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[ Grunting, breathing rapidly ]

[ Groans ] Felty… I heard a lot about you. It’s all been A… a big misunderstanding. Oh, we are

way beyond that. You’ve been exploiting sasha gilmore, a grieving mother, pushing drugs on her. She asked for them!

[ Groans ]

[ Coughs ] I didn’t want to do that. Listen to me. I don’t want you to talk. I just want you to listen. You offend me… and people who offend me, they tend to disappear. You understand? Good evening, darling. If memory serves, you like roses. Oh, yes. Thank you. I also like champagne. Good. Then I’m two for two. Please, sit. Thanks. To you — the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. I can’t do this. I’m sorry. I can’t — um… I don’t want to put up with this anymore. Put up with what? The dishonesty. Ava: I’m gonna need your help. Anything. First martini. Yes? Yes. Okay. I have every intention of ordering a second, but under no circumstances should I be ordering a third. So don’t let me, okay? No matter how much I insist I need it. Why would you need a third martini?

[ Sighs ] To numb the pain of how badly trina’s trial went today. Oh, no. What happened? Uh, father, ava? Hey, spencer. Would you mind if I join you? It’s important. Aah! Gee, you, uh… really don’t look well.

[ Breathing heavily ] What did you do to me?

[ Pounding on door ] Hey, oz, open up. Oz? Hi, you. Hey, baby. What’s this? It is a smoothie… mm-hmm? …Loaded with greens and antioxidants for immune support. Mmm! Thank you. Yes, of course. You’re welcome. But… I meant “what’s this?” As in, what are you doing here? I thought you’d be tied up at the da’s office until way late. Yeah, well… I needed a mental health break. It was that bad? Trina’s trial has just become a glaring example of how broken our legal system is. Thanks for coming. Well, you said you had major announcements, so I wasn’t gonna miss that. Tell me that you’ve got a plan to get your half of the hotel back. Oh, it’s way more important than the metro court. Whoa. I guess it is pretty major, huh? Well… hey, guys! You, uh, here for the big announcement, too? Uh, actually, we…

are the announcement.

[ Carly chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] I’m pregnant. Get out of here! It’s a true story.

[ Laughs ] Well, it’s about damn time this family had some good news. Oh, congratulations! Oh, no! I-I’ll do anything! No, you’ve already done too much, felty. Come on, dex.

[ Thudding ]

[ Groaning ]

We’re going to bury your body so deep… no one’s ever going to be able to find you, felty.

[ Breathing rapidly ] Please…

[ Thudding ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Groaning stops ] You bastard. A bullet would be letting you off too easy. Josslyn: You are so busted. I just recorded the whole thing, and you’re going down. Oz, I need you to wake up. I have a few questions to ask you about a phone you sold a young lady. Someone’s future depends on it. Oz? Oz? Shoot, man. You’re not hammered.

[ Gasps ] Oz, what did you take? Hey. There you are. What are you on, man? Look, oz, I’m just here to help you. What’d you take? Uh, don’t know. She gave me something. She? Who? What’s her name?

[ Groans ] Oz? Come on. Stay with me. Oh… damn.

[ Exhales sharply ] Yeah. I’m going to need an ambulance here right away. Will esme be joining us as well? Esme doesn’t even know that I’m here. Well, in that case, have a seat. Although, be warned, it’s been a very long and very terrible day. So if a sparring match is what you’re after… it’s not. What about you? Are you okay that I’m here? Of course. What’s going on? I was actually looking for ava. What happened at trina’s trial? Please sit down. What is the point? Please don’t end this evening before it’s had a chance to start. Please. Thank you. I haven’t lied to you. No, no, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Omission?

