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Marshall: Trina, you think it’s a good idea to attend this memorial with the attacker still out there?

Trina: Thanks for the concern, but I — I —

[ Doorbell rings ]

Curtis: I’ll get that. [ Exhales deeply ] Aunt Stella! When did you get back in town?!

Stella: Hugs first. Answers second. [ Laughs ] Ohh!

Portia: I was just making sure that you got the final guest list and the dinner orders? Oh, great. Great. Can you send it to the venue? Okay.  Thank you so much. And I will talk to you soon. [ Chuckles ] Okay. Bye.

Terry:  You’re in the homestretch. Your wedding day will be here before you know it.

Portia:  [ Sighs ] If I can get everything done on time.

Valentin: So? Anything off?

Anna: Oh, it was, uh — thank you. It was a delivery next door, and the driver lingered a bit. You know?

Valentin: Come on, darling. You’ve been at this since 2:00 A.M.

Anna: We didn’t get here by lowering our guard.

Felicia: Too early for a little kick?

Anna: Oh. Uh, no. It’s 5:00 P.M. in Paris.

Valentin: Being a fugitive really messes with your sense of time.

Felicia: Oh, you won’t be fugitives for long. We will nail Victor Cassadine. Eventually.

Valentin: In the meantime, the world goes on without us.

Willow: Just think — by this afternoon, our daughter will be here. I’ll get to see her beautiful face.

Michael: Beautiful just like her mother.  Our family is expanding today. I just — I just know that this stem-cell transplant is going to work.

Willow: Michael…

Michael: E-everything is working out. Our own child’s stem cells can save you, and I cannot be more grateful. I couldn’t face life without you.

Willow: I’m not going anywhere. Not when I’m finally evening the playing field in our house. Two males. Two females.

[ Both laugh ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Michael: Oh. [ Muttering ] Oh, Melanie is here to pick up Wiley. I just got to find the nurse that took him to get apple juice. I cannot wait to tell him that his baby sister is being born today.

[ Door closes ]

Willow: Won’t be long now. You have to be strong, sweetie. Mommy’s praying for your health first…and then hers.   Of course, I want it to all work out, but if it doesn’t… …I’m thankful for the chance to see your face.

[ Knock on door ]

Drew: Carly! What is it? D-did Willow have a setback?

Carly: No. No. It’s just the opposite. Willow — I think she’s gonna be okay.

Drew: Really?

Carly: Really!

Drew: That’s incredible.

Carly: It’s incredible! Incredible!

Drew: We probably shouldn’t have done that.

Carly: Ah. No. No. I know, I know. Seems, um, risky. I don’t think anyone saw us.

Stella: Cousin Wanda sends her love to all. Ohh! I cut my trip short so I can come back and help with the prep. Come here!

Curtis:  Aunt Stella, you didn’t have to do that.

Stella: Oh, please. It was just a few days. And I-I wanted to help.

Marshall: Well, I hope your cousin wasn’t too disappointed.

Stella: Oh, look, I love London, and I really love spending time with Wanda, but she understood how important this is. And on the subject of weddings, where’s Portia?

Trina:  Oh, she’s at work right now.

Stella: Look at you. Ohh! Just as pretty as can be! How are you doing? I’m sorry to hear about your friend Rory. It’s tragic. What is the world coming to?

Marshall: I don’t know, Stella.

Trina: It was thoughtful of you to send the card. I really appreciate it.

Stella: And what about that awful Esme Prince? [ Scoffs ] I heard she showed up.

Curtis:  Yeah, she’s been remanded to spring ridge until her trial.

Stella: Good. I hope she stays there. On a permanent basis. That way, justice can be served and Trina can finally move on.

Trina: [ Chuckles ]

Stella: But until then… we have a wedding to lift our spirits! And I have a surprise for the bride-to-be.

Portia: Jordan. You’re here for Britt Westbourne’s memorial?

Jordan: I am. Tj’s attending, and I wanted to be there for him.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Portia: Oh.

Terry:  Your wedding planner again?

Portia: It’s the boutique, checking on my appointment to pick up my wedding dress.

Terry:  That’s so exciting! You’re gonna be beautiful.

[ Device beeping ]

Terry:  Oh. Ahh. That’s me. I have a meeting. I’ll see you at the memorial, Commissioner Ashford.  [ Softly ] Good luck with the dress.

