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What, are you having breakfast for lunch? I had a late night last night, so… slept in because I didn’t have to work today. Ah. That must be nice. I’ve been up since the crack of dawn chasing down leads. Yeah. Guessing by your face that nothing panned out? No, you should take my job. You’re on a roll. I’m just hitting nothing but dead ends. No way, man. You’re too stubborn to quit. You’re gonna get this guy. Trust me. Woman. Damn. Yeah. The third victim, diane miller, identified her assailant as a woman. Well, you’ll find her. No doubt, man. Thanks. So, what’s up? The late night. That with britt? A big date?

[ Chuckles ] No. No. Hardly.

[ Chuckles ] Oh! Britt. Hey, do you have a minute? I, uh — I need to talk to you. Sure. Wait. You have that look. If this is a private thing… follow me. What’s up? Okay. I need your honest opinion about cody bell. Oh, you mean the invisible man? I haven’t seen cody in days, and I’m happy never to see him again. Diane was really touched by the flowers you brought. You think? Yeah. Especially when you explained the “language of the flowers” and how the bouquet said best wishes, feel better, deeper friendship. They were all heartfelt sentiments. I’m beyond relieved that diane is doing so well, but, actually, you know, now that I have you here… I owe you an apology. What? No. You don’T. Yeah, yeah. No, no. When I was telling you about cody bell blackmailing me, I-I fear I said too much, okay? I-I don’t want to drag you into my legal woes, especially now that you’re cohabitating with a cop. I made you an accessory after the fact. If the nsa finds out —

[ Groans ] Spinelli, please stop. I don’t want to hear it.

[ Cellphone rings ] Lucy coe. Hi. It’s me. I’m just checking in to make sure that we understood each other after last night. Do we?

Oh, I understood you. You know, I-I didn’t think it seemed like you understood me, though. You know, I am a perfectly grown woman who is capable of making decisions about how to handle victor. Yes, but some of those decisions can have unexpected consequences. Like diamonds. Like death. Wow. And they call me dramatic.

[ Beeping ]

[ Scoffs ] Oh, hey, you know what? I’m gonna let you go and get that, ’cause I got to go. No. Listen to me, lucy!

Bye! Thanks for calling. Ciao.

[ Beep ] Any problems? All set. Have you decided what to do about ms. Coe? Hm, no, not yet. Something should be done. She was listening in on your conversation with the deputy mayor. I’ll take care of it. If you want me — need I remind you who works for who around here? I’ll take care of it as I wish. And in my own time. Yes, sir. Lucy coe will be taught a lesson, the severity of which will be decided as to whether she was just overly curious… or working for someone else. Are we alone? Yes. Yes. So, what was so important you couldn’t tell me over the phone? We have a lead on one of victor’s accomplices. Well, don’t leave me hanging. Who? Deputy mayor eileen ashby. I’ll be damned. Huh. You know… I never did trust her. Oh. With laura working remotely, she’s got no oversight and way too much power. This just shows us how far victor’s reach really goes. Okay. Tell me everything you know. And let’s start with the source. Mom! What are you doing here? I’m checking up on you. Ohh. I’m fine. I’m fine. And how are my kids, really? How are they? Oh, everybody in port charles is safe and sound. They all miss you. Not as much as I miss them. Where’s drew? Oh, he’s up in his hotel room. He’s on a conference call with aurora business, so — I can’t believe you’re here!

[ Chuckles ] Well, I just figured, with everything that you have been up against, you could use a little backup. Oh. How did you know? Michael fixed my phone so that whenever your name pops up on the internet, I will know, and it seems to me that you have been ruffling a few feathers. Heh. Ya think? Yeah, well. I happen to know the folks in this town. And taking on the beautification guild is no easy feat. Now, honey, I really wish that I could have made it in time for the meeting yesterday. How did it go? Well, I did everything I could to try and convince them to scrap the plans for the parkway. But I don’t know. I don’t know if it was enough. I mean, I am up against a determined woman with a powerful grudge.

