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 I just assumed this was about work. This is medical? I didn’t even know you were on an O.B. Rotation. This isn’t an O.B. Visit. Okay. Then what? After you fainted, I ran a series of tests. I remember. That’s how we figured out I was pregnant. Yes. Yes. Um… but we have to go over the rest of the results. You have an elevated white blood cell count. That’s it?

[ Sighs ] Oh. I know from nurses’ training that it’s normal to have an elevated white blood cell count during pregnancy. And that’s true. Willow, from what I see, I don’t — I don’t think this is related to your pregnancy. Wait, you think I’m sick while I’m pregnant? Come on, michael, what’s the matter with you? Rocco hits harder than that. What, are you having a baby? You’re taking it easy on me? Oh, man, no, you couldn’t be more wrong. Alright. I mean, willow’s good news is making me feel like I could take on the world. Yeah? Even losing out on the elq merger with aurora feels way more manageable now. Face it, your brother is one happy guy. Come on, then! Let’s see you, happy guy. Let’s see what you got. Come on.

[ Sighs ] Damn, I’ll have what he’s having.

[ Laughs ] Hey.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Oh, I know, I know, I’m early, but I figured if we hurry, we have time to get a drink at charlie’s before we head on over to the haunted star. Uh, right. Uh, I’m sorry. I should have called you, but the day got away from me, I still have one more appointment.

[ Sighs ] That’s okay. I guess we can start drinking when we get to the haunted star. Now, go tell your patient to take two aspirin and call you in the morning. Yeah [Sighs] That’s the thing. I can’t join you tonight. Something’s come up. You forget we had plans? Not exactly. Did you double-book yourself? Sort of. And it’s not work-related? Oh, my god. [ Laughs ] Britt, do you have a date?

[ Sighs ] Even if I could guarantee that trina goes free, why in the world would I? Trina, joss, and cam have been badmouthing me all across town. Why would I do them any favors? Because if you ever want to know who your birth mother is, you will make sure that the judge knows the truth. You are the only person who can do that. I know that trina was in her own bedroom the entire time before cam and I went to our bedroom. Can you prove that? Were there security cameras all over the cabin? I mean, the cabin belongs to your former stepfather, sonny corinthos. I can see that as a real possibility. There are no security cameras inside of the cabin. Which means what, exactly? Which means I do not have proof that trina did not leave her bedroom.

Let’s be clear, ms. Jacks — you cannot account for the defendant’s movements from the moment that she went into her room to the moment that you and mr. Webber went into yours. Because of that, won’t you concede that there was plenty of time for your so-called friend, trina robinson, who has already been established to have been filled with jealousy and resentment, to make sure that the phone was set up to record your most intimate moments without your knowing? Objection, your honor. This is pure conjecture on the ada’s part. Judge young: Sustained. Watch your step, counselor. No more questions, your honor. Tj: I was there. The first time you fainted at G.H., That was months before you became pregnant, and that’s what prompted me to run this battery of tests, just to be on the safe side. So you think there’s a chance that something’s wrong with me? All I’m saying is that we need more information. I know you just finished nursing school, so you’ve been under a lot of pressure. We might be able to chalk this up to anxiety or stress, but there’s also the chance that there’s another medical explanation. We have to explore all possibilities. Obviously, you think there’s a good chance that something’s wrong with me, so, dr. Ashford, what aren’t you telling me? Uh, let me introduce you to cody. Hey. This is michael. Yeah, hey. Michael’s the one who gave me the tour of the quartermaine stables. Oh. Made me feel right at home. You know, it’s funny you call yourself a mere stable hand, because to leo, man, you’re already a legend.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, leo’s a great kid. He’s positively fearless, with that horse of his. Yeah. Unlike, um, some people that I know.

[ Laughs ] Oh, you talking about me?

