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oh. Lucy coe, what are you doing here? Looking for pickles? Hmm, very nice. No, actually, I would like a word about deception. And — you know, ’cause you are one of our fancy-schmancy, big-time investors. Is this about sasha gilmore pleading guilty to assault and battery on that would-be journalist?

[ Sighs ] Yeah. I hate that she is having to go through that. It’s the last thing she needed, after everything she has endured. I’m sensing a “but.” But… there it is. Okay. What happens in a courtroom is one thing. It’s an entirely different trial that is happening in the court of public opinion. What’s your point? My — my point is, sasha’s the face of deception. She is the physical representation of our brand, and right now, our brand is tarnished. Because of sasha. Yeah, but I-I think I do have a way to fix it. It’s just my partners are sort of dragging their feet. I’m sorry. Where do I come in, exactly? Okay. [ Sighs ] I can’t believe I even have to say this. I don’T… for the sake of our company and for all — everybody else who’s involved… sasha has to go. Hey. You okay? I don’t know what I am. Okay, well, look, after this meeting’s behind us, it’s all gonna be better. How? Well, because then you will finally be able to stand in front of a judge, knowing that we have done everything possible to, a, prove that you’re taking responsibility for your actions, and, b, that you are prepared to get the help that you need. And if the judge still decides that I am a threat to the community? Brando, I could go to prison for a really long time. Anna: Fancy seeing you here. Anna. Won’t you join me? Are you sure? Oh, please, do sit. Thank you. I suppose, despite our mutual distrust, we do have one thing that bonds us. Oh? What’s that? How much we both care about valentin. You know, I have to say, ever since he’s come back, he’s been like a new man, and I have no doubt that I have you to thank for that. Jordan: Based on the blood loss at the scene, my officers believe ava was injured just before she was discovered. That gives us a short window for the approximate time of the attack, somewhere between 9:45 to 10:00 P.M. Uh, that’s, uh… probably around the time I-I ran into maxie and spoke to her briefly. Thank you, dr. Finn. And you, nurse baldwin? What? Do you remember where you were during that time? Yeah, I took a walk around the grounds at some point. Alone? Mm-hmm. I needed a minute to just clear my head. Did something happen to upset you? I’m sorry that ava got hurt, mostly because it hurts you. I figured you’d be here. You’re here for me? Always. And as my uncle victor reminds me, we have to support family no matter what. And ava is my family. And you want to support your father, too. The hell I do. If you only would have listened to me, it would have never come to this.

[ Monitor beeping ] You seem to be at peace for the first time since esme poisoned things between us. It could have been so different! It’s too late now. You’re here early. You want some coffee? That would be great. Okay. Yeah, thanks. Um… so… so, I, uh… I’ve been thinking a lot about last night. Kind of all I’ve been thinking about, actually. Every five seconds? Now it’s pretty much constant, actually. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it nonstop, too. I know that you said that you wanted time, and I — and I — I — I really don’t want to step on that. I don’t, but… there’s taking time… and — and there’s missing a chance. ‘Cause… that was amazing at the boathouse. It was. And I — I feel like we are on the brink of something pretty incredible. And I want it. I want it, and I want you.

I want it, too. You do? What I loved about yesterday — and there was a lot to love… yes, there was. It was that it was so smooth and easy. And it felt… it felt right. Until it didn’T. And I don’t mean it felt wrong. I’m just so scared to see the ending before it even starts. Does that make sense to you? Not really. I know you think you want to see what can happen between us — no, i know I want that. But you don’t know me, drew. You don’T. How can you, when I don’t even know myself? What are you thinking? Just say it. I’m thinking, is it okay to call you out right now? Yeah. ‘Cause I’m thinking what you just said, it’s a load of crap. Okay. If anyone knows themself, carly, it’s you. It makes my blood boil just thinking about it. Smoltz and sienna, they set me up, they destroyed my reputation, and now I’m the one at fault? You’re right, okay? They pushed you past your breaking point, and that is not fair. But focusing on that right now is counterproductive. We need to just get through the day, do whatever it takes to get you home to the people who love you. That’s me, by the way. I love you, too. You ready? Okay. I’m dr. Rubin. Hey, I am brando corbin. It’s nice to meet you. You too. You must be sasha. Please come in.

