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watch me do a flip! Okay, just be careful, sweetheart. Uncle chase will protect me. Oh, sure. It’s not like I save lives or anything. I’m just a doctor. Chase: What can I say? The kid knows who the real hero is.

[ Chuckles ] I’m proud of both my sons. Even if the only protecting I get to do is for violet in a swimming pool? Have you heard from the civilian complaint review board yet? Dante said it doesn’t look good. But luckily, I’m about to embark on a whole new career.

[ Laughing ] Oh, look. Can you believe it? No.

[ Brook lynn and leo laugh ] What’s all this?

[ Laughter continues ] Alright, what’s so funny? You are, dad. You never told me you were a rock star. No, I didn’T. Well, this is nice, right? Yes. Yes, isn’t it? I must say, it’s very good of you, anna, to take the time, considering what a busy investigator you are. And you’re always so hard to catch. Why don’t we order? Ah! Well, well, well. Anna and valentin, beloveds at breakfast. How very sweet. Gosh, I sure wish I had a handsome companion to dine with. Hold on to yours, anna, with both hands. Ohh. You still sore? Incredibly, and my nose is sore, too. Well, your nose isn’t broken. It’s just badly bruised. But there’s a lot of inflammation going on there. You don’t need a bandage, though. Hi. Oh. Somebody order a cosmetic surgery consult? Oh, that’s funny coming from you, who’s an ob. I dabble. So, whose nose would you like? Grumpy dwarf? Pinocchio? You know what? I will keep my own nose. And speaking of pinocchio and liars, you should stay away from that cody bell. You are blowing my mind right now. You kept this all these years? Of course I did. You guys worked really hard on that thing. Yeah, well, we had the cut fingers to prove it. Yes, I know. I was just so grateful that my kid was thinking about me when he was at camp. And honestly, I was also very grateful that he made such a good friend. Thinking about you? Dante thought about you so much. He talked about you all the time. I felt like I knew you. Especially your cooking, which I am very thankful to have sampled in real life now. You know what, I’m just grateful that the two of you have hooked up again. Honestly, in the last couple years, dante could really use a good friend around here. I have something I have to tell you, mama Q. I’m afraid it might change your opinion.

Britt: You don’t believe cody is dominique’s son? No, I do. That’s why I didn’t press charges against him. For dominique’s sake, not for his. And you know, all this business about him making it on his own, I think that’s nonsense. He’s definitely on the make. And you would be wise not to trust him, because I certainly don’T. Well, I haven’t made up my mind about cody, but when I do, I won’t consult you. Okay. No offense. No offense taken. It’s your bank account. But how does liesl feel about this… this sucker-punching grifter? Well, I just came to check on you, but I see you are in capable hands.

[ Door opens, closes ] What’s that all about? If only she had her mother’s good taste in men. Why are you not in your office? Because I’m here? What’s up? I have some good news. Good. I could use some. Spinelli will not be pursuing you anymore. Spinelli? Wait. No, no, no. Yes, it is true. He has a hopeless crush on you. You’re dominique’s son? And katherine bell’s baby brother? Yeah. You — you knew them? Well, they were before my time in port charles, but I heard the stories. I mean, katherine was married to my husband at a certain point, so… that is — that’s wild. Yeah. It seems my adoptive and — and biological families are both connected to port charles. I should have told you sooner. Is that why you came here? No. No, no, no. I-I swear, like I told dante, it wasn’T. And, listen, under the given circumstances, I totally understand if you’re not comfortable with me staying here. I mean, I’ve loved working with the horses and leo, but… get over yourself. You’re not going anywhere. You’re staying put. Your husband was never really sold on me staying here. And now, with my connection to katherine, that — you leave that to me. You’re friends with both my sons. That makes you family.

[ Dante clears throat ] What’s up with you two? You.

You’re what’s up with us. So you arrested your good friend? I had no choice. Alright, I get it. You’re a cop. You were doing your duty. Now we gotta figure out a way to get cody out of this situation. Ned: Eddie maine and the idle rich. Feels like a lifetime ago.

[ Laughs ] You looked funny. You mean cool. Funny and cool. Right. [ Laughs ]

I thought so, anyway. I was the lead singer in the band, and brook lynn’s mother was our manager. My mom, lois. Remember, I told you about her? Oh, yeah. Look. This look was iconic, dad. You know, he’s still an incredible musician. Oh, she’s buttering me up. She must want something. Okay, so why are you dragging out all this idle rich memorabilia? Besides making fun of your old man, what does eddie maine have to do with anything? Inspiration. Inspiration. For what? My new musical act. Oh… no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no. He didn’T. He did. Brook lynn is gonna make chase a star! -Oh! -Yeah! -Hey! -Yeah!

