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All right. No sign of linc or blaze. Linc said there were some issues with the song, a song that I wrote. Did he say what those issues — does it matter? I’m not taking notes on a love song from a perv whose idea of romance is plying women with booze and sticking his tongue down their throat. Did he try that with you? Of course he tried it. Fortunately for me, I have an excellent sense of communication and delivered a clear and concise message with my knee. What a sleaze. You know, I can’t wait to ruin him. Expose him for the predator that he is. Remember, no punching. Yeah, I’m not making any promises. No, it was very subtle, but you could tell none of the furniture was where it was supposed to be. Oh, no. The boys were — were pulling a full-on coup. No, and scout refused to spy for us. I even tried to get her to be our ci. She wasn’t, uh, too interested in that. Can’t imagine why. Mm. They’re basically on a power play all the time. It’s three on two. Mm-hmm. Yes. We’re — we’re outmatched. In any case, I’m glad that we have this opportunity to get together ’cause we’re all so busy, right? Mom… I’m not gonna ask any questions about the hook killing thing, and I’m not gonna ask you anything about the investigations about your pcpd, present or past. Okay, good. So… great. I’m sorry to interrupt. I’m so sorry. Uh, hello, alexis, sam. Nina. Nina, is everything okay? Uh [Sighs] That depends. Dante, I will not ask for any details about the case. I just need to know this — how worried does ava need to be about esme prince? Are you all right? Uh, did someone break in and try and steal the necklace? What? No. Okay. So… you want to tell me what happened? There’s no point getting into it. Just humor me. Pretend that I’m useful. Please…let me help. Hey, willow. You okay? We’re early, that’s all. Can we wait down here? Yeah, if you want. I don’t want to wait by the chemo treatment room. I know it’s silly. No, not at all. Whatever makes you comfortable, that is what we’re going to do. Hey! Hey, guys. What are you doing here? You know [Sighs] I’m beginning to wonder if robert is quite as trusting as you led me to believe. I’ve done everything I can to convince robert that I have no memory of the last two years. And as far as I can tell, he completely believes me. Stop it! Stop lying to me, holly.

Esme has been seen in town, right? And didn’t she attack elizabeth baldwin? Really? I didn’t know that. Uh…y-yes. Um, but elizabeth is — is doing fine. But if esme is behind these hook attacks, dante, that would make sense, right? Because it fits in with the pcpd’s theory that these attacks are connected to trina robinson’s trial. It wouldn’t be the first time esme went after trina. I mean, given the victims… yes. Starting with ava… …who was a mentor to trina — or is a mentor — is that correct? Yeah. Right? And diane — she defended and represented trina. And diane also told me that oz haggerty sold esme the phone that she used to record josslyn and cameron. Wow. That’s right. And guess what — elizabeth is cameron’s mother, right? So she would be targeted, too. Annnd the investigation is ongoing. Okay, okay. Can you at least tell me this — is ava safe? Or should I expect esme to be showing up at my door with a giant hook? No, I — all I can suggest is that you stay vigilant. But, yeah, you go ahead and live your lives. Okay, dante, okay. I’m sorry again for interrupting. No worries. That’s okay. Have a great night. You, too. You, too. The investigation is ongoing. Got it. It’s not that I don’t like your song, brook lynn, I do. What an honor. I mean, the lyrics? Terrific. But the arrangement… I’m not singing backup for chase. Look, no one’s asking you to. The song is perfectly balanced. Look, each of you, both you and chase, get a solo verse before singing the chorus and a third verse together. When we do sing together, I’m always the melody while his part really shows off his range. My part is… it’s a little boring. It’s an excellent point, babe. Blaze deserves her time to shine. This sounds like a rehearsal issue. Okay, look, this is a collaboration. We communicate, and we fix it. After all, we’re on the same side, right? I just want the song to be good. Well, we can certainly figure out a way for this song to showcase us both. Linc: I’m sure we can work something out. Blaze knows how to play nice. Don’t you, babe? Sorry, I’m just, uh… going through a tough time.

[ Sighs lightly ] Yeah, um, you know, I’ve — I’ve had a few of those.

[ Chuckling ] You know what’s funny? My father…

[ Voice breaking ] When he died, I thought… “it’s over.”

[ Chuckles ] “I’m finally done.”

[ Chuckles ] Little did I know the reach that man had. You know, his brain is, like, in a jar in the wsb somewhere? And his body is literally in the wind.

