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sorry for interrupting before. No, that’s okay. As long as you know it’s always family first, right? I do. Mm-hmm. So, what is it that you have to tell me, dex? You told me to stay away from josslyn. I couldn’T. Please don’t tell anybody about me and dex. Excuse me. What? You dump me for him and expect me to keep my mouth shut? Please. It has to stay a secret. Why? Because you’re ashamed of what you did? No. Because I’m afraid of what sonny could do if he finds out.

[ Dance music playing ] -Hey. -Hi. I am so sorry I’m late. No, no, don’t apologize. I’m just happy we get to do this. It’s important for us to make time to see each other when we can. Oh. You’re thinking of britt. Yeah, britt and… all the times I wanted to text her to hang out or go shopping, but she was really busy. So let’s just say there are a lot of texts I never sent. But when your name came up in my phone, I — I thought, “I’d really like to see my friend.” Oh. You know what? It’s really good to see you, too. So tell me, what’s going on? My mother’s in town. Carolyn? Why? Do you think she wants to make amends? Well, apparently, that’s just a bonus. She’s here to consult on a patient. And you don’t believe her? Well, I don’t know. After everything she and my dad have done, can I really risk trusting her? Did your mom deliberately try to get in touch with you tonight? I don’t think so. I-I think she just ran into me by accident. But when we talked, she seemed sincere about wanting to make up for all the harm she caused and the lost time. But it’s just that — it’s just that with your history, it’s hard to trust her. Exactly. Yeah, I’m sorry. I understand. You know, unfortunately, I’m starting to feel that way about nikolas. I came all the way from monterey because you said my daughter was in trouble and needs my help. Yes, it’s very true. I trust you haven’t told anybody about your trip, especially elizabeth? I hadn’t, but actually, I ran into my daughter at kelly’S. Really? What did she say? I did what you asked, and I didn’t tell lizzie about your phone call that prompted my visit, just that I was here to consult on a case. I knew I could count on your discretion. Would you like a drink? No, thank you. But, um, you can answer my question. What’s going on with lizzie? What kind of trouble is my daughter in?

[ Cellphone buzzes ] Good evening. Good evening. May I help you? You speak english? Oh, um, sorry it’s so late, but we’ve been reading all about this ancient monastery, and — and it’s just so, uh — the history is fascinating. We’d like to pray it lasts another thousand years. Yeah, uh, so — so we’ll go pray. Thank you. I tell you, if your friend renee doesn’t arrive soon, we’re gonna have to pray for a miracle, ’cause we won’t have enough time to go and find lucy before it’s too late.

What did nikolas do this time? He wants me to side with him when he sues esme for full custody of her baby. No. Really? Yeah. I’m sorry. Is it — is it hard for you to hear this stuff when you were just recently involved with him? Oh, um, n-no. I-I — what happened was — it — I mean, it ended as quickly as it began. We’re back to just being friends. Oh, good, good. Yeah. I’m glad to hear that. I think he needs all the friends he can get right now. I know the feeling. Well, I’m glad you reached out to me.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, would you like me to try to talk to carolyn? You know, try to find out why she showed up so suddenly after all these years? Especially after you told her that you didn’t want to have anything to do with her or jeff. Thank you, but my mom is an expert at mind games. She played them on me when I was a teenager, and I’m still dealing with the consequences. You know you’re a part of my family, too, right? I know. You’re the mom I always wish I had. But now that my, um, my birth mom wants back into my life, I keep asking myself, should I give her another chance? Elizabeth’s troubles — they began before she ever came to port charles. Or do I need to remind you how young your daughter was when you and her dad cut her loose and sent her away to save what was left of your marriage? Is that what elizabeth told you? Yes. Elizabeth and i are good friends, have been for years. We tell each other everything. Elizabeth told me all about her dad’s unfortunate affair when he was supposed to be serving humanity out there in the pacific. Jeff’s not perfect, and neither am I. She also told me about the unintended consequences that led to the death of hamilton finn’s wife, reiko, and how you used your skills as a psychiatrist to suppress elizabeth’s memory of the incident. So, dr. Webber — or may I call you carolyn? — If you really want to help your daughter, you will stop asking me questions and you will do exactly as I say. Everything’s set for britt’s memorial. I’m sure if it were up to britt, it would be another bash like her birthday. Now, I heard that was legendary. Oh, beyond. Uh, the drag emcee and shirtless waiters were just the beginning.