[ Applause ] You’re almost there. Just spin a little bit faster, and you’ll be golden. I’m thirsty, but I’m gonna keep practicing. Hey, it’s dad to the rescue. Alright? Here you go. Drink up, sweetheart. Don’t get dehydrated. Yeah, you don’t want to shrivel up like a dried prune.

[ Laughs ] Just be glad you don’t have brothers. I have boy cousins, though. You sure do. Can I have the juice box now? You bet, sweetheart. Here you go. How’s that? So you’re moving ahead with brook lynn and this music thing? Uh, yeah, yeah. We’re gonna try things out. I’m actually supposed to meet her soon to talk strategy. Hopefully, she’s good at disaster planning. That’s a pessimistic view. You haven’t even given it a try yet. Singing at the nurses’ ball is one thing. But singing at the savoy? It’s a whole nother level. Hey, savoy? Congratulations. Thanks. Is uncle chase gonna be famous, like bts? Hey, what happened to doc mcstuffins? Doc mcstuffins is for babies. Ahh. My new favorite is bts. Ah, right. I think I have a long way to go before I can sell as many albums as the most popular boy band in the world. You will. I’m sure of it.

[ Chuckles ] I wish I shared in her confidence. Please do join us, ms. Coe.

[ Chuckles ] Well, please call me lucy. Ah, well, lucy. Now you have to call me victor. Well, thank you, victor, for including me, um, but I am afraid I can’t stay. Valentin: What a pity. By the way, where is your beloved martin grey these days? I can’t get him on the phone. Oh, you don’t know. Took an impromptu trip. He what? That’s funny, he didn’t tell me. Yeah, he was — he was compelled to by, uh, forces beyond his control. What kind of forces? Oh, not to worry, because, um, martin has expressed that he is excessively respectful of the exemplary relationship that you have when you work together, and he’s also extraordinarily excited to explain everything that’s going on when he returns. Ah! And with that, I simply must go. But so nice to see all of you… very, very lovely people. Ta.

[ Both chuckle ] What a very charming woman. Trouble in heels.

I’m so sorry. My phone buzzed, and I’m expecting a call. I have to take this. Excuse me.

[ Victor scoffs ] You know, it is polite to turn off your phone during a civilized meal. The wsb is neither polite nor civilized, and she’s on the clock. Victor, what is it gonna take to get you to stand down? I’m sorry. What is it you see in this woman again? It’s not essential that you like one another. I just want her to leave you alone. Yeah, well, I’ll drink to that. Oh, look at you! Trust a super spy to pick up the hints and find me lickety-split. And it won’t take me any time to find martin, either, so you might as well just dispense with all the games and tell me where he is. Did you see it? Did you see my flip? I saw it, sweetheart. That was amazing. That was awesome! I gave it a solid 10, and I am proud of you for not giving up. Maybe she can coach you, son. Never too late to learn a few new tricks. Probably get you a family rate. Ah, ha. As much as I’d love to stick around for the lessons, I gotta jet. But, violet, keep up the good work. Guys, I will see you later. See you, bro. Bye. Hang on. Hey. I’m really sorry about the ccrb. But whether it’s with the pcpd or the music or something entirely different, I know you’re going to succeed at it. Well, thanks, dad. No. No, no, no, no, no, no. I-I can’t take this. You can. And you will. I — let’s call it a loan until you sign your first major contract. Thanks, dad.

[ Chuckles ] The last time we talked, chase wasn’t exactly on board. Well, it did take some convincing, but you’ll be happy to know that I took your advice. I made it more about chase and less about my songs. Look, I am all for your songwriting, but artist management is wholly dependent on the artist. No disrespect to chase, but I hope you haven’t quit your day job. Oh, I’m not leaving deception. This is just a side gig. And chase doesn’t have a day job. You know, he’s still waiting to hear back from the pcpd. And until he gets reinstated, he’s got to get paid. Like, now. I think I could be really good at this, dad. Yeah, I don’t doubt that. But the music industry doesn’t generate instant revenue, so if chase is strapped for cash, look, you need to be real with him about this. Gigs pay. Chase is performing at the savoy. You booked him already? Wow, you are good at this. Well, I didn’T. Linc did. Maxie: It took some doing. I had to take him to get a pedicure, but I got it out of him. Do I even want to know what he said? It was hard to decipher, but it’s obvious you put some sort of spell on him.

