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valentin: Tiffany? Hello? Tiffany? Hello, stranger. Hello, darling. Robert: Come in. You can speak freely. I checked the place for bugs. Do that often? On the regular. Oh, by the way, where does the wonderful deputy mayor think you are? Eileen? [ Chuckles ] She thinks I’m meeting with campaign donors, and I sent her to a rezoning meeting, so she’ll be answering questions from my constituents for hours. Nice.

[ Laughs ] Felicia: Genius. In the meantime, don’t hate me — I told valentin that lucy is alive. He’s gonna try to find her so anna can come home. That was a dangerous move to make, babe. But however, valentin looking for lucy, that leaves us free to go after victor, make him pay for what he did to luke, holly, and any other poor bugger that crossed his path. Spencer: Uncle victor. I didn’t expect to see you today. A pleasant surprise, I hope. I’ll leave you to your visit. No, please, do stay. I have some news about my great nephew’s future. I called in some favors, spencer, and you’re getting out… today. Can you believe this? No, I can’T.

[ Laughs ] This is crazy. Both of us getting off in time for happy hour. Yeah, it’s like we… maybe we broke one of the seals of the apocalypse, so I better, like, plant one on you, in case this is my last chance. To new adventures! Oh… you were saying? Ah, very, very funny. Mnh-mnh. No, no really. Cody. Dante? You’re here! Here, come here. Come here, come here. I need you to meet some of my new friends. They… they’ll be back. Everything okay? Not one damn thing. But you know what? I have made a decision. I’m leaving town. Yeah, I know. I know what you’re going to say. But this time, I’m serious, because there’s nothing keeping me in port charles. Not anymore. Hi, thanks for calling me back. I am looking into renting out the haunted star for new year’s eve. That’s right, I want to buy it out for the whole night. No, not to worry. Money is not a problem. Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. Party like there’s no tomorrow. What are you doing here? Jeff: I took a chance. I thought I’d try you at work, since you won’t let me into your house. I came to tell you I’m leaving in the morning. So why not just go without saying anything? I promise to get out of your hair if you just hear me out one last time. It’s important. Dr. Finn, unfortunately, this isn’t a good time. Hey. I’ll make it quick. It’s about esme prince.

(sneeze) it’s so freezing, isn’t it? I mean, that is the downside of 18th-century construction. They didn’t think of central heating. Okay. What? I don’t know, you’re here, but…very distant. Oh, well, I’m happy to see you. But…? Felicia told me that tiffany was helping you. My coming here, this was a mistake. It’s just too risky. You travel to europe all the time for business. You have a perfect cover. I wanted to see you, but this is dangerous. I thought it was important, especially after holly’s accident. For god’s sake, what is going on in port charles? Here’s what we know. Victor coerced holly into stealing the necklace for him. So I think we can assume that this portion of the ice princess is somehow crucial to his plan, but to what end? I did spend some time online, and it’s kind of amazing, but diamonds are used for so many things. Lasers, monitoring cancer, artificial visual technology, specialized audio, I mean… it could be anything. I can think of one way to narrow it down. Do you always carry a jeweler’s loupe, or is this a special occasion? Well, maybe there’s some detail about the pieces of the diamond that none of us have discovered yet. I’m really going home today? They’re processing your release as we speak. But how? I revisited a few old connections told them how esme had been threatening your loved ones, persuaded them that it would be best for you to spend time with your family during these troubling times. I just can’t believe that you went through all this trouble for me. Indeed, your efforts on young spencer’s behalf are uncharacteristically generous. Whoso boasts himself of a false gift is like clouds and wind without rain. Well, then call me rainmaker, mr. Renault. I’m afraid, spencer, it is not an unconditional release. Meaning? Meaning there are certain restrictions. I can live with anything if the alternative is another night behind bars. Listen, I know we had our differences the last time I visited, so please consider this my attempt to make amends. I hope it proves once and for all that I really do have your best interests at heart, no matter what others may want you to believe. What say we get out of this wretched place, hmm? Why would you be leaving town? What about your inheritance? What about britt?

[ Laughs ] Okay. What did you do? Why are you going to assume it was my fault? What, are you saying it wasn’t you? I guess there really is a first time for everything. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. You want the truth? You want the truth? Britt was being ridiculous and unreasonable. About what? Well, okay, alright. Brit said that she was miserable about something she inherited, something her father gave her, I think is what she said. And then I was like, “okay, you don’t want it, just give it to me, you know? You don’t want it, I do. Win-win.” And I thought she was talking about the necklace, but, man, that was my mistake.

