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Nina:  I don’t know why I keep looking at the phone. It’s not like they’re gonna text us and tell us how Willow is doing. They’re just gonna come out and tell us, right?

Sonny: It’s very difficult to wait. I understand. But what else are we gonna do?

Nina:  My mind just keeps going to the worst-case scenario. Why is she still in the O.R.? What is taking so long?

Sonny: But the good news is Willow is having a healthy baby girl, our shared grandchild. Right?

Nina:  Right.

Sonny: Isn’t that — isn’t that great?

Curtis: Nina. Sonny.

Nina:  Hi. Hey.

Curtis: Hi. Hi.

Sonny: Hi.

Curtis: Listen, I — I-I just was with Drew, and, uh, he told me about you and Willow.

Nina: Yeah, that we’re mother and daughter. You, more than anyone, knows how long I searched for my daughter and all the disappointments. But now, Curtis, my new daughter has a new daughter, and this miracle has been a-a long time coming… but it’s real.

Curtis: It is real, and I’m thrilled for you.

Nina: [ Laughs ]

Stella: Jordan, I’m not just Curtis’ aunt. I’m the officiant at his wedding to Portia. How could I stand before the almighty and ask him to bless a marriage when I know the bride is lying to the groom?  [ Sighs ] How can I be silent knowing that Portia hasn’t told Curtis that Trina might be his daughter? It’s not right.

[ Door opens ]

Jordan: Stella…

Spencer: Ava was so right. This changes everything. My father actually confessed on record that he tried to kill Esme, thought that he had killed her.

Trina: What? Why would your dad ever record himself confessing to a crime? There’s got to be a reason.

Spencer: Does the reason even matter?

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Nikolas: “Any chance of reconciling with Spencer was ruined. In effect… Esme destroyed my life. When she taunted me on the turret, relishing every second, I grabbed her in a fit of rage and pushed her to her death. Honestly, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner to spare the people that I love the pain I’ve caused them. This I solemnly swear.”

Nikolas: Esme… say something.

Esme: My boyfriend’s father… is also my baby’s father. That’s a lot.

Nikolas: It’s a complicated situation, and I’ll answer your questions as best I can. You just have to know one thing. You can trust me.


Elizabeth: There’s nothing you can do for me. But you are right about one thing. I have been working around the clock, and I’m exhausted. Much too tired to listen to you.

Carolyn: You won’t have to worry about running into me again. I’m flying back to California and out of your life for as long as you want.

Elizabeth: I thought you were in Port Charles to consult on a case.

Carolyn: I…I did. But now that I’ve met the patient, I decided I want nothing to do with this case or the person who requested my help. And neither should you.

Josslyn: Your daughter is gorgeous.

Michael: I know.

Josslyn: Seriously, I’m so happy for you and Willow.

Michael: Yeah, well, despite everything, all the fear and the worry, here she is, you know, healthy and perfect.

Carly: Where’s my favorite new person on the planet?

Michael: She’s right there.

Austin: What’s going on?

Dr. Navarro: I swept the uterus, but she’s still hemorrhaging.

[ Echoing ] Austin: The leukemia’s gonna make this really complicated.

[ Echoing ] Dr. Navarro: Suture and tag with a Kelly.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Harmony: Don’t be afraid, sweetheart. You’re not alone. Mama’s here.

Curtis: And congratulations, Grandpa. I know Michael and Willow must be over the moon. Okay. What’s wrong? [ Sighs ]

Nina: Um, well, Willow — she’s still in the O.R. If you spoke to Drew, he must have told you.

Curtis: Yes, I know that, uh, she risked everything to have that baby. And that is one hell of a brave daughter that you have there.

Nina: Yeah. Sometimes it takes more than bravery. Look at Britt.

Curtis: Right. Uh, that’s actually part of the reason I’m here — to let you know that I will support you at her memorial.

Nina: Thank you. Thank you.

Curtis: Of course. Of course.

Nina: It’s really great to see you. I mean, you out of everyone knows what a strange, long journey this has been for me.

Curtis: Oh, god. Well, I still regret how Valentin played on our friendship that sent me on that search to bring Sasha to town.

Nina: No, I know, I know, but that’s water long under the bridge, Curtis. You know, it all worked out for the best because Sasha is not my daughter. But I do consider her my family.

