GH Short Recap Thursday, September 1, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Bobbie persuades Carly to go to her leadership seminar in Aruba so she can start a new chapter in her life. Bobbie doesn’t persuade Carly to start a relationship with Drew even though she tries hard to persuade her because she thinks she and Drew would be great together. Carly decides she needs time, alone and she is sure she and Drew will be together someday but not right now.

Curtis persuades Drew to give Carly the time she needs and focus on figuring out what he wants to do with his life.

Valentin finally tells Anna that Victor is holding Charlotte hostage and forced him to frame Jennifer Smith for Luke’s death. Anna tells Valentin that they will figure out a way to make sure Charlotte is safe and then they will work together to bring down Victor.

Elizabeth tells Finn that she blacked out and isn’t sure if she attacked Ava. Elizabeth also tells Finn that she is having flashbacks of her confronting a woman and telling the woman to stay away from her father. Elizabeth realizes she needs help and Finn tells Elizabeth they will figure things out together because she isn’t going to face this alone.

Ava awakens and tells Jordan she never saw her attacker and that she and Nikolas had a fight before she went to the boathouse to be alone.

Jordan overhears a conversation between Trina and Portia where Trina tells Portia Ava has been staying at the Metro Court.

Victor tells Spencer not to tell the police Nikolas slept with Esme because that would only cause more trouble for himself and he is already in enough trouble. Nikolas is hurt because Ava thinks that he attacked her and she doesn’t believe that he would never do such a horrible thing to her.

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