[ Laughs ] You know, I… I realize now that britt meant that to be a goodbye party. Well, she had been diagnosed with huntington’s disease. She knew she was terminal. She should have had more time, years more. I hope it’s some consolation that britt died saving someone else’s life. The only consolation will be when the police identify the hook and send them to jail for the rest of time. Yeah. Which got me to thinking — has dante shared any details from the police investigation with you? Well, has mac shared any details from the investigation with you? Please. Mac never shares any police details with me. But I’m sure he does with my mom because, you know, they’re a couple and he trusts her. And with a high-stress job like that, you need someone to confide in. You and dante are a couple. Yeah. Which gets me thinking… okay, most of the time, you would be wrong. And this time? This time…you’re right. Dante and i are working together. We can’t wait any longer. Okay, so if the entrance to the catacombs is somewhere here, then we have to look for it ourselves. No, we’ve got to wait for renee. She’s not that late. She’ll be here. She’s a cataphile. She knows the catacombs better than anyone I’ve ever met. Can I ask you something? Huh? What is it about her? Is it her knowledge of the catacombs that fascinates you? Or is it the history you share? Darling, I was another man. That was another life. I took large risks. I made huge amounts of money illegally for a lot of people, including renee. And I can’t say I regret that time in my life because it was a lot better than the one I had previously. And now you’re revisiting it. There you are. Have you brought everything you need? Oh, yeah, everything we need is in that backpack.

[ Speaking french ] Monk: The doors are closing soon. We won’t be long. Promise. Stay close. We may have to find our way in the dark. You want to explain to me why you couldn’t stay away from josslyn? On new year’s eve… mm-hmm. …I was crossing past pier 55 when I heard sounds of a struggle. Mm-hmm. I went to check it out, and I found josslyn on the ground and a woman that turned out to be britt westbourne struggling with the hook. Go on. I took a shot. It was a bad angle, and I didn’t want to risk hitting dr. Westbourne, but the attacker dropped her weapon and ran off. Then I-I went to check on josslyn. She was shaken up, but she wasn’t injured. And dr. Westbourne said she was okay. She must not have realized she’d been hit. So th-this happened new year’s eve. Why am I just hearing about it now? Josslyn: Sonny told dex to keep his distance from me. If he finds out that we’ve been seeing each other… sonny prides himself in having his own code. If you break that code, you pay with your life. So what you’re saying is you want me to keep my mouth shut to save the neck of your new boyfriend? I’m asking you to save a life. Okay, yeah, it’s dex’s life. I understand. But I know you. You would never deliberately hurt somebody else just for the sake of payback, cam. Maybe you don’t know me as well as you think.