Sasha: I have to admit — manicures before the memorial seemed a little out there when you made the suggestion, but I’m starting to see the wisdom.

Maxie: On days like today, when the sadness is overwhelming, but I still have to go out and face the world, I found that feeling like I look my best gives me this strange sort of strength to get through it.

Sasha: Really? I can barely muster the energy to comb my hair.

Maxie: Oh, yeah. I totally fall apart afterwards, when I’m alone. But then I have to figure out dinner or read a bedtime story.

Sasha: Right. It’s different with kids. I will always remember the kindness that Britt showed me and Brando when we lost Liam.  I’m so sorry for your loss, Maxie.

Maxie: Thank you. I’m sorry for yours, too. I would totally grab your hands right now, but don’t want to mess up my nails. I still can’t believe that I’m saying goodbye to Britt today.

Sasha: I get that. I feel like all I do is say goodbye to people.

Anna: Any signs of life from Lucy or Martin?

Felicia: I left coffee and muffins outside their room. I imagine they’re pretty tired.

Anna: [ Chuckles ]

Valentin: Or they died with smiles on their faces.

Anna: I hope that they continue to cooperate because we’re all gonna have to lay low. Despite everything we know and despite everything we’ve been through, we still don’t have enough concrete evidence to nail Victor. We need irrefutable proof. You know, and I, for one, am feeling like I’ve lost my patience, honestly.

Felicia: We need to refocus and regroup, because taking down Victor and getting justice for Luke is the most important thing, right?

Anna: Yeah, of course. I think, uh, not being home for the holidays has kind of affected me more than I realize. I haven’t seen Robin or Emma or Noah for I don’t know how long.

Valentin: Hey. You got messages to them. They know you’re safe.

Felicia: You and Charlotte were just reunited after she was away in Europe for so long. And now you’re on the run. Leaving her again must be really hard on you.

Valentin: It’s not as hard as her thinking that I’m dead.

Michael: What are you doing here?

Willow: I was just about to tell him to… Dr. Randolph says there may be another way to treat my leukemia. I’m about to have a C-section. Our baby’s being born today.

Sonny: Is that safe?

Willow: She’ll be premature. But she’s developed enough to withstand it.

Michael: And, uh, yeah, once the baby’s born, the doctors will take the stem cells from the umbilical cord and the placenta to treat Willow’s leukemia.

Willow: That is, after more rounds of chemo.

Michael: It’s the answer we’ve been waiting for.

Sonny: Well, I’m gonna pray for both of you. I mean, I’m gonna pray for all three of you. And I can’t wait to see… my granddaughter.  I’m sure Nina’s gonna be overwhelmed, you know? Unless, uh, we’re not welcome to see our grandchild?

Drew: I hope you know that this drives me crazy. I can’t wait to show you how I feel about you out in public.

Carly: I know. I know. This will be over soon. But right now we have to practice restraint. Right?

Drew: Hmm. Easier said than done.

Carly: Come on. [ Chuckles ]

Nina: My… aren’t you two cozy?

Drew: Nina! I didn’t know you were here.

Nina: I just arrived to see my daughter because I lost so much time with her.

Drew: Ohh. I just got here myself. We must have just missed each other in the elevator.

Nina: Yes. I’d imagine you were in a rush to see Carly.

Drew: And Michael and Willow. You know, the family needs support right now.

Nina: You know, I have to say, Drew, I’m really surprised on how quickly you forgave Carly after she lied to you. But I should expect it because no matter how much damage Carly does, people still flock to her side.

Carly: You really want to compare damage, Nina? Or the people who forgive you no matter what?

Anna:  Charlotte isn’t going to grieve you. Alright? Laura will explain everything to her. She will understand. Charlotte’s a very smart cookie.

Valentin:  I know. She’s remarkable. She’ll read between the lines. She knew I was planning her escape from boarding school without having to be told. And if Victor thinks that we’re dead underground in Paris, then we need to capitalize on that. So if I have to stay away from Charlotte to keep her safe, then I’ll manage.

Felicia: I’ll be back shortly. I have a quick errand to run.

Anna:  No. Where are you going?

Felicia: To the pharmacy. My allergies are acting up.

Anna:  Uh-huh… hm.

