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With dr. Haskell as soon as possible. I’m having — uh, may be having symptoms and… y-yes, yes. T-thank you. That day works. 3:00 P.M. Is fine. Thank you.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Clears throat ] Come in. Hi. Britt: Hey. Is now a good time? Depends. Is one of those folders for me? Yep. Come on in. So, do you know where that necklace came from? Can I help you? Uh, yeah. Cody bell. I’m here for some test results. No problem. Was it blood work? Paternity test. One sec. Thanks. Glad you’re back. Yeah. I hope you got what you needed while you were away. May I? Yeah. Finn, I, um… there was no medical conference. I went to monterey. I wanted to get answers about what’s been going on with me. And I saw my parents. I don’t understand. Why am I here? I’m supposed to be transferred to pentonville. I’m just following orders. A dr. Finn insisted that you come here for something called a phlebotomy treatment.

[ Sighs ] I can do this. I have to do this. Nikolas cannot keep us locked… up in here. Mother, I-I had no idea you were back. Well, aren’t you glad to see me? Yeah, yeah, no, no. Of course I am. Uh… uncle victor, what’s this about charlotte? Oh, uh, I was just informed she’s not on the school grounds. I’m — I’m very worried about her. Oh, no need to worry. I brought her home with me. Did you, now? I had to do it. She missed her family. Well, that is such a relief. But what about valentin? He was on his way to switzerland to visit her. Oh, no, no. He’s home, too. And I’m sure that he’ll be getting in touch with you very soon. Michael does not need to know anything. Oh, I don’t need to know about what?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Are you sending me to voicemail? Sonny… anna’s being transferred to pentonville tonight. We need to act now. What are you two hiding now? Your leukemia is now at stage iv. So, my… my cancer is advancing more rapidly than we thought. I’m so sorry.

[ Clears throat ] Well, I’M… I’m in my second trimester now. The risks to my baby are much lower. I am ready to start chemo at any time. What? What, did I wait too long? Will I die before my baby can be born?

I found you two bothering my family. We were taking a nice walk in the park, michael. Wiley and willow just happened to be there, so what’s the — you should have kept on walking. Oh, my goodness. Instead you tried to maneuver willow into letting nina spend time with wiley. Oh, that’s ridiculous. Sonny would never do that. You have no idea what sonny would do. Look, nina was denied visitation with wiley. I’m well aware of that. We’re not gonna go against your wishes when it comes to wiley, michael.

[ Cellphone beeps ] I gotta take care of this. Oh, is it an assassination or plain old racketeering? Why? You wearing a wire? You know what? You all right? Yeah, no, no. I’m fine. All right. You know, michael, I don’t expect you to be civil to me. But you should show your father more respect. Is my leukemia so advanced that I won’t live to have this child? That is not my prognosis. Remission is still within reach in stage iv. We just have to work more aggressively combining chemo with other treatments. How will this affect my baby? I will work out the course of treatment with the greatest chance of success while minimizing the risk to you both. Thank you. That’s what I hoped you’d say. We’re here for you. Is there anything else you want to know? Any questions? No. No, thanks. Michael will be here soon. Does this mean you’re ready to tell michael you have cancer? I went to monterey to look for what might be causing all of these panic attacks a-and the sleepwalking and losing time, just all of this mess. Okay. “Okay”? That’s it? I lied to you. Right now, I’m glad you’re just still talking to me. Did you already know? I knew something was off. I just wasn’t sure what. You know, I figured if you wanted my help or my input, you would have asked. I didn’t want to shut you out. I get it. Sometimes we need to figure these things out on our own. So…how was seeing your parents? Did — did you get the answers you need? Yes. I now know what happened on those stairs. Well, I am so relieved charlotte’s all right. So am I. I do, however, question the wisdom of taking her out of school so close to exams. Oh, no, no. Exams are weeks away. And besides, the poor thing was so homesick. Well, lucky for her, you were there to come to her rescue. Yes. I’m just like you, victor. I will protect my family with everything I’ve got. Speaking of family, how is lesley? She is recovering very nicely after that mysterious fire destroyed their home. Did they ever find out who caused it? Apparently it was an accident. Or at least it looked an awful lot like one. At any rate, your grandmother and marcello send their love to you. Yeah. Please send them mine. You have a phone, nikolas. You can tell them that yourself. Well, look, I came here to have a conversation with my son, and I’d like to have it privately. Well, actually, I have business to attend to on the mainland. Perhaps — who knows? — I might bump into valentin. My son and I certainly have a lot to catch up on.