[ Sighs ] This is so awkward. No, no, it’s fine. He’s fine. I helped him through it. Look, honestly, I just think he’s lonely. You know, he lost both ellie and jason. Maybe he did, like, a transference thing because you both were close with jason. That is a stretch, psychologically speaking. It’s a good thing I’m not a psychologist. Mm-hmm. All I know is spinelli will not be showing up at your door with flowers and chocolate or hiring a lute player to serenade you. A lute player? Yeah, it was a thing… in the middle ages? Okay, my point is, I let spinelli down gently. You’re in the clear.

[ Sighs ] Have you made your second date with cody? Yeah, about that… so cody’s adoptive sister was katherine bell? Yeah. Yikes. Yeah, she was quite a piece of work. Oh, I know. She did everything she could to come between me and nikolas. Well, she tried to come after me and get all of dominique’s money. If lucy wasn’t on to her, I would have been in big trouble. And now that this cody’s in the mix… I know that they’re not blood-related, but I think he’s a money grubber, just like his sister. Relax, ma. Scott baldwin refused to press charges. Okay. Yeah, well, even if he hadn’t, I wouldn’t want you to feel obligated to help me, man. That’s what friends do for each other. What about this? You remember that guy?

[ Laughs ] Oh, yeah, I do. I was so nervous that first time dropping you at camp. No, you weren’T. I got home from school, you had my bags packed. Ohh. You said I was going to camp. I was gonna stay out of trouble, unlike vinnie henry. Vinnie henry. Yes, I knew that the shoplifting was gonna lead to worse things. Was I right? Well, you were right about vinnie henry. Yeah. Thank you very much. I knew that camp was the right alternative for you, but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t nervous. I mean, I was worried. What — what — what if you were lonely or allergic to nature or something? I — I’M… I don’t know, I just honestly was afraid that you were going to be mad at me for leaving you. Mnh-mnh. No way. No, the way that dante talked about you, it was hard to believe you were a real person. I thought he was making stuff up, but now I can see he wasn’T.

[ Chuckles ] She’s the real deal, man. Well, I will see you guys at dinner.

[ Sighs ] You’re a lucky guy. She didn’t miss a beat. She’s letting me stay, no questions asked. Yeah. Yeah, you know what? I do have questions, though, cody. What else are you hiding?

trying to turnthe tables on linc?! Volume, dad!

[ Clears throat ] Sorry, leo.

[ Quietly ] Why would chase go along with this? Because he realizes we can accomplish two goals at once. Or it could backfire spectacularly and further anger linc, thereby assuring that you never get your songs back. Thanks, dad. I’m having a tough enough time keeping chase convinced that he can do this. Or maybe it’s because your other schemes with chase didn’t exactly… work out for the best? Can’t you just support me on this? Fine. What do you need me to do? I need another pair of eyes. Hey, leo. What’s going on? Fashion show. No, no, no, no, no. No, no. I’m not — oh, come on. We have talked about this. You need a new pop persona. I thought we were gonna talk about strategy, not a fashion show. Well, just think of it as a fitting. We’re going to go through some looks, create a look book, and see what works. What’s this? Fashion show? I’m in.

[ Chuckles ] Let’s do this.

[ Rock music playing ]

[ Polaroid camera whirring ]

[ Record scratches ]

[ Ska music playing ]

[ Polaroid camera whirs ]

Things are going upside down

[ Record scratches ]

[ Heavy metal music plays ]

[ Polaroid camera whirs ]

[ Record scratches ]

[ Punk music plays ]

[ Polaroid camera whirs ] Well, that was a total disaster. Well… it’s hopeless. I told you. Maybe not. So dominique baldwin is cody’s mom? Did you know her? She was my mom’s friend. She was with mac before she and scott got together. Scott was crazy in love with her. He and dominique wanted a child, but she had been diagnosed with cancer, so lucy carried their embryo. That’s how lucy became serena’s mom. Does knowing who cody’s real mom is change your view of him?

[ Sighs ] I’m not really sure. Our first date went down in flames, and then agreeing on the second date was like negotiating a trade agreement. And then he goes and punches my mom’s boyfriend out of nowhere.

