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hi. Mayor collins. Oh, please. Thank you. Hi, trina. Portia: Thank you so much for doing this. Oh, please. When scott baldwin asked me to make a statement to attest to trina’s good character, I was more than happy to do so. Where is scott? Actually, scott isn’t coming.

[ Yawns ] Boy. Hey, um… ooh. Dad, we’ve been knocking on doors all night. Yeah. If you want to go take a load off and sit in the car. I stowed some waters in the trunk. You can kick back and listen to some jazz music on the radio. Listen to you, talking to me like I’m some old man. Why don’t you go sit in the car and listen to jazz on the radio? I’m gonna keep knocking on all these doors looking for that bartender. Alright? Right. I forgot how feisty you are. No, no, no. Not feisty. Determined. Trina’s like a granddaughter to me now. Ain’t no way she’s going to jail — not if I can help it. Right? Okay. So we’ll keep knocking on doors until we find the bartender that sold esme prince the unregistered phone. Unless tj and taggert find him first. But I don’t know about you. I’m feeling lucky. Should you do the honors, or should I? Man: Payment’s coming! Can I help you? I believe you can. Mm. Good morning to you, too. I don’t suppose I can whisk you off to the bedroom? I wish. But you have plans? Where are you heading this morning?

[ Sighs ] Well, it’s trina. Her — her trial starts today, and I’m gonna head over to her mother’s, and we’re gonna go to the courthouse from there. Of course. Apologies for forgetting.

[ Teacup thuds ] What? Nothing. Never mind. Ava. I-I was just going to ask if you could maybe keep esme from showing up at court, you know, so she doesn’t upset trina, but I realize that’s wishful thinking. It’s not that I wouldn’t ask esme to stay away. I just don’t hold that kind of sway over her. Good morning, my love. Sorry. Didn’t mean to spoil your day. No, I’m sorry. You surprised me. You don’t have to lie, spence. I know you’ve been keeping your distance from me. First, you missed the fireworks, and then when you returned to wyndemere last night, you barely said a word to me. What happened? What’s this? It’s champagne and orange juice. Sorry if you never heard of it. Right, so you fail to do away with laura, and now you’re coming after me? What, by poisoning you? Don’t think I haven’t thought of it. Nope. Still here. You know, this isn’t some kind of a joke. May I remind you… that you’re holding my daughter hostage? In her very luxurious european boarding school with absolutely no idea it wasn’t your decision to put her there. Alright, so… why did you want to see me if it wasn’t to kill me? I have something in the works that will get the heat off of both of us, with no blood being spilled. It’s a waste of time, I’m afraid. Since you’ve failed to follow orders, I’ve taken matters into my own hands.