[ Laughing ] Okay, well, what was she talking about? I don’t know. Something’s going on with brit. Whatever she’s dealing with, it is heavy, but whatever. Necklace is gone. Britt’s gone. This beer is gone. Okay, let me get you something, alright? That’s what I’m talking about. Bartender, next round is on this guy! No, a coffee is. Okay, goes — go ahead, sam. I’m sure you have something to say. Just one thing. You getting out of port charles for good, that sounds like a hell of an idea to me. I wouldn’t have come here if it wasn’t important. Please, just hear me out. Nothing’s changed. I can’t imagine what’s left to say. Elizabeth? Is everything okay here? Hello, terry. It’s nice to see you again. Seems like you’re always running interference for my daughter. Yes, well, I would apologize — I’m just glad to see someone’s looking out after my daughter. Please, just a few minutes, then I’ll be out of your life for good, if that’s what you want. What about esme? Has she been spotted? No, no, that’s — that’s part of the problem. Well, I think everyone would be happy to never set eyes on esme again. Not if she’s the one who’s been terrorizing port charles. Her victims deserve to see her locked up. Including elizabeth. No, yeah, of course. You’re right. I didn’t mean to sound callous. It just seems the attacks have stopped as of late, and maybe esme’s altercation with elizabeth scared her out of town, packing up her hook for good? Mm-hmm, see, I think she’s still in town, and I have this strange feeling she’s closer than we think. I mean, if esme were in port charles, surely the pcpd would have found her by now. Oh, she’s — she’s pretty good at flying under the radar, right? You have a point. I’m sorry. I still don’t see how I fit in. Mm. What if esme’s on on spoon island?

Uncle cyrus, thank you forlooking out for me. You’re my family. I’ll always look out for you. Might be a little hard from in here.

[ Laughs ] God is always watching. And if you feel so compelled, come visit. Or if you’d rather never see the inside of these walls again, by all means, write to me. And spencer… please do let me know if you decide to give half your gift to the one who has your heart. Yes, yes, yes. Very nice. But the guard has been more than patient. It’s time to go. I’ll meet you on the other side soon. Thank you again, uncle cyrus. And thank you, victor. Without the two of you, who knows what might have happened? Lovely to see you again, victor. Mr. Renault, did I or did I not warn you to stay away from my nephew?

Our nephew. You don’t like me very much, do you, sam? Wow, what gave that away? Look, I am not britt’s biggest fan, but you did trick her into a relationship to find that necklace. That necklace was my birthright, okay? At least until it went up in flames. Oh, I don’t know about that. Given the records I’ve found on you, I don’t think it was a late-in-life decision to start doing shady things. What’s that supposed to mean? Forget it. No, no, no, no. You have something to say — no, I said forget it. Dante: One coffee for you.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, I’ve — just give me a second? It’s about a case. Yeah, okay. Okay. Okay, thanks. Terry was kind enough to let us use her office. Let’s return the favor and keep this brief. I appreciate this chance. I want you to know I fully intended to respect your boundaries, but since I’m leaving — you decided you didn’t have to keep your word? No, I came here today because… because I saw myself for the first time, and I didn’t like what I saw. What brought on this revelation? I went to see heather webber this morning. You did what? I heard she had a run-in with my grandson. I needed to make sure she wasn’t a danger to anyone in our family. But talking to heather… …it made me face some things about myself. Things I’m not proud of. I’m listening. Instead of acknowledging my shortfalls and trying to rectify them and make amends, I run away. I lie to and deceive the people who care about me, deny any wrongdoing, make them think it’s all in their head. So when you said you brainwashed me for my own good, what you really meant was it was for your own good? Your mother and I truly did what we thought was best to protect you. But there’s no denying that — that by sending you away, I was running again. I want you to know that now I see I was wrong. And I’m sorry. Why in the world would esme be here? She knows she has no friends here. Yeah, see, she attacked elizabeth on the pier when elizabeth was on her way to see you, so that got me thinking, you know, maybe esme is hiding out somewhere, somewhere secluded. She used to live here, right? So, I mean, she knows the ins and outs of this place. I have a full staff here, including security, alright? They would at least know if esme was in my house. Right, right. But there’s plenty of places outside that she could hide. I mean, did you really search the entire property? I’ve already told you — if esme was here, I would know about it. Uh-huh, uh-huh. Well, maybe we need to have a little look again. I’m sorry, dr. Finn, when were you deputized? Because the pcpd hasn’t even been here to search this place since esme was named as a person of interest in the hook attacks. All I’m asking is, is it possible that esme could be here without your knowing it? I’m concerned about elizabeth’s safety, and I just want to get to the bottom of this. Oh, I see what’s going on. Is there still tension between you and elizabeth? Is that why you’re you’re feeling such a keen desire to play the hero? It’s nothing to do with being the hero. This was a mistake. I thought I’d give you the courtesy of coming here to see you in good faith, but, man… you don’t deserve it. The cops can search this place better than I could anyway. Whoa, okay, hey. I am sorry, alright? I — I care about elizabeth, too, and I want to see the attacker caught. I can talk to my staff. Wait here.