[ Door closes ] I still don’t understand why you came to me. I mean, I’m not involved in the day-to-day at deception.

[ Scoffs ] Replacing the face of deception is hardly day-to-day. Well, if you feel so strongly about it, force a vote and take care of it.

[ Sighs ] It’s not that simple. A lot of my partners feel like perhaps that might send sasha over the edge. Perhaps it will. Anyway, martin is saying that she’s seeing a shrink. Yep! You talked to martin, didn’t you? If you — I swear, cassadine, if you sent my pickle photo with victor and me to martin, I’ll kill you! I knew it. This nothing to do with sasha or deception. You’re worried about martin. Okay, yeah, you got me. I am wored about martin. I have been worried about martin since the day he left. Could have fooled me. Excuse me? You weren’t worried about martin when victor was fawning all over you at the picnic. Anna: You know, I’m really glad that we ran into each other, actually, because I have been meaning to reach out to you to thank you for going the extra mile to try to smooth things over between us. I-I appreciate that. Oh, you’re very welcome. Because you’re right. It’s easy just to fall back on old habits, isn’t it, and just get ruled by mistrust and suspicion. Surely one conversation wasn’t enough to dispel all your doubts about me? No, but it was a nice reminder of how much we both care about valentin. Sitting there between father and son, you know, and I really realized how much — how much he’s changed, post-convalescence. Wouldn’t you agree? Oh, I-I would.

[ Chuckles ] Tell me, what’s your secret? Does it really matter why I went for a walk? It’s personal. She’s being kind. I was an idiot last night and I brought up a touchy subject, and rightly so, elizabeth left before one of us said something we regretted. And this was…? At the stables. And what did you do next? I was upset, and I went looking for her. I-I-I — like I said, I ran into maxie and asked her if she’d seen elizabeth. She said no, and then I went up to the main house, and, um, I ran into valentin and — and — and spencer cassadine. Spencer had a couple drinks, and I tried to help him. If I asked spencer, would he corroborate? Yeah, if he remembers, but, uh, valentin was there. He would remember, and victor was there, too. And after you left finn, you went for a walk? That’s right. Did this walk happen to take you by the boathouse? I thought things were better with you and your dad. What changed? Nothing. Um… and that is the problem. He’s still the same nikolas cassadine. He’s out for himself, everyone else be damned. He hurt you, didn’t he? He opened my eyes, so I guess you could say he did me a favor? If you need to talk about it, you can. It’s not your problem anymore. I’m gonna go check on ava. I hate to see you suffer like this.

[ Door opens ] What are you doing?

Trina. I’m glad you’re here. Are you? I know how much you mean to ava. She means just as much to me. Are there any updates on who did this to her? No. Unfortunately, ava has her fair share of enemies. Finding our culprit will be difficult. But not impossible. No, of course not. You know, I just don’t get it. Why now? I’ve been asking myself the same question. And? To do something this vicious… it must have been someone who hates her very much. I’ll give you some privacy. Mr. Cassadine? It could also be someone who used to love her. Drew, look around. I mean, yeah, it’s the same kitchen. It’s the same refrigerator. It’s the same coffee maker. It’s the same griddle, yeah, okay. Only because I happened to get the house in the divorce. Of the things that defined me three years ago — my marriage to sonny, my kids, my friendship with jason, and my hotel — three of the four are gone. It’s just me and my kids, and thank god I have them, because if I didn’t, I — let’s not even go there.

[ Sighs ] The jason part was unavoidable because he died, and it was heartbreaking and shattering, but people aren’t guaranteed to be with you till the end of the ride. But my hotel, I gambled and I lost. My marriage to sonny ended because I’m — because the guy who came back from nixon falls wasn’t the same guy that you married. I told you that, didn’t I? Yeah, a couple times. And you were right. Dr. Rubin: I need you to understand that whatever happens next is entirely up to you. No one is forcing you into anything. But in my professional opinion, this is your best option not only to guarantee your freedom, but also your mental well-being. Um…

