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 there we shouldn’T. I’ll tweet about it later.

Okay. We lookshe’s remembering, jeff. It’s time she knows the truth. The truth? You see, what happened was — no, I’ll do it. I was the one that was there. I should be the one to tell her. Wait, so you didn’t push reiko? No, I didn’T. It was you, elizabeth. You caused reiko to fall down the stairs. No. I-I-I don’t believe that. I know it’s a lot to process. No, I don’t believe you. I don’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth. Either one of you. Honey — no. Coming here was the biggest mistake. Okay, you know, since you asked, I think there’s something you should know. While drew and i were in jacksonville, we — we realized something import– why don’t you let me say it? Lightly buttered with cajun seasoning. Ooh, bring it to me. Are you ever going to tell me about your weekend with rory? You were clearly ignoring my texts. First of all, there’s no way I’d be able to hear my text alerts in the convention center, and I was busy. What about in the hotel room? Were you busy there? Joss! What? You’re making me pry it out of you. Well, if you tell me about your weekend… I’ll tell you about my weekend. Did you and cam do anything special? Anything connected to peter august is toxic by association. You’re opening pandora’s box. Just a garden-variety safety deposit box. And what’d you find? A necklace. What kind? Is it valuable? Worth millions, maybe. Are you sure it’s genuine? Looked pretty genuine to me.

Sohn einer hundin. Thank you. Nice to see you, as well. Sorry I’m late. So, now, who invited you? I did, and you will play nice if it kills you.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah, get me jordan ashford right away, please.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, I-I’m here. Tell the commissioner that I just got a letter from the hook killer.

Cam and i did do something special. Did you and cam…? We slept together. Mm, aah! I’m so happy for you guys. Yay! Yeah, well, you know, being close to cam is always nice, and he’s one of my favorite people. But? But… I thought that sleeping together would reconnect us and act as some kind of magic fix for what I haven’t been feeling. In, uh — in jacksonville, carly and I realized that we make a damn good team. Yeah, we went toe-to-toe with the press and with political and prominent people there. Did she tell you about all this? She mentioned it, yeah. Yes. You know that, ultimately, we didn’t accomplish our mission, but I think we came back with a renewed sense of purpose wouldn’t you say that, carly? I think you said it perfectly. Hey, gracious greetings, all. Isn’t this a merry event, right? Yeah, a little puppet show and everything. Actually, scout’s enjoying that right now. Yeah, she’s actually sitting with georgie. They’re both rapt by the production. Oh, well, I’m glad

they’re together. Yeah. Hey, can I run something by you, real quick? Sure. Yeah. Excuse us, guys. Is something on your mind, samantha? Yeah, I’m just waiting for someone to tell me something I already know. Yeah? You were just about to tell sam about us, right? Yes. Yeah, I mean, I really want to be honest with sam and just address this head on. No, no. That is something that you cannot do. Might I have a word,

tochter? Fine. Be right back. Keep your fists to yourself.

[ Sighs ] Look, mr. Baldwin, I just want to say — aw, save it. You know, you might have britt and mac fooled, but I know trouble when I look it in the eye. Will you just give cody a chance? Remember when you wanted me to like him?

[ Chuckles ] That was before he punched mein scotty in the face. Okay, cody regrets doing what he did. He was acting out of emotion. Why are you excusing this man? I’m not. But I can relate to being overly sensitive about one’s parents. And cody’s going through a lot right now. There’s more to him than what you see. Really, mother. If we were judged by our mistakes, where would that leave you and me? Alexis: Thanks for getting here so soon. Yeah. Jordan: No problem. Where’s the letter? It’s on the desk. Listen, I’m sorry I touched it. I didn’t know what it was. Not a problem. I’m assuming the letter was in a stack on your desk. Was it hand-delivered or mailed? Mailed. There’s a postmark. “Dear editor davis, you got my attention. Wanna be next? Or are you just curious? Who am I? I’ll tell you who I’m not. I’m not hungry for fame, and I’m no deranged lunatic striking at random. Only those who wronged me and mine will meet with my venom.” “Leave me be, and you’ll have no cause for alarm. I’m off to see the wizard,” which is a reference to oz haggerty, who was stabbed the day after this was posted. It’s her. Elizabeth, please. No, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t — don’t — don’t touch me. I always knew you were neglectful and disloyal, and you will do anything to cover for yourself, even throw me under the bus.

