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Well, no. Ahh! I’m so sorry I’m late. You know I can never get out of the hospital on time. Mwah! Well, joss just left, so I wasn’t waiting long. Milkshakes? Mom, you’re treating me like a child. Oh, I didn’t know that milkshakes were only for children. I’m trying to make a point here, mom. You don’t see me as an adult. Okay, then I’ll have one just for myself. Well, then, make that two. And, yes, to the whipped cream. Well, I’m glad you’re not too grown up for whipped cream. What I’m too grown up for is the lecture that you’re about to give me about forgiving curtis, and that’s never going to happen. Well, it is nice to see you all. I’m sure chase will appreciate the cheering section. We can’t wait.

[ Laughter ] Well, I hope you enjoy a wonderful evening. Thank you, curtis. Thanks. Thanks. I’m so happy we’re finally doing this. Finn and I have been talking about how we needed to get together with the two of you. We were? Yes, we — we were. I was just saying it’s long, long overdue. We’re excited to hear chase perform. Yuri’s a big fan of male singers. Harry styles. Ed sheeran. “Weird al” yankovic. Oh, didn’t you say he was belarusian, too? Serbian. Oh, is that what brought the two of you together, a love of slavic singers? We have a lot more than that in common. We are both very good at kissing. Ah. Selina: Very prompt, mr. Bell. I hope your card-counting talents are as finely honed as your timing. You know, with all due respect,ms. Wu, uh, do you even need me? It looks like you got a pretty good operation going on here. You’re not trying to break our agreement, are you? This could be a significant problem for both of us.

The role of brook lynn quartermaine is temporarily being played by briana lane. Ah, thanks for coming. I could use all the fans I could get. Aw, man, are you kidding? I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. In case I make a complete fool of myself?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Not a chance. You’re ready for this. Ooh, is that work? Uh, no, I-it’s sam. She sends her apologies for not being able to be here, but, uh, danny’s got a cold. Aw, tell danny to feel better, and tell sam we’ll miss her. I will do that. Any updates on the hook attacks? Chase, please, no shoptalk tonight. I’m free for a consult if you need me. Alright. Did you hear what I just said? No. Uh, chase, do you have a moment to go over some details before your performance tonight? Of course he does. Go. You heard my manager. Lead the way.

[ Sighs ] He misses the job. Well, that’s good. I might have a — might have a fix for that. We’ve been operating under a misapprehension. Learning our perp is a woman has changed the course of the investigation. Well, you’re hardly back to square one. I mean, your department’s done a great job of profiling the killer. I mean, we circulate this information, and, um, it’ll narrow the field. The faster the better.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Evening, commissioner, D.A. Scorpio. You look fully recovered from your drug overdose, mr. Haggerty. No thanks to that psychopath esme prince. Have you found her yet? You, uh, look surprised to see me, daddy. I am. ‘Cause I’m in here after visiting hours? Because I thought you were dead. Oh, well, you forgot that I’m my father’s daughter. Impossible to get rid of and ready to seek revenge on anyone who tries.

You are same kind of doctor as terry? Uh, no, yuri, I’m a — I’m an infectious disease specialist. You would’ve appreciated the conference I recently attended. Yeah? Valuable? Yeah. It made me realize that G.H. Is way ahead of the curve when it comes to new cancer protocols. Mm-hmm. Feels so good to know I can offer my patients the best care possible. Well, my department’s certainly benefited from your department’s breakthroughs with cell therapy. There’s a lot of overlap in our specialties. Especially my original specialty, which was hematology. Wait. I had no idea. What made you switch to infectious diseases? I, uh — I lost someone close to me. I’m so sorry. Mm. May I ask what happened? Uh, at the time, I lacked the knowledge and resources to save their life, and that haunted me. I guess I became kind of obsessed with the obscure and the unknowable. Is there any part of you that regrets making that switch? No, I feel just as challenged by infectious diseases. And we have excellent doctors leading the charge in oncology. What’s everyone drinking tonight? First round’s on me. Um, something nonalcoholic would be wonderful. Thank you. Sure. Does this place serve, uh, krambambulia? But, finn, if you hadn’t experience that loss, then the entire trajectory of your life could’ve been different. Everything happens for a reason, biz. Well, people say that, but finn made a choice, and then life intervened. I mean, can you honestly say you’re better off with the life that chose you? How did you get past security? Well, I mean, I may be banned from spring ridge, but I am resourceful.

