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Like that — oh. Be right back, okay? Hi. Hi. How are you? I’m good. I feel like I should be wearing a sign around my neck that says “no one has to worry about me.” I’m sorry, nina. You’re the last person I want to snap at. No, it’s okay. I completely understand. I mean, enough people ask, “how are you?” And eventually you want to slap them. You got that right. I don’t want to keep you. You waiting for someone? Oh, no, no. A-actually, I’m trying to get a feel for the place. Remember, I own half of the metro court now. Oh, of course. That’s right. I’m sorry. No, you don’t need to apologize. You have other things on your mind. Besides, I can hardly believe it myself. Yeah? Good disbelief or bad? Well, actually, it’s — it’s going to be a challenge. You know, I have no experience in running a hotel, and it’s not like my partner is welcoming me with open arms. But the more I wrap my brain around it, the more certain I am that keeping the metro court was a good call. Well, in that case, do you want to show me to my table? Oh, yes. This way, madame. How is this table? I’m glad that you feel up to going out. So where’s brando? Sonny: Thanks. Sasha? How can you tell? The look on your face. What happened? Sasha’s ghosting me. She’s not at home. Turned her phone off. What are you doing here instead of being with her? Well, because trying to track sasha down might be the worst thing I can do right now. Hey. Hey. Hey, did you not get my texts or calls earlier? What happened in court? Oh, trina testified. Well, she was great. Spencer’s been arrested. Again? Yeah. What is he arrested for now? Well, he testified that he was with trina when the video got posted. He testified as a witness? Yeah. He came forward last minute and convinced diane that he could give trina an alibi. Wait, so he was at spring ridge with trina? Why didn’t he say anything before? Well, they weren’t at spring ridge. Spencer snuck out. He visited his mom’s grave. It was the anniversary of her death. And he ran into trina there. Well, then why didn’t trina say anything? She was protecting spencer. She finally told me right before the trial started. She promised that if things got desperate, she’d name spencer as her alibi, but she didn’t have to. Spencer came forward on his own. Well, at least he stepped up for trina. Wow. Yeah, wow. He did a total 180. He told the whole court that esme was the one who recorded us and sent the video to the whole school. So why aren’t you more surprised? Spencer knew that trina was innocent all along. What?

[ Sighs ] This was a great idea. Thank you. I figured after everything that happened in court today, you needed to clear your head. Explain to me why spencer went back on that stand and admitted that he escaped from spring ridge. To help you. That doesn’t make any sense. After everything he said to me?

[ Police radio chatter ] Uncuff mr. Casssadine. I’ll take it from here. Thank you. You knew when you gave trina an alibi, under oath, that you were admitting to escaping from prison. Why? Throw enough reasonable doubt at the jury, and they just might acquit her. Whether trina is acquitted or not, you’re most likely going back to prison. I put the sitting room back in order. There’s no sign that you and esme had a fight in there. And you’re positive there was no sign of her near the spot where she, um — where she fell from the parapet? I scoured the shoreline again. That’s the only thing that washed up. Do you think she’s dead? I don’t know. But we should move forward as if she is. I’ve already started laying the groundwork for a cover story. Did you speak with the staff? Sophia, she’s one of the maids, I asked if esme left yet. She said she hadn’t seen her, of course, but we have to make sure that everyone believes that esme took off after your argument. Oh, esme took off, all right. She went straight over the parapet. Don’t! I told you, you have touched me for the last time. I know that you’re angry. Just forget it. No, we have to — I am better off on my own than with a man who betrayed me.

