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here you go. Here’s some tea. Lavender to help you relax. What do you know about tea? You’re a coffee importer.

[ Chuckles ] Maybe I’ll branch out. I’m sorry. No, hey, it’s okay. It does smell good. Hey. Did you get any sleep? Every time I closed my eyes, all I could see was brando in that hospital bed. Oh, honey. Hey, babe. Oh, honey, I’m so glad to see you. What’s going on? Diane miller was brought in with a stab wound tonight. Diane miller? Mm-hmm. Wow. First ava, then brando, and now diane. Yeah, it looks that way. Is she okay? They’re operating right now, and that — that’s all I know. Okay. But it’s got me really on edge. No. Of course it does. I texted trina to check on her, but she’s with rory, and I just, I didn’t want to tell her about diane then. I know. Baby, it’s — it’s gonna be okay. How? When? I-I don’t know. But thanks to that

invader article, at least we’re all watching our backs. Speaking of that

[Scoffs] Jordan feels some type of way about whoever leaked it to the press. Did she say something to you? Well, she wasn’t very impressed that I defended the source. Because I’m trying to catch a violent criminal. And to that end, I need your help.

[ Clears throat ] I’ve been briefed on the diane miller attack. You were the first person at the scene? Got there just before ms. Davis and mr. Chase. Sorry, I won’t be able to tell you much. Oh, I don’t know about that, dex. I’m betting you got plenty to tell me. Oh, olivia, I just feel so bad. Because my family was going through hell and they couldn’t get in touch with me. Yeah, I already talked to everybody, and I wanted to jump on the first plane home after I heard about brando. Yeah, I know. Sonny and I both agreed that it’s probably safer if I stay here. I know.

[ Knock at door ] Oh. Hey, olivia, let me call you back. There’s someone at the door. Okay. Thank you. Bye.

[ Sighs ] Someone order some room service?

Wow. I didn’t know places like this even existed.

[ Axes clattering ] Yeah. Well, my mom told me about it. She said it’s super fun. I’m ready to try it. All right, rory. Let’s start, uh, collecting our weapons. Or should we even say that to a cop? I’m off duty. Probably not. All right, let’s go. Well, finally, we get a little double-date action with the guys. Yeah, I know. It’s so cute.

[ Chuckles ] I really like rory. I’m so, so happy that you ended up with him. As opposed to spencer? Rory is definitely preferable.

[ Chuckles ] Isn’t he? I want to speak to a lawyer. That is your right. And you should. What do you got here? What are these? My dog tags. Hm. They qualify as a lethal weapon?

[ Laughs ] Well, I certainly hope not. But you tell me, dex. I don’t know what happened to ms. Miller, okay? I don’t know how many times or in what way I need to see that to where you actually believe me. What makes you think I don’t believe you? The way you came at me when brando was in the hospital. The way you’re questioning me now. It’s clear you and your boss have made up your minds. I haven’t made up my mind about anything. But so far, you’re the only person that could have seen what happened to diane. Right, but I didn’T. Okay? When I came in, she was on the ground, bleeding. What were you doing in the garage in the first place? This is your chance, man, to go on the record and clear up any misconceptions. I was working. Doing what? Your father asked me to lock up behind diane while he took sasha home. So you were there when she was attacked? I must have been. Okay, so a garage is a pretty big open space. How could you not have seen anything? I was outside. You’re good at your job, right, dex? Ask your dad. I will. But right now, I’m asking you. When sonny ordered you to stick around, how could you not have seen someone enter the garage? It feels to me… like you’re lying about something. What is it? Now that spencer is not in my life, let’s just say… I’m happier than I’ve been in a while. With rory.

[ Laughs ] I’m just ready for, like, a fun, uncomplicated relationship. Well, you deserve it. Okay, um, now your turn. You and cam went through a rough patch. Yeah, but we’re out of it. And you told him about the whole dumpster thing with dex? Well, just because we’re together doesn’t mean we need to tell each other everything. Didn’t cam prove that by keeping spencer’s secret? Hey, guys. What are we talking about? Nothing.Nothing. You know, “nothing” means us, right? Oh, 100%. Oh, the egos on these two. I, uh, really appreciate you being here, but please go. Get back to your lives. I can stay. You’ve done enough. And the truth is, nothing’s gonna make this better. We just have to live through it as best we can. All right, uh, I’ll go. But listen, if you need anything, you can call me at any time, okay? And that goes for you, too.