Sonny: Almost daughter.

Nina: [ Chuckles ]

Sonny: I’m sure you’re gonna know what that feels like one day.

Curtis: Oh, from your lips. But first, there’s a wedding, and I am counting on both of you to be in attendance.

Stella: Portia. Oh, we — we were just —

Jordan: It’s okay, Stella. I know you and Portia are picking up her dress today.

Portia: An essential detail to cross off the to-do list.

Jordan: I hope it goes well. Britt’s memorial is starting soon, so I should get going.

Portia: Oh, will you please send Britt’s family and friends my condolences? I-I would definitely be there. It’s just things with the wedding have got them backed up, so…

Jordan: I’m sure they’ll understand.

Portia: Are you ready?

Stella: As I’ll ever be.

Spencer: Ava was right. I’m never gonna be able to unsee that. My father actually tried to kill Esme.

Trina: So you’re gonna use this to force your father to withdraw any claim to Esme’s baby and let you have custody?

Spencer: Absolutely.

Trina: [ Sighs ] But what if he refuses?

Spencer: How can he? This confession is evidence of a crime. Not only did he seduce my ex-girlfriend, he tried to murder her. This isn’t just an accusation. This is my father’s own incriminating words.

Trina: So you’re prepared to throw your father off the tower, so to speak.

Spencer: Hold on. I’m not the one who threw Esme off the parapet. He did.

Trina: We both know Esme’s a monster. And the way your dad described it, it wasn’t premeditated. He — it — it was a moment of rage.

Spencer: And that makes it okay?

Trina: Of course not. I’m not excusing what he did, but if you go down that path, you’ll be deliberately destroying your father’s life, using his own words against him to take his child away and potentially send him to jail.

Spencer: So what are you suggesting? That I do nothing? And I just let him get away with it?

Esme: Let me get this straight. You’re paying for my defense attorney, and then you’ve also brought in the psychiatrist to consult on my case, who, within 10 minutes, just takes off. And then you inform me that I made this baby with — with you, my boyfriend’s father, and that I’m supposed to trust you?!

Nikolas: Before your memory loss, you said you trusted me. Right? You said it yourself. There was a connection between us that neither one of us could deny.

Esme: I said that?

Nikolas: We were both in extremely vulnerable situations. Spencer had just broken up with you, and I thought my marriage was over. But what we did was wrong.  But in our emotional state of mind… we couldn’t resist. It’s just…

Esme: [ Sniffles ] I don’t understand. If — if you’re the father, then why would Spencer say the baby might be his?

Michael: I know I’m not exactly objective, but I do agree with Joss. My baby is gorgeous.

Josslyn and Carly: [ Laugh ]

Josslyn: Of course she is. It runs in the family.

Carly: Oh, gosh.

Michael: I can’t wait for Willow to see her. [ Sighs ] You know, I thought I would have heard from Dr. Navarro by now.

Carly: I’m sure you will hear soon.

Josslyn: Okay. The anticipation is killing me. Do you have a name?

Michael: Uh, with everything going on, we didn’t actually settle on a name. You know, Wiley suggested Ahsoka.

Carly: [ Laughs ] Oh. He told me.

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, we — Willow and I, we actually — we called the baby Walnut because of what she looked like in the first sonogram.

Carly: Aww.

Michael: Yeah.

Josslyn: So Ahsoka Walnut Corinthos. That’s a — it’s an option.

Michael: Yeah.

Carly: I’m sure you and Willow have some alternatives in mind.

Michael: Yeah, a few.

Carly: That’s a good thing.

[ Laughter ]

Carly: I’m proud of you. Oh, I’m so happy for you.

Michael: Thank you.

Bobbie: First things first, Daddy. Come with me because it’s time for you to hold your daughter.

Willow: No. You’re not my mother. You lied to me.

Harmony: No, it wasn’t all a lie. I couldn’t have loved you more if you were my own child. No one loves you the way I do.

Willow: No. I-I know what love is and what it isn’t.

Harmony: Oh. You think Nina loves you? Nina loves only Nina. You know that better than anyone. But I was there for you when we moved from one temporary home to another, when it seemed impossible to make new friends. When you ran away and got lost, who found you? Who did their best to dry your tears and make it all better?