[ Sniffles ] We scattered his ashes, and now a man who spent his life trying to destroy the world is spending eternity polluting it. He’s dead and gone, and he’s still hurting me. And I wasted so much of my life striving for his approval. But no matter how much I accomplished, it was never going to happen. Hey, he must have been delusional to not see how great you are. Yeah, maybe he was. Hey, that’s the spirit, you know? If your old man can’t appreciate you, that’s on him — that’s not on you. Is it really that easy for you?

[ Chuckles ] You know, kind of. Honestly, I wasn’t very close with my family, you know? My mom, who — the woman I thought was my mom, she had to work to — just to put food on the table. So she didn’t really have time for me, you know? It was, uh — it was only, uh, if I outgrew my sneakers or to tell me I wasn’t allowed to play hockey ’cause she couldn’t afford the pads.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks, but… it’s not the same. No, I-I — I know — I know it’s not the same, but I-I know what it feels like to be overlooked, you know, to feel like you’re a burden. You’re not. [ Sighs ] Worth loving? Hey, you… …are definitely worth loving. Even that’s what’s been passed down to me? For god’s sake, victor. You’re the only person I’m not lying to. I’m completely betraying robert, my friends, probably several countries, because you’re holding my son ethan’s life in your hands. I have worked too hard, come too far for… one more life means nothing to me. I will kill luke’s son as easily as I killed luke himself. Though perhaps not quite as quickly as I killed your sister, paloma. Believe me, you don’t have to remind me of everything that you’ve already taken from me. Oh, trust me, you have a lot more to lose. And if you are sloppy and arousing robert’s suspicions… miraculously, robert still trusts me. Then why was anna not at the safe house? I don’t know. She’s an expert at evasion. If she doesn’t want to be found, you won’t find her.

[ Sighs ] Yes, well, wasn’t that lucky for you? Otherwise, robert wouldn’t have given you a second glance all those years ago. Does it still sting to know that you’ve always played second fiddle to anna? Didn’t expect to see you here. Everything okay? Yeah, everything’s great. Just keeping busy. What about you guys? Are you working, or do you have an appointment? Tj: Hey, everyone. Hey! Happy thanksgiving. Back at you. Tj, I have a question for you. Um, it’s a nursing thing. Excuse us. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] How’s willow doing? Has her pregnancy gotten any easier? Uh [Sighs] Actually… uh, willow and i are kind of nervous. ‘Cause she decided that she was gonna try and find her birth parents.

This duet is an opportunity for both blaze and chase. I mean, blaze is the one with the following. How many followers you got, babe? A few million. Since you’re the one riding her coattails, I think it’s on you to make this work. You know what? Here’s an idea, linc. Why don’t we grab a coffee at the counter and we’ll let the talent talk? Ooh, a little one-on-one time with blq? I’d be…happy to suss things out. I hope you don’t mind my saying so, but you seem a little… uncomfortable around linc.

[ Chuckling ] Uncomfortable? Yeah, with how touchy and handsy he can be. That’s the business. I mean, we’re artists, not accountants. It’s all hugs and kisses instead of handshakes. Like, I’m not talking about schmoozing. Linc — what he’s doing is so far beyond that. But you can fight back. Sit there. Why? You know why. I’m not letting you grope me.

[ Sighs ] You always were dramatic. And you always were a sleaze. And judging by the way you treat blaze, not much has changed. You don’t hear blaze complaining, do you?

[ Scoffs ] What linc is doing is, at the very least, sexual harassment. So? I have a contract with linc. And I’ve worked hard to get where I am. I’m not going to blow it now.

[ Scoffs lightly ] It doesn’t matter how talented you are if you get a bad rep for being difficult. We’re here to talk about the song. So…let’s do that. I wonder if esme’s been living in port charles all this time. I think she posted on social media a few days after the trial from the south of france, but it could have been faked, I suppose. Well, either way, she left and came back, or she never left at all. But it is possible that she could have attacked ava way back in — in august.

[ Sighs ] Hm.

[ Sighs ] And everyone gets to speculate about that except us. No, don’t drag me into this. Okay. Everyone gets to speculate about that except me because of you. No, you could speculate all you want.

I’m not allowed to join in, but you guys go ahead. You know what, dante? What? You’re no fun. Ooh. No kidding. At all. You are. Thank you. Thank you. All right, if we can’t talk about the case, let’s talk about food. Ooh. I like food. What’s sonny cooking for thanksgiving? Uh, it sounds like he’s cooking a whole bunch of stuff, like, way too much food. Yeah. There’s gonna be leftovers for weeks, so it’ll probably go bad. Um, you’re good with the kids spending thanksgiving eve with you, right? I’m not cooking. I know. The oven will be off. Okay. I’m ordering in. We’re gonna have a little picnic on the floor in the living room. Nice. And you’re not disappointed that the kids are gonna be at the q’s for thanksgiving? Why would I be disappointed?

