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[ Romantic music plays ] Should we be doing that? I don’t know. But I don’t care. Me neither. No, no, no, this cannot be happening right now. Please. What’s going on? All her desserts for the picnic have gone missing. Oh. You do — you do understand that these are frozen desserts, right? In this heat — in this heat I’m gonna be serving my guests puddles instead of — no, no, no, no, wait. They put me on hold. Unbelievable. Missing desserts? Mm-hmm. Yeah. You got people, right? Do something! Nina, schatz, are you sure? Yes. Well, god knows I have no love for sonny. God and everyone in port charles. So, nina, if you want to chase after him, then — hey, look, look. You both mean well. I know you do. But I am not welcome at the quartermaines’. And the truth is, the feeling is mutual. So if you two want to go and you have nothing better to do, have at it. Not if it means running into the man that put a dent in my scotty’s nase. Yeah, well, you know, that cody bell is now working for the quartermaines. He’s a stable hand shoveling manure. But if my schnitz wants to go, I’ll go. Okay, it’s unanimous. We stay here. And besides, what could be better than kicking back and enjoying my half of this beautiful hotel? Ms. Reeves, we have a disaster on our hands.

[ Ice shaking ] Is this, uh, what you’re looking for? Ava, are you in here? Why’d you take off like that? We were having fun. Maybe that’s the problem. Can’t say I blame ava. Now, that’d be first. Who wants to put their heart out there, only to have it crushed? Whose heart are we talking about? Admit it. Never. You’re glad I talked you into coming here. I’d go anywhere with you. Ugh. Why are you so sweet? Not sweet. Just the truth. Now, that’s more like it. I know people in the trucking business. Want me to track down the delivery? Maybe the truck driver ank some, too, and fell in love. What’s he talking about?

[ Laughs ] You remember nonna’s sicilian thunderbolt? Ah! I haven’t thought about that in ages. She said the original recipe came from cupid himself. I put it in the lemonade.

[ Laughs ]

You spiked the lemonade? And chase and brook lynn drank it. Well, we don’t know who drank it, actually. He meant it for dante and sam, but then the whole thing got mixed up. Yeah, but anybody could’ve had a drink. But you know what? Don’t worry about it ’cause it’s harmless. But you said it was magic, mom. Ah. Still no delivery truck. Ah — yes, yes, yes. This is olivia quartermaine. Yes, I have a picnic full of important people outside. They’re all waiting for the desserts. Yes, I used a hotel vendor that I’ve used multiple times. Please tell me that this delivery is on the way. Excuse me. It’s where, now? Do we need to get a paper bag? I’m okay. It’s okay. It’s fine. Relax. Take a deep breath in, and ex– no, no! And exhale slow. Perfect. Now tell me what happened. The new chef threatened to quit. Did someone asks for ketchup for the dover sole? Not helping, scott. There was a huge delivery of ready-made desserts. Oh, and jamika was offended because she brought over her own pastry chef. She would never get desserts from the outside. No, she wouldn’t, but I know who would on a special occasion like today. -The quartermaine picnic. -Quartermaine picnic. Okay. Olivia must have gone through our vendor, and they mistakenly delivered it here. Okay, this is what I need you to do. Concentrate. Go to jamika and tell her that it was a mistake, never happen again. Okay, go. Run. Run faster, faster, faster, faster. Okay, I’m just going to have to redirect this delivery.

[ Clears throat ] These things happen, of course, but why not take advantage? How? Ride to the rescue yourself. You read my mind. Here you go. Thank you. Ah, come. Let’s, uh — let’s sit while we reach an understanding. Well, I certainly understand your nephew. Every time I let myself get close to nikolas, he…proves himself to be… human? A cassadine. Our family is complicated. That’s one word for it. Can’t the same be said for yours? Or has ava jerome never fallen from grace? Oh, I’ve fallen, all right. More times than I care to count. I don’t pretend to be a saint. Just want to be married to one. Mm. I just want to be married to a man who doesn’t have sex with his son’s girlfriend.

[ Chuckles ] Is that really too big an ask? I can’t condone my nephew’s behavior. That’s good. But it does take two to tango, and we both know esme is more than capable of seduction, taking advantage of a weak moment. Oh, she’s quite the manipulator, that one. Was.