[ Chuckles ] And before spring ridge? I was biding my time in a canadian hostel paid for by a sympathetic fisherman who pulled me from a lake after I went off a parapet at wyndemere. Ava paid me a visit. She said that you… missed your step. One moment I was wrestling with the object of your affection, and the next moment she got to resume her life as mistress of the manor while I fought to keep air in my lungs. Did she push you? Let me put it this way. I never heard a siren or saw a search light. She left me for dead. And you decided to get even by butchering her with a hook. Miss prince is still wanted for questioning. I’m sure arresting some rich girl for nearly killing a bartender is a top priority for you, huh? Finding esme prince is a priority for the pcpd. However, as I’m sure you may know, we can’t discuss details of an ongoing investigation with you. But once your attorney arrives, we can review the immunity deal negotiated in hospital, you get an executed copy, you walk out of here a free man. You’ll be dealing with me and me alone. It should be fairly simple. After all, you people owe me. Mmm. Mmm, my favorite. I know. Strawberry milkshake has always been your favorite ever since you were a little girl. I’m not a little girl anymore. I know that. But you will always be

my little girl. And I’m always gonna protect you. Always. I get that, mom. I do. But you and dad are my parents. Curtis isn’T. I have adjusted the sound system. So that reverb you heard during the mic check — no longer an issue. Thank you. Yeah. Can I get a water? Sure. N’neka, would you get some water for our star? Oh, I’m hardly that. Oh, I understand the nerves, but, uh, you’ll be fine. Hey, curtis? Jordan said you used to work in law enforcement. Yeah, once upon a time. Do you miss it? So, what’s your idea? Well, uh, jordan has some influence with the civilian complaint review board now that we’re dealing with a serial attacker, so she thinks she can get chase reinstated.

[ Sighs ] That’s such a relief. Mm-hmm. I was convinced that I cost him his job. It’s good for chase, too, yeah? Oh, no, of course it is.

[ Chuckles ] He’ll be thrilled to hear about it. And in a few months, when chase is able to establish his singing career, he’ll be able to work out a schedule that allows him to do both. If — if this works out, it’s — it’s gonna happen a lot sooner than a few months. How soon? Couple weeks. That’s not enough time. I’m not trying to cause any problems. And [Chuckles] I definitely need cash, just like any other guy, but, uh, I really want to play legitimately and not cheat. Do as I ask, and you can secure your buy-in. Until then, you owe me. In all fairness, I mean, you did take back the money that I won last time. Left me with 50 bucks while your associate tenderized my torso. What li did to you in the alley was merely a love tap. He’ll really show you what he’s capable of if you let me down.

I’m sorry. I don’t understand what you’re asking. I don’t either. Biz, the waitstaff seems swamped. Let’s get drinks at the bar. But I’m really — now. Fine. Excuse us, gentlemen. Of course.

[ Sighs ] So, besides weird al, what else are you into? Doctors. Are you okay? Yeah, why? What was that? What was what? You were interrogating finn’s entire existence back there. What’s bothering you?