[ Door closes ] Have a seat.

[ Door opens ] Can you uncuff my patient, please?

[ Handcuffs click ]

O admit, I didn’t expectsuch a fast turnaround. Thanks. I try. Look, the necklace you found in peter’s safe deposit box, it was pretty high profile back in the ’80s. There weren’t many necklaces around that were worth $35 million. I’m sorry. How much? $35 million. And, of course, mr. Moskovitz, the jeweler who examined the necklace, said that’s just a ballpark figure. Hell of a ballpark. Yeah, if the final price is even close to that, you are gonna be able to retire in style. Only if the necklace is legally mine. Okay, well, that is where things get a little murky. I was not able to find an official bill of sale, but I was able to locate the last known owner. Anyone I know? Leopold taub. What’s taking so long? I mean, I know it’s officially your test, but… no, no, no. Hey, you have a vested interest. Well, we all do. I am so sorry. There’s some huge backlog in the lab. Ah. You know, I-I don’t suppose you could maybe track down those results for me? I’m going a little crazy here not knowing. I’ll go to the lab personally. Thank you. Can we have some privacy, please? I’d like to examine the patient. Mm. Well, doctor… you’re not actually gonna draw my blood, are you? No. Oh, thank god. A real nurse will be by here in a minute to take care of that. I talked finn into ordering a legitimate phlebotomy treatment. That way, the pcpd would be forced to bring you here before taking you to pentonville. That’s brilliant. What’s the plan to get me out of here then? Your dear uncle victor was using charlotte as leverage. She was practically being held prisoner in that boarding school. Kevin and I had to help valentin to break her out. Is charlotte all right? Yes, she’s fine. She’s thrilled to be home, and she is determined not to have anything to do with victor again. I know. Uncle victor has his own agenda. Yes, he does. And he doesn’t care who he uses or destroys to get it done. I mean, look at poor anna. She went up against victor, and now she’s been framed for the possible murder of lucy coe. It’s time to begin chemo as soon as possible. And bone marrow transplants have been very successful in treating leukemia. Survival rates have increased significantly in the past few years alone. But that also depends on what kind of transplant I get. It does. In your case, you’ll need an allogeneic transplant, which requires healthy blood cells from a donor. But will that work if the donor isn’t related to me? A related matched donor usually provides the closest match, but unrelated matched donors work, too. I hope that’s true because to the best of my knowledge, I have no living relatives. Michael, sonny loves you. Why can’t you see that? Sonny abandoned his family. How can I respect a man like that? It’s — it’s just like a broken record. Who are you to be so judgmental? He’s reached out to you time and again, and you just spit in his face. It’s like you live your life to look down on other people. Gee, no wonder willow turned to someone else. Wait. What? What’s wrong now? Well, uh, nina’s trying to drive a wedge between me and willow by, what, claiming that willow’s cheating on me? You’re slipping, nina. If you’re gonna make something up, you’re gonna have to do a hell of a lot better than that. Actually, she’s not making it up, michael. You know why? ‘Cause I saw willow and tj together myself.

I found a description of a necklace that matches the one that you have in your possession in a profile piece on taub and his collection. And according to the article, taub allowed the necklace to be worn on the runway during paris fashion week in 1989. It just hasn’t been seen in public since. Well, I know taub and faison were working together around that time. Any chance taub could have sold it to my father? I couldn’t find any record of the necklace changing hands. And then taub died. Dominique auctioned off his collection, but the necklace wasn’t included in that. So dominique either took it, or faison bought it from taub before he died. Or, more likely, my father stole it.

[ Sighs ] Seen any good movies lately? Uh, me? No. No, no, not really. Oh. Just what, uh, you and i have watched at home. All right, I’m gonna get some coffee. Ok– all right. Want some? Uh, thanks. I’m [Chuckles] Jumpy enough. Hospital coffee when we don’t have to? Fine. I’ll be right back. Talk to him. So… hmm? Ever been to australia? No, not — not yet. It’s a great place. I grew up there. I used to spend my youth roaming the outback from dawn to dusk. Well, I’ve done my fair share of hiking. Um, any good mountains…

[Australian accent] Out in the outback? Some. Nothing like here in the states. But uluru… uluru. It’s a sight to behold. Oh, yeah? I know you know this, but it bears repeating. Your uncle victor can turn on you at any moment. On you. On spencer. Anybody. That’s all the more reason to stay on his good side. Nikolas… I have been playing cassadine politics my entire life. Trust me, I’m handling this. Okay. So, where is ava? Our attempt at reconciliation didn’t work, and we’re moving forward with the divorce. Oh. Oh, I’m so, so sorry, honey. I had really hoped that you’d be able to work it out. So did I. Nikolas, is it possible that your uncle victor had a hand in the breakup of your marriage, too? Nikolas: You want me to choose my life over ava? Well, it isn’t really a choice, is it? How can you be with ava if you’re dead? Uncle victor had nothing to do with it. Are you sure about that? I mean it. No, it was — it was all my fault. How?