[ Scoffs ] Okay. Okay. Sure. I’ve held things back — things that I wish I could tell you, but I just can’T. Things like where you were when you were supposed to be at the clinic. “Supposed to be”? I contacted them, which I can do, and I know that you left the clinic weeks before you came back here. Where were you? When I was first assigned trina’s case, I was conflicted. Yeah, I remember. Could I do my job without being biased, or should I recuse myself? And you went with option one. Yeah, well, I made a choice to trust in the system. The way the system is supposed to work, the prosecutor makes the strongest case they can based on the evidence, and the defense makes the strongest case they can for innocence or extenuating circumstances, and the jury, with proper instructions from the judge, makes the call. Clearly, you put a lot of thought into this. Yeah, well, joke’s on me, because it turns out that my role as prosecutor was never up to me. What do you mean? Ada arden pulled some strings, and now I’m loaded down with all of these other assignments. She’s effectively moved me off the case. So instead of asking you to recuse herself, she just… did it for you?

[ Sighs ] God, I just loathe all of these behind-the-scenes politics. Like, that’s why I busted my butt for a law degree? No! I did it to pursue justice. That must be insanely frustrating, and I’m so sorry, baby. Thank you. But can I say something selfish? Sure. I’m glad you are not the one arguing to put trina away. Yeah. You and I had many conversations, sometimes arguments, when I joined the da’s office. I remember those, too. About whether it was really possible to change the system from the inside. I’m starting to think you were right. I’m fighting a losing battle. What are you doing here, jocelyn? Well, I had a very hellacious day in court today, so I decided to go for a run to let off some steam. And then I saw you get out of your car, and I thought that, a, it was weird that you were alone and, b, you were going down some sketchy alleyway. So I decided to follow you. And as a precaution, I pulled out my phone, and good thing, because I saw you and mr. No-neck over here beating the pulp out of some guy and threatening to kill him and — and — and gonna bury him where nobody will ever find him, sonny. And I’m pretty sure that’s assault and premeditation, which will send you to prison for the rest of your life. So…my hellacious day just got a whole lot better. Congratulations, you guys! I’m so, so happy for you both. Thanks, drew. Sparkling cider for you. Oh, thank you. Telling you, that’s one lucky kid in there. You just can’t be born into a family more loving than this one. Well, if you’re referring to michael, willow and wiley, then absolutely. But some of the other distant relations can be a bit prickly. And if you’re referring to the quartermaines, I think “prickly” is a little too kind. I’d go with backstabbing, blackmailing, and a whole lot worse than that. Okay. Ned and tracy, maybe, but that doesn’t apply to you guys. And we’ve already established that you followed lila’s tradition. You guys are the good q’S. Even though my mistake cost you? Stop. Uh, it’s our — our mistake, actually. Which — which wasn’t merging the companies, by the way, or attempting to merge the companies. No, that was a sound business strategy. Our mistake was… trusting ned. Amen. Setbacks aren’t final. Amen again. I mean it, mom. We will not stop until we’ve reclaimed what you’ve lost.

You checked up on me? I’m not proud of it, but…

[ Sighs ] I kind of really wrestled with how to proceed. And then in the end, I decided to trust but…verify. That’s how you know I lied about my time at the clinic? You don’t know the whole story. Okay. Everything I did, I did for charlotte. What does she have to do with you leaving the clinic early? I, uh, I left the clinic for the same reason that we put charlotte in boarding school. I developed a severe staph infection that spread to my spine. And as you can imagine, it’s particularly sensitive after all the corrective surgery that I’ve had. The first clinic wasn’t equipped to handle such a severe infection… so I was moved to a second clinic where I underwent 30 days of intravenous antibiotics… and then extensive physical therapy. It was a long and winding road, but… I made it. Things went very badly for trina in court today. You might be happy to know that. Why would that make me happy? Oh, because you’re seemingly loyal to esme, and esme framed trina. Come on, ava. I think it’s clear by now that spencer doesn’t wish trina ill. Exactly the opposite. At the same time, he can’t simply write off esme. My son is…caught in a difficult situation. Where are you taking him? Uh, to general hospital. Alright. I’ll meet you there. Okay. We’ll take it from here, sir. Curtis: I, uh, just wanted to check out the apartment. That’s our job. This is now officially a crime scene.