[ Laughing ] Yeah. You talking about me? I was a city kid, man. I did great. Yeah, that was obvious. I did great. I don’t feel bad. Alright, well, that’s enough for me. You guys can stay and beat each other’s brains in if you want. I gotta meet willow at G.H. And in case you can’t tell by the big grin on my face, willow and I are having a baby. Really? Oh, man! Dude, that’s great news, michael. Congrats. Oh, thank you. Give my best to willow. Yeah, will do, will do. I just — I gotta get in the showers. If I’m late, I’m gonna catch a hard time. Really? Willow seemed like such a sweetheart to me. Oh, yeah, no, I wasn’t talking about getting in trouble with willow, I was talking about her O.B. — Britt westbourne. Huh? No kidding. Small world. Wait, you — you know her? Brad: Normally, I’d be upset about being blown off, but since you are practically on the verge of spinsterhood, I’m going to give you a pass this time. Well, I’d love to argue your characterization of my love life… except you’re spot on. Alright. Some friendly advice — all you need to be is the charming and vivacious woman I know you can be. Thank you for the pep talk. I feel so much better about my date tonight.

[ Chuckles ] If you’re not excited about this date, then why are you doing it? I mean, are you just jumping back into the dating pool because you’re looking for love or are you just tired of holding on to all your secrets? What does that mean? Whatever has been weighing on you — that thing you can’t tell me about — well, maybe it’s past time you did. I would like to remind the court of the difference between a sex tape and the crime of revenge porn. A sex tape is made with consent. Revenge porn is made without consent. Ms. Jacks, did either you or mr. Webber ever consent to being recorded? No. Neither one of us knew anything about the video. Not until it popped up on screens at pcu. And yet, despite the prosecution’s best efforts to put words in your mouth, you claim that you know that your best friend, trina robinson, could never have done this. I know she couldn’T. Ada arden: Objection, your honor. To use ms. Miller’s very own words, it’s pure conjecture on the witness’s part. No, it’s not conjecture, because I know exactly the type of person that trina robinson is. I have known her since middle school.

[ Voice breaking ] She is my best friend in the entire world. She is there for me on my good days. More importantly, she’s there for me on my bad days. She knows what’s right from wrong. And I know exactly the type of friend that trina robinson is.

[ Crying ] She is the type of friend to stick by you when everybody else turns and runs. So knowing your best friend, can you ever imagine that trina robinson would go to such extreme lengths to humiliate you and cameron? Never.

[ Scoffs ] I don’t even know how she would get a black market phone, let alone use it against us. How do you know it was a black market phone? I don’T. All I know is a second phone with the revenge porn on it was found in trina’s purse, identical to trina’s real phone — same model, same case. But it’s your belief — it’s your conviction that’s someone, anyone, could have purchased that other phone? No, not anyone. One person did this, and I know exactly who that person is. Once trina recorded joss and cam having sex for the first time, which is just mind-bogglingly horrific, she made it go global. Those are facts, spence. All the evidence says so. I agree with you… that the evidence is stacked against trina, but there’s just one catch, esme. And what is that? We both know that trina didn’t record that revenge porn or distribute it. Because you did.

Robinson did not makethat revenge porn, who did? It’s esme prince. When esme’s boyfriend, spencer cassadine, wanted to break up his father’s marriage to ava, he began to stalk ava, and he asked for esme’s help. Esme lit ava’s car on fire and left the hospital id badge of her dead daughter, kiki, beside the car. Now, that seems like the kind of demented mind that would make revenge porn, don’t you think? Objection, your honor. I’m aware that spencer cassadine was convicted of stalking his stepmother, but his girlfriend, esme prince, was never charged with anything. Can the witness provide any shred of proof to back up this libelous claim? The objection is sustained. No more speculation, ms. Miller. We just want facts. Absolutely. Your honor, I just have a few more questions. Ms. Jacks, what was your gpa your freshman year at college? A 4.0. 4.0. Congratulations. And who was your dorm roommate that year? Trina robinson. Trina robinson. And will she be your dorm roommate your sophomore year? Absolutely. Thank you very much. I have no further questions. You may step down.