[ Sighs ] I… cheated on my wife. First, we need to determine your hla. Human leukocyte antigen. Exactly. Hla is like your blood type, only much more specific. And it’s important to match my donors and my hla so my body won’t reject the healthy blood cells. Right. Your hla will be run against candidates in the match registry, a database with people willing to donate bone marrow. I’m gonna order the testing now. If I go in person, they’ll put a rush on it. Thank you. And, um… thanks for keeping my mind off my misery [Chuckles] By keeping my mind on the medicine. Neat trick, isn’t it?

[ Chuckles ] Tj. I’ll stay with willow. Hang tight. Whew. I thought… at worst, maybe things would progress to stage iii. But I guess I just… skipped over that. Stage iv. I mean, it doesn’t — it doesn’t sound so bad until…

[Voice breaking] You remember there’s no stage V. It’s okay. Willow, whatever you’re feeling, whatever you’re feeling, you can just — just let it out.

[ Crying ] I can’t die, tj. I can’t leave wiley. I can’t leave michael. Easy. You’re not going anywhere. You can’t say that. No one can say that. Oh, god. What’s going to happen to me and my baby? Willow and tj? Come on. I saw them together myself. Willow and tj… and wiley. I mean, we just got done seeing them before you got there. Yeah. Yeah. Something is definitely going on. All right. I was here with willow and wiley when tj ran into us. He is our friend. You know, it’s not really a surprise to me that you two aren’t familiar with — with friendship, but… michael, it’s not the first time that I saw tj with willow. Right. Well, considering that tj’s a doctor and then willow’s a nurse in the same hospital… not just at the hospital — at the hotel. Right. In a room? Mm-hmm. What, did you two walk in on them the same way that my mom walked in on you two in the haunted star?

[ Scoffs ] Look, I know willow. She would not do this to me. Oh, why not? She did it to chase. This is just about revenge. You’re just making up lies. None of us want this to be true, michael. That’s what you overheard your father saying. He didn’t want to tell you anything. Right, so you just let it slip, huh? Open your eyes, sonny. Just see — see nina for who she really is. She enjoys hurting people who are stupid enough to believe her. So I-I’m telling you this for what I-I hope is the last time — nina is poison. I would be very careful about what you’re about to say next. All right. You’ll be the only prisoner on the transport. One of sonny’s guys will have taken over as driver. He’ll drive the van to a rest stop on route 31. There’s a black pickup truck there. Look under the driver’s side floor mat for the ignition key. I’ve left some cash in the glove box. Thank you. Once I’m out, I’ll be able to find evidence to prove that victor has framed me. You’ll be on the run. Not only from the authorities, but from victor and his crew. You gonna be all right? Yeah. You look after charlotte and keep a surreptitious eye on your father. I just hope sonny’s people don’t screw this up somehow. Oh, he’ll come through for me. It’s very interesting, you two working together. Yeah, you can thank felicia for that. You got felicia involved? You say that as if I could have kept her out of it. Listen, I gotta go before the nurse gets here. Yeah. Thank you. I’ll see you on the other side. I’ll see you on the other side.

[ Door closes ] That must have been quite a shock, seeing them. Yeah. Yeah, I… when I went there, I had no intention of speaking with them. I just wanted to go into the house to find a clue as to why this is all happening. Then suddenly they were there. I just — I wanted to run out, but then I realized I can’t go on not knowing. So I told them what I had been remembering about the stairs and struggling with the woman and her falling and… did they know what you were talking about? They did. Yeah. When I was 15, I found my father with another woman. Another doctor. The woman you told to stay away from him? Yes. And this woman… this doctor, we argued. And it just — it happened really fast. And then she fell. I didn’t — I didn’t mean to. No, of course you didn’T. Do you know what happened to this woman? She died. It was my fault.

I’ve been patient with you,michael, up until now. I am done with you talking trash about nina. I don’t — you don’t want to listen? Don’t listen. But you know as well as I do that willow’s been on edge. Yeah, I know. We’ve both been on edge because of nina’s continued harassment. I’m not harassing.