Austin: [ Echoing ] She’s losing too much blood.

Harmony: I’m still here, Kali.

Willow: No. My name is Willow.

Harmony: You’re still my Kali. You’ll always be. And I can still make it better.

Austin: We’re losing her!

Sonny: Well, we cannot wait to go to your and Portia’s wedding.

Curtis: Thanks, but I know you’re focused on getting good news about Willow.

Sonny: Yeah.

Curtis: So… I will see you at the memorial. Okay?

Nina: Yeah, okay. Thank you.

Curtis: Yes, okay.

Nina: Thank you for your good wishes.

Curtis: Of course, Nina. Okay. Love you.

Nina: Love you. Alright. There should have been an update by now.

Sonny: I am sure when Willow’s in recovery, we are gonna be told everything.

Nina: Mm-hmm.

Trina: I’m not defending Nikolas or saying that he should get away with attempted murder.

Spencer: What are you saying?

Trina: Before you use this confession as leverage, ask yourself, why did your dad confess in the first place? Your father is not a fool, and he must have had a reason. And what was Ava’s motivation for giving it to you?

Spencer: I don’t care about his reasons. The point is, is that he made a recording of his confession, and Ava wanted me to use it.

Trina: Okay, look, you know I love Ava, but she wants Nikolas to pay for breaking her heart. This — this confession may not even be true. This could be another game between the two of them. If you use this confession as leverage, that means that you can get caught in the middle.

Spencer: But if it saves my little brother or sister, then so be it. If I wind up caught in the middle, I… I really don’t mind.

Trina: Maybe you don’t mind… but I do.

Elizabeth: Nikolas Cassadine brought you to town?

Carolyn: He said he was asking on your behalf.

Elizabeth: Mine?

Carolyn: He said you were in trouble.

Elizabeth: Why didn’t you say anything when you ran into me at Kelly’s?

Carolyn: He said it was imperative that you not know. From my perspective, I was flying blind, and I wanted all the facts before I went to you. He told me you’d been friends since high school and that he knew so much about you. But once I spent time with him, it became very clear to me that whatever trouble you’re in started because of Nikolas.

Elizabeth: What exactly did he tell you?

Carolyn: Enough for me to sense that he used your friendship to rope you into doing something wrong. Maybe even illegal.  [ Sighs ]  He said I could atone for all the harm I’d done to you in the past.

Elizabeth: How?

Carolyn: He said I could use those same skills to keep someone else from remembering something that would end up hurting you and your boys.

Elizabeth: And that someone is… Esme Prince, right?

Carolyn: Yes.

Bobbie: Are you ready to hold your daughter?

Michael: Yeah.

Bobbie: [ Chuckling ] Go to your dad. There you go. [ Chuckles ]

Carly: Look how happy your brother is.

Josslyn: She’s so little.

Carly: She is. You used to be that little.

Josslyn: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Now look how awesome you are.

Michael: Hey, little girl. I’m your daddy. It’s my job to love and protect you. And I’m gonna do the best I can to, uh, not spoil you too much, but I think that battle’s already lost, because I would — I would give you anything, sweetheart. And there’s so many people who can’t wait to meet you, starting with your mommy.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Carly: Hey, Sonny. We’re in the NICU visiting the baby.

Sonny: Is Michael with you?

Carly: He’s, um, holding the baby now. Why?

Sonny: The — the doctors in the O.R. are looking for Michael.

Carly: What happened?

[ Monitor alarm ]

Austin: Let’s get ready to shock. She needs a charge.

Willow: Don’t call me Kali. I’m Willow, Michael’s fiancée and the mother of his children.

Harmony: Where we’re going, names don’t matter. There’s nothing to tie you to the past… or the pain. Do you see the light? Do you feel its warmth? Don’t be afraid. Come with me… …into the light.

Jordan: I plan on going to Britt Westbourne’s memorial myself. I want her family to understand that the PCPD will not let her sacrifice be in vain. I’ll head to my office afterwards. Thanks.

Curtis: Hey, Jordan. I couldn’t help but overhear. You know, it takes a lot of courage to face Britt’s family on a day like today.

Jordan: Well, they’re entitled to answers. I just wish I had better ones for them.

