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 I never forget the terms of a deal. And my lawyers are meticulous. I’m aware. You know, I must admit, my financial advisors balked at me making this deal. Your catalog is a gold mine. Wow. You must be really scared of getting “metoo”d, then, to walk away from all that money. This is what you want, isn’t it? To have your songs back and me out of your hair. Among other things. Perfect. Then all you need to do… …is sign on the dotted line. You don’t have to put up with linc. Walk away. Find a manager who respects you. Problem is, my contract is ironclad. My career would be over, after I worked so hard for it. I’m trapped. And it’s not like I have a support system. Excuse the pity party, but when you leave the business, I’ll be all alone. Well…

not alone. Give me the pen. Oh. I almost forgot, brookie. There’s just one more thing I need from you. Tj. Hi. Trina. Look at you. All ready for the rehearsal dinner? Yeah. I’m really looking forward to it. Me, too. Me, too. I just have to take care of one last thing before I head home to change, pick up molly. Are you looking for your mom? I’m pretty sure she left early. Oh, yeah, she did. Um, we’ve been texting nonstop. But I thought I had a little time before the party starts, and I, um — I, uh, probably shouldn’t be here. Just act like you never saw me. Trina. Whatever it is, you can tell me. After all, we are about to be family. I know what I have to do now. I just wanted to tell you first. First? I didn’t want there to be any more lies between us before I, uh — before you what? Elizabeth, what are you going to do? Turn myself in. It’s clear this is weighing on you heavily. So I understand you wanting to go to the police and confess. No matter what it costs me. Elizabeth. I’m sorry. I can’t let you throw it all away. Where did my father go? I don’t know. What have you done, spencer? I don’t know what you mean, grandmother. You’re so clever. Yeah. You always have been, ever since you were a little boy. But you can’t fool me. I was in that chapel when you told him you wanted to get custody of esme’s baby. His baby. I don’t know what kind of twisted cassadine game you are playing with your father right now or how ava fits into this. But I do know that it will be destructive to all three of you. So you let me help you, before your relationship with your father can never be salvaged. You tell me — what are you holding over your father’s head? Yeah, I’m gonna tail this jerome lady that gave me such a hard time the other day. I’ll report back. So who was that? Three guesses. Listen to me. You want to come after me, mason? You go right ahead. You take your best shot. But don’t you dare threaten ava.

[ Chuckles ] Well, clearly, from the sour expression on your face, you’ve spoken to spencer. Is this how it ends between us, ava? You turn my own son against me? You saw fit to weaponize spencer. Oh, I can’t take credit for that. You did it all by yourself. Now be gone. This is my house now. I’m not going anywhere. Not until you and i finish what we started.

[ Indistinct conversations ] That dirtbag doesn’t give up, does he? Easy, detective. You told me what happened the last time you tried to defend brook lynn’s honor. You were suspended, without pay. Yeah, I remember. But still. If you think this agreement gives you special groping privileges, you can rip it in two and shove it up — linc: You’re a beautiful woman, brook lynn. Can you blame a guy for trying? Actually, I can blame you. Hashtag “me too.” Just so we’re clear, this little disagreement falls under this nondisclosure agreement. Like I could ever forget that. I get the rights to my songs back, and you get my silence in return. As much bellyaching as you’ve done about getting those songs back, I’d say cooperation and silence are a small price to pay. And your handsome singing detective never has to know. I’ll have what I want. You’ll have what you want. Blaze and chase’s careers will continue to climb. That’s a win-win for all four of us. Here, I thought you touching me was unbearable. But watching you put your scuzzy hands on another woman… please. Spare me the moral outrage and just sign your name. You go to the police, it’s going to cost you everything you love — your family, your career. Is easing your conscience worth losing all that? It’s not about easing my conscience. It’s about who I am, or who I used to be before my life went sideways and everything started spinning out of control. You mean before nik roped you into keeping his baby a secret? And I don’t see him rushing to confess. Let him go to jail, not you. I so appreciate that you still care. Do yourself a favor. Wash your hands of me and just let me go. How I would even do that? When I was in trouble, you didn’t wash your hands of me. You know, your sense of loyalty is totally out of whack. I’m your family, austin. And you want to defend ava? Hey, she’s the one that threatened me. She wanted to put the cops on me for the hook attacks. Yeah, because she was one of the first people to be attacked with a hook. She’s lucky to be alive. And who can blame her for wanting to figure out who the attacker was? If you were in my shoes, I would totally take your side. But, hey, I’m not the one who wants ava for myself like you. I mean, it’s really not a big deal. I-I mean, I — if I say anything to my mom or dad or marshall or curtis, they’ll overreact. I got to tell you, it’s starting to sound like a big deal. I just want to check on spencer, ah. Not you, too. No, not me. Spencer is molly’s cousin, remember? I’ve known him most of his life. He’s had some major screw-ups. He — he seems to have zero impulse control, but he is a good guy. He really cares. You know, I-I think that actually might be his problem. Caring? Mm-hmm. Spencer cares too much. It makes him vulnerable and easy to hurt