[ Chuckles ] From your lips. But let’s assume you’re right. Then that would mean you’d have nothing left to fear from the late miss prince, wouldn’t it? So you must be afraid of something else. Could it be you’re afraid of being hurt again? How do things stand with trina?

[ Laughs ] They don’T. You haven’t told her you were on her side all along? No. Why bother? My plan was a fail. Not only did i not get the goods on esme, I hurt trina in the process. Spencer, it’s not your fault that esme…

[Sighs] Vanished. Well, not that I miss her or anything, but my big chance to be the hero vanished with her. Like, what a complete waste of time. I don’t know. I think it was pretty heroic that you got up on that stand to testify, even though you knew it would send you back to prison. And I bet that trina thinks so, too, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. Trina’s over me. She’s moved on. And I’m happy for her. I am. As for pentonville, I’M… almost looking forward to it. How could you say that? ‘Cause no one’s gonna miss me. Spencer, that’s not true. Grandmother?

[ Scoffs ] She’s not even in the country. I was talking about me. I’m sorry I was so hard on you guys the other day. I understand. You walked in on us talking about you. That’s never fun. Yeah, well, it — it just felt like you guys thought you knew me better than I know myself. We were just concerned. I know. I know. But it’s all good. Okay? And finn and I are in a great place. Right? Hi. This is dr. Finn for dr. Webber. Is she available? Yes, uh… tell her hamilton finn called. I need a consult with dr. Webber about… someone we have in common. Elizabeth: Feel free to chime in. Right. A great place. I’m glad. I heard about the accident. Oh, yeah, I was just careless with a collection tube. It’s nothing. Anyway, I would much rather talk about something else. Or should I say someone? Okay. Anyone in particular? Yeah. You.

You don’t want me to leave that on? Oh, that would be a look.

[ Chuckles ] You’ve no idea how many times I’ve pictured this. You have? You haven’t? About every 30 seconds. Mm. Think I’m at about every five.

[ Dramatic music plays ] You got a copy of the order? Yes, I have it all right here on my phone. You see, I got the address of the house right there. Oh, I see what you did. What? You checked the delivery address same as billing by mistake.

[ Laughs ] So, basically, I had it sent to myself at the hotel? Looks like it. I can, uh, go over there, clear things up. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Happy to help. No, yuri, I appreciate it. Truly. That’s very sweet. But you don’t work here anymore. You’re a guest in our home. I’m just gonna call to the hotel and see if someone can —

[ Alarm beeping ] What’s that? It’s my security app. Looks like there’s a fire at the boat house. Don’t panic. Let me check it out. No.

[ Singsong voice ] It’s an opportunity. No! Absolutely not. Michael and willow made me feel like a common criminal, banning me from seeing wiley, and then olivia has been openly hostile to me ever since I bought this half of the metro court. Now they’re at the quartermaines’ having this really great picnic for charity when I was pointedly not invited. So why would I go out of my way for them? You’re looking at this from the wrong angle.

You have the upper hand. Either the picnic is a total bust, as they say, or they have you to thank for its success. Yeah. Yeah. Your aunt’s a genius. Make ’em beg for those cream puffs. And when you save the day, they owe you. Yes, they do. They will owe you big-time. You both are evil. Yes, yes. Oh, yes. We work at that. Mm-hmm. But you have a point. Hm. Well, are you coming or not? Let’s roll. While you’ve all beensquabbling over who slept with who, I’ve been keeping my eye on the prize. Which is? Keeping this family intact. Aw. You’re always there when we need you. That’s ’cause you make damn sure we do. That’s not love, victor. That’s control.