[ Sighs ] I barely see you. And I’m not imagining this, michael. Something is going on with willow and tj. You just need to find out what it is. Just stay away from my family! Oh, my… I-I… I-I am so sorry that I told him. I didn’t mean to. He just kept coming at me. It slipped out. No, I bel– listen. I believe you. He has a way of getting under people’s skin. Thank you for not seeing the worst of me. And you know what I see? I see someone who’s strong, passionate, vulnerable, and that I love very much. Michael’s made a huge mistake turning his back on you. As you can see, mr. Moskovitz did recognize some of the diamonds. Recognized? Yeah, mainly from the color and clarity. But moskovitz said four of the gems come from one of the most famous diamonds in the world — the ice princess. What you’re describing feels a lot like an accident. I mean… you didn’t mean to push this woman, did you? No, no. No. No, you didn’T. And she didn’t die from her injuries, did she? Well, there were complications while she was at the hospital. She died as a result of an infection. But she wouldn’t have been there in the first place had I not confronted her. Okay. Hey, listen. You… you’re not to blame for this. For any of this. I’m so sorry you went through something so horrible and at such a young age. All right? Especially something that would traumatize you so deeply that you’d block it out. That’s the thing. I didn’t block it out. My parents went out of their way to keep me from remembering. I-I’m sorry. What — what — what does that mean? My dad prescribed me sedatives, and my mother, being a psychologist, she coached me into locking away the memory. Why would they do that? I was having nightmares, and I was sleepwalking. Sound familiar? They claim they were afraid I was gonna hurt myself. So instead of helping me through it, they just made me forget. And they were worried that being around my dad would trigger me to remember, so they sent me away. And just stayed away for 25 years? I hesitate to even call them my parents because clearly they don’t know how to raise a child. Oh. Elizabeth, hey. I’m so sorry. I don’t even know — I don’t even know what to say. What they did — they abandoned me. They threw me away, and it was all for nothing because I remembered anyway. I have been terrified for my sanity. I thought that I was a danger to my kids. All because they wanted to keep this a secret. Did everything go okay? So far. As long as sonny keeps up his end. I’m sure he will. Well, then we can wish anna safe travels. Amen to that. Okay, time to go. Nurse: She’s all yours.

well done. I mean, you’ve been through a lot the last few days. You, um… you might want to talk someone maybe, someone like kevin, just to sort all this out. That’s a good idea. Really? ‘Cause I kind of thought I was gonna get a fight. No, not this time. This time, I know I need more help. Thank you for being so supportive. You — you don’t need to thank me. No, I do. I-I do, ’cause you’re an amazing man and you’ve been really patient with me. And I have no right to your kindness. Wh… where is this coming from? Of course you have a right. You’re amazing. I love you. And as for the accident, I understand why you… why you might be feeling guilty, but… you have to know you’re not to blame for this, right? You’re not to blame. And I would never blame you for something that was clearly a tragic accident. Finn… there’s something else you don’t know. Something I’ve been really scared to tell you. Because once you hear it, you’ll never look at me like this again. I can’t bear the thought of wiley growing up without me. And michael.

[ Sobs ] He’s already lost so much. I know. To lose another child… I don’t want to leave them. That is why you are going to fight this. And that is why you’re going to win. But what if it is too late? I thought I could control what was happening to me. That I could tell cancer, “oh, just wait a few weeks.” Like there wouldn’t be any consequences. And now I’m paying the price. What was I thinking? Hey. How could I be so stupid?! Hey. You were thinking about your unborn child. Chemo attacks fast-growing cells. That is pretty much all that is happening during the first trimester — fast-growing cells forming organs and bones and muscles. Okay, you were faced with a terrible choice. And you chose to protect your child. That is not stupidity. That’s love. This the transfer? Yes. I’m officially signing the prisoner over. I’ll take it from here. Ms. Devane… I’m dex. I’ll be your ride this evening. Isn’t it crazy that I might own a piece of that famous diamond? Do you know how it got broken up? No, but I’m — I’m sure I can find out. I wonder if it has something to do with the famous curse. Oh.

[ Laughs ] Well, I-I don’t believe in curses, but… yeah. …Anything’s possible. I’ll be in touch. Okay. Okay. You cheated on ava? I’m afraid so.

[ Sighs ] Look, I-I know how much you love ava, and I know you wouldn’t do anything… to hurt her? See, sometimes I think that’s all we do to each other. So tell me what happened. Well, all I can say is that I made a stupid mistake. One that ava can’t forgive.