Curtis: Right, yeah. Well, I know Liesl Obrecht, and she has quite the temper. I’d hate to see you take incoming fire.

Jordan: Well, that goes with the badge. Besides, if I’d lost a child, I’d feel the exact same way.

Curtis: So would I.

Saleswoman: Right this way, ladies. Can I get you some refreshments before the bride tries on her wedding gown?

Stella: I’m good.

Portia: No, thank you. I am a grown woman with a daughter in college. And here I am and my butterflies have butterflies. Oh, you know what? Why — why don’t we start with Stella’s dress?

Saleswoman: Let me go get that.

Stella: Okay. Is there a reason you think that you’re so nervous?

Portia: A reason? Well, let me think. The last time I got married, I was in my 20s. Let’s start there.

Stella: Yeah, that makes sense.

Portia: [ Chuckles nervously ] So tell me, how many weddings have you been a part of?

Stella: Oh, enough. Enough to know that they’re never the same.

Portia: Right.

Stella: They all start out beautifully with the dress and the cake. Music, of course. But then sometimes…

Portia: Stella, you seem like something’s on your mind. And yet you’re not saying it, which is very unlike you. [ Chuckles ] You seemed so cheerful and supportive about the wedding until now. Has something changed?

Trina: What I meant was I care about that baby, too. That poor thing never asked to be born, let alone have Esme and your dad as parents. That’s a tough beginning for any baby.

Spencer: Then you understand why I can’t just turn the other way on this one. Right? Why I need to fight using any weapon that I can find because my father can’t afford for this information to become public. It’s gonna raise too many questions. And a judge or the police, they’re gonna want answers. And that’s why he is going to…bow out and give me custody of Esme’s baby.

Trina: Okay. If that was really your endgame, then why are you trying to leverage your dad? Why not cut out the middleman and go straight to the cops?

Esme: Spencer was my boyfriend, right?

Nikolas: Yes.

Esme: So how do you know he’s not the father?

Nikolas: Timing-wise, Spencer couldn’t be the father of your baby.

Esme: He disagrees.

Nikolas: Because you’d have no way to know if he was lying. Not out of malice. My son has a good heart. But sometimes he winds up hurting the very people he’s trying to help.

Esme: Like who?

Nikolas: Look, I’ll deal with my son. Right now, we need to think about the baby. You have other challenges you have to face, like your very precarious legal situation. The reason I brought a psychiatrist like Carolyn to see you was because I wanted to take at least one of those burdens off your hands.

Esme: What’s that?

Nikolas: Just a document. All you have to do is sign it, and I’ll make sure your baby is waiting until you’re free once more.

Carly: I really think I should just go be with Michael. I really do.

Bobbie: Carly, Willow is getting the very best treatment that G.H. has to offer.

Carly: Yeah, but sometimes the very best treatment isn’t enough, Mom.

Josslyn: [ Sighs ] Willow’s been through so much just to give this baby a chance at life. Michael cannot lose her. He can’t lose her.

Carly: I know. I know.

Michael: Is she alright?

Sonny: Willow’s in the O.R. We’re just waiting for an update.

Michael: But did they tell you anything?

Sonny: All I know is Willow’s a fighter. That kind of runs in the family.

Dr. Navarro: Retractor. Mm-hmm.

[ Monitor alarm ]

Willow: Where are you taking me, Harmony?

Harmony: To a better place. The kind of place we’ve been searching for ever since you came into my life. A place of peace and tranquility. A place of love.

Willow: Love?

Harmony: That’s right. Take my hand.

Willow: What about my family? Michael and my children?

Harmony: Oh. I’m your family. Trust me. We’re almost there. That’s my girl.

Jordan: I ran into your Aunt Stella a little while ago.

Curtis: Oh.

Jordan: She and Portia were on their way to the bridal boutique.

Curtis: Oh, my goodness. Yeah. She’s excited. Everyone’s excited. Between her and my father, you would think that they were gonna be on top of the cake. [ Laughs ]  You know what? I’m sorry. I don’t mean to sound insensitive.

Jordan: Curtis, it’s okay. I want you to be happy. That’s why I… [ Sighs ]

Curtis: That’s why what?

Jordan: Nothing.

Curtis: Uh, Jordan? I know you. If it’s not about the wedding, what’s wrong?