[ Laughs ] I thought this was a psychiatric exam. You ask me questions and I give you answers. What do you mean, option? I’m sorry. I thought you’d discussed this. Um, so, before he left town, martin suggested an alternative that, like dr. Rubin said, pretty much ensures your freedom. What is it? If you agree, we can ask the court to appoint brando as your guardian. I care very deeply for marty. You got a funny way of showing it. Okay, mr. Judgy judgerson. You did everything but bite victor’s gherkin. Oh! What you saw was a perfectly innocent exchange, and I can’t help it if you’re reading something untoward into it. What — what is that icky, little smirk? Uh, you’re a lot of things, lucy. “Perfectly innocent” not one of them. Neither is my father, for that matter. Well, whatever you saw or think you saw, my loyalty to marty has not wavered. If you say so. I do say so. Well, lucy, if you weren’t putting the moves on victor… I never would — I didn’t, and I don’t want to. …Then you were working him for information. In the espionage business, that’s called a honey trap. Which begs the question, what were you hoping to learn from victor? Much as I’d like to take credit for my son’s transformation, I’m afraid I had no part in it. How do you explain it, then? I don’t know. Perhaps… perhaps he’s just come to realize he’s not alone in the world. Valentin has family now. He’s always had family. Family he’s close to. You? Nothing means more to me. I mean, just look at spencer and nikolas awaiting word about poor ava. Families close ranks when the situation demands it, and the cassadines are no exception. Doubt our loyalty at your own peril. Is that a threat? Simply a statement of fact. I see.

Do you see, anna? Or is this friendly overture just for show? Look, when valentin left town, you two were barely on speaking terms. And now he’s returned, you’re this dynamic father-son duo, so you can’t really blame me for wondering why.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t remember. You don’t remember where you went walking?

[ Chuckles ] The quartermaine grounds are enormous. It was dark. Not to mention, I was upset. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. So, no, I can’t tell you my exact route. But you did or did not go by the boathouse? I don’t know! Finn: Hey, come on. Let’s be real. Can you account for every second last night? Can anyone? My job is to reconstruct the circumstances of ava’s attack. I need to know who was where when it occurred. Wait, you don’t think that i had something to do with this? Do we need a lawyer present, commissioner? I’m not accusing anyone. Are you sure about that? I don’t think we should say another word without an attorney here. I think it might be time for you to go, commissioner. Believe it or not, I’m on your side. My goal is to eliminate you from any possible suspicion. That’s why it would help if you could say definitively where you were at the time of the attack. I can help you with that.

Nikolas: Looks like you hit your head.

How did that happen? I don’t know. Well, what’s the last thing that you remember? I was at the stables with finn, and we had an — an argument, and now I’m here. You know, we’re not — we’re not that close to the stables. You — you really don’t remember walking here or how you got that scrape on your forehead? No. Spencer and I had just had a fight. That’s when you found us, remember?Mm-hmm. Why didn’t you say so? Because, at the time, we didn’t know what was happening. It’s only now, looking back, that the time makes sense, that that was right around the time that ava was… how is she? She’s stable. She hasn’t regained consciousness. She’s strong. She’s gonna pull through. I hope so. Any more questions, commissioner? I’m good for now. The account seems to tie up nicely. What do you mean, “seems to”?

[ Cellphone rings ] Just that I may need to speak with you again. Excuse me. Commissioner ashford. Okay, what was that all about? Guardianship? Only in A… like I’m a child who can’t take care of herself? Just the opposite, sasha. It demonstrates awareness of your mental health issues.

[ Scoffs ] Trusting someone — in this case, your husband — to help make important decisions will send a message to the judge. Not help make. Make for me. Hey, you know that I would never do that. Look — hey, this could lighten your sentence. It’d — the judge might even — he might even toss the punishment out altogether. Isn’t that what you want? Not like this! Brando, you cannot listen to these people. They’re wrong. Honey, I disagree.

[ Scoffs ] When did you stop believing in me? What makes you think I want something from your father? Are you saying you don’t? I just want you to exploit the attention that victor can’t wait to lavish on you. Just shake the tree a bit, see if any information about valentin comes loose. And what makes you so sure that I can get victor to let his guard down? Have you seen the way he looks at you? Trust me, you have all the… necessary assets to be my asset. Nope. Flattery is not gonna get you anywhere. Well, I hope for marty’s sake you’re wrong about that. I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you let me worry about victor, and you perhaps could consider what I told you, to think about sasha and her future at deception. What about martin? Oh, I am all in.

