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[ Indistinct conversations in distance ]

[ Breathing sharply ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Panting ] Drew cain. Lauren:

Mr. Cain. Lauren hart. I’m a reporter from the aurora affiliate in tucson. Yeah, I’ve been expecting your call. I tracked down the last known location of the friends for peace and love commune. Fantastic. Great work. Yeah, unfortunately, that community pulled up stakes years ago, vanished into the mojave desert. Well, um… thank you for the update, lauren, but you got to keep searching, okay? Somebody somewhere, they’ve got to know something. They’ve got to remember willow. Let me know.

[ Sighs ] Sounds like you hit a dead end. Yeah. It’s starting to seem, uh, impossible, actually. What do you mean? I’m looking for somebody — somebody, anyone that remembers willow when she was kali miller. Can’t you ask willow? Nah, it’s not… it’s not a question that she can answer. I’m, uh… I’m looking for her biological mother. Carly. Nina. Care to see the cocktail menu? I recommend the kir royale. No, just biding my time till my room is ready. You’re gonna need to run that by me one more time. What letter was brook lynn supposed to write? Wait, you don’t now? I don’t know what?

[ Indistinct conversations ] Look, I know you want to be a cop again, so I mentioned to brook lynn that the civilian complaint review board might be open to reinstating you if she wrote a letter kind of explaining what happened with the incidents. Punching valentin and linc. Right. Like, if she told them that you were defending her, if she kind of put some context around what happened, they would be open to reinstating you, perhaps. When did you suggest this to her? I don’t know. A few weeks ago. But, look, she’s busy, so… yeah, maybe. Brook lynn: Let me get this straight. You’re offering to return my music, the songs that I wrote from my heart that you’ve been profiting off of selling as — as commercial jingles for dog food and paper towel commercials? Those commercial tunes are non-negotiable. They’re sold forever. But the rest of your songbook can be yours. I see. As long as I keep my mouth shut about all those women that you sexually harassed, including me? Well, that’s a first. My mother is speechless.

[ Chuckles ] This isn’t funny, britta. Wh– when you say you’re sick, do you mean the huntington’s disease has started to progress? We’ve known for over a year now that I have the marker. Still, to hear the doctor tell me that it’s no longer theoretical, that the disease is affecting me… it was pretty shocking. But you can’t deny the truth. Then we’ll — then, uh, we’ll get a second opinion and a third. T-there’s a specialty clinic in zurich. I’ll fly you there. Mother, this isn’t a matter of opinion. It’s a fact. The symptoms have started… and they’re not going away. It’s here to stay.

[ Buoy bell ringing, waves crashing ] Martin. What are you doing here? I’m missing lucy. What’s with the cake? Once upon a time, I told her how much I loved hummingbird cake, how hard it was to find in upstate new york. So she threw herself into learning how to bake one. That’s thoughtful. Yes and no. Touch and go there for a while. Some of them were just dreadful.

[ Chuckles ] But she never gave up. And, eventually… she perfected it. So in answer to your question, that’s what I’m doing here — trying to remember, that your girlfriend murdered mine. Robert scorpio. May I finally buy you that drink, or are you waiting for somebody? Yes, yes, yes, and…yes.

[ Laughs ] Please, have a seat. Uh… oh, my. I’m waiting for my contact from the wsb to come and relieve me of this. You must have some very important papers in that. Oh, goodness. You ever hear of a kid’s game called “rock, paper, scissors”? Rochambeau. Yep. Um… paper covers rock, rock breaks scissors, scissors cut paper. But what does that have to do with that? Well, diamonds, they cut anything. You’ve got diamonds in that —

[ Whispers ] You’ve got diamonds in that case? Is that why you’re handcuffed to it? Not just any diamonds. You ever hear of the ice princess? You have the wrong idea. Damn it! You can’t talk your way out of this, kid! Yes, I’m doing victor’s bidding!