nothing happened last night. I just have a lot on my mind. And I think we both know what “a lot on your mind” is, don’t we? Trina’s trial. That’s right. You and I might both be called to testify — our names dragged through the mud. Trina’s attorney and her friends will both say terrible things about us. You make a good point. Which gives me a wonderful idea. Why don’t we fly somewhere for the week? You know, avoid any possible subpoenas. Spend your monthly allowance on someplace far away from here and trina’s trial. We can’T. Oh. Why not? The faroe islands? I’ve never even heard of them. It’s an archipelago in the northern atlantic. It’s semi-autonomous, but essentially it’s a territory of denmark. And scott’s daughter was arrested there? Serena is a committed environmentalist. And the faroe islands have — oh. Oh, I read about this, actually, yeah. They have this annual hunt where they slaughter dolphins and small whales. They killed like 1,400 last year. Oh. Oh, god, that’s disgusting. Those poor animals. Agreed. Well, serena got into a heated confrontation with some traditionalists who still support the hunt, and she was taken into custody. So scott is en route to the faroe islands where he will secure his daughter, a danish lawyer, and coordinate her defense. Now, trina, dr. Robinson, I know that scott spoke with you about this. Yeah, he called me last night, explained the situation, and said that you were willing to take over trina’s defense? Absolutely. Scott has done a masterful job with prepping the case, and I am more than confident that I can argue it. However, if this is all too last-minute for you, I understand. I will ask the court for a continuance. Well, how much time would that buy trina? Well, there’s really no way to predict. I mean, judge young may see scott’s disappearance as a stall tactic and may not grant the continuance. But assuming that it is granted, the trial could be delayed anywhere from three months to a year. What? I-I can’t spend a whole year with this hanging over my head. Hey, my man, we’re friends of jack’S. He said he was gonna put in a good word for us with you. Haven’t heard from jack in days. What’s this about? Oh, well, you know, we, um, we’re looking to buy some items. You know what I’m saying? Off the books. And jack said you’re the man with the plan, so… how do I know you two ain’t cops? What if we are? Mom, these past few months have been hard enough. I don’t want to spend a whole year in limbo. I’m innocent, and I want to prove it. Actually, diane, I want you to prove it. Can you do that? Oh, of course she can. Trina, she’s defended sonny for years, and she’s gotten him off more times than I can count. And he was guilty every time. And I’m sure you’re exaggerating. No, my point is, diane is a rock star in the courtroom. You could not have anybody better. But that actually does bring up a good point. Will it go against trina to be defended by an attorney who is known to be… the phrase you’re looking for is “mobbed up.” Right. Yes. Well, I can assure you that I have many, many clients who have nothing to do with sonny or his family. In fact, just a couple of years ago, I defended willow tait in a particularly tricky adoption case. And it’s ironic that she’s with michael now, but back then, she had no ties to organized crime. Listen, having said all of that, the bottom line is there’s no guarantee. Even with my admittedly excellent record, I have had verdicts not go my way. I’ve had clients convicted that I knew were innocent. But what about trina’s case? Well, I have to say, I’m a little baffled by this sudden outbreak of conscience with regards to our esteemed mayor. Laura has no love for you, you know. It’s not a moral decision, victor. There were too many witnesses that had seen laura and me together, including her husband. Laura would have drunk the iced tea, she would have collapsed, and all eyes would have been on me. Yes, yes, yes. I’m sure you made the right call under the circumstances. Nevertheless, I’ll handle things from now on. Don’t panic. Panic makes poor decisions. Panic? You want laura neutralized before she can deport you? I think you’ve taken on more than you can handle. So let me suggest a change in tactics. Stop threatening me, and tell me what the hell is going on.

You sure I can’t tempt you?

[ Moans ] How’s about a rain check? Whatever your heart desires. And why can’t we leave port charles? Because — because I have a surprise for you. Really? What is it? It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you.

[ Cellphone chimes ] In fact, I need to pick something up related to your surprise. How about a hint? Okay. But only one. This is going to rock your world. You stole the ice princess from luke. You had me plant it on jennifer smith. Why? How do the pieces fit? Well, it…

[ Sighs ] I’m afraid that’sprivileged information I’m not prepared to share. Seeing as how it’s clear your allegiance to me is solely predicated on charlotte’s well-being. There’s a simple solution for that — give me my daughter back. Once charlotte is safe, back with me, you will have my full cooperation. I promise you. I’m afraid, my son, you have to earn my trust. And until you do, I’m keeping charlotte as leverage. I’m also keeping details of my plan secret. I have to go find anna before she comes looking for us. For the good of your long-term plan, let me handle laura. I’m afraid, my boy, that’s a promise I just can’t make. The state can present some strong circumstantial evidence. The evidence is the phone that esme obviously planted. Yes, but jocelyn, unfortunately, I can’t stand in front of a jury and argue that esme prince is a twisted little psychopath who is framing trina. I can swear to that.