[ Sasha sighs ] Can I get a hug? Thanks, sonny. All right. Hey, uh, sonny, how about I walk you out? Yeah, come on. But I’m gonna be back ’cause you can’t get rid of me that easily, all right? Hey. I didn’t want to broach this, especially in front of sasha, but what are we gonna do about the guardianship? Okay, diane’s filing a continuance with the judge right now. But the thing is, sasha’s still under guardianship. But what does that even mean without brando? Are they going to try to appoint some interim person, a stranger? No, they’re just — they’re just gonna give sasha some time to grieve before she gets into all the details. I just can’t believe this. On top of everything else, she has to contend with that.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hi, alexis. Whoa, hold on. Wha– what? I know dr. Finn was on hand when diane was brought in, but he’s been called to a patient emergency. I was hoping, since you two worked together on brando’s case, that you might be able to provide some helpful information. Finn did brief me, so, yeah, I-I can help you as much as I can. And this conversation will stay at G.H. This time? What’s that supposed to mean? You saw the article in the invader. The leak came from the hospital. I’m just reiterating the need for discretion to keep important details under wraps.

[ Exhales deeply ] That always was your area of expertise, wasn’t it? I’ll leave you to it. Sorry.

[ Chuckles nervously ] The, uh, divorce papers situation has him a bit — you don’t need to explain curtis to me. Can we move somewhere more private to discuss diane miller? Right this way. What are you doing here? “What are you doing here,” asin, “it’s so good to see you”? Of course it’s good to see you.

[ Sighs ] Phew. But I told you I was fine. Yeah. Yeah, I was already on the plane at that point. To jacksonville? How did you know I was here? It wasn’t easy, I’ll tell you that much. But lucky for you, I got skills. Yeah, you got spinelli on the case.

[ Laughs ] No, actually, I was gonna call him next, but I, um — I called mia. At the seminar. Yeah, she told me that your flight had an emergency landing in jacksonville. Thank god you’re all right, so… here I am. You came… you came all the way down here for me? I came all the way down here for you. So, are you gonna invite me in or what? Come in.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, thanks for letting me know. Hey! What happened? Was it another attack? Diane. Diane miller? Yeah, I gotta g– I gotta get to G.H. No, of course. Go. Yeah. Okay. You stay — stay — stay safe. Yeah, you — you too.

I’m assuming that you spoke to your family. I know about brando. I’m so sorry. So am I. I feel so awful for sasha. I mean, first her son, and now this. It’s unfathomable. It is. And I’m so sorry I was out of touch. I mean, I — [ Chuckles ] Come on. You lost your phone. That happens. During a family emergency? Come on. You know, I was gonna be on the first flight home when I found out about brando, but then I talked to sonny, and, well, I mean, I decided it was safer if I stay here. Yeah, I’m sure you hate that, but you’re right. I mean, there’s a violent psychopath on the loose. It’s just better that you stay away. Yeah, but just hearing that, I feel like I’m abandoning my kids. Hey, hey, I get that, but you know that sonny’s never gonna let anything happen to them. I know. I know. He’s got security on michael. He doubled security on josslyn. And donna and avery are staying with him. Yeah, and the penthouse is like a fortress. Your kids are fine. Yes.

[ Exhales deeply ] I know. I still can’t believe you tracked me down just tell me about brando. It wasn’t just that. Okay. What else? Brando’s a baby here. A baby who was so proud to serve his country. But god, that war made a mess of him. I barely recognized him when he got back. We lost so much time. If only I’d known how little time we had. But when you did reconnect, I would say that you made the most of it, wouldn’t you? Brando loved you, gladys. I drove him crazy. He didn’t love you any less. I just wish I had one more chance to tell him how much he meant to me. I wish that, too. Your wedding… that no one was invited to.

[ Chuckles ] If I could do it again, I would celebrate with the whole world. All our friends and family. What? It’s just hitting me that I am — I’m completely alone now. Without brando, I have no family left. You listen to me. Yo u and I became familythe second you married my son. That doesn’t change now. So I got news for you, kid. You are stuck with me. I’m so glad. Do you have any idea where diane miller’s room is and what kind of condition shes’s in? Are you family? Um… I’m sorry. I can’t share that information with anyone but family. Diane’s in surgery. How do you know that? I have my sources. Well, I’m surprised y-you’re sharing that with — last time w-we saw each other, it was a one-sided friendship. I owe you for what you did for my father. He told me that you found out he was on antipsychotic meds, and yet you kept it quiet. Yeah, well, you know, I know something about that diagnosis, and I wanted him to decide how he was gonna handle it. I appreciate you looking out for him. Well, truth be told, you know, I was looking out for him not just for him, but I respect the hell out of you.