I honestly don’t know how to feel right now. Part of me has waited a lifetime to hear you admit that what you and mom did to me was wrong. It was such a betrayal. I understand that now. All the times you claimed to be protecting me, you were really just protecting yourself from being held accountable. I didn’t see it that way at the time, but now I realize I was trying to have it both ways. I convinced myself that I was saving your life, but I also was saving myself from taking responsibility for my affair and your emotional trauma from having seen me with another woman. Everything that followed — I missed years of your life. Not just the dark, painful times when you needed your family the most, but also the good times when you could have felt how much your mother and I truly love you. Instead, I convinced carolyn that the best way to protect you and preserve our family was by sending you away. I didn’t give you an explanation. I allowed that distance to grow. I failed in my responsibilities as your father on many levels. And it was wrong. I wish I could take it back.

[ Quietly ] But you can’T. Because nothing you say or do will ever take away the damage you did to me. Hey, co-chief. Well, someone’s downright friendly today.

[ Laughs ] I am planning my birthday party. What are you and yuri doing new year’s eve? Wait, your birthday’s coming up? I had no idea. Does this mean I wasn’t invited last year? I never make a big deal about my birthday. Never even had a party. But, um, this year I decided to do it up, so there’s gonna be a photobooth and dancing and an open bar. And hell, I’m even thinking of setting up a red carpet. It’s gonna be the party of the century. Alright, I’m there. Thank you for inviting me. I couldn’t imagine celebrating without you. Look, um…I know we were at each other’s throats’ when we started out as co-chief, but now the idea of this without you, it’s not as appealing as it once was. Well, against all odds, we make a great team. Seems like monica was right all along. I’m glad we stuck it out for the long haul. Britt, where is all this coming from? Do you believe in karma? Do you? For a second there, it looked like everything was going great for me. You know, I thought to myself, this is it. This is finally my time to have everything that I want. An inheritance, britt. I was really happy with it, too. Then it all went to hell overnight. And you think that’s because of karma? Probably. Alright, well, tell me this, then — what could you have possibly done to deserve all that? Make no mistake, we may share family, but you and I, we are not family. Family or no, I serve a higher power. Than you’ll be familiar with the tale of the fruit of the poisonous tree. Well, the legal concept kept me out of prison for decades. As for the parable, what does that have to do with anything? I will not allow your venomous lies to corrupt my nephew. Now — now, what lies are you referring to? ‘Cause as far as I know, I’ve uttered no falsehoods against you. Yeah, well, you see, that’s exactly my point, isn’t it? You don’t know anything, so it’s best not to speak on such matters unless you do. One of us is clearly false, and we both know it’s not me. “The getting of treasures by a lying tongue is a vanity tossed to and fro of them that seek death.”

[ Sighs ] Seriously? Is that really your way of threatening me? Oh, it’s not for me to assign punishment. That’s in god’s hands. Well, fortunately, since I’ve arranged spencer’s release, your influence over my nephew comes to an end, and I do sincerely hope he never lays eyes on you again. But if he does… even your god won’t be able to save you. There’s a series of numbers and letters inscribed in this diamond. That’s probably just a serial number. All diamonds have ’em these days. Yeah, but I’ve never seen a serial number look like this. Robert, may I use your computer? Yeah, by all means. Thank you. This is the diamond registry. If this is a serial number, it’s not coming up. Well, if it’s not a serial number, is it possible that it’s some kind of a code? Or something a whole lot more dangerous? Anna: Thank god lucy’s alive. According to felicia’s reputable source. Why didn’t victor kill her? I mean, I’m glad he didn’t, obviously, but… what does he have to gain by keeping her alive? Leverage, just as he was using charlotte as leverage over me. You’ve got to explain all this to me. Your father is a man of significant means. All of this for the ice princess? It’s not even the whole diamond. It’s a fragment of a cursed gemstone. It doesn’t make any sense. I don’t know victor’s endgame. I wish I did. No. At least we have lucy. Yeah, and if she’s alive out there, I’m gonna find her. How are you going to do that? Charlotte’s safe with laura. I’m going to search some of victor’s old haunts. Maybe I won’t be lucky enough to find lucy there, but hopefully I’ll find some trace of where he’s taken her. Yeah. It’s a good a plan as any. I’m gonna find lucy, I’m gonna clear your name. I’ll bring you back home safe. Aww. Valentin… you’re not gonna do that.