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Sighs ] Okay. Enough shoptalk, you guys. We’re here to celebrate our growing family. Yes! Ooh! There you go. Thank you, thank you. Okay, so I just want to say that when nelle told us she was pregnant, it was difficult to find the joy. But she gave us wiley, so we will forever be thankful. Yes. But I want you to know… you are kind, loving, and generous… and I’m so grateful that you and michael found each other. And I’m so excited for the family that you’re creating and — okay, it’s enough. It’s enough. I don’t wanna cry. I just want to say cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. To family! To family! Let me get in there! Come on, now.

[ Laughter ] Cheers, guys. Josslyn, I don’t think you understand what you walked in on.

[ Scoffs ] That’s fair. I’ll leave it up to the cops for interpretation. You don’t want to do that, joss. No, I can’t wait. Okay, I know you’re angry, and — and I don’t like how it ended with your mom. I regret that.

[ Scoffs ]

Now you regret it? I don’t — the pain that the family’s going through — no, no, sonny. The pain that you put us through. Yeah, but if you have me arrested, it’s not gonna just hurt me. It’s going to hurt everybody else, especially donna and avery. Those little girls need their father. Donna and avery needed their father for all of those months that you were gone. But you didn’t remember them or you — you couldn’t care to. Josslyn, I didn’t know who I was. You know that’s not — michael told me that when you were on the stand at nina’s ridiculous visitation hearing, that you stopped asking where you came from. Right. Because you… you didn’t want to know? You were having too much fun with nina to care about those little girls. They got by without you fine then, and they will get by without you now.

repeat in 2 minutes if his o2 sat is not above 90%. Got it. Let’s also get an I.V. Bolus, a toxicology panel, cmp, cbc, blood gases. Yes. Dr. Ashford. Curtis. Hey. Hey, molly. Is everything okay? Well, I’m checking on a guy the paramedics brought in — oz haggerty. Oh, god. Is he a friend? No, but he could be a pivotal witness to prove that trina was framed. Whatever else you may think of me, I really do care what happens to trina. Can you please just fill me in on the trial? Ava: Maybe talking about it will help. For starters, scott baldwin had some kind of family emergency, so trina is now being represented by diane miller. That almost sounds like good news, though, right? Diane’s badass.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Yes, she definitely can be. But unfortunately, the ada went on the offensive by calling both josslyn and cameron as witnesses for the prosecution. But joss and cam have been saying trina is innocent from the start. I was in no condition to parent charlotte, and so, reluctantly, I trusted victor to take her to boarding school. Why didn’t you ask laura or nina? They have a good relationship, don’t they? At the time, nina was preoccupied with the sonny corinthos situation, and laura had extensive mayoral and personal responsibilities. Okay. I mean, they sound like valid reasons if we were talking about anyone other than your daughter. I know that you would do anything for her. I would. And too many people know that, and that makes her a target. And so as much as I despise victor — and I do — I felt that he was the best equipped to protect her. From who? Enemies from my past on both sides of the law, which there are many. I was flat on my back in a hospital bed, and I was fearing for my daughter’s safety. Why didn’t you tell me what was going on?

[ Laughs ] I love you, mom. I love you, too. And you take care of that bundle of joy. I will. Okay. Alright. Text me when you get home. See you, guys! Bye! Aah!

[ Laughs ]

[ Both sigh ] So… so… I, uh… I guess I should get going, too. If you have to. I don’t have to do anything. You can say what you want. You can, you know, think what you want. But if you send me to prison… you think kristina’s gonna thank you? Dante? Donna? Avery? I notice that you left michael off that list. And what about when those little girls are old enough to — to understand what happened? They’re gonna — they’re gonna see their father in prison, and you did that? I love how you’re making this my fault. Like I forced you to beat up some guy in an alleyway. That was all you, just like sleeping with nina and trashing our family was all you. Okay. You know what? I’m not gonna — I’m not gonna sit here and try to tell you there’s always two sides to every story. Punishing me and punishing your siblings are two different things. And I think you can tell the difference. Dex: Wait. None of this was my idea. I had no choice. Explain, then. But keep your distance. And just so you know, I have pepper spray.