[ Sighs ] Reiko. A japanese name meaning “beautiful” and “wise”? Reiko was finn’s wife, and now she’s dead. And I think my family could be responsible. You weren’t holed up in a hostel somewhere all that time, were you? You were getting even with your enemies with the sharp end of a hook. I barely knew brando corbin. Well, thank you very much for not pretending you weren’t aware of these attacks. How could I not be? It was all over the internet. I can’t blame you for relishing the publicity. By the way, I know how much you hate sonny corinthos. You’re welcome to target anyone around him except for one. Your precious ava? Ava is mine. I determine her fate. You had no right. I had nothing to do with it. And I’m not sure I believe you. Revenge is fine, esme. Trust me. I know. But yet again, you’re getting distracted from our original goal. Goals change. I hate repeating myself, esme. Yeah? Well, so do I! I am done talking about that hook. And so are you. Mr. Haggerty, you were gonna be charged for criminal redistribution of stolen property and felony theft by extortion. Extortion? How did ms. Prince get the opportunity to slip something into your drink if you two weren’t meeting to discuss a payoff? Robert: I mean, this is a generous deal. How do you figure that we owe you? The exculpatory evidence I laid out to the judge and jury exonerated trina robinson. Good thing I woke up from my medically induced coma right in time to testify, huh? When I marry curtis, he will be your de facto parent. Of an adult woman who can protect herself. I seem to remember curtis doing a lot to protect you. He’s the one who realized that you and i had been taken hostage by cyrus renault. Do you remember that? And if he hadn’t tracked down oz haggerty and brought him back for your trial…

[Sighs] Things could’ve gone very differently. And I will always be grateful to curtis. But just because he looked out for me in the past doesn’t give him license to interfere with my life now. Like having ava fire me? Curtis knows. He knows he overstepped.

[ Scoffs ] But there’s something that you need to realize. As awful as these past few months have been for you, I don’t know if I could’ve made it through without curtis. Yeah, sometimes, uh, I do miss law enforcement, but my situation was kind of complicated, and I took away from it a lot of hard lessons. Are you happy where you are now? Oh, man. Nightclub, you know? Owning a nightclub seems to be meant for me. See? That’s the thing. I don’t — I don’t feel like I’m meant to be a singer. Hey, man, it’s early. Give it some time. Oh, now you sound like brook lynn.

[ Chuckles ] Look, we agree that you have mad talent, okay? So why don’t you see where it goes? I am, but mainly because I don’t have a choice. Look, I know fame and fortune would appeal to most. But not you? Don’t tell brook lynn, but if I could be a cop again tomorrow, I would drop this singing business in a second. I mean, can you really reinstate chase in just a few weeks? Won’t there be interviews and weeks of paperwork? Lots and lots of paperwork? Hm, you see, it doesn’t work that way. With the commissioner involved, it can really speed up the process. Plus, the ccrb takes into account letters of support. So seeing as you were with chase on both instances where he threw his fists, which got him suspended… my account could make a difference. Right. But — but it’s not a done deal, so don’t say anything to him yet, okay? I won’t breathe a word. Excuse me, cody. What are you up to?

[ Chuckles ]

I’m not sure what you’re driving at, mr. Haggerty. The doctors at G.H. Brought you out of your coma. I had nothing to do with the timing. I’m just saying your department and the da’s office would have some serious egg on your faces if you’d convicted an innocent person. Now that I’ve had more time to think, I realize the mutyeal you obl he very leastyou could offer me. Ma now, you leave here and you put a foot wrong, we’re gonna haul you in. I mean, come on. You’re just a lowlife fence and a two-bit hood. I’ll also be representing myself. I graduated at the top of my class in law school. In the hospital, I was promised full immunity from criminal prosecution in exchange for my testimony. And if any document you care to show me falls short of that, I will sue you into oblivion. Hell, maybe trina robinson will want to jump on a class-action suit for false arrest and malicious prosecution. Your father, curtis, marshall — they all called in favors to track down evidence to get you exonerated. But at the end of the day, it was curtis who held me when I cried. It was curtis who tracked down oz and waited outside his hospital room day and night, waiting for him to wake up. And he even considered mortgaging the savoy in case you were convicted and we needed money for the appeal. Curtis was willing to do that? Curtis might not have raised you, but, honey, that man loves you. What makes you think I’m up to something? I know trouble when I see it. Been hanging out with your uncle mac too long. Speaking of mac, have you given any more thought to taking that dna test? Uh, no, I have other things on my mind. Chase’s music career is not — it’s gonna be nonexistent unless… like avoiding your good friend detective falconeri? I’m not avoiding anyone. Oh, really? Oh, okay, then go say hi. I — you know, I’d love to, but nature calls.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] Everything okay? Uh, my friend want to know how much to feed svetlana. Your…cat? Sveta is a bearded collie. No kidding? I have a bearded dragon. Uh… two beards. Yeah.

