GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Cameron apologizes to Trina for not telling her about Spencer’s plan to clear her name but he was caught between two people that he loves very much. Trina tells Cameron that she doesn’t intend to hold a grudge it will just take her some time to get over it.

Jordan asks Rory to guard Diane’s room once she returns from surgery.

Drew arrives in Jacksonville and when Carly tells him she is trying to save the cemetery where her adoptive mother Virginia is buried, he decides to stay to help her save the cemetery.

Gladys and Sasha look at pictures of Brando and Sasha’s wedding and share memories of him. Sasha feels like she doesn’t have any family now that Brando is dead. Gladys, Nina, and Sonny all tell her that she is part of their family.

Dante questions Dex about the attacks because he was close by during all of the attacks. Dex tells Dante he is innocent and points out that he helped save Ava and Diane. Dante asks Sonny how well he knows Dex and Sonny begins to wonder about Dex himself. Sonny offers to drive Dex home but tells him they need to make a stop before he drives him home.

Portia wonders, why Jordan made Curtis think that she is keeping secrets from him. Portia goes to have a talk with Jordan about what she told Curtis.

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