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Dante: Looks like, uh… we’re all here for the same reason, huh?

Sam: Maxie. How are you holding up?

Maxie: Well, I’m doing my best. [ Sighs ] I could really use some good news, though.

Sam: Well, Willow had her baby.

Nina: She’s perfect!

Baby: [ Cooing ]

Sonny: Of course she is.

Nina: [ Chuckles ] Look at her.

Sonny: Yeah.

Nina: Not a care in the world.

[ Both chuckle ]

Nina: She has no idea she almost lost her mom.

Sonny: Willow’s fine. She’s in the ICU. Michael’s with her. Okay?

Nina: Yeah. Sonny, I was so scared.

Sonny: I know. I know. But e-everything’s okay, right?

Nina: Yeah. Sonny: Right. Nina: Better than okay. We have a granddaughter.

Sonny: I’m with you.

Scott: Hey. Excuse me. Um, this is Britt’s mother. So could you just give us a minute?

Man: Sure.

Scott: Thank you. Come on, Liesl.

Liesl: There’s nothing left. No sign that Britta worked 18-hour days, that she gave people the best… and worst news of their lives. That she gave this hospital… everything. And everything to its patients.

Scott: So, listen, uh, there’s really nothing to see here, so why don’t we go to the chapel? And everybody’s there, and — and they want to remember her.

Liesl: If I go now, I-I’ll be beset by people telling me how sorry they are. As if their words… can change anything. As if anything can dull this pain in my heart.

TJ: What caused the complications?

Austin: Well, after Willow gave birth to her daughter, she hemorrhaged, and it was touch-and-go for a while, but we managed to stabilize her.

Terry: Looks like the stem cells made their way down to the lab and are being analyzed as we speak. Soon we’ll know how many of those stem cells we can harvest, so… [Breathes deeply] things are looking up.

[ Knock on door ]

Finn: Ah. Madam Mayor. Come on in.

Laura: [ Chuckles ] You can still call me “Laura.”

Finn: Laura. Okay. What — what brings you by?

Laura: Well, Kevin and I were going to take Jake and Aiden ice skating on Saturday, and we wondered if maybe Violet would like to join us.

Finn: Oh, boy, she would — she would love that. Ice skating’s kind of her new obsession.

Laura: Really?


Laura:Does she want to be the next Karen Chen?

Finn: Connor McDavid, actually. Hockey. He plays for — [ Breathes sharply ] It — it’s her cousin’s influence.

Laura: I see. Well, good for her.

Finn: Mm.

I mean, the world needs more female hockey players.

Finn: Absolutely!

Laura: [ Chuckles ]

Finn: Um. Hey. Thank you for thinking of her.

Laura: Well, actually, it was Elizabeth’s idea.

Finn: Elizabeth ran into Violet and I at Kelly’s the other day, and I think she sensed that [Breathes deeply] Violet was a little upset. Just like her to see a bad situation and try to fix it.

Nikolas: Are you on your way to Britt’s memorial? I figured I should be there for Spencer.

Elizabeth: I just saw my mother.

Nikolas: Your mother’s in Port Charles? She came to see you?

Elizabeth: No. She’s here to see you. Which shouldn’t surprise you… since you brought her here.

Heather: Whatcha doin’?

Esme: Um, that’s mine.

Heather: No. Not so fast.

Spencer: If Esme is still in prison when she gives birth, what will happen to the baby?

Jordan: Well, that would be up to social services. An advocate for the child would be assigned to the case to determine what’s best — placing the child with the father or another relative if possible.

Spencer: And what if the father is also in prison?

Jordan: Why would Nikolas be in prison?

Liesl: It’s a mistake, having the memorial here at G.H. Public displays of grief are unseemly.

Scott: No, having Britt’s memorial here is a great way to honor those 18-hour days that she had saving people’s lives. She died saving a life. So I think that those people, they want acknowledge that. It’s good.

[ Door opens ]

Brad: Oh. Hi. I-I wasn’t expecting anyone to be in here. I-I’ll just…

Liesl: Bradley. Why did you come here?

Brad: I wanted to leave something, but it’s stupid. Just forget it.

Scott: [ Chuckles ] No, no. Hey, hey, hey. What — what’s — what’s going on? What do you got in the bag?