[ Laughs ] Ah. Name? Roxie. Wow. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, so when I saw the picture on finn’s phone, I realized that’s the woman I sketched. That’s the woman in my recovered memory. And you’re sure you haven’t seen a picture of reiko before and just transposed the image of her into the memory? Finn never even talks about her, and I only saw her picture after I had already drawn the sketch. It can’t be a coincidence that we were both on the mariana islands at the same time. I know reiko’s face because I knew her. And so did my father. Drink and then answer. You think reiko died after a fall and you or your dad were there when it happened or caused it? I don’t know. Why not ask finn? Ryan: Well, well, well. What was in that water you fell into? When you’ve been through hell, nothing scares you. Not even your father. You just missed ava, by the way. Clearly, she doesn’t know that you’re back. Can I assume that extends to the cassadine men, as well? You were my first stop, but wyndemere hasn’t seen the last of me. Mm-hmm. But will you complete your mission, or is the old plan beneath the new esme? Adaptation is necessary for survival. Are you pitching me a new strategy? I now have a powerful weapon in my arsenal, one guaranteed to ensure mass destruction of the cassadine family and drive ava into your arms. Well, do you intend to share this? Thank god you’re already sitting down.

Oh, my gosh! This is so exciting, isn’t it?! Yeah, I mean, I th– I think chase is pretty nervous. Which is totally normal. He’s gonna be fine. He’s gonna be great. Mm. Better than great. Chase is gonna be legendary. I’m gonna get a beer. Can I get you ladies a drink? Yes. Surprise me. Alright. Double vodka on the rocks. Oh. Alright. Are you sure you don’t want to make that a ginger ale? You look like you might lose your dinner. For good reason. Dante just told me there might be a path back for chase to rejoin the pcpd. Really? That’s fabulous. Right? No, it’s the worst. Well, I’m sure brook lynn knows how passionate you are about being a cop. She does. But what she doesn’t know is I’m doing this whole singing thing for her. She worked like crazy to promote me, and…I guess I just didn’t want to disappoint her. I’m sure she doesn’t want to disappoint you, either. Look, chase, uh, I know you didn’t ask, but a word of advice — do not hold back in a relationship. It is the beginning of the end. Does it meet with your satisfaction, counselor? No need to be nasty. It’s all in order.

[ Sighs ] Sign here and here. Both documents. Okay. Always happy to write a civil wrong. Hey. And you’re welcome. True, you’re shrewd. And sharp. It’s too bad you use your intellect to break the law. In a perfect world, this would serve as your wake-up call. But something tells me you’ll continue to ignore your potential in favor of illegal profit. I’m a victim here, remember? Esme prince tried to kill me. In a perfect world, you’d be out there trying to catch her and that maniac with a hook instead of harassing the little guy.

[ Door closes ] What a waste. Well, what do you think? It’s genius.

[ Chuckles ] Even though it wasn’t part of our original plan? Plans evolve. My world-traveled and wise daughter taught me that.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Why burden finn with speculation? It’s bad enough that losing reiko derailed his life. I’d hardly say finn is off track. He saves lives practically every day. All but the one he couldn’T. Which is probably why he’s so determined to save me. Finn loves you. He says he does, but he tends to equate loving someone with needing to rescue them. All doctors have a savior complex, biz, myself included. Yeah, I-I’m not his patient. I’m supposed to be his partner. Has he been like this in any of his other relationships?