[ Sighs ] We didn’t expect to come home and find you here after all these years. And, of course, we’re happy to see you. But these accusations hurt. You know what hurts? Having a mother who gaslights her child to protect a man. Maybe it was best that you weren’t around while I was raising my children. You see, this is why I didn’t want to see you. Because you guys have a knack for making me feel like I am always to blame. You saw reiko and me together. We didn’t realize you were there. After I left, you confronted reiko. No. You followed her to the stairs. Stop talking. Reiko: Elizabeth, what are you doing? Elizabeth: Stay away from my father! Stay out of it. It’s all coming back now, isn’t it?

Cam is still the sweet, loving, generous guy that he always has been. But there’s still something off between us, and I’m not sure that he’s aware of it. Maybe you should try talking to him about it. Yeah, but if I talk to him about it, he’s just going to feel bad, and then it’s going to make the distance between us even worse. Yeah, but if you don’t talk to him, how will you figure this out? That’s what I have you for. I’m hardly one to be giving you advice about being confused. Why do you say that? What are you confused about? We’re still talking about you and cam. Okay. You know, maybe it’s because I barely got the chance to really enjoy being with cam before it all fell apart. You were violated in an intensely personal way, and that trauma probably got derailed by all my legal drama. I think you probably just need time to keep healing. Maybe you’re right. That bitch esme stole so much from us. You can’t let esme destroy what you and cam have. Was haggerty’s death my fault? Do you think that letter prodded the person into killing again? Although provocation never helps, this individual seemed to have a predetermined plan. This letter was postmarked two weeks ago. When did you get it? Just today. She must’ve used an old typewriter. All the letters are misaligned, especially the o’S. Great. Hopefully, forensics can narrow down the make and model of the typewriter. Have them dust for prints and run through the database. Alright, will do. Also, I’ll need the names of everyone who might’ve touched the letter. Are we sure that this isn’t someone just trying to seek attention? There are details in the letter that haven’t been made public. I followed reiko to the stairs. I grabbed her. Reiko: Elizabeth, what are you doing? Elizabeth: Stay away from my father. Stay out of it. Your father wouldn’t want you involved. Don’t talk about my father. See what happens if you do. How dare you do this to my mother? You’re young, elizabeth. I don’t expect you to understand. And you’re a home-wrecking whore. No, I don’t want to remember. It’s time, elizabeth. Now that you’re here, we’ll do this together. That was a passionate defense by someone who was turning up her nose a few months ago. Just what is the nature of your relationship with cody bell these days? Getting to know one another. How well? Have you shared your diagnosis with him like you did with jason? We don’t know each other that well. I’m entitled to my privacy, just as he is to his. Look, I get why you think I’m trouble. Sucker punching you was indefensible. Yeah, you know, the sucker punch is not a good calling card. I know. And I’m grateful you didn’t press charges. I owe you big time. You almost sound sincere. 100%. ‘Course, that could just be, you know, the art of the master con.

[ Chuckles ] Alright, scott, what do you think I’m after if it’s not your forgiveness? Well, I don’t know. Flimflam men, you know, they got the long term, you know, they’re working on. Scott, all I want is a do-over. Because? Because… you’re important to britt’s mother, britt’s important to me, and I’ve learned how much you loved my biological mother. And she loved you. That was a long time ago. I’m sorry you lost her. I’m sorry we both did. Is dante joining you for the halloween festivities? Oh, he was planning on it, but he got called away on a case. Aww. No rest for the weary. How about you? Have you decided to press delete on society setups before the feds catch you and you wind up in jail? Carly: I don’t understand. You don’t want me to tell sam about us? W-we can tell sam eventually. Okay, well, sam and i are really good friends, and I want her to hear it from me, not through the grapevine. The grapevine is actually what I’m worried about. Do you want to tell sam? I understand, given your history. I really do. No, I don’t think either of us should tell sam. In fact, we can’t tell anyone.

You don’t want people to know that we’re seeing each other? Did something happen to change your mind about us? Oh, absolutely not. No, no. Look, ned and i had a conversation, a-and it wasn’t good. It started bad. It got worse as it went on. Ned said some stuff. I said some stuff. The bottom line is he made a threat. You and I could be guilty of insider trading. Oh, come on. That’s ridiculous. It’s not ridiculous. It’s not. I had a legal consultant go over this. You were aware of the possible merger between aurora and elq, right? Well, then your subsequent purchase of aurora stocks makes you an inside trader. You could be looking at serious fines, carly, or, I don’t know, worse. I was just trying to help you and michael not lose elq. It’s not like I made a killing. I get it, but you made moves in the market based on information that had not been made public yet. That is, by definition, insider trading. I’m so sorry, carly. I shouldn’t have told you anything about it. No, are you kidding me? You didn’t want me investing. I insisted. I had to… god.

