GH Short Recap Friday, July 29, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Sasha and Brandon get into an argument because Sasha feels Brandon he is smothering her when he is just trying to make sure she goes to therapy.

Willow still doesn’t want to tell Michael about her elevated white blood cell count. Willow tells TJ that she will only tell Michael if there is cause to worry. Michael is happy that Dax continues to get closer to Sonny’s inner circle because Brick is doing a background check on him. Brick doesn’t think Dax is ready to take over Jason’s job. Sonny decides to give Dax a trial by fire to see if he is ready to do Jason’s job.

Spencer testifies that Trina was with him at the cemetery when the video was posted at PCU. The prosecution shows that Trina could have scheduled the video to be posted before she saw Spencer at the cemetery.

Ava tells Same she must go to court and tell everyone she framed Trina or she will make her disappear and they won’t find her until she is dead.

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