[ Chuckles ] Well, um, with my sister hayden, she happened to be dying of the same disease that killed his wife, so, yeah, he moved heaven and earth to save her. And maybe his engagement to anna fall apart because she didn’t need to be saved. But neither do I. I can’t have all of my personal problems cast in the shadow of the woman he couldn’t save, a woman who, if she were still alive, he’d probably be with today. I need to know what happened to reiko. Finn deserves the truth. And you’ll tell him once you know? Mm-hmm. Then I’m here to help. My daughter, violet, has full conversations with roxie, and she’s sure that roxie can understand everything she’s saying. Sveta understand every single word I say, both in belarusian and in english. Fascinating. Okay, I’m sorry to — I’m sorry to interrupt. You’re not — you’re not interrupting. Great pants. I was wondering what happened to my shower curtain. Do you know yuri? Yeah.

Dobri dzien, yuri. You remember “hello” in my language? Of course. Um, it’s great to see you. And you, mr. Chase. Uh, I think the two brothers wish for some privacy. Excuse me. Hey, have a seat, bro.

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] You nervous? You have to ask? Look, I know dad is watching violet and told you to record this on his phone. Please don’T. Okay. Yeah. Uh, you’re not really nervous, are you? You’re the most prepared person I know. No, I’m sorry. I’m all nerves. Okay. Understandable. Little ironic, though, right, when you think about it. I mean, just think. You used to make your living in the line of fire, and now the thought of singing in front of a bunch of hipsters is breaking you out in a cold sweat. Not helping. Okay. I… I don’t know that this is for me, finn. The things we do for love, bro. I am so glad you both could make it. It should be a wonderful evening. I’m sure it will be. But, um, that’s not why I’m here. Look, trina, I know things between us have been tense since I spoke to ava about your job at the gallery. I would like to explain. My mom helped me figure out a few things. And I understand why you did what you did. And I can appreciate the instincts. You are very important to your mother, and even if I didn’t know you, that makes you important to me. But I do know you, and I care a whole lot about you. It’s hard to apologize for that. And I won’t ask you to. But I will ask you to never go behind my back again.

[ Sighs ] Until I can put our plan into motion, I’m gonna need some essentials, like… I don’t know, food and a roof over my head. Can you access your trust fund? I could, but I am wanted for questioning by the pcpd, and I can’t risk the money being traced. Could you help me? I managed to squirrel away some money when I was pretending to be my brother, but without kevin’s credentials, I can’t get to it. That’s okay. I’ll figure something out. You’ve managed to come this far under the radar. It’s impressive. Oh, believe me, nobody ever sees me coming. I only have one ask. Oh, don’t bother. Ava will pay for what she did to me. But I have other scores to settle first. For now, your beloved is safe from me. But are you safe from her?

Hi. Thank you. Yeah. No drink for me? You need to explain it to the bartender. He doesn’t know krambambulia?

[ Laughter ] Why do I get the distinct impression that terry is giving us some space? Because I asked her to. Ah. I wanted to apologize for interrogating you earlier. You don’t have to apologize. You can ask me anything. Okay? Why the questions about my change of specialty? Well, you mentioned that it was because of a loss, but you never elaborate. Ah. Well, it’s not really, um… it’s not really a secret. I, um… I had a really good friend once. Good doctor. We served together in doctors without borders. His name was garrett. One day in the field, he got bit by a snake. I — I tried to save him, but I couldn’T. Oh. I kind of assumed you… was talking about reiko. Mm-hmm. I understand that you asked my dad about her. And I think I know why. Are you worried about me, daddy? When ava insinuated that you might’ve been in an accident, I was worried that I’d lost you forever. How inconvenient. You would’ve needed a new foot soldier. You mean so much more to me than that. Do I? You’re my legacy. You’re the best of your mother and me. And there’s no limit to what we can achieve, especially with this new development. Now we’re closer than ever to getting what we want. But there is one obstacle that needs my immediate attention. So what are you waiting for? Esme. Welcome back.