If you would have come to methe second cody threatened you, you wouldn’t be apologizing to me at all. Yes, indeed. This mess is entirely one of my own making. I…

[ Sighs ] I heedlessly threw myself into the creation of this dating app. It became kind of a calling or a healing after ellie, but I-I was so focused on perfecting the app that I-I failed to see that I — I inadvertently was creating a tool that could be used for nefarious purposes. M-my — my — my algorithm is basically a master key for the internet. I know, and I-I always knew you were too brilliant for your own good. I know. Like dr. Frankenstein, I got so caught up in the act of creation, I failed to see the monster that my work could beget. Okay, first of all, you got to stop and listen to me, okay? No matter how reckless you think your algorithm is, it’s amazing. You are a genius. And, second, you weren’t trying to hurt anyone. That’s not you. Is there a third? Yes. You can never — and I repeat, never — tell anyone about this. The nsa can never find out. I understand. And, thankfully, the only thing that cody demanded for his silence was a fake match on society setups. So far. Weren’t you and cody dating?

[ Scoffs ] We had the one disaster date that ended with me upending my wine on his head. Then we had a non-date the night of the quartermaine picnic. When I actually agreed to a second real date, I showed up, and cody was really distracted. That’s weird. Yeah, since then, I’ve — he’s texted me a handful of times, but only, “what’s up?” No mention of future plans or…

[ Chuckles ] He ghosted you? Kind of! Yeah! After being so annoyingly persistent,

now you can’t be bothered? Well, I mean, he has had a lot on his mind lately. Right, like combing out horse manes or ointment for saddle sores.

[ Scoffs ] Oh, wow. Wait. I mean, you don’t know? So listen, man, look, if it’s over with you and britt, just — I think you dodged a bullet. I mean, you gotta admit, britt’s never boring. I mean, she’s smart as hell. She’s got…killer legs and a fiery sense of humor. While I plead the fifth on the legs, I agree with you on the rest. Thing is about her, she always just is always looking out for number one. So is everyone. No, not you. Say what you want, but you’re there for your friends. You were for me, anyway. Alright. Don’t get all sappy on me. I’m gonna regret asking you to sit down.

[ Chuckles ] How did such a gifted prankster become so conventional? There are benefits to having a job on the right side of the law. Really? Well, name one. I never have to look over my shoulder. What’s going on with mac scorpio? He still gunning for you? I wasn’t sure by the looks on their faces if I had gotten through to them or not. Well, of course you did. Their hearts would have to be made of stone not to be moved by your words. You touched mine. I hope you understand why I’m fighting so hard to protect virginia’s grave. It’s no reflection on you. Carly, you don’t have to assure me. Virginia was your mother when I couldn’t be. She raised you and she loved you. And you loved her. And I will always be grateful for that. And I would like to think that virginia handed me the baton when she couldn’t hold it anymore. And I’m just so glad that you found me in time so that I could take it, even if the hand-off was a little bumpy.

[ Both laugh ] That’s an understatement. I want you to know that I’m really grateful for the relationship we have now. Me too.

[ Knock on door ] Lucy! Looking lovely as ever! Oh! Well, thank you very much. I’m — I’m a bit surprised. Um, I didn’t think I’d see you so soon. Oh, I do hope I’m not imposing. No. No. No. Not at all. It was I who imposed on you last night. But I am much better now. Well, of course you are. You’re the brilliant, resilient, unsinkable lucy coe.

[ Chuckles ] But just in case you had any lingering blues, I thought I would drop by and bring you a-a bit of cheer. Oh, my. Don’t overreact. Just — my source is lucy coe. You brought in a civilian? A lucy coe civilian? I didn’t have a lot of options. And victor already was enamored with her. So I saw my opportunity and I took it. But her part in this whole operation is done now. Ya think? She’s not too good at taking orders. Yeah. I know. She’s been a little reluctant distancing herself from him. Ha! What sane woman wouldn’t run screaming? I know. Apparently, he’s been a bit generous with diamonds and such. Oh, yeah. Lucy’s achilles’ heel. Don’t worry about her. I’m handling her. Alright? We need to focus on victor. I think ashby is our “in.” That would explain her sudden interest in transparency. Maybe victor realizes that we’re getting close, and he wants to limit our resources. I have no qualms in using my position as D.A. To take this bastard out. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a total menace to the public. I believe that ashby’s connection to victor is going to give us leverage. And, uh, you’re gonna use this how?

One of the local stationsdid a hit-piece on me, and then at the meeting, peyton made me out to be some out-of-town troublemaker who flies in just to mess with “decent people’s lives.” Oh, no. Did she really say that phrase? Yeah. “Decent people”?Yeah, she said that and more. She is a bitter, spiteful woman who is determined to make it my fault that her family imploded. Well, you know, some people just don’t want to face the truth. And that woman does not want to admit that she was married to a depraved creep. And, honey, her life is her responsibility. So don’t you let her inflict her garbage on you. I won’T. It’S… it’s just so sad that peyton can’t see, by holding on to the past, it’s keeping her from moving on with her own life. The news feature touched on reese’s accident. That must have been hard for you. Yeah. You know, dredging up that accident, it made me sick to my stomach. But drew helped me realize that the accident wasn’t my fault and that I could forgive myself and let go of the guilt. Honey, that’s huge!