[ Scoffs ] Oh, it’s not like scott’s never been hit before. Luke spencer used to do it all the time. Well, maybe luke had good reason. It sounds like cody did, too. He says he didn’t come to port charles to confront scott, but cody has also been known to play fast and loose when it comes to the truth. Then again, so has scott. Well, they’ll figure it out or they won’T. I just — I just don’t need the drama. Okay, I think we both know that dull men are not your type. Yeah, well, I tried the danger guy, and look where that got me. Lesson learned. Oh, come on, britt. Cody is hot and he’s fun, and I know you’re into him. Well, all the more reason to bail out now. Scott might have dropped his charges against cody, but don’t expect my mother to drop her grudge. You’ve lived with liesl’s disapproval before. My mother stood by me through some of the worst news in my life. I don’t dismiss her so easily anymore.

[ Sighs ] Look, I’m sorry that I was so flippant when I brought up jason. I know you still miss him. It’s fine. And when it comes down to it, liesl just wants you to be happy. She’s gonna go along with whoever makes you that way. Does she know about that stupid, adorable passport that cody made for you? No, of course not. Have you talked to him since he was arrested? I haven’t had the chance. Do you think you could give him the opportunity to explain himself? He might appreciate that. You know, when you’re not scheming in epic proportions, you give pretty good advice. Oh. Thank you. Okay.

[ Clears throat ] One day, I will return the favor. Yeah, one day soon, I might need it. Anna hasn’t asked any more questions about you or your dealings. Well, she doesn’t have to. She has resources. Is she still interested in

your dealings, by the way? We’ve moved past that. As far as you know. Where is martin? Oh. Oh. He signed up to give exculpatory evidence for an extended period of time. Yeah, that’s very cute. It is. Mm. So, obviously, he told you about the ex-wives club? Yeah, obviously. Because martin and I, we don’t hide anything from each other — unlike you and valentin, apparently. But isn’t this espionage stuff kind of a seductive, little fun flirtation deal? Because, wait, one day you’re extorting his lawyer to get dirt on him, and the next day, you’re cozying up to him and daddy dearest. This is really weird. You’re quite the pair. You’re angry. Yes, I am angry. Because you drove my man away just when it was getting good. So you know what I’m going to do? I don’t think that valentin would be very, very happy to hear what you are up to, so I am gonna go tell him right now.

[ Chuckles dryly ] Do you really want to do that?

Let go of my arm and find out. Okay, go on. Go. Go tell valentin. I’m sure he’ll find martin’s sudden departure totally understandable, not even like a betrayal, since he chose not to tell valentin about my involvement. I will tell him. I-I-I just want you to back off marty and let him come home. He can come home whenever he chooses. But if you keep going around telling people about what he and I discussed, then he will have more than just valentin to worry about. The irs will be here when he returns, along with his third wife, which, if martin’s told you anything about her, she doesn’t disappoint. You know what you’re doing? You realize you are threatening the mayor’s brother? No, I’m not. I want what you want, lucy. I want martin back here in port charles.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah, right. Just to do your bidding. No. So he can pick up where he left off with you, of course. I don’t know, okay? I-I really do not know where martin is, okay? But I have the feeling that we are both in the dark when it comes to our gentlemen friends. It is of vital importance, now more than ever, that we protect our interests. This family is under siege. Now we’re talking about spencer’s imminent return to prison, are we? Oh, yes, that among other things. Spencer’s dalliance with esme was costly indeed. It is vital that all of you are more judicious in the company you keep. Now, surely, you are not comparing anna to esme. Anna’s more polished, I grant you, but never assume she’s any less devious or troublesome. Lighten up, man. It’s all good. No, you know what, man? I don’t think so. You’re here with my family. You’re working with my mother, my little brother. If there’s anything I should know, I want you to tell me about it right now. I won’t bring any danger to your family, and I’ll try not to put you in any compromising positions, man. Appreciate that. You know, you went to bat for me back in the day. No, we don’t have to do this. Yeah, we do. We do. Because everything went down, I left camp, and I never thanked you for what you did. What exactly did cody do for you? Why do you have that mad scientist look in your eye? Because I’m a genius.

[ Scoffs ] A fashion genius?

[ Laughs ] Doubt me at your peril, wife. Alright, so, uh, what are you? Like a 33? 30. Well, 31. I had a pizza last night. Ah, those were the days.