I understand what it’s like to be scared for your child’s safety, to know that at any point they could be made to pay the price for stupid decisions that you’ve made in the past. I went through that with robin, and I could have helped you if you’d told me what was going on. I know. I know that. Why didn’t you? Because I was helpless. I was flat on my back in a hospital bed, and then I was hobbling around on a walker. And I just don’t like it when you see me like that, because it… it takes me back to when we first met… and all you felt for me was pity. There’s a situation at cassadine industries. I need to make a call. I’ll be right back. I don’t get what could have gone wrong at the trial. Josslyn would never say anything against trina. Well, she didn’t need to. It’s just the more joss tried to defend trina, the more damage she did. What’s this about? I was hoping that you would be able to restore my internship at spring ridge, but while I was waiting for you, I… what? I realized how much this secret we’re keeping is weighing on me, and I just… I can’t keep going like this. I want to come clean. You don’t mean that. I do. I’m sick of the cover ups, the lies of omission. I want to tell ava and spence that we slept together. The paramedic said a bystander found the patient and called 911. That was you? Wasn’t exactly a bystander. I went looking for the guy. Oz haggerty is a bartender at the highsider,

and he also sells black market phones like the one that was planted in trina’s bag. Trina has maintained from day one that the incriminating phone was planted, and josslyn has been just as adamant that spencer’s girlfriend, esme prince, is responsible for the revenge porn and is framing trina. Could this oz id esme as having bought the phone? That’s the hope. But when I found him, he was too out of it to answer questions.

[ Alarms beeping ] Doctor, he’s coding. If you turn that footage over to the cops, it won’t just be sonny who gets arrested. I will be, too. Well, maybe you should have thought about that before going to work for a gangster. Everything okay? Sure thing, boss. Sonny slapped my hand. I promised to be good from now on. Right. Look, you coming to the quartermaine estate was out of line. My family is off limits. I’ve heard that one before. Do I look like I’m joking? No. It’s just ironic, considering you hired me to take down your father. Look, my work situation is… complicated. You helped attack a man, and you clubbed him unconscious and planned to kill him. You deserve what you get. No, we weren’t gonna kill him. At least, I didn’t think we were. As far as I knew, we were just supposed to scare him. So… would you like more champagne? Who am I to say no to that? Nice. Thank you. You’re welcome. To the new baby. Wow. Can you believe it? Yeah, I can. Yeah, I guess I can do.

[ Laughs ] Mmm. So… how are you doing? I’m great. I mean it. How are you doing? Really?

[ Sighs ] Okay, well… I bounce from fury to frustration all day long. Oh, that sounds fun. Doesn’t it? It sounds lots of fun.

[ Laughs ] Fury and frustration over nina? Yeah. And the fact that she now owns my hotel. Half your hotel. But you know what? I’m so grateful for everything that I still have. I am. So it sounds like you’re kind of all over the place, huh? Yes. I am all over the place. But michael’s right. It’s just a setback. And as someone who’s been down this road, I would know. Wow. And why aren’t you throwing me out the window right now? What? I’ve had some bad things happen to me in my life, but nothing compared to you. Oh, my god. You’re right. That was outrageously insensitive of you. Come on. What are you doing? I’m getting ready to throw you out the window.

[ Laughing ] Oh, come on! What are you talking about? Look. Look at me. No comparisons. Okay? My past is behind me. And, yeah, sometimes I let myself think about it, but only to realize just how good I have it now. I agree. Of course, um… …you know, things could always get a little better. Yeah? Any idea how? One or two.

[ Door opens ] Sonny: Carly! What the hell? You got to get your daughter under control.