[ Door closes ]

Valentin:  I don’t believe her. Do you believe her?

Anna:  She doesn’t have allergies.

Valentin:  Was Felicia giving us a little alone time?

Anna: I don’t know.

Valentin:  Because if she was… thank you, Felicia.

Maxie: Days like these are really hard. I know they bring to mind Nathan for me… and probably Brando and Liam for you.

Sasha: I think about them every day. And then we lost Lucy. Now there’s Britt.

Maxie: Wait. We don’t know that Lucy is gone yet. I’m keeping hope alive.

Sasha: It’s been so long, and she still hasn’t turned up.

Maxie: She hasn’t turned up dead yet, either. We have to stay positive. That’s the Lucy Coe way, right? I mean, what if — what if we had a defeatist attitude when the deception stock was tanking? We turned things around by remaining positive.

Sasha: True. It’s a good thing that we did not give up.

Maxie: Right. We kept the faith. Because our company is resilient.

Sasha: We are resilient. And, damn it, Lucy Coe is resilient, too.

Curtis:  Aunt Stella, what are you up to?

Stella:  Nothing! I just want to take Trina and Portia to lunch.

Trina:  Oh, well, Mom’s picking up her dress from the bridal boutique today.

Stella:  [ Gasps ] Even better! We could have lunch and all go to the boutique together!

Trina:  I’m sorry. I can’t go. Dr. Westbourne’s memorial service is this afternoon.

Stella:  Oh, dear. I didn’t realize. Such a tragedy.

Trina:  I’m sorry if I’m ruining your plans.

Stella:  No, no, baby. It’s okay. It’s okay. I understand.

Trina:  I hadn’t planned on going, but a friend needs me.

Stella:  I can’t argue with that. You’re a good friend, Trina.

Trina:  Okay. I should probably get going to G.H.

Stella:  Oh, wait a minute! I can take you! And then I’ll pick up Portia while I’m there.

Trina:  Oh, really?! That would be great! Thank you. Oh, wait. I forgot that my phone is still charging upstairs.

Stella:  Okay. Go ahead. Okay. Well, how are you doing, Marshall?

Marshall: Terrific. How are you?

Stella:  I’m so looking forward to this wedding. I got my officiant’s license and speech all prepared. How’s the music coming for the reception? What’s going on?

Curtis: Uh, it’s a work in progress.

Stella:  Okay. “A work in progress.” What’s the hold-up, Marshall?

Curtis: Well, you know, Aunt Stella, these things take time. H-have you talked to TJ? Does he know you’re in town?

Stella:  Oh, I just talked to him last week. He was on his way into surgery, and he was so excited about it! [ Laughs ]

Jordan: How’s Trina holding up?

Portia: She’s doing as well as she can be.

Jordan: Having a wedding to concentrate on must be a welcome distraction.

Portia: I suppose. Well, it was so nice catching up with you. If you’ll excuse me.

Jordan: Actually… I need to speak with you about a sensitive subject.

Portia: Okay.

Jordan: I had an intense conversation with Taggert earlier.

Portia: About what?

Jordan: You and Curtis. And Trina.

Nina: You try and judge me?  Carly, you know what? You can pretend that I don’t exist, but I’m telling you this — I promise you this. I’m not going anywhere!

Sonny: Is there a problem?

Carly:  Really?

Drew:  No, no. There’s no problem. We’re leaving. We are leaving.

Nina:  [ Sighs ]

Sonny: You okay?

Nina:  I hate your ex.

Sonny: You want some good news?

Nina:  Hmm.

Sonny: There may be a way to save Willow’s life.

Nina:  [ Exhales sharply ]

Drew: Hey, hey. Do you think Nina caught on to what’s going on between us?

Sasha: At least Deception stock is thriving now, so when Lucy comes back, we’ll be solvent.

Maxie: Because we were able to think on our feet.

Sasha: Surprisingly, we have Gladys to thank, as well. If she hadn’t signed off on the plan, the stock would still be tanking.

Maxie: Can I ask — is it — is it weird for you that Gladys gets to make all of your financial decisions?

Sasha: Heh. I think her heart is in the right place. But it has definitely taken some getting used to. Gladys can be persistent about what she wants.

Maxie: Like what? Oh, you don’t — you don’t have to tell me. It’s okay to say that I need to mind my own business.