[ Chuckles ] I’m so proud of you. So, maybe this detour was destined to be. I think it has more meaning than a leadership seminar. Oh, it has meaning, alright. Coming to jacksonville gave me closure. And drew being here with me is what made the difference. Well, it’s not absolutely 100% for sure until the dna test is done, but the dates match up, and my mom and mac seem pretty convinced. It’s looking like cody is mac’s son. So now you can see why he’s been a little distracted? That is so unfair!

[ Chuckles ] My long-lost relative was peter august, and cody gets mac scorpio? Who, according to you, is, like, the best dad ever? Okay. Yes. If there was a competition for best long-lost relative, cody would definitely win. But that’s what’s so puzzling. He hit, like, the dad jackpot. So why won’t he take that dna test to lock that down?

[ Chuckles ] Well, a new family member can really throw you for a loop. And we’re potentially talking about cody’s father. I see your point. I mean, look what peter did to our lives, what he’s still doing. What do you mean?

[ Groans ] That box of his effects. You still have that?! I didn’t feel like it was right getting rid of it. See? This is why we should have gone with our original instinct, which was to let me get rid of it. I was two seconds away from throwing it out before you called me and told me you wanted it back. No, no, no. Peter doesn’t do anything without an agenda. There had to be a reason why he left me that box. And one day I want the opportunity to go back to them and figure out what the hell he was up to. Britt, the only good thing peter ever did was give me bailey lou. Other than that, his existence was meaningless. Okay, I think we’re getting a little off course here. All I was trying to say was that I can see how this could be a lot for cody to take in. I mean, it’s not just mac. A new dad comes with a whole family. Right. Me. And my kids. I mean, cody and I are gonna be quasi-siblings. That’s why I wanted your opinion of him. Okay, maybe he didn’t blow me off. And maybe he really does just have a lot on his mind. Oh, my — you actually like him, don’t you? It’s a good thing that I have a little time before I have to play peacemaker between my mom and kristina. Oh. More mother/daughter friction? Yeah, they’re — they’re on the outs again, but it’s gonna give me a few minutes so I can actually go talk to cody. Actually, I really wish you wouldn’T. Cody happens to be a really good friend of dante’s, and I think he’s an okay guy. He may play fast and loose with the law, but so do all of us. The blackmail thing is troubling, though, so I would really like to look him in the eye and find out what he really wants. I’m not worried about mac scorpio trying to put me away anymore. Good. See? I told you he was a nice guy. Yeah. So, about that. Look. We each —

[ Cellphone dings ] I’m sorry. We gotta — can we — I gotta go, man. What, a kitten up a tree? That’s the fire department.

[ Chuckles ] Right. Sorry. My bad. Well, go have fun helping old ladies cross the street. Ha ha! I will. That’s very funny. You’re hilarious. Don’t quit your day job, though. Hey, dante, man. Yeah. Be safe out there. Catch this hook-wielding maniac. Yeah, you bet. Yeah, you know, it could work. It’s going to work. It’s my plan, and it’s going to work. Too bad you don’t have a better backup. Oh, really? Another dig at valentin? I see this guy for who he is. He’s double-crossed everybody who he’s ever had as a partner. He’s out for himself. He doesn’t care who picks up the tab for whatever he does. And he’s even about to double-cross his worthless father. That is because he doesn’t have any illusions about who his father is. Ah, yeah. Treacherous. Liar. Untrustworthy. I mean, tell me — you can just jump in here. Robert! You don’t have all the facts. That’s because you’ve never given them to me. And here we are, about to use this guy in a plan where he’s front and center when I don’t trust him this much. Alright. Okay. I know that I have given you reason to doubt my judgment in the past, but valentin and I, we have been working together recently. And if you don’t trust valentin, that’s fine. But can you at least trust me? I always trust you. You want justice for luke as much as I do. Victor killed him, and victor’s gonna pay, big-time. Exactly. And that is why we have to do whatever we can to stop victor before he hurts someone else. You really shouldn’t have. Well… let’s, uh — let’s try it on, shall we? Oh. Okay. There. Ohh. So, um… how does it look? Absolutely stunning. I really have no idea how to thank you. Martin: I’m sure he has a couple of ideas.

you know, I’m not sure. Um, at first I liked him, but then I didn’T. And now I kind of — I kind of like him again. But there’s definitely something sketchy about him. There is. Mm-hmm. I wish his actions matched up with his words. What kind of actions are we talking about?