Willow’s biological mother? Why are you interested in finding her? Willow’s actually looking for her biological father as well, uh… for her own reasons. Okay, so that’s none of my business, is that what you’re saying? I’m not trying to be mysterious about the whole thing. I mean, everybody knows it’s no secret willow was raised on a commune by a woman she believed to be her mother, right? Lorraine miller, A.K.A. Harmony. The way that willow explained it to me is that she knew that harmony wasn’t the best parent, but she was still her mom, and that gave her life a little bit of structure. Now her life is just… one big mystery, so she’s made the decision to try and track down her birth parents. Said that I would help, for willow. And for your son. I’ll be right over here. Let me know when that room’s ready. Carly, carly, you’re s– you’re staying here in my hotel? I’m surprised you don’t know. I booked the honeymoon suite. Honeymoon? Yeah. Only the best. Brick’s on his way. And I’m sure you’d love to know he’s gonna stay the night. Oh, you’ve spoken to sonny, have you? Yeah, I spoke to sonny, and you and I need to have a little chat. No, I don’t think it’s necessary for us to have a little chat, carly. We need to get a few things straight before you tell any more lies about me and my family. Look, um, maybe she doesn’t want to get your hopes up, man. Maybe that’s why she didn’t tell you about writing the letter. Yeah, that’s one explanation. Maybe she was waiting for the right time. Although, uh, time is of the essence, because the review board meets every quarter and the next meeting is, well, it’s next week. Does brook lynn know? Yeah, as far as I know. I mean, I-I feel like I tried to convey that to her, yeah. Which makes me wonder if she changed her mind about sending the letter, or ever intended to send one at all. You’re entitled to your opinion. Then, so am I. We don’t live in a corporate world with hr departments. We’re artists. We live by a different set of rules. Oh, please. Don’t give me that tired old line. We’re both adults here, and what we’re talking about is a “he-said, she-said” situation, and in those situations, no one usually wins, which is why my solution benefits us both. Once you sign an nda, I’ll continue to develop blaze, and you can focus on making chase the next big thing. You can hear him perform your music the way you always dreamed it to be. Now… do we have a deal? Or don’t we? I know that you need somebody to blame for lucy’s disappearance, but I’m telling you, you’re wrong about anna.

[ Scoffs ] Am I, hmm? In spite of all that evidence, the drone footage of anna shooting lucy. It was enough for the police, enough for commissioner ashford to have anna arrested, arraigned. And let’s not forget when her prison transport miraculously crashes on the way to pentonville, what does she do? She escapes. Well, forgive me, valentin. I’ve been around enough courtrooms to know innocent people don’t run away. They do if they’ve been framed. If you’re gonna start singing that old song, I’m not — listen to me. She wasn’t just thinking about herself when she crawled out of that prison van. She wanted to find lucy, hopefully alive, and bring her home. She wanted to identify the real perpetrator. More than anything, she wants to make sure that justice is served. That’s why I’m down on the pier. I’m doing my part to help anna by retracing the steps of whoever the real shooter is. Do you hear yourself? You’re in love with the woman. Your judgment’s questionable at best. Hell, they’ve got video, for god’s sakes. Even your own father thinks she did it. That’s because it’s in victor’s best interest that the world thinks that anna is guilty. How? Are you gonna make a wish or what? For lucy. For lucy.

[ Blows ] And I hope your wish comes true, marty. I really do. It’s me. Robert’s in the metro court restaurant with the briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. I understand. We can’t let robert hand off the briefcase to the wsb. Yes, victor, I know. If the ice princess falls into the hands of the wsb, then ethan pays with his life, I know. Okay, uh, but you better get that to me soon. That’s what I need to get the diamond. Sooner rather than later.

Everyone has heard of the ice princess. It’s the stuff of legend. There’s a necklace in this case made from diamonds taken from the ice princess. Oh. May I have a look? Just a little one? I won’t tell anyone. Absolutely not. The less you know about this, the better.

[ Sighs ] Robert, mind if I join you? Have a seat. Uh, diane miller, attorney extraordinaire and a frequent opponent in court, meet holly sutton, ex-wife, and a woman I trust with my life.

[Phone vibrating]

[Elevator music plays]

[Music gets louder] And tonight’s winning numbers are 18, 18 55, 39, 71, and 43 we won! Yes! Noooo… noooo… noooo… quick, the quicker picker upper! Bounty picks up messes quicker and each sheet is 2x more absorbent, so you can use less. I’ll hold onto that. Bounty, the quicker picker upper. Diane miller. That name sounds familiar. Didn’t you just… cheat death?