[ Breathes sharply ] Alright, besides, I get to have them all to myself tonight. What are you guys doing? We are gonna go to sonny’s after we drop the kids off at the q’S. And then after we go to sonny’S…

[ Chuckles ] …We’re gonna go back to the q’s for pizza. I guess there’s gonna be, like, a big crowd at the quartermaines’, huh? Sounds like it. The usual. Plus, my mother invited cody to go out, which is — I don’t think he’s gonna be into that at all. So I’ll probably have to go down to the stables and take a beer to him so he doesn’t spend the holiday alone. Cody’s not spending thanksgiving with britt? I don’t know. He didn’t say. So is britt spending tomorrow with you and scott? Unless she gets a better offer. Oh, you’re talking about cody. So, are things getting serious between them? Well [Clears throat] Not yet, but it is inevitable. What do you mean? I don’t know how to say it. I never have. I tried to make it go away. I — I figured if I just didn’t acknowledge it… “it”? You —

[ Sighs ] My father’s legacy. The only thing he ever gave me. You’re talking about — I-I — I’ve tried to, you know, put faison out of my mind. And it — and it actually worked. I mean, of course, he’d pop up every now and then. But he’d never linger. Now I’ll remember him for the rest of my life. However long that is. Don’t talk like that. Your dad’s dead and gone. Yeah, but he left some things behind. Okay, well, then throw them away. I can’T. Sure you can. You can just give it to me. How will you and sonny be spending thanksgiving? Sonny’s hosting. Is he? I confess I’m surprised. Why, aunt liesl? Family’s very important to sonny. I don’t mean this to sound harsh, but who in his family’s still speaking to him? His daughters. Ah, yes, the, um — the toddling ones. No, and kristina… tj and molly. But I am sure they have other plans already. Anyway, all family are welcome. Even that ingrate michael. Willow wants to find her birth parents, huh? Yeah, and any other relatives who might be out there. Carly: Oh, my god, it’s true. Nina’s willow’s mother. I-I’m curious. What changed her mind? I feel like such a coward leaving michael to deal with his mom when I’m the one who wants to keep my condition private. Hey, michael can deal with his mother. And you’re facing leukemia. You should feel free to handle that any way that works for you. I know that everyone would be supportive if I told them, but I cannot risk wiley finding out that I am sick. It would scare him too much. Okay, well, we will tell him when the time is right. And if that is many years from now, even better. Here’s hoping. Right now [Sighs] I want to keep this as quiet as possible.

Good news?Uh, it could be. If brook lynn would get back to me. How are things with you and brook lynn? Uh, w-well, it’s pretty good, but this — this isn’t really about us. It’s, uh, the civilian complaint review board. They’re gonna re-evaluate chase’s case. Oh, that’s good. Is he gonna get his badge back? Well, I’m hoping he does. Mm. Well, I hope he does, too. You know, it’s not easy to lose your job. It’s hard to bounce back. Yeah, and I thought you were happy at the invader. I’m okay.

[ Cellphone chimes ] You know, I’m very lucky that I had a second chance at a career. Uh, you know what? I’m sorry. But I — I gotta go deal with this. Mm-hmm. Well, duty calls? Yeah, something like that. Anything you’d like to add? Mom! On or off the record? Thank you for lunch. See you. Perhaps the reason you’re not the distraction I hoped you’d be is because robert is busy waiting for anna to tire of valentin.

[ Waves crashing, buoy bell ringing ] As valentin has tired of you? Why is it that your one and only son isn’t by your side, aiding and abetting your crimes? You’re gonna be so lonely when you finally create whatever ridiculous world it is that you’re forging and you have absolutely no one to share it with. Careful how you tread, missy. Lest I teach you the true meaning of loneliness. Oh, I’m very sorry. I take it back. You know how loved you are… as I know how much robert loves me. As you love him? Doesn’t matter how I feel about robert. The only person I care about at the moment is my son ethan. And I want to talk to him. Oh, well, I’m afraid he can’t come to the phone right now. If I don’t speak to him, how do I know that the worst hasn’t already happened? Oh, come on, holly, don’t be so melodramatic. You get that proof-of-life photograph of him every day, don’t you? Photos prove nothing. Well, I’m afraid you’re just gonna have to trust me, then. As you’re going to have to trust that I will take care of robert. Give it to you? Well, I mean, yeah, you — you didn’t want it anymore, and it probably belongs to me, so, you know, win-win, right?