Sasha: No, it’s — it’s okay. Um, I think, of all people, you would understand. Gladys wants to sell Brando’s garage.

Maxie: Oh.

Sasha: We’ve already turned down one offer. But she got another one recently, and she’s been hounding me about it. She really wants my blessing to sell it, but I got the distinct impression that she’s gonna go through with it, whether I like it or not.

Portia: Why is Taggert talking to you about Trina?

Jordan: It’s not about that.

Portia: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Jordan: Taggert was concerned about the security at your wedding. He’s worried the killer may consider it an opportune time to strike. And Trina will be there, as well as everyone closest to her.

Portia: I’ve already talked to Marcus about all of this, so I don’t know why he’s going behind my back and talking to you. All of a sudden, he’s gonna second-guess me about our daughter. Oh, oh, I see. There it is. There’s the judgment. I was looking for that.

Jordan: I’m not judging you.

Portia: Whatever decisions I make with my life are my business. I have made that perfectly clear to you, Jordan.

Jordan: I know that. [ Chuckles ] But I have to say, you seem very stressed out by these decisions. It might do you some good to unburden herself.

Portia: So you can have Curtis all to yourself?

Trina:  It’s so nice of you to arrange this surprise for my mom. It’ll mean the world to her.

Stella:  [ Chuckles ] Your mom is part of the family now, and so are you.

Trina:  It’s so nice of you to feel the way you do about us. I mean, I know that family’s, like, the most important thing to you in the world. I mean, you fly out to Europe multiple times a year just to see a cousin that you just met.

Stella:  Yeah, that’s ’cause Wanda and I are two peas in a pod, even though we just found out about each other in recent years. And I am so thankful we did.

Trina:  You found each other on a genealogy site, right?

Stella:  Yeah, that’s right.

Trina:  [ Sighs ] It makes me wish I followed up on my match.

Stella:  You had a match?

Trina:  Yeah. Back in high school, I took a test, and I found out that I have a-a relative right here in Port Charles. But then I got freaked out because I didn’t want to meet random people, and then I deleted my account.

Stella:  You did?! Yeah, well, maybe one day you’ll feel ready. Everybody’s doing it. Even Jordan was contemplating finding more family members before I left. And — and I gave her the name of my site. I wonder if she used it. Hmm.

Trina:  Huh. I don’t know, but she seems to be thinking about it. I remember she asked me about it at my celebration party after my charges got dropped.

Stella:  And you say you took your test when?

Trina:  Senior year. You ready to go?

Stella:  Yeah…

Nina: So you’re saying that my daughter could be saved by my grandchild? It’s — that’s a miracle!

Sonny: Well, I hope so. You know?

Nina: W-what are you saying?

Sonny: Willow’s putting on a brave face, but she — she seems anxious.

Nina: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah.

Nina: She’s having a C-section, which is a major surgery. I mean, it’s routine, but it’s still risky, and I would imagine more so if you have leukemia.

Sonny: Right, and I just think she’s — you know, she’s nervous, but she’s acting like she’s not for — you know, for Michael.

Nina: I see.

Sonny: Yeah. There may be something that I can do for my daughter after all.

Anna: Mmm.

[ Five knocks on door ]

Valentin: No one knows we’re here.

Anna: No. Wait. That’s Felicia’s knock. Felicia?

Felicia: Anna, open up. It’s cold out here!

Anna: Okay. Ohh. Did you get everything you needed?

Felicia: You know that I don’t have allergies.

Anna: I know you don’t have allergies.

Felicia: But I do have a surprise.

Charlotte: Papa!

Valentin: Ma petit!

Drew: Nina could have seen us. Or at least heard us. She was right there!

Carly: She doesn’t know anything. Okay? Nina has no self-control.

Drew: What’s that supposed to mean?

Carly: If Nina had seen or heard anything, she would’ve made a huge deal out of it. You saw how nasty she got when she realized that you had forgiven me. Seriously, if — if Nina knows anything, there’s no way she could stop herself from making a comment.

Drew: What about Sonny? Sonny does know about us. Would he tell her?

Carly: No. No way. No way. Sonny knows the stakes. Okay? He might be mad at me, but he knows we have to be discreet.

Drew: I’m just saying if Ned or one of his allies reports us to the SEC for insider trading, knowing that we’re in a relationship, that gives them a very good case.