[ Scoffs ] Well, thank you, mayor collins, but sadly, esme is not on trial. Yet. It’s going to be my job to cast a negative light on all the evidence against you. Can you? I do see some cracks in the state’s case. And luckily for us, we have one undeniable advantage. And what’s that? You. You are without artifice, trina. You’re a good person, and it shows. And I have no doubt that when you tell your story to the jury, they will believe you. What do you think? Well, I’m in. But this is totally up to you. Okay. No continuance. I have to go to my trial today. Hey, hey, hey! Hey, it’s good. We’re all good here. Son, you know, there’s really no need for all this hostility. Me and this man, we were having a friendly conversation. True? My apologies. You know, I was in law enforcement for a lot of years, so I guess old habits die hard. You’re not cops now? No! I got kicked off the force. Touchy subject. Like I said, jack vouches for us, man.

[ Door slams ] You know, you’re a tough man to track down. We went to your apartment. You weren’t at the bar where you work. I need to lay low for a while. Until the trial is over, right? What trial? The trina robinson trial. And you know what? I’d be worried if I were you, too. About? Testifying. “…That trina’s so brave. She never once broke down while cyrus was holding her and her mother hostage.” Mayor collins, this is excellent. It’s very compelling. And every word is true. Thanks for speaking on my behalf, mayor collins. Everyone knows that you wouldn’t stand up for someone who’s guilty. No, I would not. And I want to do everything I can to put right a horrible wrong. Making sure the jury knows that your family and friends are 100% behind you will go a long way toward convincing that jury that you are innocent. Speaking of family, where is trina’s father? He’s got to be in the courtroom today. Taggert is following up on a lead, and so are curtis and his father. Uh-huh. Do I want to know? It’s best if you have deniability about what they’re doing. And you too, trina. What, really, mom? No. Mnh-mnh. Actually, trina, the less you know, the fewer questions you will have to dodge on the stand. Okay, but what if the da’s office finds out and they put you on the stand or dad and curtis? Sweetheart, let’s not worry about what hasn’t happened. There is one thing I know will happen. Ada arden is going to attack your character, if only to undercut the fact that I am putting you forth as a good kid who would never betray her friend. Cam and I are going to make sure that that doesn’t happen, trina. We’re going to show the jury exactly the kind of person that you are. I know who I am. And I know who my real friends are. And I know you’re going to do great today. And I’m sorry, ladies, but I have to run. I have a meeting at the metro court and then I have to end up at the hospital board. But, sweetheart, don’t you worry. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming and being there for trina. Of course. Absolutely. Any time. Give ’em hell today. Always. Now, ladies, let’s strategize.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Sorry. Watch where you’re going. Back at you. Here, let me… diane: So, a courtroom is like a theater, and the jury is quite literally a captive audience. They have nothing to do but listen and look. And we want to make sure that they see all the right things — that they see trina taking this gross injustice seriously, that they see you standing behind your daughter, concerned, loving, and they see you, her dear, dear friend, who also happens to be one of the victims, not throwing attitude, not rolling her eyes, not shooting dirty looks at the prosecution. Respect is the name of the game.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh, this is the hospital. I’m not on call today. Take it, mom. It could be important. Okay. Excuse me. Dr. Robinson. Yes. Taking that, I am going to check in with my office. Excuse me.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Thanks for coming by so early and not holding it against me for ditching you last night. Um, you did not ditch me. I basically had to force you out of there. Look, I needed alone time with my mom, and you needed alone time with rory. I hope it was a good night. You could say that. How good? We kissed.

[ Gasps ] No way! I knew it. I said so! I said that he was into you. Did I not? You did. Yeah. You did. And now you’ve kissed. Four times. So what? Are you guys a thing now?

[ Sighs ] Uh… rory and I can’t even talk about hanging out with the trial about to start. Testify? About what? I’ve never heard of this trina robinson. I had nothing to do with her. Oh. Well then, my mistake. We’re here to buy an unregistered phone. But this upcoming trial, it’s all over the news. And, uh, well, an unregistered phone factors into the case. So I assume that, if you’re the local seller, that the cops might be looking for you. Funny thing, you’re not the first person to ask me about that phone.