[ Mouthing words ] Hey, I’m not keeping you in the dark about anything, okay? There are questions that need to be answered, that’s why I put you on the books for another series of tests tomorrow. Just to be clear, um, this doesn’t concern the baby? This is about my health, correct? Correct. Your issue, if there is one, seems to predate the pregnancy. It’s likely the two situations aren’t related. Now, you have an appointment with dr. Westbourne later, right? Keep that. Whatever it is, we will deal with it. You might say that dr. Westbourne and i ran into each other the other day. What cody means is he parachuted onto the metro court pool and landed on britt, and they both went into the water. No way, that — that was you? That was all over social media. Yeah, all right. To be fair, she was standing in my landing zone. Skydiver, stable hand — anything you can’t do? Oh, plenty. Um… pay a mortgage, ride sidesaddle blindfolded, make babies. Never been able to achieve any of those things. So you don’t let me keep you from that appointment. Alright. Hey, um, good luck. Say hi to willow, and I’m sure mom and baby are going to be fine. Thank you. Your brother seems like a nice guy. Yeah. He’s the best. Oh, the best? Yeah. Then what am I, chopped liver? No, you’re the guy who’s dogging britt westbourne after I told him not to.

[ Laughing ] Come on, brad. All I want is to give this matchmaking thing a chance, if for no other reason than to get my mother off my back. Alright. Fair enough. So is your date someone I know? Someone I don’t know? Is he hot? He’s, um, rough around the edges. On the right person, that could be hot. Is he hot? He doesn’t seem to be trustworthy. Okay. Not to be redundant, but that could be hot on the right person, too. Okay, fine. [ Laughs ] Brad. Yes. He’s hot in a rough, rustic, scruffy way. He bruises well, by which I mean he’s one of those guys who actually looks good beaten up. Weird. And then there’s the fact that we have nothing in common and we don’t even like each other.

[ Laughs ] How do you know that if you haven’t even met… o-m-G. It’s him, isn’t it? It’s parachute guy. Commissioner ashford, can you tell us how this illicit video came to the attention of the pcpd? We received a report from pcu, where the video was first distributed. Then in the course of our investigation, our office got an anonymous tip on our hotline to the alleged perpetrator’s identity. By perpetrator, you’re referring to the defendant, trina robinson, correct? Yes. And what happened when you brought her in for questioning? Trina agreed without hesitation and never asked for legal representation. She said she would do anything to help find the person who had humiliated her closest friends, josslyn jacks and cameron webber. But what did you find in her possession? She had two cellphones in her purse, one that was hers and one that was nearly identical, that she couldn’t account for. This is the unaccounted-for cellphone and this is the forensics report about this phone. Can you please tell us what it says? The digital footprint confirms that this cellphone was used to upload and send the video, also known as the revenge porn, to the pcu community. Anything else? After that final usage, this phone was never turned on again. Is there anything else that ties that phone directly to the defendant? Ms. Robinson’s credit card information was encrypted and used to purchase images by the artist richard molineaux. Oh. In other words, according to your own forensics department, the only person tied to that revenge porn video is the defendant, trina robinson. The evidence seems to suggest that, yes. Spencer: At first, I didn’t want to believe it. There was a time when I had deeper feelings for you than I ever knew were possible. And when I brought you home to port charles — oh, you mean when you asked me to help you in your plot to destroy your father’s marriage? And when you agreed, you raised the stakes by a thousand. I never asked you to torch ava’s car, and I certainly never would have suggested that you put her dead daughter’s hospital id beside it. That is just so incredibly cruel. But that’s who you really are, isn’t it? Cruel. Joss warned me about you. Trina warned me about you. Hell, even cameron, who gave you the benefit of the doubt, went out of his way to warn me that you were dangerous, and even still, I wanted to believe in you, esme. But then… [ Laughs ] Go on. When that video of josslyn and cameron came out, you couldn’t wait to show it to me. You pretended to be horrified, but I could see it written all over your face how happy you were. And then you insisted that it had to be trina who made it. That’s when I started to wonder and waver. And then when I decided to voice my fears that maybe, just maybe, you were the one behind the revenge porn, you instantly came up with a-a pregnancy scare? You think I made it up? Not then. No, esme. I still wanted to believe in you. But when trina was arrested, I just couldn’t look the other way anymore. Everything that josslyn had been saying and trina had done her best not to say, it was all true. You are the one who made that video, and you are the one who distributed it to the world. It was you all along!

Oh, there you are. I was — I was starting to wonder if I had the wrong time for your O.B. Appointment.