Carly: Okay. As long as we stop ourselves from any more spontaneous displays of affection… we’re okay.

Michael: Our loving and giving son, Wiley, decided that he wanted his little sister to have this when she comes out.

[ Both laugh ]

Michael: Uh, now is not a good time, Nina.

Nina: I promise I won’t jeopardize her health in any way. I-I was just hoping that I could talk to you alone. Just for a few minutes.

Willow: It’s okay. I’ll be fine.

Michael: Just a few minutes.

Nina: Yeah. T-that’s all I need.

Michael: I’ll be right back.

Willow: I assume Sonny told you about the C-section?

Nina: Yeah, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here for you.

Willow: I have plenty of support. Thanks.

Nina: I know. I know. People like Michael and his family, ones that you have to keep up a brave face for… when, really, you’re terrified.

Willow: I wouldn’t say terrified.

Nina: I can, um — I can understand if giving birth like this — it’s fraught for you. And I also understand if you can’t express your true feelings to… people like Michael. But you don’t have to worry about my feelings. You can say your concerns and worries and your fears and your frustrations to me. You just let it rip if you want to. You — totally be honest with me.

Michael: What do you want?

Sonny: I just — I just want to be here for my son.

Marshall: Coast clear?

Curtis: Yeah. Aunt Stella and Trina left.

Marshall: Ohh. Man, I love your Aunt Stella, but… [ Chuckles ]

Curtis: No, no. You don’t have to explain, Dad. I know at times Auntie can be a bit much.

Marshall: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, Stella already knows Portia wanted me to get those genetic tests done.

Curtis: Portia and I didn’t tell Aunt Stella anything else. She doesn’t know that we asked you to perform at our wedding ceremony; she doesn’t know that we discussed the possibility of genetic counseling. We respect your privacy.

Marshall: Well, Stella’s gonna know soon enough. Son… I went ahead and I got those tests done.

Jordan: This isn’t about me and Curtis.

Portia: Don’t patronize me, Jordan! I see what you’ve been doing. I see it! You have been trying to use Trina as a wedge between us ever since you got back.

Jordan: What are you talking about?!

Portia: You are questioning me about this, questioning me about that. And then before that, you interrogate my daughter — without the courtesy of giving me a call? And then you arrest her?

Jordan: You know how a member of law enforcement should not contact the family of a suspect being questioned? What about contacting a family friend?

Curtis: Oh, well, that depends on the suspect and the situation.

Jordan: Suppose the P.O.I. is the daughter of a long-time friend and former partner of said law-enforcement officer.

Curtis: You’re talking about Trina.

[ Bell ringing ]

Jordan: It’s my fault. I am very sorry, Curtis.

Curtis: Help me understand, Jordan. You said you filed those papers.

Jordan: I thought I had.

Jordan: You don’t know the things I’ve done to protect you, Curtis, Trina, and the family you’re building. I don’t have designs on Curtis, and I’m damn sure not holding anything over you to get to him, Portia.

Portia: And yet you keep bringing things up, don’t you?

Jordan: If I was going after him, I promise you — I would have said something to Curtis months ago.

Stella: Said what to Curtis?

Curtis: You already got genetic counseling? All the tests and everything?

Marshall: I did it all.

Curtis: And?

Marshall: Well, I haven’t gotten the results back yet, son.

Curtis: Wow. Dad, I-I know how reluctant you were. I know what this means to you. I’m just glad you pushed through a-and did it.

Marshall: Well, I got tired of all the uncertainty.

Curtis: I’m proud of you.

Marshall: You and, uh — you and Portia. You pushed me. You convinced me. I’m just sorry I hadn’t told you sooner.

Curtis: I suppose you didn’t have to tell us at all.

Marshall: Actually, I considered that. But then I realized that I was just falling into my old ways. 40 years, I’ve been afraid of this disease, of this stigma. And it — it just — son, it just became second nature to go it alone.

Curtis: Well, we’ve learned to respect that your business is your business.

Marshall: No, no. I want it to be yours, too, son. Son, I’m tired. I’m tired of running. I’m tired of being afraid. I got a wonderful son. And I got a family who loves me, and I — and I want to share everything with them — the good, the bad. Man, I got loved ones. And I’m ready to let them in.

