GH Short Recap Tuesday, November 22, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Brook Lynn tells Linc she intends to expose that he sexually harassed her and the other artists that he manages. Linc tells Brook Lynn that if she doesn’t ruin his career he will return the rights to her songs to her.

Alexis decides to publish the letter the Hook Attacker sent to her in The Invader since Jordan hasn’t given her the exclusive story she promised to give her.

Britt tells her mother that she is sick and there is nothing that anyone can do for her.

Michael tells Carly that Willow wants to find out who her biological parents are, and Carly worries that Willow will find out Nina is her mother. Michael also tells Carly that Nina thought Willow and TJ were having an affair and Sonny believed her. Willow has her first chemotherapy treatment and she wants to keep her leukemia diagnosis a secret from Michael’s family.

Britt gives the necklace to Robert since he has a, warrant to take the necklace and deliver it to the WSB. Victor tells Holly she must steal the necklace from Robert, but it will be a problem since Robert has the briefcase that contains the necklace handcuffed to his wrist.

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