[ Chuckles ] Just a kiss. A good kiss? You know what? No. Just go for it. Talk to him. Put all your cards out on the table. He likes poker, right? You know what? You’re right. Yeah. I’m a grown woman. Yep. Accomplished. Professional. What’s the big deal? I mean, at least cody’s sexy. Better than the other duds who’ve been interested in me lately.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Thanks for agreeing to meet with me. Um — of course. I mean, that was a tense-sounding text. “We need to talk”? Do you want a bite of this? This is really amazing. No, thank you. I’m more in the mood for a conversation. What’s up? Am I in trouble? Yeah. For what? Blackmailing my friend spinelli was a huge mistake. Is drew still hung up with aurora business? Um, he’s wrapping up now, and then he’s going to the gym. How’s aurora doing? It’s coming back slowly. I don’t know how he does it, though, you know, managing his business and helping me out at the same time. I’m glad he could be here for you. Me too. Drew and I really get each other. And everything always seems clearer after I talk to him. That sounds pretty special. It is. Drew’s an amazing friend. Is that all he is? Martin: When the cat’s away… no, no! There’s no cat! No cat. No kitten, even! Look at you. You’re home. You’re here. When did you get here? Apparently not soon enough, ’cause I get the distinct impression I’m interrupting

something. Oh, lucy came to see me yesterday. Oh. I did. Um, I did. Because I was so upset. In fact, I was distraught. I mean, I was really upset because it was after brando’s funeral. Did you hear about that? Did you know? Uh-huh. Good. I mean, not about the funeral, a-about the fact that you know, because I haven’t known what you’ve known because you haven’t called and you haven’t really stayed in touch that much. And so I sought out victor, and he’s just become a-a-a friend. A very generous friend. Very. Mr. Cassadine, now that I’m up to speed on recent events, what exactly are you doing here? Lucy? Will — will you tell him, or should I?

Spinelli! Look, britt. It’s spinelli. Mm-hmm. Uh, good afternoon, maxie. Dr. Westbourne. How are you? Oh, uh… well, my — my life is excellent. I want for nothing. Good for you. Uh, excuse me. Oh! Thank god. Are you sure you are over britt? Because that level of awkward was exceptionally high. Believe me, I have no designs on britt. That discomfort was a function of having not seen her since the unfortunate revelation of my…interest in her. No. Uh, dr. Westbourne and i have not spoken of it, nor need we ever. Okay, would you like me to make sure that britt knows you’re over her? Yes! But how would my name come up? Oh, she doesn’t talk about me, does she? Oh, spinelli, don’t worry. If I am anything, it’s discreet. Uh, hey, britt. Oh, dante. Did you get the haggerty autopsy report? I did. Just picked it up. I’m gonna go see diane, if that’s cool. Yeah. I won’t stop you. Oh. Uh, wait. Um, have you heard from cody? Yeah. I was just with him at kelly’S. Why? Oh. No reason. I just haven’t heard from him and thought I’d give him a call. Okay. Great. What’s your problem? What was that? You think I’m not good enough for your friend? Look, sam, I don’t know what you’re — no. Don’T. Don’T. Save it. I know you threatened to sic the nsa on spinelli if he didn’t create a fake match between you and britt. Now, the kind of guy that I thought you were would never do something like that unless — I don’t know. You tell me. Am I completely wrong about you? No, no. Look. And “blackmail” is too strong of a word. Okay? I just asked for an exchange of favors. If you think about it, spinelli got the better deal. Right? All I got was a date. I’m keeping his intrusive, highly illegal algorithm a secret.

[ Sighs ] Which kind of makes spinelli the criminal mastermind, not me. Okay. Are you gonna keep your word? As far as I’m concerned, we’re square. You know, I haven’t asked spinelli for anything, and I won’T. Nothing more. Okay. Okay. But why was it so important for you to get set up with britt? Dante: Britt’s been involved in some shady stuff, man, and that’s not even talking about the fact that she went on the run with her father. Alright. Back it up. On the run? Like a fugitive from justice? Yeah. Okay. Who’s her father? Does the name cesar faison ring a bell? Sam: Well? What’s the con? Victor came to me with a proposition, a business proposition, a-a partnership with deception. And why would victor be interested in a cosmetics company? Well, not the company. The woman behind it. My brains. M-my brains. He’s interested in my brains. And — a-and also, he greatly admires my business sense. Would you excuse us? And kindly get the door on your way out.