Curtis: In the words of Aunt Stella… amen to that.

Marshall: Ah.

Curtis: And I am just glad you feel comfortable with us. And, please — please don’t ever feel like you have to keep secrets from me.

Marshall: Well, Portia — she pushed me to get the test. But you, son — you’re the reason I did it.

Curtis: This is great news, pop.

Marshall: But what if it isn’t?

Jordan:  I thought you were still in London.

Portia: You weren’t supposed to be here for another few days, Stella.

Stella: Oh, well, I knew you had a million things to do, and I wanted to help. Now…what’s this that Curtis needs to know?

Jordan:  Remember how I misplaced those divorce papers?

Stella: Mercy me. Don’t tell me you two are still married!

Trina: What?!

Jordan:  Uh — no, no. We are officially divorced. There are no obstacles from me that would prevent Curtis and Portia from marrying. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to make a call. It was great seeing you, Stella.

Stella: Uh-huh. That seemed a bit tense.

Portia: Yeah, it — you’re right. You’re right. I just have so many wedding details to deal with. It was just me.

Stella: Which is why I’m here.

Portia: Yes! Yes, yes, yes! And I’m so happy now that the two of you are here.

Trina: And Aunt Stella came to take you to lunch and pick up your dress.

Portia: Oh. Aunt Stella, that’s so sweet. Um, can I just have five minutes? I have a consult with Dr. Randolph.

Stella: Oh, it’s okay. I can entertain myself.

Charlotte: I missed you so much, Papa. I even confronted Grandpa Victor, thinking he’d taken you away from me again.

Anna:  That was a really kind thing you did.

Felicia: It didn’t seem fair for Charlotte to grieve her father’s pretend death after everything the two of them have been through. Plus, he’s helping us take down Victor.

Anna:  That’s true. I think there’s more to it than that, though.

Felicia: You got me.

Anna:  Yeah.

Felicia: I missed so much of my daughters’ lives, always off on one adventure or another. Yeah. I know that toll.

Anna:  As do I.

Felicia: Seeing how vulnerable Valentin was, missing his daughter… it triggered something in me. But don’t tell him I said that. I need him to live in fear of me in case he hurts you.

Anna:  Oh, that’s sweet. Your secret’s safe with me.

Felicia: Okay.

Valentin: You confronted Grandpa?

Charlotte: I ran into him and couldn’t help myself.

Valentin: Oh, Charlotte. You are so strong, and you are so outspoken. And I’m so grateful that you want to take care of me. But I need you to promise me something. Don’t ever do that again. Just know I will always come back for you.

Charlotte: Promise?

Valentin: Yeah. Yeah, I promise. It’ll take more than Victor Cassadine to keep us apart.

Charlotte: So you went away because Anna needed help?

Valentin: Yeah. Yeah, that’s right.

Charlotte: She must be pretty special to you.

Valentin: She is. But she’s not as special as you.

Maxie: On one hand, I understand how selling Brando’s garage could be… really upsetting. Probably feels like another goodbye. And with Gladys more or less calling the shots, I would hate how powerless that would make me feel. On the other hand, the garage is just sitting there empty.

Sasha: I know that, logically. But it’s really hard for me to let it go. Right after Brando died, I used to just… go there a-and sit. Hoping to feel his presence. Selling it would feel like I’m — I’m giving up a part of Brando. I’m so sorry, Maxie. I’m — I’m making this about me when we’re mourning your sister-in-law.

Maxie: No, no, no. There is no monopoly on grief. No right or wrong time for it. I lost it and cried when I found Nathan’s favorite can of soup. You’re allowed your own moments.

Sasha: How do you do it, Maxie? You have suffered almost as much loss as I have over the years. And you’re not just surviving, you’re thriving. How did you learn to keep going? Not just give up on life?

Willow: You have a point. The last thing I want is to bring down Michael’s spirits.

Nina: Yeah. You don’t have to keep up a brave front for me. You can tell me anything you want.

Willow: But I can’t, though. This is all so new — us. And with our relationship being what it is, I — I need my boundaries. If I give in, the — the lines get blurry, and I — I just — I can’t, um — I can’t take that right now. I appreciate your effort, but I-I just — I can’t.

[ Knock on door ]

Terry:  Forgive the interruption. Willow, I was able to move you up and get you into the O.R. right now. Time to prep you for your C-section. Uh, you’ll have to go.