[ Chuckles ] What are you talking about? Your father’s legacy. The necklace.

[ Scoffs, chuckles ] You think this is about a necklace? Well, I mean, it’s hardly just a necklace, but, you know… of course. Wait, wait, wait. Of — what else could you be talking about? Of course! It’s about the $35 million in jewelry on my desk! I mean, after all, the only thing you care about is getting rich, right? Wait, wait. No, no, I — I — I can’t believe I’m even surprised. It was the necklace you wanted! I was just here! Wait, hold — okay, all right, britt, this is — I don’t — t-this conversation just took a massive wrong turn. What — I didn’t mean t– y-y-you didn’t mean what? You didn’t mean for me to let my guard down? You didn’t mean for me to be vulnerable for five minutes after you’ve been grilling me for months?! Yeah, I wanted to get to know you! Oh, sure you did. So you could get that stupid necklace! Well, you know what? You want it so bad? Here you go. Here you go and get out. I’m not sure what you think is missing. I mean, you’ve got some huge vocal moments in here. It’s — you — right here and — yeah. It’s — it’s not the song, per se. The song is actually great. So when you were complaining before… totally posturing.

[ Both chuckle ] I love it. But when linc talked about taking me in another direction… this is not what I had in mind. What’s wrong with the direction that you’re on?

[ Laughs ] Please. Between the wigs and the costumes… half the time, I don’t recognize myself. Fair enough.

[ Chuckles ] And what direction did you want to take this? Honestly? I wanted a folk song. You like folk?

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. What’s wrong with it? No, not a thing. It’s just a 180 from your usual songs. Ah. My first manager came up with my look, and I went along with it. Linc signed me as a pop singer. Now, linc says that my fans won’t accept me singing anything else. But I want the chance to try new things, don’t you? No, not really.

[ Both laugh ] I — I like things that I know. Ah. Singing standards. Like being a cop. Like in the village people?

[ Laughs ] No, no. I-I was a detective with the pcpd. I kind of fell into singing. ? Uh, I wouldn’t say that. Well, with, the, um — you know, the baby coming, we — we decided that it’s, um, it’s important to know as much as possible about willow’s family medical history. Mm.

[ Footsteps approaching ] That makes sense, yeah. So how are you going about finding your birth parents? Well, um, willow and I’ve been doing our own research. But, uh, also, drew offered to help. Did he? Sorry, I’ve got to run, but happy thanksgiving, everyone. Tj, what are you molly doing tomorrow? Yeah, um, m-my mom’s coming over to our apartment to celebrate, and alexis is going to sonny’s, which would be super awkward, so we won’t see her until friday. Why would that be awkward? I-I — I th– I thought you knew. Uh, knew what? What? All right. What now?

[ Sighs ] Nina accused willow of sleeping with tj, and sonny believed her. What are you waiting for? Congratulations, your plan worked.

[ Chuckles ] Now get out of my office, out of my life. Ah, dr. Westbourne. Oh, sorry to interrupt. Looks like you’ve had a break-in. No. I wanted it like this. Yeah, well, your call, I guess. What’s in the case? None of your business. If it’s a $35 million necklace recovered from peter august, yeah, it’s my business. And, uh, I have a warrant here for it. Hand it over.

You and brook lynn?

[ Scoffs ] And you were giving me a hard time about linc. That is completely different.

[ Chuckles ] Brook lynn is more than just my manager. Well, clearly. She’s also my best friend. We’ve helped each other through a lot. And this whole…business arrangement between you two. From what you’re saying, it seems pretty one-sided. No. We’re both committed to this relationship. But you’re still doing what she wants, not what you want. Well, singing may not be as fulfilling as police work, but I’m happy to do it for brook lynn. I would do anything for her. And I know that she’d do anything for me. What you need to accept, brook lynn, is — can’t wait for this pearl of wisdom. You’re old news. What do I need you for when I have blaze? And when I’m this close to signing magdalena perez. Magdalena perez? She can’t be more than 17. She’s 18. And don’t let the name fool you. She’s no virgin. You’re disgusting. I thought I could stomach working with you, but nope! Wrong. Fine by me.