Brad: Uh… well, I just, uh… realized that Britt spent most of her time here than anywhere else. [ Sighs ] I actually helped her fill out her Society Setups profile, the one you gifted her — right there.

Liesl: As much as it pains me to give anyone a compliment right now, especially you…

Brad: I got ya. …

Liesl: You were a good friend to my Britta.

Brad: She was my best friend. We had a lot of great talks here. [ Breathes deeply ] A lot of laughs. A few tears. Mine, not hers.

Liesel: [ Chuckles ]

Brad:I don’t think I ever saw Britt cry. Yeah, she, uh — she was the one person that I could be completely honest with. I only wish she felt the same.

Liesl: How can you say that? You were as dear to Britta as she was to you.

Brad: Then why didn’t she tell me she was sick?

Esme: May I have that back, please?

Heather: You sure you want this back? Because it looks like you were just about to sign away your baby.

Esme: That’s none of your business.

Heather: You’re right. You’re right. But where did you get this, anyway?

Esme: From the baby’s father.

Heather: “Nikolas Cassadine”? Esme, everyone around here knows the Cassadine family. They’re very rich, very influential, and ruthless. You cannot sign this.

Esme: Well, that’s my decision.

Heather: Of course it is. Ultimately, the decision is yours.

Esme: Thank you.

Heather: I just want you to be absolutely sure that what you are doing is the best for you… and for your baby before you sign away your rights forever.

Esme: Nikolas isn’t taking my baby away from me.

Heather: Did you read this? Because it’s pretty clear — that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Esme: I know what it says, but Nikolas said that it would only be temporary.

Heather: Did he? How temporary?

Esme: Just until my legal issues are resolved.

Heather: Esme. You need to listen to me. From one mother… to another. Men lie. All the time. And you can’t trust a single one of them.

Jordan: Spencer, why would your father be in prison?

Spencer: Wishful thinking. That’s all.

Jordan: Really? So you don’t, say, have any evidence that he may have committed a crime?

Spencer: If I did, I assure you, you would be the first to know.

Jordan: [ Breathes sharply ] I can’t imagine how angry you are with your father for —

Spencer: Having a child with my ex-girlfriend? I’m not sure what bothers me more — the betrayal or just how tacky it all is.

Jordan: Well, why can’t it be both?

Spencer: Hmm.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Jordan: Excuse me.

Laura: I’m really sorry that things didn’t work out with you and Elizabeth.

Finn: Me too.

Laura: You were such a rock for her and the boys when they were struggling so much last year.

Finn: If I was, I’m just glad I could be there for them.

Laura: I thought you and Elizabeth were really good together.

Finn: We were. Until we weren’t.

Laura: Well, at any rate, I’m glad you’ve remained friendly, for Violet’s sake.

Finn: Yeah, no, of course. I mean, I’m not sure I’d call it friendship. It’s more like a cross between politeness and détente.

Laura: Well, I certainly hope you can be friends again soon.

Finn: Me, too.

Laura: Especially now. She could really use a friend like you.

Finn: Why? Is there something wrong?

Elizabeth: Okay. Talk.

Nikolas: I’m not sure what Carolyn told you, but —

Elizabeth: Worried about keeping your story straight? Allow me. My mother said you flew her to Port Charles to make sure Esme would never regain her memory.

Nikolas: Elizabeth, I promise you, I did not tell Carolyn specifically what or why I didn’t want Esme to remember. I would never trust her with your secrets.

Elizabeth: No, you’re — you’re missing the point. I confided in you about how my mother used her expertise to keep me from remembering that I pushed Reiko down the stairs. You saw for yourself what I went through as I tried to regain those memories! And then you turn around and ask my mom to do the same exact thing to Esme?! Thank god she refused!

Nikolas: You and I both agreed that the best possible outcome would be if Esme never remembers if I, with your help, kept her locked inside the tower at Wyndemere for months against her will.

Elizabeth:I said it would be best if she never remembers. I never said to hire my mom to block her memories! How could you think for one second that I would ever want anyone else to go through what my parents did to me?

Nikolas: Oh, so you’d rather we both go to prison? Because that’s not what you said before.

Sonny: Trina. Are you here for the memorial service?

Trina: Spencer asked me to come. And Curtis sends his apologies. He had an emergency at The Savoy and had to leave, but he was really upset that he couldn’t be here for you.