[ Laughing ] She’ll be diving by labor day. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, time sure flies, huh? Yeah. A few more weeks, and school will be starting for both of us. Hmm. How are you gonna spend the last days of summer? Pestering alexis about the invader? Did she tell you that? She mentioned it. I don’t pester.

[ Laughing ] No. You know what, let’S… let’s try and squeeze in another camping trip, hmm? Before school starts. I found a new campsite. We can bring the kids again. And maybe you can invite elizabeth. You think she’d be up for that? M-might — might be a little too soon for that. Problems? Well, my problem is I still don’t know where I stand. I’m still trying to figure out where her head’s at. I don’t suppose you’ve asked her? Yeah. She’s even less forthcoming since she left treatment. She insists she’s worked through her issues, and she wants me to leave it at that. But you don’t believe her. Oh, I — I want to, dad. I-I do, but… she keeps giving me reasons to doubt it. Elizabeth: You’re gonna be fine.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Stop walking into so many fists. Well, that cody character can thank his lucky stars that dominique was his mother. Otherwise, we’d be going to court. And I don’t want to go to court, especially if his actual father was that slimy leopold taub. People can’t help who their parents are. Somehow, I don’t think we’re talking about cody anymore. Your nose looks good. Next time, don’t wait a day before coming in. Are jeff and carolyn — are they trying to contact — I don’t want to talk about them. Well, I’m just here to support you. Mm-hmm. Elizabeth, elizabeth. Now, listen. Since I got back, I haven’t really talked to you. How are you feeling? Like I need people to stay out of my business, including you.

Brook lynn? I really want to help you get your songs back, but I don’t think I can sell myself as a performer. I mean, maybe there’s another way that we can — chase. This isn’t just about my songs, okay? This is about you getting paid while you fight to get your badge back, because you’re one of the good guys. Look, I know you have jitters about singing, but all artists do. And that’s what you are, chase. You’re an artist. You have to share your gift with the world. You really believe in me? With all my heart. Alright. This… is the ticket. You, come with me. Let’s go! You and I, we go back a long way, don’t we? Hmm? Like, we’ve helped each other out on more than one occasions. We’ve been through some difficult times together. Uh, yeah, we have. Uh, yes, we have helped each other, and we’ve known each other a long, long time. Yes, we’ve been through some difficult times together. We have. But at this moment, I don’t give a damn about any of that, because I had my reasons for approaching martin, and you better not stand in my way! Oh, wow. Really? Or — or what? Or what? Do you honestly want to know? Since your man has hightailed out of town, and he’s left you in his mess? Okay, okay. You got me. I swear on the stars that I don’t know anything about…

[Whispering] Valentin’s secret plan. What? I know, I don’t know why I said that. I just — I kind of made that up, because I — don’t you see? I don’t know what’s going on. Valentin, we just work at elq and deception together. That’s the extent of our relationship. And martin, he can’t help, because, come on, he just does all that legal mumbo jumbo, you know, legalese stuff for valentin. He really keeps him at arm’s length.

[ Quietly ] So you know what I think? I really do think that maybe you should be looking at victor, because victor and valentin have been thick as thieves these days. Right. So at least we agree on one point. In martin’s absence, you are my proxy. Oh, no, no, no, no. Wait. No. Yes, and you had better not run, lucy, because I will hunt you down like a hound on a hare. I’d imagine coming out of a treatment program might make elizabeth introspective and maybe even a little bit raw. It’s best not to push. Yeah, best not to push. She walked in on me talking to terry, the co-chief of staff, who also happens to be her best friend. Were you talking about elizabeth? We’re both worried about her. You know, but elizabeth didn’T…see it that way, and she wasn’t real happy. Well, when she settles down, I’m sure she’ll understand that you were just talking about how best to support her moving forward, right? Yeah. Unless it was more than that. I think, by the end of the conversation, we were considering something you had already warned me about.

[ Sighs ] Contacting her family? Mm-hmm.

[ Scoffs ] Your instincts are what make you such an extraordinary doctor, hamilton. But not everyone is your patient. You know, dad, I-I… I couldn’t save reiko when she got sick. I tried with everything I had, but it wasn’t enough. And now I’m watching elizabeth struggle in a different way. Is the solution just to stand by and watch her fall apart? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. I’m just really sensitive right now. I walked in on terry and finn talking about me behind my back. Well, we all love you. We just want to make sure you’re okay. And I am! And — and you have the right to have feelings about your folks. Don’t talk to your mother. Stay away from your father. Whatever. Just don’t write us off. Elizabeth, whoa. Did I just say something wrong? No, no. You’ve given me plenty of food for thought. Okay, well, thanks for looking at the nose, and I’ll catch you later. Chin up. Bye.