[ Sighs ] Willow, you okay? Go on, say it. You think I’m making a fool of myself by going out with the bum who parachuted into my life and couldn’t even apologize for almost drowning me? Honestly, britt, I’m happy for you. No, seriously. Y-you’re a smart woman. If you decided to give parachute guy a second chance, then good for you. Thank you for saying that. Though I’m sure we both know this is probably going to end in disaster. Sure seems like it. Okay, so, I have to ask again — why are you even doing it? You’re supposed to say “it’s going to be great.” But right now, I am late to see a patient.

[ Sighs ] Okay, man, you fess up now. I saw you all over britt westbourne on the fourth. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] What’s going on with that, man? Uh. How could you tell, man?

[ Laughs ] Please. I warned you away from britt and the first thing you do, your interest level goes through the roof. It’s classic. Yeah. So about your warning regarding britt… yeah. What about it? Well, given how you feel about her, my guess is you’re not going to feel too good if she and I go on a date. You’re right, spence. When I first met you, you were an angry, lost, self-centered little boy. And thanks to me, you not only lost your virginity, but you turned out to be an angry, lost, self-centered man. I cannot believe after everything I’ve done for you, standing by your side when even your own father turned his back on you, that this is how you repay me. Spence: All you ever did was work your own agenda. No, enough! You have had your say. Now it is my turn. If you think you can just go riding back to trina, oh, you are an even bigger fool than I thought, spence. You are even sadder and more pathetic than when I first met you. We were together at that cabin, remember? I couldn’t have planted that phone, even if I wanted to, because when I had enough of josslyn’s holier-than-thou attitude, we left together. Your precious, sweet trina could have planted that phone and did. There is simply no way you can get around that. Of course there is. So an anonymous tip claimed that trina robinson filmed and distributed the revenge porn. Now, is there any way to identify the source of that anonymous tip? No. If people thought their identities could be made public, we wouldn’t get the number of tips we get. That’s why it’s anonymous. Of course. So anyone could leave a false tip and suffer no repercussions whatsoever? Yes. Alright. So how did trina behave when you hauled her into the pcpd for questioning? There was no hauling her in. She came in voluntarily. Voluntarily? Well, that’s interesting. Now, you’ve already testified that that she asked for no counsel to be present, but when you began to question her, was she defensive? No, she was very cooperative. She kept repeating that josslyn jacks and cameron webber are her very close friends, and she wanted to do whatever was possible to catch the person responsible for the revenge porn. Maybe it was because her dad had been a police officer, but she was very eager to help and do the right thing. Okay. So when you opened her bag and found the other phone — I didn’t open her purse, trina did. I’m sorry, you’re saying that trina herself opened her bag and produced the other phone? Yes, that’s correct. In all of your many years of public service as a police commissioner, in your experience, is that the way a guilty person behaves? Objection, your honor. We’re not doing a composite sketch of a generic criminal. Actually, I’d like to answer that question because I do think it’s relevant. You may answer the question. Trina did not act anything at all like a guilty person. As I said, her main goal was to be helpful. Thank you. No further questions. Judge young: You may step down. I’d like to call my next witness, officer rory cabrera.

There’s nothing wrong with me, michael, I’m just nervous about our first consultation with the O.B. Congratulations to you both. And from the way you’re both smiling, I take it this is welcome news. Uh, we weren’t trying to get pregnant, but yes, this is very exciting news. We cannot wait to welcome the newest member of our family. Well, in that case, I ask the expectant father to wait here while I do a brief exam. I promise you, willow, it won’t take long. And I hope to give you both a very pleasant surprise. I should have known better, man. Warning you to steer clear of britt, that’s like catnip to you. You couldn’t help yourself. That’s like the forbidden fruit. Cody: [ Laughs ] It’s just one date, man. Yeah. What’s the big deal? I mean, she’s co-chief of staff of the hospital. She can’t be that bad. You remember when the counselors took us hiking up, uh, olson’s peak? Yeah, of course I do. You remember that? As I recall, you were always just a few steps behind me. Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know that there was a sign with big red letters that said, “do not veer off of paths.” Oh, jeez, yeah. And what’d you do? You veered us off the path. We almost got mauled by a bear.