Nina: Oh, that’s — that’s too bad. Yeah, I saw him earlier. Thank you for passing on the message.

Trina:Yeah, of course.

Sonny: Have you seen Spencer?

Trina: Um, when I left him, he was still in the chapel.

Sonny: Thanks.

Trina: Yeah.

Nina: Alright. Bye.

Trina: Bye.

Sonny: I’m gonna go find Spencer.

Nina: Yeah. You go do that. You know, I’m gonna wait for Aunt Liesl, okay?

Sonny: Alright.

Nina: Alright. Bye. Come on! Aunt Liesl. You should be here.

Finn: Are you worried about Elizabeth? Is her dad bothering her again?

Laura: [ Breathes deeply ] No, I don’t think Jeff has had contact with her at all since he left Port Charles.

Finn: So, what’s Nikolas done this time? [ Sighs ] I’m sorry, I shouldn’t — I shouldn’t talk about him like that.

Laura: It’s really okay. You’re not the first. You won’t be the last. I’m very aware that my son is not perfect.

Finn: Yeah. You know, whatever this thing is between… him and, uh, Elizabeth — and not that it matters, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Laura: You know, they have known each other since they were —

Finn: Yeah, teenagers. No, I know. I-I-I heard. Just I’m — I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt you. What were you saying?

Laura: It’s just that bonds like the one between Elizabeth and Nikolas are hard to break.

Elizabeth: Of course I don’t want to go to prison. That’s why I pray every day Esme doesn’t remember.

Nikolas: Well, I’m sorry if I wasn’t willing to rely on prayer. I had to take action, to do what had to be done to protect us both.

Elizabeth: Well, if you were so sure that you were doing the right thing, why didn’t you just tell me what you were up to?

Nikolas: Because I knew you didn’t want to see your mother.

Elizabeth: Nikolas!

Nikolas: My plan was for you and Carolyn to never cross paths.

Elizabeth: Just stop.

Nikolas: Stop what?

Elizabeth: You weren’t protecting my feelings. The only reason why you hid it from me is because you knew I wouldn’t go along with it. God, how did I let myself get roped into this mess?

Nikolas: Well, what’s done is done. And no matter what happens, we’re in this together.

Elizabeth: No. Not anymore.

Brad: Britt helped me through everything. Through losing a child, losing my marriage, prison. All I wanted was to be there for her the way that she was for me.

Liesl: If Britta had told you about her diagnosis, your attitude toward her might have changed. You might have become concerned and caring. You probably would have tried to take care of her.

Brad: Of course I would have. I — oh.

Liesl: She didn’t need you fawning over her, giving her pillows. She needed you to make cruel observations about unsuspecting bystanders… [ Scoffs ] …To fetch her yet another cocktail that did her no good medically but made her happy in the moment, to lament about the…pathetic state of your love life so she would know there was someone whose bed was even more desolate than her own. But more than anything, she needed someone to laugh with.

Brad: I can live with that.

Scott: Okay. So, we — we got to get going. It’s gonna start.

Liesl: Very well. [ Breathes deeply ] There’s nothing left to see here anyway.

Brad: I’ll catch up with you there.

[ Door closes ]

Brad: [ Voice breaking ] I… I know you weren’t planning for heaven, Britt, but… [ Sighs ] I’m afraid that’s probably where you ended up, dying a — a hero and all. [ Breathes deeply ] I hope there, uh, are some hot guys there, a wardrobe malfunction or two, angel feathers getting caught on harp strings, that sort of thing. You could — you could make a gif of it. They got to have gifs in heaven, right? [ Sighs ] Surely god wouldn’t, uh, deprive us of such simple — simple pleasures. [ Breathes sharply ] I miss you, Britt. And I promise… I will never eat ice cream… …check out unworthy or unattainable men… or do one single damn thing without thinking of you. [ Breathes sharply ] [ Crying ]

[ Door closes ]

Nikolas: Any chance of reconciling with Spencer was ruined. In effect… Esme destroyed my life. When she taunted me on the turret, relishing every second, I grabbed her in a fit of rage and pushed her to her death.

[ Beep ]

[ Door opens ]

Spencer: Uncle Sonny.

Sonny: I heard you were in here. Um, I know it’s a tough day.