[ Cheering ] Okay. Right on. This is so satisfying. So, what do you say we make this a friendly competition? Oh. Oh, god. Here we go. What? Okay, if you haven’t picked up on it already, joss is totally extra when it comes to the competitive department. Okay, well, what is the point of throwing these things if nobody’s keeping score? Hey, I’m game. See? I told you I like him. All right. What do you say we do a tournament, we pair off, and the winners compete for ultimate glory? Okay, yeah, that sounds good. All right. Let the games begin. Diane’s wound was consistent with how ava’s and brando’s presented. So

it’s likely a hookwas used on diane, too? Yeah, but the only difference was, the doctors noticed when they were operating, that the wound, it was more precisely inflicted. The attacker’s improving their technique. Was a tox screen run? It confirms the presence of the same venom that was found in brando’s system. And thankfully, finn found an antivenom, and he was able to race it over to the surgical team very quickly. The last I heard, diane was stable and, um, the procedure was going well. Thank god for that. But you seem like something is still weighing heavily on your mind. The last time our victim survived, our assailant made sure the next strike would kill. I doubt this will be any different. I’m telling the truth! Sonny told me to lock up, not keep watch, so I didn’t have eyes on the door. Then what were you doing? Working. Answering texts and emails. You can check my phone. There’s time stamps on everything. Okay. The quartermaine picnic. No one can verify your whereabouts before you found ava and josslyn. I was bringing paperwork for your father to sign, okay? The front drive was crowded, so I parked on the access road. And what about charlie’s? What about it? Josslyn said she followed you out the back into the alley. And when she got out there, you weren’t there. That’s because I wasn’t there! Dex, you’ve been on the scene of all three attacks. That is a pattern. No. You know what else is a pattern? The fact that I gave first aid to ava and diane and hopefully to help save both their lives. Yeah. You know, I just don’t know if that’s enough for me. Time stamps?

[ Clears throat ] Am I arrested? Or do I need to make a call? I think you should call your lawyer, dex.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] I’m in trouble. I need your help. Where are you? Pcpd. I’m on my way.

[ Gasps ]

[ Chuckles ] Chest bump. Boom! Trina: Whoo! Aah. Sorry. It’s all — I don’t even want to talk to you. You’re joking. That’s my girl. Josslyn: I told you. You told me, right? Hey. What are you doing here? Dex, uh, said he was in some kind of trouble. You know anything about that? Yeah, he’s being questioned. I thought he was calling a lawyer. Does he need one? He was on the scene of diane’s attack. Yeah, I-I-I asked him to lock up. Did you ask him to stand over her body with blood on his hands? Jordan: I’m gonna arrange for someone to stand guard over diane miller in the time being. It’s a good idea.

[ Ringing ] Officer cabrera, I’m sorry to bother you on your night off, but I was hoping for a favor. Of course. What do you need?

There’s been

another stabbing. The victim’s diane miller. Dex heller was at the scene, and he’s been brought in for questioning. Wow. Okay. I’d like you to come to the hospital and stand guard over diane. Absolutely. You can count on me. I know that you don’t have the best memories of jacksonville, so I figured there must be something big going on in order to get you to stay here. And I know that you can take care of yourself. I just want to make sure you’re okay. And I wanted to offer my support if you need it. That support of yours… completely unnecessary? Completely appreciated. The fact that you flew down here… I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I think you just did.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Excuse me.

[ Sighs ] Oh, no. Come on. More bad news?

[ Scoffs ] That “something big” that you were referring to? You were spot-on. What’s going on? They’re clearing out the cemetery where virginia is buried to put in a parkway to the beach. By clearing out, are you talking about moving the bodies? Yes. For beach access? That’s unbelievable. It is. And [Scoffs] That plot was perfect for her. And it was so important to me that she’d be buried there for many reasons. Yeah, I —

[ Sighs ] I remember. Oh, right. So anyway, I-I decided to fight it, you know? Of course you did. Yeah. I hired a lawyer, and I filed an injunction. And? And apparently, I have no legal standing because I’m not a resident. Ugh. So, now what? I don’t know. I don’t know what else to do. Well, you got to keep fighting. Keep fighting? That injunction was my plan a, b and C. W– I’m just saying that there’s other options. Okay, like what? Do you trust me?

You may not have legal standing, but there are other ways to enact change. Okay, I’m listening. Hi. I’m drew cain. Nice to meet you. And you are? My name is carly. Carly. That’s such a beautiful name. Thank you.

[ Whispers ] Ask me what I do for a living. So, drew, what do you do for a living? I own a media company. A media company we could use to raise some hell. Exactly.