[ Chuckles ] I’ve always admired your clarity, ava. Though at times cynical, you’re always the pragmatist, have your priorities in order, which is just another reason you’re such a good match for my nephew. Nikolas always thinks with his heart. Among other organs. You have been horribly wronged. I know that. I’m deeply disappointed in my nephew. I mean, what man in his right mind would cheat on you? And with esme, of all people. But anger, no matter how righteous, must be tempered with common sense, which is why I want to make myself abundantly clear. By all means. When you attack one cassadine, you attack us all. We can either be enemies or family. Ask yourself — do you really want it to be the former? Can’t speak for everyone else, but I’ll miss you terribly. Really? We’ve come a long way since you first came home. Yeah, translation — since I came home on a mission to make you and ava miserable. If only I’d known how skilled you are at doing that to yourselves. Could have saved you some time, huh? Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] I won’t give up on ava. Or you. I think I know why you picked this place to hide out at. I’m not hiding. Okay, maybe I’m hiding.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, okay. Horseback riding. Uh-huh. It’s where you feel free, right? Without a care in the world. I’d really love to have that feeling right now. When you get out of pentonville, we’re gonna fly to greece and we’re gonna go riding on the beach. Yeah, we will. We’re gonna feast on moussaka and souvlaki and all of the seafood that we both could handle.

[ Horse whinnies in distance ] Yeah, that’s a nice picture. Definitely something to frame and hang on the wall. I’m sorry that I just can’t see it. My love life? Why do you seem so surprised? Because it’s essentially non-existent. Aw, no word from chet? No, no, I’ve heard from him. I spoke to him this morning, actually. And? He’s doing well. The new job is everything he hoped for and more. I’m really happy for him. It’s not easy to let go, though, is it? It’s a little easier when you know it’s the right thing to do. Anyway, enjoy the picnic. Yeah, you too. Oy. She puts on a brave front. But, you know, she really wanted things to work out with chet. Hey. Hmm? The next time I forget how lucky we are, will you please remind me? I won’t let you forget in the first place.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Oh, my god! What is this? Sonny, what do we do? Should I grab — should I grab some water from the lake? No, no, no. Water’s gonna make it worse. I’ll just get some dirt. Okay. Ugh! Ah! Olivia: Oh! What the hell’s that?

[ Flames crackling ] Oh! The grill! Oh, my god. What the hell happened? Got a little situation here. Who was on grill duty? That would be me.

Olivia? Oh. My mom’s not here. Oh, uh, do you know where I can find her? Wait a minute. You used to be wiley’s grandmother! I still am. But I certainly know who you are, leo, and I heard all about that play you’re gonna be in. It sounds so fun. “Midsummer night’s dream.” I love that play. I’m sure you’re gonna steal the show. My mom said you stole aunt carly’s business.

[ Giggles ] Um, so do you know where your mom is? I have something for her. Uh, miss olivia is at boat house. Oh. She’s putting out a fire with uncle sonny. Fire? I can take you, if you like. No, I know where it is. You know, it’s — it’s like what violet and I talk about sometimes before bedtime, you know, that happy endings are hard to come by. You know, they — they take work, and sometimes you take a wrong turn on the way to grandma’s house and you run into the big bad wol– what am I talking about?

[ Laughing ] I don’t know. But whatever it is, it’s a good thing all those obstacles are behind us. There’s something I need to — scott: Hey! Dr. Finn, elizabeth. Oh, why the long faces? Don’t you know love is in the air? Mm.

Finally life is beautiful I’d love to get on your good side, victor, if only you had one.

[ Chuckles ] Don’t be misled by my helping hand the other day. That was not a vow of loyalty. That sounds like a threat. If I don’t play along, you’ll reveal my little secret? Oh, so murder is a little secret, now, is it? It was an accident. Yeah, of course it was. And no threats. I’m merely trying to point out that secrets have a way of getting revealed. And should that happen, who would you turn to? Your brother julian is gone. Sonny corinthos may be avery’s father, but that’s as far as your relationship goes. You’ve certainly done your research. Hmm. Face it, ava. There’s no one. Except you? I was thinking more, uh, of my nephew. Nikolas would take a bullet for you, and you know it. That ship has sailed. Then you’d better try to get back on board. There you are. I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Uncle victor. Nikolas!

[ Chuckles ] What’s going on? Oh, god. Sonny, thank god you were here. Grill’s gonna need some serious cleaning. What do mean? What? People don’t want dirt burgers for dinner? Probably not. Okay, look, I’m really sorry, guys. I got a little, uh — I got a little distracted. I left the grill unattended. The fire — it’s completely and totally my fault. Well, it’s not your fault. I mean, I was there, too. Olivia: You know what? You know what? All that matters — everybody’s safe, right? Sonny! Oh! Sonny! Hi. Hey.