Esme, you need to think about this. I have. It’s all I can think about. Telling ava and spencer about our…encounter, it’s only going to cause unnecessary pain. Okay. It’s not like we have any feelings for each other. It was a one-time moment of vulnerability. It is better by far to put this behind us. I just thought I knew where my life was going, you know? Internship at spring ridge, studying psych at pcu. And now it’s all up in the air, and I feel like the only way I can get a fresh start is if I get the truth out. Okay, I get that. You do? Yeah. If the internship at spring ridge makes you feel grounded, then I’ll get you reinstated. I mean, what if it’s already too late? I — I might have missed my window to use it to get into the psych program. Give me until tomorrow. I promise you will get everything you wanted. I knew you’d come through. Josslyn said in her testimony that trina would never buy black-market phone. And then the ada called officer cabrera to the stand, who said that trina tried to do just that. He said that about trina. Why? Because apparently, joss and trina, they went to find the man who they believe sold esme the phone, and they tried to buy one themselves in the process.

[ Sighs ] So it’s ironic, though, isn’t it? That trina, she tried to prove her innocence and ended up making herself look more guilty. We’re not the same people that we were when we met all those years ago. I’m not — I’m not an angry young woman anymore, and you’re not… a scarred hunchback? Oh, don’t do that. That’s just… well… that’s part of your transformation. You know, I don’t have any illusions about you, valentin. I know that you’ve done regrettable things. So have I. But I have seen you work to be better, to grow, to be more honest, to try to make amends. Do you know how bad I wish I could make amends?

[ Sighs ] God, this is just… it’s always just going to be like this. We’re never going to walk a straight line, are we? This whole process, it’s just gonna be a series of stops and starts. And it feels like two steps forward, two steps back sometimes. Are we ever going to learn to trust each other? Did I just break that trust by checking up on you? Why’d you do it? Honestly? Because ever since you’ve come back, you’ve been different, and I wanted to figure out why. I hope you’re okay with my mom’s little announcement get-together thing. What? Did you think I wouldn’t be? I don’t know. She just kinda threw it on us. No, I loved it. Yeah? Could drew’s reaction have been any sweeter?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. That was — that was great. I’m so happy you two are working together. Yeah. Well, it’s nice having someone in the trenches that I trust. And we’ll, uh, we’ll get aurora back in the black. I know you will. And your mom seems good. She’s moving on from the divorce… even from the loss of the hotel. Yeah, she seems freer. I mean, this is the strongest we’ve seen her in a long time. Does that change anything for you? What do you mean? Well, seeing your mom happy and moving forward, does that maybe leave some room for a little grace where sonny is concerned? Do you know brando corbin? Of course I do. He’s extended family. So this guy you think is so innocent, he’s been pushing drugs on brando’s wife. Okay, sonny was pissed and just wanted to make sure we scared him bad enough that he would leave sasha alone. Well, even if you’re telling the truth… I am. …There’s a chance that sonny wasn’t telling you the truth. I mean, he could have killed this man if I hadn’t shown up. And then what would you have done? Would you have stopped him? I don’t know. But I’m glad I wasn’t faced with that choice. This guy was pushing drugs on sasha, so I put the fear of god into this lowlife. And there’s — there’s josslyn. She’s filming the whole thing, and she’s gonna threaten to take the footage to the cops. Okay. What do you want me to do about it?

T.J.: I want him admitted to the icu. He’ll need to be monitored closely. Yes, doctor. Molly: Well? How’s he doing? I had to put him into a medically induced coma. His brain is swollen and it needs a chance to heal. When do you think he’ll wake up? I’ve requested a neuro consult, so once he’s been evaluated, we’ll know more. I also ordered a blood panel so we can see which drugs are in our system. You know, before he passed out, oz told me that a woman gave him something. Yeah. My guess is he was drugged on purpose to shut him up by none other than esme prince. Have you ever seen the two of them together? No, but I recently followed oz to spoon island. What the hell would oz be doing at spoon island if he weren’t meeting up with esme? It all fits. Yeah, well, there’s no way to prove it until oz regains consciousness. And trina is almost out of time.