Nina: Huh. Yeah.

Willow: Yes?

Nina: Good luck, Willow.

Sonny: You’re dealing with a lot. How you doing?

Michael: Um, you don’t have to worry about me.

Sonny: Well, you’re still my son, and I’ll always be here for you. If you need anything, you know I’m here for you.

Nina: Michael. Michael. Dr. Randolph just went into Willow’s room.

Michael: Excuse me.

Sonny: How’d it go with Willow?

Nina: She doesn’t want to have anything to do with me.

Sonny: Aren’t you supposed to be at Britt’s memorial?

Nina: Yeah. Uh, yeah. But I-I can be late. I-I want to stay here until she goes to surgery. They’re prepping Willow right now for her C-section.

Sonny: Alright.

Nina: You know, Sonny, it looks like Drew has already forgiven Carly for lying to him for months about Willow being my daughter.

Sonny: He’s that kind of guy.

Nina: When did you all of a sudden become Drew’s best friend?

Sonny: I’m not his best friend. You can’t let Carly get in your head. We have to focus on Willow. That’s it.

Nina: Willow…

Sonny: Forget them.

Nina: …Doesn’t want anything to do with me. You know why? Because she lied. If she would have told me the truth, I wouldn’t have fought with Willow all these months!

Sonny: We are in this situation because of revenge. You don’t want to go down that road. Fighting does not help anyone.

Nina: Well, sometimes wars… are unavoidable.

Sonny: What are you planning?

Nina: Nothing. Nothing. I am agreeing with you, Sonny. Right now we need to focus on helping Michael and Willow.

Carly: Hey. Is she delivering already?

Michael: They moved the surgery up.

Carly: Oh.

Terry:  Willow, you’re in good hands. I’ll be monitoring everything. And I’ll see you in recovery after your baby’s born!

Carly: Oh. Hey. I love you. And everything’s gonna be fine. And I can’t wait to meet your little girl, okay?

Drew: Godspeed, Willow. We’re gonna be right here waiting for both of you, okay? Alright. You got this.

Valentin: Thank you. For bringing Charlotte to me. Means more than you’ll ever know.

Felicia:  You’re welcome.

Anna: I’m really sorry your — your father hasn’t been here with you these past few months.

Charlotte: You don’t owe me an apology. Actually, I owe you. You took care of my papa and brought him home to me. So thank you.

Maxie: Over time, you’ll learn that you don’t need to hold on to the physical things or personal mementos that remind you of your loved ones. You’ll accept that you don’t need them to hold on to your memories. Ultimately, they’re just things. And your love can never be sold or torn down, whatever. Your memories of your loved ones — they’re gonna stay with you forever. They’re still wet.

Sasha: [ Chuckles ]

Curtis: Pop, if it’s bad news, we’ll get through it together.

Marshall: Look, I’m not sure I’m gonna get the results back in time for your wedding.

Curtis: Okay. So?

Marshall: Well, then I’m not gonna be able to perform, I don’t think, if I don’t get these results back.

Curtis: Don’t even worry about that.

Marshall: Son, I could not bear if my illness overshadowed your big day.

Curtis: Trust me. It’s not a thing. Okay? I’m not mad that you can’t perform at the ceremony, and I don’t want you to be, either. The only thing that matters to me is that I have my father — my father — at my wedding. And, sir, that is the greatest gift of all.

Marshall: Alright. Alright.

Stella: I’m not gonna beat around the bush. You and I have been through too much together, and we know that we can trust and rely on each other. Am I right?

Jordan: Yes. What’s on your mind?

Stella: Trina told me about a genealogy test that she took in school, around about the same time I took mine. But something feels… off about it.

Jordan: Oh?

Stella: Yeah. She also said that you spoke to her about the genealogy test, and I wonder if that’s because you think there’s something suspicious about it, too.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Stella (to Jordan): Of course, you knew me well enough not to play me for a fool.

Curtis (to Drew): Tell me you didn’t let that go.

Ava (to Spencer): What if I could increase your chances exponentially?

Jordan (to Josslyn): You must have truly felt like there was no other option.

Austin: Mind if I join you in the OR?

Esme: You can help me regain my memory.

Nurse (to Willow): Ready to meet your daughter?

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