and is on her way to finding the treasure which excites Sarah. Xander tells her that she’s not getting anything until she finds what he’s hidden.

Kayla tells Jada that they appreciate her concern but assure that if Everett hurts Stephanie or gets out of line, Steve will have a lot to say about it. Steve tells Jada that she can come to him too if he ever does anything that she doesn’t like. Jada thinks Everett will be keeping his distance from her but thanks Steve for caring. Steve talks about Jada’s father being a dear friend of his and that he’d be very upset if he didn’t look out for her. Jada thanks him and says they are like family to her. They talk about wishing they saw each other more. Jada apologizes for not making plans but says lately, she feels pulled in so many different directions. Steve asks how the search for Clyde Weston is going.

Alex questions what Konstantin is still doing here. Theresa tells Alex to be civil. Konstantin agrees there’s no reason to linger so he will go, but Alex stops him and says there was one thing he wanted to discuss with him. Alex informs Konstantin that he recently just purchased a racehorse and it might get delivered before he moves back in to the mansion, so he asks Konstantin to let the stable master know. Konstantin questions if Maggie is aware of his plans. Alex assumes Maggie knows he’s moving back in since half of everything was left to him. Alex adds that he’s thinking about taking over the east wing and asks if that’s where Konstantin’s room is. Alex mentions planning to talk to Maggie about his continued occupancy at the mansion. Konstantin argues that he’s sure Maggie would object to Alex having him relocate. Alex warns Konstantin not to get too comfortable there. Theresa interrupts to separate them and says this conversation is pointless without Maggie since it’s her house. Alex repeats that half of it is his along with half of Victor’s fortune. Alex then asks if Konstantin has any idea when the Hortons are moving out.

Maggie goes to see John and Marlena. Maggie mentions that she was on her way to work so she can only stay a little while and asks what’s going on. Marlena says they wanted to thank her because Brady told them that she had redistributed Victor’s estate, allowing Brady to set up a trust for Tate and Rachel. Maggie says Xander did the same for Victoria and that she was just carrying out Victor’s wishes since he wanted to make sure his children and grandchildren were cared for. Maggie adds that she already decided to share her wealth before she knew what Konstantin was up to. Maggie asks if she did something wrong. John says no and that they just wanted to talk about next steps with Konstantin. John states that they need to get Konstantin to commit a crime that they can get him on. Maggie says she was going to call later but they beat her to it. Maggie reveals it came to her earlier today which John questions. Maggie calls it a brilliant idea as she knows exactly how to bring Konstantin down for good. John asks to hear the brilliant plan. Maggie says it’s all about Alex as ever since Victor’s will has been settled, Alex has been hyper focused on spending money and neglecting his role at Titan almost completely. Maggie says normally, she wouldn’t let that behavior slide, but it occurred to her that it might provide the perfect opportunity to get rid of Konstantin permanently. John tells her to go on. Maggie explains that it seems Alex is not interested, so company money could be moved under the radar and they could make it look like Konstantin has been embezzling from Titan for months. Maggie argues that it wouldn’t be difficult to transfer funds to a personal account that she opens on his behalf if they do it right and cleverly. Marlena realizes the idea is to expose Konstantin for the low life he really is which Maggie says to leave to her.

Konstantin informs Alex that the Horton house renovation is almost complete. Alex is sure Konstantin is breathing a huge sigh of relief. Konstantin says he’s actually enjoyed having the Hortons around and hopes to enjoy having him there just as much. Alex says he wouldn’t count on that and says he’s going to finish up and tells Theresa he’s going to get a huge surprise as he walks off. Theresa then questions what the hell Konstantin was thinking by suggesting an engagement ring out loud. Konstantin argues that Alex didn’t suspect anything of it. Konstantin asks if Theresa has been working on that. Theresa informs him that she got herself back in to Alex’s bed, so now she just needs to get herself back in the mansion.

Jada tells Steve and Kayla that they recently came in to a new piece of evidence. Steve asks what that is. Jada explains that they got Clyde’s black book, detailing every part of his drug operation. Steve calls that big news. Jada mentions that Stefan found it hidden at the Bistro but it’s written in code and they are so far from figuring it out. Steve says he and John could definitely help by bringing it to the ISA and declares that if anyone can crack that code, it’s them.

Sarah tells Xander it’s game on. Xander says he’s rooting for her. Sarah begins searching the apartment. Xander says it sounds like Victoria jus woke up. Sarah says she didn’t hear anything. Xander gives Sarah her flowers and directs her of where to look for the next clue as he goes to get Victoria. Sarah finds a ring box as Xander brings out Victoria, wearing a bib that reads “Will You Marry Daddy?” After putting Victoria down, Xander gets down on one knee and officially proposes to Sarah. Sarah responds that she’s so sorry but she can’t accept this.

Jada appreciates Steve’s offer but says that Harris already took the paperwork for analysis. Jada agrees to talk to Rafe since the more eyes they get on this, the better. Steve says they all want the same thing in getting Clyde behind bars again. Jada adds that the book might help them in a few cases. Steve asks if there’s something else with Clyde but Jada says it’s the murder of Li Shin. Kayla thought Gabi was in prison for that. Jada notes that Gabi always said she’s innocent and Rafe is very sure of that. Steve asks if she’s saying Clyde was involved in that. Jada says she can’t say anything right now, but this book could lead to a lot of closure for all of them.