[ Laughs ] I’ve never seen you run so fast before. Oh, man. Come on, man. Lighten up. If there isn’t any danger, there isn’t any fun. At least ava tried to buy me off. All you can do is try and bluff me. The truth is, I thought to myself, how can I twist esme’s arm? And then it hit me — well, what would esme do? For weeks, you’d been pretending to sympathize with joss because she and cameron hadn’t slept together yet. You even made a major production of insisting that they get the master bedroom at the cabin. And when we got back from skiing, before you came in with the drinks, you were the only person not in the living room. Cam, joss, trina, and I, we were all there. But you were off by yourself, and I figure that would have given you plenty of time to go into the master bedroom and set up that black market phone. That is a clever theory, spence. But you don’t have any proof. Oh, I’m not done. Because when we got back in town, I realized that I’d forgotten something, and that gave you the very convenient excuse of going back up to the cabin to pick up what I’d forgotten, as well as retrieve the phone that you’d recorded on. Once you had it, you sent the video to the pcu servers, planted the phone in trina’s purse. Okay, agatha christie. How could I have known that trina wouldn’t handle her booze well and she would go to her room? Are you accusing me of being a psychic now, too? What do we have here? No. No, not psychic, esme. You’re psycho, for sure. I don’t think you’re psychic. The reason that you knew that trina was going to pass out is because you spiked her hot toddy with those pills of yours — the ones that I found in your closet. I showed them to britt westbourne and she told me what would happen when they’re mixed with alcohol. You drugged trina to set her up. And britt told me that if the dosage had been off even by little, you could have really injured trina, maybe even killed her. Do you still think I’m bluffing? Officer cabrera, while you were on duty, were you recently called in to investigate a disturbance at a notorious biker bar, the highsider? Yes, that’s correct. It was a fairly routine complaint. A fight had broken out. Mm-hmm. And, uh, what did you find when you got there? I’m not sure I understand your question. There was a bar fight. I arrived after another unit had broken it up. Your honor, I’m submitting an eyewitness statement from another member of the pcpd who reported two underage girls that were caught up in this brawl. Tell me, officer cabrera, are those two underage girls in this courtroom? Your honor, I object. What does any of this have to do with the charges against my client? When officer cabrera answers the question, the connection will be obvious. I’ll allow it. And I’ll repeat the question. Officer cabrera, are those two underage girls in this courtroom today? Yes, they are. Can you state their names, please? Josslyn jacks and trina robinson. Thank you, officer cabrera. But there’s an even more important question that I need you to answer. Why were ms. Jacks and ms. Robinson in the bar that night?

[ Laughs ] Willow is a bit on the early side, but I think there’s a good chance we can detect a fetal heartbeat. Would you hold my hand?

[ Chuckles ] Of course. Alright.

[ Heartbeat ] That’s the baby’s heartbeat? That sure is.

[ Laughs ] Wow. Uh, you had me worried before, but listen to that heartbeat.