[ Laughs ] Yes. Yes, I did. And I think that’s one thing you and I have in common. Yes, but make that two, because clearly we’re both quite fond of this chap, even if he is a little paranoid. I’m not paranoid, just cautious. Nothing’s gonna happen in the middle of a restaurant. Um, if you’ll excuse me, I’m just gonna go powder my nose. Ooh, why don’t you order a round of tequila shots on me for old time’s sake? Okay. She’s lovely. I understand why you fell so hard for her back in the day. Yeah, well, don’t be fooled. She can be quite lethal. I guess it’s a combination I find irresistible. Oh, trish, a round of tequila shots for the table here, and, um, something off the top shelf, I think? Okay, coming right up. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Have you got it? Yeah, just what you asked for. This should do the trick. You and brook lynn are both my friends. The last thing I wanted to do was cause trouble for you two. Well, I-I appreciate your honesty, dante. I just wish brook lynn would have done the same and told me about the letter. Okay, but don’t go dredging up trouble like that. You know she cares about you. I’m sure she’s been meaning to tell you, but… yeah, I know. Show biz always just seems to get in the way.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Sam says the same thing to me about police work. I’m offering you what you’ve been asking me for months — ownership of your songs, your music, your way. With the bonus, they’ll be sung by the guy who rocks your world. Tell me that’s not a win-win situation for everyone. Tell it to blaze and to the next girl who comes off of a flight from the midwest with her own artistic dreams, but who has the unfortunate luck of meeting you as her first contact in the music business. Yeah, I’ve met a bunch of those women. They all come here with their eyes wide open.

[ Scoffs ] I’m just giving them what they want. And you’re just gonna keep treating all those future women the same way you treated me as long as I keep my mouth shut. Did I say that? No, no, brookie, you misunderstand me. I don’t want your silence. You don’t? Isn’t that the whole point of this deal that you’re offering? To close this little deal of ours, I’m gonna need much more. Time is of the essence. As it happens, there’s a conference taking place in toronto and one of the leading experts on huntington’s is attending. Dr. Talone? You know her name? Yeah. Thanks to austin, I was examined by dr. Talone earlier today. And? And it turns out while I was on the run with dear old dad and serving time in prison, I was experiencing stage 1 huntington’s without even knowing it. What I thought was just fear and anxiety was the opening stages of the disease. And now I have progressed to stage 3. I — I-I just wish you told me you were seeing dr. Talone so I could have been there to support you. Well, thank you, mother, but austin was there. He’s become a really good friend to me. I’m glad you weren’t alone. Was dr. Talone able to give you a prognosis? Mm-hmm. Anywhere from 5 to 15 years.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you must be so relieved, britta. It’s not all good. Oh. Dr. Talone said, being realistic, a year and a half from now, I could be in assisted living, requiring full-time care. O-okay. Okay. Um… now that we have your prognosis, w-we can begin experimental treatments. We will — we will engage a nutritionist, do whatever it takes. Stop. Please, I don’t need a doctor. I need a mom.

[ Both crying ] And that, you shall always have. Sonny, you’re still here. You know, I feel — I just — I’m curious why willow feels the need to search for her birth mother when she didn’t want to be any part of her life at all. Yeah, I mean, that’s true. Willow felt like that. Right? Yeah. But now that she’s pregnant, I think the doctors would use any kind of family history that they can get their hands on. Medically speaking, I think that would help. I’m also interested in why michael wouldn’t come to me to, you know, help him look for willow’s parents. And he — he — he comes to you, like he’s comfortable asking you for help. Sonny, michael’s my family, too. Yeah. And we’re business partners. I mean, that is if the elq and aurora merger had gone through. The merger that didn’t happen. I hear it caused problems between you and…my ex. I don’t need you, carly, to tell me that I misinterpreted some things. Misinterpreted, my ass. You saw what you wanted to see, and you couldn’t wait to accuse willow of cheating on michael. I apologized to willow, okay? And you know what america’s sweetheart said in return? And I quote, “drop dead.”