[ Scoffs ] Unfortunately, I’m all out of inventory. So you don’t think you should be selling anything right now? Yeah, you got that right. Nice not knowing ya. We can see ourselves out. But… we’ll tell jack you said hi. Uh…

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] So, what was that about? Now — now we’ve learned nothing. Actually, dad… that went according to plan. Okay, the jury is going to realize that you had nothing to do with making this video and then you and rory can be whatever you want. See, that’s the difference between us, joss. You have total confidence that I’ll be found innocent, and I know there’s a chance I won’T. And then what does my future look like? Prison? Have you told this to rory? He knows I have to see what happens with the trial first. And what’s wrong with that? Nothing. I want to trust him. But I’ve been trusting the wrong people lately. Well, what if rory’s the right person? Do you have to go to the hospital? No, no, no. It was just a nurse that wanted a confirmation for a change of medication for one of my patients. But it’s fine. Okay. Back to trina’s case. Who else can attest to trina’s good character? I’ll tell you what. Let me worry about the legal options. You focus on trina — keeping her focused. Keep her from falling apart. My daughter doesn’t fall apart. I understand, of course. It’s wonderful that she has such a strong support system. What happens with your clients when they don’t have a great support system? What happens with them? Well, we’re getting a little off topic. But my daughter is fighting for her future here. I need to prepare. I need to prepare for every eventuality. Of course. Alright. So the pressures of a trial, with the possibility of being wrongfully incarcerated, that — that could break anybody. And especially when you factor in stressors which could bring psychological issues to the surface. Valentin? Laura. Now, you’re not stalking me, are you? Hardly. I have a meeting here with my deputy mayor. But actually, I’m glad I ran into you. There’s something I’d like to discuss with you. Please. The other night, when you spilled that drink on me, what was really going on there? You’ll have to forgive my clumsiness and make sure you send me the dry cleaning bill. Yes, but you’re never clumsy. You’re always in control of yourself. You have impeccable manners. So either you deliberately spilled that drink on me or I don’t know, you’re under some kind of incredible strain. So which one is it? My coordination has not really been the same since I left the hospital. The only time I’ve ever seen you really rattled is when it has something to do with charlotte. Is there reason for concern? If there were, you’d be the first to know. I will always prioritize charlotte’s well-being, no matter what the cost. Well, I don’t doubt that.

I miss charlotte a lot. But she does seem to be enjoying her time in boarding school. Probably just as well she’s not in port charles right now. That was my rationale, though I’m surprised you agree.

[ Scoffs ] Well, I know that she got very close to the quartermaines when you were living at their house. And now that you’re fighting with them about elq, I think, you know, it’s probably just best that she’s not here to get caught in the middle of all that. The quartermaines have nothing to complain about. Under my watch, elq will continue to grow and profit. Except that you’ve maneuvered them to fight with each other. Excuse me, laura, we have to go. What are you doing? Stop it! Stop it! What the hell is wrong with you? Tipping off our one and only lead that we suspect him of selling that phone to esme, that’s a good thing? No. It was a long shot, you know, getting this bartender to give us anything. We need proof that he sold the phone to esme, so… if people are asking questions and he’s feeling the heat…

[ Snaps fingers ] Bam. He’s gonna have some questions of his own for the buyer. And hopefully lead us to him or her. Boy…

[ Keychain jingles ] Has stress caused any of your other clients to develop previously undiagnosed mental issues? Portia, are you actually concerned that trina won’t be able to handle the pressure of this trial? No, no, no, no, no, I’m not. I’m just trying to get the facts. You know, remembering when I went to medical school in my psych rotation

[Chuckles] We didn’t really go over stressors. Well, anything I tell you would be purely anecdotal. But the psychological stress of a trial, I-I mean, that could bring about some serious mental health issues. I get it — your daughter has been unjustly accused, so of course you’re worried. But as we’ve already talked about, trina’s got this astonishing support system, and there aren’t any family medical issues to worry about, right? All good. Have you, uh, come to make another unjustified arrest or… taking a witness statement.