[ Scoffs ] Well, you know, ava’s made some pretty big mistakes in her life, too. Maybe just give her a little time. Maybe she’s gonna come around. No, not this time. And I can’t really blame her. Why? What happened? The bottom line is, I didn’t have enough faith in our love. You know? And I — and I thought our marriage was over. I was tempted, and I betrayed everything that ava and I had. Nikolas, do you have feelings for this other woman? God, no! Oh. No. I wish I never had met her. And I swear to you, I’ve learned my lesson. And the woman in question, she will not be causing any more problems. I’m so sorry, honey. So sorry. Yeah, I-I mean, I don’t even get this — like, the glamping thing. You know? The glamorous camping. It… I know what you mean. Why not just stay in a hotel?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Exactly. Right? I mean, ’cause, um, uh… you know, when — when you’re on the ground in a tent, there’s nothing like it. But I-I gotta go for a second. Okay? Excuse me. He’s sure in a hurry. No luck? Actually, I think we’re making progress. What are you doing here? The results of my paternity test are in. Ooh. Yeah, I haven’t seen them yet, but, uh, yeah. ‘Cause apparently the lab’s swamped or something. Oh, how dare they? I know. I know. Terrible. Well, since you’re here, um, sam found some interesting info about that necklace. Yeah? Mm-hmm. She showed it to a jeweler, and he told her it could be worth… are you ready? Oh, yeah.

[ Chuckles ] $35 million.

[ Chuckles ] Cody? Thirty– you said million?

Million. Did sam find out how peter ended up with the necklace? Not yet. But it just so happens you might have more of a claim to that necklace than I do. Let’s get you out of those. Okay. Thanks. Wait. Get in the van. Okay. Hold up. We’re coming with you. I was told there’d only be one prisoner. Interdepartmental cooperation. Here’s the paperwork. Anna! Looks like we’re carpooling. How nice. We’ll have time to catch up.

I really am glad you’re back home. Port charles is not the same without you. Oh, thank you. That means more than you know. I do have my work cut out for me, though. But, uh, I’m more than up to the challenge. As a matter of fact, heaven help the guy who tries to get in my way. My father may have stolen the necklace from taub. So if, in fact, you are leopold’s heir, that necklace belongs to you. Imagine that.

[ Laughs ] Mr. Bell. Oh, please, call me cody. Well, cody, I sweet-talked a few people at the lab and got your results. Thank you kindly. Thank you. I guess this is it. Mm. Well? Mac: Give him a moment. You’re right. Moment’s over. Is mac your father? I knew I would have to do this at some point… tell michael I’m sick. But I thought there would be good news, too. And now he’s going to know that I kept it from him and he might lose me and the baby. Michael loves you. More than enough to understand why you waited, but you are going to need all the help you can get, so let your family and your friends be there for you through this. I’m so scared. I don’t want to die.

[ Sniffles ] This is really hard. Whatever it is, we face it together. All of this happened on the mariana islands. My parents were there with doctors without borders. I-I was posted there back in ’97. I was with reiko. Um… you and your parents were there at the same time? The doctor I argued with, the one who fell down the stairs… …it was reiko. Esme!

[ Breathing heavily ] No. Nikolas is not gonna get away with this. Cassadine. Sonny. Hey. What brings you to G.H., Hmm? No — no apparent gunshot wounds, as I can see. I do hope you haven’t been taken ill. No, no. I’m just here to see a friend of mine, make sure she’s okay. Oh. Your generosity of spirit knows no bounds. Let’s just say I take care of my friends, and, uh, you’d be wise to remember that. It just so happens I am a model inmate. Mm. But I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you. Shocks the hell out of me, to be honest. Well, I don’t know why. You know I strive for excellence in everything I do. And I discovered — and this is gonna help you where you’re going, as well… god, what? When you stop trying to escape, people treat you better. Imagine that. I even get to go to arts and crafts now. That’s great. What are you doing? Are you making syringes out of paper clips and pipe cleaners? Is that what you… no. I am making a pillow shaped like a frog. Isn’t that delightful? Amazing. A transport van from a prison for the criminally insane should be maintained better. But no. Broke down. I know. ‘Cause you’re here. That’s how I can tell. Right? Now I’m gonna be late getting home. You just missed the turn for pentonville. That’s ’cause I’m dropping you off at d’archam first. We’re not supposed to deviate from the route. Well, this is the route we’re taking. No, it isn’T. Turn around. Just let me do my job, will you?

[ Tires screeching ] Hey! Do you mind?! I got a delicate constitution! Hey. I just got out of the hospital. What’s going on?

[ Gunshot ] <

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