[ Chuckles ] Of course you think that’s funny. I don’t think it’s funny. Willow has been struggling since her pregnancy began, and your kind of gossip isn’t helping. But you don’t give a damn, do you? No, I was thinking of wiley growing up in a broken home. Really? Because the only home-wrecker I know is standing right in front of me.

I don’t care about sonny. You’re welcome to him. And you can spread whatever malicious lies you want about me and brick, I could not care less. You want to come at me? Bring it on. But when you go after my son and his family, don’t pretend that you’re thinking about wiley, because you’re looking for payback because they don’t want someone like you around their son. How’s that working for you, nina? Are you spending any time with wiley? When I brought josslyn back to the house the other night, you were there. Um, and it — it’s no surprise. Look, you were — you weren’t there for a family visit, and — and carly confirmed as much today. Carly told you about us? I know you got to be discreet because of the, uh, you know, trading issues and all that, but, carly, I don’t know why, but she had the need to tell me, and she pretty much, you know, told me all about you guys. Huh. Yeah. She did, huh? Mm-hmm. Carly, well, honest to a fault, huh? Well, I don’t know anybody that knows carly would describe her as “honest to a fault.” Right. So after she told you about us, what, uh… I mean, how’d you react? Well, you know, with ex-spouses, I-it takes a little while to find your way forward with each other. So I just told her that you’re not a threat to me and I’m — and I’m happy for her. Well, that was nice of you to say. Do you mean it? Sam makes a good point. If and when I’m lucky enough to wear the badge again, the last thing I want to do is take work home with me. Yeah, brook lynn wouldn’t like that any more than you like her keeping things from you. I mean, maybe she’s just being careful not to make things more complicated by writing the letter. Assuming I agree to keep my mouth shut about what a miserable misogynist you are — unfortunately, I know from firsthand experience that you do, in fact, sexually harass women — what else could you possibly want? Like I said, I’m not interested in your silence. I’m looking for a different narrative. Because like you said, we’ve worked together in the past. You’re uniquely qualified to tell the world what kind of man I am.

[ Scoffs ] I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. You can’t be serious. You want me to paint a good picture of you? In every interview you give, in every pr release you write, you’ll sing my praises. Ooh, poor word choice, ’cause you can’t sing now, can you? All I’m asking is that you speak from your heart. Oh, well, my heart says that you are a loathsome dirtbag who preys on vulnerable women. You mean something like that? Alright, fine, don’t speak from your heart, speak from your head. Because at the end of the day, you know you’re not gonna get a better deal than this. All you have to do is swallow your pride and paint a picture of me that’s so warm and winning, that it’ll counter any false accusations that are already out there… or those yet to come, like from blaze or anyone else. So you’re saying, think defensively, because if there’s a bad narrative about you, I could be dragged down with you? You have a reputation for being strong, brook lynn. Some might even say “feisty.” So if you go on the record in my favor, you’ll be extra motivated to help me nip in the bud any outrageous complaints about my less than gentlemanly behavior. Otherwise, you look like a traitor to your sisters, or just a sellout who only cares about herself. Make no mistake, linc, I see you for exactly who you are. Great. Then this is a no-brainer, right? If you really believe in chase, you can go this extra mile, can’t you? I ordered those shots for the two of you to enjoy. What are you waiting for? Well, I have just come from an extended stay at general hospital, so thank you, but my doctors put the kibosh on alcohol for the next three weeks. Me, I’m just a gentleman awaiting your return. Oh, well, wait no more. Cheers. Oh. Your turn, robert. Look, I know you’ve got a few holes in your memory over the last couple of years, but surely you haven’t forgotten our ritual. Oh, you’re absolutely right. Well, it’s not too late to remedy. Go on. You see, there’s only one way to drink a tequila shot. I was on this cruise once, and this rather loud-mouthed woman who lived in orange county taught me a phrase I’ve never forgotten. Ahh. Now, lick it. Mm. Slam it. Ahh. Suck it. Oh.

[ Laughter ] Bleh. Mm. I still got it, kid.

[ Laughing ] You certainly do.