Sasha and I had a fight. I said something cruel to her — something I didn’t even mean. That’s what happens when two people who love each other get in a fight. Did she storm out? You didn’t get to say, you know, I’m sorry? Is that what happened? No, I apologized. But since the fight was about me trying to control her, I thought it would be a bad idea for me to follow her, so… now I wish I had. Since she’s ignoring your calls? The last thing she said to me after our fight was “I need space.” Okay. Do yourself a favor. Give her some space. Why, so I can convince her that I’m not a controlling jerk after all? You’re not a controlling jerk. She — you know, sasha had a relapse. You’re there for her. You’re understanding what she’s going through. You mean as a recovering addict. And whenever sasha and i are apart, I just have nightmares of her trying to buy more drugs. Listen to me. You can’t keep living this way. It’s not good for you or sasha. I know. Which is why I need a favor. Can you spare a guy to look after her? Sasha is not going to like a bodyguard. She doesn’t need to know. Are you asking me to help you spy on your wife? Look, joss, I’ve been wanting to tell you for months. Spencer was only pretending to believe esme in the hopes that she would slip up, provide some sort of evidence that it was her that filmed the video and not trina. All this time, spencer has been playing esme? Once trina was arrested, spencer knew that she was not capable of something so evil and that it had to have been esme that framed her. He also knew that esme would do a very good job of covering her tracks so nothing led back to her. So spencer was only pretending to support esme? Because he was really convincing. Look, think about it, joss. If esme got the slightest bit suspicious, she would have left port charles and we’d have no evidence that it was actually her responsible. No one could know. No one except you. Spencer came over one night. They had just gotten in a big fight, him and trina. I was not cutting him any slack, and I forced him to tell me what he was up to. Joss, I-I — I wanted to tell you so badly, but he made me promise. I-I don’t care what he made you promise. I am your girlfriend, and I had the right to know. Brando is not joining me. He and I need a break from each other. Oh. Hold on. Did something happen? Did you guys have a fight or something? I mean, you’re practically still newlyweds, so I don’t think that you should be needing a break so soon. We are not getting a divorce, nina. I just came here to get a drink, that’s all. It’s not healthy for a couple to spend all their time together. Yes, I agree with that 100%, but… well, you know me. Why be calm, cool, and collected when I can overreact?

[ Chuckles ] I know it’s coming from a place of caring. Okay, this drink. Do you want it with company or without? Normally, I would love to have a drink with you, but I am actually meeting someone. Oh. You are dying to ask who it is, aren’t you? No, I couldn’t care less. I really don’t — I don’t care. It’s okay. I’m meeting sienna colby, the makeup artist. You know her? Yeah. We use her occasionally at some crimson photoshoots, but I don’t know know her. How about this? Why don’t I keep you company until she shows up? Finally. We have to hurry. Sasha’s already at the metro court. Relax. If ms. Gilmore thinks you’re bringing her drugs, she’ll wait. Now, you clear on how this needs to work? You talk to spencer after I left the courtroom?

[ Sighs ] Yeah, to apologize for going off on him earlier. And then jordan came and arrested him. What? Before spencer got arrested, he said that he should have said something from the start. That something being… I think he meant to say that he never believed that I was guilty. But he still stayed with esme, so that doesn’t make any sense. I’m sorry. I-I shouldn’t be talking about this. Well, why not? Cassadine’s testimony was a big deal, and you’re still processing. I just… I don’t know how to feel about spencer yet. I mean, I don’t know how to feel about what spencer did. And what you did, too. You mean what I said on the stand? No. You… and me… what about us? We kissed. Esme could be dead. And you were fighting with her when she fell off of the parapet. You can’t bear the brunt of this on your own. You need my help. I didn’t push her, you know. I didn’T. We were fighting over the letter and she yanked it out of my hand, and it was her own momentum. It forced her over. I believe you. But we already went over this. Everyone knows about your hatred for esme. And you didn’t call 911. Because you told me not to! Because it was the right thing to do. I’m just pointing out that now, we have to live with that decision. Stop saying “we.” There is no “we.” The “we” is done. You had sex with esme! That’s vile enough! But then you lied to my face for weeks! You kept me at arm’s length, and then — and then you had sex with me after being with her! It’s disgusting! I will never forgive you! Ava. You walk out of wyndemere on the heels of esme’s disappearance, everyone’s gonna wonder why, and what are you going to tell them? That I slept with my son’s girlfriend and you found it unforgivable? If that’s not motive for murder, I don’t know what is. Especially since the staff heard you fighting with esme loudly enough to call and tell me. If esme’s body washes up on the shoreline, you are going to be pcpd’s one and only suspect.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh, speak of the devil. It’s pcpd. No, don’t — nikolas cassadine. Father, I have been arrested. Arrested? I’ve been charged with escaping from spring ridge. Will you help? I’ll be right there. What, who? W-who’s been arrested? Is it about esme? Spencer is at pcpd. What? Why? What happened? Spencer testified on trina’s behalf in court. Apparently, he saw trina at the cemetery when he visited courtney’s grave at the anniversary of her death, and trina was there when she supposedly posted the sex tape. He gave her an alibi. Spencer did that for trina? And he was arrested, as thanks for his good deed. I’ll return as soon as I can. No rush. I will not be here when you get back.

I told trina that you had been acting weird and making up all of these excuses. You were lying to me. You’re the one who knew that spencer was trina’s alibi since the video was posted. Cameron, I found that out right before the trial started. You have been actively lying to me for weeks. Months! We’re supposed to trust each other. That means no secrets, especially when it’s about something like this. This isn’t who hooked up at a party or got drunk. This could potentially affect the rest of trina’s life. Look, I told you, I wanted to tell you, but this was important, to prove trina’s innocence. But you didn’T. Spencer still has no solid evidence proving that esme made that video. And what on earth made spencer think that a snake like esme would ever admit the truth? He had incentive, okay? There was a plan. If esme exonerated trina, spencer would tell her who her birth mother is.