[ Door opens ] As I said, valentin now understands the value of family. As i said, he always has. Oh, well, yes. Of course. His bond with charlotte is unparalleled. How is she, charlotte? Oh, she’s wonderful. Just loving her time at boarding school. Why didn’t she come home for summer? Well, apparently, there was a — a state-of-the-art equestrian center was recently donated. Can’t tear herself away from the horses. Yes, she — apparently, she practically begged valentin to let her stay. How could he say no? Precisely. Well, I really should be getting back to the hospital to check on ava. I’m so happy we had this chat. So am I. So am I. Look, I’m the poster child for the stuff that you go through changes you, but it — it really does. Like, my experience definitely made me realize what truly, truly matters in life, and sonny’s experience clearly changed him. Well, that’s obvious. But what’s not so obvious is the person that got screwed in all of that, that’s you. Look, sonny came back, and he had different priorities, but I actually understand that. A bunch of my priorities when I got on that plane to afghanistan — not my priorities when I got home. I want to hear all about that. I really do. And I’ll tell you. But right now, I need to acknowledge, I need to point out and say out loud that you — you spent a big chunk of your life in a marriage that — it wasn’t always easy. In fact, one could argue that at times, it was just flat-out hard. One could, yeah. And you gave all of yourself. You gave everything, in the good times, in the bad times, and everything in between. And now…that’s gone. And that’s a big loss. Wow. I feel like that… I feel like I’ve been saying that, screaming it out loud, and no one could hear me, let alone see me. I see you. I don’t want to stay there. You know, it’s not something I want to hold onto, and that part of my life is gone. It’s just really nice… really nice to get credit for going through something, you know, and I just…

[ Sighs ] I actually got you a trophy.

[ Laughs ] Shut up. No, no, it’s in the car. I just gotta, like —

[ Laughs ] I gotta polish it up before i bring it in and give it to you. Drew? What? Thank you. You said that already. I know.

The good news is, I get to figure out who I am without those three core pieces of me. The bad news? I have to do that before I get into a relationship with you. Mm. Because what I really, really don’t want to do is make the mistake of rebounding again. Again? Not romantically. But I can see that while I really wanted to help and support you and michael…

[ Sighs ] …Jeopardizing my hotel by that investment, it was a knee-jerk reaction. You know, like, something awful happens to me, so I have to counteract it by doing something positive, so I made a really risky investment and I paid the price. You know, that’s life, I guess, so… question. Okay. If it had worked out… I would be happy. I would be really, really happy. Hmm. But it didn’T. And, you know, it’s not about the money. I mean, would the money have been nice? Sure. But that’s not the important part, you know? I can get over that. What I can’t get over is if I messed things up with you. Brando: I do believe in you. Clearly, that’s not true. Sasha, I know this is shocking and painful, but you did assault someone. There were extenuating circumstances. I’m sure there were. The fact remains, though, that you committed a crime. So that leaves you with two choices — conservatorship or prison. No. Brando: Sasha, I love you. I am only doing this to try and help you, to try and help us stay together. I could not stand it if they take you away. This helps us avoid that. By you being in charge of me? By showing the court that someone who cares about you will be responsible for your treatment. In charge of me. Do not think about it like that. But that’s what it would be! No, it’s not. Yes, that’s what it would be. You would make all the decisions — about small things, like the usage of my credit cards and my cellphone, but big things too. Where I go, when I go, who I go with. Is that honestly better than prison? Yes. And I think if you take a little time and really think about it, then you will actually agree. Where are you going? I need some air. Sasha. I wish I could do something. Make it so none of this ever happened.

[ Monitor beeping ] But we can’t go back in time, can we? If we could, there’s so many things that I would change, different things that I would choose. But do you know what I would do the exact same way? My friendship with you.

[ Crying ] I need you, ava. So can you please open your eyes and come back? Please? I don’t know how to do this without you. I don’t know what there is to tell you. You saw us together at the quartermaines’. Unless you’re suggesting that I’m keeping something from you. Aren’t you?

[ Cellphone chirps ]

[ Sighs ] I got a patient in the er that wants to see me. Go. Uh, we’ll talk about this when you’re done. Okay.

[ Door opens ] Why did you do that? Do what? Tell the truth? Only part of it. Nikolas, when you found me with this cut on my forehead, I had no idea how it happened or where I had been. And? Why didn’t you say so? How’s ava? Trina’s in with her. Oh, is that why you’re here? For trina? Why are you here? To wait for ava to wake up or to pray that she never does? I just spoke with a member of the quartermaine staff who was working the picnic. Oh, congratulations. She had something interesting to say about spencer. What about me? Where you were at the time someone tried to kill your stepmother.