Don’t just go out therelike a hero all by yourself. You know, do I strike you as a damsel in distress trapped in a tower? Okay, basically, I am trapped in an 18th-century manor, but I don’t need a knight to save me, even one as gorgeous as you. Do you think I don’t know that? Do you think I don’t know how capable you are? So let’s ditch the white horse, then. You’re too much of a target. I won’t let you be caught. The only other people that know I’m here are tiffany and annie, and I haven’t been laying low. I’ve been doing my research. I’ve been looking for leads. And you’ve given me the most actionable piece of information, so I at least know where to start now. You can’t do it by yourself. Neither can you. We could do it together, as a team. All the wrong things are too important to me. I’m selfish, greedy… there was nothing wrong with you wanting that necklace. Nothing except I tore the ticket with my family. Probably the only good thing about me being leopold taub’s son was that I had some money coming to me. And now… I don’t have a family, and I don’t have an inheritance. Well, you got me and my little brother. Oh, you’re gonna play the leo card? Yeah, I’m playing the leo card, because he’s pretty literal, man. You are. You probably can’t leave town until he wins some kind of riding trophy or medal or something like that. You and leo might be the only people that would miss me, and it might not be great for you if I stayed. Why not? You might not have given me a second thought if I hadn’t crash-landed into britt, but our friendship meant a lot to me when we were kids. Yeah, man, same here. And we both know the world of hurt coming for us if anyone finds out what happened back then. I spoke with the staff. No one has seen anything suspicious, but I’ve instructed everyone to tell me if anything happens, no matter how small. We’re going to keep detailed logs about all the coming and goings on the launch, and I’ve ensured that guards are posted every access point on and off the island. Okay. Thanks for checking. Yeah, if I hear anything, I’ll let you know. But trust me, I absolutely have elizabeth’s best interests at heart. Given your history, nik, I’d like to believe that… but I don’T. I’m glad you had your moment of realization. I hope it helps you heal, but it won’t help me at all, because while you were shielding yourself from taking responsibility for your actions, you were keeping me from doing the same thing. I know. I told myself I was saving your life, but in doing so, I shifted the burden from myself to you. I left you with all those feelings of abandonment you’ve had to live with all your life. But I’m taking ownership now. I’m willing to take on my share of the burden. It’s too late! You forced me to start life without you. I’ve been through traumas, violations, weddings, funerals, births. You weren’t there for any of it. I am a parent now, and I know how hard it is to see your child in pain. But you took away my opportunity to heal from one horrible moment in my life. You left me with no family. You left me untethered to this world. And you left room for a tragic mistake of mine to come back 25 years later. I-I want to lash out at the world. I want to punish people just like that angry teenager that came to port charles all those years ago. But instead, I have to deal with these memories, and I have to face my actions. This has now become my burden that you can’t take away. I have to live with the choices I’ve made, and you’re going to have to live with yours, too.

[ Sighs ]

I guess there’s really nothing left to say. Except that your mother and I… thought we were doing what was best for you and our family. And obviously we were wrong, and I’m sorry. Your mother and I love you and sarah and your boys very much, but we understand the mistakes we made caused you great pain. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me and let me in… just a little. Nothing would make me happier, but I’ll give you the space you need. If you ever feel like reaching out, I promise we’ll be there. We’ll head home now. I don’t know if it’ll be another 25 years until I see you again. But I hope it isn’T.

[ Door closes ] Nothing’s wrong. I’m just distracted. I’ve never thrown a bash like this before, so I can’t stop going over party details in my head. Well, you could try to think about work at some point, right?