Stella: If I’m gonna stand before god and your family and friends…

Portia: And our family. Our family. You know, I used to think that all I needed in my life was Trina and my medical degree. But then Curtis came back into it. And all of a sudden, we went from separate houses to this beautiful home of our own that we could share with Trina. And we’re able to welcome Curtis’ dad, you, TJ, and Molly. And I just feel like it’s like the more we give, the more we have. More love, more joy, more everything. And that’s why I feel like this wedding isn’t just about the two of us. It’s about all of us.

Stella: Those are beautiful sentiments, Portia.

Portia: This is for you. Open it, open it, open it.  [ Chuckles ]

Stella: Oh.

Portia: It’s a bracelet, and it’s — It’s been in our family for generations. I wanted to know if you could wear it to my wedding to Curtis.

Stella: I’m — I’m sorry. Honey, I just — I just can’t accept this.

Portia: I don’t understand. Why not?

Elizabeth: You went to see Esme at Spring Ridge?

Carolyn: Nikolas insisted. The moment I noticed she was pregnant and realized he was concealing some selfish reason to silence Esme, I knew I couldn’t go along with that plan. I refuse to hurt someone else. I know Nikolas Cassadine has been in your life since high school, and he’s been around for some very important events that your dad and I both missed out on. But trust me… he is not your friend. I don’t believe he’s got your best interests at heart. I just wish I’d realized that sooner and — and — and been straight with you from the moment I got to town. I wish… well… so many things. [ Sighs ] All I can say in my defense is I’m still learning. Look how long it’s taken me to get this far. I hope one day I earn your forgiveness.

Elizabeth: Mom.

Carolyn: Yes?

Elizabeth: Thank you for telling me that. I…I really do appreciate it.

Carolyn: [ Chuckles ] You’re very welcome, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Mom…

Carolyn: Yes?

Elizabeth: Thanks for calling me Elizabeth and not Lizzie.

Carolyn: [ Sniffles ] Like I said, I’m still learning.

Carly: I can’t just stand here. I have to get to the 10th floor and we need to be…

Bobbie: Carly, Carly, Carly. You said Sonny’s up there, right?

Carly: Yeah, right.

Josslyn: Yeah. So Nina will be up there, too. So what’s worse? You know, we — we let Michael go up there and face them on his own, or we go and one or both of them says some hateful comment and a fight breaks out at the worst possible time.

Carly: I can’t stand the thought of Michael being up there alone.

Josslyn: He told us to stay with the baby.

Carly: Yeah, he did. He did.

Bobbie: Yeah. So I think we should do what he asked. So come on. Smiles on your faces. Put these gowns on. Come on in.

Carly: Okay. I’m gonna listen to your grandmother. I’m gonna put my fears aside. I’m gonna put this gown on. [ Sighs ] I’m gonna put a smile on my face. And I’m gonna go meet the newest member of our family. Come on.

Sonny: Hey. You gotta have a little faith. I don’t think god would bring your daughter into your life only to take her away from you.

Nina: Please, please, please. Don’t let Willow die. Please. She has two children that need their mom. Please let Willow live.

[ Monitor alarm ]

Harmony: That’s it, sweetie. Just one more step. One more step and you’ll find perfect peace.

Jordan: What makes you think something’s wrong?

Curtis: Again, I know you, Jordan. Now, I know we’re past losing those divorce papers, so… so what is it?

Jordan: Curtis, I meant what I said. I genuinely hope there’s a happy ending for you and Portia and Trina.

Stella: It’s a family heirloom, and you should save it and give it to Trina for her own wedding.

Portia: Well, when we’re talking about Trina’s wedding, which is years and years and years away, hopefully, you can pay it forward. And I want you to give it to her then. Please, please tell me you’ll wear it to my wedding.

Stella: [ Sighs ] The last thing I want to do is spoil your happiness. You’re right. When you marry Curtis, you marry his family, flaws and all.

Portia: Stella, you’re flawless.

Stella: Oh, no, hardly. Think about what I kept from Curtis all those years. Letting him and his brother think that their father was dead.

Portia: Yes. Yes. But you — you thought that you were doing the right thing for your sister. So if you — if you had to do it all over again, would you make the same choice?

Stella: Honestly, I don’t know. And no one can make that kind of decision for you.