I wouldn’t say I’m happy for carly if I didn’t really mean it. No, I don’t mean to be questioning your word. It’s just that I also know that you and carly obviously had a very long, complicated history, so… wouldn’t be a huge surprise if you had mixed emotions about her moving on. Like you have mixed emotions about sam and dante living together? Alright, I guess I walked right into that one. Carly’s always gonna be donna’s mother, and I only want what’s best for her. Carly, you can’t just waltz in here insulting me like you used to. Have you forgotten that you don’t own this hotel anymore? I do. Have you really looked around? I not only hired a new chef, but I’ve added subtle but significant touches to every aspect of this hotel. It’s thriving, from the restaurant to the spa. But I wouldn’t expect you to appreciate such things, hm? Oh, trish, come here. Please, let me see this. No. P– no, carly! Put that down! Hey. I want to see for myself the subtle changes you’ve made. Now this, this looks like soup. No, carly, it’s potage with a dollop of white truffle cream, so put it back. Do you want it? Because you can have it. Brook lynn wants you to have it all, man. She wants you to have the star on your door, the badge on your chest, everything, okay? I — I should have kept my mouth shut. No, I’m happy you told me about the letter, and I’m just gonna have to trust that brook lynn, you know, she knows the right thing to say and she knows the right time to send it. You bastard. Here I thought you couldn’t sink any lower. Now you want me to cover for you? I’m just asking you to present a counter-narrative. I don’t care how you spin this. I’m not gonna do it. Your choice, but then my offer goes away, and all you have left of your precious songs is more dog food jingles and a singing cop without a badge or a future. Hey, what happened to our ritual? I know, I know. But times change, and I have to limit my salt intake. But it’s your turn. Go on. No, I — I think I’ve had enough. Okay, you’re my witness. Excuse me? Well, I noticed it as soon as I got back to port charles. Our dashing and daring aussie is in a bit of a rut. I mean, the right diet, the right exercise, a straight and narrow job, even got the right friends. Personally, I think he needs to indulge in a few more unpredictable evenings like tonight, and even with a hint of danger or a few acquaintances that are slightly unreliable? Such as? My english accent always fools people into thinking that I am posh and proper.

[ Chuckles ] But, ms. Miller, I have never claimed to be respectable.

[ Chuckles ] Have you? Well, first off, call me diane, please. And second, I was involved with someone who worked for the mob, so there are a few people out there who would say I was less than respectable. But I think robert deserves a say in this, hm? What do you have to say for yourself, da scorpio? Robert, you’ve hardly said a word all evening. Are you okay? Peaceful state.Full plate. Wait, are you my blind date? Dancing crew. Trip for two. Nail the final interview. Buy or lease? Masterpiece. Inside joke. Artichoke. Game with doug. Brand new mug. Come here, kid. Gimme a hug. Have you gotten your updated covid-19 booster? They’re designed to help protect against recent omicron variants. Schedule yours at vaccines.Gov. When you’re ready to go, but static says “whoa.” Try bounce lasting fresh. More freshness. More softness. Less s tatic. Less wrinkles. New bounce lasting fresh. Yeah! It’s the sheet. Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin! I’m craving something we’re missing. 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No problem. Hey. Hey! Everything okay? Yeah, I was about to throw a bowl of soup in nina’s face, and then I changed my mind because I have too much respect for this place and the people that work here. Okay, uh, thanks for helping out willow with the search. Come on, let’s go. Let’s go. So it’s true. You’re gonna help willow find her birth mother? Yeah. Yeah. Why, is there a problem with that? Damn, man. I got to go. Duty calls. Alright, get out of here. But, hey, I’m glad we had this talk. Yeah? Are you sure about that? Because I don’t know. Maybe you’re lying to me and you’re not happy I brought all this up. No, you just being a true friend to me and brook lynn. Alright, good luck. Yeah, see you. I’ll see you around. I’m so sorry, britta. It’s my natural instinct to fix something, not — not necessarily to nurture it. My training, my — my medical knowledge, that — that comes so easily to me. But being a good mutter? I was given two children to love, and twice, I’ve failed. You deserve so much better, liebchen. You deserve a mutter who knows how to say and do all the right things, not me. Not the woman whose obsession with cesar faison did this to you! Okay. Okay, mother. Please stop. My huntington’s disease isn’t your fault. It’s not. And as much as I hate to admit it, it’s not my father’s fault, either. Sure, I inherited it from him, but he inherited it, too. It’s just the luck of the genetic draw. No, I won’t let it win that easily. We’re both doctors, intelligent and well-trained. We have to fight back. We can’t let it win this easily. There is something I need you to do. Of course. Anything. Go home to scott. Absolutely not. I’m asking a favor, please. You unexpectedly found love at this stage in your life with scott, and I want you to embrace that, okay? Just like in this moment, I need to embrace being alone. Well, either you’re all in or — is everything okay over here? Your conversation looked pretty intense. We’re just getting the details of our agreement nailed down. Right, brook lynn? I wasn’t talking to you, linc. I was asking my manager. Are you okay with his terms? Well…so much for the hummingbird cake. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel any better. Lucy’s still gone. Anna’s still out there on her own. Yeah, well, at least you know she’s alive. I’ve got people offering unsolicited advice about how unless and until they find a body, there’s reason to hope. It’s getting harder and harder to keep hoping. Guess I just miss her too much. I’m sorry, marty. I am. Yeah, so am I. If only she hadn’t come down here the night that shot was fired. Two shots. There were two shots fired, weren’t there? What’s your point? Why were there two shots? I mean, if anna was the shooter, she wouldn’t need two, especially at close range. In the heat of the moment, nobody’s perfect. No, no, no. Think about it. The police only found one bullet casing from anna’s gun. The second casing was never found. Yeah. So? So I don’t know. But if I figure it out, that’s how I’m going to save anna. Robert? Robert? Sh-should we call an ambulance? An ambulance? No, he’s just passed out after doing a shot. I guess it’s true. We’re not as young as we used to be. I’m gonna order him some black coffee.