[ Laughs ] I stay one or two days. I help you make some noise. The guild, the developers — we lay into them. I can’t ask you to do that. Well, you didn’t ask me. You have a family back home who need you. I’m talking about a couple of days. They’re not even gonna miss me. Carly, you know that I would never offer this if it’s not something that I wanted to do. Are you sure? I’m like 100% positive. Okay! [ Laughs ] All right, let’s make this town sorry they ever crossed you. Oh, jacksonville, you have no idea what’s coming. Bit by bit. It will get easier. It will. Every week that passes, the pain will lift a little more. Do I even want that? Then it will be like brando truly is gone. No, no. Brando will never be gone. I feel the people that I’ve lost every single day. J, my daughter. You feel liam, don’t you? I do. Brando’s no different. There’s a — a step we can take if you’re ready.

[ Breathes deeply ] We can make arrangements for the funeral… and put our boy to rest. So, how did it go with jordan? Fine, fine. It was tense, but it was fine. Yeah. I, um… I experienced a little tension with her, as well. Yeah. Yeah. No, I saw that.

[ Sighs ] I just wonder if it’ll always be this way, even if we get our divorce issues dealt with. You were gonna tell me about your talk. Jordan swears that she did not deliberately sit on those divorce papers. Okay. But what else? Well, she also started saying some very strange things. Strange? Strange how? She asked if you and i were on solid ground, and then she fed me a line about how you can never really know someone, even if you’re married to them. It just felt off, you know? Like — like she thought we were keeping secrets from each other. I’m sure she was just projecting, though, right? Mm-hmm. Right. Because you and I… we’re about as solid as it gets, right?

[ Giggles ] You sure? Alexis and gregory chase found dex in the garage. Mm-hmm. He says he was helping diane. That he didn’t see anyone or know what happened. You don’t believe him? He’s been at the scene of all three attacks and hasn’t seen or heard anything. What are you implying? I have those forensic reports you wanted. Great. Thank you. One second. Look, I know you like this kid. Hm. But you gotta ask yourself. How well do you know dex heller? Rory: Sorry about the forfeit. Hey, a win is a win. We get it. You have to work. There was another attack. Diane miller was the victim.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god. Is she okay? All I know is that she’s in surgery. I’m supposed to go to G.H. And stand guard, make sure no one gets in to see her who shouldn’T. Gosh, this is so awful. Well, there is some good news. A suspect was brought in. Who is it? It still doesn’t mean things are safe. Well, we got hatchets. This is the safest place in port charles. Promise you’ll all go home together. Promise. Excuse me. Yeah. Hey, rory. Listen, I know that there’s certain things that you can’t tell me, but this feels really personal. I’ve been at two of the crime scenes, and diane’s a close family friend. Who’s the suspect? All I can tell you is it’s someone who’s been questioned before and has been spotted at all three crime scenes. Josslyn: Well,

I wanted to let you know

that the police are looking

for you, you know,

to find out

if you saw anything. Uh, thanks for the heads up. Dante already questioned me. Dex: Thanks for coming. How are they treating you in here? So far, no arrest, but I know they think I did it. What happened? W-why did they bring you in? They think I’m behind the stabbings because I’ve happened to be in the vicinity for all the attacks. But I’m innocent. You believe me, right, boss?

Gladys, I don’t think we necessarily have to do this right now. No, gladys is right. How long can we wait? Brando deserve a proper goodbye. Now he’s just sitting in the morgue. Oh, I can’t even think about it. Hi. Yes, I-I have the card right here. We can’t leave him there. And this will be good for us, too. We’ll have somewhere to — to go and visit and talk to him, right? You do that with your brother. And nelle. Oh, sorry. I — are you sure? I — okay, I understand. I’ll be in touch. Gladys, what’s wrong? Oh, nothing that can’t be fixed, I’m sure. What is it?

[ Sighs ] The funeral home won’t take your card because there’s a hold on it with the bank. What?! No, I have more than enough to — brando was my guardian. I need him to sign off on purchases. There’s no problem. Why don’t you just call the funeral home back, and we’ll just use my card? It’s right here. No. Uh, sasha. I want to. No, no. He is my husband. I — he was my husband. I-I’m the one who sh–

[ Sobs ] Oh, come here. Oh, my god. What do I do? What do I do now? You know, when I was with jordan, I could just feel it. Ther e was a part of her thatshe was holding back from me. And I don’t feel that from you. I’m glad. Poor thing must think because she’s keeping secrets everyone does. I’m glad to hear we’re both on the side of truth. Portia: And I need to tell trina

how much I love her.

And I need to tell trina

the truth.