Keep an eye on the monk in case our path runs into a dead end. I will not allow you to question my motives. I came all the way across the country to help my daughter. Nothing more, nothing less. I knew there was a chance that lizzie wouldn’t even talk to me. But that’s between my daughter and me. First of all, no one in elizabeth’s life calls her lizzie, no one. And second, elizabeth’s fate and mine are intertwined inextricably because we played a pivotal role in each other’s life, not just for years, but for decades. Can you say that? I get the feeling that if you and elizabeth are having a problem, you’re the one to blame, not my daughter. I’m not gonna deny that, because you’re right. But elizabeth and i are well past the place of pointing fingers. We are both in trouble, end of story, unless you choose to act and you act now. Or were you just lying when you said you wanted to help? What is it you want me to do? Years ago, you went to great lengths to protect elizabeth. Or so you said. Use those same skills to save your daughter before it’s too late. My mother does seem to genuinely regret the choices she made. And it’s not like I’ve never crossed a line or done something I’ve regretted. Sure. Welcome to the club. I think it’s called being human. The important thing is that you just can’t let your past mistakes determine your future. So shouldn’t that same standard apply to my mom? Yeah. So let’s start by assuming that your mother really is sincere and she just wants a fresh start with you. Do you think you could meet her halfway and begin the healing process? I have always dreamed about my boys knowing their grandparents. So what stops you? At what point can I let go of the past and actually forgive my parents? Cam, I understand. I really do. I did not handle the situation the right way. And I’ve given you every reason to hate me. But I just can’t believe that you would stand around and let sonny blame it all on dex. You are so selfish! You totally broke my heart, but I thought, “hey, it’s okay. At least she’s being honest with me.” Turns out you were lying! This wasn’t because we — we grew apart. You dumped me because you found a new guy. And now you want me to help him?! The answer is no, joss. I am not doing a favor for you and your new boyfriend. No, cam, don’t call him that. That’s what he is! Isn’t he? But what goes around comes around. You got with dex by cheating on me, and I am just looking forward to the day that he turns around and cheats on you, because that’s what you deserve, josslyn jacks. You got dex, but at a cost, which is our friendship, which is dead and buried. And let me be perfectly clear. It was you who ended it, not me. Absolutely. I get it. I waited too long to tell you what I felt. So blame me. Don’t blame dex. You made your choices, josslyn. I have my own, too. And I will be damned if I keep dex’s secrets for him. Right after new year’s, ms. Reeves found out her daughter has leukemia. You’ve been focused on that. That’s why I came here today. I’d already left it too long, and I knew you needed to know. So you took a shot at the hook. The hook ran off. Then what? Dr. Westbourne wanted to call the police. I knew if I was there, they would confiscate the gun, trace it. Since I don’t know where you got it, I didn’t want to risk the scrutiny. But I didn’t feel like I should leave josslyn alone. She was still really shaken up. So you took her with you. I explained to her why I couldn’t stick around for the cops. And I gave her a choice. She chose to come with me. You just left britt right there? She agreed to cover for us. Right. Okay. None of us saw the hook’s face. She was wearing some kind of mask. None of us had any other information to offer. Okay, there was — there was nothing to be gained by joss or i talking to the cops. It would have only caused complications. So you and josslyn left the pier. Where’d you go? Back to my apartment.

She didn’t want to go back to her mom’s, and her dorm didn’t feel safe. She was still really shaken up, and I-I didn’t think she should be alone. How long did josslyn stay with you? I was afraid I’d never get to do this again. A couple hours. And then she asked to go to kelly’s, and then I took her back to her mom’S. Oh, carly knows? Yes, sir. But you waited until now to tell me? Only because of ms. Reeves. She needed you, and you were focused on her. I-I figured that was more important. Well, I appreciate the gesture, but it still doesn’t let you off the hook. Josslyn: Cam, you’re right. You don’t owe dex anything. But I’m not asking for his sake. I’m asking for the sake of what we have meant to each other. And what is that exactly, joss? It’s clear to me that you didn’t give a crap about me. That’s not true. I do care about you! Cam, I’m talking about before we broke up. You mean before you slept with dex? Cam, come on! I hate seeing you this hurt. And that’s on me, I know.

[ Crying ] And I knew what my feelings were, and I didn’t say anything because I was trying to shield you, and I made everything worse.

[ Breathes shakily ] And I am sorry.

[ Crying softly ] You are a good guy. And we’ve been friends forever. So I am asking for the sake of those two friends who shared everything, the good and the bad. Does he mean that much and I so little that you’re willing to compromise yourself and expect me to do the same? So the reason I was late is because I just got back from spring ridge. Who were you going to visit at spring ridge? Esme prince. Ugh. Because? There seems to be a connection between esme and the victims of the hook attacks. Right, right. I, uh, read all about it in the invader. Your mom’s coverage is must-read journalism. No, my mom is actually the reason why I went to spring ridge. She wants me to track down esme’s nanny. That’s not random or anything. It’s sort of a convoluted story, and there are details about the investigation that are privileged and I can’t share with you. But what I can share with you is that this woman, the nanny, she raised esme after her adoptive parents died, but the nanny, maggie fitzgerald, she could potentially have information on a suspect in the hook attacks. That’s a lot of “mights” and “potentials.” I know. It’s a long shot. And where does dante fit in? Well, the police are on a parallel track, so dante and I are gonna go to london to track down the last known address — excuse me. When were you gonna tell me about this? Mm, well, I was just telling you that dante and i were gonna go track down — yes, yes, I know. You need to track down the nanny who might have information, blah, blah, blah. You and the man you love are going to england.