John tells Maggie that on paper, it sounds like a hell of a plan. Maggie thought he would like it and she’s convinced it will work. John says they just need to plant the seed. Maggie suspects that Konstantin will be salivating over the favor she’s about to ask of him. Maggie adds that she will call if she gets in any trouble. John thinks she’s doing just fine as Maggie then exits. John tells Marlena that he wasn’t quite sure, but he’s thinking that Maggie might be able to pull this off. Marlena has no doubt and thinks Konstantin is messing with the wrong redhead. John declares that soon, Konstantin will be out of all of their lives for good.

Konstantin tells Theresa that she talks a good game but complains that he needs to see some action soon. Theresa tells him to just make sure to hold up his end of the bargain. Alex then returns to Theresa. Konstantin says he has errands to tend to so he walks away. Alex calls Konstantin insufferable. Theresa says he’s marrying Maggie, so he’ll have to get used to it. Alex can’t believe that but guesses that’s just what happens when you’re lonely and needy. Alex asks if Theresa wants to see what he got her. Theresa says yes, so Alex presents her with a bracelet which amazes her. Theresa wishes there was something she could do for him. Alex says he has a few ideas as they kiss.

John tells Marlena that getting the Konstantin issue under control makes him feel like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Marlena agrees and says it must make John feel good to get Konstantin out of Maggie’s life. John states that he’s the reason that Konstantin is in Salem, so the way he’s been taking advantage of Maggie and plotting to kill her is all on him. John calls it another cross to bear.

Steve realizes Clyde’s book is the key, so if he knows they have it, he’ll come out of hiding. Jada says they just have to get word out that it’s been found. Steve asks Jada to keep him in the loop which she agrees to do. Kayla notes that it’s personal to them and their family. Steve talks about Clyde killing Abigail, almost killing Tripp and Wendy, and hurting so many people they love. Steve declares that Clyde needs to be stopped once and for all.

Xander doesn’t understand and questions Sarah saying no. Sarah clarifies that she’s not saying no to him, but to the ring and says she can’t wear that. Xander asks why not. Sarah says she appreciates it but it’s too much. Xander talks about Maggie reallocating Victor’s funds and setting up a trust for Victoria. Xander says that’s why he wants to make things official since they are a family now and he wanted her to have the best ring money could buy because she deserves it. Sarah responds that she doesn’t need the best ring or anything because she already has the best in him as they kiss.

Alex and Theresa go back to the bedroom and continue kissing as they begin to undress and they kiss onto the bed.

Xander asks if Sarah is saying yes then. Sarah calls Xander the best and agrees that the only way this could be any better would be knowing they get to spend the rest of their lives together. Sarah apologizes and says she’s so touched and does appreciate that he spent so much time shopping for a beautiful ring and the way he proposed. Xander asks her to just keep the ring and not feel guilty about it which she agrees to. Sarah says she’ll try her hardest to get over the guilt. Xander jokes that she’d feel more guilty giving it back as he spent hours picking out the right one. Sarah asks for a redo and promises to be grateful and gracious with no objections or complaints. Xander calls it take two as he gets back down on one knee and proposes to Sarah. Sarah then accepts and says she cannot wait to be his wife. Xander puts the ring on her finger. Sarah says it looks like they are engaged now. Xander confirms there’s no question about it as they kiss.

Kayla tells Jada that they want to have her and Rafe over for Sunday dinner which Jada says sounds wonderful. Jada agrees to check her calendar and text her. Jada hugs them and says to take care as she exits. Kayla tells Steve that she can see his wheels turning. Steve says this new piece of evidence is big news and asks how any of them could rest easy until Clyde is back in his cage. Kayla agrees that they can’t, so maybe it will give him something else to focus on other than Konstantin. Steve assures that he can work on more than one thing at a time so that doesn’t change. Kayla asks why he hasn’t told her what’s going on. Steve promises that when the time is right, he’ll tell her everything. Kayla hopes it all works out. Steve says it has to as there is no other option.

Konstantin sits in the town square, complaining about Alex. Maggie approaches and asks who he’s talking to. Konstantin says talking to himself is an old habit. Maggie says they all do it. Konstantin thought she was going to work. Maggie says she did and then she had an epiphany which brought her back to him. Konstantin asks about it. Maggie says she has a favor and he’s the only one she thinks can handle it. Konstantin says anything. Maggie explains that she intends to create a charitable trust in Victor’s honor and that Konstantin knew what was in Victor’s heart, so she’d like to put him in charge of distributing funds that belonged to Victor if he’s willing. Konstantin says it would be his honor to do for her and Victor. Konstantin thanks her for entrusting him wtih such a noble venture.

Marlena tells John that she’s going to tell him one more time that none of what he did back then was about him as it wasn’t John Black. Marlena says what he’s doing now and how he’s helping Maggie is an example of his kindness and his strength. Maggie says if that’s not an example of his quality of character, she doesn’t know what is. John responds that he just wants to be a force for good and with Marlena by his side, he knows anything is possible as he kisses her.

Alex and Theresa lay in bed after having sex. Theresa tells Alex that she’s crazy about him and she’s waiting for him to say the same. Alex says he’s a fan of actions speak louder than words and that all the action just now should’ve told her something. Theresa decides she’s going to shower and they decide to order food in. Theresa heads to the shower while Alex grabs his phone and calls Kristen. Alex says he misses her and will hopefully see her tomorrow as he can’t wait and then hangs up.

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