Come on. We both know you didn’t attack ava. Someone did. Hold on. Are you implying that it was me? No. Why would you go out of your way to give me an alibi? Because I care about you. You know, we go way back, elizabeth. Yeah, let’s not talk about that. Okay. And also, I don’t want the pcpd wasting their time and energy on you when the real criminal is out there.

[ Sighs ] Everything okay? Yeah. How’s your patient? Good. Good. Alright, well…

[ Sighs ] I’m gonna go check on ava. You know, you can have a little empathy. Can’t you see how upset he is? With that guy, you see what he wants you to see. The question is, what does he want from you? You heard him. He just wants to help. Helping you or himself? I mean, honestly, why wouldn’t I want to be with you? I’ve been asking myself that same question. You’re handsome. You’re really funny. You’re kind and ridiculously sexy. Oh. I was kind of waiting for that last one. And we already established… effortless. Yeah, it is. You’re not gonna make this easy on me, are you? No. I can’t give in to you. Why not? Because I lost everything that, in my mind, identified me, and I hate it. And I don’t want to hide from it by turning to you. When I come to you, I want it to be for the right reasons. So it’s self-definition time, huh? Mm.

[ Sighs ] Yep.

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh, god. I mean, who am i without sonny and jason? I mean, I don’t know. It’s been since I was 22 years old, when I met them, and I have grown up and changed so much since then, but with them by my side, so I-I… I have to try this on-my-own thing for a while. Well, I… I look forward to meeting her, whoever she turns out to be. Me too. But I don’t think that’s what’s really going on here. No, what I’m looking for specifically is the name of the benefactor that donated the equestrian center to the school. Yes. So if you can find that for me, that would be great. Thank you. As soon as possible. Hello? Lucy? Bye. No, wait. Come here. Wait. No, no, no. I don’t want to wait. I do not want to. Why not?

[ Sighs ] Because every time I talk to you, I seem to get into more trouble. Why? Has there been a development with victor? Oh, no, no. It’s just that valentin is now accusing me of throwing myself at his daddy. Well, then, obviously, you got his attention. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I got his attention. I got his eyeballs. I got his hands. And you — you promised me it wouldn’t go this far. I am not doing this to marty. You don’t have to do anything, but if you care about marty as much as you claim you do — that’s how this whole thing started. Of course I care about marty. Well, then just keep victor on a string, and I will keep marty off the government radar, as we promised. Fine. For how long? Until I am certain of what hold victor has over valentin. And I’m getting closer, alright? Oh, gee. Hurry up.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Are you seriously accusing my great-nephew of attacking his stepmother? Apparently, spencer was three sheets to the wind, getting sick in the bathroom at the time of the attack. Well, are you surprised? Facing 90 days in jail would drive anyone to drink, particularly if he was just looking out for a friend. I’d ask if you saw anything suspicious near the boathouse, but given your state, you wouldn’t be a reliable witness.

[ Chuckles ] Apparently, it runs in the family.

Everything you said sounds great, and — and you obviously believe it, and…some of it might even be true. Some of it? But there’s something else. There’s something underneath it that scares you. And I’m here to tell you… …you don’t have to be afraid of me.

[ Door closes ] It seems we’re not being as honest with each other as we claim to be. Are we, darling? Aren’t you the face of deception? Why, yes, I am. You want a selfie? Nikolas loves ava. He would never hurt her. Oh, I’m not accusing him. Oh, okay. So you’re accusing me. No. No. But something doesn’t add up. If nikolas always knew he could vouch for your whereabouts, why didn’t he just say that? But more to the point, why didn’t you? You know, I’ve had just about enough of your so-called investigation. If you’re not accusing my friends, you’re going after my son. Meanwhile, the person who actually tried to kill my wife is out there, roaming free. I don’t need him to defend him. No, no, no. Spencer, your father’s quite right. The police seem to be doing everything but catching the real culprit. Or maybe we’re closer than you think. You’re not alone, okay? Your family is right outside, even spencer, just waiting for you to wake up.

[ Monitors beeping loudly ]

[ Gasps ]

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