[ Laughs ] Strong and steady. Everything’s okay now. Why wouldn’t I date britt? She’s beautiful. She’s successful. She scraped me up in an alley and gave me a ride to your place. Why can’t you just be happy for me? I am happy for you, man, I’m just looking out for you because it’s something you seem to be incapable of doing for yourself. Oh, so I’m a charity case? Yeah, kind of. No, look, man, I’m your friend, okay? I gave you a couch. I kept you out of jail. My mom hooked you up with a job at the quartermaine stables. I mean, what does that say? That you put in a good word for me. That’s right. And I didn’t do it out of charity. Okay? I did it ’cause we’re friends. Even though we hadn’t seen each other in a long time, the minute — the minute I saw you falling out of the sky, man, I knew you hadn’t changed a bit. Yeah, well, you have, man. I don’t know. Maybe it’s ’cause you’re a dad. Maybe it’s the badge, but you’re a lot different than the kid from bensonhurst I used to know. Well, yeah. Yeah, I am. I grew up, man. Maybe you should try it sometime. You set up an innocent woman to potentially go to prison. Not to mention what you did to joss and cam with the sex tape. I’ll give you this much, esme — you were thorough in your revenge. You found a way to take them all down. You think you’ve got it all worked out, do you? Uh-huh. So what do you expect me to do? Just walk into that courtroom and trade places with trina? No, I don’t expect you to do that, because doing that would require a conscience, something that you clearly do not have. But if you were smart enough to frame trina, then you are smart enough to clear her without incriminating yourself. She really means that much to you? Well, I think that the more pertinent question is how much does your mother mean to you? Oh, my god, you ass! After all of the lies you’ve told, do you really expect me to believe that you found a match for my dna? I have the evidence, esme. It’s right here. You can look for yourself. I can tell you the name. Or you can walk out that door and you can let trina take the fall. It’s up to you. So what is more important to you? Ruining trina’s life or finding your mother? Rory: Mr. Robinson and ms. Jacks were carrying fake ids. I confiscated them and let them off with a stern warning to never try that again. Ada arden: Very understanding of you, officer. But were they only in that bar that night to drink alcohol as minors? I’m not sure what you mean. That document is a rap sheet for a bartender, oz haggerty, who was working at that same bar. Officer cabrera, can you read off the crimes that that bartender was arrested for? Petty theft. And he had a prior for trafficking in stolen electronics. Could you be more specific? What kind of electronics? Mostly black market cellphones. He sells black market cellphones, the kind that trina robinson’s best friend, josslyn jacks, according to her testimony, the defendant would never know how to buy.

Hey, willow. Are you okay? Am I okay? We just heard our baby’s heartbeat.

[ Laughs ] I have never been better or happier. Got your text. By the way, thanks for referring a new patient to me. Willow’s pregnancy is progressing nicely. We just heard the baby’s heartbeat. That’s great to hear, but I — I need you to keep me in the loop about willow. Why? Can we go to your office and I’ll fill you in? Okay, yeah, I don’t have a kid or steady career, but I’m growing up in my own way. Believe it or not, I’m actually already making plans for my future.

[ Laughs ] By being a stable boy? Come on, man. It’s got “boy” in the title. Mm-hmm. Make as many jokes as you want. I’m going to prove you wrong about a lot of things. Oh, yeah? Including britt westbourne? The matchmaker herself matched us up. The matchmaker matched you up, huh? Mm-hmm. Alright, well, here’s hoping that match doesn’t turn into a dumpster fire. But hey, if it does, remember your old pal tried to warn you otherwise.

[ Door closes ] You’re doing all of this

[Laughing] Because you think that you can win trina over? I clear her name and she’s all yours? Oh. Who is delusional now, spence? Even if trina did have feelings for you, she has moved on. Or have you’re not seen her with the hot rookie cop? Damn it, esme! Is that your final answer? No. You’ve given me a lot to think about. Well, don’t take too long, because I’m not going to leave this deal on the table indefinitely. As a reminder, I am not the one on trial. And as for you, if I hear that you tried to play the hero and go to trina with this conversation, you will never, ever get what you want. Neither will you. If it comes to choosing finding out who my mother is or hurting you the way that you have hurt me, don’t be so sure you’ll know what I’ll choose.

[ Door slams ] Officer cabrera, I just have a few questions for you. When you confiscated josslyn jacks’ and trina robinson’s fake ids inside the highsider, did you ask them why they were there? Yes. And what did they tell you? They were looking for the bartender who sold esme prince a black market phone. Okay, so is this kind of a referral deal? Esme prince got a groovy phone off this guy. They wanted one, too. Objection, your honor. Counsel is leading the witness. I’ll allow it, but get where you’re going, ms. Miller. Bottom line, were trina robinson and josslyn jacks in the highsider to purchase a black market phone? No. No. They were looking for the bartender, oz haggerty, to id esme prince. Ah. And did he? Objection, your honor. Hearsay. Officer cabrera was not present when ms. Jacks and the defendant allegedly spoke to mr. Haggerty. The officer has no idea what was said, if anything. Sustained. I have no further questions. Thank you. I’ll call for an adjournment.

[ Gavel bangs ] Bailiff: All rise. Well, I think there’s reasonable doubt, for sure.

[ Sighs ] I just hate the way the ada twisted my words. I don’t blame you, joss. I know you just tried to help me. Trina, honey, just — just hang in there, okay?

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