[ Sighs ] What about you? It’s none of your business. You sure about that? Yeah, I am. Because you have done enough to insert yourself into my life.

[ Scoffs ] What does that mean? Forget it. Have a lousy day. That’s your M.O., Isn’t it, cassadine? You talk tough, but when it comes time to step up, you walk away. Sometimes walking away is the best option. Instead of further complicating people’s lives. But you wouldn’t know a thing about that, would you? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have kissed trina last night.

[ Door opens ] Esme, sorry. I, uh, I didn’t mean to startle you. I was looking for spencer. Oh, spence had to run out. I don’t know where. Everything okay? He says he’s working on a surprise for me, but I know better than that. I think he’s just using it as an excuse to get away from me to deal with his feelings for trina. Do I sound like a broken record? No, you sound like someone who’s in pain. I suggested we fly off to someplace romantic, but it’s not to be. But you’re still hanging in there? Of course. I love him. It’s all the more reason not to tell him what happened between us. Then there’d be no hope of salvaging my relationship. Oh, to say nothing of your marriage to ava and relationship with spence. The fallout would be monumental. Especially the longer we keep our little secret under wraps. I’d ask how you are, but I think I already know. I’m actually feeling a lot better now that you’re here. Once we’re in the courtroom, you have to keep your personal feelings about ava jerome off your face. Oh, don’t worry. I’m a pro at doing that by now. Diane, hello. Have you joined trina’s defense team? Ava, I am the defense team. Scott baldwin was called out of the country on a family emergency. Ms. Miller has agreed to take trina’s case, and we’re very grateful. Did you call ava as one of my character witnesses? Uh, no, no. Ava’s name is not on the list that scott baldwin provided. Well, I offered, of course, but scott was concerned that maybe it wouldn’t have the desired effect, given certain elements of my history. The important thing is that you’re in court with us. Trina, is there anything else that I can do to help? You testifying on my behalf is enough. The evidence against trina is circumstantial. No one saw her make the tape. No one saw her post it. So our best shot is convincing the jury that that act was completely against trina’s character. I have to appear before judge young and finalize the attorney substitution. Just remember, trina. All we have to do is prove reasonable doubt. And I’m going to walk you out because I have a few more questions. Reasonable doubt isn’t your only option, though, is it? Josslyn: Trina?

[ Scoffs ] What is she talking about? Months ago, trina told me that she had evidence that — that proves her innocence. Evidence that she’s been keeping to herself. Sweetheart… I think it’s time you tell us what that evidence is. Consequences be damned.

Laura, I’m sorry.I didn’t mean to manhandle you. If you’re keeping something from me, and especially if it has something to do with charlotte — I just miss my daughter.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] Is there a problem? Ugh. Yes, that’s my deputy mayor. There was a miscommunication. She’s waiting for me with the hospital board over at G.H., So I have to go. Take care of yourself. You do the same.

[ Ferry horn blares ]

[ Sighs ] Is he — he leaving town? No. That dock is for the launch to wyndemere. Let’s hope the truth never has to come out. It happened. It’s over. Let’s move on. So, are there, uh, any updates on my being able to see ryan chamberlain again? Sorry. Spring ridge wasn’t impressed by my throwing the cassadine name around. So there’s nothing else you can do?

[ Sighs ] I might have some connections with the G.H. Board of directors, and it’s possible that they have enough sway to override kevin. Thank you, nicholas. It’s a long shot. It’s something. And it means the world to me that you even tried. Trina, what evidence is she talking about? Trina, I don’t want to betray your confidence, but this is too important to keep a secret, right? Trina told me that she has proof that she did not send the tape of you and cam to the pcu student body. But by bringing that evidence to light, she would also bring down an innocent party. You told me that you would tell scott if your case went to trial. Well, here we are. Well, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with ava. Okay. It’s not a magic bullet. It was just wishful thinking on my part. Oh, my god. My necklace that my dad gave me for my 18th birthday. I-I wanted to wear it for the trial. I left it at the gallery. No, no. I have it. I brought it to wyndemere for safekeeping. It’s — I’ll go get it for you. Would you? I owe you a thousand favors in return. No, no, no. Just one. Tell diane what you haven’t told the rest of us.