[ Chuckles ] Of course. And, lucy, we’ll, uh — we’ll talk later, hmm?

[ Door closes ] I promise you, this is not what it looks like. Really? ‘Cause from where I’m standing, it looks like you’ve been making a fool out of me. What the hell am I supposed to say except congratulations on trading up? For tra– what?! How — how could you say that to me? Uh — have you lost faith in me? Faith in us? Well, that’s the relevant question, isn’t it? ‘Cause I know I don’t want to leapfrog over the bit about another man giving you diamonds! What the hell happened? Was I gone too long or did you just lose interest? No! No, no, no, no. No. Not any of that. Listen to me. I — I am working with anna. What? I-I-I know. Wh-when anna lost you spying on valentin, she pressured me to spy on victor. Uh-huh. And getting gifted with diamonds. What? That’s just a door prize? That’s all part of the spy game? Is that it? No, no, no. He’s just kind of into me. Into you?! Are you kidding? Into me. Just please. Please, would you believe me? I did this for you so you could come home! And anna forced me to do this! Well, she never said a thing to me about it! You talked to anna? When? Last night. Hell, she called me, told me to come home. I was on the first flight this morning. Ohh. That little witch. She did all of this on purpose! Robert: You know, once upon a time, being a public servant meant serving the public. Nowadays, everyone’s got an agenda. How long do you suppose… she’s been in victor’s pocket? I mean, is she recently corrupt or did he bring her into the dark side? Ashby? Hm. I don’t know. It’s difficult to say. Victor plays the long game, doesn’t he? He’s very patient and strategic. This operation could have been in the works for years. Nothing worse than a sneaky cassadine. I mean, helena was like that. Victor. I mean, stavros. Mikkos. No. They get a crazy idea and jump right in. None of this dilly-dallying. You sound a bit nostalgic. Do you miss being in the field? There are times I think about the good old days. Some of the crazy, mad missions we went on. Good times. Yeah, well. We were a hell of a team. Damn right. I mean, you had a partner you could rely on.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, oh, oh. And there he goes, ruining it. Are you sure that your relationship with valentin isn’t compromising your judgment here? You know what? You could do with a little compromising yourself. Pardon? Yeah, this whole salty, curmudgeonly persona that you’ve got going. I don’t know — it might work in the D.A.’S office, but it’s not doing you any favors. What’s that supposed to mean? Well, it’s obvious. I mean, you haven’t been anyone’s partner for quite some time, and you miss it. We’ve already had this conversation. Drew and i are just friends. The timing is off for anything more. So you keep saying. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. I’ve only been here a short while, but I can already sense a difference. You’re lighter. There’s a sparkle in your eye. This experience has changed you. You have your self-confidence back.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. I don’t know if I saved the cemetery or if I accomplished anything here. Do you really need the guild to tell you that?

Whatever you do, do not disturb georgie’s crystals. She’s been growing them for her latest science project, and they have to stay in the laundry room. Of course. The warmth from the dryer. Yes. You know, georgie’s blazing through these science kits. I’ve already had to dip into her christmas stash. You’ve already started christmas shopping?! How do you beat me every year?! Because you’re waiting till after halloween, and that’s when the official season starts, and so you miss out on all the deals! Ugh! Okay. Alright. So you’ll be there on saturday by 6:00, and I will leave something out for dinner. Well, I can bring something. Georgie and james love noodle buddha, and I can mash up some noodles and mix it with the peas for bailey. Where you going, anyway? Oh, austin and I have tickets for the symphony. It was austin’s idea. Ah. Hey! I can like the symphony. Hm. I have a great symphony outfit. Ah, right. Well, I shall enjoy my saturday with georgie and her siblings. I’m really glad you could help out, but I do wish you had plans of your own. Make up your mind, maxie. I think you’re making a mistake. You’re the one going to the symphony. I’m talking about your society setups algorithm. Cody’s a grown-up, right? It doesn’t matter what I think or don’t think. He’s gonna make up his own mind about things. You just look on disapprovingly? You know, britt, we got a bit of a sketchy history, you and me, remember? And maybe you’ve changed. Maybe you haven’T. I don’t know. But cody will figure that out for himself. But he’s a good guy and he’s a friend of mine. So, yeah, just don’t jerk him around, alright? Cody: She and I, we obviously got off on the wrong foot. Like, literally. Like, I landed on top of her, dragged her — yeah, yeah, I know. I was there. I-I saw the whole thing. But to resort to blackmail… okay. Uh, we’re not using that word, remember? Okay. Some information fell in my lap, I leveraged it. That’s all. That’s all? That’s all. Okay, well, that’s a really long way to go for a date. Okay, I normally don’t need to resort to these kinds of tactics, obviously, but I’m not stalking britt. Look, she tells me to get lost, I’ll walk away. It’s just there is something about her. It’s like [Grunts] I don’t know. Maybe it’s the challenge. You know? Okay. Thank you, sam. And I appreciate you not telling dante about this. What makes you think I haven’t said anything to dante? I saw him earlier, and he didn’t have his