[ Chuckles ] This is exciting! Yes, actually. It’s really exciting. I’m not suggesting that you give your mom a free pass,

but I think you might regret it if you don’t at least try to work things out with your mom. You know? It —

[ Groans softly ] It is ultimately your decision, and I will be here for you no matter what you decide. You don’t play fair, do you? All this appealing to my better angels.

[ Laughs ] Is that a yes? That’s a, “I’ll do my best.” And that’s all any of us can do. There is a young woman who is currently being held in a minimum-security prison known as spring ridge. Have you ever heard of it? It’s where ryan chamberlain is being held, correct? Yes, he is the most infamous inmate. But the young girl that I mentioned — she’s fascinating in her own way. How so? Before she was sent to spring ridge, she showed up at G.H. Very pregnant. She had no clue how she got that way. Are you saying she has memory loss? So it seems. She’s a total blank slate. But more importantly, she has to stay that way. Important to who? You? And elizabeth. And what exactly don’t you want this poor young woman to remember? It’s better if you don’t know.

And it’s better for your daughter if this poor young woman never gets her memory back.

[ Doors close ] Okay, coast is clear. Where’s the entrance to the catacombs? Can you feel it, too? Feel what, renee? The thrill, the rush. Just like it used to be. Trust me, it can be that way again. Well, you know me. First we finish the job. And then? Okay, where is it? What are we waiting for?

You’re asking me to medically manipulate an already-damaged young woman to serve your needs? I am asking you to use your expertise for the greater good

while serving elizabeth’s needs. If my daughter agreed to that, she’d have asked me herself. Elizabeth has a good heart. It’s partly why she’s in this mess. She needs her mom to help her out, using your skills and your training to suppress esme’s painful memories like you once did for elizabeth. No, when I did that procedure on lizzie, I was thinking of her emotional well-being. I don’t think elizabeth thought it was in her best interest. We both know how much she’s suffered since then. I mean, isn’t that what lured you back here? The opportunity to make it right? And you call yourself her friend. I’m a better friend than you are a parent.

But you have the chance to atone for that. I’m offering you one last chance.

[ Crying ] Your friendship is something I cherish. Stop pretending like you have

any respect for me. All this crap about how we couldn’t make it as a couple — that didn’t mean anything because you didn’t want to make it work. You found someone else. A-and now you want me to — to keep your dirty little secret? Dex works for sonny. That complicates things. I know that what I did hurt you, okay, and I hate that. And if — if our friendship has to take a time out because of that, that’s fine. I understand. But I just want our friendship to have a future, somehow, somewhere down the road. And I want you to want that, too! And what if I don’t want that, joss? What if I can’t find it in myself to ever forgive you? What then? Then I’m gonna have to tell dex before this gets back to sonny. I picked up the casing, so there’s nothing that ties this gun to what happened on new year’S. But I understand if you don’t trust me with it anymore. Keep it. And — and I’ll tell you what. Spend some more time at the shooting range, ’cause I don’t want you to miss next time. Copy that. Okay. As long as you can swear to me — you can look me in the eyes and swear to me that you’re telling me everything. That smell really brings back memories. Yes, the smell in the catacombs is very memorable. And not in a good way. We’ve been walking for a while now. How far have we gone? We’ve gone at least one mile underground. Well, then are we getting close to the compound where we think victor’s holding lucy? It can’t be far now. Anna. Anna! I don’t understand. She was right behind us. It’s easy for people to get lost, especially when it’s their first time. We have to go back to look for her. Or we could celebrate that it’s just you and me now.