[ Laughs ] What? He was bluffing. Okay. You need to tell me everything… from the beginning. You’re not thinking straight. I am sorry that I slept with esme, and I will keep apologizing for the rest of my life. But right now, you have to set aside your anger, and you have to let me help you. Any man stupid enough, weak enough to have sex with his son’s manipulative girlfriend is a liability, nikolas, not an asset. You can be as hurt as you want. I don’t want to be hurt. I didn’t choose for you to be unfaithful. I’m just saying… you can’t afford to focus on the infidelity. We have bigger priorities right now. We cannot let anyone ever find out what happened to esme. I can take care of myself. This is not exactly my first rodeo. Ava, please. Do not do anything rash. We will talk when I get back. Fine. Go. Take a seat. You’re not taking me to a cell? I’m not completely cold-hearted, spencer. I’m aware of the sacrifice you made to help trina. So let’s hear the full story. Unless you want to wait for your lawyer. It’s okay. How did you escape spring ridge? It’s a minimum-security prison. I just did. Why did you feel compelled to escape? It was the anniversary of my mother’s death. Even when I was away of boarding school, I made sure that flowers were left on her grave, and this was the first year that I wasn’t going to be able to do that. So it drove me crazy, and I was growing desperate. And that’s where you saw trina. Mm-hmm. Yeah, she was there for research on a school paper. I convinced her not to, uh, turn me and promised I was going right back to spring ridge, which I did. So you got away with your little adventure. Why confess now? For trina. I shouldn’t be talking about another guy with you. Can if you want to. I can take it. I get it. You do? If the jury finds me guilty, I’ll have to go to prison. Can’t do much dating between a glass window, especially when one of us is a felon and the other is a cop. You have to help me out here. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m reading all of your signals loud and clear. You’ve decided that I’m too complicated and that we should just be friends. If I said that I’m clear on what I had to do, would you believe me? Never hurts to go over it one more time. Call me before you meet sasha, then slip the phone into your purse so I can hear the entire conversation. Sasha talking about the night harmony miller died. Yeah. Best-case scenario, you get the face of deception to admit she was high when she hit harmony with her car, or get her to buy pills off you. At the very least, get her to admit she’s been using drugs. And you’ll keep my name out of it? Of course. You’re my anonymous source. And you get 500 bucks for the trouble of helping me out. You really have it in for sasha, don’t you? It’s not personal, just business. Sasha gilmore is clickbait.

[ Chuckles ] She’s not that famous. Well, not yet. But soon, she’ll be infamous. I am not asking you to spy on sasha. You want one of my guys to follow your wife without her knowing. What do you call that? Okay. Okay.

[ Laughs ] Alright. Yeah, you’re right. When you put it like that, it sounds kind of bad. You gotta stop worrying. I’m not — look, I’m not saying no. But I am. You’re right. It was a bad idea. It was. I mean, the last thing I want to do is be that guy. Y-you got to give yourself a break, you know. Sometimes, when you’re watching somebody that you love suffer, you do crazy things. Yeah, but I’m not making it better by smothering sasha. You know what? You have great instincts. If there’s something going on with sasha, I mean, I’m sure there probably is. What do you think? You think I should go look for her? Sometimes, when people are in a bad way, they don’t want to ask for help. If that’s what’s going on with sasha, what does your gut tell you? That you’re right. I have to go find her.

Brando doesn’t trust me. He watches my every move to make sure I don’t do something crazy, but brando is the one making me crazy. Yeah, being under the microscope is no fun. But — but… brando was on the set of “home & heart” when… you thought liam was in that baby carrier, and brando was the one that brought you to G.H. To put you on that 72-hour psychiatric hold. So he’s a little worried about you. I know, and I hate that I put him through that. It’s not your fault. But it is. I thought that going back to work would make me stop grieving for liam, but I took on too much too soon, and it totally backfired. I promise I’m going to be more careful going forward. Nina: I just want to remind you again, you can always talk to me about anything. Hi, sasha. Nina, this is a surprise. Sienna, how have you been? Good. Crazy busy. Are you joining us? No. No, I was just keeping sasha company until you arrived, so I’ll leave you alone. Have a nice dinner. Sorry I’m late. Traffic was a nightmare. I’m so glad we’re doing this. I was surprised when I got your text. I have been meaning

to reach back out

to see if you need anything. Well, I am glad you suggested this. I feel like having fun tonight.