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckling ] Oh, no. This definitely will not be fine for you. Because from this moment on, I will not let you harass one other person. Oh, is that right? Whatcha gonna do, blq? I’m gonna expose you for the creep that you are. I’m gonna tell everyone how you treated me when you were my manager. I just have one question — if I was so awful back then, then why are you working with me now? Hm? Do your worst, brook lynn. No one’s going to listen to a bitter has-been. Oh, linc… it won’t be just me. So what was t-the face about? What face? The face you made when dante mentioned cody. Cody hinted that dante may have done something, maybe something illegal, when he was younger. You mean like egging cars or going on a spree of bank heists? Mom, I don’t know. He didn’t get into details, but he made it sound serious. Okay. What age are we talking about? Dante said that they lost touch when they were like 16, so I imagine it would have to be before that. Well, did you ask dante about it? No. Why not? What are you thinking? I don’t know. It’s cody. He’s probably exaggerating. Yeah, yeah, there you go. But I — I have this instinct that I need to know what happened. Nina lives to cause trouble. And sonny knows you would never do something like that. Well, at least he should. Nina claimed she was worried about how my affair would

[Breathes sharply] Affect wiley. Of course nina used wiley as an excuse. That woman never stops. She tried to make sonny think there was something going on between me and brick. Hey, what? Oh, my gosh. Yeah. I’ll explain later, I got to go. See you later. So you engaged in a little gossip and got it wrong. Really wrong — like twice. Did you destroy michael and willow’s saccharine union? No. [ Sighs ] Then they have no cause for complaint. And if they try, let me know. No, no. No, thank you. Mnh-mnh. I think I can handle it. It’s just… the tension with michael — it really upsets sonny, and I don’t like to see him hurt ’cause he feels things very deeply. And sonny is treating you well, as he should? I’ve never been happier. Maybe next year, we —

[ Laughs ] What? No. No! This — I was — I was gonna say maybe next year we could have thanksgiving together. But, you know, with sonny and me and britt and cody and [Chuckles] You and scott. But we both know that’s never gonna happen. You can’t just walk in here and take my necklace. It’s my necklace, jackass. You just gave it to me. It was a futile attempt to shame you. Were you really gonna take it? No. But you can’t have it. This warrant says I can. And as per the state of new york, we have reason to believe that the diamonds in that piece were obtained, uh, unlawfully. So, until this is resolved, it stays in our possession. Officer. Hand over the necklace, sir. Best not to resist. Robert scorpio, your friendly neighborhood da, and, uh, until recently, almost your uncle. Yeah, close call. Apparently. Sir? For pete’s sake. Here, take it. Hm. Yep, fits the description. Britt: Well, come back any time. You’re on the wrong side of my door. Get out. Wait. If you weren’t referring to the necklace, what’s this legacy you were talking about? Now, from here, I need you to escort me around to the, uh, metro court hotel, then I want you to head back. Maybe I should stick around? You know…I think I can handle this. Besides, I’ve got the bureau guys coming over for the, uh, diamonds here. But, you know, uh, why don’t you cuff this to my wrist? Good idea. There we go. Good. Figure that ought to do it.

[ Cellphone rings ] Yes? The package has changed hands. Scorpio has the necklace. What? Well, how? He came to westbourne’s office with a cop. But don’t worry, I know where he’s headed. Excellent. .

once I go public, other women you’ve harassed over the years will come forward. I mean, we’ve seen it happen time and time again. All I have to do is light a match. And your reputation, your career, your family will go up in flames. You are kind, sweet, and genuinely easy to work with. Well, I thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Get out of this business. While all of that is still true. I’ve gotta run. New costume fitting. I have to make sure I can breathe in it.

[ Both chuckle ] Well, it’s good working with you. And think about what I said, okay? Oh, thank you. Oh, hey. Uh, hey, you’re, uh, you’re blaze, right? I am, indeed. Oh, cool. My — my son is — he loves you. He’s a big fan. But you don’t? No, I-I do. I am. I-I just didn’t recognize you without all of the stuff. Disappointed? No, not at all.

[ Laughs ] Thank you. Yeah, have a good one. Hey, did you get her autograph? No, but I should have. Rocco would have loved that, man.

[ Chuckles ] What is blaze doing in port charles? We’re actually working on a song together. What? Dude, that’s amazing. Look at you. [ Chuckles ] We’d better head upstairs. First day of chemotherapy. You’re gonna do great. If you need anything at all, do not hesitate to call. I won’T. Thank you, tj, for all the support. Yeah, thank you. You, um — you’ve been a great friend.