[ Scoffs ] Spencer. Absolutely. All that cynical, spoiled B.S. Is just a put-on, same as when he was a little kid. He was entitled, obnoxious, precocious. He used to wear cravats and smoking jackets.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, I heard about that. But what I think spencer really was was lonely. And I think he still is. Grandmother, I — I saw my son’s face go pale when you vowed to gain custody of his child. There was a not-so-veiled threat behind that vow. There’s a web address on here. Go to it and you’ll find a video. A video…of what? Something that will give you power over nikolas. But let me warn you, spencer, you cannot unsee this. And if you choose to use it against your father, there will be no going back. You will be his sworn enemy. I don’t consider it to be a threat. I consider it to be the truth. Oh. The truth can be weaponized. You know that as well as I do. Now, listen to me. I am speaking to you now as someone who loves you both. I deserve to know the truth about this. Grandmother, it is because I love you so much that I cannot share with you what that truth is. If my father goes down for this, it will be because that is his choice. I’m not going to let him destroy anyone else in this family in the process. You wanted the house, now you’ve got it. You can redecorate, pull it down from its studs, or burn it to the ground. Let’s just say I have options. You can erase every trace that I ever lived in this house. But one thing you can’t do is erase what we felt for each other. And where did your feelings for me lead you? Right into the open arms of your son’s girlfriend! You think I wanted esme? Oh, I know that esme was no innocent in all of this, but you sure as hell took what she offered you, didn’t you? You’re the one who was arguing with esme before she fell. But I kept it quiet. I protected you. I was even willing to take the blame for you. And this is how you repay me? By turning that very confession against me? By giving it to my son to use against me in order to gain custody of my unborn child! Have you forgotten that spencer came to town just to break us up and to destroy you in the process? That is how much he hated you! I have forgotten nothing. But I happen to agree with spencer about one thing. That baby deserves better than esme and certainly deserves better than you! This isn’t about the baby, and you know it. So call it what it is, ava. It’s revenge. I honestly don’t care whatever you call it, as long as it stops you.

Okay, enough’s enough, jerk.Just don’t punch him. Oh, I’m not going to. I’m just going to put him in his place. All I need is one little signature, brookie. Are you in or are you out? What the hell’s going on here? We were just concluding a little business negotiation. Right, brook lynn? If your manager signs this agreement, she gets her song catalog back, not including the song rights I’ve already sold. It’s just my way of — to say thank you for everything she’s done for me.

[ Clears throat ] It’s okay, chase. Believe it or not, this, um — this agreement actually gets us both what we want. There. It’s done. See? Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it? It sounds like you’re implying that nikolas has done something illegal, something that would compromise my position of mayor if it were to be made public. Am I right about any of this? Like I said, it’s really best that you don’t know what I know. I guess I’ll take it as a yes. Grandmother, please, just trust that I know what I’m doing and drop this. Drop what? My feelings for you and your father? No, not for me, but for my father. I do think that he is a waste of your time. I remember a time when you worshiped the ground that that man walked on. My mother was dead. He was my only parent. So, yeah, when I was a little kid, I believed in him. And you still can, just tempered with the knowledge that no one is perfect. Grandmother, I’m sorry. That time has passed. At every turn, he has disappointed me. That man chooses his own selfish desires over everything and everyone. That’s just who he is. And I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough. He would have done us all a favor if he’d just stayed dead. Why can’t you believe me? Esme meant nothing to me. What about your affair with elizabeth? Your oldest and dearest friend, the woman you trust more than anybody on this earth? Was she nothing to you, too? Did you use her like you use everybody else? Yes, I used elizabeth, but not in the way you think. What are you talking about? It was all a lie. There was no affair. I never slept with elizabeth. We have very different memories of peter’s fall in the stairwell. Yeah, I didn’t walk away from you, but I also remember how our cover-up almost blew up in our faces when we found out peter wasn’t dead. He knew you were responsible for that fall, and he hung it over our heads, remember?