[ Ringing ] General hospital? Yes. I, um, was notified that my father, oz haggerty, was brought into the er. Is he gonna be alright? Let me take down your information and I’ll have the attending call you. Please. I-I’m all the way in oregon. I can’t be there for hours. Can I just talk to him? I’m sorry. Your father’s been unconscious since he arrived. He is stable, though, and is being admitted to the icu. When will he wake up? You really need to speak to the neurologist. Neurologist? Is my father in a coma? I’ll take down that information whenever you’re ready. Sorry about that.

[ Sighs ] I hope your emergency wasn’t too dire. It’s a problem that requires immediate action, but it’s solvable. I really hope it goes better for trina tomorrow. Me too. But unless some miraculous witness drops from the sky to exonerate her, trina may very well lose everything. There’s a darkness in you… in your eyes. Ever since you came back, I don’t know. It’s like something is really bothering you. You hide it well… but it’s there. I love that you can read me like this. What’s going on? You’re right. There is something troubling me. But it’s no big mystery, and I don’t think it’s a thread that you and i should be pulling. Okay. I like you. And the closer we get… the more I know it’s gonna hurt when I lose you. Why are you going to lose me? A thousand reasons. But when you look at me like you are right now… …I don’t want to think about them. Let’s not think about… anything. Hey, I’m not advocating for you to reconcile with sonny, but maybe just… drop this vendetta against him. All this anger and hate, it’s not good for you, michael, and it could lead you to do something that you’ll regret. Oh, you want me to let it go? For your own sake, especially since it’s clear now that carly’s doing fine. Yeah, this isn’t about revenge. Isn’t it? Look, it’s about doing what’s right. And what’s right is for me and my — my family to just not have sonny in my life anymore. That will really make you happy? You know what? Look, you make me happy. Thinking about our future makes me happy. Us and wiley and the baby, you know that makes four? Maybe someday, I don’t know, five, six… oh, okay. Okay, slow down. The point is, is we got a lifetime of love ahead of us. You have an elevated white blood cell count. That’s it?

[ Exhales sharply ] I know from nurses training that it’s normal to have an elevated white blood cell count during pregnancy. And that’s true. Willow, from what I see, I don’T… I don’t think this is related to your pregnancy. I mean, how could you think of anything else? I can’T. If you turn that video over to the cops, sonny’s lawyer can maybe get him out of it, but not me. I will 100% be convicted. And not for nothing, but… it doesn’t feel like you took that video to uphold the law or prevent a crime. Feels like you did it to get back at your stepfather. And maybe sonny deserves it, but I don’t even know you. I’ve certainly never done anything to you. This could ruin my whole life. Please. Sonny’s ruined enough lives already. I don’t see a point in adding your name to the list. It’s gone. Thank you. I still think you’re an idiot to work for him. Noted. Guess we both got lucky tonight. Just call josslyn and have her delete the footage. She’s an adult. If josslyn witnesses a crime in progress and she chooses to report it, that’s her business. So if I get arrested, convicted and sent to prison, you think joss is going to feel good about that? You got to — you got to stop her now, carly. Isn’t it perfect how it works out what’s good for josslyn also allows you to get off scot free? Well, this is on you. You know that. How is this on me? Well, because you keep egging her on about me, and now she’s out of control. Oh, my god. Sonny, sonny, you should leave before this deteriorates any further. Are you telling me to leave out of my own house? It’s not your house anymore. Last time I checked, it’s not your house either. Unless you guys are moving in together. Enough. Enough. You don’t get to barge in my house and start barking orders. I will consider the situation and I will guide josslyn to do what’s best for her. And if it lands your ass in pentonville, then so be it. You don’t have to worry. They allow conjugal visits. You and nina should be just fine. I would pull back if I were you, because you already lost your hotel. There’s a lot more to lose.

[ Door slams ]

[ Sighs ] You okay? Yeah. I’m fantastic. I’ve got sonny right where I want him.

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