[ Door closes ] Dante can never repay me for everything that I’ve done for him. For starters, I snuck him into the girls’ camp when we were 16.

[ Both chuckle ] And that’s all we’re gonna tell you about that, because we’re a couple of gentlemen, right? I wouldn’t want to divulge. Right. No. Fascinating stuff. I’ll let you fellas keep your secrets.

[ Horse whinnies ]

[ Exhales sharply ] So, um…

[ Chuckles dryly ] I don’t know what I’m doing here. Scott is my mother’s boyfriend, so there’s already a major complication. And even if i partially understand why you did what you did, I still don’t like it. So what are you doing here, dr. Westbourne? You here to tell me I blew it and our second date’s off, or… you’re here to tell me I blew it, but I’m worth a second chance?

Do you have any idea what my dad is doing? Ladies and leo, have a seat. Ready your thumbs. Whether you’re old school or new school, you’re going to want to keep your eyes on this one. I give you… chase! Turn.

[ Laughs ] Dad… those pants! Original eddie maines. Well, what do you think?

[ Whispering together ] Perfection. Now lose the shirt!

[ Laughter ] That was my granddaughter, emma. She just finished her freshman year at university, and I promised her a car, so we were just going over finances. It’s a bit early for emma, isn’t it? Or late. She’s a night owl. Just excited. It is so hard to believe you have a granddaughter at college. What’s your secret? Honest living. Good face cream. Ah, let me guess. Deception. Valentin has just been explaining to me the rewards and challenges of working with lucy coe. You’ve known her a long time. Tell me, what’s her story? Aside from dating my attorney, martin. Well, your mia attorney. I must say, it’s very foolish of him leaving such a lovely spitfire’s bed so cold. Lucy is one who can’t stand to be alone for long.

[ Elevator hums ] Oh! Geez! What? Ow! Lady, watch — oh. Lucy. You saved me a phone call. Wait a minute, did…? Did someone punch you? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. What — I had a little blast from the past. That’s why I want to talk to you, um, about britt’s new boyfriend. Why? I-I don’t care about your girlfriend’s daughter’s suitor. Yuck. Okay, I’ll tell you why, ms. Red dress. His name is cody bell. Did — did you say bell? I did. Well, the purpose of a date is to get to know one another. That’s what I’m hoping for. And I already know you’re a guy who smiles one minute and throws sucker punches the next. I explained the extenuating circumstances. I’m going to need you to explain more, if we’re going to add another stamp to that passport you made me. So get comfortable, cody bell. Start talking. Oh, leo said I missed a fashion show. It’s official. Chase is on his way to the big time. Hmm.

[ Chuckles ] Does that mean you’re in favor of brook lynn’s whacked-out plan? You may eat those words, you know. Maybe. Maybe. But in the meantime, I want to find out what she’s really up to. What is that supposed to mean? It’s brook lynn, ma. She’s always got another angle. When did you become such a cynic? Alright, alright, sorry. Here, a peace offering. Take that. Aww.

[ Laughing ] That is so sweet that you picked up where you left off with cody. I like that. Yeah, just because you knew someone doesn’t mean you still know them. Okay, what is with the insinuations? First brook lynn and now cody? What? I can’t help it. My antenna’s up. What do you want? Well, put it back down. Why don’t you turn your cop brain off for a hot second? And sometimes what you see is actually what you get. Yeah, sometimes. Can I order a lemonade? You can have anything you want, sweetheart. Hey, I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you order three lemonades? One for you, one for me, and one for grandpa. Okay. Okay?

[ Sighs ] I’m sure it was gut-wrenching watching reiko die, and I understand that’s the underlying reason why you want to intervene with elizabeth. But you must know that disregarding elizabeth’s wishes could cost you the relationship. I know, dad. Losing elizabeth would hurt like hell. But this — this isn’t about me. It’s about her. And I could stand losing her if I knew she was going to be okay in the end. Scott:

Don’t talk to your mother.

Stay away from your father.

[ Echoing ]

Stay away from your father. Woman: Elizabeth, what are you doing? Elizabeth: Stay away from my father!

[ Glass shatters ]

[ Inhales shakily ]

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