[ Sighs ] My point is, you wouldn’t let me lose everything and everyone I love. You stood by me, knowing the risks, and it brought us closer. That almost seems like a lifetime ago. Doesn’t seem like that long ago to me. Finn… you’re under no obligation to help me. Elizabeth, it’s never felt like an obligation with you. Then what is it?

I’ll make sure that you get a copy of our agreement asap. What was that all about?

[ Clears throat ] I told you, we were, um, negotiating. With his hand on your knee? You saw that? It was all I could do not to punch him out again. Oh. I guess I’m glad you still care enough to get all riled up. I’m — I’m also relieved that you didn’t throw any punches. Yeah, well, I’ve learned the hard way. Now that I have my songs back, you can forget all about the music biz. When the ccrb reinstates you, you can go back to being a cop. Chase? I was expecting a little bit more enthusiasm. Linc doesn’t just give away important assets like your song catalog. Is he going to buy out my contract like we hoped? Not exactly. Okay, then what exactly did you have to give him to get your songs back? Not that it’s any of your business, ’cause it’s really none of your business, but ava and I are friends. We’re just friends. Mm. Could have fooled me. Uh, okay, so — but from now on, moving forward, that’s something that you understand. Absolutely. Great. But since you’re just friends, you won’t mind if I pay ava a little visit tonight. Mason, what are you doing? Why — why would you do that? Why would you pay ava a visit? I don’t have to tell you, cuz. Love-hate is stronger than love or hate. Why are you fighting me on this? I’m not fighting you. I’m fighting for you. Somebody has to. You seem hell-bent on paying for someone else’s crimes. I don’t want see you throwing your life away for someone like nik cassadine. Oh, I’m not turning myself in for nikolas. I can’t really betray spencer’s trust or violate his privacy by giving details. But spencer and i were in the chapel after britt’s memorial, and spencer’s family came in, his dad and grandmother. Spencer asked me to leave, and I could tell that there was going to be a major blow-up. And you want to make sure he’s okay? I mean, I can text spencer, but… it’s really easy to lie in a text. If I see him, I’ll know. Molly and I are like that. In our work, we don’t get to share how we feel, so we’ve gotten good at hiding our emotions, but not from each other. One look at molly, and I can tell if she’s happy or worried or if her very last nerve is about to snap, and she can do the same thing with me. But we have known each other since we were teenagers. How long have you known spencer? About a year and a half. But it feels a lot longer because of everything that’s happened. Well, I think that’s why your mom and dad and curtis and marshall, I think that’s why they’re concerned. They don’t like spencer for me. No, they don’t want you to get hurt. I know. And that’s why you’d be doing all of them a huge favor if you don’t mention that I was ever here.

[ Both laugh ] So you’re going to keep looking for spencer? Uh… he’s probably gone. But if he’s still here, he’s dealing with his family. Besides, I don’t want to be late for the rehearsal dinner. Do you need a ride? I’m parked in the garage. I’ll ride down with you. Thanks for listening. That’s what family’s for. I need to sit down. Spencer, you don’t wish that your father was dead. I was there when you thought your father was dead, and you were shattered. I was a child then. I’m not now. Once you found out that he was still alive after he had been gone all those years, the two of you never connected as father and son again after that. I guess I just kept hoping that when you came back from boarding school that there might be a chance for you to — I’ve learned better now. I have grown up, grandmother. And I don’t actively wish that my father was dead, but I know that I don’t want him in my life anymore. Okay. You might feel that way now. But… you also know what it feels like not to have a father. Is that something that you would really want for your younger sister or brother? Oh, come on, nikolas, I know you’re desperate, but to try and deny your squalid affair with elizabeth baldwin — there was no affair! That was a lie, and it wasn’t mine. Elizabeth invented that. Why? That affair ended her relationship with finn. It doesn’t make any sense that she would make it up. Better that everyone thought we were sleeping together than anyone know the real reason elizabeth was spending so much time here at wyndemere. Well, tell me the real reason, nikolas. Why was elizabeth coming around here so much?! I was keeping esme locked in the north tower! Yeah, that’s right. We all thought she died when she fell off the parapet. But months later, she showed up pregnant with my child. She instantly started threatening to use the baby against me. And at the time, I had every reason to believe that she was the hook killer. Well, then why didn’t you call the cops and have the little demon locked up?! Because I didn’t want my baby born in prison and it wasn’t safe for the baby or anyone else if esme was allowed to roam free. So I — so you held her prisoner. And that’s why the north tower was off-limits to everybody. Elizabeth found out. And she begged me to call the police. But instead, I convinced her to give esme some basic medical care. I appealed to our friendship. And I am sure you’ll be happy to hear that it ended up destroying our friendship forever. But it turned out that esme wasn’t the hook killer. We didn’t know that until that rookie cop was killed when she was under lock and key. After that, I was going to fly her to cassadine island to have the baby there. But before I could make that happen — esme escaped. And she ended up at G.H. With no memory. I still don’t understand why elizabeth would make up a story about the two of you having an affair. Finn was getting very suspicious that esme was hiding somewhere here on the island. So one day, he came here, and he found a bottle of prenatal vitamins. He found elizabeth with a second bottle. And when he asked her about them, she panicked and said the first thing that came into her mind — that she was pregnant from sleeping with me. So you see, ava, esme was a one-time mistake. And elizabeth was just my friend. There was never anyone else… …but you.