[ Sighs ] First I lose the metro court, and now I could be dealing with sec violations? Would ned really do this? I don’t know. Michael thinks he’s bluffing, but I’m just not willing to make that chance. It is dicey, okay, for both of us. What the hell do we do? That’s why I didn’t want you telling sam about us, okay, because talking publicly about our personal relationship could just add weight to these allegations, so we just have to…

[ Sighs ] Look… we just got to create a little distance between us, okay, a-a-and the speculation and just let this blow over. I’m still weighing my options as far as my business is concerned. Okay, well, keep that in mind when you see georgie behind plexiglass in pentonville. Wow. Point vividly made. Good. I hope it terrifies you. Come on, spinelli, you’re my friend, and I don’t want to see you lose everything because of society setups. And have you ever thought about what maxie would think if she were to learn the truth? I dread the possibility of maximista learning of my crimes of moral turpitude. But silver lining — most of the matches have been successful. No. I’m not so sure. How often do I ask you for a favor? Not often enough. The interior of your car is in constant disarray, as are your cuticles. Mother. You like him. God help me, I do.

[ Sighs ] Dominique, she was a really…good woman. Yeah, I-I’d really like to learn more about her. Well, that — that could be arranged. And my sister? You know, I-I hear she, uh, makes the world a better place. Yeah, serena, she’s a — she’s a crusader. She got that from her mo– actually, both mothers. And, right now, she is worried sick about lucy. Right, yeah, I heard about that, lucy coe. Is there anything I can do to help? The waters are still being scoured. She’s a tough cookie. She’ll be fine. Fine. Well, I am dive-certified also. So if you guys just say the word, I’ll join the search. Ava told me not to let esme change how I live my life. That’s why I went on the trip with rory. But, honestly…

[ Sighs ] I still can’t sleep at night. Trusting my judgment, it — it just — I mean, that girl put us through a lot. Tell me about it. And then she takes off without having to pay for any of it. But you know what? If we’re being honest, I don’t think I can even blame esme for everything that’s gone on between me and cam. I mean, we kept things from each other, and that did its damage. You mean like when cam didn’t tell you about spencer’s plan? And when I didn’t tell cam I rescued dex.

[ Sighs ] Well, what is done is done. It’s time to move on. I want to move on. I don’t know how. Maybe you need to stop trying to get back to where you and cam were and just be where you are now. That’s excellent advice. And… stop putting so much pressure on yourself. I don’t see cam ever giving up on you, joss. So, um, tell me about you and rory. You — you still haven’t told me about this weekend. Oh, okay, so I’ve heard of this convention, like, forever, but this is, like, my first time going, and it was surprisingly fun. And this is for donna and avery. Aww, trina, that’s so sweet that you thought of them. Yeah. But you know that I wasn’t actually asking about the convention. Well, rory and I did get closer this weekend. Physically. Oh, okay. Details. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. It’s valuable information. However, I can’t discuss details of an ongoing investigation, especially to a journalist. Even if said journalist is the one who brought you the information? Procedure is procedure. Okay, I get that. Just tell me if you believe her claim that the — the killings aren’t random. Jordan, I was threatened. Don’t you think I have a right to know that? It tracks with what we suspected. It is entirely possible that she’s got a hit list of people that she feels wronged her. Well, what if that’s what she wants you to think? We’re looking at every possibility. We’re cross-checking victims on the hit list to see if there’s any connections to each other and potentially the killer. Jordan, what if I publish this letter in the next edition of the invader? Uh, no, alexis. You will do no such thing. Reiko got mad. She was so mad.

[ Breathes deeply ] You need to calm down. You think you’re so special. You’re not the first, and I doubt you’ll be the last. Someday you’ll learn how complicated love can be. Is that your idea of wisdom? Let’s put it to the test. I’m going to tell my mom, and then I’m going to find your husband and tell him. Stop. What’s his name again? Stop it. You can’t say anything. Let go of me. You can’t stop me. No!

[ Gasps ] I did it. It was me.

This is an ongoing investigation. Publishing the contents of the letter might undermine the lead. I understand, but what if — if publishing the letter causes this lunatic to slip up? You mean cause her to make good on her threat and go after you instead of her next intended victim? Let me remin d you, we don’t knowwho the killer is yet. We don’t know her motives or who might be her next victim. I understand the risk, but what if a reader rec– what if a reader gets killed confronting her, tipping her off somehow? Well, you’ve already expressed concern over causing oz haggerty’s death. That’s hitting below the belt. Well, because I need you to understand. Let’s make a deal. If you sit on this, I’ll grant you an exclusive down the line with information that hasn’t been made available to the public. I have your word on that? Yes, you do. Now we need to get the letter and envelope to the lab. And, alexis… not a word to anyone.