[ Chuckles ]

It’s just, uh, yuri — I’m fine. Yeah, it’s just he said it was a — there was a fire, and I kept thinking about the tan-o and how big that fire was. And there’s no fire here. What was burning? It was just the grill. Oh! Drew and I were in the boathouse, and, well, we just didn’t realize how things got out of control. Oh, so me running in, “sonny!” This is a whole overreaction. I get it.

[ Clears throat ] So, olivia, I just wanted to let you know, for the record, I am not crashing your party. I brought desserts. The truck is here? No, I had them load the desserts in my car because they had another delivery to make. Actually, your timing couldn’t be more perfect. I see that. I’ll help you unload. -Okay. -Come on. No more grilling for you. Yeah, copy that. Ahh…wow. Give us a break, will you? We have a little catching up to do in the romance department. I see you insist on wearing black, even to a picnic. I try to avoid grass stains. Oh, he can wear mustard yellow so long as he puts a smile on elizabeth’s face. Doing my best. Okay. He’s doing better than that. Come on. Have fun, you two. -You too. -See ya. So what’s the verdict? Are you sorry you came? I’m only sorry there’s so many people in attendance. I want my man all to myself. Well, now, I think that can be arranged. Come on. Ava and I were just havinga friendly drink. Oh, so friendly. I’ll leave you two to talk. Ava, please. No, no, no, no. Please stay. Both of you. I was, uh — I was just headed out anyway. Such a lovely night. Oh, and remember — on an evening like this, anything is possible. Even new beginnings. That uncle of yours, he’s a real peach. What did he do? He threatened me, not that he would ever admit it. Threatened you? How? Short version — I am to stay in this sham of a marriage, or else. Doesn’t have to be a sham, ava. No, not if we don’t want it to be. Not this again. We were enjoying each other’s company. We were having so much fun. Don’t say you didn’t feel it. Do you really think lawn games can make up for what you did to me? I’m just saying that I think we still work. I love you. And I think deep down… …you love me, too. You’re delusional. Unlike your uncle. But you did say one thing that makes sense. I can count on no one but myself. Bull. You can count on me. You have this inside. Oh [Chuckles] Yeah. Thank you. I don’t really feel like much of a chef after torching all these burgers, though. Oh, I don’t know. I think you’ll get another chance to show off your skills. Man, I really hope so. That was… unexpected? Was it? Well, a grill fire in the middle of a picnic — I’m sure that wasn’t on the itinerary, right? Right. Uh, yeah. Well, it’s my mess, so I will, uh, clean it up. No, it’s our mess. And I will help you. If you insist. I do.

looks like you saved the day, huh? Well, me and my carload of desserts. No, I mean it. Did you see olivia? She was losing her mind. Oh, thank you. Well, actually, sonny, I think it’s you who saved the day with that fire. Well, you know, it’s not like the estate burned down or anything. Well, you never know. A spark could turn into something much, much… bigger. Speaking of which, did you notice what was happening over there? The boat house? Yeah. Well, I could be wrong, but there’s definitely something going on between carly and drew.

Oh, never change

[ Exhales sharply ] Fires, um… fires are scary, huh? I mean, so wild and unpredictable. Yeah. Yeah, but I get why people are drawn to them — the heat, movement, the color. When they’re not hurting people they can be pretty beautiful. In a — in a fireplace, where they’re lit and contained, right? It’s the ones that get away from you that can be so dangerous, you know, lethal, even. I mean, they can cause damage that you didn’t even think about. Carly, are you talking about fire safety here? Or are you talking about us? Excuse me, doctor, but you’re not on call. I’m not on call? Mnh-mnh. I’m not on call. So I’m just gonna put this right over here. No phones. No phones. No phones. Mnh-mnh. So, uh, now that we’re here, um, what would you like to —

always be right here

yes, I’ll always be right here

oh, I’ll always be right here

[ Laughs ] Wow.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Always be right here yeah, that was “wow.” It’s been a while since you’ve kissed me like that. Shame on me. Mnh-mnh. No? No, I like to be taken by surprise. If every kiss was a knee-buckler, then our knees wouldn’t buckle anymore, would they? I guess that’s true.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] What? I just wish I had the words to tell you what you mean to me.