[ Door beeps ]

[ Door closes ] You know, you had the same strange look on your face when haggerty mentioned waking up to testify. Is there a story here? Guys like oz haggerty frustrate me. They’re always getting away with their crimes. Well, get used to it. Plenty of haggertys out there. Thanks, robert. That’s comforting. This is my life, and I have to try to direct it the best I can. And while I respect that marrying my mom will make you my stepdad — you don’t need another one. What do you say? Can we be friends again? I’d like that a lot.

[ Sighs ] Chase seems like a guy more comfortable chasing down bad guys than being a rock star. Aren’t you happy for him that he might get his old job back? Whatever chase wants, I want for him. But? Mm, sounds like he could be reinstated pretty quickly, so what happens to all the plans we made? Hey, brook lynn, can you come here? Hey. Go. We’ll talk later. Thank you. Another one, please. I got a tab running.

[ Clears throat ] Are you okay? One more of these, and I will be. May I suggest something? Can I stop you? If the way you’re living life requires liquid courage, you’re going about it wrong. You ready? Almost, but I need something from you. Anything. Kiss me. Hmm. It’s unusual encouragement from a manager, but whatever works.

You’re welcome. Guess it’s kind of strange that I never talk about reiko. If you want, we can talk about this later. No, it’s good, it’s good. I shut down after she died. I closed myself off to other people. But you’ve unlocked parts of me that I thought… we’re gone forever. And I just want you to know there’s no part of me I wouldn’t share with you. Curtis: Thank you all for coming out tonight. Are we ready for tonight’s performer?

[ Cheers and applause ] Go get them, tiger.

[ Cheers and applause continue ] Now, this is his first time right here on this stage, okay? And I know that you’re gonna love him as much as I do. So please help the savoy welcome the one and only harrison chase.

[ Cheers and applause ] How’s everyone doing?

[ Cheering ] So good!

I was two minutes late

I stood and watched it fly away

in the days sitting next to you

you said that you would miss yours, too

oh, whoa

feels like the sky is falling

shattered like a vase

I’m starting to think I’m falling into place

feels like the sky is crashing

crashing over me

I’m starting to think I’m falling into place see? Chase chose a new path. You can, too, if that’s what you want.

I’m falling into place

two steps forward

and then I rewind 10

I guess no one ever crossed an ocean

without being up against the wind

whoa, whoa

feels like the sky is falling

shattered like a vase

I’m starting to think I’m falling into place

feels like the sky is crashing

crashing over me

I’m starting to think I’m falling into place

if I’d never seen the stars align

oh, I’d watch them shining in your eyes

so I’d smile and watchthe world go by at night

[ Cheers and applause ]

Feels like the sky is falling

shattered like a vase

I’m starting to think I’m falling into place

feels like the sky is crashing

crashing over me

I’m starting to think I’m falling into place

oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh

oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh

I’m falling into place

[ Cheers and applause ] Well, I got to hand it to you, brook lynn. You know how to spot talent. Ahh. H-he’s almost as good a singer as he is a cop. Uh, I’m gonna reach out to you about that statement. Looking forward to getting my partner back. Ah. You’re a good commissioner, commissioner, but remember something. You worked hard, and you earned it. I used to do almost anything to achieve a result. Then I overcorrected by refusing to bend the rules. Neither strategy has served me well. Trying to figure out what line not to cross is tough in our business. How do you manage? I straddle the line. Well…just enough to administer justice to the good people of port charles, uh, and I sleep well at night. And when you slip? When you’re party to something that may be for the greater good but is an ethical gray area? Remember something, jordan. We’re only human. The real criminals, they’re out there, running around, committing violent crime without mercy. We bring them in — whatever it takes. I’m in the clear. Yeah. Am I good to go back to work at the highsider? Great. Oh, but not full time. I decided to study for the bar.

[ Chuckles ] Guess who’s got a future as a lawyer? That’s right. Alright.

[ Jingling in distance ] Hello?

[ Gasps ] Aah!

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