[ Door closes ] I need you to get over here right now. Trina: Instead of two beds, they only had one bed, and they sent up a cot. But we were both on the bed, and we started kissing and making out… and…? And then… we stopped. You stopped? Why did you stop?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. I really don’t know. I thought I was ready, and then one minute I was kissing rory… yeah? …And then the next minute, I was thinking about spencer. What? Okay, okay, stop. You started thinking about spencer right before you and rory — I know, I know. I really don’t know what came over me. Okay.

[ Sighs ] You know what? It was probably because spencer’s uncle victor asked me to go visit him earlier. Trina. You know, power of suggestion, right? Trina, please. That is not why. You started thinking about spencer because, obviously, you still have feelings for him. I couldn’t stay away from you even if I tried. Okay? This is just about me protecting you from possible legal issues that could include fines and jail time. I don’t know. I’m just saying, for now — for now, we can’t be in a public relationship. We got to lie low. I would lie with you anywhere. I just find it incredibly suspicious that cody was present during the opening of peter’s safe deposit box. I knew it. Y-you, too — y-you, too, think cody’s interest in britt is less amorous and more opportunistic, and that’s why he blackmailed me into matching them on society setups. Yeah, it makes sense. And he wasn’t happy when he found out that britt hired me to investigate the necklace. Okay, we need to find out more about the necklace and cody. Do you think dante could help? Uh… I don’t know. I’m afraid it would lead to uncomfortable questions about you. Oh. Heard, acknowledged, and appreciated. Um, god, I just — I so regret that my endeavors could cause you any peril in your relationship. Ooh, regret? How much — how much do you regret? Oh, no. Oh, yes. Come on, you started this. You’re going to help me find out the goods on cody bell. You know, I appreciate the offer, but I think the — the divers and the searchers, you know, they — they got it covered.

[ Sighs ] About the necklace… you said you thought it was genuine. How could you know? I, uh… well, I think I read somewhere that, uh, diamonds scratch glass. So will cubic zirconia, quartz, and moissanite. So much for me trying to impress you with my gem-spotting acumen. Perh aps I should look intothis necklace of peter’S. The sooner it’s sold, the better. I’ve hired sam mccall to investigate. So for now, the necklace is staying put. Appraising gems, wrangling horses, diving, catapulting out of planes. Is there anything you can’t do, cody bell? I can’t get her on a horse.

[ Chuckles ] You got me there.

[ Laughs ] It was my fault. I’m responsible for all of this. It was an accident. How do you know? How much did you see? I heard you and reiko arguing. By the time I made it over to the stairs, she was lying at the bottom, and you were standing over her. So you don’t know if it was an accident. I know you never would’ve pushed her deliberately. None of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t betrayed my marriage and my family. What did happen after reiko fell? She suffered a concussion and had internal bleeding. And when did you find out? Almost as soon as it happened. You were in quite a state. Your father was so worried about you that he came to me and confessed to everything. You were still a minor. We didn’t want to get tangled up in their legal system, so we put in for a transfer and got relocated. So what did — did reiko just go back to finn? After the fall, reiko needed a blood transfusion. That’s how she contracted the disease that killed her.

Reiko died because of me. That’s an oversimplification. Like your father said, it was an accident. An accident that I caused that led to her death. Why else would i block it out? At first, you didn’T. After the accident, you had horrible nightmares and were sleepwalking. One night, sarah found you perched at the top of the stairs at home. It terrified us. We worried that you would do harm to yourself. I prescribed you sedatives to help you sleep. And I started coaching sessions with you. Coaching? To discourage the memory. You brainwashed me to forget? We didn’t brainwash you. We were at our wit’s end trying to help you. Nothing was working. Is that why you sent me away? We sent you away not because we didn’t love you. Because we were afraid the whole thing would come screaming back. Don’t you see? We did this all for you. I have a lot of feelings about spencer, but rory is mature and responsible and available, and spencer is none of those things. Mm-hmm. Trina, cam and I visited spencer. All he could talk about was you. He wanted to know how you were doing, if you were happy. And spencer knows that you know that he believed in you. He’s hurt that you haven’t reached out. Now I know why he called me. He called you? What did he say? I don’t know. My phone was on “do not disturb.” I didn’t see it until the next day. A call from new york state correctional facility. Despite everything, I believe that spencer has a good heart. But, still, I don’t know if he deserves you. I know. Hearts can change. I’ve seen them lead people astray and break up entire families. Maybe it’s best to be more clear-eyed and listen to our heads instead. Yeah. I hear you and… you’re right. I should put my efforts into the good guy that is right in front of me. Like you have, right? Right. Well, the puppet show’s almost over. I’m going to go say good night to scout before you take her home, okay? Yeah, sure thing. Thanks for taking her to see my mom earlier. And I’m going to go have a zoom meeting with mia, so I got to go. Oh. I’ll walk you out. Okay, great. Thanks. See you guys. Well, the team is breaking up. What team? Never mind. Okay, so what are we going to do about cody? Well, I feel like the help I can give is limited. It’s not like I can casually pump him for information. All you need is one thing, something you already have, a very special, very intrusive algorithm. You’ve been a nomad, mr. Bell. Are you planning to stick around? Um, please call me cody. And, uh, yes.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, I like it here. I like my job, I like port charles, the people. Don’t have any plans on leaving anytime soon. Well, until that dna test comes back. Yeah, mac told me. What’s this about a dna test? He could be mac’s son. Uh-huh. I used to really like the freedom of being able to pull up stakes. But now I have a compelling reason to stay in port charles. Yeah, well, you can’t ride two horses with one behind. I’m a stable hand, and I have no idea what that means.