[ Groans ] I-I-I’m okay. I’m — I’m — I’m okay. You’re hardly okay after one shot doing you in like this. Come on, I’m gonna take you downstairs and let you sleep it off. Wait a minute. I-I — I got to wait for my contact. He’ll be here any minute. No, you’re in no shape to do any business. Um, could you do us a favor? Could you wait here for robert’s contact and then, uh, just direct them to robert’s room? I still think he needs black coffee. Yeah — oh, no, I-I know what he needs. You’re so good to me, honeybunch. Oh, I know when — when he calls me honeybunch, then I know he needs a nap.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, where are we going? I don’t feel…

I hate to do this to you,but I’ve got to leave. So if someone shows up asking for either robert scorpio or a man with a briefcase, would you please have them call the front desk and ask for robert’s room? Of course. I’ll take care of it. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Diane, diane, diane, nice to see you up and about. Oh, it’s nice to be up and about. Yeah. Hey, nina. Hi, diane. All right, well, I’m gonna — I’m gonna call it a night. Okay. Good to see you. See you. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Just — you just got to let it go. Yeah, I know. I’m trying. But…someone needs to tell carly that. You sound surprised that I’m helping willow find her birth parents. You’re — you’re not opposed, are you? Oh, my god, it’s true. Nina’s willow’s mother. I heard from the lab. And? Nina’s not willow’s mother. No, no, I-I have no objection. I just think it’s gonna be like finding a needle in a haystack, and you’re gonna need all the help you can get. Sounds like you have someone in mind. Yeah. You’re looking at her. Yes, everything is very clear to me now. You and me, we’re good. Terrific. I knew I could count on you, brookie. Now to let blaze in on the good news. You know, it’s not too late. For what? I trust you to do the right thing for both of us. You know that, don’t you? I can’t leave you at a time like this. I mean it, mother. I need some time alone to…gather my thoughts. From the time you were tested… we’ve known that huntington’s disease would be a — a part of your life. But there was no way to know the timetable. It could have been decades before you showed symptoms. But now that is happening… well… if you need a mom, then I need my daughter more than ever, please.

[ Sobs ] All gone, just like lucy. Oh, no, not gone, just missing. There’s a big difference. Anna was set up to take the fall. Come on, marty, we got work to do. And where are we going? To find out what really happened to lucy. Robert, hi. It’s diane. Listen, I don’t feel right about leaving you alone with holly. I’ve got a bad feeling about all of this. So would you please call me when you get this? Robert! Oh, my god, what happened to you?

[ Grunting ]

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