[ Laughs ] I totally get it. You head for the bathroom first, I’ll follow. Good, good, good, good. My written report on spencer cassadine’s arrest. Sent a copy to the D.A. Tonight. Where’s my son? I assume you want to speak with him. Alone, if possible. Please. Spencer is in the interrogation room. You’ve got 15 minutes. Thank you. Commissioner, as you know, my client was a model prisoner at spring ridge. He fully served out his sentence. And escaped incarceration without notifying the authorities. Save your breath, counselor.

[ Indistinct conversations ] When I saw you testifying for trina, I had feeling this would happen. It’ll be worth it if trina is found not guilty. I’m afraid that’s not a sure thing, son. Which is why I need you to do something for me. Anything. Make sure that esme does not leave town.

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I take it your refusal to listen means you oppose leniency for a young man who was merely trying to honor the memory of his dead mother? I’m not the person you have to convince. You need to go before a judge. Well, then, by all means, what do you say we process spencer A.S.A.P so we get him on that night court docket? I mean, I’m sure my client would love to get out of here as soon as possible, and to be clear, we’re hardly talking about a dangerous felon or a menace to society. He’s simply an impulsive young man who made a bad decision. Why does esme suddenly matter to you now? I mean, if you know that she made the sex tape and posted it, how could you possibly still have feelings for her? The only feelings that I have for esme are anger and contempt. But as long as esme is in town, there’s a chance that she could exonerate trina. I don’t see that happening. Well, I’ve been looking for evidence to link esme to that video, but so far, I’ve come up empty. Esme’s — she’s too savvy to slip up. Yeah. So I came up with another idea — to offer esme a deal. You think I only want to be friends? Where did that come from? Well, to start, you’re not bothered by my talking about another guy. Then there’s a good chance I might be found guilty and sent to prison, which means a bad chance of us getting any closer. And you just have to be practical. At this point, it makes sense that we’re friends. And not even that, if that’s awkward for you. Awkward for who? Rory…it’s okay. My feelings aren’t hurt. I’m sorry to hear that, because I’m totally into you. You are? Then why are you letting me run my mouth about spencer? Shouldn’t you be jealous? If spencer cassadine fell into a hole, never to be seen again, I wouldn’t shed a tear. But, obviously, something is bothering you, and I wanted to help. And if that means talking about spencer cassadine’s testimony and wondering why he came forward, I was willing to bite my tongue until it bled and listen. That’s what I get for trying to be a nice guy. You’re not trying. You are. Sasha: Actually, I’m good. Are you hungry? You wanna order something? Let’s start with cocktails and go on from there. Sounds good. Any particular in mind? You choose. By the way, you look great. I was worried about you after what happened on “home & heart.” Thanks. I’m doing a lot better. I’ve overindulged a few times myself when the stress got to me. Bet it wasn’t on national tv. True. [ Laughs ] So, have you done any exotic shoots lately? I was in venice recently. Lucky you! Tell me everything. It was amazing, but the models were temperamental at times. You know how it is. The photographer has one vision, the stylist another, and when I’m working on the model, they’re telling me, “more blush. Not enough blush. Too much eyeliner. Can the lipgloss be shinier?” It doesn’t matter if you’re in front or behind the camera. If only people knew how stressed out this business makes us. It’s a good thing they don’t know. We’re in the business of selling a fantasy. No matter how much we suffer. Like when you had that horrible accident with harmony miller. Amateur. You’re going to blow this whole thing. Trina’s trial is finishing up. The — the jury starts deliberating tomorrow. It doesn’t look good for trina? You know, I don’t know. It could go either way. But I’m not willing to sit around and wait. Not your style. Sonny, I need you to be sure that trina is acquitted. Well, you know, the easiest way to do that is get the guilty party to, uh, confess. Or I’ll just go to esme prince and just tell her — no, no, you can’t do that. Yeah, I could do that.

Did you know harmony? Sienna: No. I’m just a true-crime junkie. The news that harmony had killed two people and tried to kill two more caught my attention. You did the world a favor, taking her out. Any death is a tragedy, no matter who the victim is. Of course. Uh, so, what happened? Did harmony just run out in front of your car? This was a mistake. Sasha, I am so sorry. I’m like a bull in a china shop when it comes to true crime. Please stay. Good luck finding someone else to discuss your true-crime obsession.

[ Sighs ] Damn it. The titanic stayed afloat longer.