I told you everything. If you don’t believe me, you can ask josslyn. Oh, don’t worry about that. I-I plan to. But I do, you know, appreciate you showing me respect, especially with what’s going on with michael and — and willow. They’re having a tough time. If you don’t mind my asking, how are michael and willow doing? Well, you know, we’re just waiting for — to see if nina’s a match so she can be a marrow donor for willow. I hope so. It’s tough. Uh, I-I hope everything works out. I appreciate that. Thank you for looking out for — for josslyn that night. I’m not officially the stepfather anymore. I mean, she doesn’t want anything to do with me, and I have no say, but she’s still very important to me. That goes with the job, right? Protect everyone that’s important to you. That’s funny, ’cause that’s the same thing I used to say when I was young. I always had to prove myself. You’re doing good. Sky’s the limit for you, dex. All this talk about cherishing our friendship — that’s all just B.S. You’re just trying to butter me up so I stay quiet about your new wannabe mobster boy toy. I hurt you, cam. And now you want to hurt me. Maybe I deserve that. But that doesn’t change the fact that if sonny finds out that dex and I slept together, he could turn on dex. He might have him killed. Killed! You get that? Don’t you dare try to make this my fault! You screwed me over, josslyn. I don’t owe you a damn thing. Where are you going? To kelly’S. You know, to go to my normal, boring, non-mafia job. What are you gonna do? What do you think I’m gonna do, joss? You really believe I’m gonna go on the internet, tell everyone that my girlfriend left me for some stupid criminal? No, your secret’s safe with me. Thank you. Don’t you dare thank me for being a better person than you are. Unlike you, I don’t betray the people that I care about. It’s pretty clear that there’s something else that’s weighing on you. Want to talk about it? It’s okay. I don’t want to involve you in any more of my troubles. Are you sure?

[ Chuckles ] As much as I would love to blame everything on my parents, I am not the 15-year-old girl they shipped off. I’m a grown woman with three kids of my own. At some point, I need to take responsibility for my own decisions. Yes, that’s something that we all have to do. But if what you’re struggling with has something to do with nikolas, I’m already involved. He’s my son. I love him. I always will. But I know how persuasive he can be. I mean, really, he can make a bad idea seem reasonable. Oh, I know. Has he imposed on your friendship in some way? He talks a good game. But the choices I made are the choices i made, and I have to live with them. But you can always change your mind. Elizabeth, whatever it is, you can tell me. I’m so happy that you found love again. I mean, to have been hurt so badly and to have grieved and then risk your heart again, I really admire you. You know, falling in love with dante wasn’t, like, some courageous act. It was actually the easiest, most natural thing that I think I have ever done. I mean, when you think about it, we were — we were friends, and I’ve always, like, liked him. And then I was like — like, “wow. I-I love him.” And then he told me that he loved me, and it just… I don’t know. It felt right. And don’t get me wrong, you know. There’s been plenty of bumps in the road along the way, but I don’t know. Maybe I could have took a lot of pressure off of the whole, like, moving-in-together situation. Why? Because it was so important, you were afraid you might screw it up? Like moving in together could be the beginning of the end? Yeah. Or pretty much. But, actually, moving in together wound up being really, like, wonderful. We just — we fit really well together as a family. That’s awesome. And dangerous. Dr. Webber, what do you say? You want to put your psychiatric skills to use to help your daughter? Go to hell. All those years ago, when I used my skills so elizabeth could forget that traumatic experience, I told myself I was doing what was best for my daughter. But that wasn’t true. I was taking the easy way out for me and my husband. And I’ve spent a lifetime wishing I could undo that mistake. That’s the one and only reason I came to port charles — to make right with elizabeth. I’m certainly not going to compound my mistake at the expense of another poor, young, innocent woman. The woman in question is hardly innocent. See, that’s the trouble, nikolas. I don’t trust you. And I absolutely will not use my knowledge of the human mind to play god with someone else’s life. I made that mistake decades ago, and I’ll always regret it. Well, maybe this time elizabeth will regret it. Renee, it is just you and me. And that’s a problem. At least, it is for me. We have to go back to find anna. What’s the rush? If anna is as resourceful as you keep telling me, don’t you think she will catch up? Eventually, that is. I know you still feel the heat between us. Those old feelings don’t just evaporate.

[ Laughs ] I can still remember those wild times we had. I don’t think it’s possible for you to forget them. It can be like that again… only better, if you play your cards right. Oh, there you are. Ah. Sorry. I-I took a wrong turn. I thought I lost you.

[ Exhales deeply ] Did something happen while I was gone?