[ Both laugh ] Sorry, can you give me a sec? Sure. Finn? Huh? Finn! Huh? By any chance, have you spoken to elizabeth? We still have a lot to work out. I’m sorry things are so tense. Me too. I keep hoping that we can work through this. Goodbye, terry. Is that why you were asking about elizabeth? She just went to speak with him in my office. Will you excuse me? I’ve already planted the seed with elizabeth. Elizabeth loyal to me. We’ll see. My bet is that elizabeth is too dedicated of a nurse to let you get away with attempted murder. And when things start to unravel and the police get involved, you are going down and taking ava right along with you, and maybe even nurse nightingale, too. Victor: The very worst, you say? Well, a minor inconvenience, hmm? The past is the past. Why do you want to bring that up? Sam found my juvie arrest record. Yeah, I know. She told me at thanksgiving. Summer, 1996? Yes. Those records are sealed. I didn’t give her any specifics. I’m trying to downplay the whole thing. Yeah, I could tell. Yeah, what’s that supposed to mean? Come on, man. It’s been the elephant in the room since I came to town. It was a long time ago. We both know the world of trouble that can come if sam unseals that record. Not just for me, for both of us. The ice princess that mikkos had 40 years ago was the largest uncut diamond in the world. But I do — I do remember something about there being a formula in the base? Mm. I wouldn’t count out the fact that there could be other codes engraved into parts of that diamond as well. What kind of codes?

[ Knock on door ] Come in! Here’s that file you requested, da scorpio. Thank you, conan. Oh, and, mrs. Scorpio, thank you so much for thanksgiving dinner for the guys who were working on the holiday. Oh, it was my pleasure. Well, I guess I’d better get going. Um, laura, always a pleasure. Nice to see you. Robert, we’ll catch up later. Yeah. I need to catch up with my husband. You haven’t seen him, by any chance? He’s at an all-hands-on-deck meeting. Oh, anything exciting? You didn’t hear it from me, but… but agent whitten has a lead on anna devane’s whereabouts. Is that so? I will never forget the horror that the ice princess brought port charles the first time. You know, it’s possible that victor’s not after the diamonds themself, but rather… for a message hidden inside them. I hope you know I just want to protect you. I know. Thank you. How about we make a deal that from here on out, we protect each other? Yeah?

[ Cellphone rings ] Hang on a second.Oh, it’s felicia. Oh. Hello? Understood. Thank you. What is it? She got wind from pcpd. Agent whitten has a lead on where you are. He’s on his way to europe. What kind of lead? She didn’t say. This must have been my doing. Interpol will figure out you’re in ireland. With tiffany. We’ve got to go, now.

You’re — you’re home. Thanks to uncle victor. Ah, thanks for helping my son. It was the very least I could do. Well, given that he was only in pentonville because he wouldn’t tell the authorities that you were the one who arranged his escape from spring ridge? Because he’s family, and family is very precious. In the meantime, spencer is only out on a conditional release. What might those conditions be? I’m to remain under supervision for the remainder of my sentence. Which means that one false move and… I will go right back to pentonville. Nikolas, isn’t it wonderful? We’ll all be together for the holidays, under the same roof.

[ Sighs ] Hey. You okay? No. Everything okay with dr. Finn? He seemed even doomier and gloomier than usual. It’s not really my place to say. Oh, it’s about elizabeth? Okay, I’ll let it go. As long as whatever’s going on doesn’t affect the hospital. I promise if it did, I would loop you in. After all, we’re co-chiefs. For the record, I think you’d have made a great chief, if they’d ever let you fly solo. Well, obviously.

[ Chuckles ] But I don’t think I would have had half as much fun. Well, only because you haven’t done it any other way. What’s with you today? Are you quitting on me? Nothing lasts forever. Your rideshare’s here. Oh, you’re leaving? You didn’t have to give me a car. Sure I did. We look out for each other. It’s what we do. Thanks, dante. You’re a good friend. Is he gonna be okay? Yeah, he’s just going through a rough time right now. I’m trying not to make it worse. Wait, worse how? Well, I mean, bringing up things like his juvie arrest record, I don’t think that helps. You know, dredging up that kind of stuff isn’t going to help get him on the right path. So, you know… maybe we can just let all that go? What if victor never wanted the diamonds for their own sake? If what he wants is a code hidden inside one of those diamonds… then we need to crack that code first. And the sooner we crack that code, the sooner we uncover what victor’s real intentions are. And we’re one step closer to stopping victor before his plan unfolds.

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