[ Britt laughs ] It means you cannot go in conflicting directions. You must make up your mind. I went to oscar’s meadow. That’s right. It’s his birthday. Joss — no. No, no, no. Don’t do that. It was good. It was good to think of him and to know that I’ll always remember him. But it’s like everyone used to tell me. Life goes on.

[ Doorbell rings ] Commissioner. Hi. Um, do you need to speak with my mom? Hi, josslyn. Actually, I’m here to see you. And you, too, trina.

[ Knock on door ] Come in.

[ Door opens ] Ah. What took you so long? What’s going on?

[ Sighs ] That open letter that we put in — in — in the paper? She responded. What? Are you — are you sure it was her? Positive. Commissioner ashford was just here. She confiscated the letter. She sent you a letter through the usps? How quaint. What’d it say? Nothing quaint. She threatened me. Alexis, stop being glib. She told me to mind my own business and that she was going after people that had wronged her. What else did she say? See for yourself. I thought you said they confiscated the letter. Not before I made a copy.

Sending you to live away from us was the only way we could protect you. And dad’s reputation. It’s not about that. You’re a mother, lizzie. You know there’s nothing a parent won’t do to shield their child from pain. We’ve made mistakes, and I know you thought we’d abandoned you, but that’s just not true. As much as it hurt to lose our connection to you, better than losing you forever. So instead, you drugged me, programmed me, and then kicked me out. To protect your precious reputations. Hope it was worth it.

[ Door closes ] Yes, I have a very special algorithm which could land me in a very special federal penitentiary, w-which is why you — didn’t you just discourage me from using my masterpiece in my business venture? Yeah, and I still stand by that, but since you currently have the power to access private information, why not use it to learn the truth about cody? I mean, he could potentially be part of maxie’s family, georgie’s by default. Shouldn’t we know what he’s up to?

[ Sighs ] I am at your service, fair samantha. Discrediting that charlatan is a worthy cause. No, it’s not about discrediting him. It’s about making sure he’s here for the right reasons. And for dante’s sake, we should find out. So then the rodeo clown, he jumps onto the gate where I’m sitting. I end up toppling over face-to-face — landed right in front of the bull. Holy cow.

[ Chuckles ] Anything but.

[ Coughing ] You okay? Probably just went down the wrong way, right? Seems to be happening a lot these days. I would be curious to know if there’s a relationship between bull riding and bullfighting. The two are not dissimilar, and bullfighting is the last remnant…

[ Coughs ] …Of roman gladiatorial combat. So by extension, a bull rider is a gladiator. First thought — I’m impressed. High praise. Just my first thought. What do you plan to do? I’m going to do what jordan told me to do. I’m going to sit on the story and wait till she gives me the exclusive. The priority of the police is catching the killer, not your story. So what if the commissioner of police doesn’t deliver on your quid pro quo? Then the deal is off. What’s your second thought? That if you’re not careful, this could blow back big time.

[ Breathes deeply ] I guess this is, um… this is good night. Not goodbye? I’m not going anywhere, ms. Spencer. Okay. Okay. Hey, what’s going on? The pcpd has evidence that indicates brando was not the intended target of the attack that killed him. Josslyn was. Josslyn? I’m sorry, you’re saying that the attacker was going after me? Brando was collateral damage? Okay, I don’t understand. Why would this psycho be going after josslyn? If the intended target was joss, then everyone that’s been attacked so far… has a connection to you, trina.

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