[Growling] “I’m disappointed in you, cody” face, which he would have had if he knew. And I know you wouldn’t put him on the spot like that. Like what? Well, I mean, you can’t tell dante what I did without revealing spinelli’s dive into illegal hacker-dom. And then detective falconeri would have to inform the nsa about spinelli’s universal key that apparently unlocks, like, all of the internet. Yeah, well, the thought has crossed my mind. So it’s better not to tell dante. Yeah, for now. I am gonna take you at your word. But if you hurt spinelli… you’ll wish you were never born.

[ Breathes deeply ] Good chat. Anna didn’t get what she wanted, so she brought you home to catch me. To — doing what, exactly? Oh. Not cheating. No, not — not cheating. Oh, please. You have to believe me. Everything I did was for us, for our future. Yeah, letting a man like victor cassadine refurbish and fawn all over you? You have nothing to worry about at all because you are 16 times the man that victor cassadine will ever, ever be. I missed you so much. You believe me, right? You — you do believe me? I suppose.

[ Laughs ] Ahh.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Both laugh ] You’re leaving? Yeah. Yeah. I got to go. I’m gonna explain everything. Because we are gonna get everything we want as soon as I get anna the hell out of my way!

[ Smooches, laughs ]

[ Door closes ] I take it you’re not referring to a work partner. No. I — was I being subtle? I am referring, of course, to your love life. What about it? You don’t have one. Well, I’m fine. “Fine”? What kind of an answer is “fine”? Just because you’ve chosen to stick your neck out again… I know. Any relationship is risky. Especially with a cassadine. Now, don’t do that. Stop. You’re not changing the subject again. Because the truth is… along the way, you have walled yourself up in work. Don’t you want more? I mean, don’t — don’t you miss having a relationship? Okay. Yeah. There are times I… miss… not waking up with one of those nice, soft bodies beside me.

[ Chuckles ] Having someone other than the dog to talk to when I walk in the front door at night. I want that for you. Could you, like, break down a bit of this wall and maybe live a little? Okay, anna. I will think about dating again.

[ Chuckling ] Really? Just as soon as we take out victor.

[ Clicks tongue ] Okay.

[ Door closes ]

[ Beeping ] Ooh, well, I can check into my room now, so I better head to the front desk. Okay. I want to make sure I get a room with a view. Alright, well, I know a few tricks of the trade for getting an upgrade, so I will meet you there. Okay. Thank you. Great. Hi. Yeah. I need to settle up my tab and charge it to my room. Oh. Awesome. Thank you.

[ Scribbling ]

[ Sighing ] Okay.

[ Clears throat ] Are — are you alright? Yeah, you just, um — you caught me off guard. You were saying something about a mistake in — in — in my algorithm? I just think you should consider using your algorithm to find a match of your own. Oh, well, I mean… doctors don’t operate on themselves, so…

[ Chuckles ] Okay, I-I-I know you said you don’t want to. But at least think about it. I really want you to be happy, spinelli. And I want the same for you, maximista. Well, fancy meeting you here. I was looking for you. How did the guild vote? It’s over. The parkway will not be rerouted. Virginia benson’s remains must be moved. You failed, caroline.

[ Doorbell rings twice ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Ringing frantically ] Is it transmitt–

[ Rattling ] Anna: Oh! Lucy! What in the world? Lucy: We have to talk. Turnabout’s fair play, ms. Devane. Heh. That bauble was worth every penny. Anna: Hey! What is going on? Oh, boy, anna. I am really sick of you butting into my life. I thought you’d be happy to see martin. Of course I was happy to see martin! But after everything I have done for you, this is the way you’re treating me?

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