Spencer: Yeah. Britt meant a lot to me. I appreciate you being here. I know that it’s mostly for Nina.

Sonny: I’m here for you.

Spencer: Thank you.

Sonny: What about your father? Is he coming?

Spencer: I doubt it.

Sonny: You still thinking of suing him for custody of Esme’s baby?

Spencer: Well, I’m fairly certain that you’re not going to be pleased with the answer that I’ve arrived at, but…I’m even more convinced now that my father shouldn’t be anywhere near that child.

[ Indistinct conversations, telephone rings in distance ]

Jordan: So, are we all set?

Dante: Yeah, Sam and I leave first thing in the morning to check out Maggie Fitzgerald’s last known address.

Jordan: How much of this is gonna end up in the invader?

Sam: Well, my mom and I discussed it, and she wants The Hook found and stopped, so any information Dante and I uncover will be for police use only.

Jordan: I’m glad we got this cleared up.

Sam: Unfortunately, the last known address we have is at least five years old.

Dante: Yeah, I just hope Esme’s nanny is still alive.

Jordan: So do I. You know, the more I think about it, the more my gut tells me these Hook attacks are someone’s way of punishing Esme’s enemies.

Esme: Oh, my god! Isn’t that Dr. Collins? What happened to him?!

Heather: That’s Kevin’s twin brother, Ryan Chamberlain.

Esme: Okay. Why is he staring at me like that?

Heather: Don’t worry, honey. It’s all he can do.

Esme: Wait. When I first got here, you warned me about him. And now you’re telling me not to worry?

Heather: No, I told you that you needed to keep your distance, which is easy. Girls. See? Problem solved. He can’t see you now. And he can’t do anything to you because he can’t move.

Esme: He can’t?

Heather: No. Ryan Chamberlain is almost completely paralyzed. All he can move is his eyes.

Esme: That sounds awful.

Heather: [ Chuckles ] Aww. You have such a sweet little heart. You don’t need to worry about Ryan. They may have cut his strings, but his mind is still as sharp as ever. Trust me. Ryan is the last person who needs your sympathy.

Trina: [ Exhales sharply ] So… did anything interesting happen with Jordan?

Spencer: I have made the decision to keep my father’s confession a family matter. For now.

Elizabeth: I have forgiven you over and over again — when you let your family believe you were dead, when you slept with your son’s girlfriend, so many other things! Well, I am done being pulled into your lies. Like when you told the police that we were together the night Ava was attacked at the Quartermaine picnic?!

Nikolas: I was giving you an alibi.

Elizabeth: I didn’t need an alibi! There’s always an excuse with you, for all the lying and the scheming. T-this is not who I want to be!

Nikolas: I never forced you to do anything, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: You’re right. You didn’t. I made my own bad choices. But when my mother came to me with the truth after you kept it from me? I mean, think about that, Nikolas. My mother has proven to be more trustworthy than you. That’s when I realized I can’t be around you anymore.

Nikolas: I’m just trying to protect us both.

Elizabeth: The only thing I need protecting from right now is you.

[ Door opens ]

Nikolas: Elizabeth, wait! You need to listen to me!

Elizabeth: Let go of me!

Nikolas: We’re not done talking!

Finn: Nik! Get your hands off her!

Nina: Hi. My Aunt Liesl asked me to speak. So, on behalf of Britt’s family, thank you so much for being here. Usually at this juncture, uh, one would read a poem or a passage, something important to the loved one we lost. But Britt mostly read medical journals, so… I’m kind of out of luck.

[ Light laughter ]

Nina: So I started thinking about Britt and who she was and how she lived her life. And it became really clear. Sun Tzu writes in “The Art of War” — “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night. And when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” That was Britt Westbourne. Yes, at her very worst, but also at her very, very best. Unexpected and unforgettable. I didn’t know Britt very long, not nearly long enough. But I am so proud to have her part of my family. Britt, you will be missed, but you will never, ever be forgotten.