I can’t believe you call yourself my daughter’s friend. When elizabeth graduated high school, I was there. Where were you? When she graduated nursing school, I was there. Where were you? When her three boys were born, when franco died. For all those times, I was there to hold her hand, to wipe her tears away, to celebrate her victories. I was there for all of them. You were there for none of them, so don’t you dare take that sanctimonious tone with me, because, lady, that flag won’t fly. What jeff and I did to elizabeth all those years ago broke our hearts. But at least we were able to tell ourselves that she had her grandmother to look out for her when we couldn’T. And her friends, or so we thought. Well [Scoffs] Now I see how wrong we were. Well, we can finally agree on one thing. Audrey was a saint. She took great care of elizabeth, and so did her friends, including me. If elizabeth needs anything, day or night, all she has to do is call me and I will be there. Oh, please. You’re just out to save yourself. Well, you’re partially right, because, yes, I do want to save myself,

but I also want to save elizabeth, too. Can you say that? Elizabeth: It started out so simply. I just wanted to repay a friend. Nikolas had been there for me when my life went sideways after franco had been killed. And — and I — when I — the more I got involved in his plan, I just — mom? Grandma? Hi.Hi. Hey. It’s great to see you. It’s nice to see you. I-I didn’t think that you’d still be here. You weren’t waiting for me, right? No, your grandma came to meet me, and we just got to talking. Okay, good. Are you okay? Yeah, no, I’m fine. Never better. In fact, I’m so fine, I want to treat you guys both to a very special dessert. Oh, no, honey, that’s okay. You don’t have to do that. No, no, no, I want to. It’s on me, on the house. Is he trying too hard? In a word, yes. You know, you and dante really are the picture of domestic bliss. Two jobs, three kids. All you need is a dog. Oh. But? But all that domesticity really can get in the way of romance. Mm. Tell me if this sounds familiar. Between your job and his job, making dinner, helping kids with the homework, by the time you guys are alone together, you’re already in bed, and it’s inevitable that one of you are asleep by the time the other one can turn out the light. Okay, yeah, occasionally that happens.

But in london, you and dante will be alone together, away from your daily lives. Yes, you’ll be investigating, but maybe you’ll have time to take a stroll through kensington gardens or have a candlelit dinner or room service in bed. Well, I hope we get the chance. But even if we don’t, you’re right. Dante and I are actually gonna be alone together. And this is gonna be our first trip together as a couple. And I am really excited about that. Yeah, I bet dante is, too. Cheers to you and dante in london. Cheerio. I’m glad we had this talk. Good night. Good night, boss.

[ Cellphone rings ] What’s up? I just had a horrible conversation with cam. He said some pretty harsh things about me. You don’t sound good. I just lost my oldest friend. Are we in trouble? I don’t think so. Cam said he wouldn’t say anything. That’s good. I just told sonny about the night dr. Westbourne was killed,

when I took you

back to my place. How much did you tell him? He believes nothing happened between us. We’re all good. Hey, I need you to check on dex heller. Thank goodness you’re okay. I was afraid you’d gotten lost, darling. Yeah. We were about to circle back to look for you. Weren’t we? Mm. [ Speaks french ]

[ Speaks french ] Mm. So what do we have here? Is this, like, a dead end? Well, I’m not so sure. Hang on a second. Oh, my god. Be ready for whatever life throws your way. Only dial provides a hard-working clean but is gentle to skin with its skin smart complex and 3 moisturizers to leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy. Nothing cleans like dial. “P” — pace yourself. You can’t do everything. Look, conserve your energy. Make smart choices. Heat equals more violence. Blackouts equals more theft. It’s gon’ be a busy day today, so pace yourself.