You’re right. I did have to throw linc a bone. How bad is it? I agreed to write a dozen commercial jingles for linc, and once I deliver those, linc and I will be officially done. And that’s it? Look, I don’t want to be a pop star, okay? It’s not my passion. I want… I want my badge back. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it? I sign a document with enough time to spare so you can go in front of the review board, state your case, and walk away detective harrison chase again. You’ll be done with the music business for good. I just finished my business dealings with brook lynn, so now I can focus all my attention on you and making you so big that lady gaga will want to be your opening act. Chase, what is it? Did you hear what I said? Yeah, I heard it. But what if I don’t want out just yet? I don’t deserve your charity. Not after the way I treated you. Lied to you, made you think I cheated on you, and for what? To imprison a pregnant woman? It’s not charity. You don’t need that. But you do need to stop beating yourself up. I mean, nikolas didn’t tell you he was planning on imprisoning esme, did he? No, I’d imagine he pulled you in a little bit at a time, right? Go get prenatal vitamins for the the pregnant woman. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? And I bet you at every chance he got, he reminded you that esme is the one that made the revenge porn of cam. He did mention it a few times. Mm. You are a reasonable person who made — made a reasonable mistake. I’m — I’m just talking as your friend here. That’s what we were long before we were anything else. As your friend, I want to get you through this without throwing away everything you love. Everything except my self-respect. I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to go to the pcpd and tell jordan everything. Finn: When you go to jail, what about the boys? Have you thought about that? Who’s going to take care of aiden and jake? Much of that’s going to fall on cam’s shoulders. You know how responsible he always is, right? I could see him dropping out of school to get a full-time job. And I know you think laura would be there to help, but she’s going to be dealing with nikolas and spencer and esme and a baby and all the drama that comes with — no, this is going to fall on cam’s shoulders. You — you willing to do that to your boys just to clear your conscience? Why did you wait till now to tell me all that? W-why did you make me think the worst of you? I was protecting elizabeth from going to prison. I mean, I already lost you whenyou found out I slept with esme. What else did I have to lose? So when elizabeth panicked and made up that story, I went along with it. This doesn’t change anything between us, though. You know that, right? O-of course I know that I would be lying if I said I haven’t done a lot of things that I regret. The road is littered with people that I’ve walked over, and I never even looked back. God knows neither one of us is perfect. That’s why I held out hope that one day, once the baby was born and esme was taken care of, I’d tell you everything, and you could understand and even find a way to forgive me. And then maybe, just maybe, we could find a way to repair the damage I caused. We could get past the betrayal and the bitterness and find a way back home, to our home, the one we shared and loved.

You don’t want out of the music biz yet? I don’t understand. You’ve made it abundantly clear on multiple occasions that you think your true calling is catching bad guys. Nothing’s changed. That is the ultimate goal. But when I signed onto our plan, I had two objectives — one, to get your song catalog back. Okay, great. Mission accomplished there. But two, to nail linc for sexual harassment, not just with you, but with every female that he tries to groom to be a star. I mean, you’re still up for that, aren’t you? Look, linc will get his. Someday. Okay, but you deserve to follow your dreams, which means going to that review board and convincing them to give you your badge back. Where does that leave blaze? I have grown to like her a lot. How much longer does she have to put up with linc and his sleazeball ways? What if the guy doesn’t take no for an answer? Not to mention what happens to every young, pretty, trusting face that comes along. If I am all about taking down bad guys, what kind of person would I be to look the other way? Now, I signed on to take down linc, and that is exactly what we’re going to do. Together. You know how much my boys mean to me. Of course I do. That’s why I need to do this. The truth is going to come out. It always does. At least this way, I can hold my head up high. Face the consequences to my actions. And my boys will know their mom isn’t a coward. Your boys know you’re not a coward. Just like they know you’re human and you’re capable of making mistakes. Especially when you think you’re helping a friend or maybe protecting your community from a killer. In the eyes of the law, I am an accessory to a kidnapping. The sooner I face that, the better for everyone. Okay. Wait. Just, uh — you feel like you have to do it? Okay. Do it. Just do me one favor. Just sleep on it, one night. Talk to jordan in the morning. Hey, aren’t you, uh — aren’t you supposed to go to the rehearsal dinner for curtis and portia tonight?

