GH Short Recap Wednesday, November 16, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Willow accepts Drew’s offer to help her find her biological parents. Jeff asks Elizabeth to forgive him and her mother for the mistakes they made after Reiko’s accident. Jeff also asks Elizabeth for a chance to get to know her, but he doesn’t intend to push her.

Nikolas intended to take Esme some place where nobody can find her, but she starts having cramps. Nikolas thinks Esme is faking the cramps, but he calls Elizabeth for help. Elizabeth walks out on Finn when Nicolas calls and asks Finn if he can wait to discuss the future of their relationship.

Leo finds a cell phone while playing in the leaves near Michael’s house. Michael charges the phone and finds out it belongs to Dex. Michael wonders how Dex’s phone ended up there.

Carly arrives with the antibiotics for Dex and tells Josslyn that the antibiotics are strong and his fever should break tomorrow.

Elizabeth arrives to help Esme and she and Nikolas find Esme on the floor because she tried to get out of bed.

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