No, I don’t know all I want is for you to feel safe and…happy.

Always be right here well, then you’re in luck, because I do. And it’s all because of you.

And I’ll always be right here

oh, I’ll always be right here spencer. I was worried you might not make an appearance. I might as well have stayed home. Everyone keeps looking at me like I’m already behind bars. Oh, nonsense. Either they feel sorry for me, or they’re avoiding me altogether. Everybody? No, my father — he said all the right things. Let me guess. You, in turn, pushed him away. I’m sorry, uncle victor, but there’s nothing that he can do. That’s as may be, but have you ever stopped to wonder whether you might do something for him? Your father loves you, spencer. He’s gonna be losing you soon. He has no idea what the next few months are gonna look like. So maybe, in the time you have left before you go, you might stop feeling sorry for yourself and think about him. Don’T. Don’t what? Do you want me to tell you that I never stopped loving you? Do you want me to lie and say that I’m fine sleeping in separate bedrooms? ‘Cause I’m not. Well, that is my best offer. Well, then, I reject your offer. We were having so much fun. We were laughing and we were joking. Because we were pretending! No, I wasn’T. And I think if you dare to be honest with yourself, you weren’t either. That was us. It was us at our best, husband and wife working together, not against each other. I’m not the one who cheated! I know. That was you who cheated! And not just with anybody, right? With someone that I detest! And I am not trying to erase what I did. I made a terrible mistake, one that I need to own, and I do. And…can we — can we just — can we move forward at the same time? Can we remember what we had when it was good and not go back there, but build on that? It’s like fake, real — ava, it’s up to us. It’s our choice. We could wake up tomorrow, and we could start over. It just requires a huge leap of faith. And I’m willing to take that step. Are you?

an, I couldn’t have beenthe only one to see it, but there’s definitely, you know — there’s some kind of vibe between drew and carly. Okay.

[ Mockingly ] “Okay.”

[ Laughing ] What do you want me to say? I mean, whatever they’re doing, it’s their business. I-I’d much rather discuss you. Uh, what about me? The fact that you’re here. And I like it. Well… I like you. A lot.

To fall

precipice is endless I didn’t mean to put you on the spot. No. No. You’re right. I’m absolutely talking about us. Can I be honest? Always. I’m 50/50 about the fire breaking out. Okay. Well, I mean, a part of me, of course, didn’t want it to happen because what was going on in the boathouse was incredible. And I didn’t want it to… agreed. …[Laughs] Stop. Agreed, also agreed. But the other part of me says that it was a gift because it gave me a chance to take a step back and breathe… …and see what we have now… …and figure out if I’m willing to risk it. With that being said, you’re one hell of a kisser, drew cain. Mm. Back at you. I cannot think of a better way to end the day than with s’mores, can you? Can I have two? Well, that depends. Did you have any other desserts today? No. Are you sure? I am sure. Okay. Very sure. Then you can have two s’mores. Yay! I’m still wondering who drank my sicilian thunderbolt. Oh, yeah? You think there might be some, um, lovestruck picnic goers wandering around on the grounds? Well, do you? Well, that depends. Did you make it exactly the way that nonna made it? Mm-hmm, I think. Well, then, there just might be. Hello. Hi. Uh, I don’t even know your name. I’m terry. Nice to meet you, terry. I’m yuri. Hi. Uh… okay.

[ Laughs ] There’s gotta be a blanket

somewhere in here. A blanket? But it’s 82 — oh, a blanket. A blanket. Don’t move, not even an inch. Scout’s honor.

[ Horse whinnies in distance ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] So, uh, you see what I see? Nothing. Do you hear what I hear? Nothing. So we now have the privacy that we wanted. And what, pray tell, are you going to do with it? Well, let’s see, now. You close those beautiful blue eyes first, and I will show you. I do hope I’m not interrupting. And I hope you plunder into a patch of poison ivy. Come. Where we going? Anywhere but here. I know you need more than words. You need proof. Let’s start with this. Mm. No. It’s too late for words. It’s too late for kisses. It’s too late, nikolas. You broke us the moment you had sex with esme.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

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