Brad: I, uh… I met Britt here at G.H. 10 years ago. Neither of us were particularly popular. And as most of you know, back then, she had a nickname — “The Britch.” [ Chuckles ] Which she earned. Not gonna lie. She wouldn’t want me to. Britt was, uh — she was mean, selfish, a bully. This one time, she — she set a little girl’s doll on fire. [ Laughs ] But by all reports, it was a total accident. [ Breathes deeply ] And, uh, when it came to people, Britt left destruction in her wake. Then one day, she was just gone, on the run, a fugitive, until finally her — her luck ran out. She did her time, and…when she came back, she was so determined to prove that she’d changed. Did she succeed? Well… [Breathes sharply] …All of you are here, so, uh… [ Sighs ] But for me personally, Britch didn’t change at all. Now… now, Britt Westbourne always was and always will be… [Voice breaking] …My best friend.

Heather: So now that it’s just us girls… …you’re not really thinking about giving away your baby… are you?

Esme: Nikolas made a very convincing case, and he seems to genuinely care about the baby.

Heather: “Seems” being the operative word. How long has he given you to sign those papers?

Esme: Nikolas said he would come back tomorrow.

Heather: So what’s his rush? You’re still weeks away from your due date, aren’t you?

Esme: Yeah.

Heather: Okay. [ Sniffles ] Esme, tell me something. Why are you so eager to give up this baby?

Esme: I’m not. I mean, not really. This baby’s the… [Breathes sharply] …Only thing I have in the entire world. [Voice breaking] I mean, I go to bed every night feeling the baby kick inside of me and… …I know I’m not alone.

Heather: That’s beautiful! And exactly why you can’t sign those papers. Because, trust me, you’ll never get over it if you give up your child.

Finn: I said, let her go!

Nikolas: Fine. But this is none of your business!

Laura: Nikolas! Elizabeth, are you alright?

Elizabeth: I’m fine.

Nikolas: Do you really think that I would hurt Elizabeth?

Laura: Not if you were in control of yourself.

Elizabeth: I don’t want to cause a scene.

Finn: You didn’t.

Elizabeth: Finn, can we talk?

Finn: Sure. How about my office?

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Laura: We need to talk now.

Nikolas: Look, mother, I know what you’re gonna say.

Laura: [ Scoffs ] Really? Because I have no idea where to begin. I’m at a complete loss as to how to reach my son right now. It scares me to death.

Scott: [ Clears throat ] Okay. So, I’m — I’m not sure what Britt would make of all of this — this fuss. She was a very private person, just like her mother. And I got to know both of them very well, fell in love with her mother. Strong women. You gotta love ’em. So, Britt’s big secret. [ Sighs ] Now we know — she had a big heart. The world has lost a very special person… [Sniffles] When we lost Britt.

Terry: Britt was a fierce advocate for her patients. I can see many of you remember just how fierce she was. Britt was an excellent doctor and a smart administrator. It was a privilege to know her, to work beside her… [Voice breaking] …And to become her friend. Her life and work deserve to be honored by this hospital and community, so… Dr. Obrecht, Ms. Reeves, everyone… if you want to follow me, please. This wall commemorates those who dedicated their lives to General Hospital and the people of Port Charles. It’s only fitting, therefore, that Dr. Britt Westbourne be added to this wall.

Nina: Britt would love this.

Dante: Where’s Spencer?

Trina: Are you sure you don’t see Dr. Randolph’s big surprise?

Spencer: I’m sure I’ll see it later. Can you believe my father? He was engaged to Britt, and he didn’t even show up.

Trina: They did break up when you were a child. And this… …today… it’s not about your father. It’s not about you. Today is about Britt. So just — just let it be that.

Spencer: Yeah, that’s true. You’re right. I’ll try. I didn’t know Britt as “Doctor Westbourne.” I just knew her as “Britt.” We were friends, and even though I was a kid, she never talked down to me. I was just me, and she was just her. I really appreciated that about her. And I don’t know that I’m ever going to meet someone who connects with me like that ever again. She just — she…understood.

Trina: Well, now… she sounds like a pretty great person.

Spencer: She was.

Esme: I promise I won’t make any decisions until at least tomorrow.

Heather: Wonderful. Now that that’s settled, I just have to talk to Ryan.

Esme: Wait. But you said that —

Heather: Well, I said he’s dangerous to you. I can handle him. You — stay put. Ryan! How about a little chat? [ Whispering ] Okay. Listen up. I assume you’ve known all along about Nikolas and Esme, which really pisses me off! But now Nikolas Cassadine is trying to steal our grandchild. And what’s worse — the cops are onto you.