[ Door closes ] What’s that look for? Well, you just very conveniently changed the subject to get ava to leave. Trina, why didn’t you say anything about finding evidence that could help you? Because it doesn’t conclusively prove my innocence. Okay. But don’t you think that’s up to diane and the jury to decide? Can it help you? It might. Trina. I mean, your best friends and your family and everybody that cares about you is going to bat for you. And this is how you thank us? By holding back? I mean, what’s wrong with you?

[ Exhales sharply ] I have an alibi for when the sex tape was posted. I was with someone.

[ Scoffs ] Why didn’t you say anything before? Who were you with? Spencer. What business is it of yours what trina and I do? It’s not like you tried to hide it. I was crossing through the park on the 4th of july, and I saw the two of you having a picnic. You’re such a hypocrite. You know that? You come off as officer “by-the-book,” and then you turn around and you kiss a defendant that is about to go on trial. I know the rules. I’m not breaking any of them. No. Just bending them into pretzels. Okay. You’re obviously not worried about my career. So this is about trina, except you have a girlfriend. So why do you care who trina spends her time with?

[ Knock at door ] You got my text. Only to say you were coming. What the hell are you doing here? I want to know why everyone in town is asking questions about you. Marshall: Wyndemere. Isn’t that where esme prince lives? So what are we waiting on? Why don’t we go over there and catch up with the bartender? Wyndemere’s private property. If we catch the launch out there, the guards will tip esme off that we’re coming. What we need is someone there who can help us out. Hmm. Oh, hiya, gents. Going my way? Josslyn: Spencer. Were you visiting him at spring ridge? I don’t understand. There’d be a record of your visit. Why keep something like that a secret? Because I wasn’t at spring ridge. But spencer was still serving his sentence when the video came out, so… oh, my god. That privileged little tool. Believe me, I called him worse. Spencer wasn’t at spring ridge. Right? And you caught him. And he won’t come forward and give you an alibi, because then he’d be busted for violating his sentence. And then he’d probably get sent to pentonville. God, what a coward. Okay, it’s not like that, joss. Besides, the prosecution can always accuse me of scheduling the release of the sex tape ahead of time. I didn’t have to actually physically post it at the time it was sent. It still gives you a reasonable doubt. I’ve been sitting on this for months, and I told myself I would only use it if it looked like I was found guilty.

[ Door opens ] You have to use it, trina. I mean, this could be a game changer. Portia: What’s the game changer? I don’t care who trina spends her time with. But trina was a good friend to me at one point, so, uh… if you do hurt her… you’ll answer to me. Last I checked, I’m not the one who hurt her. A sniper? Are you insane? I told you I could handle laura. You had your flunky, the assistant mayor, lure laura out here. That setup was so obvious, you should have hung a banner. The situation was well in hand. You should have stayed out of it. Listen, killing laura is the wrong play. How many fires did you have to put out when luke died? You think that hannah and the pcpd won’t go to the ends of the earth to prove that you killed laura, as well?

There are other ways

to neutralize laura. Ways that don’t involve spilling blood. And just how exactly do you propose we do that? It’s already done. Nicholas. Hey. Everything okay? Everything’s fine, yeah. Uh, in fact, I’m glad I ran into you. I wanted to update you about what’s happening between kevin and esme.

[ Cellphone rings ] Sorry. Sorry. I have to check this. Oh, I got to take this. Ciao, marcello. How’s my mother doing?

[ Dramatic music plays ] What? Oh, my god, no!

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