[ Power shuts down ] Don’t worry. The city has laid out top dollar for a state-of-the-art generator, which should turn on right about…now. Not everyone else is gon’ be so lucky, so be safe out there. Everyone’s 10-8.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Yes, sir? The heat wave’s been here for a week. She doesn’t know what cheap is? Uh, well — I assume you reviewed it with her. Uh — nolan, either you reviewed it with her and she forgot, or you forgot to review it with her. So who do I have a problem with? I did go over it with her. Yes, sir. She — she just forgot. She’s riding with me today. Sir? I want to see what else she forgot — what else you didn’t drill into her. Are you evaluating her or are you evaluating me? You. You have an issue with that? No, sir. No. No, I — did the a/c come back on? Because it’s so — officer juarez, you’re riding with me today. Come on. Any advice? Uh, yeah. I would just go light on the astrology talk and crystals. And auras. And tarot cards, too. And — and definitely no dreams. Okay, so keep it professional. No hobbies. Yes. Unless you come up with one of those case-solving insights, then yes, you speak right up. Okay. So you want me to be myself? Yes. And also no. Just if you get one of those feelings, go back and figure out the facts that led you to feeling that way. Okay, so don’t be my– me. Juarez, let’s go. You’re gonna be great. Please be great. Hey. How’s it going? I see you have a lot to, uh, liaise. And enjoying every minute of it. I thought we said we would never lie to each other. That was a lie. You’re miserable. No. Mm-hmm. No, it’s not that bad. You know, nice people. Low stress. Wait, wait. Um, that reminds me… next week. Thank you. You’re welcome. Be safe out there.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll see you at the end of shift.

[ Sighs ] I, uh, speak spanish. Okay, that’s not good. Great spot. Tell me why. Well, I’m not sure. I can just tell something’s wrong. Bad aura? A feeling? A hunch? Well, stopping someone on a hunch is illegal, sergeant grey. Correct. Tell you what. Why don’t we walk that way while you talk it through? Pretend you don’t see them. Okay, well, the store is open. No one’s in distress, and there’s an employee with them. He’s even laughing. Why does it bother me? So we’re getting closer. Tell me what you know or we walk away. There’s a crime happening right now, officer juarez. Each one of those saws is about 900 bucks. I mean, that’s almost nine grand in tools. In a blackout, debit cards don’t work, and who walks around with nine grand cash? See, that, celina, is absolutely perfect. Control, 7-adam-200. I got a plate. 2-william-adam-charlie-4-8-4. Hey, guys, quick question. Great tools there. Did you pay cash or card?

[ Grunts ] Hey, hey, hey. Sgt. Grey: Hey. Turn around. Turn around.

[ Man grunts ] You good? Yeah, I’m good. Nolan: No, I agree. A dollar is a lot for a glass of lemonade, but that’s just smart business, not price gouging. Certainly doesn’t buy you the right to threaten anyone. Yeah, especially not a bunch of 9-year-old girls. Woman: Turn to the left. Kicking over their stand, threatening them. They were terrified. You’re lucky that the oldest one doesn’t have her black belt yet. That could have been a lot worse, andrew. Yeah.

[ Powering down ] Okay. According to grey, they should be back on about…now. I guess you need grey’s magic touch. Yeah. Want to go check it out? Oh, you guys are already on it. Any luck? I think it’s dead. Nolan: Check the battery? Yeah. All good. Maybe the coolant leaking? I don’t see any. Maybe the shut-off valve is closed. I’ll check it out. Hey. Buddy, hey, we got it. You know, it’s a little crowded in here. You mind?

[ Dramatic music plays ] You guys from this precinct? I’m new here, so maybe we haven’t met yet. I am. Bobby here’s usually with the 57th. Okay. Huh. Well, nice to meet you. Lapd doesn’t have precincts. No such thing as the 57th. Impersonating an officer and stealing police property are both felonies. I’m sure they didn’t teach you that in your imaginary police academy. We weren’t trying to steal the generator. Then what were you doing? I noticed the smell this morning. You smell it?

[ Groans ] Yeah. I-I figure an animal got in there and died. Could be a rat, but it’s a big smell for a rat. Maybe a raccoon. Skunk. Mountain lion. You think a mountain lion got in there and died? Well, there’s one way to find out. Can I see those lock cutters? Maybe I should cut it. I mean, if it’s a mountain lion, you probably want to shoot it. Well, I mean, if it’s dead, I won’t need to shoot it, right? Oh, good point. Control, seven-l-19. I’m at unit 15. About to cut the lock to make entry.

[ Both coughing ]

[ Dramatic music plays ] Whew. Ugh. That ain’t good. Poor thing probably got trapped looking for food.

[ Gasps ] That’s not good.

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