[ Door opens ]

Saleswoman: Here we are, Ms. Henry. It’s showtime.

Spencer: If I take that video confession of my father’s directly to the police, then it’s out of my hands and it’s going to become a legal matter. But if I go directly to him and he backs off, it stays between us, and I will become responsible for Esme’s baby.

Trina: Hmm. Wow. It sounds like you got it all figured out. Even though we both know you’re doing this for another reason.

Spencer: What other reason?

Trina: By keeping this from the police, you’re not completely shutting the door on your dad. Admit it, Spencer. Part of you still loves him. And you know if you use that confession, that you’ll lose him forever.

Esme: Shouldn’t I have a lawyer look over this before I sign?

Nikolas: This is a mere formality, Esme.

Esme: [ Sighs ] Look, I appreciate you thinking about me and my baby, but this is all really overwhelming. I mean, in a day’s time, I’ve gone from thinking that Spencer is the father of my baby to finding out that it’s really you. And [Sighs] that’s a lot to process.

Nikolas: Of course. I’ll leave the paper with you, and I’ll come back tomorrow. You need to be at your best so you can clear your name and come back to your — sorry. Our baby.

Esme: I don’t know, baby. Should we really trust him?

Carly: This little miracle means everything to Michael and Willow. They have their whole lives ahead of them.

Bobbie: I think Willow has the perfect name because willow trees are stronger than you think. You know — ahh — a big, strong wind can knock down a giant oak tree, but willows — they can weather any storm.

Michael: Willow… if you can hear me right now… …do you know how much we need you? Not just me. But Wiley… and our new daughter. We’re waiting for you, Willow. We’re waiting to take you home. [ Echoing ] Home. Please come home to us, Willow. We’re almost there, honey. Come home and live.

Sonny: Michael.

Michael: Hey, so, is Willow okay?

Spencer: My only objective is to protect that kid and give it the kind of chance that I was never afforded, Trina.

Trina: You’ve suffered from some horrible losses.

Spencer: That’s true.

Trina: But you’ve also lived a pretty privileged life. Remember that.

Jordan: I can wait in the hall if you’d like some privacy.

Trina: That’s okay. I’ll give you two some time alone. I think you and Jordan have something to discuss.

Jordan: We do?

Portia: [ Gasps ] Oh, you look fabulous! Oh, my goodness. Okay, now all you need is some sparkle to bling it up. [ Giggles ] Oh. Now I know everything’s gonna be perfect for my wedding day. Look at yourself in the mirror.

Curtis:  Trina, is everything okay?

Jordan: What is it, Spencer? What do you want to talk to me about?

Nikolas: [ Sighs ]

Esme: Why don’t I want to sign this? [ Sighs deeply ]

Austin: Well, it was touch and go for a while, but Willow’s doing great. She came through just great.

Michael: Oh, thank god.

Nina: Oh, I can’t believe how close we came to losing my daughter.

Michael: C-can I see her?

Austin: Yeah, absolutely. She — she’s just — they moved her. She’s in ICU.

Michael: Thank you. Thank you, Austin. Thank you so much.

Austin: You’re very welcome.

Sonny: I don’t think it’s nearly enough, but I just want to thank you from me and Nina.

Nina: Yeah. Thank you so much for saving her life.

Austin: You’re — listen, I-I can’t take credit for something that Willow’s done. Clearly, she doesn’t want to leave us just yet.

Carly: Look at us. We’re so lucky. Four generations of Spencer women. [ Laughs ]

Josslyn: It’s almost enough to start our own sorority.

Bobbie: Oh. Yeah. Sigma Spencer Pi.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Carly: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Oh, yes. Willow’s in recovery.

Bobbie: Oh, my — oh, that’s fantastic news.

[ Laughter ]

Josslyn:  Oh, you are one lucky little girl to be born into such an amazing sisterhood.

Carly: I don’t know. I think we’re the lucky ones. This little angel may not have a name yet, but hopefully she has the gift that can give her mother life.

Michael: I held our baby in my arms. Our beautiful baby girl. Willow, you’ve done the hardest part. You carried her. You kept her safe. You brought her into this world. Now all you have to do is wake up… so we can give our little girl a name.

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Liesl (with Scott): Why did you come here?

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