[ Sighs ] Do you really think I can walk into that dinner like this? Hey, you can do anything you want to do. Maybe it’ll be A… good reminder of everything you’d be giving up. I’m hoping you’ll realize what you’ll be losing, and you will choose to stop punishing yourself. I will be all the father that baby needs. Have you ever babysat a baby? Even once? Have you changed a diaper? No, but I can go online, and I can watch tutorials, and I can figure out how to do it. I’m — I am capable. I’ve never seen you make a meal in your entire life. The baby’s not even going to be eating real food for at least a year, right? That’s plenty of time for me to learn how to cook. Are we really talking about this? The point is, you have always been the one who has been taken care of. Do you really think you’re ready to meet the emotional needs of a baby? Babies are very demanding. Grandmother, my plan is very simple. In any situation, whatever my father did, I’m going to do exactly the opposite. Ah. Well… despite his many mistakes, he is still my son. And I will never give up on him. But I need your help, spencer. Did you really mean everything you just said? I meant every word. And it might have come true… if only you hadn’t conspired with spencer to take my unborn child away from me. You, of all people, know how that feels. When ryan chamberlain murdered kiki, that was agony, wasn’t it? Yet still, you — you weaponized spencer to take my unborn child from me?! How could you be so heartless?! Don’t bother answering that question, because the real question is, what do you think I should do as a result? What are you saying? Eye for an eye. That’s your way, isn’t it, ava? Since you’ve obviously forgotten what it feels like to lose a child, someone needs to remind you. So brace yourself, my love, because that someone is me.

Chase: Hey, when are we going to record another song together? Another song? Yeah. I mean, I can see it — you and me, tearing up the charts. But I thought —

[ Laughing ] Never mind what I thought. Blaze and chase together again. Hey, maybe we should record a whole album this time. I don’t see why not.

[ Laughing ] Oh, my gosh. Well, it sounds like we’re all going to make a lot more money with each other. I think we should toast, you know, to make it official. I’ll do the honors. Here’s to everyone getting exactly what they want.

[ Glasses clink ] I did promise portia I would go to her rehearsal dinner. Support my friend on her special day. Good. But I can’t promise you that I’m going to sleep on my decision, because I most likely will be up all night. I can live with that. As long as you don’t go to the police for now. For now. But in the morning, if I do decide to turn myself in… you won’t be alone. Thank you. And thank you for caring about me, whether I deserve it or not. If we all got what we deserved, who’d be left to run this place? You stay away from ava.

[ Scoffs ] Don’t be greedy, cuz. I’m not asking you, mason. This is me telling you. You stay the hell away from ava. You still think you’re a knight shining armor, don’t you? First it’s maxie and her baby, and now it’s ava jerome. Nah, ava’s a big girl. She can — she can fight her own battles. Then why are you doing it? You’re right. I guess, mason, because I know you. I know you. I know the twisted mind games you like to play. Well, what can I say? We learned from the best, remember? Oh, yeah, no, I remember. But I’ve grown up. Some of us have grown up. Some of us have — some of us are changed people. You are so boring like this! Boring and predictable. You know what? I’ve heard enough. Nighty-night, cuz.

[ Sighs ] Oh, come on, ava. Pick up. Voicemail. You know I hate saying no to you, grandmother. But you are asking too much. Nikolas cassadine was born with every luxury, every privilege, every opportunity to be the kind of man, kind of father that a son could look up to. That man has squandered every opportunity of his life, every privilege, including your love for him. If it’s salvation that he seeks, it is going to have to come from someone else. It’s not nikolas’ fault. It’s mine. I should have stayed on the island and raised him. You’re threatening to take avery from me? That’s impossible. You have no grounds for custody.

[ Laughs ] Who needs family court or a lawyer? I have uncle victor by my side and access to all his resources at my fingertips. When avery is gone, I guarantee you will feel an emptiness in your soul like I will, for the rest of your life. That’s a promise. And I’ll start now. Nikolas, I can’t let you take her. Don’t worry. I’ll tell avery you said goodbye.

[ Both grunt ]

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