GH Short Recap Wednesday, July 27, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Cody apologizes to Britt for their horrible date she accepts his apology, but she tells him she will never go out with him again. Cody asks Marie for advice about Britt and she tells him to be himself.

Nik finally realizes how evil Esme is when Jordan tells him that Esme is suspected of putting a bartender in a coma. Nik worries Esme will tell Ava about their affair. Nik tells Victor everything and he wants to kill Esme but Nik decides he is going to tell Ava the truth.

Spencer testifies at Tina’s trial and he tells the truth but makes a point not to give Esme an alibi. Ava wonders whose side Spencer is on because she knows he is smart.

Esme talks to Ryan and tells him her problem. Esme asks Ryan about her mother and he tells her he never knew her real name and when she left him he searched for her and never found her. Ryan asks Esme not to take Spencer’s deal and when he gets out of Spring Ridge they will look for her mother together.

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