GH Short Recap Thursday, October 27, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Cameron and Josslyn go visit Spencer in Pentonville and they tell him that Trina found out everything he did to try and prove her innocence on the day they brought him to Pentonville. Cameron and Josslyn tell Spencer about Trina’s new internship and that she is trying to catch up on all her schoolwork. Spencer is glad Trina is happy and dating Rory because he always wanted her to be happy. Cameron asks Spencer to keep his head down and be safe because he has friends and family that love him and are waiting for him to come home. Spencer calls Trina but she doesn’t answer her phone and he doesn’t leave her a message.

Rory and Trina have to sleep in the same room because the hotel made a mistake and there are no more rooms available. Rory and Trina almost make love, but Trina stops because she is thinking about Spencer.

Sam wonders why Cody doesn’t want her to investigate how Peter came into possession of the diamond necklace. Mac tells Cody that if the DNA test results say that they are father and son they can have whatever kind of relationship with which he feels comfortable.

Brook Lynn and Chase make love for the first time after she hears Chase’s radio interview in which he calls her his muse.

Sonny and Nina have their date interrupted by Victor. Sonny tells Victor that if he finds out he had anything to do with framing Anna or Lucy’s disappearance he will come after him.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she should have told him about rescuing Dex from Sonny. Cameron tells Josslyn she can tell him anything and Josslynn promises to do better. Cameron and Josslyn make love for the first time since the video incident.

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