[ Sighs ] Back to the drawing board. It’s not important for the world to know that esme is behind the revenge porn. All that matters is that trina goes free. I thought you’d jump at the chance of bringing esme down, personally escorting her to pentonville.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, well, esme is gone. She left town. Ah, my people can find her. No, there isn’t any time for that. What if the jury comes back and reaches a verdict before they find her? My people are very good at finding people. Sonny. What? Trust me, they will not find her in time. What did you do, ava? This is not about me. This is about a young woman’s future, sonny. Will you help trina or not? I’ll take care of it. What are you going to do? Okay. Thank you. Thank you, sonny. Spencer thought that esme would care more about finding out who her biological mother was than she would about hurting trina. Well, he was wrong, and he was trying to outmaneuver the biggest manipulator on the planet. And there was probably a much simpler, more direct way to help trina. But spencer wanted to be the hero, and he wanted to pull the strings. And I should’ve seen that. Not necessarily. I mean, it’s always easier to say what you would have done differently when you’re looking back at a situation. I wasn’t in your position. I didn’t have spencer begging me to keep this secret. Still, I like to think that if you would have told me, we could have figured something out together. I’m sorry. Now that I know everything, we need to work together to bring esme down. Earlier, you sounded pretty sure you’d be found guilty. I have to consider the possibility. Or you could consider becoming an optimist. If I get my hopes up and I’m found guilty, I’ll be crushed. It’s better to prepare for the worst. You were great on the stand, and you’ve got some serious guts, risking cross-examination. The word on A.D.A. Arden is she eats barracudas for lunch. And I’m just a minnow. Don’t sell yourself short. You gave the jury a chance to see you, trina robinson, as a flesh-and-blood person, not some mustache-twirling villain looking to humiliate her friends. I wish you were on my jury. Do you regret taking the stand? No. I got to speak my truth. And thanks to diane, I got to tell the jury how much esme hated josslyn. Your lawyer did a great job pointing out that esme had means, opportunity, and a strong motive. Well, whatever happens, at least I know I did everything to help myself. Whatever happens, I’m glad to know you. And I definitely want the chance to know you more. Esme was tempted to confess in exchange for learning the identity of her biological mother. I could try again, maybe get her to crack. But I can’t do that if she disappears. You should focus on your own problems right now, not esme. What if you spoke to her? At this point, you have a better chance of getting through to esme than I do. That’s ridiculous. Is it? You and esme have gotten a lot closer lately. It’s worth a shot. Spencer… there’s something I have to tell you. Hey, nina. Hey. Um, have you, uh — have you seen sasha? Well, I saw her earlier. She was meeting a friend. Um, yeah, I-I checked. Uh, she’s not here now. Well, I had to go to crimson to make a quick edit, so maybe she left, went — did you try the pool? No. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah.

Hey, look at you. Hey. Hard at work already. Taking to co-owning the metro court like a duck to water. Will you be delivering my room service meals personally? Very f– wait a minute. You’ve taken a room? Does that mean more problems between you and nicolas? Hmm. Another problem on the long list of problems.

[ Sighs ] And trina is probably on top of that list, I’m guessing. So how is the trial going? Well, actually, that’s one thing I feel very good about. Trina won’t be going to prison? I can almost guarantee it. Dex, get over here. I got a job for you. All right. As far as esme goes… what did she do now? What? She’s gone. Gone? Gone where? She left town. So you are interested? Told you. [ Laughs ] Looks like I’m stuck with you, huh? Like glue. Well, at least until I go to prison. Well, I’m not giving up on you just yet. And you shouldn’t either. Time for my arraignment? I’m afraid not. I am sorry, spencer. I couldn’t get you in front of a judge till tomorrow morning. Spencer has to spend the night in a cell? Oh. My home away from home. Good. Let me take him back to wyndemere. You have my word. He’ll be back before the judge first thing tomorrow. If did that for you, I’d have to do that for every parent who made a similar promise. I’ll be okay, father. Hey, I’ll be alright. I just feel sorry that I can’t be there for trina. I need you to find esme. She’s the key to trina’s freedom. Brando. Hey. Did you ever find sasha? No. She’s not at the pool. She’s not in the restaurant. Did you, um — how did she seem when you spoke with her? Well, she seemed fine. She did mention that you and she had an argument. Yeah, I, uh — I did say exactly the wrong thing. Mm, a specialty of mine as well, I’m afraid. Hmm. Sounds like sasha was covering her true feelings. I don’t know, brando. I just get a sense that… she’s definitely not okay. That was a bust. You think? You’re obsessed with true crime? At least I tried. So pay up. Dream on. You succeed, you get paid. You want me to try again? The gilmore girl is obviously on edge. The tiniest thing could push her over —

[ Creaking ] What is that? Hey! Open up!

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