[ Sighs ] You ready? Absolutely. Okay, let’s go. Nina, uh, do you have a second? Um, uh, sure. Uh, how can I help you? I was just wondering, um, why are you so sure that esme is the hook killer? Well, that’s really something you need to talk to ava about, not me. But you’re living with her, right? Yeah. So I-if esme were to attack again, you could be in danger. Well, how about this? I’ll talk to ava about it, and she will give you a call. Good? Okay. You okay here? This hook story keeps getting bigger and bigger and more dangerous. And people keep promising me information that they’re not giving me. All the while, I’m sitting on what I know that could be helpful. You’re talking about the letter the killer sent to you? Yes, I am. I held back and didn’t print anything in exchange for jordan giving me an exclusive. She’s giving me the runaround, and I’m worried about waiting. What are you gonna do? What are you still doing here? Leave! No. No. No, no, no. I-I want to know about this — this legacy that faison left you.

[ Scoffs ] Why? It’s not anything you could sell.

[ Chuckles ] I made a mistake. Okay?

[ Laughs ] I was truly just trying to help you, though. How? By — by — by taking $35 million off my hands? Well, it didn’t seem like you wanted it. And if I’d known that you were talking about something else, I would have — I was.

[ Sighs ] Goodbye. For good. Okay, so what? What? Are we at that point where you’re gonna slam the door in my face? Again, britt, I made a mistake. I’m sorry. Look, I know…that you have a hard time opening up, just like I have a hard time not putting my foot in my mouth. But I can’t be expected to have the perfect reaction all the time. I wasn’t expecting you to have the perfect reaction. I-I-I would have taken… hell, somewhat less mercenary. Please, just tell me, what will it take for you to give me the benefit of the doubt? More than I have to give.

[ Knock on door ] Come in.

[ Sighs ] What is going on here? Absolutely nothing. Do you understand? Good. Well, holly. Your time has come. Meaning? Meaning robert has acquired something I want. It’s in a briefcase. He’s on his way to the metro court. Your job is to intercept him and get the briefcase. Sounds easy enough. One little wrinkle — briefcase is handcuffed to his wrist. Well, he’ll have to uncuff at some point. No matter. Tonight, when he’s asleep, I’ll steal it. Ah, yes, but, you see, the wsb are on their way to recover the contents of that briefcase as we speak. How the hell am I supposed to get around that? Well, I don’t know. You’ll think of something. Let ethan be your inspiration.

This is alexis davis, editor-in-chief of — of the invader. If you would be so kind as to give commissioner ashford a — a message for me. Yeah. Tell her that I will be printing the letter that the hook killer sent to me in full — it’ll be on the front page of the paper tomorrow.

[ Breathes deeply ] Ask her if she has any comments.

[ Monitor beeping ] I did nothing wrong. No woman ever told me “no.” I did, several times. You overreacted. The only reason women keep quiet about you, the only reason women hold their noses and let you touch them is because you’ve convinced them that, if they don’t, their careers will go bye-bye. Well, fortunately for me, I don’t have to worry about my singing career anymore. And fortunately for them, they won’t have to worry about you anymore. Not when I become their manager. Oh, what, you’re going to poach my clients? That’s right, linc. Not only am I going to expose you — I’m going to completely ruin you. I will destroy you. Or… you could get your songs back. I’ve been leaving all these messages for brook lynn. I had to come here to track her down. Cut her some slack, okay? Brook lynn has been working 24/7 — promoting my new single, booking gigs — you name it. Hey, man, that’s — I’m really happy to hear how well everything’s going for you. Thanks. I can’t complain. Well, I bet not. I mean, look, this new career you got. Maybe she doesn’t have to write that letter. What letter?

[ Door closes ] Here, let me help you. Please don’t! Britta, what has happened?

[ Voice breaking ] Nothing! Nothing. It’s just one more mistake is all. Oh, meine tochter. Couples argue. That doesn’t mean it’s over. We’re not a couple! Not really. But you were well on your way. Perhaps, in time — I-I don’t have time, mother. Britta, please. You have to tell me what’s wrong. Then I can help you. There’s nothing you can do.

[ Scoffs ] I’m sick.

[ Breathes deeply ] What you’re asking is impossible. Nonsense. You’re ideally placed to retrieve that necklace from your ex-husband, provided you’re not lying to me and robert still trusts you. It’s not a question of trust. It’s a question of logistics. Then what are you waiting here for? You better get going, holly. Before the wsb get their hands on that briefcase.

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