Nikolas: Why are you so scared?

Laura: Because I feel like I’m losing you. Victor has some kind of hold over you, and you won’t tell me what it is, so I can’t help you. You’re divorcing Ava, you’re manhandling Elizabeth, and you’re making excuses for all of it. I mean, I’d like to say that you’re not acting like yourself, but… what I’m afraid of is that this is just who you’ve become.

Nikolas: And what is it you think I’ve become?

Laura: A man who is careening from one bad decision to the next and hurting anyone who tries to help you.

Nikolas: Well, I’m sorry I’m not the son you wanted.

Laura: Stop that. The son I want is right inside you. I have seen him.

Nikolas: [ Breathes sharply ] You sure about that?

Laura: Yes. I’ve seen you behave like the man that I am proud of, a man who would never give up on his own son, no matter how hard Spencer tried to push you away, a man who defied Helena Cassadine when she tried to groom you to be the next “Cassadine heir.”

Nikolas: I’m not sure where that man went.

Laura: Well, then, start looking. Dig down deep into that core of goodness and strength that I know is there and that has somehow eluded you. Because I need to believe that it’s not too late.

Finn: [ Sighs ] Is there anything I can do?

Elizabeth: Physically, I’m fine.

Finn: And otherwise?

Elizabeth: I feel like I’ve lost my best friend. But I shouldn’t be talking to you about Nikolas.

Finn: Hey. Even though we didn’t work out, we were always pretty good at being there for each other, and I don’t think that’s changed. I mean, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still care about you.

Elizabeth: After everything I put you through?

Finn: Yeah.

Elizabeth: You’re a good person, Finn. And you deserve the truth.

Nikolas: You’re right. I think. Maybe it’s not too late.

Laura: I’m glad to hear you say that. Now tell me why.

Nikolas: Because after everything that’s happened, I am done listening to Uncle Victor. Instead, I’m gonna focus on being a good father to this new baby with Esme… and to Spencer… if he’ll ever speak to me again.

Laura: He will.

Nikolas: Britt’s memorial. I wanted to be there for Spencer.

Laura: [ Sighs ] I did, too. Come on. Maybe it’s not completely over.

Finn: What truth do I need to know?

Elizabeth: I lied to you. I was never pregnant with Nikolas’ baby.

Scott: Hey. You okay, kid?

Brad: [ Sighs ] I will be. Otherwise, her ghost will never let me hear the end of it.

Scott: [ Sighs ]

Brad: Where’s, uh — where’s Britt’s mutter?

Scott: [ Sighs ] She wanted to be alone.

Liesl: Auf Wiedersehen, mein Herz.

Nina: Ohh!

[ Baby cooing ]

Maxie: This was a really good idea. I needed this.

Sasha: Me too. I wasn’t sure at first, but there’s no place I’d rather be.

Nina: Me neither. I mean — [Chuckles] Just look at her.

Sonny: Say hello to the future.

Laura: Oh, no. Spencer, I’m so sorry we missed this.

Spencer: I know that you would have been here if you could. Besides, I think I know whose fault it was.

Nikolas: I’m sorry, too, Spencer.

Spencer: Don’t.

Nikolas: I really wanted to be —

Spencer: Stop.

Nikolas: Hey, would you mind giving us the chapel? Family business.

Nikolas: I really did intend to be here, son.

Spencer: Once again, Father, you have somehow managed to disappoint me more than you already have.

Nikolas: Are you done?

Spencer: Not even remotely. Because after all of the damage that you have done to me, I am going to make sure that you can’t hurt my little brother or sister in the same way.

Sam: Well, now that that’s over, we’re off to find Maggie Fitzgerald.

Jordan: Keep me posted.

Dante: Yeah, we will.

Jordan: Good luck. Hopefully, Maggie will finally lead us to Esme’s father.

Heather: [ Whispering ] Dante and Sam were here. They’re looking for an old nanny of Esme’s, uh, Maggie somebody? I’m guessing from your stare this Maggie knows about you. [ Sighing ] Oh, god. Well, then… there’s really only one thing left that we can do. We gotta bust out of here. Esme? [ Scoffs ] Don’t be silly. Of course she’s coming with us. [ Sighs ]

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Ava (to Austin): Now I’m leaving to protect myself.

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