The truth about her father. Babe? What is it? I am, uh — I’m so sorry. I-I just remembered that there’s something that I needed to take care of. It’s very important. Do you mind if I just — no. No, of course not. I love you. I love you, too. I can’t believe this about diana. Are you okay? This is all just hitting way too close to home. Should we just get out of here? I-I’m gonna go check on diana so I can report back to my family. Okay, well, we’ll go with you. Yeah. No. Joss. Listen, it’s fine, okay? I will not have you go out alone.

[ Scoffs ] Well, thanks to sonny, I won’t be, okay? I’m guarded 24 hours. I’ll have reid take me. Just please get home safe, okay? Fine.

[ Exhales deeply ] So, should we get out of here, too? I mean, there’s no point hanging around here. Or we can talk about what’s going on between us. I don’t know what you mean. Trina, you have been avoiding me ever since you found out I was covering for spencer. I get it. You have every right to be mad. Good. Because I am. Oh, I forgot. I’ve got something that I want to send you. Do you have your tablet here? Uh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. What is it? Well, I, um… I stopped on the way to the airport to, uh, put together a little message for you.

[ Tablet chimes ] Oh, well, here it is. All right, here we go. Okay, say “hi, mommy.”

Hi, mommy.

Hi, momma carly.

Good luck. We miss you.

That’s so great,

you guys.

Okay, what else?

I love you, mommy.

I love you. Can’t wait

to see you when you get home. Let’s blow her a kiss,


On three.

One, two, three. Drew. I was hoping you’d like that. I loved it. Well, it’s getting a little bit late. Wait, where are you going? Well, uh, I mean, apparently there’s some conventions in town. A lot of the hotels are booked. So I’ll probably have to get a hotel out of town. But I’ll be back here in the morning to meet you. What are you talking about? That’s crazy. It’s no big deal. Yeah, but I’m sure this couch pulls out. You can stay here. With you? Yeah. I’m gonna be here, too. W– wha– I mean, I don’t know. I’m not sure that’s the best idea, you know? Considering… it’s fine. We’re adults. We can, you know, have an adult-friendly sleepover and… it’s the least I can do. Please? Stay. Okay. Aren’t you gonna say something? Jordan: Sonny. I didn’t know you were a lawyer now. Oh, no. Far from it. Um, I came to check on dex, and I found that he has no lawyer present. What’s that about? And that’s on dex. He chose not to call one. Is — is he arrested? That’s a no. Let’s go. Don’t leave town. Got it.

[ Sighs ] Did dex give you anything? No. And he swears he didn’t see or hear anything. How is that possible? I don’t know. But we got nothing to hold him on. We — all the evidence we have is circumstantial. Am I wrong? But there’s something about him. Something off. Yeah. You’re not wrong. Keep digging. Will do. Thanks for that back there. I’ll give you a ride. No, you don’t have to do that. Let’s go.

[ Grunts lightly ] I’m really sorry about the couch. No worries. I-I thought it pulled out. I really did. Carly it’s, uh — it’s fine. You know what? I can call downstairs and I can see if they’ll bring you up a cot. That would be better. I think you’re forgetting that I spent two years in a cell. So, um, this is like heaven compared to cinder block. Noted. Okay. Okay, um, good night. Good night.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Drew. Yeah? I know I said this before. Thanks for coming. It really means everything. You’re welcome. We’re gonna fix this situation with your mother. You know that, right? I do now. Thank you for being here. I… haven’t always been the kindest or most welcoming to you. For legitimate reasons. But what you’ve done for us… hits — hits me right here. Well, get used to it ’cause I’m not going anywhere. Portia, what are you doing? Curtis told me about your little divorce papers chat. Jordan, how dare you? Trina, I-I hated every single second that I had to lie to you. It’s just, spencer and I, we have this history. And — but so do we. It may not be as long, but it’s — it’s pretty important. So important. And if this messes that up at all — okay. Okay. It won’T. I’m not planning on holding a grudge. It just might take me a minute to get past it. That’s — that’s totally fair. And I-I don’t want to give an excuse. I just want to explain myself. I was torn between two people that I care so much about. And that’S… hard. Extremely. I mean, have you ever experienced something like that? Trina: Cam made it seem like you were alone in that dumpster. Cam assumed, and I didn’t correct him. Because you were with dex. Yeah. I guess I have. Hey. Josslyn, hey, what’s going on? Is dex here? Why are you asking about dex? I heard he’s a suspect in all the attacks. I-I can’t comment. But w-where did you hear that? I-it doesn’t matter. You really can’t tell me anything? At all? Dex was brought in. He left for sonny a little while ago. Thanks for the ride home. We’re gonna make a stop first.

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